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Put her with him, its his in game waifu.

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Oh yeah, draw your character(s) from games you've played!

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I'm fighting for the White army, even though I don't want to.
My character is just waiting for an oportunity for desertion, and then i'll join the reds.

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Im with him... so he do sent kill him self.

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>still flipped


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Woot, thanks.

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Oh god.

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Fuck year, Belenus.

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A disgruntled bartender with plasma gun weilding maids

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Stretching the definition of "current" here, seeing as I haven't played him in years, but Tyrone Rollman's always going to be my PC.
A dumpy accountant, based on the GM's dad, who'll do anything to protect his family from mythos monsters (or whatever the hell we're fighting this game).
Note about the pic: We were never able to decide whether Tyrone was black or not. It never really came up in game.

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zug zug

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loved the guy with the hard dick and the bartender

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My elf street samurai from Shadowrun game. He has more cyber- and bioware installed than a whole Lone Star squad, but no obvious upgrades - he prefers to seem bland and unremarkable. Even sold place on his forehead for advertisement so that people wouldn't look on him twice. Well untill he gets close enough to cut them in half with a monofilament whip.

Also an Elfopedia editor and admirer of contemporary elven art.

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you know, the thread wouldn't hit image limit so quickly if you didn't make a new big pic every like.... five seconds....

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i love saturday evenings

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That is a damn good point and I feel silly now. Thank you. I'll update every five characters or so, or when the thread slows down.

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Bajoran first mate/science officer aboar the U.S.S Galahad, fairly new so just stretching out the rp legs of a heroic impetous badass.

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Psyker mary sue. I tend to allways get the good rolls and the killing blow to everything. writes a journal about our adventures (wich haven't gotten that far yet). mechanical eyes as I accidently poked them out with a fork during a fit on terra.

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My Black Med. I played maybe one session with him.

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oh lawd, this thread is so much fun!

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im there psyker

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Wana fight ?

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'Nuff said.

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fuck year, good way to start my saturday

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Fabio the Minotaur.

He liked to collect monster parts and attach them to his equipment.

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Kind hearted little android in a post apocalyptic setting

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Finnish heavy battle droid adventuring trough post apocalyptic sweden to find a new meaning in his useless life

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I am a dastardly thief!

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Borther Ezekial, Paladin of the wall. Devoted servant of menoth and wielder of his holy fire. "Though i am blind through the grace of my lord are all things made clear"

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Steve the Bard turned Druid, still plays the rattle trap when he needs to make a few bucks fast. Converted to naturism (OBAD-HAI FOR LIFE) when he grew tired of fast living and watched his compatriots torture the below animal.

His animal companion, Stev the Three-Legged Back-flipping Dog. He also has ranks so they can work together to wow audiences.

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I only just spotted the black disco-fro dude with the RPG. I fucking love this thread.

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Is his full name Jesus Ezekiel Jesus?

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Ezekial Bala was his name, he died protecting inoocents from the depravity of the Deathjack.

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Bobbin Kneekapper

Son of a wealthy tobacco merchant, who ran away on the eve of his arranged marriage because he wanted to be wed for his own achievements instead of his father's. Was waylaid by halfwaymen (halfling highwaymen) shortly afterward, nursed back to health by a troupe of travelling gnomish acrobat-gypsies, and then became a sailor to get away from the city watch after one of the troupe was caught 'working the audience' during a show.

Shown here with his masterwork rapier (purchased after his first dungeon crawl), and a pipe of his father's pipeweed, which he was rarely without.

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Fuck, this heavy bolter takes fukkn ages to paint.

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rolled 10, 7, 4 = 21

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My dryad from a one off game we played. She was always harrassing the ranger for using a wooden bow.

Good times.

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Oh god what is this I am not good with MSpaint

Regardless, since I'm playing Changeling: The Lost, have my Razorhand Darkling.

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I had no idea how to draw burns with MS Paint so I just spray painted grey and dark red on his chin.

That stuff on his chin? FIRE BEARD.
Flame symbol on a necklace.
Hammer has a symbol of some ale and RUUUUUUNES. There's a funny story behind that.

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Dark Heresy... taking you from a redneck, ignorant big-game huntsman 'recruited' Dusk...

