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I don't see a morrowind discussion thread going on.

Morrowind discussion thread? Discuss some Morrowind.

Hand-to-hand is terrible.

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For some reason, I love Morrowind but can't play it, and hate Oblivion but it's more accessible to me.

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It just isn't as sugarcoated as in other games.

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I love both, but tried to play Morrowind the other day, and couldn't. Got past Fargoth (would someone post that image where the guy makes a guy that looks exactly like Fargoth and BECOMES Fargoth?) and then felt...nothing.

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does anyone have a list of must have mods for morrowind?

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Morrowind requires at least 5 levels before the game becomes "playable" for me. Meaning, I can cast spells that can kill something and it doesn't take a full magic bar, or I can actually hit things in melee combat. Oblivion was kind of the opposite, early on, it's like "Fuck yeah this is awesome, I love the combat, stealth requires you to actually sneak instead of just go upstairs where nobody's looking!" but then later on it's "WHY DOES EVERYTHING TAKE SO LONG TO KILL?" because of level scaling.

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Try to kill anything in Oblivion with a bow, unless you're sneaking. Shit takes ages.

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Poison, but then you still need to spend a week finding shit to make a poison that does actual HP damage and not CHA damage or some shit like that.

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Reinstalled yesterday. I think I'll finally beat Tribunal.

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Try killing anything with a bow, at level 20. Even with poison. Enjoy standing on a rock for 5 minutes.

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Tribunal had the best ending.

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You were playing wrong. "I just duped 500 Strong Health Potions" is the only fun class.

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That's pretty much the same as me. You can overcome it (in Oblivion) by tweaking the difficulty scale thing, but then you feel like a douche playing on the easy setting

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I killed a Daedra Lord with my fists today, Niisan.

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I've tried playing afew different ways, I'm still hesitant to try a hand-to-hand Monk because of the way it works in Morrowind. It was so fun to use in Oblivion though, I'd say its better than sword for just raw dps.

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Oblivion with mods > Morrowind with mods

There, I said it.

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Hand to hand in Oblivion was awesome.

You basically need the improved hand to hand mod for it to be even slightly feasible in Morrowind. Especially since most creatures even rats have over 300 fatigue, compared to the 100 or so that an NPC will have.

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/tg/ = /v/

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If you play it for pornographic purposes maybe. Otherwise there are just to many issues I have with it

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...there are other reasons to play it...?

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Not really, as opposed to Morrowind.

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Hand to hand would rule, if you could enchant gloves with 'on striking' effects. OR just bind fucking Vivec into your fists.

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Vivec on your right fist, Almalexia on your left.

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If only enchanted gauntlets, bracers and gloves worked that way. You could punch your way to Dagoth Ur

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Dagoth Ur on the left foot then. Who gets the right?

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Y'know, alot of people seem to swear by "on strike" effects. They annoy the fuck out of me, and are usually not all that usefull outside of absorb health either.

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Wasn't there a mod a while back that added some gloves and gauntlets that worked as weapons, tied to HtH?

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Sotha sil's construct.

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Is there a reason why anyone lives on Vvardenfell except for the mining? Seems pretty shitty and inhospitable. Then there's the Ashlanders.

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It's too bad they never even TRY to get hand-to-hand working like that
It was still pretty easy to abuse in Morrowind, but took long as fuck
Then in Oblivion after you get the stats high enough the only way you can increase HtH damage was buffing fatigue or strength if I remember right

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I've been getting a real kick out of Damage Strength/Damage Intelligence on Target spells and then running away giggling. Possibly Damage Agility later for never being hit.

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Not so much, but mining for resources is a pretty good reason to live somewhere.
Especially if we're talking the glass and ebony from wich they make armor, wich is pretty rare.

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Paralysis, one second.
Drain/Damage Endurance/Strength.
X type of damage and weakness to X for 1s
There are a lot of useful effects that can be employed in this way, from hampering or interrupting your opponent to renewing your defenses.

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A sandy asscrack uninhabitable? Well most of towns aren't that close to the Red Mountains, and vegetation seems lush along the south and and cost.

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I'm gonna call troll on OP,
1/10 because it made me rage enough to post.

H2H is the shit, first off.
Second, isn't this /v/ stuff?

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A lot more of it used to be habitable before Dagoth Ur started his shit, plus, it's a holy island. You're going to get a lot pilgrims who settle down.

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Some areas are pretty nice, though. East and south coasts for one, if you don't mind fireballs, necrotic abominations, deamons, mindrape 100 for 10s and all those other sweet Telvanni gimmicks flying around.

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Daedric Dai-Katana, fuck year.

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>Second, isn't this /v/ stuff?

You must be new, here.

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Fuck your weaboo shit. Daedric Greatsword, FUCK YEAR

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>Paralysis, one second.
Valid, but I prefer making a spell for 3 to however many seconds I can afford magicka-wise.
Never noticed it did anything on npcs.
>Drain/Damage Endurance/Strength.
Why bother? extra damage will kill them faster. Dead people don't attack.
>X type of damage and weakness to X for 1s
This one is actually usefull too, yeah.

