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hey /tg/, /a/ here. nice place you got.

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If you were /a/, wouldn't you have posted a waifu? I THINK YOU'RE A PHONY!

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good point.

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Nice try, /co/, we know it's you.

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Here. Take something fappable. What do you want?

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Waifus are for manly men.

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Get out /a/, this is /jp/ territory.

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friend told me to come by, just felt like sayin I liked the place is all.

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Every board has at least a little /a/ in it. What do you expect from a site called 4 'chan'?

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Glad to have your approval.

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seriouselfman.jpg is not pleased with this encroachment of hand drawn, or possibly computer generated, pictures on his territory, he believes this to be an unannounced attack, and thus a war has been provoked, /tg/ in your inventory you shall have my BOW. use it well in the coming battles.

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Don't tell that to /k/.

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The 'chan' is for channel.

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Equip BOW
Use BOW as ass-scratcher

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Well then good sir from /a/, I hope you find your stay in /tg/ to your liking.

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your ass feels better, BOW is equipped, AXE remains in inventory

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I'd like to direct you to the cycling banner near the top of your web browser.

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SERGALAVATARFAG has allied himself with the interlopers, he is to be viewed as an enemy of the state in wartime, to be attacked on sight. FURRY HATE added to inventory

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Dis 'ere be me trofy pile. Iffen I finds ya tryyen to steel somefingk, aye'll bash yer gob, got et?

>> No.8446425

Didn't you get abducted by some rapists?

>> No.8446453

TROFY PILE added to inventory, inventory slots increased

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Can we load FURRY HATE into BOW, and afflict someone else with it?

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Good sir, I only wish to welcome our good guest to /tg/, no harm will come out of it. I promise.

Good sir, I am very resistant to the affects of rape, combining this from my naturally high regenerative healing ability from my subclass Troll, of course I would survive wouldn't you agree?

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We can't be friends with /a/ we are more closely related to /jp/

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/tg/ is basically just /touhou/

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/t/ouhou/g/ames and what not.

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...I guess, in the way that helicopters are more related to ceiling fans than they are to horses.

The point being that we really aren't related to either by much.

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No. /a/ has Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I'm closer to them.

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Yeah, no, you wish.

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Does /a/ actually talk about LoGH?

Goddamn, sometimes I mourn all the awesome threads I've missed because I was tired of digging through shit for it.

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everyone and their mom knows this

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just because you can't doesn't mean you can't try

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/jp/ fucking loves LoGH, I mean ARE YOU FRUSTRATED was even part of the canidates for the /jp/ spoiler image

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/tg/ also enjoys Mass effect 2, Dorf fortress, DOW2, Minecraft and many roguelike games.

I am surprised /v/ has not been brought up yet.

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FURRY HATE is equipped in BOW AMMO slot, choose your target

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But /v/ doesn't like most of those.

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Yer skull 'ould luk my-t fanzy on me pile.


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I prefer /a/ to /jp/ because it's ever so slightly less wapanese wankery.

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Squigzog, then tell him sergalfag took his pile.

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Yes but those are video games sort to speech. They fall into /v/'s jurisdiction, regardless if /v/ likes them at all.

Also, to refute a point, /v/ has a few minecraft servers up and running.

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I heard "waifu" and "/v/" and I got here as fast as I could

what did I miss

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TROFY PILE is currently in inventory, increasing inventory slots, removal may cause slot decrease, slot decrease may cause rape incidence increase

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/tg/ is quite the pluralist board, it suits my fancy just right.

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FURRY HATE has been attacked at you with a BOW, roll a defense, failure to do so results in auto FURRY HATE afflict and causes autoenrage

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Two sergalfags? What is this tomfoolery.

>> No.8446635

no idea

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I dunno wot dis "sergalfag" iz, but I'iz fingkin' of stompin 'im roight propa if 'e took me pile.

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okay fine if you guys do not wish to discuss waifus we can discuss husbandos

does /a/ have husbandos or is this evolution of the mental disorder unique to /v/

>> No.8446657


ITT: Multiplication.

>> No.8446661

target has autoenraged voluntarilly, attack cancelled, choose another target for FURRY HATE

>> No.8446683


I've seen a few husbandos around /a/. not alot but a couple.

>> No.8446686

Don Jorge Antino Martin Velasco-Cabrales is my husbando

he thinks for me, how can one man care so much that he constantly takes the burden of love and leadership, thinking of us for us

>> No.8446698

The dude from /v/. Turn that rage up to max.

