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Shit take

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Yes. You can cast any side of a multiple face card if it's on the command zone just fine. If you cast a non-permanent spell, it goes back to cz or graveyard, whichever you choose. I stopped caring about noncreatures in the zone, since the whole format is a clownshoes thing now and the spirit of the format was first compromised with walker commanders, although I never was a fan of cz interactions either like Oloro or Derevi.

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Eldraine was awful

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Agreed. WAR started the downward trend for flavor and it's been shit ever since

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>Post your favorite card from a set you hate
Either Hapatra or Kruphix. They're my two favorite commanders but I found both NotGreece and NotEgypt to be really boring settings.

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Agreed. Ikoria had some fun creatures and a ton of human support. Guilds of ravnica was honestly so fucking garbage

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I almost picked this one instead too. I like ilharg and the zombies too but that’s all

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>stopped doing editions
Still happens, varies on OP

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Yes. It has too much pushed/broken shit.

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I'm sorry. Tell me which card from Urza's block is banned in Vintage like Lurrus is. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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Not that anon, but I disagree. I'd rather have sets like Eldraine that take risks and sometimes fail than sets that play it much too safe (GRN and RNA, for example).

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I’d say that Eldraine is my upper tolerance limit for experimentation. Ikoria took it too far with a mechanic that changes the nature of the game T0.

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>Seb McKINOn

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Fuck you, Seb.

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Yeah. Ayli might be okay too, recurring cheap creatures with big booties to sacrifice.
Huh, weird. Thanks for explaining.

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And for further clarification I failed to point out, you can include him as a companion
It's "Brawl", it's 60 cards and you can only play with the standard legal cards in matchmaking or all available cards in the client if you set up a match with a friend.

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No, because color identity isn’t a standard game characteristic and the rules for it explicitly acknowledge DFCs.
>903.4d The back face of a double-faced card (see rule 711) is included when determining a card’s color identity. This is an exception to rule 711.4a.
However, the rules on Companion include no such exception to 711.4a, and so it stands.

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does green really have the most card draw? I always thought it was black since ya know it has necropotence and phyrexian arena?

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The red side, it's another Stolen Strategy.

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There’s at least 3 or 4 red draw spells that put you +1. Like discard 2, draw 3.

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That says chance counter,

Luck counter
Chance counter

Two different counters

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>discard 2, draw 3
>plus the card played to achieve this effect
That’s 0, not +1

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This arrangement is horribly fucked, why the hell did they arrange the combinations like that?

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>Red has better wheels.
red has A singular better wheel.
Blue has windfall, timetwister and echo of eons though and is better at it overall.

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tbqhdesu this one had to be one of worse non-alt arts I've seen in years, I had no clue what I was looking at until the high res version came out and even then I was buffled by the mess.

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>and Tarkir
It is some ridiculous bullshit that they introduced named identities for the wedges and then wiped them from history by the end of the block.

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How the fuck can someone unironically be this brain damaged and still think they're right on anything

Just stop
Stop posting, you're lowering the intelligence level of these threads

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I on the other hand, think that only 2 temporary mana and the scrying are a minor penalty in comparison to the gains.

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4 colour combinations are shit anyway, either stick to a reasonable number of colours or go all out and be a 5 colour slut.

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I'm drunk and ready to deckbuild. Rec me some includes for nu-Lukka reanimator. Bonus points for suggestiongs that will help differentiate the deck from my existing Feldon deck.

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> You're just retarded if you think red is better at drawing cards
Yet I never said that, that's just you projecting. I only said it has better wheels.
> Misfortune isn't guaranteed
It is in real-life situations. It's not guaranteed to fuck over your opps' hands, that's for sure.
> days undoing is 3 mana, echo of eons is fairly easy to cast for three mana
They are also not recurrable, which makes them worse in some situations. So wheel of fortune is still the best wheel.
Nice meme.

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butt pirates maybe

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replace all cmc 3 and higher ones with cmc 2 rocks, Signets and Talismans for starters, Fellwar stone is situationally even better depending on how many colors your deck is.

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What meme? It's a time twister effect for 4 mana that doesn't exile itself.

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Yes it does you fucking clown lol

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I agree. Such a shame its the weakest of card draw. [sarcasm]

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Wotc isn't responsible for commander, blame the rc.

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with how fucked prices are who knows maybe it was a budget deck at some point.

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I'm right though, the rc being in wotc's pocket doesn't change the fact that officially the rc makes the decisions.

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Copyright’s different depending on medium and depiction.

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Richard Garfield unwittingly unleashed hell

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