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So for plot advancement related reasons, I had a CIS agent knock out an angry Jedi with a stun blast.

Which then put me and the player into an argument over whether lightsabers or Force Push could block stun blasts. I pointed out that I don't think the lightsaber could since stun blasts are blue rings, as shown in A New Hope. He argued that a lightsaber should be able to make the ring collapse and lose cohesion with a simple vertical slice, and if it can't, then since blasters fire ignited tibanna gas he ought to be able to, if not eliminate the bast completely, at least disrupt it with a Force Push--and that it's just a matter of roleplaying for him to find out which works before choosing an action, because blasters are ubiquitous and it wouldn't make any sense for a Jedi to not know how to counter half of a blaster's attacks.

Then another player, let's call him Loki Trollface, says that it wouldn't make sense for stun blasts to be both part of CIS blasters and capable of temporarily disabling a Jedi, because if they were then in Attack of the Clones the droids would have just hit all of the Jedi with stun blasts and then coup de grace'd them with the kill setting while they were down, instead of firing kill shots into the lightsaber-wielding Jedi and ensuring that dozens of them were destroyed for every slight injury. And, what's more, if the stun setting worked well and reliably, then it would be blasters, not lightsabers, that are the more elegant weapon of a more civilized era, since a lightsaber will kill or maim the wielder's adversary when it is necessary to actually use the weapon on them, whereas a blaster doesn't, and anyone actually concerned with preserving life (like the Jedi) would be required to use blasters as their main weapon and lightsabers mostly as tools and defensive implements, instead of as a way of mowing down two roughnecks in a barfight.

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This conversation had become somewhat heated and began including a nerd-fight over whether phasers are better than blasters, since a phaser fires a nigh-worthless stun beam whereas a stun blast looks like something that disperses over a wide area, but also looks like something that loses power and cohesion the further it travels.

So, I decided to take the logical approach.

Rocks fell, and everyone was rendered unconscious and concussed.

Rocks in this case being an invisible anaesthetic gas. I said the CIS agent had left a booby trap in the area and was just fighting the Jedi as a distraction. They mostly bought it. Except Loki Trollface, who pointed out that the Jedi have rebreathers and can tell when they're being gassed as seen in The Phantom Menace.

God I hate Loki Trollface.

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>with a simple vertical slice
It's a lightsaber, not a katana.

As for the whole blaster/lightsaber elegant weapon stuff, I propose that the Jedi are a pack of grognards refusing to change even in evidence of a superior tool.

Also, in SAGA at least, Stun setting is both limited to 6 squares range and is only effective if you can reliably top your target's Damage Threshhold (or for the final shot that takes a guy to 0 HP)

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Order 66 his ass.

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>can tell when they're being gassed as seen in The Phantom Menace.


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Stun weapons have a short range and are pretty worthless against someone who is tough, far quicker just to blast them. As for the rest of it, well Jedi's aren't really that hot as to force push blaster fire, even in those retarded prequels. Not to mention it has a wide blast dispersal, so if your simple slice, as you put it were to disaffect the areas struck, there's still most of a circle of stun heading your way.

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This is why I hate the Jedi, conceptually.

The whole "everything Jedi is superior to everything non-Jedi" thing.

Jedi swords are the best weapons ever, even though they're swords in a universe full of planet-killing abominations.
Jedi powers give them superior everything else in a universe full of exotic aliens and incredibly advanced machines.
I'm surprised the Jedi haven't been given Force Hyperdrive and Force Thrusters and Force Breathe In Fucking Space to make it so that they do everything a starship can do, only better...
...oh, wait, some of them COULD teleport instantaneously from one place to another, move their bodies through space effortlessly, survive in space without environmental suits, and not need air to breathe.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the ysalamiri and the Yuuzhan Vong too, "the Force is everywhere and in every living thing... EXCEPT THESE GUYS LOL."

>Stun weapons have a short range and are pretty worthless against someone who is tough
The Empire changed this later on in the story, though, since E-11 blaster rifles were modified with a heavy stun setting intended to keep Wookie slaves under control. IIRC, they had like a 50-50 chance of killing the wookie outright instead of stunning them.

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Phasers obviously have the superior stun setting, since they were weapons DESIGNED AROUND THE STUN SETTING, whereas blasters were obviously designed solely for causing as much harm as possible, just like lightsabers.

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while this nerd argument is hilarious, the loki trollface part about the mroe elegant and civilized weapon is just retarded. yes i know obi-wan said it in the movie but swords are alot less civilized than guns no matter how you look at it. chopping someone up is a million times more brutal than shooting them.

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If weapons were solely designed around inflicting as much damage as possible, we'd just run around chucking demolition charges like it's X-COM.