>> No.8446702

But good sir, why must we resort to violence to solve all our problems, why don't we resolve this problem civilly like gentlemen?

In my defense, I did not steal your trophy pile of skulls good sir, many a anon are accusing me of such acts, because I am a popular scapegoat to pin point the blame for all of /tg/'s many troubles and woes.

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Says the cannibalistic vore fetishist.

>> No.8446729

/v/irgin targeted for FURRY HATE attack made, auto infliction of FURRY HATE will happen if no defense is made, FURRY HATE will evolve into FURRY RAGEHATE if left to gestate in /v/irgin

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ef yuz didn' den who did, eh?
Youz iz helpin me find it, or yer skull startz da new one.

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i want to just start dumping touhou everywhere but im still tired from dumping when /c/ came over

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Why good sir, its a ancient tradition. I do not criticize your people or your society for creating a sub prime mortgage crisis, that almost sent the world into another great depression, or invading a nation without the thought of an exist strategy.

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My guesses would be; another warboss, Tzeentch, The deceiver, or Creed.

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circumstantial evidence would seem to point to its origin on /v/ due to higher local concentrations of the homogay

or perhaps it was able to spread more easily amongst the /v/irgins, this warrants further study

regardless let me just say that I have just gotten lit on some fine herbs of the kush persuasion and as such can admit freely and shamelessly that Tali is mai waifu

tali's waifu status is in fact so severe that i am currently writing erotic fanfiction about her, and not hte quick and dirty shit you see posted on /v/ either, i mean seriously multiple drafts and peer review shit (peers are other anonymous /v/irgins/virgins)

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how could i forget a photo of mai waifu

oh god i'm so sorry

>> No.8446826

"Guesses" don' put da pile bak whur I left et.
I sed ya'z helpin me find et, not "Guess".

>> No.8446845

right now i feel like dumping photos i never post and this bullshit thread seems as feel-good a place to do it as any

believe me they are all things you will like (probably)

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So how's everyone doing tonight? You all feeling good?

I hope you feel good, anon. And you know why?

Because you deserve to feel good.

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Huh, a parody of a a scene from For a Few Dollars more?

>> No.8446899


feelin great man

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Oy, "sergal" yer off da 'ook!
Ay foun' da git!

>> No.8446908

If there's someone special in your life, tell them that you love them. If it's too much trouble right now just tell them that the next time you see them. It will make them happy.

If there isn't, well, that's okay too anon. Because I like you. I don't even know you and I already like you. Why? Do I need a reason? Maybe I just like liking you. That doesn't diminish the fact that I still like you.

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Maybe you're an oddball like me. Maybe you are collecting these pictures because they turn you on a little bit. Or a lot. That's okay, man.

I won't judge you.

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What's important is that you find happiness, anon, in whatever form it comes for you. I just want to make that message clear. Feel good, man. I mean, why the fuck not, am I right?

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Hey /a/, how've you been? How are things going over at your place, it's been a while since I last visited.

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just made my day man

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Ya, this place is WAY more connected to /jp/ than /a/. This place is also connected to /co/ quite well, and /d/ for that matter too...

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I often wonder if Miko is hot. I mean, with a name like Miko, I gotta think "cute Asian chick" but I know the truth is more likely "fat white weeaboo fangirl." Then again, in my own personal experience girls who are good at drawing hot chicks are often, themselves, pretty fucking hot. I wonder if they use themselves as models, and just spend all day in the mirror posing over and over again, holding out their asses just so, maybe... maybe the start getting turned on a little, and... and... and...

Excuse me a moment. Got a, um, stuffy nose to take care of. Need a tissue.

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/tg/ isn't connected to /d/, /tg/ is /d/, only feeling blue.

>> No.8446982


things are going pretty nice, I suppose. I don't believe it's changed too much since you left.

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Well, perhaps "often" is not quite accurate. Not for Miko specifically. She never drawfags anymore so the only time I even think of her is when I see someone post her art... usually old art.

But no, more like do all chicks that can draw hot chicks look hot themselves? I feel it's a bit hit or miss, really. Artist chicks are usually skinny anyway, and it's... oh, I don't even know. Many women who draw hot chicks on the Internet seem to be quite the opposite. It's true of that one furry artist that makes even furry haters stop and feel confused for a nanosecond at the sudden rerouting of blood from the usual route to one more often involved in intimate circumstances.