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Character in my current campaign. Dual wieldan katanas mary-sue bunny girl.

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care to tell it :)

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Capn Tyrranus my slighty demented CN Pirate mogul, designed weapons of mass destruction in #.5 with out using a single spellcasting level, the left arm is a huge adamantine golem arm he was cursed with at Character creation, has a +7 vampiric pistol as his sidearm, and uses a crescent knife abuse trick to clear the deck of his airship in a single round.

in char, has impeccable fashion sense. is responsible for the destruction of the city of brass, slightly mad from results.

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Half-orc barbarian raised by mining dorfs. He is fun to play.

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My Thri-Kreen Pyrokineticist.

I can't even remember his name.. it was some sort of bug-sound..

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I just thought you were drawing Fran.

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Could you redo this and save it as .png and as a larger size? I'd hate for you to lose out.

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Young cleric of Garnet Glittergold, Garl Glittergold's sister, whose deityship was rediscovered. Garnet was the goddess who taught the fledgling gnomish race to speak to animals and hide from predators in the early days of the World. Terragon is on a mission to spread the word of the re-awakened goddess, through informational pamphlets. They have yet to bring all the prayers and rituals up to date, and so spellcasting involved a lot of grunting and hitting people over the head.

On her shield is her holy symbol, which is the alchemical symbol for electrum. Which handily looks like a gnome with a pointy hat and a ponytail.

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This, here, is a fishgirl accountant. When I made her, I was trying to make her sound as much like a Sue without her actually being a sue when actually put to the test. She's actually pretty fun to play, considering she's almost completely mundane in a world full of metahumans and the like.

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... to a crazed, illegally sanctioned daemon hunter, an absolute adoration (touching on the creepy) of "Saint Aderjain" and a hate-on for the crow god of Iocanthos who stole his eyes.

He also went from illiterate to having Literacy +20, worker up enough Chemistry to brew a certain recipe from his enemies (he picked up when helping to destroy "The Joyous Choir"). He now 'retired' to run the 'Passerine Foundation' for the training of homeless youth in various useful life skills (like how to strangle heretics with your bootlaces while hanging upside from an air-vent.)

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His name was Vetiesin Inkain, a clinically pissed off old wizard with a gun. He outlasted everyone not through bravery or wits, but by saving up all his adventuring money and buying a lovely mansion in a desert city. He still lives there to this day with his brainwashed wife and kidnapped child. He is still pissed off.

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Sage for artfag-only thread

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Eh sure. So we were on a race against NPC RIVAL PARTY to go to this cave where a man was waiting his entire life to use his skills to create an epic weapon when somebody did two things: Get through the dungeon filled with golems in the shape of himself and then beat him in a game of their choice.

Now the thing is, we'd looted, woops I mean "liberated" this wagon filled with glorious booze from the BBEG's dictatorship. So I asked the HUGE barbarian to wheelbarrow some with us in the dungeon.

So we kill all the monsters and enter this room, booze in tow. The man claps and say we may challenge him to a game with anything in this room. There was chess boards, sporting equipment and all sort. The guy was also really huge and strong, a great fighter. He'd spent his whole life training in each of these games.

Now the leader of our party has an equivalent of Excalibur (destined sword, blah, blah), the elves have weapons of sentimental value, the human cleric has a weapon given by the Church and the Barbarian used his own tribe's axe. So my Dwarf's the only one without anything this epic so It's up to me to challenge him.

I walk up to him, and look up deeply into his eyes. I shout:

So yeah, I drunk the man training his whole life under the table being as he'd never drank the stuff in ages and I forced him to create me an epic hammer. To commemorate how I won it I asked for some ale to be put on it.

The runes say basically: Slaughter hard, party hard.

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You dont need to be artistic to join in bro.

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Great placement with Steve/Stev and the Dryad.

His e!pression fits.

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....dude, even you can manage this.

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Your Sageru Is misfired in a thread filled with win, fa/tg/uy

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Same character... he just leveled... and got fucked up... a lot.

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Nope, same race though, made in the fandev'd Returners FFRPG system that my GM likes for some reason. Wanted to run a campaign in it, and I didn't mind so I rolled with it.

