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So apparently /lit/ emailed Moot and asked nicely if he could please outlaw the shitty Ayn Rand trolls - and Moot actually took action, holy shit.

So what should we ask Moot to outlaw on /tg/? Namefag circlejerk threads? Goldenneckbeard worship? GNB himself? Sergalfag? Quest threads?
I left /tg/ mostly due to the namefag circlejerks, but I dunno what everyone else thinks.

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Ban the writefags. Bunch of cocksucking shit bastards

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Outlaw the tripfags.

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God. Those fucking avatarfag trollplay threads.

They're so terrible.

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Ban Anonymous.

That fucker's always starting some shit.

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edition trolls and shirtless camwhores

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And maybe this. >>8305418

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Ban namefags, writefags, sergals, and any of those other fag-ass forced memes

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Ban people who insist on starting threads asking to ban something.

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REMOVE METATHREADS (like this one).

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Porn threads.

This is a SWF board, so it should be obvious, but it apparently needs saying twice.

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What is so wrong with writefags?

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Ban 40K and Dorf Fortress.

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Ban S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

j/k man, your funny.

If I had to ask for 1 thing.. those fucking Quest threads.

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What's wrong with the writefags? They're actually contributing something interesting instead of trolling (when it isn't fapfic or DD...)

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I am satisfied with the current structure of /tg/

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>So what should we ask Moot to outlaw on /tg/?

Metathreads. Like this shitheap.

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Hm, let's see, people who have so far contributed to this board the least. Oh, I know. That one sagefag, idiots who chase off providers of OC, idiots who harass and report threads if they're not strictly related to d&d or wh40k, idiots who try to come up with rules for /tg/.

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There are many good fapfics, just not DD.

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Fuck you Golden Neckbeard contributes more to this site than you ever will.

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>DD bad
What do you want from a woman?

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Thank...I guess.

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Nothing's wrong with them. It's one or two butthurt gurofags still butthurt over how John wouldn't write another DD.

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You have no idea how much he does or doesn't contribute to the board.

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>Namefag circlejerk threads

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Who is John and what is DD?

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What man, you are at least a rational individual. That can't be said for at least.. 70% of /tg/

So put that thing here.

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Outlaw porn.

/tg/ would be the best again.

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John is a writer.
And DD is Dranon Delight. Search it on 1d4chan.

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GNB is harmless. I mean, the guy actually makes himself useful in spite of being both a tripfag AND an avatarfag.

The worship of GNB is a bit of a problem, though. Same goes for the namefag circlejerks (Russ, Chubby Gorgon, Gnollbard, etc.). Both cases are fairly minor, since they tend to keep themselves to one thread at a time allowing other content to go on unmolested.

Edition trolling, by contrast, is a MUCH bigger problem, and is one that we really shouldn't do anything about since that would mean restricting topics within the focus of the board and there's no clear place to draw the line. There really are those that insist that any thread discussing D&D at all is edition trolling.

Nor do I think we really should ban all /v/-related content since the line can be a bit blurry at times. Is Fallout 3 /tg/ related? No? What about a Fallout 3 thread that's discussing the setting as inspiration for a tabletop game? The problem here quickly becomes clear.

Remember, we can't really hope to get mods or janitors that know enough about /tg/ to be able to intelligently enforce the board's topic, so we're better off with the current non-involvement of 4chan's janitors than we are creating content rules for them to enforce.

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John-Decent writefag

DD-Worst piece of fapfic ever made on /tg/

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Fuck you Tripfag

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Porn IS outlawed. Note the blue background. If you see any, report it.

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I don't know, DD6 was pretty good.

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But /tg/'s culture is built upon chinks filth

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/tg/ is nerd general, it should have everything nerds like. After all, you need concentrated chaos for good things to blossom...

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>Quest threads?

Dear God, yes.

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John-sickfuck who hates /tg/ and has tried to destroy it in the great writefag wars, he lost and was banished to the basalt wastes where he seeks vengeance.

DD-Source of power and beacon of hope for /tg/. It took 4 shots of it, but in the end John did fall along with his writefags in arms.

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*inhales* I hope you're fucking joking.

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/tg/ is fine the way it is.

Well, except for Scared of Shadows.

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Nothing against John or Exalted (well...), but they should be warned when they start raging and cutting wrists when they don't get attention

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5-10 posts already, nobody said shit about my posted porn. Never change /tg/

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>Outlaw porn.
Frankly, I think this would really help. Shit seems to inevitably degrade into "lets fap guise".

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>the game

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Also the avatarfag thread.
It would be fine if they keep it in just one thread but they take it everywhere with them.
It's like some sort of mutation virus or something that go into a thread and derail it completely.

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Read the rules, fucker. This is a SWF board.

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The avatar rollplay was decent in the late summer, but it got out of hand and turned into a circlejerk. Most of the RPers stopped doing it, leaving only the furries (Russ, Gnollbard, Verity, Chem-Rat and Chubby Gorgon)(Protip: They are all the same person) who RP and jerk each other off as they bug for furry pics.

