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Would you be the mini-boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress?

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No, but I'd be the second to last and 'real' final boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress. Everyone knows the last boss is just a flashy bookend without a lot of depth.

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I’m not a simp so nyet

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>Not fighting alongside her
You are a poor husband

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you're setting yourself up to become instrument of
>we can't get to her directly, we will try to coerce her through ruining what she cares for
which can be pretty bad if they go for some old fashioned mutilation, or pretty fun if they go for some high impact NTR

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>Letting risk come to your wife
A man should protect his wife from danger before she even knows it exists.

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No, but I would be the prisoner that develops a secret relationship with the empress as she interrogates me.

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>not fighting alongside her and fucking up combat balance like a chad

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Chad... I kneel...

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>Be husband to Evil empress.
>Spend most of the time fooling heroes into thinking the Evil Empress isn't here so they can leave.
>Spend the other half making sure your wife doesn't know the heroes are here so she doesn't fly off to fight them

Being the loving husband is a hard job.

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>not murdering all threats towards her in the face
I would KMS if the "heroes" even got a mile near her. That means I already failed.

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>you’re looking for the empress? Sorry, but I already defeated her. In bed of course.

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Honestly, I've always thought it was really funny how pussy is seemingly a superpower. Look at Milady Dewinters from The Three Musketeers, whose only ability was 'being hot', who wreaked a ridiculous amount of havoc until the Executioner hacked her head off.
It's like no-one ever thinks to just shank her. You can still fuck her corpse, guys.

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>"What, the Evil Empress is away again? Damn! We'll head her off at the Valley of Nowhere then! This isn't over Evil Emperor!"
>"Honey, who was that?"
>"Uh... Door-to-door salesmen, dear!"
>"Seriously? I built our fortress of despair in an active volcano caldera to avoid this stuff! I knew I should have listened to Carol about building in the Elven woods..."

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>serving an evil empress
>serving an empress or or emperor of any kind.
No. sic semper tyrannis

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No, but I would for a neutral good.

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I'll be the scary guy in the spiky black armor who serves as the ostensible final boss and hate sink so nobody resents my wife, who is the true power behind the throne that knows top-level spells and is enacting all the policies which make everyone miserable. Also I'll have arcane conduits built into my armor so she can remotely cast spells through me, because the family that slays together, stays together.

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You just posted lawful evil, get your tastes straight bro.

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Men throughout history have always simped for women, tragic flaw of the gender.

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>"Evil Emperor! We meet again! I must give you our thanks for if it wasn't for your advice we would have overlooked the Evil Lich that had raised in the Valley of Nowhere! We might have been wrong about you."
>*Think "What lich?!?!?"*
>"Thank you for your help so we are off!"
>*The heroes leave from the right while Wife enters from the left.
>*Sweat Magical Bullets*

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she's neutral good in the streets, lawful evil in the sheets.

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I'd rather teach my daughter to be a suitable Evil Empress and be proud when she eventually outgrew me.
>Corrupts the hero and backstabs me in one fluid motion
That's my girl

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>Not making her a corpse while fucking her
You lack imagination

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How sweet.

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This is like those legends of shaolin monks, every man can make fist, but only true master of fist can carry it with the force to shatter stone.
Similarly every woman has pussy, the skill is in carrying it with force to shatter will of men.

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I prefer the opposite

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>not making her your daughter-wife and serving alongside her

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villainous Oyakodon?

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Dunno. Do we have kids? Does she still put out? What's in it for me?

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Yes, i'd die to protect her
And when sequel comes around and she becomes Evil Undead Empress i would become loving Evil Undead Emperor but this time we would face them together

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>Execute her failure of a mother
>She has a tragic backstory she can cry to the party about
>Wins over the party paladin by suggesting she would be a worthy and just successor
>He moves heaven and earth for her
>Only for her to sell him out to me in secret
>If I win, he dies
>If I lose she's consolidated in power and has a husband of superior strength than I
Who devilish here?

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Only more delicious

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Neutral Good Elf Slut absolutely best girl.

