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ITT: What /tg/ faps to

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Gah. reptiles with mammary glands.

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all sorts of things.

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I'm on to you guys

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A wizard did it.

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I'm not primarily a /tg/-goer though. I just visit sometimes.

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ITT: What we fap to

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I would totally convert her to Catholocism.

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hot. this is some old school stuff

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this is why girls are cute

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Because they like gay porn?

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>implying human female legs are naturally hairless

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3D pig disgusting.

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Gets me every time

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I dunno, I think she's done better.

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I agree with the squid things

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Not only faps to, writes fapfics on. Sweet tender loving to counterbalance all the CHAFING going on with FemShep ones, naturally.

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how Exactly did this character come about? is the origin thread archived?

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It's a furry version of Chem-chan.

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i'm aware of chem chan, but how did the rat version get started?

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Somebody posted a furry version during Freya/Ink-Eyes madness time

That's really all there is to it

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Furries. The drew a furry version of chem chan, the end.
Since then there's been some discussion regarding making her Hrud, or not and it's still just a thingthat the trollplayers muck about with more than anything else..

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I don't think the troll players do much with it at all

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what fanfic writers look like.

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what is that an mp4 snapshot to?

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Episode 22 of wakfu.

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No, they don't. Chemrat is pretty much a full-fledged character.

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>pretty much a one dimensional nothing.


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More three-dimensional than Scaredofshadows, or Verity.

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Explain yourself.

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Funny, I was going to post this.

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You mean an annoying furry parody of tank girl in 40k who someone roleplays so we all must suddenly like?

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Not really. Her character is that she holds a flamethrower and wears a gas mask.

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Uhh. No, actually Gnollbard's written stories featuring her. I don't even like Chemrat all that much, I'm just saying that you seem to be making judgments without all the information.

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Ah yes, the literary master gnollbard

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Wow, yes this character is, However those are not dimensional at all. Just give up

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Non of those stories mean much, given hardly anyone fucking reads them.

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Okay, let's make a little list:
*slight guro (beating, non-physical torture ect.)
*Fran (it's so kawaii)
*elves (always)

...and things like that.

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That's... Not really the point. The point is that there's more to her character than a furry holding a flamethrower. Not necessarily all that much more, but there's more nonetheless.

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Not that we see get posted here.

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writefag needed.

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So you ripped your balls of fapping to DD6?

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Again, not the point.

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You may as well include monster girls, whosoever is making up a list.

Many, many examples - I'm not even going to bother posting one. I have my own favorite of course. Everyone has at least one I think.

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We know a few things about Chemrat. She builds weapons from scrap, she's a firebug, she's a tech-expert, and the Inquisition really, really seems to hate her. Oh, and Cockney.

Also she inexplicably seems to have followers/fans, for whatever fucking reason.

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Porn that involves beating the girl while rape is called Ryoma.

Why do I know this?

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because /tg/

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I saw the original post. God. I'd like to see one person who fapped to that. I mean...dude. No. Why do the good writfags always have to be from some gurochan or shit?

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please see: >>8274805

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I'd harpoon her.

If you know what I mean.


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I have a pink torpedo ready

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Sorry chum, you're fucking a fold.

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/tg/ faps to everything

This thread proves my point.

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Chem-rat isn't even /tg/ related.

She's some asshole's retarded brainchild. Requested characters do not become memes, so why the fuck does everyone treat her like one? Let the trollplayers have her if they want her. She has even less to do with the board than all the /v/ shit that leaks into here.

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Don't forget out petition girl fetish.

And sales girl fetish.

And ...

Um. Yah. Pretty much everything.

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I'm just leaving this here...

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And don't forget our petition girl fetish.

Don't remember how that one got started. Don't care either.


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ITP: What /tg/ faps to

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My waifu

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Oh god, my spine hurts just from looking at that

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>This thread

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My waifu. And she's handy!

I'd begin the operation, if you know what I mean...

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the same as the rest of the boards

azn chicks

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You know it to be true /tg/. None can resist Loran.

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.. so anything that has tits on it?

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/totally gay/

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/tg/ is faptau. There is no denying it

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Doot doot doot...

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Well, most of the time, sometimes things without tits.

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even the gay stuff we like is due to the fact the little boys are drawn the same as girls

But with penis

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post the rest

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/touhou games/

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Incarnation of sex

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Its a like, 8 episode series (Including the 8 or so page episode 0) so no I will not take the time to post the rest. Instead you get examples.

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>Not only faps to, writes fapfics on.

You're going to have to post some of those sumbitches.

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Wait, wait, wait... Is this supposed to be Journey to the West?

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what's the name of the series then?

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Bingo. Porno semi-femdom journey to the west drawn by an artist known for turning people gay.

/rs/ Secret Journey.

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Its a story about a cute young monk with a big dick (or something) that was on his way to India as a spiritual journey or whatever.

Proceeds to be raped by demons along the way.

Shits hot, brah.

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I tried to post DBMilf again. You guys just hit image limit.

Well done.

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Fucking lol'd.

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Could be a glitch in the code ...


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That's what we fap WITH not TO.

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Nice to see this thread go thru to a proper finish in spite of 4chans' recent woes.

Thanks guys! It's been a gas.

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Woohoo, glad I got here just in time to save some new fap from this thread.

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name for this doujin?

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