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Blind affects their to-hit rolls, similar to sanctuary.
Drain/Damage attribute enchants are most useful od daggers and tantos, as you don't have to make full swings for max damage, just stabstabstabstabstab. This allows you to fight much stronger opponents while still in the lows.
Paralysis one give you the luxury of having your opponent immobilized for as long as you hit him, which is way longer than you could manage with spells.

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Enchant a piece of armor with: Restore fatigue 12 points

Never worry about fatigue again. It makes the game much more enjoyable.

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Unless you have a mod installed that does anything with fatigue or fight unarmed npcs regularly, I'd say you just wasted an enchantment slot.

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Everything in the game is affected by fatigue.

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Really now?
Never noticed, wich by itself speaks volumes about just how big it's influence is.

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If you're low on fatigue, you will never hit your target. Your spell failure chance greatly increases, dodge rates go down, etc. Fatigue affects everything.

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1. Punch rats
2. Level 100 Hand to Hand
3. ???

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Guy working on the mod here.

What difficulty would you like this quest to be? I have some ideas but then I realized they'd be way too difficult for low level characters, or melee characters in general. I can tone it down some.

How I had it, slowfall, and jump/levitate were basically necessary.

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You're both smalltime. Daedric spear up in this bitch.

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Sheogorath spear was here. Infinitely superior. Just because of how bad ass I look.

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Fuck yeah! That spear is awesome. Sadly, it's durability isn't that high up.

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>If you're low on fatigue,
>you will never hit your target.
Huh? sounds like you didn't train your weapon skill or agility enough.
>Your spell failure chance greatly increases
Spell failure also depends on how high level spells we're talking. And general consensus has been that high level spells<Low level spell spam.
>dodge rates go down,
Sorry, but I've never really noticed this all that much. Guess it's because I'm an agility-whore.
>etc. Fatigue affects everything.
About in the same way luck does, then. Wich is not all that much.

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Doesn't really need durability. I enchanted an amulet with fortify spear, 24 points (Which puts me at 70) and that spear can kill things in two hits. I'm currently doing the bloodmoon storyline, because at the end you get the Huntsman's spear, best spear in the game.

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Only if you pick the right aspect. Not that I've ever found a reason not to, though.

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You've obviously not played Morrowind more than one time. Start a new character with any weapon as a major skill, find a weapon of that type, jump around until you have no fatigue and go try to hit any NPC.

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I always wanted to get back into morrowind but could never pick what class I wanted.

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Fatigue, like every other stat, greatly affects all you do at the beginning of the game. Once you're a level 20+ demigod with a pile of alchemy potions, of course you stop worrying about stat influence on you, because shit dies fast regardless of them.

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Actually, I've played fighter characters a-plenty.
Yes, you'll not hit a lot of opponents at low levels, but that's the goddamn standard. Once your weapon skill hits 60+ (wich is relatively quickly if you focus on it) those problems are over.

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Just make a class, pick skills you like.

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Well, I looked it up. Holy shit, that is a hell of a beast. Never played Bloodmoon past that werewolf attack on that fort, so didn't know of it. Guess now I'll have to try and get my hands on it.

So far, I'm doing rather fine with my Bound Spear, that I made permanent via some kind of repair glitch. It somehow granted me 10 extra spear skill regardless of whether it is equipped or not, and 10 when I equip it. So... that's 20 spear skill.

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Cast When Strikes
Paralyze for 10sec on Touch

Burden 50pts for 10 seconds on Touch
Poison 4pts for 5sec on Touch

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This weapon will really bite back in the ass when fighting mobs with spell reflect though. So many times getting paralyzed by my Daedric Crescent or getting lifedrained by my lifedraining daedric dai-katana of whoop-ass, jesus fuck...

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So it turns out two of my major ideas for this mod, aren't going to work. 1: I can't start the player above ground, when you use a door and 2: If you fall into nothingness, you just re appear on solid ground. Fuck this is going to take longer than I had hoped.

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I must have been the only person in the world who took the Amulet of Strength, mostly because I'd maxed out Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Long Blade, Axe, Blunt Weapon, Marksman and Armorer on my first character, and I needed the carrying capacity more than another weapon type to kill with. Zoltan the Unintrusive was the best Nord in the world.

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Playing a magic character now, and man, was making a 50ft destructive spell a bad idea against daedra and atronachs.

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The only way to make that work is nords and ice-based spells.
Also, 50 ft? dayum.

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It's my preferred choice for getting rid of groups of cliff racers. Or groups of anything, really.

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50 ft has it's place.

pic related.

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At least those aren't were-cliff racers.

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fuck 50ft radius, only Red Mountain erupting again can save you now.

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Imagine, venturing into a seemingy normal time, the townspeople all being friendly, if a little distant. You rest at the inn after the long adventure, spending time in the tavern and deciding to resupply at the local store in the morning.