Wanted to play the Samurai job class because it's one of the best in the system, gets draw-outs for the katanas it can equip really early in the game, and the better gear you have, the better abilities you can draw out. Does tons of group and single target magic damage, buffs, debuffs, and even healing which is still good in the endgame at like tier 6 of 10.
Dual wielding katanas allows you to have two different draw out options at a time instead of just one, which is generally just fucking awesome, and the Viera bunny-girl race has pretty much the best racial stats for Samurai with high-ass STR, SPD, and MAG stat limits.

But let's just go with "It's Fran" and be done with it.

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Aliska! Khadoran Gunmage (the only one ever, totally not a Mary-Sue) who quite rapidly went insane and thought her guns were talking to her. And then they started to.

She also has an ornate clockwork pacemaker.

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Beautiful. You found a way to make ridiculous amounts of portable virtual alchohol useful for something other than fire.

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I'm sure they would get along.

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ashamed to show my shitscribbles next to some of these artistic ones

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>>ashamed to show my trip next to some of these anon

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uhmmm I think my character seems to have duplicated himself... maybe to kill double the heresy?

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Oh shoot, where?

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Don't sweat it bro, we're not judging you.

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Oh god damn, I see. Right over the Dryad.

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there's something amazing about this character, I just can't decide what...

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so I got skipped I guess? or are my picture not up to par with the rest?

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See >>8435440

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Compilation-dude asked you for a PNG version that wasn't scaled down.

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My wizard. Also pictured: Pokey, his trusty snake familiar, and the Pit Fiend he owes a debt to.

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In the Grim darkness of the future, there is only potato.

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totally missed that, I have no Idea how, thanks for pointing that out.

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what is that?

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looks like war of the worlds shit or something

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I messed up so, I had to go back a few collages to fix it. If I've missed anyone PLEASE point it out and I'll pop them back in.

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It's pretty unnerving whatever the fuck it is

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I was an exterminating machine of the martians.
Small tripod about 3 meters high.Sprayed black killing gas and used heat ray against humens.

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I would like to take this post to thank you and despite the beautiful day out, it is a pretty beautiful day inside /tg/ as well today.


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I dunno but, its pretty cool.

Are you attempting to troll us? Start again and save it as PNG straight away so it isnt blurry as fuck and the OP can add it in.

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I think that I screwed something up when I scaled it up, maybe?

>> No.8435697

Much love. Glad we could all get together and do something like this. Hopefully we can continue it until its HUUUUGE.

>> No.8435709

Yikes, you're doing this without layers? Admittedly, you'd need a lot of them by now...
And, indeed, these threads have been magnificent.

>> No.8435710

Yeah, the pixels around it are messy and because its been scaled its lost some quality.

Like the other anon said, if you redo it using
I can slot it in much easier and itll look much better.

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i thought the same thing when i saw you make the dimensions bigger and bigger... its like that kickass "biggest jpg in the internet" kind of deal. Except deliciously /tg/ related

>> No.8435723

Yeah. Started in MSPaint so, made in MSPaint. I admit layers on photoshop would have made this so much easier and making little groupings would be a ton simpler but, theres a certain fun to doing it in MSPaint.

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Its a little joke from another thread where they had to draw what they were fighting against. In the bottom left corner you can see the hero.

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Not only .jpg, but also from my dithered 256-colour version from the other thread. I think the arcane bard has gained some kind of skin disease. :/

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Eli Brinebone! A mighty crab lunar with an enormous claw serving as bosun on a privateer ship.
He has confusing, incredibly gay feelings towards his captain, also seen in the group shot with a curly moustache and gold claw - as a result he spends most of his time perched on the cap'n's shoulder as a tiny fiddler crab, and should soon be swapping out genders so they can live happily ever after.

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Mossbeard Stonestump

A wealthy and vain dwarven foreman, sole survivor a terrible minefire that claimed the lives of fifteen dwarves and his own beard. He spent his vast wealth travelling the countryside looking for the temple of a god that could heal his singed follicles. Again and again, he'd spend a week in prayer and meditation, donate huge sums of money, but to no avail.

Now penniless, he tries to make his way back home alone and forsaken by the gods, and succumbs to the elements. When he awakens, he is being tended to by a wandering druid who found him in the wilderness. When he becomes well enough to travel again, he follows the druid until the sage promises to teach him his druidly ways.

