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>Thread Question: Is your favorite commander mechanically and your favorite flavor-wise the same card?
Yes! Machine Mommy says bow!

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Partners is always the gayest possible choice

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I too am a devoted member of the machine orthodoxy.

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Mono-red storm is lots of fun.

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I'm happy I'm not the only one who got that feeling.

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>Cats make baby dogs and vice versa

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Not him but not really. Unless they're socialized or just have especially tame temperaments they tend not to get along. Especially when the dog is a small game breed like terriers.

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>Alesha stax
Intriguing. Tell me more.

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Alright so I have a problem.
>What's the Plan
Become a Draco-Lich and basically be a menace to the other players.
>How's this going to happen?
Combining the Phyrexian Unlife+Solemnity Combo with Form of the Dragon to effectively become an undying dragon.

The issue is that aside from my combo goal being trapped in the 99, I can't think of a commander that'd support this idea. I'm trying to be a lich in RW, and I know I should add another color at aleast but I'm drawing a blank. Is there a better way to be a lich in EDH? That is to say: can't die from life loss without relying on a creature like platinum angel.

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Sounds like Ghen is your man to me. black will also give you the card draw and tutors youll want aswell, and access to other lich cards.

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Doing God's work.
>First time ever seeing a TWD deck today
>Running my Ayli deck
>Ranar deck goes popping off, Kumena is overflowing
>I'm spending every single target removal I have on Michonne whenever she is cast
>The TWD player manages to get a fucking huge board of zombies out
>I play Massacre Girl
>Scoops and rageleaves
Fuck you for enabling JOTC, felt so good.
100% of the time the schizo is better for company and ambience than the other choice.

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>preferring the art done by some random guy over Franz fucking Vohwinkel
Shit taste

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>Bought packs of MTG for the first time in 3 years
>Pulled a Vorinclex

Honestly the only card I really wanted

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I'll be that guy and disagree. The old Greed is good because at a glance it properly demonstrates greed: a man with a ludicrously large pile of gold covetously hungering for a lone coin. The new art is just some guy vomiting coins, same as Smothering Tithe

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Yeah you've got a bad case of shit taste there bud

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>At my LGS Tergrid gets instantly hated out even if someone else has a better boardstate
Based. I basically target all the following on sight, even if they're behind in order to send a message to players that want to run them:
>Any TWD legend
>Any Sliver legend
If you can get a handful of other players to similarly target them on sight, it's the best kind of gatekeeping.

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Since when have there been cards depicting gay sodomy? Shouldn't you eat your meds?

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I ain't even mad


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>liberals (pedophiles) in this very thread were claiming that the dog and the cat in that artwork were fucking.
Nothing about the post in question implied any particular political allegiance. You're diseased if you equate any and all disagreements with someone being a liberal.

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I'm guessing he hasnt seen the prices on og duals lately

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I don't have any azorius decks. I just genuinely feel like either brago doesn't belong there or alternatively the list is way too short.
That's fair, but I feel like there are far worse commanders than him in that regard. Any storm commander, for example.

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People are just obsessed, whether or not they like it or not, it's weird to assume a card depicting a cat and a dog being friends is meant to be some sort of metaphor for it. I know wotc is a west coast company but that's just fucking weird man.

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Want one.

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I have just two questions for the man screaming “PEDO” in this thread: does this look like a child to you and does being sexually attracted to her make me a pedo? Your answer will reveal the type of person you are to myself and others, so please think and answer carefully.

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as long as you don't run FC it isn't CEDH tbqh

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I'm also building Meren to be the fairest deck.
>Esper artifacts
I don't understand how everyone else thinks of what's fun and what's not

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You know that the Khaldheim prices were the exception right? The previous edh decks were always price $35-40.

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It's cute tech in landfall decks with R in them. I'd find a slot for it in Angry Omnath if nothing else.

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