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Anonymous here, and I'm genuinely curious about something...

Why do tripfags use a tripcode? I mean, sure, I understand doing it for one thread to make sure everyone knows that you are the OP, but why use it for anything else?

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Oh. It's this thread again.

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need we say more

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What, do we have a bi-weekly quota for this shit now? C'mon, trolls, you can get some new material, can't you?

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Because sage.

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to build, be it hate or trust. A tripfag who constantly provides quality material (for example wasteland warior) will build trust, and people will know when they post that the post is comeing from someone with worthwile experence, instead of just posted out their ass. On the other hand you could be building resentment and hate, such as Scared of Shadows, in which case it can eather be trolling (or trollbaiting) or an apt warning that you can completely disregard everything they post.

I use namefaggotry because I am a poor speller, and /tg/ gets very caught up on spelling and gramar, so by hanging a hat on it, I reduce the amount of attention spent on my typos, and increase the amount spent on my content (be it gold or shit)

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From what I have seen, most of /tg/ doesn't care. Why do you?

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I'm just curious. It kind of defeats the purpose of an anonymous imageboard.

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Anonymous is an option and not the core purpose of 4chan. The purpose is the exchange of information, conversation, dicking around, or flat out trolling. It is a message board with the option of being anonymous, but the main part of that is the message board.

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In all honesty good sirs, avatarfags generate more hate then the worst tripfags present right now can ever hope to accomplish.

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And how many people (in percentage, please) do you think do trips, or even names? Really, how many?

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4chan was created to be an anonymous image board.
/tg/ is a part of that board that has a distinct userbase.
This userbase tends to give no shit for the rest of 4chan itself.
Why should the purpose of our forum's creation be of any concern to us?

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No, just you, because you are the worst. Leave this thread.

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Not sure if Sergalfag...

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naw as anoying as you are sergal fag, Scared of Shadows and Shas are much worse, and I am actualy fond of golden neckbeard, leman russ, and in small doses gnollbard

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Shas is a parody of a troll.

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Why anon, you seem to have left me out. Am I not at the very least tolerable?

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Never seen you before.

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MR. RAGE, Wasteland Warrior and Golden Neckbeard are awesome name/tripfags.

Lace and Blackheart are pretty cool, I've had some interesting discussions about WoD with them.

For some reason, I find Gnollbard quite funny. Leman Russ and Psyker Ted are, however, fucking retards.

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I personally do not find Shas to be a terribly bad person, albeit he's obnoxious, but within in a certain way that is hilariously entertaining.

Although I have reason to believe Scared of Shadows surpasses me in trolling, only because he spends more time on 4chan then I do.

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Who's 'Shas'?

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He used to follow Sergalfag around to fight faggotry with faggotry.

He still hasn't realized that it doesn't work.

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Leman Russ is female. What did you expect?

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You are forgetting about Scriptarious good sir.

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I just want Sergal to love me. I... Only wish for a small sample of mammalian emotions.

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I hate GNB so fucking much.

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>I am actualy fond of golden neckbeard, leman russ, and in small doses gnollbard
Golden Neckbeard is alright, but only because he gets prestige points for the beard.

Leman Russ and Gnollbard are just plain horrible.

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You DO know Russ is a guy.

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I guess you could say, sometimes, Gnoll bard is.... infurriating.

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I'd watch it. What would it be, a good-cop, bad-cop movie?

Except they're busting gangers while Stubbs smokes cigars and Boreale yells with his accent. Awesome.

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Leman Russ and Gnollbard are okay.

They're nothing compared to Spanish Flee and Jim Profit, even at their worst.

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>Implying I even see tripfag posts.

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I'm guessing it would be kinda like Bad Boy in some Hive City.

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And then Boreale spilt Spud-Sticks in Stubb's Landcar.

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STUBBS: You know what, I need to jump over this chimera and smack you in your bald head that's what I need to do.
BOREALE: Well, you know what you're arguin' over a mother fuckin' french fry.
STUBBS: It's not about the french fry, it's about your lack of respect for other people's property!
Hive Scum 1: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hive Scum 2: Shut the fuck up!

