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>What? Show me an example in fluff where you have cross-chapter shit like Eliphas going from a fucking DARK APOSTLE to a CHAOS LORD of an entirely different chapter with different god alignments? Chaos will sometimes work together to achieve a common goal, e.g Black Crusades, but a Khorne-aligned dark apostle isn't going to suddenly become a Chaos-undivided Chaos Lord. OF THE BLACK LEGION.

So /tg/ I was hoping you would clarify for me; this concerns the mighty Ephilas and his return in DoW II Chaos Rising. Quote taken from a tripfag on /v/.

Pic somewhat related, first 40k pic I could find.

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Derp, I managed to misspell his name. Oh well.

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In regards to chaos, having a couple of them go "hey abaddon you shut ya face and let this bitch take command or imma rip your legs off next"

is probably as good a reason as any other.

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Uh, he's right?

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Have you ever listened to the guy speak? He's a very convincing/smooth talker...

In all seriousness, I don't know. In fact, I know incredibly little about Chaos Rising...but I'll still get it anyways.

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>Khorne-aligned dark apostle

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The character is a creation of Relic entertainment. They'll make him spawn rainbow monkey unicorns with water-powered lightning swords out of his ass if they feel like it.

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Wait, Eliphas was Khornate? Wasn't he Word Bearers, which is also Undivided?

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It is not uncommon for Chaos Marines to abandon their original Legion and join the Black Legion to side with the Despoiler. Perhaps Abaddon offered him something or perhaps Eliphas decided that he could serve Chaos better by joining forces with the Black Legion.

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Yeah. I don't really know what the /v/ is talking about. I'll just wait for the game to rage.

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Yes he was, and I think the Bearers have enough clout with the Chaos Gods that a particularly successful dude can petition to lead a group of equally loony buggers.

Note the 'particularly successful'.

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You are correct.
Eliphas was a dark apostle of the Word Bearers chapter which is aligned to chaos undivided. The guy saying there was a khornate chaos lord is thinking of Crull.

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Its /v/. they don't even know what they're saying.

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My bad, you're right in that I got Crull's alignment mixed up. World Eaters, Word Bearers, both are quite similar sounding. So yeah, they're both Chaos undivided but it doesn't explain the loophole where a Demon Prince straight up vaporizes Eliphas.

Bringing him back seems to just be a fanservice move. Hey, Eliphas is my favorite character in the established Dawn of War lore aswell, fyi.

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Oh yeah, no one's arguing that one. We're all just waiting to see what the handwave will be.

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It'll probably be related to how it's mentioned that Abaddon himself praised Eliphas for triumphing over the Blood Ravens at Kronus because he had personal beef with them - y'know, probably because they were heretics turned loyalists or whatever the shebang may be. (This is, iirc, the summarization of the after-battle speech you get after conquering the Blood Raven stronghold.)

This is all assuming you play Dark Crusade from the Chaos persepective - Blood Ravens winning Kronus is established canon.

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maybe they will reveal that Eliphas is a t-1000.

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Chaos Androids, mother fucker.

*Queue cheesy Austrian accents*

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Eliphas may have been Undivided, but he, like every other Chaos Lord in the series*, still seemed to display a preference for the Bald God. Plains of Khorne. Towers of Khorne. Chosen of Khorne. And the (admittedly unused) lines "Lord Khorne will drink your blood from the very soil!" and "In battle, we all honor Khorne." None of the other gods got that many shoutouts.

Pic related. And rather unfluffy.

*with the exception of Bale, although that's mainly due to Relic only giving him 16 lines in the whole game, most of them being him expressing his frustration at SSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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Plus it doesn't help when your supposedly unmarked generic Chaos Marines are all "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" and "MAIM! KILL! BURN!"

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Do people seriously rage over that?

Nothing is fluffier than a failed Word Bearer leaving his legion and joining Abaddon's League of Super Evil.

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Is it me, or is there absolutely nothing (visually) to suggest that the guy in Chaos Rising is in fact Eliphas? I mean, he's even got ears now.

