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So I hear that Necrons work this way now.

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No complaints.

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According to Tau Quest they do.

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two /tg/ fettishes, their powers COMBINED!

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But why does it have TITS?

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...why not?

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They're... command amplifiers.

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She was probably female in life, so her Necron body has female characteristics.

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Mammaritronic Thought Disruptors.

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I like the guass-spinnerette.

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Rez orbs.

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Everything is better with tits.

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Dear god, please tell me that's not Xeno.

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I can get the tits, but why is she a drider?

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>Yes- hello officer? I'd like to report some heresy.

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Maybe it's relevant to her function?

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hurr durr

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Does this make necrons drow?

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Well there already is the Drizzt of Necrons, so i guess the answer is yes.

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I thought Dark Eldar were Drow.

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Who is this drizzit of the necrons?

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I was going to ask the same thing.

I mean besides all Necrons being unhappy because they aren't Ultramarines. I mean Blood Angels.

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I am.

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No, you're more of like Sandwhich then Drizzit

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Heretical Machine! I must inform the Mechanicus to perform a close inspection of these machines...real close.

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>Necrons with tits
lol wut?

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Necrons should always work like this.

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I'm not opposed.

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Floating ones... Flayed ones... Metal ones... doesn't really matter what they're made of, it'll work any which way and probably add plus one to initiative at the very least.

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I am now terrified that Xeno is going to start mutilating tau girls for their skins so she can look pretty again.

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Again? She isn't still?

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But she's already pretty!

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Remember the Tau planet that was completely eradicated by Necrons?

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No, when did that happen?

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Xeno is the greatest good of all.

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Whose head is that, anyway?

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This was originally posted by Shas in a Tau Quest commentary thread... So if Lady of Infinite Abyss is SHODAN and Dusk of Uncountable Suns is G-Man, who's the spider-cron?

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Is Shas a drawfag? The style looks very familiar, but I can't place it.

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Maybe GlaDOS?

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This thread is making me want to start following Tauquest. Sounds suspicously awesome.

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"If you feel lightheaded from thirst, feel free to pass out. An intubation scarab will be dispatched to revive you with peptic salve and adrenaline."

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Seriously? I mean really? I didn't think the title of "DRIZZT OF NECRON" was already old history.

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Not in cruelty
Not in wrath
The REAPER came today
An ANGEL visited
this gray path
And took the drone away.

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It's acually rahter interesting. Now exactly fluff right but they know that and are running with it.

I kinda prefer thier version of necrons to the standard ones, more interesting.

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So, I haven't been following this quest at all... is it supposed to be like a 40k version of Vampire Bride?

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You should check the recap thread on suptg if you want to play
Be warned though- this quest first started when the suptg site is down, so you can only read through the last three threads and the recap

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Oh, hello there.

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Hopefully not
We're trying to steer clear of crawling in my skin bad end

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Please don't act like that. I don't have time to memorize every single memetic thing that passes through /tg/. Just spill the beans about this Drizzt of Necron Meme.

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Shas has been pretty open about how we're not headed for a Bad End.

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Isn't Drizzt of Necrons what That Old Robot goes by?

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Damn. Someone's ripped off Cryx pretty hard.

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Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The Drone had food and maybe ammo.
And immortality.

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That's your Drizzt of Necron.

Congratulations, you're up to speed.

As for Tauquest... it's headed in an interesting direction. That's all I'll say.

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So tell us, Shas, is the cake really a lie?

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Unlike that railroading bastard UM who made us eat a baby

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Check suptg for The Drizzit if Necron

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Do we get to bang Miko?

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Nope. She did steal away Lolcron though.

Oh well, the artist for Tauquest seems like a good replacement.

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Maybe she's gonna be like Viconia
That drow from Baldurs gate

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... not sure if want.

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Shas shows up and starts quoting Portal? GLaDOScron here we come!

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So an evil lite version of her race, cast out by her race for having an inkling of good, but still rather renegade?

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Paraphrasing, actually, and I honestly wouldn't read too much into it. The quote just happened to fit, but if it helps you to read the Weaver's dialogue in GLaDOS' voice, go for it.


Have I lied to you? I mean, in this room?

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more like another person that's gonna try to get us to do their dirty work.

