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These drawings are inaccurate. They show Abaddon having arms, and OP's pic even gives the impression that he's actually a threat to the Imperium. Lies and slander.

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>armless Abaddon
Man, that joke will just never die; will it?

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Old habits die hard.

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Why didn't the Eye of Terror cover have Abaddon's topknot? That looks like it could be any old Chaos Lord.

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Fuckin A

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Maybe it's supposed to be Horus? I mean, it does have the TV head look going for it.

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Because it is so ridiculous even GW won't acknowledge it.

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Man what is up with the armless abaddon thing, anyways?

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But all his other art has him with it.

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It's a long story, but basically some guy posted a pic of a shitty Abaddon paintjob with no arms and it kinda stuck.

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Long ago someone posted a picture of their Abaddon model with the arms not attached(most likely because it was a WIP) and it suddenly became a meme.

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And the fact that he failed 13 crusades makes him into the armless failure.

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Failed to do what? Inflict a massive amount of damage upon the Imperium and offer up countless sacrifices to the powers of the Warp?

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It's more like the fact that he never get passed Cadia.

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>13 failed black crusades

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Well if GW didn't make him into a Saturday morning cartoon type villain he might be worth something.

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Oh, here comes the Abaddon Anti-Defamation League again.

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actually he is in cadia

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I'm waiting for the Unicorn Marines to go git that sucka.

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Seriously, read some fluff. Abbadon only lead like 4 of those.

One of them was to attain Drachn'yen which he got.
As far as I know only the 13th was aimed directly at Cadia and succeeded in ruining the planet completely as a defensive fortress as of the end of the 41st millennium

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The meme was helped along by the pic someone posted of the book "Mostly Armless: The hilarious misadventures of Abaddon the Despoiler"

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Did they also made some writefaggotry on this, or not?

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I'm pretty sure he has, several times. He's just never taken it completely.

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I'm sure it was worth the deaths of thousands of IRREPLACEABLE Renegade Space Marines just so Abbadon can hit people in close combat with a daemon sword

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>Abbadon only lead like 4 of those.

>Abaddon has led twelve more Black Crusades against the Imperium since his first horrific onslaught. Each attack has sent the Imperium reeling and ravaged worlds close to the Eye of Terror. With every assault Abaddon leads, the strength of his Black Legion grows. In the minds of the Chaos Space Marines, success is a sign of the Chaos Gods’ favour, and Abaddon is now seen by many as the natural successor to Horus. Only the Daemon Primarchs wield as much power as the Warmaster of the Black Legion. The High Lords of Terra dread the day that Abaddon truly unites all of the Traitor Legions and returns to Earth to play out the last acts of treachery begun by Horus ten thousand years ago. Their fear is not without just cause.

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>By the pointy slippers of Khorne!
Best. Line. Ever.

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Little Horus is little >:3c

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>The High Lords of Terra dread the day that Abaddon truly unites all of the Traitor Legions and returns to Earth

Sir, Abaddon the Despoiler is coming! We think he's managed to unite all the traitor legions and is heading for Holy Terra!

Oh I see, well if you could make a quick call to the one thousand Astartes chapters we have on stand by and see if they can't swing past would you?

Very good, Sir.

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Goddammit. Yeah, Abbadon is pretty damn stupid looking but that doesn't make him a failure. Firstly, not all the Black Crusades were led by him. Also, there hasn't been any concrete evidence as to the guy's motives behind the Black Crusades he's led except for two. Maybe three. I can't remember if Abbadon got Drach'nyen in the same crusade he got the Blackstone Fortresses.

So that's three motives that we know about. He got himself that daemon sword, managed to capture two of the Blackstone Fortresses, as a side bonus caused a war that ripped through the Gothic Sector that caused about as much harm to the Imperium as the invasions of Armageddon. During the 13th he goddamn whooped the Imperium's ass. Well, really the Chaos players whooped the ass of the Imperium players during the Summer Event but it amounts to the same thing. Two planets in the Cadian System got destroyed. The prison world in the system got its populace drafted into the armies of Chaos and the Imperium had to blow up the planet to rob them of a huge source of soldiers. Then the Planet Killed blew up the major population center of the system. Then Cadia itself was overrun except for a few pockets of resistance and the only reason it wasn't a complete loss was because the Imperium kept the space lanes.

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Slippers? I didn't knew Khorne was into this...

Goddammit, now I'm imagining him with some dressing gown.

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Nope, because it's the only thing that made him remotely memorable.

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>Implying 1000 astartes chapters sit around all day doing nothing and are able (or willing) to just drop everything and come a' runnan

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>Implying that they wouldn't drop everything else to wage war on the Great Enemy to protect the Golden Throne.

