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Nice use of the banner, I've got a few spare and should try something similar.

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Who here enjoys tacticool models?

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I had those lads back in primary school, I remember them being really fun to build

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look at all the scopes on the boltguns! hella epic!!

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i dont, thats why i dont play t'''''au.

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Give the sgt a thunder hammer then deploy it as 9 inches from the enemy. They can get a turn 1 auto-charge.

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woah! those must be selling like hotcakes! how can gw even keep those in stock?

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Giant hammers aren't tacticool.

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The Emperor's Vengeance is upon you! Glory to Legio Dustoris! Glory to Mars!

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>He doesn't have scopes on his thunder hammers.

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Still works out cheaper than GW and you can use the printer for things other than minis.

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looks like brets

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Old good new bad.

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I never sell anything, I just hoard stuff I don't ever use

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Isn't that like saying "name a sprinter faster than Yohan Blake, hard-mode, no Bolt or Gay"?

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What waste a precise tool like an airbrush on priming though?

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>shitposter says "3d fags are less annoying than you"
>a lightbulb goes off over his head
>"what if I bait both groups at once?"
>and the jannie deletes maybe one thing since they're on tight leashes lest too many retards get slapped with bans and hurt hiro's ad revenue

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>that desperate attempt to squeeze orange on the pauldron instead of just using a smaller brush (or is that highlighting?)
>the most tactical of rocks to be able to shoot the trans blams over cover
>undrilled barrel
I'm calling the TO

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>doesnt post his models

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15 noise marines. All this trim fucking sucks

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imagine being this much of a consoomer

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>how do you like to play 40k anons? what's your favourite playstyle?
After a lot of messing about it seems I like big robot style lists the most. I generally run my Orks as a Dread Mob with some bikes, buggies and other stuff like Mek guns scattered through out and when I play my Chaos stuff these days its general Daemon Engine oriented lists. I've got a Dark Eldar army as well that was fun to paint and do some little conversions on but I just never quite enjoy the playstyle as much. I'd probably enjoy space marine dreadnought lists a lot but I'm trying to not buy yet another army.

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This but unironically.

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argument over, faggot disqualified with no chance of re-entry, that's a wrap

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>commodified retard so angry someone is putting a tiny crack in the system that he lashes out at himself
kek, nice

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2 repulsors. Glad to be rid of them.

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3dpg would be a good first stop but they have become discord trannies lately. If you ask nicely they might hook you up. You're looking for teleri models.

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Manletonlytranny is breaking down in the face of reason.
Can't stand the concept of superior genes, or genetics generally, because his genes are male, and he will never be a woman.

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>gets quads
>suggestion is actually kino
Anon you lucky son of a comi-bolter gun. I hope your day goes well.
I wanna incorporate tiger stripes onto some miniatures now. I just don't know which ones yet.

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Well I spend sometime on the 40k side of Reddit and I haven’t seen that many slurs being said then again they have proper moderation.

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>worrying about slurs
Anon if that's the case then you oughta get off this website for your own good and seek help. You lack the fortitude required for daily life if this is the way you are.
I hope not though.

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post models

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one brush size, unthinned paints

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>>Browsing Reddit
that was your first mistake

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I have been browsing Reddit for a while and have to say I only browse for 40k art or nice maps.

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I use it how it's used in gunpla: welding obvious seams together (e.g. a skitarii robe)

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Make one a shiny blue-black, like a bug's carapace. And the other a dull grey black

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This irritates me, it's basically one dark colour but still looks good.

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Impulsor or Repulsor, what's the better transport?

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I dont care if you dont want to hear it!

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if they want phobos to sell they shouldn't have made them worse than baseline primaris

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>10 man squad
>transport that can only carry 6 guys
what a shitty box

>> No.81609515

An actual Land Raider

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God, just give me a primaris rhino equivalent. Take the repulsor, get rid of all the guns and turrets, slap a cupola on top with a few pintle options, and give it a cheap price. I don't need an IFV nor a Merkava, I just want a simple APC.

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I'm interested in Harleys but I think they have even less different units than GK. Can they be souped with other Eldars?

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>I found a 50 Dollar Canadian bill while walking home
I got money to treat myself. What's a good non-GW painting handle produced for hobbyists/wargamers?
What painting handles do you all use /40kg/?

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The commander's cupola or the compartment at the back?

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