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>chopping someone up is a million times more brutal than shooting them.
Lightsabers kill quickly and cleanly because they cut through anything, instantly cauterize nonlethal wounds, are hot enough that they burn nerve cells out before said nerves even fire, and are used by heroic good guys.
Blasters kill painfully and messily because they don't have the oomph to blow through everything, they rely on scorching and tearing holes in the target, they don't cauterize the wounds they create (check out Leia's shoulder wound in Return of the Jedi, she's bleeding, whereas when Luke loses an entire fucking hand it just sealed off), the nerve cells are presumably left intact all along the wounds they create, and they are used by antiheroes, nobodies, and assorted thugs and villains.

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It would be quite an improvement.

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>are hot enough that they burn nerve cells out before said nerves even fire
And yet everyone always seems to scream in pain when they get hit with one.

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Like how Darth Vader screamed in pain when Luke hit his cybernetic shoulder in Empire and cut off his robot hand in Return.
But given that everyone who was hit by one in a nonlethal way just kept coming, whereas a blaster shot was able to temporarily disable Leia and caused Ewoks to curl up into a shivering, writhing, agonized ball as they died slowly, I'm guessing the blaster is the more painful way to go.

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>But given that everyone who was hit by one in a nonlethal way just kept coming
Episode 2, Dooku vs Obi Wan.

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My memory of movies that never happened seems to be a little lacking.
Can you summarize?

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>instantly cauterize nonlethal wounds
which would cause MASSIVE internal bleeding

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He poked Obi Wan in the arm and leg.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIWm1GSHJ2o 1:15

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>Loki Trollface
I think I found myself a new name.

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Wouldn't Loki Trollfacesson be more appropriate?

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>He argued that a lightsaber should be able to make the ring collapse and lose cohesion with a simple vertical slice

Lightsabers deserve better than that. Much, MUCH better than that.

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>Lightsabers deserve better than that. Much, MUCH better than that.
Don't go there. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Katanas_are_Underpowered_in_d20#Lightsabers_are_Underpowered_in_d20

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People scream in fear too, as often as (if not more often than) they scream in pain.

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the only reason i can think of is that some people aren't awesome enough to do this.

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I'm sure Luke was thinking "MY HAND IS MISSING GOD THIS IS SCARY" in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Everyone knows that extremely obvious poison gas is the only way to knock out a jedi, and even then it usually doesn't work.

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The ability to use a stun setting on a weapon is actually relatively new technology, developed after the rise of the empire, as during the clone wars, it served no use on the CIS, they had no reason to be kept as prisoners, and anyone vital could just be hit with a droid disabler. Stun weapons were seperate things, with incredibly short range and inefficient power cells allowing only one or two shots. Imperial scientists added the stun setting to the stormtrooper's blasters as a means of a more camera-friendly way of putting down riots and the like, as too many bodies looked bad.

As for stopping it, the stun setting is actually a large electrical discharge from the weapons power cell, and not a blast at all. The rings are simply the charge ionizing the air particles. As such, a lightsaber could not block it, being that it actually has no mass, and would only widen the "field" into a larger web.

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He was put through more and worse pain when Darth Vader revealed his paternity than when his hand got cut off.

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It has also been shown, however, that a Jedi with a half-second to prepare can shrug off the effects of a stun blast after a moment, though its effectiveness against several blasts at once has never been tested...

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That doesn't make the hand-cutting-off suddenly painless.

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>Imperial scientists added the stun setting to the stormtrooper's blasters as a means of a more camera-friendly way of putting down riots and the like, as too many bodies looked bad.
So, the evil henchmen cops of the evil Empire added the stun setting to reduce bodycount for publicity reasons, whereas the good guy hero cops of the good guy hero republic just did not give a shit?

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Suddenly you know why the CIS rebelled.

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Think about it, when did the rebels ever stick around to greet news crews? Also, most fights are run and gun, you don't want to get within stunning range anyway.
Also, a stun shot will chew through about half a power pack in one shot, and requires a fifteen-second "cooldown" between shots, in order to avoid damaging the components inside the gun, which are sensitive to the electrical discharge. Really, stun shots exist only to look good for stormtroopers serving as police forces, and who may have news crews following them for publicity reasons. "Palpatine's Great Empire" and all...

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Two problems with that.
We only see stun used once, and it is explicity for the purpose of taking the target alive for non-publicity reasons. Setting blasters to date-rape to catch Leia wasn't played for the media, so we see that stun HAS a militarily important and non-political purpose that kill cannot fulfill that a dominant power would need.
Secondly you're still saying that nobody before the Empire really wanted to take their targets alive. The Republic had thousands of generations of PEACE AND PROSPERITY, meaning that blasters were unlikely to be used in large-scale pitched battles, so the cops and police forces and detectives and investigators and security forces and mercenaries and kidnappers and pirates and such would not have as urgent a need to kill their targets. A ranged stun weapon would be invaluable to them. Hell, if you were a mugger, wouldn't you want to be able to get a lighter sentence if caught for not using a lethal weapon, or not adding murder to your list of charges? And what about political kidnappings, ransom, any other form of crime that does not require murder? Stun settings aren't necessary, but they'd make it a whole hell of a lot easier. Cops patrolled the streets of Naboo. Naboo security were all armed with blasters. Blasters whose sole capacity was apparently to kill, if I read your argument correctly, despite the Naboo not having to fight anyone who had blasters. Surely the purposes of THEIR weapons would have been better served by something with at least the POTENTIAL to not blow away whatever pickpocket or paparazzi might have decided to resist arrest?

