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Same reason you don't clean your room. Postmodern neo-marxism

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do you want me to preach it to you..... on vocaroo?
>I have a noisy computer though

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>Why do people worship Nurgle?
>currently suffering from the plague
>life is literally pain and despair
>guy comes by and says he can make the pain go away
>and he does he just didn't make the plague go away
Pretty simple anon, you act like people know the downsides going in when they follow chaos.

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The same reason Chaos exists: teenage edgelords. It's one of the worst if not the worst written villain forces in fa/tg/uy fiction. Fucking Star Wars has more depth to it and it's made for toddlers.

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>you become immune to pain and disease
>almost guaranteed a place in the afterlife as a plague bearer
>won't stab you in the back
>won't dump you when bored
>won't cheer when your blood is spilled
>loves you

You will look like death itself but otherwise a lot of ups

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Because Nurgle actually responds to you. Not every screaming angry retard automatically gets magical blood powers nor can you get magic by doing a bunch of drugs and popping your dick in the nearest unwilling hole.

Nurgle reaches out to everyone who calls out to the sky, whispers into the night or curses the heavens. The diseased, starving, dying of thirst, drowning, insane, grieving, fearful, downtrodden and dispossessed can feel relief because Nurgle whispers in their ears and convinces them to let it help them. Never mind that Nurgle potentially caused their suffering in the first place. They don't know that. Never mind that they will go on to be a nexus of calamity that causes so many more people to suffer and die. Nurgle *loves* them. He relieves their suffering by making swiss cheese out of the parts of their brain that allow them to feel pain. The absence of feeling is a relief to them and it warps their judgement.

Nurgle's entire shtick is that it is the god of abusive parents and gaslighting. It preys on the weak and emotionally unstable. Nobody chooses Nurgle because they want to. They do so because they feel they have no choice but to.

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'm out

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>How does a medieval army compete with khornate, tzeentchian, nurglite, or slaaneshi rebels at the same level of technology?

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Came here to say this but you said it better.

Nurgle at the middle stage is about accepting the pain in your life as beyond your power to fix, and learning to better endure it. Sure, it's not actually true. But changing what is wrong is hard, slow, and painful in the interim. Accepting what is wrong as incurable gives you a complete and total emotional out.

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Why didn't the Bretonnian lord direct his skilled men-at-arms to kill the Bloodthirsters with their halberds?

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how does 90% of the Empire not know that millions of Skaven live under them? you shoot every retard who learns the truth or you burn them alive. Imagine if Qanon was 100% real and Donald Trump really was waging a secret shadow war against a cabal of elite pedophile vampire aliens. Would you believe it?

>lmao take your meds faggot

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They should've used holy water.
How is that HFY? And how is HFY 'cronge'?

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This is dumb lore. A Bretonnian lord shouldn't be able to single handed kill two Bloodthirsters and no one should be elevated to princedom against their will. The whole point is that you buy into it. Otherwise why don't the gods just elevate all their strongest enemies into their servants? Shit's stupid

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>Grail Knights are superhumans
True, but Greater Daemons are on another level entirely. It should take hardcore niggas like Aenarion or Gotrek to 1v1 them successfully. In 40k such feats are Primarch or Phoenix Lord level.
>so why not?
Your second point is utterly retarded. Letting the chaos gods run rampant and just do whatever the fuck they want to anything because 'lol they have CHAOS in their name' destroys any verisimilitude the setting could have and makes them a boring threat as they can never lose. The whole point of chaos is the corruption of the soul. When Khorne can just point at someone whose entire existence is diametrically opposed to everything he represents, and has already devoted himself and been blessed by a different god and yeet him into servitude you are in astronomical levels of wankery that are indefensible.

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He said neo Marxism sweetie, try to keep up.

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People who point this out clearly haven't actually watched or read Peterson themselves, because he is pointing out that Neomarxists are using the aspects of Postmodern philosophy that they can use to justify their actions without understanding the inherent contradictions in the philosophy.

It's almost like people just want to say he's wrong without knowing his position

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theres a joke hidden somewhere in here about chaos worshippers becoming terribly warped and deformed and this retards failed diet and subsequent fall into substance addiction at the hands of his retard wife and quacks

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Your average hive world factory worker doesn't know any of that shit. All he knows is his daughter has bone-rot or something and this weird healing church gave him a charm that she says makes the pain stop.

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Well they do and its backed by fluff so get fucked butt pirate.

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Some people, dying of the plague, cancer or diabetus, will turn to anything that will help them in their final hours. "What, so if I devote my soul to Nurgle, this disease wont kill me? Sign me up and fuck the world!"

