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Local store owner pushes hard core 40k WYSIWYG tournament if not king of tournament rules on armies for 40k.
>Fewer and fewer people play 40k there.

I wanted to dive into fantasy (which is the store owners main game, he hates 40k but will never admit it). So yeah, I wanted a "The Hun" style wood elf force with archers on horses. He enforces his own version of a fair system which is complicated and perverse. (Anyone who makes an army with what I had in mind ends up considering it A class, where people can just up and say your a fucking cheap asshole in a nice way and not play you, thus wasting your money trying to find games)

That blew over. He's also the type that does not sell AoBR sets because most of the 40k players convert a lot. He also puts guilt trips on people who come in with new models he does not remember selling to them. (He keeps a fucking record on every single individual, even those who pay with cash only)

Hard ass extremist... How I wish I could rub it in his face. But alas, he is god and all of his employees are the people who's houses are open for gaming outside the store. Anything goes on, he pushes his little red button and the person is OUT.

Fucking lame ass store owners that governs all gaming you could possibly go to.

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There's only one solution to your situation, OP.....burn it. Burn it all.

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If your the same labamba, you should get a code for that name.

Some of the shit you say makes me lol.

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Got to love it when powertripping bastards on the edge of psycopaths gets their way and people don't have the backbone to just turn away or speak their minds, brilliant.

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...Yeah. For once I agree with this fag.

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This is the shop, for reference.

Nearest one from there... Las Vegas.

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You know OP, it could very well work, just think; How many people truly despise him? That's a vast amount of suspects.

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1. Burn it.
2. Go to Las Vegas.
3. Beer.
4. ???
5. Profit.

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His building is linked with several other places though.

It's a complex.

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Fuck yeah! Vegas!

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I am getting a ton more games when I move to tokyo....

Only 2 more f'n years!

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The only real problem I had was with the LGS I went to before I moved away. Great place, decent people, but the owner and I didn't see eye to eye on a few things.

What was the main issue, you ask? That I wasn't allowed to enter tournaments for Warhammer Fantasy. Literally, I was forbidden to enter them. Not because I was a jackass, or cheated, or anything negative.

It was because I won nearly every game I played.

Sounds crazy, right? Sure, I lost a few times here and there. But in all seriousness, I could destroy most of the people there. I don't want to seem like I'm bragging, but it was true. And since the owner didn't want me to disturb how the tournaments would go(people simply would forfeit out when they saw me in them), I wasn't allowed to play my hobby. Even if he offered store credit for the winner, or whatever, I couldn't qualify. And lo and behold, if you get alienated enough, nobody wants to play you. And thus, my hobby died out.

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OP here,

I had the same issue with my 30 chaos terminator 1750 tourny army.

930 points in power weapon terminators, the rest of the army was stock and standard. Some laspredators, and 3 units of chaos marines in rhinos. No prince or lash, not even a sorc, just a lord with power weapon.

I was banned from participating. Not banned with my chaos only... BANNED

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Every now and then I troll some threads for late night shits and giggles, but there have been instances of some sad sack who copies my name and tries to get me into trouble. I've actually debated going tripfag just to get the fucker off my case.

First time for everything.

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You know what would cheer you up? Heading out to the desert with your ol buddy WW and killing some soda cans.

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That cheers all of us up.

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Can I come too? I've still got my old plinky .38 somewhere.

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Shit, i totally forgot about this thread.

If any vegasites are still here and want to go shooting tommorow, speak up. If you dont have a gun, you can put some rounds through mine, provided you buy htme yourself. Just get some cheapo wolf .223 and come on down. Learn to shoot so when the god emperor demands you die in his name you can at least take down some of the filthy heretics as well.

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wow, really feeling 4 u OP

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