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Sir, this is the FBI. Otherwise known as the federal based institution. We’re taking you in.

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>>If I lose she's consolidated in power
better yet
>Villainous daughter backstabs/betrays/sells out and kills both of her parents
>reanimates them as sentient undead with large degree of autonomy but ultimately bound to her will

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Divine taste.

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if she is a girl(male), then yes, if she is an actuall girl, no

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I have the perfect image for you.

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"evil" Astolfo Alter when?

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>tfw you will never be married to a cute lawfull evil trap villian and rule the world together
why even live

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if the do it ill start playing their shit mobile game just for astolfos sake

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Maybe one day fren

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That's not how it works.
What you do is be the big bruiser in the fight while she is the quick striker. This is ideal boss balance, and will fuck up the player dozens of times on average.

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we can only wish

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I'd kidnap her and force her to be good, we'd get a farmstead, have kids, and live out the rest of our days happily.

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who draws these again?

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Not a clue. I love the style though

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Moloch Mate

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I learned today there is such a thing as super heterosexual specifically because of fags like you. Twitter is pissed. Cheers.

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Mammon Mate

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Beelzebub Bro

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well, im not heterosexual at all, i only like guys that look like girls and girls with dicks, and a few normal guys in there among the mix
women without dicks disgust me like you cannot imagine

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Chernobog Chum

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>I like girls with dicks
>Women with dicks disgust me
Is this bait?

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i said that women without dicks disgust me, i love the ones with dicks
learn to read

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Baphomet bestie

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie4fEMGmk9w The theme song of this thread...

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Fenrir Friend

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Asmodeus Amigo

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you know, I don't like his humor, but I have to appreciate how prolific he is.
Even though all his linework looks vaguely like it is about to burst.

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Can I get one of these too please?

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>husband fight really easy
>fucking dies
>evil empress get +1000 buff because of sorrow and rage

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>high impact NTR
you can't cuck a woman

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fuck, stop humiliating me with your superior aura
stop posting this chad I'll hang myself

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of course
that's called cuckqueening and you can

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>Corrupts the hero and backstabs me in one fluid motion
>That's my girl
>daughteru betrays u
>kills u
>''Atta, that's my girl''
>hug her
>fucking die
>daughteru standing here with dumbfounded expression

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>husband dies in her arms, telling her how much he loves her

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>simp simper tyrannis

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>not being the hero and getting into a love/hate relationship with your enemy
It's like you don't know how to really get into a villainess' heart.

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How do you think you two met? The real reason you're the miniboss is because of the sneaking suspicion it might happen again.

Anyway, not sure much of a miniboss id be, since I'd rather spend my time upgrading the palace defenses. When they finally make it to the throne room, they'd discover the real C2 is build under a giant mountain, with a subterranean labyrinth between there and here.

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Goddammit. For the greater good, YES, alright? With no hesitation and with all of my heart, I pledge my life to my empress, to be my lady's sword and shield, a stalwart champion of her heart's desire until the end, okay? Now PLEASE stop giving me fetishes.

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It doesn't pack as much punch. Men are wired to want to pass on their children. If a man's wife cheats on him, then he might end up raising another man's son. If a woman's husband cheats then it sucks but it's not the same level of existential danger.

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>Even though all his linework looks vaguely like it is about to burst.
You writing that just made me realize that his style reminds me vaguely of Tom Parkinson-Morgan if he went more anime.

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Super straight is a literal psyop. You tell for it because you're a retard.

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Any make the fecesminist seethe is good

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Wasn't this the mushroom from ye olde Mario?

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>Would you be the mini-boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress?
>even entertaining the thought of allowing anyone to pass you and reach your wife
shit husband m8

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Damn son.

>Not becoming a two earner power couple
We were so close to perfection...

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This man gets it

>> No.77968701

And watching the blue checkmarks loose their shit over it has been fun.

>> No.77968712

>Not becoming a two earner power couple
That's juct cuck speak for "we pay big daddy government two sets of taxes".

>> No.77968730

Are you surprised that more income means more taxes? Even when there's a flat tax this principle applies (which is why flat taxes are a good thing).

