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So what level of anthropomorphism are you comfortable with seeing in your games?

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Until it stops being cute.

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Die in a fire.

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It's not about the anthro itself, it's about the player. If the player's coo' n' shizzle, I can deal with whatever. If the player's a raging cuntface, I'll promptly shit down their spine and eject them out the autoloader.

End of story, next krogan plz.

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None. Fuck off you furry cunt.

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I'll probably get banned for this but, sauce?

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I make sure I GM games that have xenophobia to the point that if someone says 'I want to play some sort of cat thing shit' I tell them that such a race is extinct. Or if they insist, I make sure they are hounded, hunted and persecuted and finally, slaughtered horribly and ignobly, without a chance of survival.

Fuck your shit OP.

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Well, we allow druids, so 100% evidently.

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Remember Peewee's Playhouse?

I'm fine with that much anthropomorphism.

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HE SAID THE MAGIC WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This, minus the use of the word "shizzle". I have no problems with anthro characters; I have problems with furfaggotry. So, you want to play an anthro wolf race? The Lupin, from the Dragon Compendium? Awesome, go for it.

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Setting specific tolerances. FF12 game, mithra and rabbit people and graffee elves are cool.

Dark heresy? FUCKIN XENOS!

It all comes down to tolerance. I have a furry in one of my regular groups. His attempts to include his fetish into our hobby games quickly diminished in power as he saw our reaction to his inappropriate assumptions.

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The amount I allow is entirely up to the player wishing to play it. Generally though I can turn off most furries by having my anthromorphs being essentially genetic dead ends of a really fucked up mutation caused by over nuking of Earth. It generally turns most players away, but the ones I do get do an excellent job of portraying how shitty it is to be sterile their entire lives and have to rely on genetic pulling to reproduce.

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I used to use %'s but now I think I will change the rule to this.

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Would I allow a character to turn into a furry animal to help the other survive a frosty snowstorm? Yes.
Would I Iet him suck his cock? No.

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I'm okay with it until it starts getting cute.

The weretiger in our group, who sees humanoids as a mostly-alien cousin species? Who doesn't understand fear or compassion, and perhaps not even anger, but only instinct? Fine.

Cat people who cuddle up on things and go mrow, who sexualize themselves and who hit on other players? Burn the character, then burn the sheet, then burn the player.

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I'm not sure why the whole reproduction thing has to come up, but I'm guessing it has to do with the idea that wanting to play an anthropomorphised animal of sort means you're a retarded furfag who wants to yiff everything.

I suppose the saddest part is that that idea is actually true for some folks.

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I tried to play an MMO last night. Got into an impromptu party. Things were alright despite my party member having a retarded looking Avatar. I was about to ask if "he" was a girl playing a Effeminate Male character, when one of his friends joined his party, and they began to talk about Scalies, Boyfriends, and Gay Salamander Fursona sex. It had been so long since I'd ran into a real furry that I almost thought they were joking.

I WAS DISSAPOINT Fuck Furries. They've now convinced me that intolerance is awesome.

If this had been a 40k MMO I would have started shouting FUUUUUCKIN' XEEENOS!

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so long as its not to indulge some guys fetish, i really dont care. Of course, charicters still have to be appropriate in story and setting

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yes? are you making a point?

Ive played RPG's for 10 years. Im 25 years old. I have experienced a BROAD spectrum of games and have come to personal conclusions about what gaming constitutes to me. If you dont approve of the final fantasy online[or if somehow I have offended your expert opinion on its knowledge] you simply have to accept the fact that we are different people and that I will have a differing if not completely opposed opinion.

tl;dr: YOU MAD?!

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And been executed, as you obviously succumbed to Knornate rage by grimdark rules.

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Mithra and Elvaan aren't in FF12.

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bumpan for sauce on OP

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so you completely missed the point of my message, pointed out something completely irrelevant and otherwise did nothing productive. hooray

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Anything's fine, as long as it fits in the setting. I don't have a stick up my ass about animal people, which have been used for thousands of years in mythology and whatnot. What I'm not okay with is people being retarded about it, or being retarded about anything else for that matter. You can be a druid, but don't try to have sex with your animal companion.

