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>t. Freakshit supporter

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>semen drinker babble
Don't care.

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>proceeds to cockblock the feeble-minded caster with antimagic aura as vast as his martial fame and heroic deeds of his family
Shut up and pay the witch tax.

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>Strength is for getting people to agree with me!
>Charisma is for lifting heavy objects.
The absolute state of casters.

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No, the superior combination is young human witch

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You convinced me.Casters fuck up the balance. From now on I'm banning casters from my games

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There are wizard guilds in water deep, sorcerer families, bard bands, churches, and Druidic circles.
Funny how you think caster only means wizard.

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4chan martial/caster culture is a mistake.

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Do you have any sources to back that up?

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Because life in the Realms is still dirty, dangerous, and short, despite magic having the ability to solve all of these problems.

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The toll of magic usage is high, witch. You bring ruination and damnation upon the world by tampering with powers you cannot comprehend and furthermore horde them for yourselves. The people do not need ice, they grow their own food, the people need safety, they need stability. Go and have your soul consumed by a demon and leave the people be.

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fuck anyone who censors unnecessarily

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>Perfected body means no gear required.
Monks are ironically one of the most gear dependent classes in the game because the things that improve their abilities are far more expensive than just a regular magic weapon and they use more stats than other classes.

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Absolutely based.

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It's also an advantage if you go to a party or to some audience whic requires you to leave your weapons at the door and get ambushed etc, any inventive DM can make something with it.

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I know it's bait, but it does bring up an issue with balance.

Martials are underpowered and casters are overpowered by fairly soon into a campaign in PF. From about 5th-6th ish, where access to fly and I believe lesser invisibility happens with no way for martials to work around it, especially melee martials. The main reason martials are left out to dry is the sheer breadth of abilities any caster could have.

My solution would be to cut out casters' 7th-9th level spells and instead stretch out 1st-6th level spells. Maybe actually limit casters to certain schools of spellcasting, instead of just giving a bonus to one and a penalty to others. Then give them class features instead of just +spells.

And for martials, class features that are appropriate for levels instead of just +1 to hitting things. Add twice class level to non-combat, non-stealth rolls. You could dig a whole tunnel for shelter in seconds. Same bonus, but for survival and give food provided by that check a small bonus to the party like +1hp per level or something. It wouldn't need to be huge.

And for those crying boo anime bad, keep crying. Mythological martials throughout history have literally sliced mountains in half and had 7 testicles and shit, it's not an anime thing, you just hate martials doing shit that matters. You are the problem.

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>And have you always noticed how casters are behind the martials? Casters are followers, not leaders.
Holy shit you're a fucking retard. What actual leader goes into the front lines of combat unless they are an absolute moron.
>Oh wow, our leader accidentally got clipped by an arrow or a spell! Guess our king/lord/whatever is dead and our leadership is about to fall apart!
Martial warriors are frontline beef because they are beyond expendable. You can create another martial by giving a random a spear and telling him to point it at a horse.

The leaders are going to be in the back with the spellcasters, who are basically the magical equivalent of artillery: the thing that ACTUALLY wins a war.

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> Oh no I broke my ear got sliced off!
> I uhhhhh cast mending
Real interaction I had. The only thing keeping casterd back is their own retardation.

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