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Take your meds you delusional retard

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In 40k, worshiping Chaos is not some well-reasoned decision that someone makes while fully informed about their options and with a clear head after considering the pros and cons. Most people have no fucking idea what Chaos is. Most Chaos worshipers have no fucking idea what Chaos is, and they're being actively lied to by the people recruiting them about how awesome it is. And those recruiters themselves aren't so far gone because they've been convinced by FACTS an LOGIC ,either. They've been literally mind-fucked by intelligent and malevolent evil forces that can turn pretty much anyone who hasn't received extensive training in how to fight Chaos into a zealous convert effortlessly. Chaos isn't an "option", it's an actively evil psychic force of nature that permeates everything in the galaxy and is going out of its way to corrupt people.

40k is a big setting and there's probably people out there who were already so deranged that, even after fully understanding the ramifications of Chaos-worship, would have chosen to do so anyway, but they're a tiny, tiny minority. Most of these people will never know how utterly terrible the decision was until they're in the Warp.

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How the fuck are you supposed to swing a bayonet axe

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He did ALL those in canon. Dyor

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I wish HE would

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>Why yes, I think it's very important to support creators rather than be too concerned about the content they're selling

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Or to clarify, not "fuck vidya", but fuck Warhammer. I can't express in text how incredibly fucking dumb the lore is.

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Nurgle's all about the circle of life, and despair.
All nurgle worship is basically just "Make the pain stop!"
Except it doesn't, you just learn you won't die from it, you're never going to die from it, and then you learn to not care about the pain anymore, until you can't really feel it as pain.

People pray to Khorne for power, Tzeench for knowledge, Slaanesh for pleasure or skill or indulgence, but you pray to Nurgle for endurance, for strength, grit, toughness. You pray to Nurgle for immortality, insurance, escape from the cycle of life and death that is his domain.
So while life and death is his whole thing, he takes you out of it, to exist in both and neither at once.
Because he is a loving grandfather.
That is his gift, and his blessing. You will team with life in the form of parasites, diseases, everything, but you will not die to allow them to grow. You will live, because you asked to do so and he obliged you because he loves you and bent his will to help you live.
You know why it's so hard to slay one of his followers, even when their bodies are rent open such that they would surely die on the spot? Because they prayed to live by his power, and by his grace they will.
He is far from the only power though, and as such he cannot make you invincible to all. But you will not die.
For Grandfather Nurgle is a loving Grandfather, to all his flock.

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Grail knights are literally captain america levels of strong. And the dukes more so, iirc the young Paravon duke has Naruto-level shit where theres even the spirit of an even stronger warrior trapped inside him.
Now don't forget that each of these dukedoms has about 50-100ish grail swiggers under their belts.

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It is literally a cartoon with poop jokes anon

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Also also don't forget that there's a Virtue of the Giant Slayer or some shit, that makes Bretonnian characters monstrously strong against large targets, so clearly they know what they're doing.
>Asking for realism in your silly dark comedy war game

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Oh man, that insane political belief of “I don’t mind using your preferred pronouns if you ask, but there shouldn’t be a law that can imprison me if I fail to do so.”

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>verifiable court records become illegitimate because NY Post mentioned the case
Champion of truth

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This is feverish hyperbolic bullshit. I hope you have an encounter with police.

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I always just took it as the levels people will go for love and comfort. They probably didn't have this as their original intention, but it always just reminded me of shit like feeder fetish couples, where people just absolutely fucking crater their body in return for adoration and worship. People will excuse a lot for love. Whether it's the panda eyed chick saying she can still change him or the guy with a neovagina that stinks of shit to internet applause or the sort who sucks strange dick so their boyfriend can afford heroin, people will do anything if you give them what they need.

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It's much better than fucking shooting at a car with children in it. Other, better option include, for instance, following the car and dealing with the situation once the kids are no longer at risk of being hurt.

You know, something any sane person would do rather than shooting at children.

>> No.78750625 [DELETED] 

You don't sign a cop's paycheck. You are not who they care about. City cops have highschool educations, paranoia, and legal protection to execute you for having your hands in your pockets. You are an idiot for not understanding why this is a problem. They do not protect you. They clean up your body. Sometimes they're the ones that made the mess.

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I can only conclude that you have never been in a fight and that you are petrified at the idea of being in a fight. They did the right thing there. They got the guy without escalating.

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>>searching her bag
>>says he needs to cuff her
>>she starts running
Bitch couldn't even tackle a woman.
>>she fucking pulls a gun on him
If only she didn't have that gun.