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I didn't miss the point, I just had nothing to say about it.
Mistakes are never irrelevant.

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I don't think you know what anthropomorphism means.

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I am okay with any level of furryness up to, and including, full blown anthros. You can be a catperson, a dogperson, a horseperson, a tankperson, a dragonperson, a chandelierperson, whatever floats your boat.

The INSTANT you start to sexualize it though:

1) Your character's kneecaps will explode and everyone will point and laugh as you bleed out. Then your corpse will be left to rot under the sun and be pecked at by vultures.

2) You will be thrown out of my house. Not asked to leave, literally thrown, like a sack of potatoes, down my 14 uncovered concrete steps.

3) If you ever show up at my house again, you're not getting in. I'll just lock the door and wait for my neighbor to get annoyed with your pounding and shouting. He teaches Kung Fu.

4) The proprietor of my FLGS will be informed of your condition. Don't expect to ever get back in there either.

5) I'll post in every single thread you post in on my local meetup group, obsidian portal, and any other gamer-finding-site, warning people not to let you into their games.

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Sounding pretty Internet Tough Guy there, bro.

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Meh, the only part there that implies any sort of prowess is "bodilly thrown out of my house", and I didn't even say I was the one that'd do it.

I have a regular who's really fat, but also really strong.

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Only one race of anthropomorphics is allowed at my table.


Fuck yeah.

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The only thing funnier than retarded Internet furries are retarded Internet furry hate.


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do you have sauce on the other pic?

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sorry, i don't

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No, the whole thing is shitty tough guy.


Grow the fuck up, little boy.

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You know, bears are kind of anthropomorphic right out of the box. They're bipedal (when they feel like it), they're omnivorous, they're lazy and surly...

We should exterminate them for being furfags.

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I don't care what you play as long as you don't act like a massive faggot about it.

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more people need to think like that

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Hey, if you wanna start fighting the bears, go ahead. I'll be sure to go to your funeral.

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Depends heavily on the setting.

If I'm playing Battletech, Hands down "No". There are no anthros, no aliens, no nothing but humanity and space critters no more sentient than a dolphin. The only anthro supposedly in the universe was done by some fucktard, analogous to the CWC of Battletech fandom. Believe me, Some guy posting shit on a public forum doesn't count as "Universe Canon".

40K? They'd be hunted and treated as sub-human.

D&D? I'd spite them for trying to make a homebrew race, but it wouldn't be that off in-universe.

Star wars or star trek? There's already loads of weird shit out there, so whatever, really.

Ironclaw? Right... Like I'm even going to bother trying that system.

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On a whim, our DM once ran an all anthropomorphic D&D campaign. He made up racial traits for everything people wanted to play on the spot. Turned out to be pretty fun, since most of the people who played just treated what they were playing like another race, and didn't let furfaggotry ruin it.

Ironically enough, the furfag of the group was the one who played everything like a normal D&D game, and acted as appropriate as he did when he played a human or any other race. The guy in the group who would have had the most reason to dislike furries spent the whole time fucking.

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It's all in the face.
No muzzle, no snout, no problem.
Right or (usually) wrong humanity identifies itself in it's face.

That said, yeah it's about attitude. Many things are tolerable with the willingness to be compatible with the group.

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Those bears aren't anthropomorphic-they're just real bears, biding their time until your guard is down.

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I'd hit it....with an arrow.

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and that will do nothing, if you had read the thread instead of going "OMG Furries MUST HATE!!" you would have realized that this thread is /tg/ related

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This is mi next character

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damn, oh well

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>Furfag was the least furry!
We actually have a very similar situation in a 4e group I'm in. The group's 60% lizard people (two kobolds and a dragonborn), and the group's furry is playing... a human fighter.

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It's a shame that 'anthropomorphic' has become increasingly synonymous with 'furry', since any non-human fantasy/scifi race will invariably be anthropomorphic.

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His tragic history is that a group of Salamanders is out to burn him. Roll a d6, they attack under 7.

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I don't really care, the one time our token furry/scalie/otherkin player started getting weird about it, after the session I talked to him, and asked him to tone it down a bit, and we were all cool little fonzies.