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It's not easy being the protagonist.

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I tried to read the first few threads on sup/tg/ but there seems to be quite a few missing so it's really hard to make any sense out of it.

Could I get a TL;DR version?

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Skip to the recap thread
It's labeled tau quest and the description is 'It continues'
Hold on, i'll go get a link

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This is the recap thread. It covers pretty much everything until Sup/tg/ started archiving again. To summarize, though, we woke up as the little (amnesiac) Tau girl, fought some survival horror, met a Necron that turned us into a cyborg, got a pet scarab and kicked copious amounts of ass up and down the ghost ship on which we're stranded. Right now we're Necronizing ourselves so that we can defeat all the other lords that have been fucking with us.

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>Necron that turned us into a cyborg

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Spooky things happened.

>> No.8450899

Recap thread:

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It's a long story
Just read the recap

>> No.8450925

The quest has been a combination of Event Horizon, Dead Space and System Shock 2 - with the Lady of Infinite Abyss as SHODAN and us as her cyber-soldier goon.

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OK so let me get this straight. Xeno was once a Tau but a Necron taken about a ship called the lady, who's female for some reason, who wanted to use her as a tool turned her basically into a Necron to fight against her traitor lieutenant. Have I gotten that right? Well it seems pretty cool although it has taken a few liberties.

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More or less.

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Xeno's still a Tau, but she's becoming a Necron. The difference being that she isn't just going to spontaneously become a soulless automaton, she's going to become an immortal robot engineer.

I think the quest is going to end with us building our own tomb world.

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Surprisingly few, actually. Check the new Necron fluff in the 5th ed 40k rulebook. More powerful, higher-tier Necron Lords often still retain their memories and personalities, though many have gone insane over the millions of years they've existed. So it's entirely possible that a lesser Lord would try and betray his superior, and she would look for ways to strike back.

The only bit that's somewhat iffy is granting Necron technology to an organic, but considering human Blanks are Necron-ised and turned into Pariahs it isn't impossible.

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Huh, never though of that...


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Don't forget ghost in the shell

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The only real creative liberties I've seen have been in describing the action in a more cinematic way. Shas' Necrons aren't completely silent, the Tomb Spyder and Flayed Ones we've fought so far have screeched mightily and made all sorts of horrifying noises. The Wraith phased through walls in a vapor of green mist, rather than just disappearing. That sort of stuff. Otherwise, it all seems very true to theme and actually makes Necrons a lot more interesting.

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And Battle Angel, for that matter.

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Well I'm pretty sure Necrons can't rebel against one another. True some have a bit of personality, but I don't think they can rebel. It would be the logical thing to make sure they don't do when making them, but then against 40K doesn't really follow logic.
So does she have to follow orders or not? Does she have to begin reaping some souls to feed the C'tan or is she free from that?

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We haven't been forced to do anything yet. Personally, I think that Lady is planning to steal our body once we're fully Necron'd out, so she's not cluttering up our head with obedience programming that would just bite her in the ass later on.

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Necrons can and do fight against one another.

Read some 40k History. When the C'tan turned on one another for their "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! NOM NOM" phase, Necron armies battled against one another for their respective C'tan in the same way a follower of Khorne would charge and behead a follower of Slaanesh.

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When your mission is complete you will be baked and then there will be cake.

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Do you think that Shas gets his ideas from these threads?

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Why does that Necron have tits.

Do the tits shoot something? That would be cool.

>> No.8451382

See >>8449695

>> No.8451383

No, Xeno has retained her free will and doesn't want to harvest souls
She's stillfighting for the greater good

>> No.8451397

Nah, she turns to good if you romance her.

>> No.8451403

Well clearly the material for tits could be used to make something that shoots something. I mean male necrons don't have metal penises. Although now I kind of want to see that.

Unless the tits shoot something.

>> No.8451412

How does she know if she wants to harvest souls or not? Has she tried one? For all you know, she could crave souls like a mortal woman craves rocky road ice cream.

>> No.8451426

I wonder if the Necrons ever rewire the inside of a null, so that they can be used as a spy or - C'Tan forbid - a diplomat, instead.

>> No.8451427

Another guy reading that thread posted, didn't she have amnesia? How does she know what the greater good is? And why has her Necron mistress allowed her such freedom?

