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Catachan: First Blood - gory adventure movie about heroically-thewed guardsmen on a hellish but no-doubt-fictional jungle planet

Battle-Brother Susan - heartwarming comedy about a female chapter serf who disguises herself as a man to go through Space Marine training alongside her twin brother

Ow! My Greater Good! - 90 minutes of Tau getting kicked in the crotch really hard

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(I'm planning out an Imperial movie theater terrain piece, and I need something to Photoshop into the posters)

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I second the last panel


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Das Imperator - Emperor class battleship stuck in the warp with failing gellar fields

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Can Love Bloom?: the Motion Picture

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>Ow! My Greater Good!

hahaaaha oh wow, i lol'd

Chaos undivided: [120 minutes of just static]

eldar: oceans 11, 12 and 13 - or any other "just as planned" movies

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Me and My Titan

Animated feature, hilarity ensues when a farm kid on an agri-world finds a dormant Warlord Titan buried in a field of space-corn. The Machine Spirit is strong enough to give it the personality of a loyal dog, but the mean local Mechanicus thinks they need to destroy it for tech heresy! Can a young boy convince the techpriests to let his "pet" serve the Imperium instead of being turned into scrap?

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I Was A Teenage Redemptionist - a tale of youthful zealotry GONE MAD in a world THAT HAS BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. By Scavvies.

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More like "Iron Titan". Boy's name is Hogarth.

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Inquisition IV: Still Pimpin'

Latest in a series of schlocky "hereticsploitation" films featuring action star Brucius Lee and a bevy of bosomy beauties in need of a purging.

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That's what I was going for, but I thought "Iron Titan" didn't make much sense as a title.

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XENO - Horror movie about a genestealer infestation on an Imperial supply ship after trip to a supposedly dead planet.

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Pitch Black Crusade

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I'm not going to say it.

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Eventus Horizonus

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Genestealer vs Dark Eldar 2

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Primarch Patrol: the Movie

Long-awaited big-screen version of the sensationally-popular children's show. Rumors persist than an important character (possibly even Roboutimus Prime?) will die at some point in the movie to make way for a new line of toys.

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Saving Private Ryan - A Guardsman is trapped deep behind traitor line.
Stalingratus - A Fortress planet under siege by enemy of the Imperium.

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Law-Abiding Inquisitor
A radical inquisitor, on trial for heresy, may hold the clue to finding an unbound daemon-host who happens to be his own child.

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Sororitas Gone Wild! vol MMMXII

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Never heard of Stalinvast Grenadiers, eh?

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Preceding every feature is a WW2-style newsreel and a cartoon short with Wile E. Coyote as an Ethereal trying to abduct a ratling.

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Whoever loses, we win

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Coming this Emperor-mas.
Dude, Where's My Baneblade?
Now in exciting PSYKER VISION!!!

A Stubbs production.

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"By Blood Redeemed"

An Ecclesiarchy-funded film about a wayward hive youth who realizes his sinfulness and repents of his wicked ways before the Immortal Emperor. He joins the local Guard in order to do penance for his sins and valiantly gives his life for his comrades and his God during a dire xenos invasion.

Throw in some other characters, a few special effects and some... what are they called, "one liners"? It will be not only entertaining, but spiritually enriching! Now to cast the lead role...

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The Road Arbitor
Maxamiumulus Rokistancy, an officer on a penal colony must struggle not only to stay alive while driving his supercharged Leman Russ across a barren continent in pursuit of the eascaped arch-anarchist Toe Cutter but to keep his faith in the emperor and humanity.

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Children of Khorne

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ASTARTES - Delicious propaganda, about a crack squad of Ultramarines defending an Imperial Agri-World from an Ork WAAAAGH.

The Folly of Idleness - A cautionary tale involving a group of high-born teenagers being slowly seduced to the Ruinous powers, then ruthlessly hunted by the Inquisition and their agents. Rumor has it that it contains actual footage.

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Arbiter Dredd
American Psyker
Robin Hood Prince of Scum
Marbo II
Void Born Supremacy

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Okay most of these are TV shows instead of movies. *shrug*

Thunderhawk Down.

Dads PDF (Theme Song : Who do you think you're kidding Warlord HiltSkrog)

NHAD (Necromunda Hive Arbite Division)

Arbites (Auspex relay crew following around real live Arbites as they bust vicious felons)

Inquisitor Judith (Heretics and mutants stand trial for their crimes, friday is execution day.)