For those who don't know which one he is, his icon's the second from the right, between the Predator and the Bloodletter.

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I'm pretty sure you guys give more of a shit about this than the chaos gods.

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I just hope he's inherited himself some eyes this time.

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>Abaddon and his warriors still fight hard to rebuild their pride and reputation, battling in the most dangerous conflicts they can find. At first Abaddon won the grudging respect of the surviving Traitor Legions, but as his deeds have grown bolder and mightier, respect is turning into support. His impassioned words have fanned the smouldering dissent of the Traitor Legions into raging fires of hatred. Champions of many Legions and gods now vie to fight for Abaddon in the colours of the Black Legion.

Apparently Eliphas has gone from being a loyal Word Bearer who venerated the blessed founder of his holy Legion, Lorgar, on the same level as the Chaos Gods, to recognising Abaddon the Despoiler as his spiritual li- okay, sorry.

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Still annoyed that there's no Slaanesh units or upgrades.

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>I was informed that the youngest of the Chaos Gods didn't lend himself well to an action-packed strategy game.
>"We couldn't be assed to include options and/or a hero for a fourth god lol"

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>The servants of the Ruinous Powers rarely cooperate in the Long War, yet Warmaster Davroth of the Word Bearers Legion is a rare example of a leader capable of uniting the disparate factions in common purpose. Davroth is possessed of a prophetic vision of himself coming to rival the mighty Abbadon the Despoiler. To bring about his vision, Davroth has mustered the followers of the four Chaos Gods. He follows a plan revealed to him in the scryings of a thousand frothing warpseers – the eight-pointed star of chaos.

>Warmaster Davroth is a commander of great standing within the Word Bearers. He has invaded Makenna VII, a mining world close to the Arx Gap, to enslave the populace and send tribute back to Abaddon the Despoiler. With the resources of Makenna VII at his disposal, Davroth hopes that Abaddon will repay the tribute with a pair of the deadly Chaos Titans under his command. These war engines will allow Davroth to launch an unexpected attack on his former ally, Khulia of the Bleed, and thus become one of Abaddon’s most powerful lieutenants.

A canon example of a Word Bearer serving Abaddon, from Apocalypse. Though in this case Davroth seems to have remained part of his original Legion as opposed to Eliphas, who was reduced to a puddle of blood and gore after to his spectacular failure on Kronus.

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Is there any more fluff on Davroth that's not from Apocalypse? I swear I've seen his name somewhere before.

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I can understand him simply joining the black legion and being all awesome.



he's supposed to be dead-dead, wtf

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See culteest for explaination behind how the chaos gods can simply bring the dead back from whatever fate

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we dont have enough explosive chaos lords, eliphas had that genetic anomaly, HE IS NEEDED FOR SHOCK AND AWE FACTOR

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Tell that to Horus.

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Horus was erased from reality and unreality. Big E and high powered Psykers can do that.

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Wouldn't a Daemon Prince be capable of that too? I assume having your soul erased/nommed would be the greatest possible punishment for a failed servant of Chaos.

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Eliphas: You are soulless.
Necron Lord: ...

Goddammit, Eliphas.

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But did he?

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Apparently not.

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Eliphas is only being brought back because Relic want to cash in on their only half-competent Chaos Lord.

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Define "competent".

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I call shoop

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It's from the Chaos Rising dev diary video.

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>"METAL BAWXES" every 5 seconds
Carron mentions "metal boxes" once. Well, technically twice, but in the same line.

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He also cries like a little girl when you wreck his idols to Khorne.


In Bale's case it made some sense for him to be a bit dim, Sindri might needed an easily manipulated puppet to hide his ambitions.

Crull was what I think is a pretty typical Khornate renegade lord, no complaints there.

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I wouldn't really call it crying. More like a whimper or groan. And to be honest, I found his mood swings more entertaining than ALWAYSANGRYALLTHETIME Bale and Crull.

"You think one shrine will sap my strength? No! I am strong! For here, the Warp is strong! It is our power, and your weakness, and you shall DIE!"

