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what are the faces of our fellos / /'s
Ill start with Xtan

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Never cared for this stuff.

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That one is new to me. Why would we steal /x/'s panties? And why would she make that threat?

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because we can
because she can

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/tg/ looks surprisingly attractive and neckbeardless.

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After all, eggs in the ass is our kinda thing :3.

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Who is who?

This image.
It is one of which I approve.

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But it's completely outside of established character. It makes no sense.

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Left to right:
/tg/, /c/, /v/, /a/, /co/, /x/, /d/.

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A /co/mrade here with links to all the pictures you want


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/v/ does not look mad enough.

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/x/ has over 200 drawings making her on top

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/tg/ looks rather trappy now that I think about it.

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we needed those panties for a plot hook
and with all the monster porn on here /d/ is our biggest threat

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We have the Emperor and the Astartes. we fear not /d/. They will face the Emperors Might!

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/co/ and /tg/ are bro's

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lol /y/ is so silly

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can you shop the "no" out of this

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Now that /hc/ is gone, who will /d/ fuck?

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What the hell /y/?

Why the hell did we think up a plot hook with /x/'s panties?!

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Buddy, who WON'T /d/ fuck?

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/tg/x/ is an Awesome OTP

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You apparently missed the thread where /co/ decided they knew more about games than we did

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/d/ won't fuck anything that isn't japanese.

/tg/ on the other hand is MUCH less racist.

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aint there a part 2 in the afternoon

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Pfff a little tiff isn't enough to break up bros! If you hadn't noticed /v/ and /co/'s namefags frequent /tg/ aswell. (Usually as anonymous) We're a pretty tight knit group, although /v/ is still simmering about us giving him Zhakuuvan.

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/d/ fucks and rapes everyone

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Hell yeah man

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ha ha Zhakuvaan goes somewhere else now? Damn.

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oh wait I got a better pic

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thank you

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This /co/mrade want to know does anyone want me to keep on the board-tans pictures?

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Zhakuuvan was originally a /tg/ anonymous and decided to namefag due to Jim Profit and "Jaku Fan" (Where it got the name from) it moved to /v/ for easier trolling grounds and there it stayed (Still posted on /tg/ sometimes.) it got banned for a while and began trolling here again, but I believe it has gone back to /v/ now.

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It begins.

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in the eyes on /co/ /cm/ is evil

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/co/nrad is manly as hell.

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oh yea I forgot

/a/ is a trap

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I'll remind you.

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FUCK YEAH /tg/x/

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>board-tan faggotry
Get out

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no u


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And he is the bastard son of /co/

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Incidentally, anyone have a specific request? I have a few of the comics saved, and plenty of random images. /a/v/, /tg/x/, etc.

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It was a 200 post thread where /co/ tried to porn flood /tg/ in response to someone asking for ideas on a "Speed Wizard" on /co/.

/co/ basically got butthurt and acted like comics are far too high and noble for things like that.

There were a few people there shouting NO, WE'RE BROS, but I think the dozen people screaming obscenities at each other overruled them

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Calm down Karen, we once plotted out a whole television show based on this stuff. Right here, on /tg/. I think it migrated to IRC or something. Check the wiki.

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isn't it technically the other way around?

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It gets pretty gay,
If I keep posting /v/ and /a/.

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Oh Scriptarious I long to lavish your girlish figure.

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I'm up for gay!

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Why does /tg/ have a faggoty ponytail?

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The homeless gent from the back alley.

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I'm fearful of the context of that white tiger.

He has sex with it, doesn't he?

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US gave the idea of motion picture and comics to japan after we showed them Betty Boo
Where do you think the big eye thing came from

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I don't think that was the word you were aiming for...

also, you're not as creepy as the GNB stalker posts

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reported for offtopic boardfaggotry.

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You're the boss.

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I always assumed Disney.

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Ok this one is sweet and gay

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u mad?

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I used to be a /co/x/sucker, and now I'm a fa/tg/ay, so this is fine with me.

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Many do
Who was that girl who made this

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In all honesty was not aiming to be that creepy.

Truth be told, Scriptarious was the basis for the skinny long hair/poly tail /tg/ of here:

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This doesn't have anything to do with traditional games.

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Everything is on-topic on /tg/. Even this.

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This thread is epic.

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Why though, that assumes all of us have long hair like a freshmen metalhead

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Panty raids *are* a traditional game.

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Sometimes I think that word has lost all meaning...

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Let's have a poll.

Ponytail here. Yes, I fucking clean it.

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Why do I even have these?

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Because it is pretty, and having long hair is a attribute of a little girl.

And I for wish to be a little girl.

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Really creepy roleplaying.

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>>8269473 what if he strangles me while we have sex?