>> No.8451450

I read that in his voice. I lol'd

>> No.8451452

We haven't openly defied her yet, so maybe she thinks we're loyal.

>> No.8451453


Well, if her mistress is a Lord, perhaps she went fun insane instead of bad insane.

>> No.8451461


How did they do the water effect on that Lord!? I need links and information NOW!

>> No.8451494

So it's amusing that she goes against her aims? Okay. So how does she know what the Greater Good is?

>> No.8451522


No one said the amnesia was complete.

The greater good is something that is drilled into every tau from birth. It makes sence that it would be one of the things more likely to survive something that caused amnesia.

>> No.8451526

Shas hasn't said one way or another whether Xeno remembers the Greater Good, but so far she's demonstrated a functional knowledge of Tau technology and engineering that she would have possessed as an Earth Caste.

On the flip side, however, she's probably immune to Ethereal mind control now.

>> No.8451539

She's got amnesia, not brain damage. Amnesiac patients don't forget everything, just large chunks. it's not hard to believe that a person would still remember right from wrong, how to speak, read, write, and even their religion.

>> No.8451553

Prediction: Xeno is dead and the character we're playing is just a clone.

>> No.8451557

Okay. So has her not being anywhere near an Etheral effected her? I'm not too knowledgeable on Tau fluff so I don't know how much that would affect her. Has the Lady done anything to convince her to serve the Necrons?

>> No.8451596

I don't know what effect the ethereal have on them. I haven't gotten that for on Wikipedia. And I only started researching this after the quest started.

>> No.8451615


Tau don't NEED ethreals, they have just been brainwashed to obey them. Whether this is psyker brainwashing, social brainwashing or SCIENCE brainwashing no one has really said so I have no idea how an etheral would affect the Necron-Tau Hybrid.

>> No.8451625

I know it's not essential for them, but I thought Tau got unnerved and stuff without an Etheral for too long.

>> No.8451647


They like to defer decisions to them, so the rank and file get nervous without them the same way the imperial guard get nervous without a general.

The PC of this quest seems rather self-reliant.

>> No.8451649

Fio Korst'la

come on people, it's not that hard.

>> No.8451650

Mostly because they're not used to thinking for themselves. Xeno has the Lady to think for her, so it's okay.

>> No.8451664

Okay. So there's been no adverse effects to this transformation so far? Would've though something this experimental would have done something. Necrons haven't used any Taus before, have they? Mind you Tau biology is meant to be quite similar to what the Necrons used to look like.

>> No.8451666

Is it wrong that I think it's misogynistic to imply that Xeno needs someone to think for her because she a lady?

>> No.8451669

Hmm now i have to read the archives of TauQuest.

>> No.8451673

>Tau biology is meant to be quite similar to what the Necrons used to look like

Never knew that. Could you give me a link or sauce?

>> No.8451677

There is none, because that is a complete fucking lie.

>> No.8451682


Necrons havn't doen anything with tau before, but yeah, tau are suposedly similar to what the necrons were originaly. Also I imagine that Tau and humans are similar enough for most of the stuff that works for pariahs to work for a tau.

The is Sci-fi science afterall, not real science.

>> No.8451683

Oh, I remember an Anon pointing it in a thread. It was for a conspiracy theory that the Tau were being used to add to Necron ranks. Kind of goes against the other theory that they are pawns of the Eldar.

>> No.8451707

Oh course, Tau have no psychic nulls, so therefore it doesn't.

>tau are suposedly similar to what the necrons were originaly
Sauce. Now.

>> No.8451725

Could you be so kind and rephrase that in Queen's English, please? I am not a native speaker and have quite some problems with your dialect.

>> No.8451731

Y'know I think I read something similar on the wild mass guessing page on tvtropes for 40K.

>> No.8451741


That's some seriously freaky shit right there, yes sir.

>> No.8451771


Tau however have a very weak presence in the warp, thus they would be much simpler to change into a pariah-like thing...

This is idle speculation though. GW doesn't work off anything resembling logic so yeah...

Oh and my comment about them being like old necrons, I was refrencing the poster a bit above me, not independent knowledge.

I imagine what is happening if pretty much stnadard hollywood cyborg.


