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So... I'm looking for stories, comics and pics with Cultist-Chan can my /tg/ comrades help me out?

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I just found out about her and I'm like upsest now

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they are mostly drawn by a colossal faggot.

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is there any stories behind the drawings?

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Fuck off.

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theres a good story OP, you'll throughly enjoy it I'm sure
it will warm your heart and make you feel fuzzy on the inside.

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Someone requested a female-cultist saying "We have captured it for Chaos!" int he voice of a Dawn of War Cultist. Feeding a Waffle to a Chaos-Spawn.

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why did he change his name for deviant art?

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sweet ty dude

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o boy...waiting for reaction

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so Im on the like 2nd paragraph and all I have to say is wtf

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Oh Emperor, the flood gates are open.

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rolled 3, 2, 3 = 8

Many have read it. You are not the first to feel what you are feeling.

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/shrug Im down to read it its just not really what I was thinking of when I asked but hey its 4chan after all

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DD turned out to be a woman right?

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She never wanted to be a cultist you know.

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I always feel so bad for laughing at the last panel after seeing the second to last panel.

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Same here, but then I laugh even harder.

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rolled 3, 6, 3 = 12

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The trick is to look back up at the 2nd last, d'awww and then close the image wishing to give her a hug.

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Culexus. What a nigger.

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He makes a damn good trollface.

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see this hear Ievan Polkka...
probably the intent.

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You stupid fucking octaroon, did you actually read that?

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The one with force feeding, unbirthing and fraken fan was the best

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i didn't, all i saw was, WORDS WORDS WORDS.
just tl;dr'd it and moved on with my life

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I love Dranon.

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lawl, to this day I have not read that, I was warned by some internet white knights ahead of time though
though watchin people suffer where you could have

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You poor, poor fool.

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i agree, in comic/art hes pretty cool dude, in that abomination of writing....don't know, and believe i'm better off keeping it that way.

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haven't seen that one before.

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Where's the comic about how she got her warp beast?

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the "i have no regrets" one?

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got her warp beast to fuck her? I think its the 3rd DD

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rolled 5, 5, 5 = 15

That face. It gets me every time.

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>rolled 5, 5, 5


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I must confess to you, /tg/...
I actually fapped to Dranon's Delight.

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you are more of a man than I will ever be, I can't even go to the link

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also, that comic makes me daw, even the forces of chaos have a tenderness to them

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rolled 5, 1, 2 = 8

Superb. Did you draw that yourself?

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......... wow #5 makes me sad

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It would start as a four some, then end up as Macha and Cultist-chan watching the Soldier and the Witch have sex. Macha is still a virgin. Cultist-chan is a slut and goes off to get gang-banged.

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So Jo is fully aware each of he characters have the same face, male and female?

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PROTIP: The Face of Tzeentch is the same face as Calipso in the Twisted Metal games. At least, the first one on the PS1.

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rolled 4, 4, 3 = 11


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Yes. It makes it easier for him to draw as he can just copy-paste the faces and body and add minor details as opposed to drawing a unique body and face for each person.

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Yessir, I did.

And thanks. :3

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rolled 3, 3, 2 = 8

Do you have any more?

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Jo is the new Naga

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Not at the moment. I just drew that one up about 40 minutes ago, but if you would like I could draw more for you. Anything you would like to see?

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Come around late saturday nights, and look for a thread with a venerable dreadnaught in the OP. There's always some faggot that sagebombs it with cultist pics.

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rolled 2, 4, 2 = 8

Cultist running from Fuklaw, who is wielding two Power Fists and has a Chainsword in his teeth.

Barring that, anything you would like to draw. I'm not picky.

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OP here..... wow those were all so bad, the stories as well as the grammar and spelling.....
I has a sad now

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Hehe, okay. I'll give that a shot after I finish a drawing for another thread.

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rolled 4, 5, 4 = 13

Why would you read all of them at once?

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rolled 4, 4, 5 = 13

Thank you very much.

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Forgot my RAGE!

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Man, you win the thread because I read that in his voice.
Man, why are all the good comedians dead.

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rolled 5, 3, 2 = 10

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I read. I lol'd. I pop'd a boner.

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Okay I finished your request!

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That is awesome.

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Where's teh sammich one`?

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Thank you!

If there's anything else you guys would like me to draw feel free to ask.

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This amuses me, good work.

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Do you have a deviantart page by chance?

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You are now picturing Cultist-chan's very scary older brother.

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Could someone post the Warmaster Cultist again?

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I'm glad!

Here. It's my request DA.
Feel free to ask me there directly if you would like something drawn.

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Seeing this is a Cultist thread, I shall request Cultist. How about her giving cuddles (the character) a cuddle with some non-nude symmetrical docking.

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Nnnnnot that one, it's the one where she rambles on about Nurgle shielding her with his plague, etc. etc.

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this one =D

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I love the smell of Heresy in the morning

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Ringarde and Cultist

(She is the french sororitas who loves cultist)

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If you know what heresy smells like, you are a heretic.

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The Dranon's Delight stuff was written to troll. Here's the actual Cultist writefaggotry, the stuff that made her irritatingly popular in the first place.


Incidentally, I'm pretty sure this was written as part of a "Worst Concept Possible" challenge. 40k + Highschool Drama. The execution is far better than necessary.

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Not actually the origin of Cultist, that was some CF drawfaggotry. But I think this was the first Writefaggotry about her.

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The origin of Cultist as a distinct character came when CF drew a picture of a number of teenage 40k girls - Macha, a Sister of Battle, Daemonette, and a Guardswoman IIRC - having a sleepover. He had drawn Cultist before (the original 'waffles for chaos' picture) and one anon asked him why Cultist wasn't at the sleepover. Which then spawned a picture of Cultist sitting next to a phone, lamenting how no-one ever invited her to anything.

/tg/ wen't d'awwww and it snowballed from there.

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1) Start Chem-Rat thread
2) Watch it get filled with Cultist-chan images, dumped for your convenience. Careful! There might be more than the thread can handle, and you'll end up with Max Image Limit Reached before long!
3) ????
4) Profit!

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Actually, it was some WoD person trying to get a non-40k pic from him.

Then he made the sleepover and he made a sympathy pic for her not being invited, that is when it really started

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There's been something like that done

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Kind of like the guy that got Chem-chan drawn for Deadlands and it ended up a 40k /tg/ meme.

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Urgh, fine, I'll contribute to your Cultist thread.

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First I ever heard of it.

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Some guy came in a while back and mentioned that he requested a female Chem Dog to be drawn, mostly because it was a character or a concept for a character that he had for Deadlands close to a Chem Dog, and that at the time 40k pinup girls were all the rage, so the drawfags would be all over it. In the end it ended up being pretty much the same as the Cultist-chan phenominom but without the same level of popularity. Actually come to think of it I wonder what he would say about how it ended up with the Chem-rat thing. Probably just hang himself outright.

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