Is there a word for this? When empirical evidence cited seems to run directly counter to your personal experience? You know on one level that you're wrong, or at least suspect you are, but every single piece of evidence you can think of points to a different goal?

Fuck, this will drive me nuts.

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Then I'll just keep visiting sporadically. Didn't you run another SaiGAR in '09 /a/? Also, what's up with the "[a/" beyond "it's /a/ on the bar at the top"?

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>feeling blue


But back to business. Restaurant hostesses are usually hot young co-eds, but that makes sense. That's pretty much a requirement of the position and has little to do with talent. Sometimes women with the most beautiful voices in the classical sense, e.g. opera-capable shit, tend to be of the large persuasion? I've never seen a skinny girl or even a slightly curvy girl with any sort of pitch range that you can admire with a tear of awe and joy rolling down your cheek. Always husky/fat/downright ugly chicks (like that Sarah whatever from Britain's Got Talent) with those voices.

Must be a lung capacity thing.

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Not sure really. probably just a mistake

>> No.8447163

Figures. Well then, since you're /a/, any shows of the last half year that I should check out?

>> No.8447169

Girls who work at pet stores, that is girls in their early 20s who work at pet stores. They seem to be another hot group. Maybe it's just where I live?

I just thought of the only girl I ever went on a date with. A disastrous date where I just acted like an ass the entire time. I shouldn't have been surprised when she got a boyfriend shortly afterwards. But I was surprised when I got back in touch with her over AIM or some shit a few years later and found out she had gotten pregnant, kept the baby, and married some Mexican dude. Father of the kid or something. I don't know.

Almost felt like I dodged a bullet. It just grazed my heart and left me with chronic loneliness disorder. I hope I'm not getting you down, /tg/. I'd hate to think I was getting you down.

*psshTTTT* *psshTTTT* *psshTTTT* I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.

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depends on your tastes, really.

>> No.8447187

Ooh, now this is picture I don't think I've ever posted before. Saved ages ago. Look at dem thighs.

No, no, no. I won't talk. Let's just... admire them. In silence.





>> No.8447195

dat misfortune

>> No.8447203

Something about veils, man. I don't know what it is. I feel like a creepy pedophile for saying this, but something about shy girls piques my interest. I guess the veils are some manifestation of that.

Maybe that's why I romanced Tali in ME2.

>> No.8447228

Then let me phrase it "What has been popular and/or considered good in general by /a/ in the last six months?"

>> No.8447238

probably complete shit

>> No.8447255

One Piece, it's generally agreed, picked up for a bit

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I'm such a fag for cute couples, too. Things like this picture. Even if I don't exactly like the story it came from, not the premise anyway, the story itself was fine I guess... Well, anyway, just look at them. Lots of sexually charged bickering, I'm sure, little relationship power struggles between two highly charismatic and attractive individuals, but just put them together like this and hearts melt.

Usually excess heart meltoff fills the penis.

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Yanno, the /tg/ Touhou RPG is almost complete, it seems. At least the version posted on some thread yesterday seemed nice for a light-weight game.

>> No.8447262


I've been seeing Bakemonogatari mentioned alot recently. Same with Hanamaru Kindergarten.

>> No.8447271



Sorry to rage out on you like that, friends. Here's some more cute stuff.

>> No.8447306



Kind of reminds me of eva, though.


>> No.8447418

At least Evangelion's giant robots (giant cyborgs actually, which was awesome) looked fucking sweet and were actually used as a plot device and psychological metaphor I think it can be forgiven.

Shinji being a creepy weirdo in addition to being an angsty spineless fag cannot, however. And the Oedipal thing was... I don't even want to explore that.

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I think I've run out of useful things to say at this point.

Hey my lizard is walking around and might actually eat the food i gave her this time holy shit I think she's going for it damn it no she looked away for no reason fucking bullshit

>> No.8447466


All I ever see her do anymore is sit around and sometimes shed her skin

it's like she refuses to eat while I'm looking at her out of spite or something

>> No.8447477

Is that a shota-kobold braiding a dwarf's hair?

>> No.8447486

You know the more time I spend on this the less time I have for sleep

I have to be at my new job in six and a half hours I should really get my clothes out of the dryer and go to bed.

But I'll continue for a while.

>> No.8447501

Why you have to bring child penis into this shit?

I think word of artist is that it's a comely young cutebold lass making her dwarf client blush by smiling at him

now i feel all creepy and weird for having that picture

>> No.8447519

This weird interspecies stuff is strangely appealing to me.