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We can turn her into a man and then NTR her!

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Women are more possessive than men if anything, so yeah, you can.

>> No.77970271

>Women are more possessive than men if anything
As evidenced by polyandry being more common than polygyny.

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Milady was a spy anon.

>> No.77970344

The greatest doujin ever made. Where are my sequels?

>> No.77970405

Women are more progressive than men

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>>Not becoming a househusband for her
We were so close to perfection...

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No one said it would be easy, but you can avoid that by being prepared when your enemies attack.

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>mini boss
I would become the final boss for her.

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>have her screaming every night in the bedroom for entirely different reasons to her imperious, tyrannical proclamations of authority in open court

>> No.77970980

>the empress screams every night
>the guards think there’s an assassin
>she’s just getting fucked
>but they always have to check anyway just in case

>> No.77971017

How do they look before?

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Screamers are disgusting though. Moaning sure, you just can't help it, but women who scream need a good beating so they have an actual reason to scream. There's no greater turn-off other than shit or smelling like shit. Or being a fatty who looks like shit.

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Stay mad europoor

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Reverse image search

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>t. virgin
Sorry you’ve never had the chance to make a woman scream in bed.

>> No.77971110

Funny, if you weren't a virgin yourself you'd know not even all women are screamers, nor is screaming a natural reaction to anything but pain.
No, fuck you. I bet you also think Japanese women squeel like pigs naturally and hips can move on their own. It's just annoying, dude.

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cute girl

>> No.77971131

>Sorry you’ve never had the chance to make a woman scream in bed.
implying you had

>> No.77971141

>if you weren't a virgin yourself you'd know not even all women are screamers,
Never said they were retard.

>> No.77971170

You implied it, then backpedaled when called out. Virgin.

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>> No.77971246

I never implied it, it seems your stunted brain can’t help but assume shit whenever it can. Sad.

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>i love the ones with dicks
Cheers, sodomite

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Lucifer Lad

>> No.77971398

ok retard

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>all these based anons willing to fight for their evil empress wife
today I realized there are still chads among the fa/tg/uys

>> No.77971655

Belphegor Buddy

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Ok time to play this scenario in AI dungeon since there will never be some TRPG like that

>> No.77972033

Only if she lets me wear a tophat and monocle at all times.

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Anon, don’t lose hope

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Loving husband yes, mini-boss no. It makes more tactical sense for use to fight together.

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You would put your empress at risk by having her fight at all? You're her sword, anon.

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Definitely would be a scary boss holding off the heroes while my empress wife escapes. After my inevitable death from the power of friendship overpowering the power of love or some bullshit, she shall begin plotting her brutal and bloody revenge as the final boss, while slowly devolving into insanity from not having stayed to die together

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>my wife is the drak lord, but she doesn't know I fight he heroes in her stead
sounds like the premise of a light novel

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This sounds like some Dark Souls bullshit you’d only really ever understand the context of after beating them both and reading some obscure item descriptions.

Like, you’d fight the Dark Lord and he’d be a BAMF but in phase 2 his armor would start glowing and spells would come out, then five bosses later you’d fight the “good queen” and she’d use the same spells and the armor you’d get off the Dark Lord would have some obtuse shit like

>Armor work by the Dark Lord of Valdis
>It is said that the armor amplifies spellcasting from a distance, but the Dark Lord cast no spells himself.

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Literally setting yourself up to be cucked

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>Cheers, sodomite

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Waifu is still best.

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I agree with the first anon. I would only want to marry someone with a healthy sense of personal responsibility and concern for my well-being as well, and by the time my wife became known as an "evil" empress, I would probably be pretty upset with her decisions. It makes for a neat scene, anyway.
>The Black Knight stands in the courtyard facing the self-proclaimed "heroes" as the Evil Empress jeers from the safety of the balcony
>Suddenly turning to face her, the Black Knight speaks
>I have been your sword, Eliza, but I will not be your shield. Come down and let us reap together what you have sown.

>> No.77974500

>the villainous empress suspects you are cheating on her with other evil ladies
>your secret is much darker
Prince Goodbright was supposed to be her recurirng nemesis, how do you dear to kill him before she can lose to him!

