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Could we get a Sisters thread going? i want as many drawn pictures as possible. preferably by the same artist as posted pic.

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Strictly drawn pics?

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Well sisters in general. just not of the minis. unless they are insane conversions

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You tried this on


The answer is still no


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that wasn't me dickcheese. go fuck a marine you space fag.

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Sure isn't Space Marines around here....

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Fuck off, Flood protection.

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>implying that's a bad thing

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I was sure I had more Sisters pics than this. Have a cosplayer while I find them.

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There we go.

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Have some chibis too. Everyone loves chibis.

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i'll post what i have too.

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Just... ignore the spess mehreen or whatever.

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That's good, because I think I've run out.

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Yep. If I've got more, no idea where.

Really need to get back to sorting my pictures out.

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She's going to rape you. and you will enjoy it.

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ITT: we wank to pale blonde women in plate power armor

you can bitch, but I ask, where are the dark-skinned sisters?
I kindly request sistahs of battle

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I'm guessing the wings are from being a Living Saint, but I have no idea why they're on her butt.

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I could roll with a little brown girl sister...

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Well of course. I figured that was obvious.
I don't have a victim fetish for my health.

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Ah yes. The Order of the Miraculous Colossus

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There's one shown in one of the colored pictures in the WH codex or it may have been another offical art piece.

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I'd totally go for a dark-skinned Sister with white hair.

The hair thing probably has nothing to do with racial origin or some shit; it's a result of Sisterhood initiation. An initiate Sister's hair slowly turns white as they progress through their training; by the time they are inducted as a full Sister, the color change is complete.

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And their friends & rivals, The Order of the Emperor's Bounty!

Wish more had come of either of them.

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but still /tg/ wanks it to almost-asian suicide girls in armor and fleur-de-lis symbols. not a bad fetish, but way too narrow-minded.
Blessed is the mind too small for doubt I guess

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We do? I always assumed we wanked them to be muscle girls with a domination fetish.
Or pedos.
Or lesbians.
Or both.

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all of the above. /tg/ is inclusive

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Also nuns and soldiers.

It's a pretty wide net.

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I once designed an army based on this concept.
Best penitent engine ever.

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That's heretical, right?

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This is probably my favorite 40k pic, because DAT CHUB.

She's adoraaaaable.

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What's The Order of the Emperor's Bounty?

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Just got an idea for the Adeptus Maidicus. Basically Battle Sisters, only more skimpily dressed and they're supposed to clean up your house and be dainty. PURGAN THE XENO DUST and things.

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Fit (not muscle) lesbian women with a domination fetish > sum of its parts.

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The Emperor's chefs and caterers, also skilled in supply lines and blockade running. Inclined toward embonpoint as a consequence of their job. Prefer using Rhinos and Seraphim to marching, for obvious reasons.

A fa/tg/irl companion Order to the fi/tg/irl Miraculous Colossus.

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I had no idea the word embonpoint existed. It is my new favorite word.

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I am of the opinion we need a fic of a Miraculous Colossus sister cuddling an Emprah's Bounty sister and giving her pudding.

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That's awesome.

Why is there no drawfaggoty of this?

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It's a good word. Like "zaftig," but cuter-sounding.

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Lack of interest, I suppose. I made a couple of requests back when the idea was fresh, but no bites. I didn't want to be "that guy," so I just let it go.

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Well, I occasionally dabble in writing, however slow at it I am, and depending on how overtly chubby you'd like it to be, I could give it a shot.

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Well, bigger is better.

That's all I'm saying.

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The musclegirls having regular cuddle/pudding-giving sessions with the chubsisters. good idea y/n

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Oh, I'm not the guy who requested the fic.

...buuuuuuut, I think >>8298573 is the right level.

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Guess I'll start on it then. Don't expect it to be done soon. :V


What's the consensus on this?

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Me personally, I think it works better as just a thing between two Sisters. I like the idea of the two Orders having a history, but I dunno about a full on lesbo thing between the whole Orders.

Whatever's more popular is fine though.

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Keep in mind, the thing with both musclegirls and fatgirls is they have the same calorie intake. One just expends it.

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A little info on the Miraculous Colossus: their purpose is to preserve and embody the beauty of the Emperor. This was (mis?)interpreted as meaning to have MAGNIFICENT MUSCLES and FABULOUS BRONZE TANS and to show them both off at every possible opportunity. They predictably excel at melee combat.

