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Creed versus Askeladd; two tactical geniuses. Who would win?


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Who is Askeladd?

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A character from Vinland Saga, a manga series about Vikings. It's also quite historically accurate.

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can Askeladd summon titans out of fin air? i think not.

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a tactical genius.

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Creed defeats the tropical-fruit based viking.

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>out of fin air
>fin air

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He is a TITANIC dick. Varying degrees of sickeningly jerk bastard and glorious motherfucker.

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He has neither pauldrons nor does he wear a ridiculous collar. Animu gives him an additional malus.

He doesn't stand a chance.

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Creed's a Tactical Warlord, Askeladd's a textbook Resourceful Warlord. Askeladd is also the last descendant of King Arthur. However, Creed has a technologically superior army.

So Creed vs Askeladd leading an IG army as well? Askeladd. Askeladd doesn't need drop pods or the like. He has a shitload of guardsmen carry a baneblade across the battlefield.

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Croaker would hand their own asses to both of them.

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Carrying a baneblade?

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Vinland Saga fucking sucks so I go with CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

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>manga series about Vikings.

Fucking jappos. Is there nothing they won't defile?

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Picture Related.

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There was a scene in the manga when... Wait I'll find it

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He needs the Lady to function properly, though.

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You could say...

Their enemies are boatmurdered.

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That's a viking long ship, you were talking about a baneblade.

If we're talking about an army battle, we're talking about guns against swords, in which case the results should be pretty straight-forward.

Therefore, they must fist-fight.

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You fiend!

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Askeladd died already, so Creed wins by abstain.
How about L (death note) vs Tzeentch?

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god damn it....

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SPOILERS, L is dead. Snape also killed Dumbledore.

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I guess I now understand why people turn to Khorne.

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I just started reading it a few days ago, man when I saw that scene...

"Even on land vikings are FOE"

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Vader was Luke's father. Emperor Palpatine his mother.

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Boats work on land because Askeladd says so.

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Wait till you hear their Nirvana covers!

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Okay, anything from japan loses, now and forever.

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And when you die in glorious service to the Blood God, you arrive to his throne and... He's listening to that. And dancing.

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Wait what?

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It's also full with bullshit over the top fights, angsty main character that is 10 years old, deformed looking people and they kill off the only good character.

Yup it's pretty historically accurate.

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Would you kindly provide a link? Google is very much unhelpful when you type in a common english word.

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Hulk smash.

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none, Deadpool is far superior

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Etrian Odyssey Bosses were called F.O.E.s .

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FOE --- > Fucking overpowered enemy, furry orange enemy, full oral eclipse, etc.


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Pretty typical Japanese considering they have a karaoke fetish.

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Ah, that is the exact thing I was looking for. Much obliged, kind sir.

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Full oral eclipse, you say?

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You forgot "Fuck Over Everything"

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Well, not like western civilisation lacks silly remakes.

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Yeah, also people should know that there is nothing that is sacred around the entire world.

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Not true, there are plenty of things wapan has not defiled yet.

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Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ9fBZOj3_M this video has FOE as well, see if you can find it!

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What a splendid mental image, I shall treasure it.
Thank you

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Yeah but I doubt any of them were as cool as vikings

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The whole "japan defiles everything" is silly. Everyone ruins everyone's shit all the time. Lets be fair and hate everything equally.

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Yes but no one defiles things quite like japan defiles things

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god dam

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Defiling is fun and gives me a lot of pleasure.

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Well this one of the view times where a shitty metal cover is better than the original.

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Speaking of defiling, have you guys seen the "anime" remakes of Edd, Ed and Eddy, Looney Tunes, PPG, Adams Family etc? Yep, they did them all.

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Oh sure just kick my childhood as you pass

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you fall out of your moonshoes and hit your head, blackey?

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Thats silly, a lot of people could and is bitching about McDonalds being omnipresent in the world. What was that song... Oh yeah!


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dear god what the flying fuck am i hearing?


damn you to hell! catguy! damn you to hell!

i can't get that fucking song out of my head!

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wtf is this shit?

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>Edd, Ed and Eddy, Looney Tunes, PPG, Adams Family

Link to all of them, I have to see this!

At least I have shoes you vagrant hobo.

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When was the last time someone else pumped this shit out?

Yeah, fuck you.

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Still think we should hate everyone "equally" you god damn lie-bral?

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Some sociopath touhou fan used the touhou maker (danmakufu) to create that... abomination.

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German scat porn. Yawn.

Bald man's head in a blond whore's pussy.

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Big fuckng deal. I'm never gonna get around to watch those remakes anyway so it is not like my childhood is raped. Well that is unless someone on /tg/ makes me watch it Clockwork Orange style.

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Thanks for ruining my morning.

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the wolverine steel toes might not be fashionable enough for uptown cadavers like you, but suit me fine

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>the youtube links posted on this thread

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The fact that this is real amuses me.

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At least I don't smell like a corpse you downtrodden hobo dogfucker nya~


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i wonder how much they got paid to do that.

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I can see the burn marks all the way from my house!

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Fuck you man, I am NOT going to dig up the links for this shit. Not after what they did to MegasXLR.. *sniff* poor Coop *sniff*

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That's what I think every time I see pics of some horrible scatplay posted on the chans...

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I'm searching and searching and I see no anime Edd Ed and Eddy, nor Adams family nor nothing.

Well, actually I found Powerpuff Girls, but nothing of value was lost.

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you couldn't track my scent if I held box of blood bags, leech

you like projecting this 'dogfucker' problem of yours on me, yeah?

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Why would I want to find you when you're finally gone from my sight? >:3

Just kidding SoS, I love you.

Okay that was overkill, but still whats up, aside from trolling /tg/ 24/7?

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Wait, what? WHAT?!

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>Creed versus Askeladd; two tactical geniuses. Who would win?

Any way you slice it, there's only one tactical genius who could win here.. I think we...


I just had a cup of coffee here not 5 fucking seconds....


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ITT: pic related.

Could be worse. There's a video out there of a woman with a vagina full of octopus. And it clearly went in head-first.

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I have seen worse than that.

If there are any other Internet Oldfags around, I remind you of the video Yuckew.wmv

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if I trolled, would be in dungeons and dragons threads, blackey. thought you're happier with my 'cooler older brother' too, eh?

looking forward to going back to my sept tomorrow night for some fun

bite anyone tasty lately?

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Do I seriously have to look for that fat black chick masturbating with a dead fish vid? Please don't make me, please...

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Haha, you saw that? Anyway, lets not chat on /tg/, enough shit as it is.

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Well I like Japan for their crazy dickery even if they are socially assholes.

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Why not? It's all shit mostly anyway, besides it's only one thread. I'll go find the links for the stuff I mentioned earlier, oh god.

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>Look in the related tab
>See Basket Case

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