With maybe some of this:


>> No.8451780

I thought queens English was like fucking Shakespearian hamlet talk.

>> No.8451789

They both have low warp presences but other than that I can't think of many biological similarities.

Well any more than with all the other humanoid races.

>> No.8451790

I'm pretty sure Necron'tyr looked like Necrons with skin. Though still somewhat skeletal as they had been described as gaunt and lanky.

No codex has ever mentioned hooves or variations on the number of fingers from current standard Necron bodies.

>> No.8451803

Fio mesme Korst'la
Or taucron

>> No.8451815

would mesme go in the middle? I thought it would be on the end.

>> No.8451831

'In works of fiction, the "humanity loss" is often shown by the character turning evil, becoming emotionless or "hollow", or possibly even LOSING THEIR MEMORIES.'

I think we have our explanation.

>> No.8451833

A pariah-like thing requires the pariah gene, which generally refers to a psychic null. The Tau have a low warp presence (and a much more uniform one than any other races) but they do not have psychic nulls.

>> No.8451839

I'm not sure
Does anyone know anything about tau grammar

>> No.8451846


Good point, I'd forgotten that nulls have the pariah gene.

Eh, I'm out of explanations for psudoscience.

>> No.8451873

It's not just that. There is a huge difference between 'low warp presence' and 'psychic null'. They do not follow on from each other. Tau don't disrupt powers, like a blank does, and they certainly don't have the destructive powers of a null. Tau are not anti-psychic, they just have a very low psychic presence.

>> No.8451897

Mesme goes in the end
Fio Korst'la Mesme
Earth caste reaper/deathbeinger combination

>> No.8451898

wait, I thought that Tau had NO psychic presence but didn't disrupt like a null?

>> No.8451967

They have "barely any psychic presence".

>> No.8451997

Tau are a scrap of salad in comparison to humanity's juicy burger and the Eldar's gigantic feast.

>> No.8452014


>> No.8452023

So you don't have to worry about Xeno developing any psychic powers, I guess.

>> No.8452062

Hmmmmm... My version of Xeno is the least cute, I fail at drawfaggotry! ;_;

>I think the quest is going to end with us building our own tomb world.
Could we scrap the 'tomb' part? Xeno is more of a science geek turning into a robot, than a OMG IM A SOULLESS METAL SKELETON. She's the mother of the Fio Korst'la.

>> No.8452079

Skimming through this thread, not read the summary yet, I take it this is a very lighthearted quest?

>> No.8452094

No yours is really good too
This quest just seems to have attracted a huge number of drawfags

>> No.8452096

No. It is not.

>> No.8452102

>survival horror quest
>body horror protagonist

>> No.8452107

But is she cute?

>> No.8452118

The main character is of good heart, but the quest itself is terrifying.
It is based on system shock afterall

>> No.8452130


Dispite that, it's not GRIMDARK to the level of system shock 2 and normal warhammer40k.

So, I supose, it's lighthearted in comparison?

>> No.8452148

Yes, you've just protrayed her in a more realistic style
Besides- Xeno is inherantly cute, no matter who draws her

>> No.8452164

Tell me you're not thinking about romancing the drider necron.

>> No.8452165

Drone keeps things light-hearted

>> No.8452172

Really? Survival horror? Huh. Guess this thread just paints a different picture, what with the cute Tau girl and the Necron with boobs and her being free and trying to work for the Greater Good. Sounds like it's going fairly swimmingly for the protagonist. I mean if she can get back to the Tau empire and not be destroyed, she could probably do a lot of good. Just seems more on the side of "/tg/'s cute parody version of 40K" like cultist-chan and the like instead of a more /tg/ 40K that's close to 40K like say the Tiji Sector. So what horrible things have happened?

>> No.8452179

Can anything be cuter than this?

>> No.8452205

Gah, where should I start?
The Tau necromorphs or the Tau scion?

>> No.8452218

No, instead of a Tomb World we'll probably use the Su'Tji (I see what Shas did there, btw) after it finishes transforming alongside us into a Taucron Tomb Ship. If you don't like that nomenclature just think of tomb ship as the default Imperial term for any Necron vessel.

