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blah blah blah it's an abstraction blah blah blah OP you suck cocks etcetera

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The first five seconds are spent requesting permission from your local lord to swing the sword

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Then you gain enough experience to swing the sword TWO times and even then if the campaign goes on long enough you might ever get to swing THREE!! times.

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Fighters can swing a sword 4 times in 6 seconds which is pretty good. It’s called getting better through practice and experience

Saged btw

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>Fighters can swing a sword 4 times in 6 seconds
Even fucking skallagrim can do 12 swings.

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Just imagine rounds take 2 seconds then

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Have you tried playing Pathfinder 2nd Edition?

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just you, they aren't even nearly as bad as they were before.

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>through countless trials and quests fighting enemies of all kinds, the wizard learns to bend the fabric of space and time to his will
>meanwhile the fighter finally figured out how to swing his sword a THIRD(!) time in a row

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It's only natural to be angry when confronted with superiority

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And Canadians are okay with that.

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Where are all those bonus attacks against unaware/stunned opponents?

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None of this means that you actually swing any faster.
You don't get more attacks if you stun one of your opponents in the middle of combat.

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An estimate of how much time you're spending doing footwork and maneuvering, trying to tempt an opening and such.

Do you read the rulebooks or-?

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Don't judge them too harshly, they'll be 70% of your diet in 20 years.

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Being around idiots makes you dumber

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What Ocean?

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I work with dogs every weekend and you'd be surprised what can happen in six seconds.

I've tried to swing a broom and it took six seconds longer to get the dog's leash off the floor.

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So the turns aren't simultaneous? The characters are literally supposed to be standing around doing nothing for the entire round until their turn comes up? So a 1 v1 fight each character gets 3 seconds on their turn but in a 4 v 8 their turn only lasts half a second?

We I came to this thread I was going to make a joke about how d&d is written by nerds who actually would take 6 seconds to lift and swing a sword but you're so fucking retarded jesus christ

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>A round represents about 6 seconds in the game world. During a round, each participant in a battle takes a turn.

If you take issue, bring it up with WotC.

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Have you considered contracting cancer?

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You play Pathfinder 2e

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