After his initiation into the druidly brotherhood is complete, he awakens to find a beard of moss and lichen hanging from his face. Here he is shown with his Dire Beartooth Returning Spear, his magical Beerstein which turns all liquid poured into it into cold frosty beer, and hanging from his belt is his Mask Of Animal Speech (fashioned from the ears of different sapient species).

Also pictured is Ulf, his wolf animal companion.

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Another of my characters. Another Dwarf.

Crazy Dav'. Not his real name but he lost his a looooooong time ago. Dwarfkind has been exploring, you see. He was on one of the first voyages.

They found what lurked in the deep. Basically a lot of lovecraftian shit. But my guy, he just became angry and bitter and drunk at the fact that the world was so bad. Drunkard by even Dwarf standards.

Lost his hand, so now he has multiple false ones. This is his flipping the bird hand.

His objective is to go Moby Dick on fucking Cthulhu. Well a Cthulhu equivalent.

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Finally done! Must've spent an hour on that heavy bolter.

>> No.8435836

my three armies

>> No.8435842

couldn't you try to widden it from now on? I'd like to have it as my wallpaper :)

>> No.8435852

damn brother... that was last thread hahaha Glad you finished it.. LOOKS GREAT

>> No.8435854

1900x1200 is my vote (not samefag)

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My 'HERESY' character from RT. Basically, in any other walk of life she'd have made the perfect SoB, but this way she ended up as an over-zealous nutcase on a personal quest to root out all forms of heresy, even though she doesn't know what exactly heresy entails. She just goes from what idea of 'heretical' has formed in her own mind, which has an incredibly broad definition. The Arbites are after her after she tried to go all Nighthaunter on a hive the first time she set foot off her monastery world. She's tolerated as the psychotic muscle and interrogator on the RT crew, after she figured out that she can give more heretics a flamy death and is currently the only member of the crew to have both combat skills and the ingrained discipline to carry out orders.

>> No.8435864

Yeah, but *nice* work on the insignia.

>> No.8435875

I redact my previous statement
I... I wont be included? ;_;
And thanks!

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Alright, check this suave motherfucker.

This is Tom. He's a fucking gourmand who goes wanders around greater Japan finding the best food he can find, and chows the fuck down. Tom fucking loves food, especially cakes and shit. He wears floral pattern Hawaiian shirts and jeans, and is a pretty chill, friendly dude to everyone.
His opinion is that Twinkies are the epitome of human technology.

Tom's real name is Tahariel. He's a celestial, working directly under Metatron, who is commanding officer of his unit, an angelic military division tasked with keeping extraplanar forces in check on the material plane... Ghost Recon.
Tahariel is a fucking sniper, and not just any sniper, a pimp motherfucking archer who uses divine talismans with his arrows to fuck dudes up. He can bounce a shot off a flea's back to headshot a demon around a corner. What a pimp.

Tahariel, "Tom", is on vacation in Japan because he's earned some leave. He's chilling on the material plane enjoying his favorite creation of mankind: munchies.

He ends up getting picked up by the player party to help them with some manner of interplanar crisis. The other party members are an uber alchemist, a batshit insane demonic werewolf straight from hell, and a fallen Purgatory angel. Needless to say lulz ensued.

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>> No.8435899

Edward from Mage the Awakening, Alchemist and Mattermage

>> No.8435902

Come, Nerevar. Friend or traitor, come. Come and look upon the Heart, and Akulakhan. And bring Wraithguard... I have need of it.

>> No.8435904

Btw, that would be my Rogue Trader char if I had a group to play with.

>> No.8435907

Sorry man, haha I am no OP.

I am the tiefling Rogue with huge tits

>> No.8435914

Fantastic idea.

>> No.8435921

pervy vampire :3

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>> No.8435926

I came. And I mean it.

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>> No.8435944

Horns, tits, horns, tits, horns, tits...
Where the fuck are you?

>> No.8435948

M&M is fun.

>> No.8435951

>Tom fucking loves food, especially cakes and shit.
>Tom fucking loves food, especially shit
>Tom loves to eat shit

>> No.8435955

Hahahha, this thread is now a waldo thread.