You people must have assburgers or something, fuck, do you not know how to talk to people?

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That's mostly just the internet, and maybe some irl retards.
Obnoxious players will always be as such, regardless of what they play.

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Dominion Tank Police?

Not positive, but I know it has catgirls.

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>implying that there are no non-anthropomorphic aliens

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if you mean the Puma twins they have bigger ears and no stump-tail

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They were robots.

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I'm sure you could create a completely alien race, in the strict usage of the word. But how do you have any meaningful interaction with something completely alien and by definition, incomprehensible?

People dislike rubber-forehead aliens, but while the alternative is good for fluffing out a setting, it's hard to create a story involving an alien race that shares no motivation, desire or any characteristic at all with humans and other anthropomorphic races.

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I'm fine with anthro characters so long as they:

1. Fit the game's universe (Nezumi in Oriental Adventures, Dragonborn in DnD 4e, etc.)

2. Don't make a point to yiff everything. Its alright if they want to be good looking. Its even alright if they have a sexual appetite (who hasn't hit on the bar wench or blew their gold on ale and whores).

But under no circumstances will I allow fap characters with no other purpose other than to be a fap character.

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In fantasy settings I am usually a lot more cool when it comes to such things and usually allow most things, though they may not always be the most welcome and they might draw attention to themselves depending on the setting, but it's usually quite alright.
In other settings such as sci fi or whatever I tend to give such characters sort of a freak status if they don't fit in normally, so roleplay at your own risk.

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Yeah, anthro characters just to be furry... fuck off.
If they fit the setting, go for it.

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>You people must have assburgers or something, fuck, do you not know how to talk to people?

You don't talk to furries. YOU PURGE THEM

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Pretty sure his conditions also count for non-furry fap characters.

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You know what, fuck this kind of anthropomorphism in games. Can't we go the other way, anthropomorhization of the mind?

I'd love to see an Uplift RPG where you play as Earth Clan of various races. It could be like SeaQuest in space, only not shitty and with more chimpanzees.

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I once ran a one shot Shadowrun game and one of my friends played this. It was fucking awesome.

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I am happy with any level, so long as the character isn't annoying. You want to play an anthropomorphic tiger? Sure. Let me know a week in advance so I can make sure it's balanced and decide where they fit into my homebrew world. Want to play an anthropomorphic tiger who hates hyoomans and has a fetish for shitting himself? No, get out.

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GURPS put out an Uplift book a while back. I saw it in a store once, and I'm still kicking my self for not getting it then, as I've never been able to find a download of it anywhere.

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It's not the anthropomorphism that makes shit uncomfortable, it's the sexualization. But the same could be said of a lot of things; if someone made an overly sexual tiefling warlock who was all about being an uncontrollable slut-bus it'd be awkward too.

Keep your sexual fetishes out of the game and everything's cool.

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>Keep your sexual fetishes out of the game and everything's cool.

But what if were playing Black Tokyo?

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Anything more furry than an Egyptian god is crossing the line. OP is fine, and so is >>8399829

Really as long as it's not an obvious stereotypical furry I just don't give a fuck.

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protip, don't play games with perverts, especially perverts from /d/.

People can make uncomfortable erotic characters no matter the race, it isn't that uncommon, like the scantily clad female barbarian with an over the top sex drive.
Characters with animal characteristics shouldn't be any weirder than characters with machine charactersistics or something other unnatural, just make sure that it fits into your setting.

And perverts can ruin any kind of character.

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Kid Stealth sucks.

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What is with the hatred for anthropomorphism?

Giving human features to a cat... weird...

But I'd totally play the fullblown anthropomorphic personification of other forces...


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I come from /d/ and I resent that. I know how to restrain myself. Not like I'm fondling myself at the playing table.

>> No.8401520

I have to look at all the LOLFURRIESSUCK posters and ask, "Are you THAT insecure?"

If its a fantasy setting, playing something like catfolk is completely acceptable. As long as they dont go yifftyiffyiff

>> No.8401538

Are you a PERVERT from /d/? No? Then stop being so insecure.

>> No.8401545

There's catfolk and then there's cat fursonas

It's not that hard to tell the difference if you're not an idiot. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the people in this thread are.

