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/tg/'s thoughts on DOW I and respectively DOW II?

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Dawn of War 2 is pretty fun, and offers things I like. It is pretty far from Warham 4000, with a much smaller focus and a somewhat action-RTS thing.

Dawn of War 1 was huge by the end, and Dark Crusade was, when it came out, pretty much awesome.

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Decent gameplay, fairly true to the fluff, certain voice-actors are awesome, certain others are lulzworthy, and it has never, ever, ever been balanced.

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Dawn 2 was a catastrophic failure compared to the original and Company Of Heroes.

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Dawn of War: Good singleplayer, Rockin Multi, cept for the balance issues.

Dawn of War 2: Great Singleplayer/Co-Op, shit-tastic Multiplayer thanks to the "resource point game-of-tag" system. Last Stand is ok.

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Different isn't bad. Dawn of War 2 delivers a very different experience, but saying it failed is going too far.

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i always liked games that focus on tactical combat.
so DOW2 was alright for me.
DOW1 was the classic rts with huge battles, which is also great.
so yea, i like both for what they are. one more week till chaos rising...

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No, retarded.

I mean that in the literal sense of the word.

It did everything Dawn Of War and Company Of Heroes did. It just did them sloppier, more haphazardly, and worse overall.

The entire game was a mess, and a bad one.

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The first one is fairly decent, unfortunately high skill games tend to end up as merry-go-rounds of capping and decapping points.

What are your favorite units? Mine are possessed marines and flash gitz.

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No, actually it was fine.

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Not it was fucking terrible, if I wanted heroes I would play WC3, and if I wanted a decent cover system I would play CoH. DoW2 is a haphazard mess with no sense of battlelines.

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Funny, the consensus here is LOLDIABLO and SUCKS.

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Give me examples to support your assertations and I'll give your post some consideration.

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Coming from Crix and other like-minded idiots.

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I don't need your consideration. The fact that the game is widely regarded as inferior to it's predecessors should be sufficient.

Or have you never played Company Of Heroes?
Or have you never played the first game?

There's my "proof".

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diablo3 yuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyy

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I loved both and eagerly look forward to Chaos Rising

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I played DoW1 from launch all the way through to modern day (although I ignored Soulstorm and run the FoK mod). I've played it this entire time with the same friend from the very start. Enojoyable.

DoW2? Campaign was alright. Nothing special, but it was fun. Beat it on primarch with friend from DoW1. The ending had potential to be so much more awesome than it actually was. Multiplayer is shittastic though due to some critical flaws in game design. It tries to be both a casual game and a competative game. It does neither well. The multiplayer community is a shitstain on the underpants of society and you'd be better off avoiding it if you play. Bring your own friends. I will say, I believe "The Last Stand" is the best feature of the game. They should just add an expansion that is nothing but features and heroes and equipment for it. That'd be pretty awesome actually. They're batshit insane if they believe anyone is going to shell out for a few more expansions to add new races to the boring multiplayer.

Relic, how DARE you release a tactical Warhammer 40k title and not include Imperial Guard in the initial roster? The fuck, Relic? The fuck?

But, yeah, DoW2 wasn't awful, but it wasn't nearly worth the price tag they put on it.

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Yes I have played Company of Heroes and all its expansions.
Yes I have played every DoW1, all its expansions, and most major mods for it.
I still consider DoW2 a good game.

The single-player is a remarkably different experience than the multi-player, and single-player is where most of the 'reviewers' based their opinions of the game. Single-player is just as tough as any other RTS (perhaps moreso), while simply using a smaller unit count that smacks more of Commandos than Diablo. It grinds the core mechanics of the game - suppression, unit class, cover, reinforcement - deep into both new and experienced players, building the foundation by which multi-player functions.

Multi-player is the core of the game, where the focus of the player is not on their base, but on the battlefield itself. Units take and receive damage quickly while players are harshly punished for allowing an entire squad to die, so maintaining a small unit count to give hotkey access to all units allows the player to punctually control their entire force no matter how thin it is spread. It is a fast-paced, high-stakes take on RTS, where a small mistake in the opening deployment can cost a player the entire game, and the highest-level games revolve around reading the preferred playstyle of as opponent so you can counter hostile units as they are deployed. This is no different than any other so-called "true" RTS, simply with an unusual but effective change in player focus.