To describe it confusingly, the Bottom right of the top left quadrant. AKA left of dead middle...ish

>> No.8435962

I believe that's her to the right of the freakish War of the Worlds thing.

>> No.8435968

nice try, that is >>8435520

>> No.8435984

Open the file and stick to the left until you come across Takun, Slayer of pigs, the troll. She's to the right of him, chatting to another Tiefling.

>> No.8435996

Found the tits! (desu eyes?)

>> No.8435999

what if I throw wraithguard into the ocean instead? very far away?

>> No.8436001

Although i respect her breasts greatly... This is me

well... the reaction image version,.. I hail from the origional thread

>> No.8436005

Feel free to move mine with the other 40k doods or whatever. 8D

>> No.8436013

Aha, will do.

>> No.8436023

Ian Goddard, gay little guy who is way to casual when holding a gun and also he drinks a lot of iced tea.

>> No.8436024

Love the glowy gold priest and the rageface psyker.

>> No.8436031

I, the most holy and martyred servant of the immortal emperors will, have been left unincluded? When all manner of MUTANTS AND HERETICS have gone forth!?



*rolls to intimidate*

>> No.8436035

Great characters!

>> No.8436037

"Jazzy" Jacques Cimitiére.
Son of Baron Samedi, based heavily on the Spirit of Jazz from the Mighty Boosh. Most notable accomplishment so far was killing two mummies with a song from his harmonica.

>> No.8436049

I think my personal favourite of this mismatched bunch has to be the maid with the plasma gun. I wish to learn more.

>> No.8436050

Your hat's on fire.

>> No.8436057

Warcraft 3.
Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaah...

>> No.8436058

her and the bartender are apackage deal frmo the first thread i think

>> No.8436059


>> No.8436068

>> No.8436077

Agent. Ex-Dwarf spy/ninja who's gone rogue due to inter-races (humaniny, elves, dwarfkind are all in on it) conspiracy to kill magic wielders. His sister's a mage. Complete with explosive, poisoned crossbow and rope. Kind of hard to see the beard.

>> No.8436096


>> No.8436110

Hate to be a bother, but I was, at closer inspection and comparing to other awesome stick figures, a bit dissatisfied with the rest of my bolter wielding maniac. Needed some more 'maniac' tbh.

Sooo... edit? :3 /hidesincornerashamed

>> No.8436111

>> No.8436112

I like watching this thread to see if my characters have been moved into new groups/have more interesting interactions

>> No.8436115

Not a problem bro, I'll add it in right now.

I am so proud, /tg/.

>> No.8436116

>> No.8436119

If you want to suggest a spot or pairing please do so and Ill try to fix it.

>> No.8436127

Currently playing a Soviet style delusional maniac Mastermind character in a Villain Mutants and Masterminds campaign.

>> No.8436134

That would kill the fun, though.

>> No.8436140

Currently getting shit done...

This is why /tg/ is the best!

>> No.8436141

Played a homeless man in an all-night d20 Modern zombie survival game. He used a fork with a sharpened handle as a weapon, knew himself only as 'Scratches', and had exactly enough ranks in heal to pick up Surgery.

Ranting at other players during breaks was a good time.

>> No.8436164

Where is ~Trap? I'd expect her to be here...
In fact, what the hell happened to ~Trap?

>> No.8436169

My Slayer just picked up most of Infernal Monster, so I can now use extras as shields. Or weapons.

>> No.8436182

Ossim! If I were a girl, I would have your babies.

>> No.8436209

John "Jack" Aubrey, from the same game as Ian up there with the tea.

He's a lumberjack, pretty good cook, and surrogate big brother to Ian.

The game is I Have No Idea What The Fuck We're Playing But God Damn It We're Having Fun

It's like a casual supernatural modern world setting.

It's aweeeeesome.

>> No.8436223

I have always wanted to be in a game like that.

>> No.8436230


>> No.8436240

>> No.8436253

The binder I've been sitting on for a while. He's generally timid, a shameful pervert, has a terrible stutter and very very pretty. He doesn't know, or at least wont admit how pretty he is though.

>> No.8436256

A comrade of Takun - Slayer of Pigs, enters the fray.

>> No.8436284

I can compare this growing mass of characters, AND the interesting interactions to that of the Mii Channel's Lobby on Wii.