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....careful. You threaten the wrong writefag with that, and you might get more than you bargained for.

Picture potentially related.

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I didn't comment on it, but I did report it.

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Oh well another 3 week ban then for me..

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Go back to Finland and take your bad English with you.

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When has John raged? He always seems relaxed

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When we found out his name is actually jean.

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From what I see he act normal (At least on the board) and seem to ignore the troll most of the time.

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Son, you just went full retard.

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When did this happen?

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If I could make any wish from moot, it would be that he gave us forced anonymity and banned all avatarfags. But that's not really /tg/ related, that's more 4chan related in general.

I know he won't do it, so I won't even bother e-mailing him that. But it's kinda shame, since he even talked in that video how one of the greatest advantages to 4chan over normal boards is that people can't circlejerk when they're anonymous etc.

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You idiots, moot already DID ban our THE TROLL WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED because some one did email him of his faggotry.

Thank you Moot

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John is not a girl, it was made up by some trolls. He normally ignores the trolls and writes his fics. Anyone know when we are going to get more makbeth?

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>forced anon
You weren't here for the last one, huh? Shitsucked.

Frankly, this way, I can block the shit tier tripfags (scaredofshadows, etc) and keep the good ones (Logicninja, Golden Neckbeard, etc). Forced anon would not help.

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It was in the aftermatch of DD6 (Maggots, srsly)

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Jim Profit? What about Flee? or SoS? or the others?

>> No.8305576

Keep saying that and you might actually believe it one day.

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Huh? John still writes for /tg/, the last thing he made was this short and funny one about lesbians (inquisitor/farseer) that was dirty but it wasn't

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Ah...the tears...so tasty...like AMBROSA...

Nigga, /tg/ is "SFW"

meaning it's dripping with DD

Lurk some more, please

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You were not there for Profit, were you?

Ah, but the veterans of /tg/ who remember his terribleness... Ah, we remember. His trolling did horrible things to men.

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GNB would be chill if it weren't for his fucking face adoring every single post. Now I don't even read them, just scroll to get rid of him from my screen.

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Add spoiler tags.

Ban porn.

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You can deny reality all you want. Porn is against the rules. The fact /tg/ isn't moderated enough proves nothing.

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I was there. But it's old now seriously we got new troll(s) around.

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Don't ban anything. We are fine as we are.

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Or, you know, you could just stop whining and trying to tell moot how to run his site. You don't like it? Go run your own. Have whatever rules you want. Because it's SO HARD to just skip to the next thread.

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yeah, you're okay with me.

>> No.8305615

Admit it.

You just skip him because the pain of knowing you'll never be able to struck such a glorious neck beard is too much for you.

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Okay. *cough* Porn is against the rules.

But nobody cares. /tg/ is and has always been, spawning pit of porn.

And I'm cool with it

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no more edition wars. 4th edition was released almost 2 years ago. this shit has to stop.

>> No.8305621

>constructive criticism is a bad thing
>how dare you suggest improvements to the board

>> No.8305624

profit was terrible, no one needed to respond to him for him to keep posting.

>> No.8305625

I like the trollplay.

>> No.8305626

Email sent. Let's see what happens.
Also I am aware of the irony of posting with my secret writefag id code (also known as 'Rightfag goes in namefield'.

>> No.8305628

It's one of the reasons /v/ became such a shithole, and /tg/ is going the same direction. I'll continue to report every NSFW post I see.

>> No.8305629

Please, please,please ban NounQuest threads and namefag/personafag circlejerks. I hate hate hate you, all of you, fuuuuck.

>> No.8305632

>because anything I think is good and anything you think is bad

>> No.8305633

haha no. Roleplay is a big part of traditional games. Moot is laughing at you.

>> No.8305634

Well that's the problem with /tg/. Someone will still respond to a troll (samefag or not).
Wow. You really did it.

>> No.8305635

Son, I have a feeling that /tg/s overall quality might rise by 0.001% if moot really reads that.

And that's something.

>> No.8305638

I'm okay with circlejerking fags getting boot in their red asses, but there will be porn. Always.

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>> No.8305640

The problem is that anon is fucking incapable of ignoring troll threads or shit like the avatarfags.
Logic dictates that if we hated it so much then we'd just leave the avatarfags to their faggotry and ignore the trolls - but this in 4chan. That is not how peope operate on this board, for some reason, so the only recourse seems to be to remove the disrupting minority so that the majority aren't inclined to descend into faggotry and derp whenever they catch a whiff of something they don't like.

>> No.8305641

It might rise more than that if he actually read it and DO something about it.

>> No.8305643


sure is GNB here.

>> No.8305645

Requiring every thread to be started with text.

Seriously, we get how many troll threads that are just an image (often the same damn image) every day?

>> No.8305646

I used to think quest threads were a blight on the board.

And then Mandingo Quest started.

Even if Mandingo Quest never gets another installment, every other quest thread in the history of /tg/ will have been worth it just for those two Mandingo Quest threads.

