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/tg/, Imagine your local gaming store hold warhammer 40K tournaments in a quite competitive atmophere. How would you react if Imperial Armour models were allowed, quite likely not for the cool models but for cheese?

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Ah, seems I forgot no one actually plays 40K on /tg/.Just complain about the rules. I can do that too. Damn (current updated codex), they are too powerfull, even (cheesy mathhammer army you'd want to play, if you had people to play.) cannot beat them, GW really dropped the ball on this.

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Sorry mate, got occupied reading that epic comic there.
Honestly, I could take it or leave it. My shop sucks, the owner's a dick and most of the players there are whiny pricks like the owner.
I do a lot of my shopping online.

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The guy with most money wins basicly. Flyers for instance can totally dominate regular games. Not to mention the lucius pattern droppord that is an assault vechichle for dreadnaughts. That shit wins the game by itself.

Imperial armour doesnt write balanced rules and should be kept out of tournaments. They say so themselves.

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