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Stun weapons existed, as a separate means.
You had stun batons, stun grenades, and stun blasters. What I'm saying is that it was not until the empire did we see a truly wide-spread need for a built-in stun mode, or the finances to develop this weaponry.
Also, stun weapons are not without risk, due to how they work.
Star Wars Heir to The Empire: "Why not just use stun blasters? Those things have better then a fifty-percent chance of sparking a mis-carriage..."

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If the empire cared about bad publicity, then Tarkin wouldn't have been promoted for landing a Star Destroyer on top of a well televised group of young protesters, destroying most of the city in the process. To the empire, more bodies=more obedience.

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You tend to see the stun weapons used more on distant worlds where most of the population is civilians. That way, you don't end up seeing a stormtrooper gun down some poor farmer on the 6 o'clock news, and one event doesn't become a planetary rebellion over one martyr...

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The empire probably had it's own version of Fox News, "A bunch of hippies attempted to block the landing of a Star Destroyer with their bodies yesterday. Thankfully the Star Destroyer was undamaged by their efforts. The hippies were believed to be part of an extremist socialist movement. And now, the weather."

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>Which then put me and the player into an argument over whether lightsabers or Force Push could block stun blasts.

Oh god, Stopped reading there. This can only end in bloodshed.

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Ostensibly, putting down riots was left to individual worlds.

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>Which then put me and the player into an argument over whether lightsabers or Force Push could block stun blasts.

Force push=air pushed with telekinetic power providing the kinetic energy basically, so no. Air cannot disrupt lasers, and the stun was a laser.

Lightsaber=can weaken it, as light particles can stop lasers, but the beam is too widespread-like trying to use a sword to stop a shotgun blast. You may get hurt less, but you gonna get hurt. I'd impose it like a temporary level drain and -5 to STR and DEX.

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Neither the stun blast nor a lightsaber is a laser. Also, LIGHT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

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>putting down riots was left to individual worlds
...who each chose to never incorporate a ranged stun setting into their standard issue blasters.
Even though it could possibly be accomplished by duct taping a ranged stunning device under the barrel of a normal blaster.
Yeah, no, I'm not getting the sense that the bad guys were any worse than the previous guys from that.

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I'm not disagreeing with you, bro.

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>the stun setting is actually a large electrical discharge from the weapons power cell

A lightsaber can block FORCE LIGHTNING.

It can sure as hell block large electrical discharges.

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Force lightning is a random discharge of electrical current, which gets caught by the saber's magnetic field and added to the current of the weapon, essentially re-charging it's power cell.

Stun blasts are far tighter, and far larger discharge. While yes, much of it would be absorbed by the same effect, it would also disperse the field, hitting the target in a shotgun effect, while also likely also overloading, if not downright melting, the saber's power cell, shutting it down.

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What is this I don't even

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>Force lighning
This is /tg/, not Star Trek, you are not more likely to win the more adjectives you apply to your technobabble.
>far tighter, and far larger

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IF stun blasts are capable of temporarily disabling a Jedi, for a period of, say, up to 30 seconds, AND stun blasts cannot be blocked by lightsabers, AND stun settings are part of a Stormtrooper's standard armament, then it makes sense that Stormtroopers were able to wipe the floor with Jedi.
It would really only take one or two Stormies with a little bit of preptime to kill a Jedi, because even though shun blasts are short range, they're still longer range than swords, and if a Jedi is KOd for a few seconds they can be killed.

But nobody ever uses stun blasts. EVER.

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Stormtroopers WERE able to wipe the floor with the Jedi. Order 66, remember?

Not that they used stun blasts, but it's worth pointing out that the "canon" bulletproof nature of the Jedi is not really supported by the movies.

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I do remember in a few books. The jedi always had issues with stunning BECAUSE it was a wider attack. The best they could do was to minimize the parts of them that it hit.

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>whether phasers are better than blasters
A small handheld phaser is capable of instantly vaporizing a large African American starship captain with one shot.
A phaser is capable of firing anything from a 180-degree arc to a pinpoint beam depending on how you set it.
A phaser has a functional, reliable stun setting that does not cause permanent physical harm to the subject if it is properly calibrated for them.
A phaser is even more useful as a survival tool than a weapon, being capable of almost any beam-related purpose you could ask for, from heating rocks to boiling water to cutting steel to cauterizing wounds, it's got a setting for damn near everything.
The phaser is clearly the superior all-purpose weapon.