>> No.8401550

>What is with the hatred for anthropomorphism?

Furries, basically.

>> No.8401553

I still want sauce you whorespawn bastard of an OP

>> No.8401562

You manage to wait until you get home, eh?

ITT: Closeted furry sympathisers mutually convince each-other that they're not actually sick perverts.

>> No.8401566

the real question is what level are you comfortable with being sexualized. cat people, dog people, dolphin people are all fine unless someone starts trying to sex them up at which point it starts being creepy

>> No.8401569

You DO realize, however, that the people that tend to play those sorts of characters tend to cause problems. In small parts, the things that go into a horrible fursona are often pretty easy to swallow but put them all together and you get that yiffy retarded mary sue bullshit which the makes it's player cry when it gets hurt.

>> No.8401598

Yes, I know. I'm just having one of those grammar nazi moments. Then again... anthromorphic personifications sort of draw more of their being from the "personification" part anyway...

>> No.8401602

Not really any creepier than normal fat neckbeards acting out a romance with each other.

>> No.8401720

Bad players will be bad players, regardless of what they play.
Mary sueism isn't limited to "furry" characters.
But then you could be in a bout of unlucky coincidence, having most of your bad players being overly open furries too.

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>Implying that all role players are stereotypical fat, dirty, unshaven slobs.

>> No.8401739

>Implying that they aren't

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R€m0v3 yOur iLl€gäI cLòne imm€[email protected]€Ly_ Yöu hAv€ [Òpi3d åNd [email protected] wvw,äNõñTã|kocOm oN Th€ subdómAin* Cut +he [email protected], mo0+, añd +h€s€ m€ssag€s viII sTÓp. If +h3 p€rsOñ r3ãding this is N0T mÒo+, e-mai| mõ[email protected][haNoÒrg åNd t€|I him tò,

R3mòv€ yõur iIlegAI [lòNe imm3diåT3|yo You häv3 <ópied añd pAs+3d wvvoanó[email protected]òm ON Th3 subdòmåiñ* CuT the crap, mõóT, @ñd +h3s3 m€ssãges vi|l sTÓp. If The person reådiNg this is ñÓT möoT, e-mai| mÓÒ[email protected]@n*õrg ãnd +elL him TÓ.

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>implying it would be any less creepy if they weren't

Besides, nothing can be more creepy than roleplaying sex with an elf. I mean, they don't have any pubic hair. It's practically the same thing as fucking a child.

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Oh shit, you did not just go there.

I'm fucking taking cover.

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.....if it's a girl elf, I'm okay with that.

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>Implying that pubic hair is what is important.

Um... okay.

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<-My scale.

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No limits.

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ITT: Reasonable folks, Underageb&s, and trolls.

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...I gotta admit, this is a pretty cool image. Anybody got sauce, is it off someone's Deviant Art or something?

>> No.8402155

Are werewolves Furries? My group is oddly divided on this subject.

>> No.8402206

Not unless it gets into some sexual fetish.

>> No.8402214


>> No.8402269

I'm making a Werewolf/Ranger for a game of Pathfinder.
Theres no yelling of Furfag or nothing just a debate on whether or not Werewolves are considered furries or not. It's actually quite cordial overall.

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furries are wierd

i don't really understand them but whatever thats okay i guess

i don't like it when they put furry things in our games though it gets kind of strange

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This level. I want an army of these in miniature form.

>> No.8402346

Cute animal ears on loli. And maybe tail. Maybe. That's maximum

>> No.8402386

I'm fine with anthropomorphic animals, they're all over mythology, but in general I don't like people playing out their sexual fantasies at my table unless we've agreed that's what they're all doing. Also I have a general distrust of players who *only* play anthropomorphic animals (the same way I don't like players who always play elves or whatever. Strangely I have no problem with people who always play dorfs or orcs).

>> No.8402404

So did we ever get a sauce on the OP's pic?

>> No.8402436

no ;_;

>> No.8402448


Oddly enough, this .gif synced up nearly perfectly with "I'm on a Boat".

Just throwin' that out there.

