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Hey /tg/, I need that one picture featuring 2-d from gorillaz that says "Good Times" at the bottom.

In return, axe cop.

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No responses yet /tg/? Don't let me down.

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How am I supposed to search for it when you distract me with glorious axe cop?

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Because if you search for it, the next time you hit f5, there might be, like, TWO axe cop posts.

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> two axe cop posts

I came.

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C'mon /tg/, I need your help.

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This.... is the greatest thing ever.

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>I watch 30 televisions of me fighting as entertainment so I can learn to fight better

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Thanks bro, but the one image I asked /tg/ for in the beginning of this thread would've been a much better thank you.

You've let me down, /tg/. I'm out of axe cop. Know what I'm gonna have to do now.

Gonna have to post Deff Skwadron.

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Thank me with the image I requested bro ;_;

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First rule of /tg/: never post a picture more interesting than your subject.

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i would but i just cannot find, and i am greatfully sorry for that due to the epicness you have provided

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I tried statting some Magic cards based on Axe Cop, but it was impossible. Any object or character that has appeared in this comic is just waaaay too powerfull to be statted.

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Well fuck your shit, I'm putting my trip back on because hiding it hasn't made /tg/ any more willing to help.


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Lets try to stat Axe Cop in 40k.

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>implying posting with a tripcode will improve your results

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10's in all stats.

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>implying I was implying that

Reading comprehension, bro.


That's... almost it?


I think we should give it a little more care than that.

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Aaaand, that's the closest thing I can find.

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Let see... BS:4 WS:6 S:5 T:5 A: 3 W: 3 I: 5 Ld: 10 Inv. Save 2+

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BS:4 WS:6 S:5 T:5 A: 3 W: 3 I: 5 Ld: 10 Inv. Save 2+

I was thinking WS:7 with more attacks and higher initiative. He does kill a lot of dinosaurs and government agents all at once, after all.

Also, he needs an option to give him infiltrate. The black cat suit.

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Wexter is a Monstrous Creature with BS 4, WS 4, S 10, T 6, W 10, I 4, Ld 8. Has twinlinked machine gun arms and can breath fire (a template weapon).

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Anyone got that image I requested in the OP?

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REmOVe yOUR iLLegaL cLOnE IMmEDIateLY. you hAvE COPIed aNd pASTED WWW.AnoNtALk.com oN THe SuBDOMain. CUt thE crAP, MoOT, AnD THesE MessAgEs wilL sTOp. if tHe PeRSoN ReADinG ThiS Is NoT mooT, e-MaiL MooT@4ChaN.org and TELL hIM tO.

reMOve yoUr IlLEgaL ClOnE IMmEdIATelY. YoU haVE CoPieD And paSTEd WWw.ANONTaLK.COm oN THE SUbDOMAIN. cuT THe cRAp, mooT, anD theSe meSsaGEs wIlL sTop. IF tHE PERSOn ReAdING thIS iS Not moOT, e-MAil MoOt@4ChAN.ORG AnD tell hiM TO.

rEmovE yoUR ILlEGal cloNe iMMEDIATeLY. yOU hAve coPIEd And paStEd wwW.anONtALK.coM ON the SuBdOmaiN. cut The CRap, mOoT, And thESE MESsaGes wIll StOP. IF ThE PeRSOn ReaDInG ThiS IS noT mOOt, e-MAIL mOot@4cHan.OrG AND TELl him tO.

RemOVe Your IllEgAl clonE iMmEdiATeLY. YoU haVE cOpiED And PasTeD WWw.aNONtaLK.CoM ON THE SubDomain. CUT tHe cRAP, mOOT, anD THESE messagES WIlL StOP. IF THe PErSon READIng thiS Is NoT MOOt, E-MAiL moo[email protected]Han.orG aNd tElL him To.

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I'm looking for ye, but nothing's coming up...

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The efforts what matters, bro, and I thank you.

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*Me telling someone about axe Cop*
(02:01:22) Me: Only the best god damn comic ever written
(02:01:29) Me: And by a 5 year old, too
(02:01:46) Furry: I somehow dobt it could beat Ozy and Millie.

Some people have no taste.

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I think I found your problem.

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This is the bit where all the Ork readerz jizz their pants.

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The search continues. Currently wading through sparkledogs versions of the band and gay cosplay. With the hope of saving my brain, do you have any more details of the picture? Colourings, fanart or not, what Phase of the band is the art set in, that kind of thing?

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It's one of the images off the demon days album, 2-d's face was just put into a motivational that only says good times at the bottom.

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Thats it, /tg/. That's all I have. You have failed me.


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Based on your criteria, I found a picture that I thought you were looking for and made a mockup.


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That one word just changed my perception of orcish culture radically. Or, rather, fragged it to zog.

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Same thing, but no color, but do I give a fuck? I do not give a fuck. Thank you, anon.

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No problem. Just about worth the 45 minutes I spent looking for it. There'll be a colour version somewhere, but I'll be buggered if I can find it. Many thanks for the dump!

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It's time we let this thread die, its purpose served. Any more awesome shoved into it and it might detonate.

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Fuck, since /tg/ isn't getting shit done, I'll step in.

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/co/ here! Best storytime ever!

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Well shit that's exactly the image but with different text.

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Well that's easily solved.

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More /co/mrades here! Good storytime /tg/!

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You are a good person, I was about to open up MS Paint and do it myself.

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Uni-Avocado man is such a fucking Mary Sue.

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I was unaware it was a motivational. I was looking through comics and fanart and shit.

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Bump for Axecop and Deff Skwadron.

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if you can tell me of a program where i can dump my shit... i have all of the deff skwarden pics...

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Uni-Advocado man hasn't exactly been proven to be useful.

He just gets shit on himself and changes.

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>share it with the boss and all his soldiers

Was that Big Boss?

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yeah, he's the author's character in the setting.
In the game they played that they based this on, Malachai was flute cop and ethan was axe cop.

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I've always wondered, since that never explains...

Say an ork wants to cut down a tree. What would he use?

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That's a ridiculous question. Orks don't need to cut down trees - trees don't fight back enough to be worth an ork's time.

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Oh. Well, now that I think about it, I suppose you're right. Sorry for taking up your time.

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Orkz don't cut down trees.

They ram it with their skulls until it's uprooted and falls down.

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