>> No.77975235

In reality she is a powerful magic user who ensorcelled you (the previous hero) so you would defend her instead of defeating her.

>> No.77975285

Nah, I would be the one who slays them both

>> No.77975793

Could she capture me and break me so I'd suffer from a severe case of Helsinki syndrome and love her more than I used to love my hero companions?

>> No.77976370

It works better for me if she's only ambiguously evil. I as her husband, having been alongside her the whole time, would be privy to all the nitty gritty details that would disrupt any simple moral evaluation.
>Must it come to this, you would-be liberators? Must I preserve my beloved by slaying you who are as pure and noble as you are naive?
>raises a hand
>No, I know there can be no other way. We have come too far to expect any other outcome than bloodshed. I know that you, your hearts burning with glorious purpose, will not falter now. And I know that if you would stop my lady, you could do naught but kill her. I would not have married a lesser woman.
>Whatever has happened and whoever shall triumph today, know this: there was a time when I believed in her as surely as you now believe in your own righteous cause. That shimmering light, placed ever before you: we too have glimpsed it at the zenith of its glory. And she...she has never stopped seeing it, even as darkness has claimed my conviction.

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>flat taxes are a good thing

>> No.77976665

>Im in a scenario where someone loves me
Yes please

>> No.77977521

maybe a little bit

>> No.77977656

I've been trying to find this again for years now. Thank you Anon, truly.

>> No.77977805

>Look at Milady Dewinters from The Three Musketeers, whose only ability was 'being hot', who wreaked a ridiculous amount of havoc until the Executioner hacked her head off
She wasn't just hot, though. That whole extended seduction of her guard was all about her being able to find a man's weakness and then exploit it. Pretending to be the put upon protestant martyr was what did it. It probably wouldn't have worked if she was fugly, of course, but it wasn't just because she was so hot the guard just did whatever she wanted.

>> No.77978013

Explains why some of the most trusted courtiers in history were clergy and eunuchs: they don't give a shit about thots. If I were a king, I wouldn't trust any man who doesn't openly hate women. Hell, I wouldn't trust women who don't openly hate other women.

>> No.77978277

I want to cuddle neutral evil.

>> No.77978363

Devil Dude

>> No.77978451

For me it's lawful evil dark elf.

>> No.77978527

For snee it’s sneedful sneevil sneed snelf

>> No.77979555

>Husband to evil empress.
> She commands and rules with authority.
>Kills without any hesitation.
>Bitch still can't decide what she wants for dinner.

>> No.77979738

Didn't we already have this thread?

>> No.77979823

Evil characters aren't loyal by nature so no... Sadly I would have to get rid of her before she hurts me and anyone else. It is just how it is.

>> No.77979829

>What do you want for dinner, dearest?
>Oh, I don't know...
>Do you want fish? Beef? Poultry?
>I really don't know, you decide.
>Alright, pork ribs with a wild salad it is!
>Oh, it's nothing....
>I just thought it's funny how you always [...]

>> No.77980040

>Evil characters aren't loyal by nature
You must be 18 to post here.

>> No.77980081

sorry reddit, I guess I'm too much of a normie to get it.
Also not an argument.

>> No.77980115

Is she a reincarnating evil that makes it so I also reincarnate every time we die so we can be together forever, regardless of how many heroes try and stop us?

>> No.77980346

In reality Evil is is just amorality. Would a loyal follower of a satanic rapist be good, just because he’s loyal? In your words, yes.

>> No.77980652

>Light novel
>Being about an adult male in a loving relationship with JUST ONE woman.

Maybe if it was made by an American Japanese.

>> No.77980716

>My evil oligarch wives need to be protected!

>> No.77980769

>I have a date with the Evil Empress but I forgot and made a date with the evil Witch!

>> No.77980823

>I was so dense that I married the hero and the villain!

>> No.77980863

Well well well, if it isn't my fetish.

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>> No.77980879

>I can't believe my little OverLord is this cute?!