>> No.8305647

I can live with that, as long some of the assholes get banned for it.

>> No.8305648

It's funny because I've emailed moot about the exact opposite: the shitposter who's decided self-moderate tg by spamming cultist porn in any thread he dislikes, including the roleplay.

>> No.8305649


/v/ was never good.

The reason /tg/ is good is because, by and large, we're pretty cool people. It's a completely different group and we're all the better for it. No matter what you add into the mix we'll always come out on top. Pic related.

>> No.8305650


I would be happy if /tg/ was SFW. Sure we might miss out on some nice stuff, but it would help out.

>> No.8305651

There's roleplay and there's faggotry. Guess which one the avatarfags employ?

>> No.8305654

Eh. If I want to wank, I'll go somewhere to wank. When I want to talk about /tg/-stuff, I'll come here.

>> No.8305661

faggotry is subjective. I like them, you think they're faggotry.

>> No.8305662

Uhhh...I'll be guessing a mixture of both.

>> No.8305663

/tg/ seems fine as it is, i usually ignore the troll and porn threads and get along just fine.

>> No.8305664

I did mention that, to a degree. I don't think the porn dumps are helpful at all.
What I have done in the past is dump /tg/ related images - dnd artwork, 40k art, stuff done by /tg/ drawfags. But it's always manual and it's boring as fuck to do since I fail at imagedump programs.

>> No.8305667

What's wrong with /tg/-related 'tasteful nudity'?

A drawing of a naked fictional character is a far cry from straight up fapping porn.

>> No.8305668

That's... Actually a really damn good idea.

>> No.8305672

The quality of /tg/ would remove dramatically if we got the ROBOT9000 over here.

But at what cost?

>> No.8305674

The thing we actually fap to guro and daemonculaba fapfic.

That thingy

>> No.8305677

how are we going to deal with NSFW if we actually had a mod? I mean half the published fantasy art like Frank Frazetta is T&A

>> No.8305678

What if you want to wank to /tg/ stuff?

Damn straight. fa/tg/uy brofist

>> No.8305685

What we need is some autoban to all cultist/whatever shit-dumpers

>> No.8305688

But /tg/ isn't where you do your roleplaying. It's where you discuss the games themselves, regale tales of awesome stuff that has happened and whatnot.
Like >>8305626 mentioned in his long ass email that moot is never going to read, it does often seem like all the avatarfags know eachother IRL. That either makes what they're doing completely pointless or a deliberate act of trolling. Either way they need to fucking stop it.

>> No.8305691

That's not going to happen.

>> No.8305698

We had some sort of mod that made Snacks look like mother Teresa.

We don't need nazimode who just bans for the joy of banning, but some guy who just cuts the most cancerous shit

>> No.8305701

google images, paheal, whatever. Most of the shit that gets posted here ends up somewhere else on the internet.
I think a lot of the /tg/ related porn ends up on 1d4chan, too.

>> No.8305703

If you don't do roleplaying in /tg/, the board about roleplaying games, where do you do roleplaying?

>> No.8305704

I think the best solution to the roleplay/shitspamming thing is to get a mod or janitor who knows /tg/ to a well enough degree that the offending threads can be taken out but the harmless ones stay.

This would also have the benefit on cutting down on the HURP DURP AYN RAND (Because it was always here before it moved to /lit/) HURP DURP AVATAR I'M AN ATHEIST 1W+1SHIFT UNIQUE POWERS GUYS

>> No.8305706


Except he'd actually have to be able to read and understand the threads, because sometimes what starts off as a trollpost becomes awesome.

>> No.8305707


>> No.8305716

See: >>8305488

Mods and Janitors don't pay attention to /tg/ because they don't know the subject matter. If we drag them here to enforce some shade of any given rule, we'll lose bits of /tg/-related content as a result. Drag them here to deal with /v/-related threads, and we lose threads discussing /v/-related intellectual properties within the context of tabletop games. Drag them here to deal with porn, and we lose Frazetta and the like.

That's why we're better off the way we are now.

>> No.8305719

I think that, so long as the threads don't run on several billion iterations of suck, and that the content stays within those threads, then that sort of roleplay is all right.

Take up a persona, scribble a few images to represent hilarious situations and roll with the discussion. Just don't bring that shit into threads that aren't about it.

>> No.8305720

Porn is basically anything that is explicitly designed for someone to fap to. Artwork like that might be wank materiel for some, but that doesn't make it porn - porn is a (usually visual) text whose only purpose is for someone to get their jollies off on.
So mods would basically assess materiel based on whether it has any kind of value/meaning beyond 'HEY LOOK, PENIS INTO VAGINA!'

>> No.8305722

I don't know. Most of our threads that repeat something similar do change it some.

What do you think we'd lose?

>> No.8305728

I doubt they know each other irl. It probably seems that way because the grandpa dred stuff where it started has been going for at least a year, and at usually the same day/time each week.

People do a lot of completely pointless things on /tg/. What is about those specific trollplay threads that bother you?