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Anything else before I start writefaggin'?

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Brace for D'awwww

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S'all good to me bro.

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Don't forget a GUNS OF THE IMPERIUM joke.

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>The musclegirls having regular cuddle/pudding-giving sessions with the chubsisters. good idea y/n

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WARNING: Incredibly slow writefag ahead.


Clink. Clink. Clink.

A layered pair of clinking noises carried throughout the high-ceilinged room of the chapel, one a light, almost ringing noise, the other the heavy thud of wrought iron contacting wrought iron.

Sister Josephine LeFebvre of the Order of the Emperor's Bounty spooned the delightful pudding into her mouth, pleasantly plump thighs crossed as she sat at the intricately-worked table, a rather large bowl before her. Her lap supported a pudgy paunch which drew the midriff of her white robes taunt, upon which her busom rested. Looking further upwards, a round, cherubically-cheeked, freckled face framed by short white hair greeted whatever observers there were, a pair of round spectacles resting upon her nose.

Next to Josephine was her good friend Maria Cirk, from the order of the Miraculous Colossus, working away at a weight machine, the heavy things clunking back down with each rep, her biceps rippling with bronze, well-oiled muscle, her longer, flowing hair resting at her shoulders, a well-defined, high-cheekboned visage staring intently ahead as she worked out, the robes tight in their own way around her form.

Jo sighed contentedly as she munched away at the pudding, provided graciously by Maria - Bountiful sisters needed bountiful figures - and Maria herself was slathered with the oil that Josephine had provided, her skin glistening in the low light.


continue y/n

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Josephine stood, stretching a bit as she put the pudding down, trotting over to Maria, producing another bottle of the oil from a small satchel on her sash. "Need any more?" Her well-built friend nodded, smiling back. "Do you need me to get any more pudding?"

Jo shook her head. "No, thank you. I'm good for the moment. There's still plenty," she replied, gesturing to the bowl on the table, gently shaking out a bit of oil onto her palm and rubbing a bit in to one of the bulging biceps.

Maria ceased, taking a break as her zaftig companion worked away, massaging gently. She smiled and gently picked the shorter girl onto her lap, giving the plush sister a squeeze before releasing her again. "Thank you, Josephine." She let loose a pearly smile, which Jo returned gladly.

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Sororitas in Banshee armor. Don't ask why...

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Didn't Muju do an Angry Marine sister? that was awesome.

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in during extra heretical

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DAT ASS is why

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Jo returned to her seat, devouring more of the pudding voraciously, occasionally dabbing at her lips with a cloth napkin, quickly emptying the bowl as Maria resumed her workout, now lifting a pair of free weights.

"You've been working out for six hours straight. I think the emperor is pleased by now," Jo stated.
"You don't hear me saying you eat too much, now do you?" replied Maria matter-of-factly, but her mirth was betrayed by another one of her toothy grins.
Jo rolled her eyes, but nodded in agreement. "We each have our roles," she said, gesturing to the eviscerator chainsword leaning against the wall - meant to be wielded two-handed, but Maria could use it with one with ease.
Residing next to it was a large stack of various forms and cookbooks, meant to make sure food got to the troops of the guard and the sororitas as needed, and that the expertise for making fine meals was available to Bounty sisters, who often tagged along with various regiments.
"True," Maria replied as she pumped the weights.
"I think it's time for some devotional reading, though. Care to join me?"
"Of course." Maria set the weight down and followed Jo's lead, a comfortable, yet austere bench on one side of the room, placed beneath a stained-glass window.

They sat, but it had obviously been made for average sisters, and therefore it was more expedient for Jo to have a seat in Maria's lap, a meaty arm wrapped around her soft middle as they both read from Ecclesiarchy tomes.

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Maria rested her chin atop Jo's head, holding the embonpoint-trending sister to her far firmer figure, turning the page before returning her arm to Josephine's waist, absentmindedly rubbing the bountiful tummy, working her fingers in little circles.

Jo turned simultaniously, in turn idly massaging one of Maria's quadraceps femoris, the soft white cotton that clothed them both acting far differently on the contrasting figures. Maria reached behind her, somehow producing another (much smaller) bowl of pudding, holding the goddie-laden spoon in front of Jo's mouth.

Jo eagerly nommed away at the creamy goodness as they read, reaching some of the writings of Sebastian Thor and Saint Sabbat, occasionally discussing their interpretations.

