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technically neither could kriegs and that's why they're suicidal retards

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Well Ravenor has a blank in his service who does nothing all day but sit around reading porn magazines and erotic stories so I doubt there's an Imperium-wide prohibition on that sort of stuff.

As with most trivial things, probably left up to individual planets to work out for themselves.

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I see a mold line on his arm

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things would unironically have been better if the cold war went nuclear

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Slannesh dosen't care if you jerk off, just like she dosen't care if you eat an apple, she only notices if you jerk off all day to cuckold tyranid scat all day or eat 20,000 calories of chips.

It depends on the planet. Only moderately high tech worlds or merchant ships are going to have access to civilian recording equipment or the means to distribute media, and most forge worlds probably don't permit it, so it's likely limited to hive worlds for the most part.

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And even if you don't get hit, if china and Nato just nuke the shit out of each other they're still going to poison the entire planet.

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I hope you get doxxed and the fact that you post on 4chan, a notorious white supremacist website ruins your life in canada you attention whoring faggot.

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??? cast is good

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the legs are al wavy on the edges which gives it that very obvious recast look

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Exactly how "shortened" the Thunder Warrior's lives were is highly questionable at this point, since the Horus Heresy novels have had quite a few of them still kicking around during the Heresy itself, which makes them well over 200 years old at that point. Some died of things like heart defects or cancers but others seem to have had their lifespans extended if anything.

They certainly seem to have some mental stability issues but how much of that is their augmentations and how much is just hardcore PTSD from all the hellish shit they saw in the Unification Wars is hard to say. Thunder Warriors never got the psycho-conditioning and cognitive modifications that protect Astartes from psychological trauma, they're essentially baseline in that respect.

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Pray hard enough and She will take you unto the gestalt, anon.

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You're joking, right? The legs and shoulders are horrifying. I'll give the weapon a pass because you can work it, but good lord the slips and uneven shit on the shoulder joins are real bad.

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I play space marines (custom), guard, and eldar.
If you're going to make me pick a first founding chapter, then raven guard. But I liked them better when the old 3e rules gave them a devastator and assault marine focus.

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Big true
Literally the worst option other than the fucking colonial brits. I hope to christ it's anything else.

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>colonial brits
Never happening due to racism concerns.
>knock-off desegregated american army where women look like men
Yep. It's 2021.

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A perfect faggot.

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>Live next door to the Boneyard
I won't even know a nuclear war started. For all I know, one already did, and I'm already trapped in a hell of my own creation and condemned to post for all eternity.

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Never has an april fools joke been so timely..

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Well now that’s uncalled for

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You have schizophrenia.

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Before. If you are buying used stuff.

If you are buying new, then the only thing that'll be "cheap" is whatever new box we get. Otherwise... I'd buy now. You're pretty safe with any of the boxes we have. You can't really go wrong with the units either since they are all almost universally good as well or required. Just buy the Start Collecting. Or two.

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Cadia is short for Canadia. They also live next to a hellish place that excretes death and terror into real space.

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New codex please.

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holy trinity confirms it. brb blocking the roads with burnt tires and move my couch infront of train tracks

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>fought the forces to a standstill
>thinking THAT'S how the war of 1812 played out

America got fucking humiliated on pretty much every front until the british regulars showed up, took pity on america, said 'don't fucking do it again', then gave their land back.

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per phase limitation. I also expect it to have a blast effect on death.

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china or america?

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>Chaos, The Orks and the Imperium team up to stop the leaf menace
Who wins?

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quebec in the american revolutionary war was funnier. Only burgers could be tone deaf and sectarian enough to manage to make anglo-hating french canadians fight for the British crown against their supposed american liberators (who were backed by the french king)

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It's something they've done a few times and that seems like the type of thing they like doing in these new Codexes.

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It was British troops under British command that burned down the White House.

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Can you post some of your other armies? I need you to put my mind at ease.

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alright, posting is pretty much cancer right now. One last pic of my armies. I've showed my blood ravens with their 'gifted' relics, so here's some of my Sylvaneth.

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what faction fits this vibe


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Rolled 2 (1d6)


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No one cares about the war of 1812 because nothing of consequence actually happened.
>hurr the white house was burned to the ground
A budding country's capitol was sacked by an Empire, and then it was rebuilt and everyone liked the new one better. We're still here, and we can literally end the civilization with our military capabilities.

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Wrong thread retard.

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satisfying my desire to play jihadis instead of sewer dwellers

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I hope you aren't intending to use nagash as a c'tan, that's some metzen tier retardation

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that base is terrible

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What cope? The Americans sacked York first and apparently did it so hard that the entire place had to be rebuilt afterwards. The only person who won that war was Tchaikovsky. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_1812

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I'm an American and I fully support burning down the entire city and salting the ashes.

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Vaseline is used to easily remove the cast from the mold. If you don't wash it you are going to have a hard time gluing it. Also corona.

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Alright, I hear they wash GW plastic themselves is it true?

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OK but that's plastic, aren't we talking about resin?

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