>> No.8305731

Does any of this stuff you are complaining about besides edition wars and rollplayers going into other peoples threads in character and derailing them actually impede the function of people getting help or advice from this board?

>> No.8305732



I wanted to write a very similar e-mail. Thanks.

>> No.8305734

But because of /tg/s rather fucked-up fetishes, sometimes we are the only place to share them.

Request DD, you get one. If you're lucky, it might be written by a good maggot.

Request Franken Fran porn...wat? /tg/ still delivers.

/tg/ sure loves to fap

>> No.8305735

I like /tg/ as the anarchistic general nerd board it is. All the non /tg/ boards for other nerdy stuff are total irredeemable shit.

>> No.8305745

The only time a rollplayer derailed a thread AFAIK was sergalfag image dumping unrelated shit.

>> No.8305748

We're complaining about anything BUT trolls and roleplay threads?

>> No.8305750

Oh they know each other. Not IRL most of them meet each other during Grandpa thread in Auto-sage that's when they exchange email.

>> No.8305753

You know what would make /tg/ honestly better?
Less bitching and more serious conversation.

Sage for shitty metathread

>> No.8305754

scared of shadows does it in every thread he posts, but sergalfag and scared of shadows are the same person.

>> No.8305757

And this isn't?

>> No.8305763


Ban /tg/. Remove /tg/.

>> No.8305768

Some amounts of porn is fine, but goddamn it gets out of hand here.


This shit has to stop.

>> No.8305772

Because we are mostly mod free, we have developed some sort of "balance of fear".

We know certain things ignite flame wars and shitstorms, and try to avoid it (except newfags and trolls.)

But there's something magical too in /tg/: Shitty threads can become awesome (Chinks-comeback show, Vox Castor, Lolicron, ect.).

SO: be oldfag, ignore shit you see, and feed the good topics. It keeps /tg/s quality even little higher.

One man can't make the difference? One man always starts the shit topic. Also, one man can decide if he chooses to kick it to page 0 again

>> No.8305775

Maybe a two-way process needs to happen; if the thread's OP specifies it as a roleplay thread (as in Alexandros or someone posts 'GET IN HERE' and they all start jerking off) and retarded anons start to get sucked in and have spastic fits of derp, the mod would have to take the side of the RPers.
But if they cause a faggotstorm within a thread that was trundling along just fine without the namefaggotry and are a detriment to the topic at hand, then the shoe goes up the other ass.

The issue here is the fallout of the troll/RP failcycle and the way it lowers the overall quality (read: people's enjoyment) of the board. If half the community is being driven into a frothy rage then they either need to be controlled (have their posts deleted from the RP-specific threads and a warning issued, maybe a 2-hour cooldown ban if they persist) or consoled (remove the RPers posts from the non-RP thread, same deal with warnings and bans.)
The key to being a good mod would be to mediate for everyone; keep things civil, rather then targeting any one group.

But if the mod was a fa/tg/uy then they'd know what was good/bad and be able to recognise any golden moments within the general faggotry.

>> No.8305791

Posting in a troll thread.

>> No.8305794

>But if the mod was a fa/tg/uy then they'd know what was good/bad and be able to recognize any golden moments within the general faggotry.
/tg/ Squad? I propose Anonymous as team leader!

>> No.8305795

If the mod was a fa/tg/uy he'd have his own ideas of what was good and what should go. And it might not match yours.

Censorship - a slippery slope.

>> No.8305799


Or even Dorian Cleavenger

>> No.8305801

>ps plz make me a mod
If he makes you a mod I will fucking explode in a furious ball of anger and jealousy.

>> No.8305814

I think the policy is if they ask they don't get it.

>> No.8305817

Those...I'd count them as acceptable. To a degree. The second one is questionable to say the least.

>> No.8305825

/tg/ has been around for years and it's still more or less unmoderated. I think the odds of us getting a fa/tg/uy mod or janitor are somewhere between slim and none. Any plan that relies on their being a fa/tg/uy mod or janitor with enough Care dredged up from the depths of Giveafuck Bay to look through every thread - even threads for games that they don't play or don't like - to identify those golden moments instead of doing the much simpler thing and banning anything that looks like crap at first glance is doomed to failure from the word "go". We're better off doing as >>8305772 outlines.

>> No.8305832

I wasn't serious. I hope it doesn't actually seem like I was serious...because it's probably the last thing I actually want. A full-time job with no returns and shit conditions? Hahahaha noooooo, I'm already a fucking author.

>> No.8305884

>derp I was only joking lol

>> No.8305894

It looks pretty obvious he's joking in the email.

>> No.8305915

Considering that the rest of it was written fairly seriously and correctly without resorting to chanspeak, 'plz make me a mod' does stick out a little. Probably a joke.

>> No.8305938

>already an author
Sure you are. What have you written, faggot?

>> No.8305954

Ban edition-war threads. That shit really has to stop, and it has gotten to the point where nearly any thread about D&D is 100% Derp. Also, IP-range permaban the cultist dumper and flare/cynderfags.