*imagines Wii shopping music*

>> No.8436285

Nice effect though. Thumbs up.

>> No.8436289

yay pretty characters

>> No.8436293

just to mention for parings, guy with hook and crab man are from same game, as are aliska the huge boobed gunmage and ezekial the paladin, and the rainbow sword guy is from the same game as the spirit of jazz

>> No.8436294

You have no idea how much it means to me that somebody appreciated that plaid.

Thank you so much.

>> No.8436304

This is made of win. : D

>> No.8436317

My scum in DH.

>> No.8436321

Well how else am I supposed to explain a 20 CHA score with no diplomacy skills?

>> No.8436328

Yes I have actually :3

And no problem elegan/tg/gentleman.

>> No.8436329

Charisma is and always will be my favorite stat.

>> No.8436331

And Boba Fett.

>> No.8436348

This is my half-orc fighter for a 4e campaign. Well-meaning but looty.

>> No.8436361

Thrush the bard.

Pretty stereotypical bard, only cared about playing music and boning ladies.

For a while, he only talked in song lyrics (mostly from the 70s and 80s).

Also, one time during intercourse, I rolled a natural 20, crit'd, and he launched across the room, nailing a peeping tom in the eyeball.

>> No.8436363



>> No.8436373

Oh god, that's awesome.

>> No.8436384

Image 101

>> No.8436385

I love you /tg/. I love you so much, I don't need any other forum or board on the webbertubes.

>> No.8436390

My sentient golem. He was created to make the most beautiful kill.

Box O' Weapons was in game, now is wheelbarrow O' Weapons but can't be bothered t odraw that. Worm like fingers is also in game, because magic.

>> No.8436393

Not only one of my best-painted models, but also one of my most effective banshees.

>> No.8436395

You have the lumberjack checking out the dryad...
I have a bad feeling about this.

>> No.8436399

A female cook assassin this bucksom beauty fools men and women alike into allowing her into there homes. intrigued by the notion of having a beautiful woman too cook for them (and perhaps do more) she moves unhindered through her targets dwellings; laying traps, striking when the opportunity presents itself or even simply poisoning the meals she creates.

her one weakness is her dishes arnt quite what you would call 5star. . .

>> No.8436414

My Delicious Brown Zenith. Him and the Eclipse go have awesome social-fu adventures in town while the combat aspected characters stay indoors

>> No.8436444

>> No.8436450

Holy shit.
Some of these are godly.

>> No.8436475

That's a tommy gun, I swear.

>> No.8436488

An alcoholic dramaturge.

>> No.8436514

Are you sure it's not a balloon?

>> No.8436532

Sorry, wrong pocket

>> No.8436545


>> No.8436551

And once again, from the game featuring the kid with the tea and the lumberjack, comes Mark Poole, kid who sees/hears ghosts and shit.

He says he wears the goggles and earphones to filter out the spirits.
He's actually just listening to music and really likes the goggles.

The game is also for some reason titled We Are Not In Space.

>> No.8436596

Damn.. I want to keep adding to this thread.. but I don't have that many characters..

Quick, someone start up a game.

>> No.8436608

yes I am new but what do you have to draw?

>> No.8436619

A fa/tg/uy. A honest-to-god shut-in fatguy.

... in a CoC campaign.

>> No.8436620




>> No.8436628

See >>8434788 using >>8434781

>> No.8436632

Use the template (second pic posted in this thread) and draw your RPG char. Post results here and OP will add it to the picture that is all types of metricfucktonofawesome.

>> No.8436637

This game seems *really* interesting.

>> No.8436646

I'm commander Shepard, and this is my favourite mspaint thread on 4chan.

>> No.8436652

you know sometimes /tg/ wins...sometimes it loses...but god fucking damnit did it win today

>> No.8436656

This picture is dedicated to all contributors and, especially, OP

>> No.8436665

Aldrich Grimmer, a greasy-haired and morose practitioner of Satanic magic. Church-sanctioned Satanic magic, that is.

>> No.8436680


>> No.8436689

Couldn't have done it without you guys. Newest image is on its way.