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OP's pic totally looks like two Stormtroopers making out.

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A phaser has no sights
A phaser can't penetrate a plastic crate left in a corridor

>> No.8514385


Those clones relied on complete and utter surprise with some help from a Sith Master...just saying.


Are you a fucking ass? when the hell has a blaster ever penetrated...well...ANYTHING?

>> No.8514483

mad bro? Check the wall of the spaceport in a new hope when the Millenium falcon is escaping from Tatooine, Solo's blaster leaves fuck-huge holes in the wall where it hits

>> No.8514533

>a phaser has no sights
Not true of TOS's Phaser 1 and Phaser 2 models, though Phaser 3 had no sights.
Phaser 1 had a little blank screen that would pop up, and this was incorporated into Phaser 2 since Phaser 2 is a Phaser 1 on top of a new casing with a better handle and shit.
>A phaser can't penetrate a plastic crate left in a corridor
Those "plastic crates" are also what the Federation keeps using to transport superheated radioactive plasma and strange matter. I'd be surprised if a constant stream of antiprotons could penetrate them.

>when the hell has a blaster ever penetrated...well...ANYTHING?
pic related

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In the Rogue Squardron books I remember Corran Horn shooting some guy through a thin metal wall. In the same scene he used a lightsaber and the author sure seemed to think it hurt the bad guys.

>> No.8514673

It might not have sights, but you can actually hit things with it.

>> No.8514688

>Corran Horn
>Kevin J. Anderson's work

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I think it boils down to, in game, do you allow a block or not. I allow a block against practically everything bar grenades, so probably would. If they knew it was coming.

>> No.8514715

>Those "plastic crates" are also what the Federation keeps using to transport superheated radioactive plasma and strange matter. I'd be surprised if a constant stream of antiprotons could penetrate them.

I think I could be forgiven for thinking the federation don't use the best materials for the job. The way stuff breaks so often on their ships

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I would love to see a Jedi block a grenade with a lightsaber.

>> No.8514733

Lightsabers can't deflect Ion beams without proper adjustment, making them useless against normal blasters

Source: That Bakura book with the weird energy stealing aliens.

>> No.8514754


A grenade is the classic force push scenario.

>> No.8514767


I remember reading about this in one of the Essential Guides I believe.

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fuck yes

Luke Skywalker is the most powerful jedi ever

am I right or am I wrong

>> No.8514823

The lightsabre hurt the bad guys, or seeing the fighter pilot use a lightsabre hurt the bad guys?

>> No.8514825

My next character is going to be a chaotic neutral paladin called Sir Loki of Trollface

>> No.8514832

>useless against normal blasters
What the fucking hell is wrong wi
>source: the Expanded Universe
Oh, I see what you did.

>> No.8514857

Anti-jedi tactics may have been removed from standard training procedure after their 'eradication'.

Though the nonlethal capacity of blasters would be useful on military police, SWAT, and law enforcement, which would create the strange scenario in which highly trained military personnel could conceivably be worse off than the dude that's been been sitting outside the tax office to keep angry people from causing a ruckus.

>> No.8514867


That was honestly painful to read. I can only imagine the butthurt first time that was posted.

>> No.8514893

Why would you even allow Jedi player characters in a Star Wars game? Your players basically expect to be an I WIN button, and will throw a hissy if you don't allow it to be.

>> No.8514907


I allow a Deflect roll if they burn an existing relevant force power or spend 'in advance' their action for next round attempting a DC 20 use the force. If they readied an action, I count it as a 'light object' UTF that they can suspend in front of the owner easy peasy. So if they're prepared they do well, if they didnt see it coming they have to exhert themselves.

>> No.8514931


But the Jedi are the only unique thing about Star Wars.
Why would you even play something in Star Wars if you're just going to exclude all things Jedi?

>> No.8514946

First, weapon selection is critical. If I see one more idiot attacking a Jedi with a blaster pistol, then I'll kill them myself. Select grenades, sonic screamers, cluster rockets, and plasma charges. Mines are also effective, since many Jedi will run to meet you in hand-to-hand combat. Silly Jedi. Gas attacks are effective if you can take the Jedi by surprise. Inhalation is less effective than ones that work on skin contact, as some Jedi seem able to hold their breath for long periods of time. Still, don't rely on it, since Jedi can fight off the effects. It just distracts them, leaving them open to another avenue of attack.

>> No.8514952

Do not forget to activate any energy shields you possess. Lightsabers, while powerful, have trouble penetrating most military-issue energy shields, provided they are ENERGY SHIELDS and not those crude Mandalorian melee shields. Countering their other powers is more difficult. I do not fully understand their other abilities, but I do know that many of them require that the Jedi know you are there, and can see you. Thus, sniping and using cover are always advantageous.