>> No.77980895

>My two daughters are the hero and villain!

>> No.77980897

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>> No.77980975

>Trying to live a peaceful life with my Not So Peaceful Wife!

>> No.77980982

>> No.77981096

For me, it's the Lawful Neutral

>> No.77981185

>> No.77981204

>> No.77981357

>Happy go lucky suburban dad type marries Evil Empress
>Performs atrocities in her name with a smile on his face
>Teaches the knights important life lessons and is always there for them

>> No.77981451

>> No.77981457

Please don't call me based, all modern memes are disgusting by virtue of overuse.

>> No.77981574

>> No.77983015

>The evil empress is such a girly girl holy shit teasing in front of the heroes is so fun!

>> No.77983059

wow that opinion is super based anon where did you get it?

>> No.77983071


>> No.77983094

Please stop.
I am not your king.
This is not being humble I am trying to kill you. These are not fun times, these are dark times.

>> No.77983147

>you see, sport, the best way to commit a genocide is to start with the children. It really breaks the spirit of the others!
<But Mr. Ano-
>Please, call me Dad
<But Dad, what if I want to start by getting rid of the old people
>Well, son, sometimes you have to do stuff in life that you don't want to. That's just life

>> No.77983148

>he doesn't make his wife raise his mistresses children

>> No.77983261

>"hey hon! Did you just get a moo-moo?!"
>"It's an evil moo-moo!"

>> No.77983277 [DELETED] 

Listen up Anon, the best way to quell dissent is to start a war. Then you win and purge revolutionaries at the same time.

>> No.77983284

more like based times if you ask me

>> No.77983297

>Listen up Son, the best way to quell dissent is to start a war. Then you win and purge the dissenters at the same time

>> No.77984092

Please explain.

>> No.77985370

>the evil empress can't have kids, so her husband adopts the minions as their kids

>> No.77985396

If she can handle my love of greek yogurt then nothing will come between us

>> No.77987670

>the evil empress can't have kids
Sound like it's time to ride out on and kidnap the high priestess of whoever the goddess of life and motherhood to fix this.

>"Heroes! The Dark Lord himself assaulted the cathedral of light in the middle of a communion and fought his way throught a honor guard of our best paladins to take away the High Priestess."
>"We do not know his intent, but I truly fear for the safety of this world if he's not stopped as soon as possible."
>Turn out the Dark Lady was in need of a midwife and no one of lesser rank would do.
Sound pretty cute.

>> No.77988671

Did you draw that, anon? That's pretty cute.
>80% elf tears
Sensible kek.

>> No.77988673

You should have already realised that this thread is as common as generals are.

>> No.77989100

It was a delivery in a drawthread, there was another too.

>> No.77989116

Damn, I like this one. The style looks like it wouldn't be out of place in one of the older D&D books. They're...not going to eat that, right?

>> No.77989812

I never intended for any of this to happen of course. I was just an imperial guard once, the son of low nobility. I had risen through the ranks, but had reached a poin where I could go not further. I certainly never expected to attract the eye of the Empress, let alone end up in her tent.

We had to keep things secret at first, as it would have been unseemly for the Empress to be seen with someone as lowly as I. I certainly had reservations at first, but she proved to be worth it.

While there was gossip about the Empress' relationship, it was nothing but idle gossip. Eventually we were outed, and some of that gossip turned into seditious talk. How dare the Empress consort with someone as unimportant as I, she clearly wasn't fit for the throne.

One man was especially offended. He was a prominent nobleman who had tried to win the favor of the Empress for some time now, and being rejected for someone like I was too much for him to take. He stormed the imperial city with his retinue and an army of foreign mercenaries, to take my head and her hand. I met him at a bridge inside the central ring of the great city with the imperial guard at my back. With pike and shot we slew them until the river ran red with their blood.

I took his head for treason, and in return she gave me her hand in marriage. It has not been an easy life, before or since but it has been a happy one. There are those who accuse my wife of cruelty and evil, but what empire is not cruel? Surely it is less evil than barbarism. I have tried to moderate her worse impulses, and even succeeded at times. She now carries my child, a son I hope.