>> No.8436708

>> No.8436733

I kind of wish i'd of put more effort into my char now

>> No.8436736

rEmove yoUr ILLeGAl CLONE imMedIatELY. yOU HaVE Copied aNd PasTED wWW.anONtALK.CoM oN ThE SubDOMAiN. cUt thE Crap, mOOT, aND tHESe MessAGes WiLL sTop. If ThE PERsoN ReAdING THis is not moot, e-mAil MOO[email protected]An.ORG ANd TeLl HIM tO.

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remoVE yOur ILLEgal cLONE iMmeDIatElY. yOU haVe cOpIEd anD PaSTEd Www.aNOntalk.COm ON THE SUbdOmaIn. cUT THE CrAP, mOot, And ThESe messAGES Will SToP. IF The persOn rEADiNg tHIs Is NOT MooT, e-MaiL MooT@4CHan.oRg and TEll HIM tO.

>> No.8436741

Depressed as fuck Ogre in a changeling game, isn't a very fun character to play but it is an intresting experiment. I played the psyker with cybernetic eyes and the war-bot, now those are hell of a fun because I get to be badass and break shit

>> No.8436744

Go ahead and redo him, I can slot him in again.

>> No.8436750

>> No.8436765

Oh god what is he planning

>> No.8436766

One of my characters from the game Urban Dead, I've used him in a bunch of other RP's, zombie games especially. He's a heavy drinker and a heavy smoker, but he's always in somewhat of a good mood.

>> No.8436769

It is now that I regret my shitty mspaint skills.


>> No.8436781

god you could make a /tg/ webcomic with this

>> No.8436784

The maniacal BBEG of a few of my Dark Heresy campaigns. He was an Imperial noble who had his body replaced by a four-armed machine with little las-shooting mechadendrites and claws fto accompany the song Butcher Pete. He now spreading havoc and terror.
A selection of my players still shudder at the mention of him, as their hunt for this guy saw them lured into a number of traps; from their ship blowing up, to encounters with a lictor and an angry space marine.

>> No.8436789

Dude, I totally know how you feel.

I'm partially using this as practice.

>> No.8436791

4th Ed dragon born rogue, took the ruthless ruffian path cause it looked cool. Can't do shit in fights, but has bluffed his way out of most fighting. The tribe he is from favors flash clothing, making him look pretty conspicuous in general. Also skull mace!

>> No.8436794

Hah, KKK + flaming hat. :D
People. Why does this thread only have one upvote in the archive?

>> No.8436809

He is Dr. Spriggamin Pepperspice.

My embodiement of my favorite delicious beverage.

He sails the elemental chaos Brewing his Pepperspice Elixir dropping random 6 packs of it on people to "test" it.

It is a formula which can equally kill or reanimate whoever drinks it with a variety of effects in between. If a PC quaffs an elixir they roll a d20 and then i tell them what happens.

He flies a chaos glider without the aid of a crew (no space after his alchemical brewery was put in)

>> No.8436822


>> No.8436826

Gilder goldentounge, my eclipse caste exalted replete with dual wielded flametounge repeaters and an obsession for rubies (his clothes were weaved from them)

>> No.8436833

This (Or these) threads had better be archived when I get back. I'm heading out to GM a game.

>> No.8436842

if i knew how i would archive them

>> No.8436852


Her name includes the Squiggle :3

>> No.8436861

HEY! Somebody stole my idea! A few nights ago I talked about a party I had where one guy was a pimp with a rocket launcher, and I see him up in the top left! The nerve of some people!

>> No.8436878

Webcomics are bad and the template is originally from /co/ anyway.

>> No.8436883

Already done. Muppet here fucked up the tagging on the first one, though, and I can't figure out how to change it. :/
Down the bottom, "The /tg/ character army", as that's what the very first compliation was named I believe.

>> No.8436888

Already being archived. Go vote.

>> No.8436890

I'm in his group. That character's existed for at least two weeks now. Besides, he doesn't ALWAYS have a rocket launcher.

>> No.8436897


Did you...did you sage a comment?

I am cracking up here.

>> No.8436900

>Sees the name Weslfred in the image name...
I think I've run into you. Aren't you a Bastard?

>> No.8436915

I'm with you two. But hey, it's still entertaining.

>> No.8436934

Limit reached.
New thread plox

>> No.8436950



>> No.8436954

Sure am, have been since the first Siege of the Blackmore Building.

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