Anything beyond that would require a veteran fa/tg/uy mod to spot the trolls.

>> No.8305967


shit, I forgot about cynderfags. Yeah, fuck them in the ass with the b&hammer.

>> No.8305979

If we could get him to ban quest threads and furry roleplayers /tg/ might actually start to be decent again.

>> No.8305984

Last thing /tg/ needs is moderation from those knowledgeable about /tg/, because they'll fuck it up one way or another as it will be virtually impossible to walk a line that is acceptable to /tg/'s diverging interests (both directly related and indirectly related).

The only thing we need is someone who responds to reports of obvious trolls, unrelated porn spam, guro, politics and religion trolling, that's it. Nothing more, anything else and we'll have half the board derping and actively shitting up the place because they are not getting their way.

Saging because it is a metathread, you should know better, as should I for responding, but seeing this discussion is going on I might as well throw in a word.

>> No.8306003

1. Edition Wars
2. Furry
3. Avatarfag trolls (mainly sergalfag and scared of shadows)

>> No.8306023

I narrow it down to b& for the furries. That is, the flarefags, cynderfags, sergalfags.

>> No.8306056


scared of shadows? Then again he seems to have more of a martyr complex as the mind bullets of anon home in on him. Still, his mere presence derails threads.

>> No.8306125

eh, we do a well enough job policing ourselves. Remember the shitstorm when we HAD a janitor and he deleted a number of high quality threads because someone reported them for a picture of tits or something? He was in and out pretty damn quick.

It can be frustrating having a thread hijacked, but I think if you were to start banning people because they rp in threads then /tg/ would lose something of itself. I'm not sure what but something important.

Hopefully we can learn to get along, because even the bad apples are part of /tg/ for good or ill and they contribute to threads a decisive drive to NOT be like them, if nothing else.

>> No.8306141

Janitor was a bot. We're talking a living, breathing person who can discern between shit and not shit. Theoretically.

>> No.8306179

It's because he never breaks character. You have to admire that.

>> No.8306186

RPfags that hijack related threads for their own circlejerking needs are highly obnoxious, even moreso when they completely ignore any requests to stop, leading to an early death of the topic and often migrating to the new thread if it is created.

>> No.8306191

And when he first turned up, he wasn't THAT bad. Annoying, but not crotch-punchingly so.

>> No.8306208

Aside from Scared of Shadows I've never seen anyone do it. The roleplay threads are usually obviously from the start where they begin with "everyone get in here" or similar.

>> No.8306235

Russ was doing it for a while last fall but they have been behaving lately.

>> No.8306274

Hello good sirs. Might I enquire as to what this thread is about? I'm feeling a bit too lazy to scroll through currently.

>> No.8306276

There will be times when one of the triptrolls will be trying to post normally in a thread and, I don't know, the circlejerk symbol will flash in the sky or something and a few of the other triptrolls will turn up and try to derail the thread into Super Happy Social Roleplay Time or whatever.

It's irritating because they could just do their socialising on MSN and make everybody a whole lot happier.

>> No.8306285

It happens often enough, threads mostly die an early death as they jump in right at the start, completely derailing a valid thread. A good example of one that was well on the way was a humanity fuck yeah thread, sure they may not be great quality, but good writing springs up.

>> No.8306332

First they came for the avatarfags,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t an avatarfag.
Then they came for the writefags,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a writefag.
Then they came for the imagedumps,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was busy fapping.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

/tg/ is fine as it is.

No matter what you do, there's always going to be something annoying.

Why can't you people just enjoy the truly fukken awesome threads that we are privileged to have here?

>> No.8306342


No point doing anything about Flee and Profit. They were the most rage inducing motherfuckers I ever had the displeasure of meeting but they don't post much anymore thank fuck, at least Profit's gone completely anyway.

But if somebody tries to become the next triptroll of /tg/ we should try and sort that guy out instead.

>> No.8306346

And I realize now that I was lying a bit. I'm sometimes a writefag.

>> No.8306376

Oh, right, I forgot. The Humanity, Fuck Yeah! threads are shit as well.

>inb4 I get called a furry

>> No.8306389


they are not gone. they just changed avatars.

>> No.8306394

Everything about Avatar is lame, be it Humanity Fuck Yer or Furry Hippy faggots.

>> No.8306404

I'm pretty sure flee is gone, I don't think he was zhakuvaan

>> No.8306405


Huh? Really?

>> No.8306408

I don't care for them much either, but when someone makes a point of derailing them with unrelated circlejerking, actively engaging scaredofshadows, it shows that RPfags are starting to fag up the place.

>> No.8306428

How about furry dumps, because you know ITS ALREADY A BOARD RULE.

>> No.8306495

Humanity Fuck Yeah threads predate Avatar by at least a couple months. They were then warped into something less awesome when Avatar came out and some guy had the bright idea of making a HFY thread around it.

>> No.8306516

>179 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

Fuck you statistics.

