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>mechanized dwarven cavalry riding through enemy lines in steam-powered motorcycle charges

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I need a huge log of dwarven insults and shit-talk. As big as you can find.

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God damn Deep Rock is great.

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I'm sure the tits provide ample ballast when climbing though.

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how is this related to tabletop games in any way?

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>how is a staple fantasy race and the discussion thereof related to tabletop games

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I did exactly what you describe except with amazon snake women. Guess I wasted my chance to be unique because my boner took control.

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It's more that the age of giants is passed, and dwarves kind of live in the same areas as they once did, many a dwarven kingdom began as a giant ruin.

Now for some examples. There are entire cultures of seagoing dwarves, some of the besy shipwrights in the world, building great harbours out of cliffsides. They claim descendence from the Storm Giants, who abandoned them to distant places. A popular myth and dream of these dwarves is to sail out to these hidden places, find their progenitors, and have answers from them.

Another example, dwarves who claim descendance from Stone Giants, respect their solace and independence, and hold their crafts and writing sacred. These dwarves live most of their lives beneath the earth, working the stone to expand the ever growing mythical underworld megadungeon that comprises the planet. They are mystics and architects, and hold the surface is a place of dreams and lies. The work must go on.

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>ride wife
>life good

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>And have you looked into the more obscure giants?

As for the more obscure kinds, I currently only have kinds for Fomorians and my version of Firbolgs. The "dwarves" that descend from them are actually gnomes. Deep gnomes and Forest gnomes respectively. Fomorians are twisted and cursed by fey magic for the crime of siring trolls of fey maidens. The "dwarves" that claim descendance from them are also changed by that curse, and they live in torment under their twisted progenitors.

Firbolgs were kin of the Fomorians, who while did not commit the crime, serve in penance as wardens of places of nature for the Fey. The "dwarves" of them are the Forest Gnomes, changed by the Fey magic, who serve the Firbolgs like they were forest kings.

I'm still mulling over if I still want to this though, as I don't have a progenitor for Rock Gnomes, and I also have a different idea for Gnomes I could work with, even if it's a bit weird.

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Give trains please.

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Good shit Anon.

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>>Are vast underground highways like the Underway really feasible across thousands of miles?
If the dwarven realms are big enough they'd be needed. Underwater waterways would be much easier to use though and are probably lower maintenance.
>>Are dwarfs competent carpenters? Can they work with wood to make a fine ship for example?
Carpenters may be a rare breed underground, with stone and metal used everywhere it can be. But their rarity is no reason for them not to be excellent at their craft. I would not expect dwarves to be excellent sailors however, and so a lack of demand may just meen the complexity of wooden works may be limited.
>>What's the best mount for a dwarf?
A dire badger, boar, or ram.
>>Are guns and gunpowder quintessentially dwarf at this point?
Of course they are, none can deny the allure of BEEG BADABOOM

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I take the idea of Dwarves springing as a monogender race from the cracks of the earth literaly. They are earth spirits trapped in a flesh form, able to die but doomed to reincarnate and thus unable to escape mortality.

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>The long nosed
Oy vey

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None, obviously.

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>how do the two interact?
Badly. The clan is the traditional dwarven institution, based on family relations. The Guild is a relatively new institution and it´s presence is almost exclusive to the bigger and wealthier holds. They shift the relations dynamic form kin to fellow guilders, in dwarven words "from blood to gold". They also usurp clan functions such as formation of levy throngs during war and contributions to the hold's holiday (hold-idays?) festivities.
>Does guild come first or clan?
It varies from hold to hold and even from dwarf to dwarf. In general the clan wins, hands down. But with the growth of holds and the increasing demand of dwarven goods the guilds are gaining track slowly but surely.
>How does joining a clan work?
Birth, marriage, adoption. That´s it.
>What are their roles in dwarven law?
The ruling clan sets the law beyond the basic and universal "dwarven law". Minor clans and guilds act as lobbying groups, and have members acting as lawyers for the members of each group.

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these are really nice

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Is it any good?

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It's in the book of grudges

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