Incidentally I think the perfect man for female Shepard is Garrus and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy fucking liar

>> No.8447532

Why don't we transition to full d'awww mode, even if for a short while?

You may want to check the cockles of your heart. They may be experiencing a mild increase in temperature.

>> No.8447539

No matter how much I look at that, there's no way I see a female kobold

>> No.8447542

And maybe a little sadness.

He wants to shout his love from the rooftops, but he knows everyone would disown him. And they're so cute together.

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>> No.8447558

Allow me to offer an explanation:


I think that covers it. If it's that big then it's an adult. Kobolds aren't exactly tall.

>> No.8447560

That's cute and sad at the same time. I don't have an appropriate reaction readied.

>> No.8447566

>Impy won't fit.jpg

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>> No.8447576

I think I see it...

>> No.8447579

/tg/ likes /a/ better since we brought them spice eyes.

>> No.8447581

I said it looked like a little boy, I didn't say I was turned on by it. Geez you're defensive.

>> No.8447595

Cutebolds don't really have a gender. If you ask one what sex it is it will look at you with confusion, because they don't know what that is either.

>> No.8447596


Muad'dib Muad'dib!

>> No.8447600

I see this one posted here from time to time, but fuck it, this is about what I never post.

Please enjoy.

>> No.8447609


well I'm sad now

>> No.8447610

You said "shota." That is used to refer to a genre of erotic manga that focuses on sexual interactions with little boys. Usually with grown men.

Also there's a clear sexual undertone to the picture, coupled with a strong sense of "this isn't supposed to happen"

>> No.8447615

Chin up, will you?

Have some demon that sucks out your soul through your penis.

>> No.8447620

Spice eyes is spicy.

>> No.8447625

Hot chicks and tentacles, by the way.

Two great tastes that taste great together.

>> No.8447628

The spiciest.

>> No.8447631

Does anyone remember how it all came to this?

Some guys posting jerking material?

Does it matter?

Well, I mean, I've got all these pictures, and...

>> No.8447636

NO! BAD! Do not let acid spurting tentacles near naughty bits!

>> No.8447637

Let's throw some cool pics into the mix, then. To distract ourselves from the question.

>> No.8447651

A challenger appears!

>> No.8447667

Hey now, don't scare the lady away. And they don't spurt acid, they excrete an enzyme that can let them dissolve away the skull without damaging the juicy, delicious brain, all full of memories and thoughts.

In this case, sexual thoughts.

>> No.8447676

And now, Dawn of War quotes


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>> No.8447711



Also I don't know why everyone was so adamant on Macha being a virgin.

I mean, look at her in this picture, so happy just to have someone.

What kind of monster would want to take that away from her? She even managed to snag one whose disease is not too painfully obvious.

>> No.8447717

Sup, /a/?

Miss me?

>> No.8447724

But we never pay Macha much mind now anymore, do we? Poor, poor Macha.

Then again, maybe it's for the best.

>> No.8447741

You'd think there would be more primate furries. I mean, I guess if you're going to want desperately to be a human/animal hybrid, it might as well be something very different from you, rather than our biological cousins.

>> No.8447747

Look at this picture, /tg/.

Look at it.

>> No.8447749


>> No.8447760

Probably so many lonely psyker girls in the Imperium.

So what if they're damaged goods, I still want to hug them.

>> No.8447769


>> No.8447776

Guess I should type something here.

Won't do any good.

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>> No.8447787


of course

>> No.8447788

Cheer up auntie!

>> No.8447796

I actually get to post this one a lot, because every time I post the accompanying one first and somebody brings up the story without fail.

The poor girl will never, ever live it down. (Especially because she's still with her human boyfriend)

>> No.8447803

I miss you too ;_;

>> No.8447807


>> No.8447823

I mean seriously, give it a rest. You know, she knows, she still feels really nervous and sensitive about that sort of thing, so the fact that you keep doing it to get a response out of her is childish and downright cruel.

You should treat your fictional characters better, anon. Don't be an asshole.

>> No.8447830

And that's pretty much all the shit i never post from my /tg/ folder

>> No.8447837

Well, also this. But it's more just funny than anything else.

>> No.8447914

>> No.8447966


I still giggle like a retard every time I see this one.

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>> No.8448007


>> No.8448015

>> No.8448024

>> No.8448031

>> No.8448053

>> No.8448055


I shouldn't be laughing as hard as I am at that one. Must be the sleep dep.

>> No.8448130


>> No.8448135

Thank you for this pic.

Seriously, thanks.

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