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>implying you know anything

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If ALL OF THE TRAITOR LEGIONS suddenly decide to head towards Terra, you can bet your ass almost every single Space marine will defend the Emprah.

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>Implying they wouldn't kill each other to get to Terra and the Emperor quicker if they could

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i think chaos is a pretty cool guy, eh blows up entire systems at once and doesn't afraid of anything

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Why yes,I do. You're a retarded namefag who seems to think that traitors to the Emperor who are ATTACKING Terra is something that Space Marines would ever ignore. Good lord, I know the fluff isn't that cohesive, or even that well written, but it's pretty much a guarantee that the Space Marines sort of need the Astronomicon.

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Are you suggesting if Chaos personified was heading to Terra every single fucking space marine in the Galaxy wouldn't tear over there as fast as their Astropaths could take them?


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Meanwhile, territories dependent upon the Marines' protection are overrun by Orks, Necrons, Tau...

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Because every single loyalist space marine was present the last time the legions of Chaos were attacking Terra, amirite?

It kind of takes a while to get there from the other end of the galaxy. ...especially if you're an Ultramarine.

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Wait for it guys, namefag has been shown up good and proper, any second now.

he troll us

derp herp derp

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Except marines were never defensive troops. that's a job for the PDF and to a lesser extent, Imperial Guard. They go where they're needed.

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The rank-and-file forces of the Imperium can't win every war by themselves though, no matter what /tg/ might like to think.

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True. But when the very core of the entire Imperium is threatened, they sure as hell can spare their shock troops.

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>implying most of the traitor legions have even the slightest inclination to listen to abaddon.

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I would like to see one of the daemon primarchs squash Abaddon like a bug.

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>Abaddon and his warriors still fight hard to rebuild their pride and reputation, battling in the most dangerous conflicts they can find. At first Abaddon won the grudging respect of the surviving Traitor Legions, but as his deeds have grown bolder and mightier, respect is turning into support. His impassioned words have fanned the smouldering dissent of the Traitor Legions into raging fires of hatred. Champions of many Legions and gods now vie to fight for Abaddon in the colours of the Black Legion.

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>Now, dire portents wax nigh and even the most blinkered cannot fail to see a pattern emerging in the attacks in the sectors surrounding the Eye of Terror. The Emperor’s Tarot regularly displays powerful cards representing war and death on an apocalyptic scale, and Astropaths report horrifying visions of torrents of blood raining from the sky to drown the Imperium of Man. Even the Eldar, aloof and cruel aliens, have given warning of the rise of a Great Uniter, as deep within the anarchy of the Eye of Terror, ancient feuds have been set aside in the face of Abaddon’s leadership. Bitter hatreds, such as that between the World Eaters and the Emperor’s Children following the Battle of Skalathrax, have been quelled and even the Alpha Legion and the Word Bearers share an uneasy peace. Binding oaths and debts have been called to account and a force, the likes of which has not been seen since the Horus Heresy, has been assembled, ready to strike the Imperium like a thunderbolt.

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I can Imagine Abaddon demanding something of Lorgar who then responds by cleaving him in half


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I could see the ones that are little more than warbands at this point (EC, DG, TS, WE), but ones with an actual command structure (AL, WB), and ones who implicitly distrust the other legions (NL, IW), I have difficulty believing.

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>Remove topknot, glue to bottom of chin

>Abearddon is now badass

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See >>8312018.

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Night Lords just told Abbadon to fuck off in "Soul Hunter" and left him to get a kicking by the Blood Angels

Word Bearers currently led by Erebus are plotting Abaddons downfall as stated in the most recent Word Bearers book.

Alpha Legion are fighting for the Emperor

Poor old Abaddon, that alliance isn't quite as strong as he'd like to think

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Their "Fighting for the Emperor" mostly consists of making sure that the Imperium and Chaos destroy each other.

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My god, I might have to try that.

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None of the daemon primarchs give a shit about Abaddon, the warbands nominally belonging to their Legion just have enough autonomy to make the choice of joining his crusades.

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True, but Alpharius Omegon loved their father enough to risk their Legion and themselves to protect humanity.

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>Alpharius and Omegon

Perhaps the most stupid fucking thing ever written in a Black Library book. And there's a LOT of stupid shit in BL books. What a load of bullshit.

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What is the status of the Daemon Primarchs?

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Lorgar and Angron are the only ones who still do shit, as far as i know. Fulgrim, Magnus, Mortarion, and Perturabo are all on their own planets, mostly ordering their guys around.