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Tripfags use a tripcode for a very simple reason. To build an identity. That's all there is to it. It is easier to hold a conversation with a person across multiple threads when you have an identity

There's nothing really wrong with it. If the simple act of having a tripcode and name in the name field pisses you off, you apparently have skin far too delicate to be on such a wicked place as the internet

The only thing that annoys me is Anonymous avatarfagging, such as what Sergalfag does. In an age where you can simply type a name into a filter, avoiding tripfags is easy. Sergalfag's shitposting is far more annoying since he actively tries to avoid filtering by posting as Anon

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Touhoufag's a pretty good avatarfag. He's usually got something good to post whenever he does.

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Reason and sense regarding tripfags on 4chan? Is this opposite day or something?

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I exempt Touhouguy from the status of Avatarfag because he simply posts touhou pictures, usually ones fairly related to whatever he's talking about. Avatarfags identify with a singular character, Touhouguy just basically uses his touhou pictures in the same way as someone might use a reaction image or image macro

That, and he never shitposts

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This basically, I love tripfags like Shas and MR RAGE, but there are bad ones who I hate for legitimate reasons.

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I do it so that I'm semi-accountable for the things I say. That way, if I say something controversial like, "Bruce Wayne is a terrible fucking character." people will be like, "Huh... Gateway's usually pretty level-headed about these things, I wonder why he thinks that." rather than just going ">troll".

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Fucking Flee and Profit, worst tripfags ever.

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>I do it so that I'm semi-accountable for the things I say.
Which is actually the opposite of the entire purpose of 4chan. I'm sure there are some valid reasons to be a tripfag, but I'm also sure that is not one of them.

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Also there's like 5 of them. Tohoufags that is.

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>That, and he never shitposts
He never trolls. I would hesitate to say his posts are never shit.

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>I would hesitate to say his posts are never shit.
That... that's not what what shitposting means, at all.

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rolled 14 = 14

I know of two and one might be in jail due to the players hand book 2 fiasco. Ads caries strong and is unmissable with how he speaks.

I'd be halfway to a touhoufag for Mutants and Masterminds if it wasn't for the fact that I'm usually throwing up a screenshot of the rule in question and don't have the mechanical mastery of the system as Ads does for D&D.

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I'm sure someone can come up with a compelling argument for tripfaggotry. I can't. To be perfectly honest, I'm going to agree that such a decision usually boils down to (whether or not the tripfag is conscious of it) wanting a little attention or recognition. And I think that's OK in some cases.

For example, if I make a fuckwin post, at fundamental and slightly selfish level I want to be recognized for doing so. Some anons are comfortable letting their ideas and posts drift away into obscurity -- that's the nature of most interactions on the internet anyway.

I'm with Poor Speller ( >>8290578 ) on this: reputation, for good or ill.

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There's posers, certainly, but it's not really difficult to tell the fakers from the real one. The autistic thing makes it fairly easy, alongside the insane amount of 4E knowledge the guy has, which most posers cannot imitate


Also, the fact that you do not like some of the subjects he talks about does not make his posts shit. He consistently helps 4E players with character design, provides links to content, and always puts a great deal of thought into whatever it is he posts. You may want to review the definition of "shitposting"

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Originally it's because I drawfag with moderate frequency and would rather not end up with a doppelganger spamming porn under my name.

Secondly because it's amazing how infuriated people get just because I have a tripcode. I find it funny.

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Hey, Archivist. I like you. Wanna turn this thread into s'more imagedumps?

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>I'd be halfway to a touhoufag for Mutants and Masterminds

That's not really difficult, considering how loose and fiat-centric the game's supposed to be.

It's still really fun to mess around with, though.

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This thread is now about Dorf Ortriss.

>> No.8291160

And so people know to associate my stuff with me. I could probably set up a devart now that I'm back in practice and will actually be putting a bit more effort into the stuff I do next.

