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>There is a trending among the youth; more and more barely-disguised fetish threads are popping up
>This is distressing the oldfags of all boards

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What can men do against such reckless faggotry

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We might be expected to collect the letters so that we might form a word. In that case OP is not only a faggot but a retard too.

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>It's the newfags and younguns that are pushing for new purist sentiment

it's cause they're all into mysticism and specifically latched onto the idea that semen-retention will make you magic.

well them and the ones that think all porn is a jewish mind control conspiracy.

and then there's those reaaaal oddballs that think both, a jewish mind control conspiracy to cuck you out of magic.

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Geriatrics do not work, reproduce, take care of themselves, or pay taxes. They contribute nothing but inconvenience while shitting their own beds, something even wild animals don't do. Don't care what they think, they are parasites.

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