Now another challenges the throne. I must defeat him, for I cannot allow any harm to come to my beloved wife. More will come, I'm sure, and I must defeat them too. I must succeed every time, and they need to only once.

God, I just wanted to grow cabbages and raise a family.

>> No.77989952

Good pic, titty big, but the story is a bit self gratifying and overly idealistic. What you kill one noble and suddenly its okay for the relationship to be legitimate despite the disparity of your stations? Would be better if she married that noble to sate his ego and the political desires of his overly ambitious family but then made him a cuckold to you as her true consort and lover.

Whats he gonna do? Divorce an empress? Fat chance buster.

>> No.77990031

Just kill everyone who complains, surely that will wok.

>> No.77990034

Yes, but as the big enforcer, not the 'miniboss'.

And i'd wear nice-looking, silvery, smooth plate armor that looks fancy, as opposed to looking edgy, because i'm an civilized antagonist of the courts. Also, i'd use an gigantic zweihander with a flowery-shaped pommel, because that's what fits.

The last battle, rather than being against one of us, should be against BOTH of us, at the same time. And, rather than have an rampage of revenge, we either die together in a dramatic end, or we flee.

As a whole, you want to play up the tragedy of the love between me and the empress being a pure light within our dark actions. The kind of romeo & juliet stuff that'll make even the heroes feel bad.

>> No.77990061

It would be hard to work out a sustainable relationship but if I had her heart without her being less effective at being an evil empress, su- >>77962047 I KNEEL

>> No.77990086

Oh yeah, and the entire last battle should happen at an exceedingly large throne room, and there should be dramatic organ music with an aria choir.

>> No.77990135

That's reasonable, I'm hardly much of an author, but that came to mind as I read through the thread, and I figured at least someone would enjoy it.

Anyways that's one possible approach but frankly I don't want anything to do with cuckolding, even as the party doing the fucking.

>> No.77990149


I'm more of a polehammer guy myself, though

>> No.77990160

If you become the empress's husband, then the only correct way to die together with the empress, holding her in your arms as you both depart from the world, looking like an renaissance sculpture while an ethereal choir plays in the background.

>> No.77990169

Lawful neutral is hot.

>> No.77990260

Cuckolding is very virtuous in an age of arranged marriage but it can also be highly degenerate so I understand your apprehension. That strong moral fiber and honest nature is exactly why the Empress will want to jump your bones despite the repercussions it may have on her loveless political marriage.

>> No.77990350

No, in fact, let's put more detail
>You were but a lowly guard when you met her, when she was still just an aspiring noble girl. >Though even back then she schemed for power more vicariously than one could ever dream of, the love she eventually developed for you was genuine
>You were always together with her, through everything. When she poisoned her benefactor to seize her title, you were her alibi. When she incriminated someone so to have a reason as to seize their holdings, you were right by her side as her soldiers razed their holdings. When she sabotaged an duke's campaign to take his position, you led the party which arrested him. When she finally launched a coup against the king, you were the one who delivered the last blow against the old monarch.
>As she became the empress, you were by her side, the only one she'd trust enough to watch her back at all times. When she had a child, in secret, you were there to hold her hand, and when she had to hide him far away to avoid having a weakness, you were her shoulder she secretly sob on.
>When she ordered the invasion of neighbouring kingdoms, you helped her organize her forces. When she ordered to burn down the order of wizards, not wanting their influence to grow, you watched the fire burn through the night together.
>For years and years, you were at her side, always together through the challenges of politics, leaning on each other as you fought against the world. When these heroes rose, cutting swaths through your best soldiers and generals, you were the hand in her shoulder when she planned every attack. When these heroes attacked, you stood by her side, fighting them with all your might.

>> No.77990370

>not an argument
you didn't present an argument to begin with, so why would he be obligated to respond with one?