"Smite them, Khorne! Smite them, my god! They are taking away the shrines we made for you! How can you let them? We - we will be your fist! And we shall take them by the throat! YES! YES, WE WILL!"

"Another... another shrine... fallen? After all our work? After all... those... sacrifices... Ooohhhh..."

"YOU WILL PAY! PAY FOR TEARING DOWN MY SHRINES! The veil is lifted, see! See the army I have! You have earned our wrath! WE WILL SPILL YOUR BLOODHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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>Crull was what I think is a pretty typical Khornate renegade lord, no complaints there.
Sorcerers. Horrors. Using psychic trickery and mind games to gather sacrifices.

>> No.8492528

GW seems to have reduced the rivalries of the Chaos Gods a lot these days and Crull could have been a double heretic.

>> No.8492534

brb, re-installan soulstorm

>> No.8492545

Where are the Bald Ravens?
etc etc etc

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I'm fine with this.

Because delishes Nurgal and Slaneesh sexings is love.

Seriously, there needs to be some fem chaos.

Only the SM should be a sausage fest.

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In a CR video, you see Eliphas walking with a Sorceror (or another Chaos Lord?) in Terminator armor. He looked much more imosing than Eliphas.
Perhaps this hints at Eliphas being demoted all the way to Aspiring Champion at the service of the actual Chaos Lord leading the Black Legion on Aurelia.
Perhaps he's a mid boss

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loosing does that to you.

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I may actually give DoW2 a chance with Chaos Rising.
The lack of Chaos was the reason I skipped DoW2 in the first place, and the lack of Slaanesh is really off-putting as he's my preferred god, but Nurgle is rather... implemented considering plague marines and GUOs. And Nurgle is pretty rad.

There isn't enough FUCK YEAH CHAOS on /tg/. It's terrible.

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>Khorne-aligned dark apostle


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That's because Chaos are the 80's cartoon villains of 40k. The Tyranids eat planets, the Orks are everywhere in nearly infinite numbers and the Necrons cannot be stopped. Chaos just kind of sits there with their tentacles for dicks, shaking their fists in anger.

>> No.8493840

You mean 80s cartoon heroes. Tzeentch is the chaos god of HOPE, while Nurgle is the chaos god of LOVE.

>> No.8493846

It's so sad that Chaos is now more of an inept comic relief enemy than the orks are.

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I was always bugged by how Chaos was presented in 40k. It's supposed to be this malevolent force that can corrupt nearly anyone or anything. This is represented by... evil Spess Muhreens.

Fuck, at least in Fantasy they have vikings and shit too.

>> No.8493939

I think if progression actually happened in 40k instead of just static fluff, Chaos would be less "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, IMPERIUM" and more badass and lethal. But then I might like them a bit less.

>> No.8493940

New Chaos Lord, Araghast the Pillager. Since the multiplayer Chaos Lord is Khornate, I can only assume he will be too. So the Black Legion in the campaign are going to be led by a follower of Khorne with a Tzeentchian Sorcerer sidekick.

>> No.8493949

I wish Chaos had a Defiler in DoWII ;-;

>> No.8493966

>Since the multiplayer Chaos Lord is Khornate
Fucking shitcunts, GW.

>> No.8493987

'Cause Khorne is simple and easier to understand? I really don't know.

>> No.8493996

>Fucking shitcunts
Are you SURE you don't love Khorne?

>> No.8494009

Slaanesh? We can't think of anything interesting to do with Slaanesh.

God of excess just means pink power armor and RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE I DO COCAAAAAINE, right?

>> No.8494017


The Black Library is mine, mine I say! Soon I shall be the master of the galaxy and the Four mere groveling slaves at my feet!!

>> No.8494025


>> No.8494047

Khorne is the easiest Chaos God to portray accurately (and even then Relic couldn't get it right in Winter Assault).

>> No.8494051


Because that is allready taken by space marines och spess wullfs. Chaos is the african militia of 40k. Terribad at accomplishing shit but eviiiiil

>> No.8494058


>So the Black Legion in the campaign are going to be led by a follower of Khorne with a Tzeentchian Sorcerer sidekick.

