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SO, I purchased Chaos Rising today. Apparently it can't even be installed until the official release date.

Those fuckers.

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try resetting your computer's calendar to the release date.

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Relic knows how to troll 40K players.

It has always been fact.

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It's out?

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My only hope is that when it is released at 2:00 on Tursday, that it finishes downloading before I get home from work.


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See OP this is called "Pre order"

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Many stores have a release day on Tuesday for all new things and rarely check to see what the official date is on items. Usually is just says sale not allowed on the register, but this one went through just fine.

It's through steam though. Won't that make a difference? I'll give it a shot anyway.

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Uninstall the STEAMing pile of shit. It's DRM in disguise.

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Except if you actually brought it from steam it's actually better to have it there. If you format your pc or have to uninstall the game you can always download it again.

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If it was a pre-order I'd have called it a pre-order.

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Nihm? Christ, if that's you, I'll laugh my ass off if it's you.

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I should clarify. I didn't buy it through steam. I bought it at a Wal-Mart, the installer contacts steam part way through right after you put in the product key.

Also, to keep this thread more /tg/ related, post some Nightlords!

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Dunno who that is, unless I suddenly acquired a new nickname over night.

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Time change did jack all. I blame steam. Oh well, I don't mind waiting for it like everyone else.

General discussion then. Why on earth are the forces of chaos able to summon Khornate daemons when they're clearly aligned with Nurgle? (Plague Marines, Champion, Great Unclean One). I'd rather swap out the Bloodletters and Bloodcrusher for more Nurgle themed stuff like Plague Bearers, hordes of Nurglings, Beasts of Nurgle, or hell, Blight Drones. I know it didn't matter to devs for the first game either, but is there an actual explanation for the two different factions of daemons fighting side by each?

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I liken using Steam to living under Lord Vetinari.

Oh sure he's a tyrant, but he's a tyrant who knows what the fuck he's doing and isn't a big prick about it. And fundamentally, he's a tyrant whose primary motivation is making sure everything works the way it's supposed to.

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Simply put: Because tourney jockeys BAAAAWd that they had to follow the fluff of chaos armies. Now the "option" of playing a fluff-appropriate chaos army is there (For most chaos armies, save iron warriors. But IW were bearded cheese, so fuck them.) but you don't have to follow it. The result is fewer intetersting themed armies, in favour of fielding khorne berserkers alongside thousand-sons.

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Don't forget that it's easier to balance if you know there'll be bloodletters as opposed to maybe Horrors, maybe Deamonettes, etc etc.

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So, what is Chaos Rising will be about? story wise, feature wise...
A chaos campaign against SM, right? It take place in the same solar system, just after DoW2 ?

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>chaos campaign
>against marines

Haha, no. Its a continuation of the Marine DoW2 campaign against Chaos.

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No wonder they gave Daemonettes shit models...

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>A chaos campaign against SM, right?
That's a riot, you should know better.

You always play as the space marines.

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>Implying we were talking about Relic

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But if the corruption mechanic doesn't allow me to kit my entire crew out in Heresy armor and give Thaddius a Ra....

wait a minute..

>checks unit list
>suddenly realizes NO RAPTORS


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Well I still had a little hope in me... :/

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Yeah, that's ticked me off too. Chaos marines are coloured like Nightlords, but don't have their favoured unit available.

No cuhlteest either. I'm not sure weather to be sad that the funny voiced cannon fodder is gone, or happy that the funny voiced meme doesn't apply to DoW2 at all.

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Pretty sure they are Black Legion, not Night Lords.

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But hwee cap-tured it for Ka-oasss....

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Black legion? Huh, the box art is kinda misleading what with the blue armour instead of black, and no legion markings at all.

.... ah what thew hell, I'm running out of decent Nightlord pics anyways (that wouldn't be re-posts), so I'll start throwing some Black Legion ones into the thread now.

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Yeah I thought they were going to be Nightlords too when I saw the box art.