>> No.8306533

Seriously some people like quests, and GNB is a goodposter. He posts quality, and even if some of you go into a frothing BEEZERKER RAEG over the fact that he avatarfags, he's a better poster then anon most the time.

Sergalfag and Scaredofshadows keep do dead shit threads mostly, where it's not hurting anything of value. And if you don't like the 40k RP-esque threads, hide and ignore.

A mod'd be nice, but most of Anon would be a butthurt fail mod. If anyone on this board out of the namefags, etc. (since they're IDable) get mod, GNB would likely be the best one - since he's keep the status quo fairly intact.

>> No.8306536

/tg/ seems fine the way it is to me,
It's not amazingly crap, and it has glittering moments of awesomness.

The only reason i'd ever email moot about /tg/ being shit is if profit/flea came back or something like that. It's a very wide board, and you can discuss a lot of stuff.

The edition wars are kinda annoying, but why get a janitor when you can simply ignore, or *gasp* go into a different board/site/get off your lazy ass and stop being on the internet.

/tg/ is pretty good the way it is.
I don't think /tg/ needs a mod, or a janitor, because honestly, the fact that /tg/ is so open and liberal about the topics within the niche of traditional games is something that's inherently good about it.
Why let that die?

>> No.8306562

leave /tg/ the way it is

except have golden neckbeard put on a shirt

>> No.8306563

I'd generally agree with this. Cept that the moments of awesome are dwindling.

>> No.8306575


how about you faggots stop cruising the internet and do some actual fucking work at your jobs

>> No.8306577

Get rid of the fucking trolling. It's not a matter of being resistant to it individually, it's faggot trolls jumping into one single thread and turning it to shit(see: every edition war thread on the board).

>> No.8306585

Good thing you asked for mod, now you'll be disregarded.

>> No.8306588

Ban B^U.

>> No.8306605

I then we should just leave the fuck alone everyone and let em have fun.

>> No.8306606

It happens. Creativity dwindles, and it's hard for people to strike genius more than once.
But it will happen, and the best thing you can do is feed that awesomeness and try to inspire it.

/tg/ with janitors probably won't work, unless we have liberal janitors who only focus on trolling, to prune the trolls, etc and hopefully, the good stuff appears.

>> No.8306618

Agreed, anon. /tg/ is win because of sensible diversity.

>> No.8306627



>> No.8306631

Or are YOU the ones dwindling?

>> No.8306632

Unlike every other time that's happened with other posters in the past year or two.

>> No.8306636

You might want to note that GNB is actually a really good poster, instead of trying to paint him in the same light as fucking scaredofshadows.

>> No.8306642

Let's ban drawfags and their shitty drawthreads for not following the rules. Writefags should also be suspect to this ban.

>> No.8306645

I'm pretty sure that I'm still here. I don't think I've shat any bodyparts out lately.

>> No.8306650

>implying that B^U, religiopolitical wars, and Ayn Rand are not banworthy

>> No.8306656

how about disabling GNB's ability to post pictures of himself

>> No.8306659

Fuck off. Do you want this board to go to shit?

>> No.8306663

Sergalfag, make that go away.

>> No.8306666


>> No.8306667

Even Russ and Sergalfag were derailing them at one point for no good reason.

>> No.8306685

>implying this is /v/, /whateverthisis/, and /lit/

How about this. Stop OCD'ing about a shirtless guy posting himself on the internet doing mundane things. It's not that hard.

>> No.8306689

Russ is inoffensive except when someone else dons the name and starts spamming furry porn.

>> No.8306690

Lets ban ban threads

or force namefagging, would clear out half the crap in here in 2- seconds.

>> No.8306700

Ban the bans.

>> No.8306712

Are you blind? We have had B^U threads every day of the week. Religion troll threads come up more than daily, and so do political shitstorms. And let's not forget that Ayn Rand was posted here long before /lit/ even existed.

>> No.8306713

>How about, I wont have anything to fap to if we get rid of his pictures

>> No.8306734

Russ has spammed furry/trap porn often enough himself, especially in conjunction with blackheart.

>> No.8306743

You mean ask him to do something like what he did to /V/?
He must be under the influence of Tzeench

>> No.8306745

To be honest, that sounds like a ploy to get him banned more than him posting it himself.

>> No.8306754

Actually a good idea. Woah.

Though we'd likely see them appear with "a" or something as the entirety of the text.

They come every now and then. You can't force awesome. Just remember "Drew up in this Bitch", Fuck Yeah, Humanity (back when it was new and good not just reposts of reposts of decent writefaggery), Wasteland Warrior storytime threads, and the other genuinely good things this board has done, and don't shitpost.

Don't hate on stuff just becuase you don't like it - Questfags have a following, and remeber, Drew was in essence a quest. You might not be a 40kid, but don't sage the threads, just move on, hide t if you have to.

Remember moot thought we were awesome because we were internet fireside chat GET. So we should strive to be gentlemen, and not try to force the awesome, but just let it happen.