>> No.8402461

>Strangely I have no problem with people who always play dorfs or orcs.
personal preference I guess.
Though I agree that playing the same race over and over is rather uninspired, I can't really blame folks for having limited amounts of imagination.

>> No.8402488

So it's bad playing humans over and over? (sarcasm.)

>> No.8402511

fund it

>> No.8402517


Hey, all-human parties in 3.5 dnd are a tradition, especially for my group. 'Humans are the master race' is a bit of a meme around here irl.

>> No.8402550

Ironically, no. But only because humans aren't portrayed as nearly uniformly the same in culture regardless of where you are.
For non-humans, cultural variation is a rarity.

also, lolserious answer.

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thats bullshit.
>listen to "im on a boat" while watching the .gif
my face

>> No.8402617


I do really, really, like settings that go through an effort to make the nonhuman races have different cultures. Like in Eberron, counting drow there's 4 major elven cultures.

>> No.8402715

It was a joke.

>> No.8402718

Comfortable? Let's put it this way, I had a player play an awakened dire animal, and I was okay with it. Because he didn't sexualize it or play it as some squeaky clean, "how dare you call me a dirty animal," holier than thou bullshit. He was dirty, he fought dirty(rogue), hell, when they stole a house(killed the owner, who was captain of the guard, and took the deed to a personal friend to have it signed over to the party), he slept outside in the yard.

We've also had the occasional catfolk character in group and never had a problem. They got played as eccentric and easily distracted by shiny, dangly, small and/or quickly moving things. The worst it got was something left unmentioned as downtime matters; "Catfolk wizard, cat familiar, Enlarge Animal, Reduce Person, Rod of Extending Spells, and later on polymorph. You do the math," was what he told me. It never came up in-game, but was left as an unmentioned, like eating, drinking, bathing, bathroom runs, shopping, etc; when the game ended in a town or in camp and the party had downtime, that's how he spent some of it once he got everything else he needed to get done done. I was fine with it since he never mentioned it in front of the group and only explained when I asked while they weren't there.

In both cases, it was never more than a small part of the characters' personalities that wasn't ever really played up.

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OP pic is some kind of monkey girl not a catgirl.

>> No.8402770

but where is she from??

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>> No.8402854

>But what if were playing Black Tokyo?
We don't do that.

>> No.8402895

rolled 7, 19, 1, 11, 7, 14, 9, 16, 10, 12, 11, 23, 6, 13, 25, 10, 19, 5, 14 = 232

Boogy !

>> No.8403189

wrong thread buddy

>> No.8403281

Holy shit it really does.

>> No.8403346

I'm 90% sure OP is from "Kouyanikemono Doukokusu."

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Yup. "Kouyanikemono Doukokusu."

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And it has a tiger-girl, too (among other anthros).

>> No.8403438

Not translated, though. I don't understand this crazy moon language at all.

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>> No.8403497

I call bullshit on your pic. Discworld Death is Neutral Good.

>> No.8403511

Yeah, that's the problem.

>> No.8404084

I approach such things like I approach your classic fantasy or sci-fi races. It's all for fun. Hell, I'd like to play around in a sci-fi setting with alien races that seem to have evolved from different earth animal types.

This whole yiffing thing though... something tells me I shouldn't ask.

>> No.8404171

Depends on the game.
Exalted, go for it.
DnD, I'm not a fan of shifters, but so long as it doesn't devolve into yiff-fic I don't care.
For more mytho-historical based games, I reserve it for antagonists (Minotaurs, Harpies, ect...).

>> No.8404188

I tried playing an Eagleman Zenith caste in an Exalted game, but it cost so much BPs that I was sort of flailing behind everyone else : (

>> No.8404248

For me, pretty much any level of anhropomorphism (spelling?) is tolerable.
But I wouldnt play game with explicit erotic/pornoghraphic roleplay.

>> No.8404468

thanks for the sauce, like
said do you know if it's been translated anywhere?

>> No.8405441


>> No.8405918

age for sage

>> No.8405933


Buy Lore Charms instead. Go to Wyld. Shape self wings. Enjoy having spent bonus points better.

>> No.8405966

I allow anthromorphism... when it's not applied to animals.

Hell yeah humanoid clock rogue!

>> No.8407475
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