Because that's always worked so well in the past.

>> No.8494080

By the power of the Golden Throne! I HAVE THE POWER!

>> No.8494096

Eliphas coming back makes no sense at all. Chaos fragged him because he failed to do anything meaningful. Why the fuck would you resurrect some nameless loser when you could bring back badass champions who have actually conquered shit in the name of Chaos. Hell, why not bring back Horus and rape the Imperium?

The only reason they're bringing him back because Relic fail at writing decent Chaos lords (See every single one EXCEPT Eliphas) and it saves them the trouble of actually having to try. No doubt they'll butcher his character and make him as much of a halfwit as all their other Chaos lords.

>> No.8494098

No.8493940...I sense a hilarious couple style buddy comedy in the works

>> No.8494140

Thunderwolf as Battle Cat.


>> No.8494146


>implying Horus and all champions of Chaos those after him weren't incompetent bunglers who got beaten by the Imperium like the little bitches they were.

>> No.8494156


>> No.8494169

Shut up, Skeletor.

>> No.8494177


And they STILL did more than Eliphas.

THAT's how stupid the whole thing is.

>> No.8494207


>> No.8494214

>Where the Chaos Marines came from, or how, none can say. Did the Warp Storm bring them... or did they bring the Warp Storm? Both appeared suddenly on Kaurava IV, and in an eyeblink, half the system's Imperial forces were gone – killed, or claimed by the madness of Chaos.
>With their arrival on Kaurava IV, Lord Carron’s forces had wiped out, in a single blow, the 253rd and 254th Conservator Regiments of the Imperial Guard.
>In the Kaurava Conflict, however, Farseer Caerys believed that the Chaos threat was too great for anything but a direct assault. The failure of the various Imperial forces to peaceably cooperate was one ill omen. The eruption of the Warp Storm, and the speed and ferocity of the Alpha Legion’s expansion was an even greater one.

Carron gets RESULTS, motherfuckers.

>> No.8494223

I'd rather that Relic bring back one of the funny chaos lords like Crull the failure of a Khornate or Bale the remarkably un-subtle Alpha-Legionnaire.. Fuck, bring back SSIIIIIIIIIIIIIINDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII for god's sake, at least he was halfway malevolent and smart.

>> No.8494233

If we're talking about entry level, Khorne is quintessential Chaos. Compared to the rigorousness of the Imperium, your average kid is drawn to Chaos precisely because of the whole mindless killing, rage, pillage and so on.
Tzeentch is too brainy to juxtapose to the Imperial Lawful attitude, Slaneesh would probably get them sued for promoting questionable behavior, and while a part of /tg/ likes him a festering pile of actual shit isn't exactly a popular image.
I mean, I get your point and I wish they'd give more spotlight for the other Gods as well, but I can see why they always choose Khorne.

>> No.8494234

I'm just picturing Tzeentch multi-facepalming somewhere in the warp while a projection of Carron screaming floats in the background.

>> No.8494238

SINDRI IS DEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD (For good. He was the final sacrifice to the Maledictum daemon.)

>> No.8494248

Power... demands... sacrifice.

>> No.8494251

But Chaos Rising actually features Plague Marines.

>> No.8494282

Yeah, as troops, but I was talking more about main character-level

>> No.8494288

>> No.8494294

That sucks. Oh well, just write up a newer, hipper, jive-talkin, smooth-walkin, blood-for-the-blood-goddin Chaos Lord.

>> No.8494295

Why is Carron the only Chaos Lord in the series with a first and last name? In fact, why are there only two (speaking) Chaos characters in the series with first and last names?

>> No.8494318


Because Carron isn't famous enough to ditch the last name

>> No.8494324


Skeletors and Megatrons need no more names.

>> No.8494325

I dunno, Tzeentch has always struck me as quintessential Chaos, not Khorne, who is trying way too hard in a world where everyone and everything is about KILL MAIM BURN to begin with.

>> No.8494327

When you roll with Chaos, you get to a point where you're too badass for a last name. In fact, that's the ultimate litmus test for badassness amongst Chaos Lords, whether or not they have a last name.