>> No.8306759




>> No.8306777

They have let up recently, but that doesn't make it so that it was never them. They've done so going from a rp hijack to a porn spam.

>> No.8306808

/tg/ is perfect
why ban anything?

>> No.8306845


Because as long as there is an organisation, people will feel resentment toward its present form.

>> No.8306862 [DELETED] 

But the people currently unhappy seem like aspies and rule following tightwads so I'm am happy.

>> No.8306873

But the people currently unhappy seem like aspies and rule following tightwads so I'm happy.

>> No.8306891

I'm not concerned about rules. What I am concerned about are shitthreads taking up a massive part of the board every time I check /tg/ - over half of the time I've been here this week I've came back to a B^U thread on page 1. And that's not counting the Touhou babies threads.

>> No.8306904


Despite how it seems, they are nonetheless people. And they feel resentment. So, er. Yeah.

>> No.8307054

Things to be banned:
1) Drawfags. Seriously, you've got /i/ you faggots.
2) Writefags. Because they write shit.
3) Quest Threads. Utter cancer. Not a single one of them was even partially decent.
4) Tripfags. Stop your attention whoring.
6) Videogames. /tg/ is not /v/.

>> No.8307063

Seriously this. One Mass Effect thread is cool by me; three is bullshit.

>> No.8307069

DDfag should be banned too.

>> No.8307073

Go away. Banning drawfags and writefags will accomplish nothing. Quest threads I can take or leave, but there are good ones.

>> No.8307077

If you had your way there'd be nothing but 40k threads and edition wars here.

>> No.8307088


>> No.8307091

As a guy who gleefully participated in the Mass Effect threads I have to agree with you. I like the game, but there should never be more than one Mass Effect thread in existence at a time.

>> No.8307216


Did you make this?

>> No.8307251

Quest threads are lame, but I won't knock 'em. There's just too many going at once for their own good.
Videogame threads too: one or two Dragon Age/STALKER/Mass Effect threads is okay, but three to five or more at any one time is pushing it.
Monstergirls are cute at best, creepy at worst, and overall not relevant. Discussing how you can work a race of Lamias into your next campaign is /tg/. Masturbating furiously while going into vigorous detail about the feeling of rough scales against your dick and wondering why people give you weird looks is really, really not.

>> No.8307325

I believe John Solomon said it best when he noted that gamers were the worst people on earth, above only furries and transgender fetishists.

>> No.8307365


Psyker Ted made it

>> No.8307406

While Psyker Ted may be a complete and utter retard and often an obvious troll, they don't force troll a subject endlessly.

>> No.8307424

>people saying we should ban writefags/drawfags
I'm not sure if serious. Do people honestly hate them (us, the creative individuals who produce often semi-decent pieces of text both visual and literary for no charge at our own expense of time and effort) that much or is it some kind of subtle attempt at trolling/irony?

>> No.8307456

>implying this is a troll subject
the 200 odd replies in this thread either agreeing with OP or discussing the subject rationally like adults would serve to demonstrat that u mad

>> No.8307461


Just butthurt trolls who did not get their furry or DD made

>> No.8307466

It's trolling or retarded butthurt. Both are shit.

>> No.8307472

While I'm sure there are at least one or two idiots who honestly think that, in most cases it is just trolling.

>> No.8307480

So who is /tg/'s favourite drawfag? And who is their favourite writefag? How many of the fags are there?

>> No.8307500

Most Write/Drawfags on /tg/ fall in to one of three categories:
A) Prima Donnas and/or Dramafags
B) They suck but insist they don't.
C) Provide actual content to /tg/.

A and B are cancer but they're also the minority of Draw/Writefags. Unfortunately, they also draw the most attention. Hence, the hatred of draw/writefags as a whole.

Also, A lot of fa/tg/uys are bastards and are jealous of anyone who shows even a small amount of talent.

>> No.8307530

You don't speak for /tg/, stop pretending that you do, it lessens any point you could have had.

>> No.8307540

Things that need gotten rid of:
tripfag circle jerks
"its not warhammer so it doesn't matter"
GNB's avatar (or at least have him put on a shirt)
moral/amoral trolling bullshit
scared of shadow.

>> No.8307546

Ban everything that makes /tg/ even remotely unique and fun.

We need another bland forum to talk about RPGs and wargames!

>> No.8307550


try to think of the largest number you can imagine. it is still not large enough because you can always add 1 to it.

>> No.8307553

It's possible to speak for a sensible viewpoint. Anyone who actually wants good, possibly board-related content gone is a troll.

>> No.8307559

who is ayn rand anyway?

>> No.8307565

This is why I think it's stupid to ban writefags/drawfags. Porn can go, B^U can go, scaredofshadows can go.

>> No.8307567

A shitty philosopher who wrote crappy books.

>> No.8307578

the people trying to get rid of the write/draw people are all the same person.

>> No.8307590

That dude that went all apeshit because John wouldn't write DD5 (or 6? how many of the atrocities are there?) to pander to his own sick fetishes?