Avatar. (Good honest Imperial Troopers bring death to the filthy deathworld loving xeno, including some freakish body swapping traitor/heretic)

Hades Hive. (Tale of the heroic defence of Hades have, as told from the perspective of legendary PDF sniper.)

Tyranid. (Mining vessel touches responds to distress beacon from the unexplored moon of ymargl)

Tyranids. (Lone survivor of ymargl moon disaster returns with a platoon of hardened Imperial Guard to kick arse and take names.)

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Marbo- 1 Hour 20 mins of Guardsman Marbo doing what he does in Ork territory.

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Enginseer Frediminium Dibnah's Visual Cornucopia of Fascinating and Most Unusual Cogitators, Logic Engines and Data Slates: Director's Cut.

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Beauty and the Xeno

Animated musical. Will the lovely, intelligent, and chaste Sororitas Belle be forced to marry an Ork Warboss? Not if Chapter Master Gaston and the Emperor's Antlers have anything to say about it!

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Miles Edgeworth : Ace Inquisitor

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Fear and Loathing in Commorragh

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Machine Cult of the Cave Bear

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Hive Saints - Two brothers go on a crusade to rid their hive home of scum in the Emperor's name.

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Mawloc Day

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The Passion of the CREEEEEEED

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City of Blood Angels

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Donnie Darko (Imperial Assassin drops a jet engine on rogue psyker before he can go critical and doom his world to daemonic infestation.)

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Being Olando Pius

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By the Emperor's Name, Fund it!

(I now am trying to imagine Gaston as a Space Marine Chapter Master..)

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The Chainswod in the Stone

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Independence Day - a startling cautionary tale of a rogue world falling from the Emperor's holy light, only to face the righteous wrath of His most holy Inquisition. Has boobs in it too.

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The Perfect Warp Stom - In just 20 hours a freak warp storm sweeps across a system claiming many ships.

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Kill Flabius Bile
Kill Flabius Bile II

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Honey I Daemonhosted The Kids

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Overblown, zeitgeist-tapping disaster film starring Johann Cusakius

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The World Eaters of the Dead
Dances with Space Wolves
The Da Vinci Codex

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I would start Photoshopping up some posters for these movies, but I don't have it here at work, alas.

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Sequel to The Davinci Codex: Space Marines and Daemons

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Dr. Strangelove

Some fucknut Krieg commander went totally ape...oh well, luckily exterminatus has been invented...

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Adamantium Man: The history of Tonycus Stark an Admech that escapes imprisionment from a Cultist group by crafting a Dreadnaught in a cave, with a box of scraps.

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Arbites Mechanicus: Arbites is maimed and murdered by hive scum but is brought back to life thanks to a cabal of Techpriests. Now he's back to kick some ass. Action.

Cloaked in Glory / Glorious Bastards: A group of Imperial infiltrators are sent to a renegade colony and start a reign of terror upon the populace. Action, drama.

Composit Dogs: A group of guardsmen hold out in a warehouse, waiting to be evac'd with a valuable black box. But is there a traitor amongst them? Action, suspense.

The Ratfolk: A mild-mannered ratfolk is taken from his underhive by an Inquisitor and his height-challenged retinue on their journey to find adventure and riches. Adventure, animated.

All Imperial Dogs go to Paradise: A hive scum is resurrected by the Emporer to redeem himself by finding a young, wayward Sororitas find a home. Family, animated.

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Are We Space Marines Yet? A Salamander's adopted family's young, aged 16, 16, 17, and 18 are all accepted as Neophytes.

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Der Untergang

A historic drama about the last days of Gorge Vandire during the second siege of Terra, and his assasination by Alicia Dominica

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The last Gue'la: a moving tale of an Imperial Guardsman stranded on a Tau planet. He learns the xenos ways and starts to appreciate them, to the point of becoming a honorary Firewarrior. When the Emprah's armies arrive, he helps his xeno hosts to fight them off. Que Exterminatus including a scene of Guardsman Thomas Kruze dying horribly.

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Sin Hive

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Lurnins wat oomies do so Iz can tell da Boyz abouts it

Widely known Imperial comedic actor portrays GORBLДT, an Ork correspondent who is on assignment to examine Imperial Hive culture and life. His wacky antics draw unknowing Imperial citizens into controversial situations stemming from cultural misunderstandings. HILARITY ENSUES.