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I liked DoW2 and eagerly await Chaos Rising

I also wait to mod it, and update Men of the 89th

I also wanted an excuse to use this image

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and now to do this

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i wasted 802 hrs on one game in the Dow1 series and i still play it as if its my first time, i just love it , i love playing as ig, i love playing as tau, i love playing as everyrace except eldar. and i will always love playing the game due to its large amounts of unit and battle system.

Dow2 : 234 hrs wasted playing it. i like how it looks and feels and the new kick ass cover system it makes you think a bit more about moving your men then Dow1, i also love how the terrain changes and stays changed so you can create the whole map as heavy cover craters if you play long enough. in single player i liked the campeign and the dialog from the characters (except cirus aka spike speigle) and i also i like the tyrnids. i dont like how you don't get to play as imperial guard even in campeign and i dont like the recources seeing as how they give you recources so slow and just losing one is a blow against you.

also have to give Dow2 props because if i never played it i still to this day would know nothing of /tg/ or warhammer 40k

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Is it worth $29.99?

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please tell me how you did this

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Hrmm I feel incredibly douchbaggy right now

Nah, It's called Men of the 89th a Campaign mod for DoW2

once Chaos rising drops it'll have a singleplayer of its own.

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now i shall do as promised!

(also where can i find this mod?)

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the lack of mod squad has left me disappoint

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sadly most of it is cultist but because of that i shall look for more and shall dump here

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itty, bitty, little head.

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...Fuck you, I read that in the voice.

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Relic news forums or the DoW2 Community site




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>cultist 34 dump

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I wouldn't call that sad, exactly.

<3 Cultist Chan, even though her breath smells like socks pulled off a guy who died of athlete's foot.

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well im now a bit embarresed that all i have is cultist chan ;_;

that and i dont have many

well now i know what my new objective is!

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tis censored and i dont know why

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one for you foot lovers

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Relic news took my mod off, those assholes.

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ive found it fine

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sadly my last one ;_;

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its not the multiplayer mod

which I modded to have the 89th Emblem

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dont really care for the multiplayer just like the singleplayer fine

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>Dawn 2 was a catastrophic failure compared to the original and Company Of Heroes.

Im going to agree with this. I hate this new shit tastic NO RESOURCES, NO BASES, NO STRATEGY, FINAL DESTINATION!
games they have now. Dow1 was fucking awesome. Made even better with like Lights of the Warp.

Company of Heroes was fucking awesome though it could have been bigger scale but it was great.

When dow2 was announced I was fucking hyped. The slightly large scale of DOW with the awesome cover, and directional army, and fortifications, and special ability of COH?

I was creaming myself

DOW2 comes out and its ring around the rosie tag bullshit with no base building, insanely limited pop cap. A campaign where 13 marines and a dread defeat a Tyranid Hive fleet, a Ork Waaagh, and a Eldar Strike force. I hated it. Pic related. It was my face when I first played DOW2

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there are two IG mods the campaign mod, and the multiplayer mod...

Basically both mods steal ideas from eachother.

I got ogryns, he got ogryns, he made mortar turets I made mortar units.

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That's nice, champ.

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>Lights of the Warp

hahah, this mod was loads of fun, way better then the shit tastic FoW mod /tg/ always recommends.

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Thanks man!

>> No.8446512

ok ive lost the newest update and download for the mod, send link for it please?

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INORITE? Fucking awesome. 200 pop cap of fucking conscripts charging 200 pop cap of zerkers


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the link I gave on the community site is working fine, just relic news...

but I DO need people who know SCAR to help me, so the campaign is kinda stagnating though I have eben mapping and shit

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now this is where i ask a dumbass question , is it the link you gave on the first post or is it on another page?

>> No.8446559

/tg/, the meeting ground of /v/ and /h/.

>> No.8446560

its right here

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I have your mod. Did you ever get the morter and bolter teams everyone was going crazy about? I have no clue what version I have. Dont play DOW2 much anymore.

>> No.8446592


bolters? currently I can chose to reskin hellguns, or leave Avitus as is.

>> No.8446597

ah thank you good sir

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The limited number of units and multiplayer maps really hurts DOW 2. To make matters worse, it always boils down to the same tactics and there are some commander items that are flat out useless to get. (Who in their right mind would ever pick terminator armour for their force commander in multiplayer?)

Clunky Pathfinding for vehicles and infantry... Poor A.I. reaction to enemies.... Ugh. The game feels very much like a work in progress.