Don't worry /x/, that's pretty far down my list of fetishes and very unlikely to come up.

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Short hair here.

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We di/ck/s get left outta everything. =(

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because /a/ is a hot trap

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Like, really.

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Short hair.

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Well that's fantastic, but you don't speak for the rest of us

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heres a /v/ perspective of every board

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rolled 56 = 56


I have a buzzcut but a full on beard.
My brother has long hair past his shoulders but can barely grow a mustache.

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Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and report this.

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True, but I speak for the majority.

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rolled 15 = 15


also, I am fat as a house and he is skinny as a pole.

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The majority is "the rest of us", so no you don't.

You speak for a minority, I'm not saying you're the only one, but you are not a majority.

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No, not even that.

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/tg/ - Metathreads

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If that's the way you feel..

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I refuse this came from /v/, so much of it is spot on.

Especially /k/

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Why must you shatter my beautiful dreams of a board filled with little girls wearing silly frilly hats, while playing traditional games?


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For once a comment like this is bang on the money.

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Am I the only one to be curious about /b/ ?

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Well, sorry, but it really doesn't have anything to do with /tg/. It's just people being weird about an internet website.

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Speaking of which

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I can see /tg/, but who dat?

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Old or new? There are -tans for both.

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I don't want to be the little girl, I like being a man, plus I finnaly got a cool looking beard

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Sometimes I reflect on people who like these kinds of things. And they strike me exactly as the obnoxious people you would meet at a generic anime convention, who try to talk in the voice of a character and force all those around them to play along and generally be awkward.

Then I question why I even come here anymore.

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when /co/ faced /b/

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Damn TG eyes bug the hell out of me.

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old /b/, the new one is a annoying faggot

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You'll just have to accept that most of us, contrary to popular belief, aren't gay or transsexual.

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Holy crap, I have the exact same hair style and facial hair configuration as the personification of /tg/.

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A fiendish mastermind.

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Everyone knows old /b/ more or less. A board worth going to, filled with equal parts win and fail, sometimes the second one even becoming the first. The source of more memes that can be counted, some of which are even mainstream stuff, you can find on TV nowadays.

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You mean you're not a faggot ?

>> No.8269717


post pics

>> No.8269736

Nope. Sorry if that upsets you.

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And then he had a fatal heart attack and died. To be replaced by something bland and un-original, easily repeated and copied and re-copied 'til it lost all form and value. A dismal failure so pathetic it has to harm its fellow boards to make itself feel better.

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so are /co/ and /tg/ bros?
as i am first and foremost a fa/tg/uy, but i have been on /co/ a lot lately, it'd be good to know i'm not some sort of traitor.

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Fucking hilarious.
Any more like this?

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Panty raid you said?

>> No.8269756

poor /test/

>> No.8269757

Yep, they's our bros.

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>implying that every other board didn't get as cancerous

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I really don't know

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I never got to see this whole thing and forgot about it until now.
I want it all, the whole thing, and I want it posted as soon as you are able!

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/d/ wasn't always like that.
Back in the day it was, while still animu-centric, rather tolerant as long as content was drawn and suitably weird.

One day after a lot of whining the "tanks rolled into Prague" so to speak.

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Ponytail, but my hair is ridiculously curly, so it's like a hairball is sticking out of the back of my head.

>> No.8269799

Eh, either way.
Keep up the beautiful work, /co/mrade.

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I'm a bit clean shaven here, but you get the idea.

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Damn floodgatedoors

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Didn't notice somebody had posted the 3rd page, here >>8269327

I've got a /k/ repelling /b/tards comic and one where /v/ rapes /a/ as well, and one-shots like this.

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I would pay to watch that fight.

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Man this thread filled up fast.

>> No.8269862

LAst page

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Fuck yeah /co/ck/

>> No.8269887

I want the rest of

>> No.8269894

But... /co/k/...

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Oh yeah someone started a remake of the comic the he stop

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Not a very fat fa/tg/uy. He should make more meatbread.

>> No.8269926

/k/ got /an/
Hot tomboy anyone?

>> No.8269936

Excellent saging.

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>> No.8269947

D'oh. That's right.

Been a while since I seen this stuff.

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/co/ - cock Blocking

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>> No.8269984

I'm done with posting
here the website for all the pic again

>> No.8269993

Oh one last thing
That /s/ not /5/

>> No.8270010

Same, but I rock it because my head is giant and covered in bumps and scars.

>> No.8270014

/Co/'s outfit reminds me of Trilby.

And why is there no /tg/? Is it because we're even more anti-social than everyone else, we're new, or we're just lame?

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>> No.8270030

What the fuck IS /5/, anyway?