>> No.77990386

>And now, your body, far more wounded than a normal man could weather, your blood leaking through cuts and bruises, you stand up.
>Not to flee. Not to attack the tired heroes, who have yet to noticed you have gotten back up. Silently, you push through their surprised group, looking at the cold form of your empress's barely alive body
>Slowly putting her in your grasp, you hold her like an new-wed bride. As you look at her soft features, there are no words spoken. Your vision ever dizzier, you lean towards, and plant one last kiss on her.
>For even in death, you still stand by her side

>> No.77990421

Now, while the narrating is shitty, it certainly sounds like something that would work better with an song like ave maria.

That's the idea i'm trying to pass.

>> No.77990594

Why is this so appealing? I mean, it appeals to me as well, I just don’t know why.

>> No.77990643

As long as we love each other, I would fight for her.

>> No.77990861

I wouldn't trust a normal woman not to be a selfish, narcissistic backstabber. No way I would trust a genocidal, power mad tyrant to be loyal.

>> No.77990946

You long for someone who loves you enough to break her cold tyrant facade and show you her more humane side.

>> No.77991221

It definitely has to do with some concept of exclusivity and specialness

>> No.77991263

Guillotine Gorilla

>> No.77991266

It’s probably less likely that’s she’s a narcissistic backstabber, because she’s inherently mentally different.

>> No.77991267


Evil Empress = Edward Cullen

It appeals to you for the same reason teen girls (and twilight moms) love that pale fuck, just with the genders reversed.

>> No.77991310

I don’t see the correlation. She doesn’t even have any powers other than the political one, you’re the one who protects her

>> No.77991336

>Evil Empress = Edward Cullen
>It appeals to you for the same reason teen girls (and twilight moms) love that pale fuck, just with the genders reversed.
No, Edward Cullen is exclusively the mysterious and dark type. The evil empress can be many different things, which I will list if you want.

>> No.77991402

>I don’t see the correlation.
It's something women and their pet simps constantly do. If women do something bad, morally questionable or deserving of ridicule they arbitrarily try to equivocate it to something men do. On the other hand they also try to equivocate male problems, suffering and injustice to female trivialities. It's part of the childlike narcissism of women, which their pet simps enable.

>> No.77991522

Chaotic Good

>> No.77991572

Neutral evil is all women.

>> No.77991650

This is why I hate women

>> No.77991690

I would honestly take any of them except neutral evil and chaotic evil

>> No.77991754

or chaotic neutral, the rest are varying degrees of tolerable.

>> No.77991791

I agree. And it's not a bad thing at all.

>> No.77991816

I think the point he was making was that it's a pairing of a dangerous being with a nondescript viewer stand-in that just so happens to be attractive to the dangerous being for inexplicable reasons

>> No.77991859

>Bad girl
>tragic love story
>Love despite a huge obstacle
>Loving her for what she is
>Possible femdom

>> No.77991884

Pretty much, except for the sex techniques

>> No.77992013

>that just so happens to be attractive to the dangerous being for inexplicable reasons
I really don’t think that’s necessarily the case here. The empress relies on you for your strength or some other way you have to defend/protect her. Obviously much of that is up to interpretation (just like everyone here has a different view of who they want the empress to be), but OP’s picture should already give you a hint.

>> No.77992076

Could a villain be a be a husband and guard for a hero?

>> No.77992104

Hardly. That’s the point, the guy is just as bad as she is. They’re not on a different level.

>> No.77992195


any bits of fiction or history reminiscent of this?

>> No.77992346

Nah, I think it’s different, although it’s probably indeed the equivalent to men in that it involves a very common thing that drives men’s fantasies.

OP is basically the good old knight fantasy but with a dark twist. This is a very common trope as the knight/samurai/what have you finds a lady they will be loyal to. But it’s also the trope of the bad girl lover that thrills your life and entrances you to the point you’re corrupted enough to betray your loyalty to your woman. So it’s both in one.

Edward Cullen is the standard “mysterious/bad guy will change his ways for me” story, which is something a lot of women enjoy.

>> No.77992379

Looks as though there are two competing fantasies here. What you describe and the Twilight analogue

>> No.77992485

I guess I extrapolated how I feel about it then. The situation is vague enough that a lot of people can project what they want into it, maybe that's why so many people seem to like it.