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Cool Cool cool. I should get your new version. I stopped playing because LOLSUPRESSION was just fucking unbelievable. Couldnt do shit sometimes.

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 、-‐'''""''''\         /\. (`・ω・´) /ヽ
  \  ●  \        | ● ⊂   ⊃ ● |             r--─‐i
   \-‐'''""''''          ヽ/@/   く \ /   r─--‐i       |  ● |
     \ ∧_,,∧     ∧_,,∧(ノ⌒ヽ)∧_,,∧  |  ● |  ∧_,,∧ |--─‐''
      ○○・ω・´)     (`・ω・´)∩ ∩(`・ω・´) ''─--‐| (`・ω・´)∩
       ヽヽ`  ヽ'´) ⊂    r '  '-、    つ     ⊂     /
       @〉  ,.- '´  @ノ   /      ヽ   '、@    r‐'   /@
         〈_ノ´..................(ノ⌒し'......................'、 _l⌒'、)................`""ヽ_ノ

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FUCK! hell use the ogryns to go in and blast the fuck out of their defences or infiltrate the Storntroopers for disruption.

Yeah the game is imperial Guard, but you are the Imperial Guard, not the PDF....

Also mortars replace Ogryns, and they are just as useful.

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Oh yeah I know. Just some situations like FUCKING BARBED STRANGLERS!?!?!!?! Pic related its my fucking face when my guardsmen wont even fire because FUCKING NIDS!

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oh yeah.... well its still in alpha stages, and balancing isn't really occuring yet but yes

I DID change their squad size from 6 to 4 and.... fuck I fucking KNOCKED seer- counsels down to 4 since the wraithlord mission was just UNBEATABLE...

but yeah you can beat the whole game... though I haven't scar tested past Angel forge...

>> No.8446764

Warrior squads I mean

>> No.8446979

ive tried running the mod but i cant just get it to launch right, when ever i launch it the regular version launches and there are no guardsmen, ive read the instructions and just can't get it to work.

where do i put the -dev -modname 89th? i cant find launch options for the shortcut

>> No.8447035

Right click the icon, select properties

put -dev -modname 89th at the end of the launch param right after some gobbledygook thats like -applaunch 15620

then hit apply, and run the game through that shortcut.

if you run on vista it is IMPERATIVE that 89th in -modname be in quotes so it would look like

-modname "89th"

>> No.8447093


where the fuck is -applaunch 15620?

either im just incredibly stupid , or my comps a bitch.

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do you use steam?

>> No.8447149


>> No.8447168


don't you have to use steam to run DoW 2?

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>> No.8447185

I TOTALLY disagree with having to be on the internet to play a game. DoW 2 did this and C&C 4 will. It's stupid.

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>> No.8447200


Feel free to explain to me why what I said is stupid, because my game PUNCHED ME IN THE DICK AND FORCED ME TO INSTALL STEAM when I loaded it. It was all I could do to catch my breath and go "okay just stop hitting me!"

Care to tell me how I can get around this problem? My dick is sore for all the wrong reasons.

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You can play DOW2 offline.

>> No.8447218


no what you said isnt stupid its just that if its that fucking simple im going to be pissed that i missed it so badly

>> No.8447237


Damn. I was hoping there was a simple workaround and you were all making fun of me for not having found it.

>> No.8447240

Whats with floating head IG guy?

>> No.8447246

camo cloak

>> No.8447250

You don't have to PLAY online but you have to either sacrifice a goat to get steam to work in offline mode properly or be connected in the first place to log on through steam

>> No.8447265

working as intended

for some strange reason the rbf file reads his armor twice and thus makes it stop existing.

Since his wargear changes due to what gear you put on hi you have to have him wear it in an animator file AND a wargear file.

thus it reads it twice and goes WHATTHEFUCKISTHISSHIT and stops.

>> No.8447273

ohkay then. cool.

Invisible IG guy: Imperium Champion.

>> No.8447281

Fukken saved.

>> No.8447307

still cannot find -applaunch 15620

where the hell is it?

>> No.8447358

right click the shortcut

did you right click it FUCKING GOOD

Find the general tab
did you find it? GOLLY GEE WILLIKERS!
Now find where is says shit like c:\ programfiles\myfucking shit\dawn of war 2

then at the end of that you put -dev -modname 89th


FUUUCK why do I have to answer this a million times IT ON THE FIRST PAGE!

>> No.8447392

because im an idiot?

>> No.8447742

got it working? good

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