>> No.8452223

it is all that light hearted cutesy tau girl with a pet drone stuff

On an abandoned ghost ship with evil robots around every turn that want to RIP AND TEAR and scary Necron lords that will kill us crawl through hell for them.

>> No.8452248

Xeno has already died at least once that I'm aware of, possibly twice if you count the time the Lady phased her out of the engine room.

>> No.8452250

Well that sounds kind of cool. So what's the chance of survival? Any serious injuries/pain?

>> No.8452258

But we need to have a Tomb World to spread our new race of Taucron and swarms.

We can't have swarms contained in a ship.

>> No.8452271


Her pose is pretty boring, though.

Alright, when I draw her from behind I'll also draw that cute little butt.

We'll give the Su'Tji a new name. It will be called...

>> No.8452272

*UNLESS* we crawl through hell for them.

>> No.8452283

>It will be called...
The Spaceship of the Imagination!

>> No.8452294

Don't forget the fight with the tomb spyder- that almost killed Xeno and Drone

>> No.8452306

Or the time we got sucked out a hull breach and almost died in space.

>> No.8452310

It's not just the cute little butt, of course. It's also the embarrassed look and the the knowledge that even though there's no one else around to see it, it's still exposed.

There are multiple levels to Xeno's adorableness.

>> No.8452318


>> No.8452335

Xeno broke her arm, and tried to fix it with nanites
Accidently replaced her entire skeletal system with necrodermise

>> No.8452343

how many times have we ALMOST died now? 3? 4?

>> No.8452348

Was it painful because that sounds pretty useful.

>> No.8452349

No, we actually did die when we fought the Tomb Spyder. But we passed our We'll Be Back roll and Xeno got back up.

>> No.8452353

When did that happen?

>> No.8452360

It took three hours to heal

and we had to do it upside down in an elevator shaft.

>> No.8452361

Okay, dat face as well. (Proof that robots can blush)

>> No.8452362

Right before we fought the Tomb Spyder.

>> No.8452363

It may have crossed my mind

>> No.8452388

Three, if you include the time we almost drifted into space.
If drone hadn't shown up when he did, we'd have ended up like Commander Shepard

>> No.8452393

k thanks

>> No.8452395

There was also the time when we tried to sabotage the phase drive, but the proximity to that much energy fried our phylactery and gave us a heart attack.

>> No.8452416

Oh god, remember when we accidently left drone behind and we all thought he had gotten torn apart by necromorphs?

>> No.8452420


The emperor is pleased with the amount of tits you provide, brothers.

>> No.8452440

Don't forget dat heretical ass

>> No.8452450

Oh god! I thought he was gone forever after that.

>> No.8452455

Nah, needs to sound more Tau-ish

>> No.8452487

Her cause is just
Her will is strong

>> No.8452495

And her gun is very, very large

>> No.8452506

We'll probably finish out somewhere along the lines of a lower order Necron lord. I'm kind of curious about the drider, though. What's her deal?

>> No.8452532

Maybe she's pissed at the other lords

>> No.8452555

No, she'll be the Carl Sagan of the Necron.

>> No.8452578

But I thought necron were already Carl Sagan?
We should be the Sandwhich of the Necron

>> No.8452592

Maybe the lady's or Dusk's old girlfriend?

>> No.8452600

How are they like Carl Sagan?

>> No.8452601

A ship is perfect, it can travel from world to world, releasing our children to crush any opposition and prepare the planet for Tau colonization (and according to one writefag harvest souls to make more scarabs with)

Actually that reminds me, Shas what's your opinion on the fact that we've all decided exactly what kind of awesome we'll be way down the road? Are we counting our chickens before they've hatched?

>> No.8452634

They hate the unexplained, are primarily focused on science, and want to recreate the galaxy according to more logical standards

>> No.8452635

rolled 83 = 83

Let's call it the Challenger.

>> No.8452657

I'm not opposed, but I'm not about to make it easy either.

>> No.8452672

Hey guys, remember Avatau? Wasn't that awesome?

>> No.8452689


>> No.8452691

This thread is lacking Lolicron.

>> No.8452699

What the hell? That's nothing like the man at all.