A method that Revan used frequently was to attack a Jedi indirectly.This method only works if the Jedi is adhering to the self-destructive path of pacifism and sacrifice. Answer: Kill their allies, or place them in jeopardy. Many Jedi will leave themselves exposed in order to protect another. That is why there are many less Jedi than there were a decade ago. Statistically, overplanning the assassination of a Jedi seems to backfire. There are many theorists who claim that Jedi can see the future, and I do not know if that is true, but it seems impulsive acts are more common than planned incidents. Jedi, like sand-kivers, seem to sense trouble a few seconds before it happens. They are tricky little pests.

>> No.8514965

In addition to traps, mines, and orbital bombardment, Revan and the Sith often employed meatbag assassins for some Jedi, skilled in the same techniques that I was trained in. Strangely enough, Revan believed that meatbags that did not use or believe in the Force were especially important, since in many respects they were more difficult for Jedi to detect. Revan had many of them trained to "hide their minds," as it were. Again, once these techniques were learned, the percentage of living Jedi began to decrease accordingly. Generally, this was done by broadcasting strong emotions while thinking about something else. It was a curious technique, but it seemed to be effective in blinding Jedi. Whether guilt, lust, fear -- they act as mental interference, making finding the true intentions of the broadcasting meatbag difficult. Obviously, a Force Sensitive broadcasting such emotions puts themselves at risk of not using the Force "properly," since to use it seems to require an inner calm most meatbags do not possess. As much as the Jedi could not use such a technique, the Sith Lords could not use it for much the same reasons -- such passions as guilt, lust, and fear are rarely strengths to the Sith code. The master felt it was ironic that only people who had experienced such passions could harm Jedi in such a way -- that to kill Jedi, you had to be a human being. Revan found that quite amusing.

>> No.8514980

The odds of me being forced to use such techniques against you has decreased, Master. There are some more methods I could describe, if you wish. Overwhelming odds is a good tactic, master. There are few Jedi that can long hold their ground against a hundred attackers all firing at once...or being turned on by their own troops. But the most effective weapon against Jedi seems to be the erosion of the spirit. Revan claimed that psychological warfare was important because much of their power comes from their state of mind, their connection to this religion called "the Force." Revan said that many Jedi have the capability to form connections to life around them, although few of them realized the extent to which this is possible. I believe my Master speculated that many Jedi did not fully form such connections because of their discipline, because they never opened their lives to the passions around them. I believe Revan termed it that "one would have to be a human being to develop such connections." It is something that the Jedi code could not teach. One simply knew it instinctively, or not. He said that you had such capability, master, but it would be your downfall. To tie so much of yourself into others -- if they suffer or die, then you would die as well. When a Jedi, or any soldier, suffers doubt, it weakens them. With the Jedi, however, it is more pronounced, since they are extreme examples.

>> No.8514983

Phasers are awesome

* Type-1 phasers have the first eight settings; Type-2 and -3 phasers have all sixteen settings:
1. Light Stun - causes central nervous system impairment on humanoids, unconsciousness for up to 5 minutes. Long exposure by several shots causes reversible neural damage.
2. Medium Stun - causes unconsciousness from 5 to 15 minutes. Long exposure causes irreversible neural damage, along with damage to epithelial tissue.
3. Heavy Stun - causes unconsciousness from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the level of biological resistance. Significantly heats up metals.
4. Thermal Effects - causes extensive neural damage to humanoids and skin burns limited to the outer layers. Causes metals to retain heat when applied for over five seconds.
5. Thermal Effects - causes severe outer layer skin burns. Can penetrate simple personal force fields after five seconds of application.
6. Disruption Effects - penetrates organic and structural materials. The thermal damage level decreases from this level onward.
7. Disruption Effects - due to widespread disruption effects, kills humanoids.
8. Disruption Effects - causes a cascade disruption that vaporizes humanoid organisms. Any unprotected material can be penetrated.

>> No.8514996

9. Disruption Effects - causes medium alloys and structural materials, over a meter thick, to exhibit energy rebound prior to vaporization.
10. Disruption Effects - causes heavy alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy. There is a 0.55 second delay before the material vaporizes.
11. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes ultra-dense alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy before vaporization. There is a 0.2 second delay before the material vaporizes. Approximately 10 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
12. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes ultra-dense alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy before vaporization. There is a 0.1 second delay before the material vaporizes. Approximately 50 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
13. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit minor vibrational heating effects. Approximately 90 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
14. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit medium vibrational heating effects. Approximately 160 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
15. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit major vibrational heating effects. Approximately 370 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
16. Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit light mechanical fracturing damage. Approximately 650 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.