>> No.8291179

I'll make a separate thread. Give me a second and imagedumping will commence.

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>Also, the fact that you do not like some of the subjects he talks about does not make his posts shit.
I don't mind the subject of his posts, it's his writing style that bothers me. I regularly just skim his posts because I don't enjoy reading them.

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I think this thread would be incomplete if we didn't take a minute to shit all over Exalted and her retarded attempts to carebear-ize everything grimdark.

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The "purpose" of 4chan is discussion. Having a reputation as a poster makes your opinion more or, in the case of triptrolls, less valid than the opinion of Anonymous. In either scenario, the quality of conversation is improved. Versus posting anonymously, where you can just say any damn thing you want and people have no idea if you're being serious or not.

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rolled 5 = 5

>That's not really difficult, considering how loose and fiat-centric the game's supposed to be.
Yes and no, most of the DM fiat things are limitations flaws, non standard drawbacks,use of variable powers, and flat out "no" to some combination of powers/extra/feats the GM feels inappropriate for the game. Other then that it is written out 'well enough' if you know what chunks of the book to look at.

Other then that you can really go by RAW. While I do go by a loose standard of how powers should be put together or done for some pretty specific examples it can be done with system understanding and searching through pieces of powers then hand waving in the end, which is the main reason I enjoy the system.

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You are wrong. Hear it from the man himself, Moot talking about 4chan at TED:


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Wow, you think having a trip makes your opinion more valid than anyone else? You are exactly the problem with tripfags summed up nicely, thanks for that post.

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Oh Exalted, I simply love arguing with him so excessively and pointlessly.

In fact, I was the lone sagefag some time ago, who told him to basically go out and find a occupation, ruining one of his many WoD threads.

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This is why people tripfag.

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>Having a reputation as a poster makes your opinion more or, in the case of triptrolls, less valid than the opinion of Anonymous.
That is the problem your opinion is less about your opinion then what you are saying. Cults of personality and fanboys ready to descend on anyone who speaks badly against their favored users is shit that happens quite regularly. Hell it even happens here just from posting groups of pictures and talking about things. Get one person to sage a few times and you have a shitstorm of white knights coming to defend their favorite personalities honor.

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Oh, the power you once wielded, Sergal. It must have been overwhelming.

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>Implying Exalted is not male.

>> No.8291345

Blocked on copywrite grounds.

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Why thank you, I am a good looking woman. :*)

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I don't see why anyone has a serious problem with tripfags or avatarfags. It's trivial shit. I can sit in on a whole thread of scareofshadows with no problem. All it takes is pantience, understanding and the ability to not be a raging twat. It really shouldn't be tough.

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I just don't feel right without it. It's as much an anchor around my neck as it is a benefit to anybody who's read what I've said before. There's no good reason to keep it, but no good reason to get rid of it. I didn't have one for years and years, and now that I have one I'll probably keep it for years and years. It does have the benefit of identifying my posts for threads I start and conversations I have, and you don't get that with Anonymous.

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>implying that their are girls on the internet.

>> No.8291403

>Blocked on copywrite grounds.
Huh, weird. It's just two minutes but here's a summary:

"With anonymous posting, you're getting very truthfull conversation. You judge somebody by the content of what they're saying and not their username or registration date. With identity the discussion revolves around who's is saying what, and not what they're saying."

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A clever plan. Lure the tripfags here to circlejerk, leaving them too occupied to shit up other threads.

>> No.8291415

Dammit man, you'll give us away!

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Well I try to build an identity by helping and posting good things but I have to admit I occassionally indulge in off-topic discussion.

>> No.8291429

But you see, Anon, I never was on your side.


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I'm a girl, you should see my hip action.

>> No.8291438

You sure do, good sir, you sure do.

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scaredofshadows annoys the fuck out of me and I'm not even sure why. I think it's because everything he posts is in the form of a question.
Decent source of WOD stuff though.