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Welp I just hit writer's wall. It's like writer's block, except worse. IDEAS, PEOPLE. I NEED 'EM.

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I AM ENTERTAINED but I didn't want to interrupt the story.



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...dance party?

I got nothin'.

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Flashback to when they were novices/regular sized.

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If nothing else comes up, I'll do this.

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Maybe they could have a picnic. :3


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I'll wait a bit longer for any more ideas.

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That looks nothing like a sister of battle.

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There's a rogue witch that sisters have to bring back to the light of the Emperor.

With Pies.

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Gonna combine the two of these. Reminiscing, then asskicking.

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OP reminds me of Subaru from Nanoha StrikerS

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The duo finished their studies, putting away the books, but remaining in repose, Josephine cuddled up in Maria's beefy arms, the generous adipose gently muffining around Maria's fingers. Jo nuzzled Maria a bit. "Mmm. Good study session. Reminds me of when we met." The musclebound half of the duo nodded, smiling warmly, recalling that long-past day.


The rain fell in sheets upon the chapel, two sisters flanking the heavy gates standing stock-still, bolters in their arms. A low grinding noise carried up the grassy hill, a pair of rhinos trundling up the road, churning mud beneath their tracks. One was white and gold, the other, silver and red.

The rain sloughed off the sloped armor, the occupants feeling as though a variety of tiny daemons were beating upon the ceramite with small hammers.

Novice LeFebvre of the Order of the Emperor's Bounty shivered in her robes and groxskin overcoat, the emaciated youth rescued from what was left of an Administratum orphanage on some far-off, lowly dirtball. Her bony frame looked almost comical swathed in the vast expanses of cloth. Were she bereft of vestements, one would clearly be able to see her ribs and hipbones. As it was, the tautly drawn skin of her face was pasty and patchy from malnourishment. She looked to the sisters beside her, who were positively bursting the seams of their respective garments, plump sister superiors who had been tasked with taking her to this shared chapel.

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15 meters away, Novice Cirk was in a similar situation, flanked by musclebound sisters who towered over her own scrawny frame, taken in this case from a schola on a planet not too far from Jo's own world.

The gates creaked open, and the APCs rolled inside, the hatches opening as the sisters herded the small swarm of recruits inside, away from the driving rain. In the throng of bodies, Josephine was shoved and squashed, eventually ending up hip to hip with another girl who looked somewhat similar, if a tad more well-defined in her facial features.

"H-hello. Um. I'm Novice LeFebvre."
The other girl shot her a look, shrugging, moving along with the push of the crowd inside, herded towards a series of benches for some uplifting hymnals. They eventually were squished together, the rows overcrowded with new inductees and oversized overseers alike.

Jo blinked as a particularly large pair of canonesses, both clad in armor that was most definitely nonstandard as to fit them, one cut, the other gone to fat, sat around the two, the soft one to Jo's side, the hard one to her fellow newcomer's.

"My name's Maria," she stated simply, opening up the tome. "Pleased to meet you."

Pushed together as they were, a slight hint of pinkness reached both of their cheeks as the organ began to belt out some hymns, the sisters raising their voices.


"That was quite a long time ago, wasn't it?" Maria stated. Jo nodded in agreement, smiling a bit.

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love how well the armor is drawn, despite that not being at all the point here.

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Hurr I forgot my name.

ANYHOW I think I'm writefagged out for the night. Comments, criticisms?

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the thread... it dies..

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One last courtesy bump.

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i appreciate the effort man

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>Pushed together as they were, a slight hint of pinkness reached both of their cheeks as the organ began to belt out some hymns, the sisters raising their voices.



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oh, thats from the post decay era. After the Emperor declared the Eldar allies of the imperium, 'long lost brethren' and all that, the lighter and more flexable armor of the Banshees became a effective alternative to the more bulky Astarties Armor. Having the same protective ability, it quikly became standard amoung all but the most radical of SoB groups. Really, with the mass production of it, the defensive ability provided by the Sisters of Battle on a strategic level massively increased. Combined with the superior equipment issued to the newly reformed Imperial Army, it freed the Space Marines for offensive operations.

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Next time I see a sister thread. I'm sleepy.

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I like that it's more D'AAW-bait than FAPPAN-bait.

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Entirely intentional, it is. Polite sage for lack of content.

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I remember saving this from a drawfag thread of olde...

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