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>> No.78627599

Fast answer: Yes. it's a reaction to the excess stimulus.

>> No.78628018

Getting a boner in combat due to the adrenaline and your body naturally constricting your urethra so you don't piss yourself is perfectly natural.

>> No.78628042

40k is shit

>> No.78628553

>brutally kills a worthy opponent
>because he wants access to the guy's library
>so he can understand and spread a sexually transmitted disease he caught
>because of his post-battle necrophilia fetish

>> No.78628710

Chaos United?

>> No.78630884

excess of what? all the chaos gods have an excess of something
so what is slaanesh the god of?
40kfags really need to get their lore straight

>> No.78631178

There is almost nothing more passionate than killing people.

>> No.78631430

Getting a raging boner and gettin aroused while slaughtering people is literally what Emperor's Children do.

That is what they did on Terra for example. Violence is their main drug as living weapons they are, the drugs and the ass dicking comes extra.

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