>> No.78751298

t. Low IQ
The worst a cop can do is arrest you. If you keep your mouth shut and dont incriminate yourself, even if you did commit a crime you have a 90% chance of getting away with it because it's just not worth bringing to court.
Acting like a retard, arguing with cops, resisting arrest, that's when you're purchasing your ticket on the bullet train. Just shut the fuck up, cooperate, and the encounter will be a mild inconvenience in your day

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>How do you plan to stop criminals (like her) from getting access to a gun in a country already saturated with guns?
Cut the supply and make owning the gun far more risky, causing the price to rise and reducing access.
>what's your plan to stop people that are already willing to do dumb shit like killing cops from getting a gun?
Make it harder to get a gun.

>> No.78752764

Based local lord's men

>> No.78752965

>Once again, there are more privately owned guns than there are people in America.
Yes and that number goes up all the time. Why are so many new guns bought when there are already so many in circulation?
>Even if you made the sale of all guns illegal and destroyed the factories of every arms manufacturer you would still have to wait for the population to rise by a huge number for guns to become scarce.
Not true. Firstly, you don't just ban them, you also have buy-back and disposal programmes. Secondly, guns obtained by the police would leave circulation and be far harder to replace. Third, most people are shit scared of breaking the law and would disarm. Guns rights warriors pretend that isn't true but every year their arsenal of expensive toys would be more and more of a burden until they just get rid of it. The remaining guns would only necessarily remain a problem if they were actively traded. Sure there would always be diehards but they are unlikely to ever use their guns or give them to strangers.
>I could go home and print shitty single shot guns right now on my $200 printer
That's immediately less dangerous than the average commercially available handgun.
>Nothing you have proposed will make it harder to get one illegally.
Do you think illegal guns pop out of the air and have no relationship to legal guns? Come on now. Illegal guns come from the same place as legal ones. Reducing the number of new guns available would massively affect the supply of illegal guns.


>> No.78753318

>Yes and that number goes up all the time. Why are so many new guns bought when there are already so many in circulation?
Gun collectors, I would wager. That being said I have no hard statistics on this, if you have evidence to the contrary I would like to see it.
Also, you have labeled a group
>Guns rights warriors
Don't you think actively antagonizing a group armed to the teeth and by your estimation willing to fight will lead to more gun violence, not less?
>That's immediately less dangerous than the average commercially available handgun
Yes. Immediately. That's why I mentioned that the technology is getting better and that we are on a clock. 3d printing metal is already possible in an expensive industrial environment. Hard to predict the future, but this kind of thing rapidly becomes cheaper and available to consumers as the tech is perfected. At that point you will have to do something significantly different.

You also have to think about how the gun buyback program will work, I am not above throwing down some cheap resin to make a dozen guns and collect a grand or more from the government.
WIP Daemon prince. Did you know that according to older codexes DG daemon princes might not use wings to fly, but may instead fart to propel themselves through the air?

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Hey now, I know this is 4chan but so far we have had an amazingly civil conversation. No need to fling shit, I wasn trying to be offensive in my remark, just making a statement.

I really wish DG stuck with being rotted or diseased as their hallmark traits. The tentacle mutations seem like they should be belong to other factions. If they want to have them mutated, I really like the bug angle and want them to explore that on more models. I wonder if you get any say in the "gifts" nurgle gives you after you become a convert.

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>nor can you get magic by doing a bunch of drugs and popping your dick in the nearest unwilling hole.
not with that attitude

>> No.78755772

Fear of death mainly. Burgled may turn you into a walking petri dish, but you'll never die

>> No.78755799

Unironically dude, how do you even go outside? You seem neurotically affraid of... pretty much everything.

>> No.78755816

You have to counterbalance it with your brass balls.

>> No.78755838

>when they can just snap their fingers and make you go boom, what's even the point?
Didn't know about this instance of it, but I thought that was always the case. The big reason they won't is because they WANT as many humans around as possible to feed off them. A world where chaos "wins" honestly just looks like 40k, they got what they wanted, everything is shit and there are untold billions wallowing in the shit and oceans of piss.

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Lorelet, plauge bearers are former mortals

>> No.78756326

Hellsyeah, if it stops their suffering.

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Those fuckers on horses are so metal they go one on one with Bloodthirsters. And win (even if it is a coin toss who will win).

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Tell the Grail Knights that they are regular humans and before you die for that insult they'll explain why you are wrong.

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That's not "winning" for them. The imperium could have every man, woman, and child commit sudoku and beat chaos at any time, though that's not really "winning" for them. Chaos would starve themselves to death, and thus only do this kind of shit rarely out of extreme spite.

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