>> No.8494351

DOW2 sucks anyway. Why would you care what Chaos Rising is about?

>> No.8494355


For example,

Cultists have 3 or more names.

For example, Cultist chan is refered to as

Synthia Bloodroost Jennings, the XII.

>> No.8494359

I motion for the creation of a really racist "blacksploitation" chapter of chaos space marines that bring funk to the galaxy in the name of Slaanesh, whom they believe to be the grooviest motherfucker around.
Their Imperial counterparts will be a white-bread chapter of space marine honkeys who try to keep a brother down.

>> No.8494371

...Bale is badass?

>> No.8494391

Go back and play Dawn of War. If you read between the lines you'll see how badass he is.

>> No.8494429

OP I don't think Eliphas's alignment is the real issue, it's more the fact that he failed like a jackass, was supposedly destroyed by a Demon, and now relic is bringing him back for fanservice.

>> No.8494521

It's a sad thing Slaanesh got fucked out of there, but really, of all the Chaos gods, I think Slaanesh is the easiest one to be left out in a war. Despair and disease, bloodshed and murder, trickery and strategy, those are all aspects of war easily found. Slaanesh is a pleasure kind of guy. He has the least interest in this war, probably finding more enjoyment in raiding the nearby moon and fucking the entire population in their collective asses.

>> No.8494526

But sound cannons and noise marines are so cool.

>> No.8494546

This man understands the rule of cool

>> No.8494562

Yes it is. it really is, I agree. In another thread someone had the idea of giving them a bonus (like how nurgle units will likely have high hp, sorcerer will use magic, khorne dudes will go berserk) in the form of making their weapons do more damage over time and luring people out of cover. Seems like a pretty cool, albeit potentially overpowered, idea. Too bad good ideas hardly ever get into games.

>> No.8494566

Of course I do.
I'm like the only person left in the world who still plays Chaos.

>> No.8494577

Slaanesh is about excess in all its forms; sex and drugs and such are just a small part of that. To use another example from Apocalypse:

>Known to mortals as Zhanash of the Corrupting Whip, this Daemon Prince of Slaanesh was drawn to Makenna VII by the terror of its inhabitants. Situated close to the Eye of Terror, Makenna VII was already vulnerable to isolated daemonic attacks and possession. As Davroth’s armies descended from orbit, the naked dread amongst the world’s inhabitants ruptured the barriers between the material plane and the Warp, and Zhanash and his daemonic legion surged through the rifts.

>> No.8494630

>Eleaxus cares for nothing more than his own glorification and the furtherance of his desire to sit at the right hand of Slaanesh damning himself further by partaking in blasphemous feasts after his victories. Warmaster Davroth knows that he need only promise Eleaxus all the luxuries of Makenna VII as his reward and he can count on a powerful and vicious ally – until the fighting is over, at least.

I wish there was more fluff on the Flawless Host. It's nice to have a Chaos warband with a name that isn't LOLEVIL.

>> No.8494675

Like I said, it's a shame, but they were probably going to leave someone out (otherwise they'd have to give EVERYONE an additional commander unit, and while that would be cool it would probably mess with the balance a bit) and of all of them, Slaanesh is probably the least war related one.

>> No.8494689

>taking anything from it seriously

>> No.8494725


>Least war related

I really don't have the words. Do you seriously think Slaaneshi followers just laze around all day doing coke and fucking daemons?

>> No.8494762

Hey! Sindri was got the job done.

Did he not?

>> No.8494849



>> No.8494856

Do you seriously NOT know what the word "least" means?

>> No.8494868

Just because someone is a sworn follower of Chaos as a pantheon doesn't mean he can't lean slightly towards one particular god, like warriors, for example, towards Khorne to improve their martial prowess. Chaos as a whole still takes precedence, but an extra praise for the Blood God in the hopes for a blessing or two isn't a bad thing.

>> No.8494885

It's just as easy to argue that Nurgle is the least warlike, though.

