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Why do gritty and realistic games and OSR get such a bad rap on /tg/?

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Because you people keep spamming threads instead of producing anything remotely interesting or worthwhile

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I think it's less that and more people trying to shoehorn 5e into being such a game like in your OP pic.

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Because that image is from Warhammer Fantasy, and not DnD.

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“gritty and realistic” is an oxymoron hiding a political agenda

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But your gay shit isn't real sci-fi and never will be. You are the one that should be mocked.

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>try shadow of the demon lord
>pretty bad
>try wfrp
>good but i don't want to run it in the setting
>5e is too high-powered for me
Supplement looks pretty good.

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>People are incapable of liking multiple things, anyone who's annoyed I keep screeching like an autist who just shit his pants that mine is better actually are anti-my-thing!

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Personally, I find OSR is mostly a cargo cult. They are copying features from old editions and trying to recapture a feel. Problem is they don't understand those features and the design.

All the interesting games that go for that gritty, underdog feel have their own systems.

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They're fine. It's that nobody likes you faggot.

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Link for pic related?

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I think OSR is fine, my problem lies with OSRfags who won't shut the fuck up about how good it is and how everything else is """inferior"""

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No more Shark threads.

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