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This is the best thing to ever happen to my painting. I live in the dry cold climates of northern Canada and my GW paints (got into 40k last year) constantly dried fast, either when putting it on a palette or directly out of the pot or even on a wet palette. I tried adding water, a wet palette, keeping a humidifier on near by, etc but nothing helped keep my paint from drying super fast on me.

One or two drops of this mother and painting became a whole new experience. It simultaneously made the paint flow better and dry slower on the palette yet take hardly any longer on the model. I don't know what the difference is but it just feels to much easier to work with, like it flows off the brush exactly as I want it to.

What does /tg/ use to help in their painting? I recommend this and probably any other brand of acrylic paint retarder (it was only 3.49, what a steal!)

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I'll bump with stuff from my /tg/ folder to keep the thread alive

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Liquitex is awesome, if expensive.

I don't have anything much to add other than if you use milliput, add water to your finger while mixing the two parts so it doesn't stick to everything.

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I've used that stuff before myself, and it's magical. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of models to showcase.
Instead have a giant evil solar warforged.

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Something I found out from some nid conversion experts is to use a hand moisturizer. I use Lubriderm, they suggested Nivea hand cream. I use it on both greenstuff and apoxie sculpt and it makes it so much easier to mix and to sculpt. It rubs into the material and evaporates away or can easily be wiped off as opposed to Vaseline which is a pain to get rid of. Plus its great for your hands.

That is a mean looking picture, very shadow of the colossus. I like it. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures to show case, but here's more fantasy pics.

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>dem legs.

Post this on /ic/ I dare you.

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