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You know me too well, you well-mannered rogue.
I admit, I am growing fond of you, although there are quite a few things I dont agree on with you.

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>Implying there aren't.

>> No.8291483

>Well I try to build an identity by helping and posting good things but I have to admit I occassionally indulge in off-topic discussion.
You and everybody who thinks the same way and posts with a trip is pathetic (even by 4chan standards, which is saying a lot) and I'll tell you why:

If you're posting here with a tripcode to stick out, that means you need anonymous to be your foil. What I'm saying is that you only post here, because in an actual named community people would not notice you because you have a weak character.

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I don't bother to tripfag at all, a Name is good enough. If someone wants to steal it, why the fuck not. I don't care. Even if i did tripfag, someone could take my name anyway, noone is going to compare the tripcodes. Also, i change when i feel the urge to.
On forums where I'm expected to have a name to be a real member, i use my real name.

My other aliases have been:

>> No.8291492

And thank you for proving mine. I made a reasonable argument, and you disregarded it, spun my words, and responded in the most dickish way possible. But it doesn't matter, because you're anonymous, and I can't tell you apart from any other yahoo behind a keyboard.

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Example of a low grade triptroll.

>> No.8291503

I've always liked him, insofar that he stays out of threads of worth.

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Because good sir, the manner in which Scare of Shadow speaks, is very similar in manner to which telemarketers and door to door sales persons speaks to force people into buying their products. In his case, force people to believe that he is a wolf.

He phrases his words carefully enough to sound very assertive, and each question he posts usually has strong tendencies towards the argument that he is a wolve, without being forceful or aggressive.

>> No.8291529

>Implying we don't have tabs

>> No.8291530


I find it's his lack of proper writing that makes me hate him.

>> No.8291535

>"Having a reputation as a poster makes your opinion more (or, in the case of triptrolls, less) valid than the opinion of Anonymous."
These are your exact words from this post >>8291254 You literally said it what this anon claims you said >>8291290

>> No.8291538

>Having a reputation as a poster makes your opinion more or, in the case of triptrolls, less valid than the opinion of Anonymous.
That's your exact quote, you said having a trip makes your opinion more valid.No spin involved.

PROTIP: It does not, except in your own mind.

Now stop trying to wriggle out of what you say, you can't because you are not anonymous and we can just scroll up and see what you wrote.

>> No.8291557

You don't have to, but I won't go out of my way to prove a point for an internet argument. If you can't watch it, your loss. I'm sure most others could.

>> No.8291587

Who wants to talk about something interesting?
Like conversion ideas?
Your terrible/awesome DM's?

>> No.8291598

Not with trollplaying tripfags.

>> No.8291612

>conversion ideas
Sororitas Acts of Faith almost all correspond to a specific Chaos God. They are very well suited to Traitor Guard allies.

>> No.8291616

If /tg/ is good and talks about good things I will finish this.
Is that a good incentive?

>> No.8291620

GHIHIHIHIHI. . .or something like that.

Hey! you're not Quest Lord.
And he did say more/less, depending on rep, which is what it does.

>> No.8291654

Alright then, how's this? >>8290982 The way this whole argument started was with me saying that being a tripfag makes me semi-accountable for my words. Anon said that's not the point of 4chan. Yet, here you are, holding me accountable for my words.

Also, I meant "valid" in the accountable sense, not in the more valuable/better sense. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

>> No.8291668

Not from a trollplaying tripfag. Turn the name off, then we'll talk.

>> No.8291671

>And he did say more/less, depending on rep, which is what it does.
Allow me to restructure what he said (without changing the original meaning):
>Having a reputation as a poster makes your opinion more valid than the opinion of Anonymous, or in the case of triptrolls less valid.

Hence he is either an idiot or a "triptroll" as he said himself.

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>> No.8291701


I find this staunch commitment to an opinion that hasn't been proven to even be based on valid assumptions to be very funny. When you think about it, it's a little like, say...