>> No.8515017

I agree with this guy. Our rp group decided to play Star Wars Saga Edition Rpg one day. We we're all Jedis (6 people). The DM was like: "wat. You can't all be Jedi!" And we we're like "the fuck you're saying?" Would be like playing a Pokemon adventure without you been a pokemon trainer/breeder. A James Bond game when you're not clearly a 00-agent. it would be stupid. And you know it.

>> No.8515019

People have tried it, but they tend to be dismissed as incompetent fools.

Pictured: Karen Traviss, Incompetent Fool

>> No.8515043

"Star Wars RPG and I'm not a Jedi? Preposterous!"
I second this.

>> No.8515058

But playing all Jedi in a Star Wars campaign is like playing all paladins in D&D.

It really doesn't work well.

>> No.8515072

Eh, I think there's more to Star Wars than its magic laser sword knights, but your DM is crazy to think the party can't entirely be jedi (unless it's the rebellion era, in which case you guys would be the crazy ones.) It would even be easier to run a game that way, since everyone in the group shares the same motivation (i.e. they take orders from the Jedi Council)

>> No.8515086

>Implying if you give any character the most awesome it might be to a player he wouldn't fuck it up.
We we're playing a superhero game once with the Justice League Characters. We disconsidered points and balance. Superman would have much more points and wathever the hell than Robin. And we we're ok with this. Everyone was. Guess what happened?
Superman died. Robin shot Batman. Aquaman attacked the Surface. Wonder Woman decided to take over the Olympus. Green Arrow couldn't hit with his bow because of of bad rolls. Shit was all giggles and whatthefuckisgoingon.

>> No.8515099

Sounds like someone's never been crusading before.

>> No.8515106

Yeah passing off anything because it's from EU is great huh?
It isn't even far-fetched.

>> No.8515136

We we're all rangers in a d&d campaingn once. We tried to be paladins. Eventually we all became fallen paladins and blackguards. But we don't respect paladins. But we respect jedis. the lightsaber duel in Palpatine was epic.

>> No.8515138

Exactly, it's really fucking boring. What would the original trilogy be without Han Solo? Fucking bullshit, that's what.

Not one of this motherfucker's group rolled a droid or a bounty hunter or an assassin. They're fucking doing it wrong.

>> No.8515159

You don't go crusading in dungeons full of traps and locked doors and magical barriers. If you want to play all paladins on a holy crusade against evil there are much better systems out there than D&D for it.

>> No.8515161

Implying if there were more two jedis han fuckign solo wouldn't had become useless.

>> No.8515163

>Yeah passing off anything because it's from EU is great huh?
That's the one thing Lucas and I can agree on.

>> No.8515182


Han WAS useless, for two out of three films.

>> No.8515188

fffffffffffffffuck you

>> No.8515215

It works goddamn awesome, what the hell are you talking about?

>> No.8515230

>Implying when you got a fuckton of HP and AC you disable traps and not activate it just for the giggles.
>Implying if I die I would bother and not roll another character.
>Implying my character is not about numbers and status.
>Implying I'm not a casual roleplayer and I don't give a flying crap to the setting.

>> No.8515231

Episode IV - Saves luke by providing cover from the ties in the trench
Episode V - Saves luke from the Wampa's lair.

Episode VI - Uh well hmm.

>> No.8515232

>You don't go crusading in dungeons full of traps and locked doors and magical barriers
You do if your order has sent you on a holy quest to save the world from the Drow.

>> No.8515237


>> No.8515244

A stream of antiprotons would obliterate the entire room the crate was in.

Keep that in mind.

>> No.8515256

>Implying with 2 more able jedis Luke would had to cover.

>> No.8515284

All I hear is phasers, lasers, blasters and pew pew pew.
Lightsaber was here. You're all small time.

>> No.8515291

I'm done being trolled, you win

>> No.8515312

And close the door behind you.

>> No.8515326

or theme song.

>> No.8515360

Damn it! Now I wanna play Star Wars as a Jedi with a lot of bros as Jedi as well so we can kick the empire asses and save the universe with the force.

>> No.8515378

Destroys deflector field generator allowing the Rebel fleet to kick the shit out of the Death Star.

>> No.8515383

Just make sure you have at least one droid who can heal you and provide heavy support fire.

>> No.8515387


>But the Jedi are the only unique thing about Star Wars.


>> No.8515398

First off, OP, thank you for posting which version of Star Wars RPG you're playing: WEG D6? RCR? Saga?

Let's assume however, for sake of this post, that you're using Saga since it's the newest.

With the rules as written, a lightsaber can block an energy attack. Period. The only energy blast I'd say a lightsaber couldn't block would be one from a grenade (e.g. thermal detonators). So yes, your player was technically correct in his statement that his lightsaber could block a stun blast. However, unless he was already low on the condition track (or this CIS agent was designed around stunning) then he needn't fear much from a single stun blast in Saga since it takes a while to KO a heroic character, what with beating the target's Damage Threshold several times after *halving* the damage.