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Lorgar - Meditating
Angron - Banished by Grey Knights
Magnus - brooding?
Mortarion - Enjoying his plague planet
Fulgrim - Enjoying his pleasure planet
Peturabo - Enjoying his fortress planet

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That fluff was set before the 13th Black Crusade. Any alliances during the Crusades are always only temporary, since the various warbands that make up the attacking force will inevitably break away and go back to killing each other and pursuing their own objectives.

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Magnus attacked the space wolves

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Angron: stomped around punching things for a while but got banished back to the Warp by Grey Knights.
Fulgrim: possessed by his daemon sword, feels really bad about the whole heresy thing.
Lorgar: still writing his book.
Perturabo: building LEGO castles on whatever his planet's called.
Magnus: angsting.
Mortarion: ...being all Nurgley, I guess.

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Horus: Actually sits on the Golden Throne
Guilliman: Secretly lords over the Imperium from Macragge

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And was injured and forced to retreat by the then-Great Wolf. Who he killed, but still.

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Admittedly I don't read much Space Wolves fluff, but Great Wolf just sounds like the stupidest title ever.

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it gets worse.

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What's the wolfmatter? Too WOLF for you?

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Wolf Claws
Jaws of the World Wolf (psyker power)
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Canis Wolfborn (who rides a wolf and has the aforementioned wolf claws)
Wolf Priests

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"Listen closely Brothers, for my life's breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying, and our foes shall gather to destroy us. Then my children, I shall listen for your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. For the Wolftime."

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I'm actually fine with those, except possibly the Wolf Priests. It's just that someone's title being Wolf is just so ridiculously retarded to me for some reason. You don't see the Blood Angels calling their chapter master Archangel, do you?

>> No.8312709

Attacked Space Wolves and got owned by force consisting mostly of reserves, auxiliaries and Bjorn.

>> No.8312719


how'd he kill the great wolf?

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>You don't see the Blood Angels calling their chapter master Archangel, do you?
Hey, there's always next edition.

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There should be a CHAOS MARINE enemy of the blood angels

called the BLOOD DEVILS

that would be soo cool

>> No.8312746

How about Archvampire?

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>Overcome with fury and shame, Harek led his forces back to Fenris with all haste and finally brought Magnus to battle on the blood-stained slopes of the Fang. There, Harek and Magnus fought in vicious close combat, and though the Wolf Lord was slain, Magnus too was injured and his warriors were forced to retreat in the face of the vengeful Space Wolves.

From WD359

>> No.8312844

I still think it's funny that a Daemon Primarch couldn't conquer a fortress defended by old servants and neophytes. OK, they had Bjorn, but still.

>> No.8312941

Yeah. you'd think a Primarch, who apparently could best the biggest and baddest of the greater daemons by themselves, would be able to beat even heroes of the current Imperium. Especially with added daemonic powers.

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To be fair, Magnus is the nerd of the family.

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WHAT THE HELL? Thousand Sons actually DOING STUFF in canon?

>> No.8313023


Primarchs can best greater daemons, but they are not undefeatable. I consider the stats of Angron, which place him above Bloodthirsters but below the Forgeworld gargantuan daemon characters (which are one per god) a good indicator of their relative power level in fluff.

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You remember when Abaddon was actually a credible threat?
...yeah, me neither.

>> No.8313071

Magnus even has a (horrible) model. Even if it's just for Epic.

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Lorgar - Meditating
Angron - Banished by Grey Knights
Magnus - brooding?
Mortarion - Enjoying his plague planet
Fulgrim - Enjoying his pleasure planet
Peturabo - Playing IRL Dwarf fortress.

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File: 1.87 MB, 2156x2508, Magnusthered2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magnus struck him thrice and thrice more, but even these wounds were not enough, and Harek did rise again. Though gore stained the snow and his heart was broken, he faced the giant. Though his beard and hair were ablaze, skin blackened through eldritch flame, he did roar his hate of the Red Witch of Prospero. Once fell his right axe, and the giant did bellow, twice fell its twin and all gathered did stare amazed. Had Harek slain the father of a thousand sorcerers?

Nay, for the Red Giant had sworn the craven oaths of a traitor, and though he was rent and torn, death would not claim him. Clasping mighty Harek by the throat he raised him up, and with a look from his baleful eye he did murder a legend.

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During the 32nd Millennium, the Fang faced the sternest test since its creation as Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, sought vengeance for the ravaging of Prospero during the Horus Heresy.

During the Horus Heresy, Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves Legion, was charged with bringing Magnus the Red to justice. In an extraordinarily violent and brutal planetary invasion, Leman Russ and his scions drove the Thousand Sons from their home world in a cataclysmic encounter. That battle was immortalised as the Sack of Prospero, a grievous wound to the pride of the Thousand Sons that Magnus long sought to avenge.