>> No.8291706

OK so you were using words you don't know the meaning of. I can't find any definition of valid that covers accountability.
valĀ·id (vld)
1. Well grounded; just: a valid objection.
2. Producing the desired results; efficacious: valid methods.
3. Having legal force; effective or binding: a valid title.
4. Logic
a. Containing premises from which the conclusion may logically be derived: a valid argument.
b. Correctly inferred or deduced from a premise: a valid conclusion.
5. Archaic Of sound health; robust.
Are you an ESL poster, or just a pretentious fuckwit who uses words to sound educated?

>> No.8291707

>Anon said that's not the point of 4chan. Yet, here you are, holding me accountable for my words.
Now we let the cat out of the bag. Do you know why we're holding you accountable for your words? It's not exclusively because of the quality of your post. It's because we can, because you're distinguishable, because you're a tripfag.

It's quite elegant actually.

>> No.8291748

Also, /tg/, provide me with /tg/ related lineart of a picture and I might colour it, if I have time. It's always good to get practice :3

>> No.8291768

As a tripfag, I'm not sure why other tripfags use trips unless they are staying in a thread they started.

I personally don't use my trip unless I need it to distinguish myself from others for a project related thread.

>> No.8291780

Sorry to crush your tiny transgender heart, but you're terrible at colouring.

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>> No.8291790

>provide me with /tg/ related lineart of a picture and I might colour it
I just might take you up on that offer.

>> No.8291799

Good... God.

>> No.8291802

Ah. Well they need only to go outside of their homes naked and jacking off for the same kind attention they'd get here.

Maybe I have too much faith in /tg/?

>> No.8291819

Well, in that case they'd be labeled a sex offender. Here they're just accruing hatred toward an 'identity' they've set up. So eh.

>> No.8291820

You actually expect anything but terribleness?

>> No.8291920

>Gateway's other posts are typically spaced around 5-10 minutes apart

>This guy posts
>Nearly 20 minutes later
>Still no reply

>> No.8291944

I only use my name for drawfagging or sometimes if I'm talking in a thread where it's easier to keep track of the discussion with a name on.

>> No.8291962

Sometimes, I do it because I damn well feel like it.

>> No.8291965

>This guy is still around after 20 minutes later only to see if his post got a reply.

>> No.8292011

>Gateway taking off his tripcode to reply

>> No.8292060

Because after six years I've realized that I'm still anonymous. You don't know who the fuck I am. I've never camwhored, revealed any information about myself. I'm David Davidson.

But one day I grew tired of being called samefag if I ever agreed with someone and found it easier to do dumps on /wg/ when I was so inclined.

It also makes me troll less as I don't want to become some annoying tripfag troll. Sort of like what a Gideons bible does for degenerate and wayward truckers.

>> No.8292062

>Butthurtly accusing someone of being a tripfag to save face.

>> No.8292089

>Implying that it is not extremely obvious that you are Gateway from your reaction image names

>> No.8292115

>Implying that you think having the last word will make you right, keep telling yourself that.
>Also implying impliccable implications that were implicated.

>> No.8292117

I agree with this anon, and it is part of the reason I use a trip. The other is because a professor once told me the following: "If you are going to take the time to write something, be it negative or positive, you should be willing to sign it so that others can see that you stand by your opinion." I'm not giving any of you guys my real name, so this one is the identity I'll hang on to.

>> No.8292141

I was posting livestream links. Someone thought they'd discredit me as a spammer by reposting my links everywhere to get me banned. My trip saved me from a ban.

Thank you tripcode, you saved my... current IP... for nerd stuff...


>> No.8292160

Everyone in this thread is exceptionally silly. I just thought you ought to know this. Carry on.

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>> No.8292379

Hey trap, are you still going to do these?
>>8291787 >>8291790

>> No.8292396

Might do the orc one if I have time tonight.

>> No.8292443


>> No.8292478

Won't you do the other one too, please?

>> No.8292528

It's not really the style I work with...
And it's bit small.

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