>> No.8270034

no it's just board-tan's like /co/, /a/, and /x/ are the coolest to make

>> No.8270046

I'm not telling

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>> No.8270053

I been postin' /tg/-man left and right!

>> No.8270062

So slim.

>> No.8270080

>> No.8270092

Just past shoulder wavy hair. Slight gradient cut toward the front.

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>> No.8270103


2 types of tha/tg/uy

either rail thin with long hair and some sort of non standard facial hair

or morbidly obese with the neckbeard and odor to match

>> No.8270121

have we made characters for any of the new boards yet?

>> No.8270122

>> No.8270143

I'm of average weight, with odd facial hair (some of which resides on my neck) and a faint scent.

Fuck, I'm the bastard child of two stereotypes.

>> No.8270150

Not to my knowledge.

>> No.8270156

Average build here. No stench and long hair.

>> No.8270172

/toy/ is hyper.

>> No.8270173

Here's /3/

someone needs to draw more /toy/m/. pity i'm on the wrong computer and don't have the one pic of them together (which also has /tg/ and /x/ in it)

>> No.8270180

Rule 63 /tg/-tan is strangely attractive...

>> No.8270206

That's /toy/ actually. And yes.

>> No.8270214

You mean you want ca/tg/irl

>> No.8270221

Right, my mistake, they look kinda similar.

>> No.8270224


I believe that this teapot possesses greater strength of character my good man.

>> No.8270236

No worries.

>> No.8270244

What about the overly muscular fa/tg/uy?

>> No.8270250

>> No.8270266

this is canon /toy/

>> No.8270282

Oh no gang! How will /co/nrad escape this one? Will uh.. will he bother to?

>> No.8270303

How nice.

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>> No.8270321

>> No.8270332

Happy couple.

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>> No.8270355

What kind of epic fagotry is this?

>> No.8270357

rolled 1 = 1

Anyone else feel like /tg/-tan right now is simply an abused adult? Kind, but sorrowful as he/she is taken advantage of?

>> No.8270373

I'm sorry, what was that?

>> No.8270379

"Post a whole ton of faggotry"?

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rolled 45 = 45

Mmm. Nice to be alone.

>> No.8270404

Wa- When?!

About the last* couple I expected.

A bit. But mostly no.

*(Heterosexual, non /u/ or /y/)

>> No.8270422

Fuck the rest of you bitches.

>> No.8270464


I always pictured the /tg/ guy as something of a Renaissance Man. The truly ridiculous range of shit that /tg/ covers on a monthly basis leads me to believe that everyone here knows everything, though no single person has all of that information.

Plus, if a given subject has any following whatsoever, it's going to have a game about it.

>> No.8270473

I remember drawing that.

>> No.8270479

good god, what's wrong with her chest?
seems to end *much* to high

>> No.8270487

>> No.8270491

You, I fucked it up bad and didn't fix it. Oh well.

>> No.8270501

For justice.

>> No.8270508

other then that it looks good

>> No.8270518

>> No.8270540

>> No.8270548

>> No.8270602

And sadly we've reached the image limit.

Of course I still have a bunch more if there's enough people that want another thread.

>> No.8270624

i know i probably shouldn't be asking.. but what does /b/ look like? i mean.. if /d/ is a betentacled dick-girl... hmm..

and what about /mu/?

>> No.8270646

Old /b/ is Anonymous or some other faceless fellow, new /b/ is pretty much EFG. Both are in this thread, scroll around and see.

>> No.8270649

Oh God people saved my drawings. They are like over a year and a half old.

I really haven't improved much, haha.

>> No.8270669

I think they're great.

>> No.8270683

>accepting anything given to you from /d/
the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.8270686


>what does /b/ look like?

Depends on the time period and the artist. Some have depicted the /b/ character as something of a benevolent force, one that delivers poetic justice with a smile and a song. Others have drawn it as a hateful, destructive force of nature with naught but time on its hands and the sole mission in life to make everything as miserable as it is. Still others see only the raids and the catchphrases and have drawn the conclusion that /b/ is a retard.

One thing is certain, however. /b/'s appearance is that of the Everyman. His style of clothing and his speech may vary, but it's clear that he looks utterly normal when not engaged in mass distraction.

>> No.8270691

So delicious.

>> No.8270713


I don't know wy, but I read that in SHODAN's voice.

Shit felt weird son.

>> No.8270783


/mu/ looks like that guy in every social group that has an mp3 player and fills it with uncompressed music to get the proper sound.

Nevermind the fact that his earbuds can't make the sound ranges that the uncompressed music is supposed to play.

>> No.8272260

awwww, but it was good

>> No.8272326

I've always maintained that gamers come in three sizes: Small, Large, and DEAR GOD THAT'S LARGE!!!

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