His campaign of vengeance began with a number of speculative incursions intended to misdirect and confound the Scions of Fenris. In an effort to divide the Space Wolves and scatter their resources, Magnus and his allies commenced a series of raids upon the worlds near Fenris, each attack bloodier and more brutal than the last. These attacks had the effect of drawing Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm and his warriors away from Fenris and into a protracted hunt that lasted years. Though they wrought many mighty deeds within this time, the Space Wolves never once were able to get to grips with Magnus the Red. Several times Magnus appeared to Harek as a vision, taunting him amongst the ruins of devastated cities, each time leading the Space Wolves further from Fenris, and from Magnus’ true goal. A final Warp-dream cast into the mind of the Great Wolf drew the Space Wolves to the Chaos-held world of Gangava, and what Harek Ironhelm believed was a secret Thousand Sons’ stronghold – wasting no time, the Space Wolves, supported by the vast majority of the Chapter’s strength, launched a full-scale offensive.

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This, of course, was Magnus’ greatest deception, for Gangava was indeed a stronghold, but garrisoned by Magnus’ allies. Though it was strongly held, Magnus and the Thousand Sons were elsewhere. Indeed, as Harek and his warriors hurled themselves against the Chaos forces on Gangava, Magnus and his war-fleet launched their own attack on Fenris.

Defending the Fang against the Thousand Sons Legion and their Chaotic allies was a token force of Space Wolves numbering perhaps a few hundred. Most of the Space Wolves that remained on Fenris were Wolf Scouts caught unawares in the wilderness of Asaheim, and Blood Claws barely raised up from their initiation. The defenders of the Fang realised they faced certain annihilation unless the remainder of their Chapter returned to aid them. In desperation, the Space Wolves awoke the slumbering form of one of their Chapter’s greatest heroes, and so Bjorn the Fell-Handed rose to do battle against the scions of Prospero once again.

For forty days and forty nights Bjorn and his scattered forces held the Thousand Sons at bay, even resorting to luring many of Magnus’ warriors into catacombs beneath the Fang itself where they could collapse tunnels upon the foe, and where the ferocity of the Blood Claws in close assault could negate the numerical advantage of the Thousand Sons and their allies.

While Bjorn oversaw the desperate defence of the Fang, a small task force of Scouts, led by the hard-bitten Haakon Blackwing fought their way free of the citadel and took ship to Gangava, bringing word of the siege to Harek Ironbrow and the rest of the Space Wolves.

Overcome with fury and shame, Harek led his forces back to Fenris with all haste and finally brought Magnus to battle on the blood-stained slopes of the Fang. There, Harek and Magnus fought in vicious close combat, and though the Wolf Lord was slain, Magnus too was injured and his warriors were forced to retreat in the face of the vengeful Space Wolves.

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Lorgar - Meditating
Angron - Banished by Grey Knights(only for 1000 years. Hes back now since that was in the 1st armageddon war)
Magnus - brooding?
Mortarion - Enjoying his plague planet
Fulgrim - Trapped in his own mind. Possessed by greater daemon
Peturabo - Playing IRL Dwarf fortress.

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Dad, are you coming to the school's fair this year?

I want you to meet this guy I'm trying to get to join the Art Club. I think you'll like him.

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Abaddon has accomplished more since the Heresy than any of the Daemon Primarchs have.

>> No.8314380

So Magnus, the champion of the god of insidious planning and plots within plots, spends years setting up an invasion of his most hated enemy. When the time comes to actually do the deed he lets his enemies choose the battlefield and takes one of the best shooting units in the game and has them engage in close combat with one of the best hand to hand armies.

And we consider Abaddon the failure?

>> No.8314406

That isn't too hard, since the Demon Primarchs are primary busy, fighting eachother, and shaping their demon planets into an egoistic self-image.

>> No.8314471

Dude. Fenris is a fucking fortress world.

First of all, it's basically a Tyranid planet gone mad. Basically, it's filled with evolved mutant-Tyranids that have severed their link with the hivemind.
Second, the Fang is a fucking fortress. An army of Inquisitors and Sisters of Battle tried to take it, and they failed miserably.
Assaulting goddamn 'lone wolf' soldiers on their homeplanet.

>> No.8314518

I always have to wonder why they take the time to put new heads on their spikes. I mean, it must be a pain in the ass. And are they just any random heads? I mean, why some vanilla guardsman?

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File: 73 KB, 873x627, m1241795_99060105207_CadianOfficerspowerswordsmain_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps it's an officer who decided to actually wear a helmet. Not that it did him much good, evidently.

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