Your player is incorrect that he could use Force Push to disrupt the blast itself if you house-rule that lightsabers cannot block a stun attack. He could, however, use Negate Energy which is a standard power found in the Saga Core Rulebook to stop the stun blasts.

And tell Loki Trollface to shut his mouth. As stated in the rulebooks, unless specifically stated or stripped for after-market accessories, all blaster rifles, carbines, and pistols are manufactured with stun settings. It's just part of the design.

Furthermore, you may inform Mr. Trollface that the primary battle droids used by the CIS in the Geonosis arena (the shitty thin ones) are intended to be cannon fodder. The Trade Federation and CIS knew those droids were crap individually, so they massed them together and if none came back, screw it- we can always build more. This was especially true on Geonosis since they build the freaking things right there. The basic strategy for killing Jedi at that point was simple: overwhelm them with hostile fire since it only takes one out of those thousands of shots to put that meatbag out of commission.

>> No.8515417


But I wasnna be your clone commander buddy! Pew pew lazor gun.

>> No.8515446

>Implying a Jedi cannot do it if he take a feat.

>> No.8515486

You gonna be by jedi red leader and you have a violet lightsaber and can force push like a motherfucker! Do you heard it!?!?

>> No.8515502

NO! It's vuuush saber and FFFFUUUU force shenaningans!
Clones are faggots. I kill them for sport.

>> No.8515601


In episode V, if Han wasn't there at the wampa's lair, Luke would have just dones some Force Trance bullshit and walked back to Echo Base due to Obi-Wan's guidance or some shit, Han wasn't necessary to the story there. Han then spent the rest of the movie not defending Echo Base, not regrouping with the rebels, not outwitting bounty hunters, not finding safe harbor, not doing any harm to the Imperials, and not avoiding becoming a fudgecicle. Han was necessary to the story there--his incompetence and uselessness were essential vehicles by which the plot advanced.

>> No.8515726

Nevermind that he protected Princess Leia, brought them to Lando who then joined the Alliance and brought down the second death star and that despite being tortured by vader himself didn't give away anything about the Rebellion

>> No.8515758

Also you're pulling the whole "luke would of made it back on his own" thing out of your ass. Theres no indication he would of survived without Han. Hell he had to spend time in a magic healing goop thing afterwards

>> No.8515837

>Nevermind that he protected Princess Leia,
Not really, Leia taking the initiative after Lando's crisis of conscience protected her.
>brought them to Lando who then
betrayed them to the Empire. Lando joined the Alliance on his own after chafing under Vader's iron fist for a while, not because Han got him to do it.
>brought down the second death star
Red Squad, rebel commandos, and the Ewoks brought down the second Death Star. The Ewoks playing the critical role, and C-3PO playing the critical role in getting the Ewoks to do it. 3PO is far more crucial than Han to the Battle of Endor.
>and that despite being tortured by vader himself didn't give away anything about the Rebellion
"What did they want to know?"
"...they never asked any questions."
The torture was just so that Luke would see that and come running.
Solo's uselessness lost Luke his hand.

>> No.8515871

Dammit, stop feeding the trolls.

>> No.8515934

>Theres no indication he would of survived without Han
"You must go to the Dagobah system."
Ben knew that Luke was going to make it, the Force made sure that Luke would make it, Luke had an epic destiny to fulfill. Han was just a tool for that destiny--and there's no reason to believe that the Force only ever has one way to skin a cat. You can't just override destiny in Star Wars; Anakin had a destiny to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force, it was inevitable, and even BECOMING a Dark Lord of the Sith could merely forestall that.

>> No.8515988

>Not really, Leia taking the initiative after Lando's crisis of conscience protected her.

And the whole taking her from Echo base, escaping from TIEs, and getting Chewie to look after her after he was gone just didn't happen in that film?

>betrayed them to the Empire. Lando joined the Alliance on his own after chafing under Vader's iron fist for a while, not because Han got him to do it.

Do you think that Han's history with Lando had nothing to do with it? That the exact same thing would of happened if it was just some bumfuck adminstrator who didn't have his old good friend in the Rebellion?

>Red Squad, rebel commandos, and the Ewoks brought down the second Death Star. The Ewoks playing the critical role, and C-3PO playing the critical role in getting the Ewoks to do it. 3PO is far more crucial than Han to the Battle of Endor.

I was talking about Lando being the one that brought down the death star not Han. Reading comprehension fail much? Though now you bring it up. What would of happened if Han didnt come up with the plan to trick the Imperials to come out of the bunker when they had gotten it back?

>"What did they want to know?"
"...they never asked any questions."
The torture was just so that Luke would see that and come running.
Solo's uselessness lost Luke his hand.