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Dr. Strangelove or How I stopped worrying and learned to love the exterminatus.

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Comissar Academy(1-7) a popular comedy series about a group of Comissar cadets.

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Inquisitor Strangelove, then.

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Nah...psyker, maybe. Bionic arm n stuff...

set on Krieg. Now you know why it is such a craphole it is now

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Augustus Powers
A rouge and sexy Inquisitor from planet Brittania, is send to destroy the "Death star" a powerfull ship captured by Dr.Demon.

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Baby eating Ogryn...

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Exterminatus Now

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In His Majesty's holy secret service.
The man with the golden psycannon.
The cultist who loved me.
Live and let purge.
Quantum of plasma.
The warp is not enough.

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The Day Holy Terra Stood Still
The City of Lost Emperors Children
The Daemon Prince of Tides
The Silence of the Lamentors

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The Tyrant-Man

Narrator Werner Herzog warns good imperial citizens about the dangers of Xeno infestation, Xeno Love and rough psykers. Based on an acutal material.

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On Mars: An assassin fucks up a job by killing an innocent. His inquisitor tells him and his partner to wait on Mars until further notice. Cue sightseeing, drugs, midgets and attempted murder.

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>Quantum of Horus


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Eric the Space Wolf.

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Cadian History X

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A'ni'mal Sept: The story about a drunken frat of Delta Delta Tau.

>> No.8398901

Tzeentch's Labyrinth:
A tragedy about a commissar who is given the task to eradicate a small group of traitor guards while his wicked step-daughter is secretely being influenced by a Lord of Change to spoil the commissars plans.

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Al'ah'rem of Tallarn.
Da Fast and Da Shootiest.
Terra Girls are Easy.
Bill and Ted's Bogus Heresy.

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Now I wanna make a Tallarn army with a commissar lord named Larrance.

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Thief of Tallarn

For racing fans, there's Gorkamorka Nights.

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"Ferrum Vir".

On a word recently reclaimed by the Imperium of Man from the devastation inflicted thousands of years ago on it during the Age of Strife, a machine awakes. And it wants to rebuild its master...and is willing to do anything it takes to realize this.

Can the AdMech and the Imperium stop this technological nightmare from achieving its aims?

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We were guardsmen.

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The March of the Kroot
Dark Angels in the Outfield
The Deathwatchmen

>> No.8399089

Mel Brooks Presents Springtime For Horus.

>> No.8399098

Chaos Undecided
Band of Battle Brothers

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Indianus Jonesica and the Black Crusade

>> No.8399135

Gran Torinus
For a Fistful of Thrones
For a Few Thrones More
Imperium Hospital
The Constant Guardsman

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Once Upon a Time in Segmentum Tempestus

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Saving Neopyte Ryanus

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Hope someone archives this.

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When a tekno-voodoo practicing AdMech adepts accidentally downloads his mind into a vacant Necron body, hiliarity ensures and high adventure awaits!

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Enemy at the Cadian Gate. Nuff said.

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Indianicus Jonesica and the Temple of Doom Eagles

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Revenge of the Neophytes

>> No.8399382


Revenge of the Nurglings

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Flabius Bile's Day Off

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So is the scene where Vandire freaks out in high gothic endlessly re-subtitled on ImperialTube?

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You be it is! Imperials everywhere get over the tragic days with humorous subs such as "Vandire gets pranked by Creed".

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A man of plasteel - a story about Imperial citizen, who, despite traps set by cultist, manages to live a life as a pure servant of the Emperor.

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A Spore's Life: a small colony of Tyranid spores lives much as a hive city, though larger spores threaten the smaller ones' existence!

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In the same vein- Inglorious Sororeetas.

>> No.8399555

The last King of Drookia

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>>8398164Ow! My Greater Good! - 90 minutes of Tau getting kicked in the crotch really hard

"what's a Tau?"
"I dunno"

Tau are mostly unknown to the majority of the Imperium.

The only xenos everyone knows 'bout is Ork freebooters and Eldar corairs

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Except with more tits and action.