Just lay around farting and plaguing things all day.

>> No.8494941

You can be assured that in combat situations there are going to be infections and diseases. In fact, diseases can be easily the deciding factor in a battle. (ie conquest of the Aztecs and Incas). Whereas fucking ass doesn't.

>> No.8494954

Do you know -anything at all- about Slaanesh?

>> No.8494993

I feel that people too often think Slaanesh just instantly means "OH GOD I NEED TO FUCK EVERYTHING FOREVER HNNNNG"

>> No.8495037

Just like Nurgle doesn't mean 'just farting around'.

But how exactly do you guys think Slaanesh would fit into this game better than the other chaos gods?

>> No.8495042


srsly. Slaanesh can be more LOLCHAOSRIPANDTEAR than Khorne. Slaanesh is about excess, Khorne is about excess violence. Slaanesh allows for style points. Like, dual-wielding swords and executing some crazy five-cut dissection of an enemy.

>> No.8495125


Slaanesh is more gruesome, horrible and sadistic than any other Chaos God.

>> No.8495133

No kidding.
Slaanesh is like God of War or Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.
Khorne is like Mount & Blade.

>> No.8495141

I'm not one of the guys saying that Slaanesh needs to be in the game. I agree that Khorne is best for an rts, because someone not as familiar with the universe can identify that they are crazy bad guys.
I'm just saying, Slaanesh is more than "I need to fuck some ass all day with my tentacock" It's about excess in everything.

>> No.8495157

Tentacock you say?

>> No.8495212

>Dawn of War
>taking anything from it seriously

>taking anything from it seriously

>> No.8495226

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>> No.8495236

Yes, I did say that.

>> No.8495448


Because Horus is SUPER dead. Emps annihilated his soul. There is no way TO bring him back.

>> No.8495481




>> No.8495576


Nope. NOTHING left. Annihilated down to the very last scrap of DNA! He got written out of the space/time continuum. There is NOTHING.

>> No.8495578

I think Necrons *do* have souls, since otherwise they'd just be nothing more than robots (though granted, most of them act like they are, but that's due to their minds and memories being eroded after being destroyed and rebuilt so many times). On the other hand, there are Pariahs...

Well, whatever the case, Abaddon made extra sure that there was absolutely nothing left of him.

>Saved, but still numerically inferior, the Sons of Horus fought a series of bloody wars against the other Traitor Legions, vying for resources, power and superiority within the Eye of Terror. The culmination of the conflict was the destruction of the Legion’s fortress by a combined force of their erstwhile allies, including the Emperor’s Children. Worse still, the Warmaster’s corpse was taken and there were subsequent reports that a being calling himself the Primogenitor was working with the Emperor’s Children to clone the body. With their Primarch taken from them and defiled by their enemies, the remains of the Legion finally swore fealty to a new leader – Abaddon, Captain of the 1st Company.

>Abaddon knew that the memory of the Warmaster shackled his Legion to the failures of the past, so his first edicts renounced the name of Horus and the ancient title of the Legion. Taking their last surviving battle barge, he led them in a lightning raid that destroyed the Warmaster’s body and the whole cloning laboratory complex. For this action and in every subsequent sighting, each Space Marine’s armour was painted black. Since this time, Abaddon’s ‘Black Legion’ has raided the Imperium, sowing havoc and misery on every world it attacks.

>> No.8495619


Okay, so Abaddon preserved the body with the same skill he uses to protect the Cadia gate.

>> No.8495672


There was no way TO protect. Big E was PISSED when Horus popped that guardsmen.

>> No.8495710

>protect Cadian gate

>> No.8495722


Oh, did not know all that. Thank you.

>> No.8495734


>> No.8495737

The warmaster just failed his save roll

>> No.8495738


I think I might have fucked up the metafor.

The implication is that Abbs failed to destory Horus's body because Creed stole his arms.

>> No.8495752


>> No.8495768

>Okay, so Abaddon preserved the body with the same skill he uses to attack the Cadia gate.