Then, you hear sounds... the sounds of a thousand beating wings. Every villiager has turned into a twisted, horrible mockery of their human form, their flapping wings blocking out the night sky.


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Could always be worse. Imagine seeing this when you first finished a new character.

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Time to punch someone in the dick.
Whoever is within hands range, really.

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run awaaaaaaaaaay!!

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1. Get steed birthsign
2. Run
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!

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YOu think you can outrun a dragon?

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100 Athletics?
100 Acrobatics?

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I don't need to outrun the dragon, I just need to outrun my companions.

Seeya, suckers!

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I know, right? Horse sign is awesome.

Unarmed, unarmored, Speed and Willpower

I am the monk. All your endurance are belong to me. Prepare for a brutal ass-kicking.

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Who else used the sign of the Tower and just broke into everything after getting out into the world?

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I never did anything but warrior or thief birthsigns. Overpowered, woo!

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Make a shirt with Open Locks 100
Break into Redoran Vaults and get awesome armor and shitloads of money

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I think you need some pretty outrageous amounts of money to make that shirt in the first place.

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Bitches don't know 'bout my Imperial with the Lady, bonus in Stealth, and Speechcraft as a primary skill. You can walk out the door with 80 personality.

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Personality? Pssh, I'd rather gain a 10% chance of all melee attacks missing me, no matter what. If I want personality, I can wear The mask of clavicus vile and slather on some Telivanni bug musk. Bam, problem solved forever.

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I always like using the Atronach birthsign. Does anyone else? I figure, Magicka can't regenerate passively like in Oblivion anyways, and I'm gonna be carting around enough magicka potions to something witty, so I may as well go with the birthsign that gives me a ton of extra magicka and a 50% chance to eat enemy spells.

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Tell me, do you hear anything? The whistling wind, perhaps? The faint murmur of your computer going about it's calculations? Do not look over your left shoulder, gentlemen, for you may find the knowledge terrifying.


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Make Drain Intelligence 100 spell for 1 second on self
Use it, Intelligence is now 0
Magicka is also at 0, but counts as 100% of max magicka
Spell wears off, 100% is still counted
Enjoy full magicka refill even with Atronach sign

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Especially useful if you plan to be a straight warrior and swear off ever touching magic. No negatives!

>> No.8428841


This is true. Atronach is invaluable for any class. Can't disarm a trap? Just have a heal/potion ready just in case. Also helps with later on if you start to take an interest in magic.

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>Magicka can't regenerate passively like in Oblivion anyways

I downloaded mods to fix that.

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Everything is small time. Sunder up in this bitch.

Seriously. That motherfucker, on the proper character, could one shot almost everything. Everything else was two shot.

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House Hlaalu here, Redoran and Telvanni are faggots.

>> No.8429007

Throw on Necromancer's amulet and bump it up to 75% absorb rate! As an added benefit, the amulet even restores magicka! wooo!

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Jesus, my game just crashed and it's not even installed. I didn't know you could get that many cliffuckers at once on the entire island.

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>Hand-to-hand is terrible.
Tell me about it. I just leveled a Nord Monk specializing in ONLY this until I hit 100 Hand-to-hand. At this point I promptly started leveling Blunt Weapon. Likewise, I used Unarmored until I hit 100 with that. He's at 50 now, I just completed the main quest, and have begun slightly leveling light and medium armor. It's been an interesting experience though, very different from my usual acrobatics/short blade/light armor steal-everything-that-is-stealable character archetype.


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Enjoy your shit quest rewards. Telvanni all the way. Even if I'm a fighter.

Not as bad as Redoran quests, though.

Telvanni quest:
I need some soap. There's a store that sells it halfway down the road. Here's money to buy the soap with. Thanks, here's two powerful magic items you'll probably be using for the majority of the game.

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I actually liked the original H2H. You could beat the shit out of people who caught you stealing without having to kill them, then loot their body and run.

H2H mod is really nice though.

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>Everything is small time. Sunder up in this bitch.
Oh god tell me about it. 10-70 damage on chop, +30 attack, +20 strength, +20 luck.

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With a speed of 1.5! God damn!

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go fuck yourself

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Take it to an anti-morrowind thread, or possibly an Oblivion thread.


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Isn't that redundant? Because homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex, calling him one would <imply that he enjoyed men in that fashion.

I'd rather go with Youareahomosexualwholikesgoatsandothersmallmamals.

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It's a gay slander version of DOUBLE NIGGER


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I've been corrected, I thought I had DOUBLENIGGER.jpg, but I do not. Have a random gif instead.

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late, but here for you fa/tg/uy

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but only male goats, with their supple haunches and graceful scrotums.


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Sunder is small time.

Ebony Arrows of Slaying were here.

>> No.8430191

Oh god, those can break the mainquest. Who needs sunder to destroy the heart, one arrow of slaying is blow it up. What's that you say? It breaks the script so dagoth ur stays immortal? Well, arrow of slaying him too!

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Oh god no, you guys are way better than us.

>> No.8430273

Wow, those guys are actually getting shit done.

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