>> No.8307615

Rightfag is good. But he's written two stories and a bad end fapfic, whereas other unnamed writefags have heaped mountains of materiel onto /tg/.

>> No.8307657

Sensible is highly relative, as is judgement of quality. Writefags and drawfags in any form are hardly ever a problem, they lack the speed to create which makes them poor trolls at best and completely ignored under the usual circumstance. It is those that rage against them who are a far larger problem.

>> No.8307693

I agree with >>8305488 for the most part. GNB is harmless and actually contributes to threads.

Video games should be discussed ONLY if they're something like "let's make a RPG based in game x", and not senseless DF wanking that does rightfully belong in /v/.

Our own Ayn Rand problem.

Any butthurt fuckwit who shouts "viral marketing" because a game might be better than the one they play.

Sergal. Guy just doesn't fuck do anything around here worth value.

>> No.8307707

ctrl+f + wasteland warrior

You make me proud /tg/

>> No.8307716

I agree, Ayn Rand should be banned from all boards.

>> No.8307732

Doesn't even do his own pictures.

>> No.8307734

Enforce anonymous, make avatarfaggotry and any other form of signature a bannable offense. Write- and drawfaggotry without signature would still be acceptable.

Assign moderation, start permabanning any and all porn posting, or at least the transvestite cock and shotaporn spammers.

... eh, the more I think of it, the more dismal the whole thing gets. He'd have to close the board and burn the servers that hosted it in a blast furnace to get the shit out of it.

>> No.8307747

i say ban Quest threads. tgchan exists just for them.

>> No.8307749

Not what I was getting at, exactly. I mean, if someone genuinely likes her work then they should be free to discuss it with other people of a similar ilk. The problem is that Ayn Rand somehow become a troll weapon because, I assume, people starting talking nonsense about her. I, personally, hate her work, but that's just my opinion.

>> No.8307752

Remember when /tg/ was good?

>> No.8307790

>Enforce anonymous
Why? Why should we all have to be forced to take up the name of anonymous? Some of us like having names because it allows us to actually interact with each other and know who the other person is. Anonymous is a choice presented to you, not a law.

>> No.8307800

Forced anon is a horrible idea. The opposite actually is a better idea.

Its much like Avatar, politics and religion. I'm sure some people share similar opinions on things, but 90% of the time they are just used for trolling and should never be discussed online.

>> No.8307809

Before one of you emaciated, tinkle-toed fuckheads finally manages to spell out "/tg/ was never good", I'd like to tell you to go choke on a big, floppy donkey cock. /tg/ was good at times, but it hasn't been in ages. It's been a continuous summer since last june, and we're coming on to a full year of horrid bullshit.

>> No.8307837


Muju is probably the best drawfag and still comes to /tg/#

Writefags vary, but John is a cool one who does a fair amount of stuff. But anon produces heaps of it.

>> No.8307905

Namefags and tripfags have occasionally been fairly good on /tg/. But they haven't been anything even remotely productive in ages now. Rather, you're just a flamboyant gaggle of skirt-wearing manchildren whose 'interactions' involve only the persons themselves and none of what the board was built for. As it is, having an identity of any sort on /tg/ at the moment is the equivalent of riding around naked on a bicycle with a cock for a seat while screaming "LOOK AT ME I'M DOING THINGS". And there's a whole fucking throng of you spincter-wonders running about, leaking poo everywhere you go just for the attention revulsion can bring.

Make something, or GTFO.

>> No.8307999

>>But they haven't been anything even remotely productive in ages now.
Telling the productive ones to fuck off and trolling them all to hell in favor of circlejerks, Touhou and endless reposts might have something to do with that.

>> No.8308063

What are you, stupid or plain dumb? Touhoufag is the last worthwhile person on the whole board.

Pity even he's criminally insane.

>> No.8308111

I disagree, sir. There are plenty of helpful namefags and tripfags lurking about. The problem is that whenever one tries to help or say something they usually get attacked by the "anonymous is legion hurr durr" group. People are going to be more inclined to be helpful when they aren't getting blasted with bullshit by someone who thinks anonymous is the only way to go in life.

And there's people who are genuinely knowledgeable in certain /tg/ related topics, but we get flamed for not being anonymous. When we try to help we get attacked, so it's no surprise many either leave(thus causing the board to become a pit of pointless in-fighting) or end up trolling.

>> No.8308182

Not that I have anything against Touhou, but Touhou is utter shit.

>> No.8308198

I don't think I generate "a gigantic whirlpool of trolling, butthurt, u mad and greentexting" every time I post. In fact I notice no rise at all in the amount of this shit whenever I post.

Also I do not, as some in here have said, post a picture of my radiant form with every single post. Just in any situation where I might use any other reaction image.

Just wanted to correct these two things, and that's all I have to say on the topic, except that it would be pretty ridiculous if moot banned me while I'm doing all this work to support /tg/ in actually playing games instead of just whining about them.

>> No.8308451

I'd just like to not see your face when you post. Kills the mood. Every mood.

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