>> No.8495793


>> No.8495830

Imperium confirmed for anti-spirals.
Chaos confirmed for spiral race.
This is making a whole lot of sense, actually.
Chaos are the good guys. It's official.

>> No.8495832

Note that the three biggest names as far as chaos marines are:

- Abbadon, who brings nothing but failure
- Kharn, destroyer of the world eaters and savior of the Imperium of Man
- Ahriman, a guy who doesn't even like chaos

>> No.8495840



I mean seriously.

>> No.8495841

to get back onto topic I am happy to see Eliphas return in Chaos Rising. I do find it slightly odd hes no longer wit the Word Bearers legion but maybe they kicked him out for failing AGAIN on kronus?

It is not surprising to see him Sign up with the Black legion though, if anyone would take in a stray chaos lord it would be the failmaster abaddon

>> No.8495859

what about Typhus, The Herald of Nurgle and host to the destroyer plague?

>> No.8495877

He's pretty snazzy and filled with BEES.

But the popularity of chaos characters on /tg/ is proportionate to how much they fail, so you won't hear much about him.

>> No.8495890

If I remember correctly, the Black Crusades had much more ulterior motives to them, all of which were successfully achieved. One crusade was to hear a prophecy, another was to retrieve Abaddon's sword, etc. etc.

>> No.8495896

Hey, plotting against Tzeentch is as Tzeentchian as it gets.

>> No.8495902

so if Popularity is directly proportional to failure...how has Kharn failed? I mean all he has to do is kill and claim skulls sounds like a pretty easy job for someone of his talents

>> No.8495908


Get back2dead.

>> No.8495920


>Implying Kharn is not popular

Dude's a rather cool guy.

>> No.8495926

well thank the dark gods abaddon didn't just take one ship with a few thousand black Legionnaire and sneak to the planet where his sword was...

It was a great idea to launch a diversionary attack on Cadia only to have it fail so the Imperial forces could turn the planet into a god damn fortress making the next attack all the more likely to fail.

How has abaddon NOT ran the black legion into the ground yet?

>> No.8495930

The guy who singlehandedly put an end to the World Eaters... you know, why he's called "The Betrayer?" The World Eaters took over multiple star systems of the Imperium and held them for something like a hundred years back in their day... quite an accomplishment. As is turning a force that formerly could fight the whole Imperium to a standstill, into small packs of roving retards.

>> No.8495952

I know the story of skalathrax and how Kharn broke the World eaters ( thought he broke the Emperor's children too.)

But still as the Avatar of Khorne I don't see that as failure and besides, with the Legion now as roving war bands they can spread more slaughter and claim more skulls.

>> No.8496041

and no one gives a damn about Lucius the Eternal

>> No.8496067

Well okay, by that standard he and Abbadon are both great successes.

>> No.8496086

Kharn wanders around killing things with no greater goal in mind.

How many times has abaddon brought together the hordes of chaos and thrown them against cadia to be pushed back?

I admit Kharn's job is a lot easier but still..Abaddon is Chaos' greatest failure and nothing more then a seat warmer

>> No.8496107

He's one of my favorites.
/tg/ just ignores his existence because he's cooler than anything that's a part of their shitty Imperium wankery.

>> No.8496167

The first Black Crusade was just a rampage through the systems around the Eye of Terror, fuelled more by hatred and desire for revenge than any specific motive. Finding Drach'nyen was just a bonus.

>How many times has abaddon brought together the hordes of chaos and thrown them against cadia to be pushed back?
Once? 2nd Black Crusade attacked Cadia and failed. 13th Black Crusade resulted in Abaddon's forces gaining a foothold on the planet. It really should have been a total Chaos victory, but unfortunately for Abby, the Imperium has something that no army or weapon, no matter how strong, can possibly overcome: plot armour.

>> No.8496207

same thing that's protected that tau if memory serves

but who would replace Abaddon as Warmaster if he died?

>> No.8496582

I'm just going to keep playing Firestorm Over Kronus, because it's a hell of a lot closer to codex than anything Relic will make and it allows me to field a good variety of Chaos units. It may still be only a beta but it's fucking sweet.

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