>> No.8399578

RemÓv€ yóur iLL3gaL <|óne imm€diã+eIyo Yóu have cÒpied äNd pãs+€d wvwoãNò[email protected]|K.<óm òñ Th3 subdOmaiN, Cut Th3 cråp, mÒõT, änd +h€s€ m3ssåges wiLl sTop, If +h3 persõN r€ading +his is NÓ+ mõÒT, 3-måiL mòò[email protected][[email protected]*org and teLl him Too

Remov3 your i|L3gåI <lOn€ immediã+3|y* Yòu håv€ <õpi€d @nd päs+ed vvv,åN0NTaIK_<öm 0N Th3 subdÓmãino Cu+ +h3 <[email protected], mÒoT, ãñd Th€se messåg3s vill s+Òp. If +h€ p3rsoN r€äding This is nöT m00+, 3-mAiI móõ[email protected]<häN*org äNd TeIL him to*

Remòv3 your iII3gAL cloN€ imm€diät3ly* Yöu [email protected] [õpi€d and past€d vvw*@ñönTãlk*<òm ON th3 subdõmåiñ_ Cut The cråp, móoT, @ñd Th€s€ messag3s will s+óp. If Th3 p€rson reädiñg this is Nò+ mõõ+, €-mãil mò[email protected][håN_örg änd T€lI him to_

R€mõv3 yÓur iII3gã| cIon3 immediA+3|y* YÓu håv3 <0pi€d ANd päsT3d wvw*AñÓNTãlKocom õñ the subdOmäiN, Cut the [[email protected], móÒ+, änd Th3s€ m€ssãg3s wiI| sTop* If Th3 p3rs0ñ r€Adiñg This is ñ0t mÒó+, €-måi| mõ[email protected]ñ_Org And T3|I him tO*

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Wouldn't Event Horizon be a documentary in WH40K?

>> No.8399613

Nah just "based on a true story".

>> No.8399645

Pirates of the Segmentum Obscura!

>> No.8399818

Planet of the Jokero

>> No.8399857

The Dark Grey Knight (sequel to Brotherhood Begins.)

>> No.8399881

Children of the God-Emperor.

A xenoplague stops humanity from reproducing, one loyalist finds the last pregnant woman and tries to get her safely to Terra.

>> No.8399899

its the prequel to 40k

>> No.8399915

-Maybe, if the baneblade company stikes from the left...
-"But Sir, we have lost 100 baneblades."
-"Anyone who is not a retarded, get out of this room"

>> No.8399922

All Quiet on the Western Front.

A lone guardsmen finds that intergalactic warfare is not as glorious and beautiful as claimed by his superiors and trainers.

Ironically, this film was banned for heresy shortly after release.

>> No.8399951

Chronicles of Narnius: Lion El-Johnson, the Witch Hunter, and the Wardrobe.

>> No.8399995

-The pure, the heretic, and the abhuman: a western in a far arid planet in Ultramar Sector.
-Bad Boys: Ravenor and Eisenhorn are acused of being radical Inquisitors and they have to proof their innocence.

>> No.8400015

The Usual Heretics:
Required observation by prospective Inquisitorial acolytes. If they don't spot the twist in the film before it is revealed, they aren't selected. If they get it wrong, they are punished.

>> No.8400028

OK it has too be done

The Sororitas of the Traveling Pants

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The Cermamite Menagerie

Plastisteel Magnolias

Tropic Thunderhammer

The Perfect Stormshield

Terminator II: Arbitrium Dies

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Mekboy On Da Hut - A story of Tevzog, a Warboss on a crashed hulk and his attempts to maintain his WAAAGH and orky way of life while outside influences encroach upon their lives.

“A mek-boy on da hut. Sounds a bit daft, yer? But 'ere, on our stinkin' planet of Gorkamorka, youz moight say we'z all mek-boyz on da hut, tryin' ta clobber

WHAZ DAT WEH CALLIN? DAT WICH WE CALL WARRGH BE ANY ALSE WUD BE AS GUDtoogever a deffgun wivout breakin' our necks."
If I wuz a rich nob,
Gorka morka morka, dakka dakka zoggin’ zoggin’ zed.
All day long Oi'd be crushin’ sum ‘eads.
If I wuz a wealfy nob.
Oi wouldn’t ‘ave to bash grots.
Gorka morka morka, dakka dakka zoggin’ zoggin’ zed.
If I were a toothy toothy rich,
Choppy-toofy-stompy-stompy nob.