I'll concede the first point, I had forgotten about that part. But Luke confronting Vader, and losing his hand led to his realisation when facing Vader again that he was in danger of becoming like Vader if he continued to give in to his anger. Or had you forgotten it was the realisation that Vader also was part machine that led Luke to stay with the Light side?

>> No.8516024

ok im a decent fan of both, but I recall worf in some episode of TNG saying "They are using...lasers, sir" Like he was dissapointed or sickened. They made the enterprise look like it was damaged or something.

I'm sure you all know it better than I

>> No.8516102

And the second Ben disappears from sight Han shows up and rescues Luke. You make it seem like the Force is sentient and has a "just as planned" mentality with many back up plans. But for arguments sake, if Han hadn't turned up and saved Luke, how was Luke gonna get out of it? Someone suggested a Force-Trance sort of thing but clearly Luke wasnt at that level, he had trouble pulling a lightsabre towards him earlier. He needed additional training from Yoda.
I'm sorry but Han is the reason Luke survived and saved the galaxy. Guided by the force or not. It was Han that did it. Not useless

>> No.8516112



>> No.8516305

>* Type-1 phasers have the first eight settings; Type-2 and -3 phasers have all sixteen settings
>Approximately 650 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
Um, whoa.
This is a Type 2 phaser.

>> No.8516362


>> No.8516427

Chill the fuck out! I got this.

>> No.8516466


I point the phaser at the floor beneath the Sith and vaporize the ground to more than half a kilometer down.

>> No.8516483

He is now falling. Your trachea is now a drinking straw.
Everyone wins!

>> No.8516492

I deflect it.

>> No.8516503


The Federation has already developed hyposprays, triox compounds, blood oxygenators, tracheotomies, and plastic surgery.
So, if I can manage to get beamed back to sickbay in less than the three minutes it takes to choke to death, I'll be fine.

>> No.8516523

Chill the duck out! I really got this!

>> No.8516528


Holy fuck, Star Trek is hardcore shit. With flashlights like that even Wesley Crusher could take on a Leman Russ with little effort.

>> No.8516546

I wonder if you're not fapping for furries.

>> No.8516559



>> No.8516575

You know what? I don't think I can't get this shit. Run bastards! RUN!

>> No.8516598


>> No.8516650

Its called bacta.

>> No.8516672


The volume of the earth is approximately 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters. How much of that fucker could a single type 2 phaser disintegrate before it needed to recharge?

>> No.8516799


Well, since Kirk is a space cowboy, we can safely assume that a Type 2 phaser is like a six-shooter IN SPACE.

So, 6 * 650 cubic meters = 3900 cubic meters
3900/1097509500000000000000 = 3.9/1097509500000000000 = an utterly insignificant percentage.

>> No.8516909

"stun" is used one time in the entire SW movies if i recall then never spoken of again. it was plot specific to not have to just kill Leia in the movie. Next time just shoot him with a electrical weapon.

"Yes you instinctively "block" the electrical ark and then it proceeds to electrocute you."

>> No.8516994

made my lol
no seriously laughing out loud. my roomate looked at me like a moron...

>> No.8517055

DERP! all phasers have no sights at all the actors in every modern star trek until DS9 couldn't properly aim the tv remote/electric shaver accurately at a target 10 feet away.

Try it hold a laser pointer in your hand in the same way a ST phaser is held point it at a target in front of you and press the button. now without any adjustment look how far off the laser is from what your target was. It's a terrible design for a weapon. now try it while walking.. running, or hitting a moving target.

>> No.8517126

more DERP

when Obi-won slices off an alien's arm in the cantina it bleeds. Jawas killed with blasters don't bleed nor do rebel soldiers shot on the corvette. SW movies are inaccurate to their own fluff.

>> No.8517215

I propose that the elegance comes from the fact that is is much harder to use than a blaster, requiring not only skill in using it, but also skill in not needing to use it. A lot of people forget Jedi were diplomats before warriors. Sure, that got abandoned in the face of crappy fights, but...

>> No.8517463

Adventure, excitement...a Jedi craves not these things.

Which is why those chump-ass bitches never level up.

>> No.8517484


>> No.8517739

In Star Wars they go back and forth and debate endlessly over whether good is stronger than evil.

In Star Trek, they put it to the test once and for all by having Kirk and Spock team up with Abraham Lincoln to fight Kahless and Ghengis Khan on the planet of the lava men.

That's why, when asked if I prefer Star Wars or Star Trek, I always answer "Stargate."

>> No.8517804

Take your Sci-Fi grade dickshit to whatever shithole we dumped Babylon 5's corpse into. That shit's dead, nigga.

>> No.8517879


Serenityfag detected.

>> No.8518026

Grow balls
Tell him to fuck off and that he got stunned

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