>> No.8452708

lolicron is illegal in the US

>> No.8452713

The big win scenario seems pretty damn big and changing. Tau getting all this tech? It'd be a real advancement. It seems pretty damn big. It seems a lot less grim than usual 40K stuff.

>> No.8452724

Dude, even though she's probably only 9 million years old, she looks like 17 million easily.

>> No.8452736

Tell that to the Arbites

>> No.8452753

I've been wondering

Why do we use a d100 instead of a d20? And why do we have 1 be better than 100? wouldn't it be easier to have 100 be good? it'd also make so it'd be harder to fake.

>> No.8452754

Sorry, I don't know anything about except that he's an atheist
I assumed he was the angry kind

>> No.8452772

>Carl Sagan
>Angry kind
What? No. No, no. He was totally chill.

>> No.8452797

Carl Sagan is like Einstein combined with Mr Rogers.

>> No.8452822

Lol wut. This isn't Australia. Here in 'MERICA, we can have our animated loli's so long as we don't ship them cross country.

>> No.8452829

Sorry, must've gotten him mixed up

>> No.8452836

He was all about being in awe at the beauty of the universe.

Watch Cosmos. It's a bit dated, but still very very good.

>> No.8452939

Once we're Mistress of the Undying Swarm, we should cruise around the universe in our tombship and marvel and explore. After all, we've got eternity.

>> No.8452964

Build a planet out of Scarabs
Wait for Rogue Traders to show up

>> No.8452972

Repostan because tits seem to be relevant in this delicious, heretical thread.

>> No.8452976

That's for later
We should probably focus on the necron drider who has us caught in a web at the moment

>> No.8453024

Sometimes she'll find a barren planet and decide to give it life. Mechanical life, but life nonetheless, like a great garden made from rarest spun heaven metal.

Haha! True, but we can still dream about the future.

>> No.8453127

I'm hoping we can talk our way out of the driders web

>> No.8453202

I get the feeling she isn't hostile towards us.

>> No.8453244

No, but she sojndsclikw she has a beef with at least one of the necron lords
Hopefully dusk rather than the lady, but who knows?
It may turn out she has Peach Wilikin leavels of paranoia

>> No.8453254

*sounds like

>> No.8453289

this thread needs more necron vaginas.

>> No.8453290

Tits are always relevant.

>> No.8453305

>> No.8453398


I hope Chink will someday make his "we will be back" roll ;_;

>> No.8453427

If he's undead enough to make wakfu porn, then the reds haven't been able to quench his perversity.

>> No.8453465

You guys do know that Chink is one of the KS devs, right? Check their site, he goes by Konflikti

>> No.8453516

>one of the KS devs

>> No.8453518

>*sounds like
That is one hell of a typo.

>> No.8453554

I'm typing on an iPod touch
It's the only reason why I haven't dumped all the pics of xeno I've accumulated by now

>> No.8453598

Cripple girl 4chan visual novel.

>> No.8453664

Are you sure? Konflikti's art doesn't look too much like chink's, although his engrish seems similar.

>> No.8453675

Kawata Shoujo.
A western made dating sim based in a school for disabled girls.

>> No.8453750

So what do you think we should say to win the necron drider to our side (or at least not kill us)?

>> No.8453754


We should hug her, she must be feeling terribly lonely.

>> No.8453784

Reassure her that at the moment we're on nobody's side but our own

>> No.8453803

This. Hugs always solve problems. They said so on Full House, so it must be true!

>> No.8453823

First the one, then the other.

>> No.8453884

"For uncounted millenia, I have waited for a chance like this to strike back at my masters and-"
"Do you need a hug?"
"Erm, what?"
"It just seems like what you really need someone to support you emotionally, not revenge. So, do you want a hug?"

>> No.8453888

Katawa Shojo.

>> No.8453979

Make it so.

Also, Shas, if you're reading this, could please start the quest thread five or six hours earlier? Some of us need to get a decent amount of sleep :(

>> No.8454017

Ah, I know what you're saying.
I haven't slept a full eight hours ever since this quest started
Why don't you take a nap now?

>> No.8454213

>> No.8454323



>> No.8455100

We can start at five-ish.

>> No.8455118

Startan early!

>> No.8455238

Board time?

>> No.8455442

Or thereabouts.

Probably a few minutes after.

>> No.8455642


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