It's just the lighting they've used though, they're black legion.

Not that I wouldn't prefer nightmare marines

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I absolutely agree. A bunch of space marines that enjoy terror tactics, and fight like psychopaths, thugs and murders? Sign me up.

Aren't they the only chaos legion that still has power swords in any significant quantity? My memory tells me that they're kinda rare in other legions.

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Thanks now gtfo.

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power .... of ... the ... DARK .... gods...

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So the whole Chaos Undivided symbol did not tip you off it was not the Night Lords. The lack of lightening bolts and a winged skull did not give it away?

Or just reading the back of the box where it specifies Black Legion?

So, blue armor automatically means it must be Night Lords?

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8 pointed star of chaos can be on ANY chaos army. Not simply black legion. There were no legion symbols at all. The only other blue and brass chaos legion is thousand sons, but they have an Egyptian motif. Also, it does not specify on the back of the box. It just says "Chaos Marines".

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Night Lords are nominally undivided.

They make heavy use of the only unaligned daemons that have a statline (Furies).

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Either way, I hope to enjoy this expansion, regardless of the faction or unit selection.

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>I hope to enjoy this expansion despite what's in this expansion

Well that's very optimistic of you, I applaud your effort.

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What will /tg/ do if the blood ravens are canonised as a first founding chapter in CR?

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It's one of my finer qualities. That and I sometimes enjoy the ridiculousness of the Dawn of War series.

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I would rage. I'm happy with it being implied that they are of Thousand Sons stock.

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Clearly you guys haven't been reading enough comic books, or you'd know that that shade of blue in stylized art usually just means it's black, but black with various shades of gray would make for boring-as-shit-art.

i.e. the Black Suit from Spiderman has almost never actually been coloured black.

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True... and you're right, I don't read a lot of comic books anymore. But the few I do read, have black, as black. (Just recently read Spiderman Noir and Punisher: The Slavers actually.) So maybe that's why it didn't register with me.

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I guess it's mostly the older comics that do that prominently, what with the eye-bleeding solid neon colours that were so common in those days, but I'm pretty accustomed to seeing dark shades of blue used to bring out black, to give it more... I dunno, flavour?

But then again, I'm fucking colour blind. Maybe you're just seeing even more obvious blues than I am in the Chaos Rising cover art.

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But just to add some legitimacy to my argument...

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And some more!

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In all fairness, it's a very smokey grey-blue anyway, and you're absolutely right about dark blue being used to shade black. I simply didn't think of it.

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On a tangent, this reminds me of why I hate when cosplayers don't realize this sort of thing. They dress up as a character and wear a bright as the midday sky blue wig, when the character has black hair.

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nice concept a bit shitty on the execution.

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I saved it for the concept. So it's all good.

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For those wondering, it unlocks on steam March 11th at 0001, or for those of you who don't know 24hr time, 12:01.

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Animation model reuse makes me ANGRY.


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er wait, fuck, that would be the 12th, wouldn't it.

1 day, 1 hour. Fuck.

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Waiting for torrent.

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That's right.

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The paintjob on these isn't fantastic, but the eyes GLOW, so they get props for the difficult conversion work.

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what's that from?

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...you know how this thread is about DOW2?

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It's also about chaos marines in general.

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And here's me, not even having played the first DoW 2 all the way through, yet :(

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You know what I liked about the first DoW?

The building animations.

Just awesome.

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How have I never seen the IDDQD on his shoulder towel thing before?

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I AGREE. I'd just watch the damn things get built instead of actually fighting. Caused me a lot of problems in retrospect...

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Orks were my favorite.

Build something! *huge ball of junk flies like a meteor down to build location*

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Actually, I think an orcish plane dropped that shit, really nice and dainty like.

Which is why we need grots.

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Run out of decent chaos Thousand Sons. What legion should I start posting now?

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But the gif was from Space Marine.

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my face when i bought it today
then i raged when i couldnt preload. same boat OP

awesome mini btw

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