I'd build a ‘uge gargant and kans by da dozen,
Roight in da middle of da hulk.
Wiv armour plates an’ grot riggers down below.
Dere would be one long gun arm, all shooty like
And one ta chop those t’ings wot skulk,
And one more wiv a banner, just for show!

I'd fill mah pens wiv squigs an ‘umies an fings and grots
Fer da boyz to see and ‘ear.
Screamin’ very noisily just becoz .
Wiv each loud "AHHH!" "EMPERA’ NO!!" "*gurgle*" "*STOMP*"
as a boy lops off d’ere ears,
Will let dem know "’ere lives a wealfy boss."

If I wuz a rich nob,
Gorka morka morka, dakka dakka zoggin’ zoggin’ zed.
All day long Oi'd be crushin’ sum ‘eads.
If I wuz a wealfy nob.
Oi wouldn’t ‘ave to bash grots.
Gorka morka morka, dakka dakka zoggin’ zoggin’ zed.
If I were a toothy toothy rich,
Choppy-toofy-stompy-stompy nob.

>> No.8400157

Inquisitor's Eleven
Titanicus, a tragic tale of the galaxy's largest transport
Band of Brothers: Battalion of IG fight a squad of Space Marines

>> No.8400196

But Eisenhorn and Ravenor both ARE Radical Inquisitors D:

>> No.8400219

I demand archives.

>> No.8400283

Even if it doesn't get archived, there's always this:

>> No.8400284

The Sorcerer of Prospero

>> No.8400304

Battlefield Terra. A movie centering on some very large, and hairy humanoid xenos trying to invade Terra. One of the Imperium's best comedies.

Mr. Gene's Holiday. A hilarious movie about the antics of a Mr. Gene, a genestealer cultist, trying to make it to the world of Cannes VI.

>> No.8400335

Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 1 times now.

>> No.8400339

Remember Nimbosa

Courageous folk hero Colonel Graff, and a retired Imperial Roughrider Davidicus Croketii (From the greenest world in the Empire's Fief), fight a hopeless battle against the teeming hordes of commander Brightsword to defend the monastery-city of Nimbosa from the Tau invaders.

A stunning tale of sacrifice and faith. Breathtaking. ~Inquisitorial Review~

Shame about Croketti, sounded like a cool guy. ~The Hero of the Imperium, Ciaphas Cain~

A classic story, heartwarming and tragic at the same time. ~Inquisitor Eisenhorn~

What in the Emperor's Bowels is a Tau? ~High Lord Van Der Kamp~

>> No.8400393

Lord Macrage of the Rings

Alice in the Warp

Who Framed Roger Ratling

The Necron

The Necron Returns

>> No.8400423

Born on a Mountaintop in Clemency, greenest world in the Empire's Fief,
Raised in the woods so he knew every tree, killed him a kroot, when he was only three,
David Crok-ettius, king of the wild frontier!

>> No.8400484

we were guardsman once ... and proud
story of the catachan 7th cavalry making repeated valkyrie troop insertions to landing zone X -Ray in the face of overwhelming ork forces

>> No.8400490

We were guardsmen once, and alive?

>> No.8400891

Teenage Mutant Ninja Abhumans

>> No.8400993

But... There's gotta be at least one who made it out to tell the story, right? Right...?

>> No.8401101

>But Eisenhorn and Ravenor both ARE Radical Inquisitors D:
First scene is an elderly gentleman surfing a monolith down a tidal wave before jumping off and pimpsmacking a Governor.

>> No.8401262

Alhardius - the story of how a young downhive thief freed a trapped daemon that promised to grant three wishes....
....and ate the foolish boy as soon as it was freed.


Pale-as-Snow Ulanti and the Seven Abhumans - A rich uphive girl escapes the tyrany of her clan and makes a home with seven squat but kindly abhumans....
....who rape her for several days before eating her.


*Except those officially approved by the Administratum

The Governers Daughter and the Jokero - A servant girl wearing the dress of the governers daughter mistakenly kisses a Jokero claiming to be a transformed noble and she is herself transformed into a Jokero...
...after some wacky adventures the witch who transformed his malformed slave into a jokero to lure in unsuspecting youg women to be sacrifices in his blasphemous rites captures and kills the young maiden.


>> No.8403330

White Scars Can't Jump

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