>> No.77992544

What I like about it is that it ties various ambiguous and ambivalent feelings into the same package
Social status, violence and cruelty, power and submissiveness, loyalty, raw attractiveness, obsessiveness and so on

>> No.77993021


>> No.77993031


The Empress scenario, like other anons said, is an story much like all others. You're still the Knight in Shining Armor. The Empress is still able to have an normal, cute personality, she's not 'mysterious'. She doesn't 'change specifically for you'

Basically, it's the usual arthurian-type fantasy with the twist that your lover is an woman who, despite being the evil empress, still loves you. She doesn't 'change specifically for you, oh great bland but still great looking protagonist', she 'loves you, her husband and protector'. And that's it

The correct vampire analogue are the retards who want to 'redeem a succubus'

>> No.77993265

Yes, also there’s a reason why it’s (evil) empress. She loves you despite being evil. A good empress loving you is boring and typical.

>> No.77996172

Obviously I'd be the final boss because the hero's party would get wiped. Then I'd go home and fuck my wife.

>> No.77996321

The one thing that can top having sex with your wife is having sex with your daughter while your wife watches and voices loud encouragement.

>> No.77999477

I disagree with that assessment. Daughterus are not for lewd. They're for headpatting

>> No.77999865

The only exemples in fiction I'm aware of are the Black Company from Cook (thought the books themselves are pretty terribles and the author very obviously self-insterted hard as the MC) and White Wolf from Gemmel.
There's probably dozen of mangas and animes on that theme thought I imagine.

>> No.77999873

They’re for both.

>> No.78001797

No! Don't lewd the daughteru

>> No.78002914


>> No.78003198

You know love is supposed to be a two-way street right?

>> No.78003363


>> No.78003461

Not even a question.

>> No.78003476

Actually good title

>> No.78003508

Chaotic goods do exist IRL, but they're extremely rare and get snatched up quick.

>> No.78003539

There's a yuri jap webcomic about a hero who wants to be the loyal, loving wife of an evil empress that's pretty great

>> No.78003563

I've seen this clip a lot, but can someone tell me if does he actually fuck the villainess?

>> No.78003768

It doesn't matter if you don't like Buffy, this guy is a perfect example of that character type.

>> No.78003776

Yeah sure why not.

>> No.78003836

>It's good but you should rewrite it to suit my fetishes

>> No.78003849

It's probably some pol shit trying to rile people up and targeting trans people in particular. Like for god sakes the symbol for super straight is literally SS. I keep seeing it pop up annoyingly and honestly I don't think this is clever enough and will sputter out unless enough people are dumb enough to fall for it. This is like LGBTP all over again

>> No.78003929

Superstraight are people who are only attracted to cisgendered people, not trans people. That's it. Apparently that makes it transphobic. The movement was full of lesbians because they're tired of looking on dating sites and only finding men in dresses calling themselves women.
Anyway, people got mad because there are people out there who didn't want 'suck the girl dick' and started trying to get Superstraights banned from everywhere.

>> No.78003978

Crusader Kings moment

>> No.78003983

You going to give us a name or a link?

>> No.78004699

Remember MAPs (minor-attracted people) and the "it's okay to be white" thing? Superstraight is another one of those. /pol/ psyops that rile up blue checkmarks on Twitter but don't actually accomplish or change anything.

>> No.78004767

>but don't actually accomplish or change anything.
He says, while seething on the internet

>> No.78004848

Non sequitur. People seething on the internet is not an accomplishment. Or, if it is, I'll gladly let /pol/ "accomplish" whatever they want.

>> No.78004902

>Non sequitur.
>a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.
It literally follows perfectly you illiterate nigger.

>> No.78004955

>he had to look it up
Let me spell it out. My argument:
>/pol/ psyops like superstraight don't actually accomplish or change anything
Your response:
>you are seething on the internet, so you're wrong
That is a non sequitur because, as I said, making people seethe on the internet is not an accomplishment in any meaningful sense.

>> No.78005000

I just figured you could use the dictionary definition since you used the word wrong. Keep going, retard, we're all watching with baited breath to see which dead meme you'll use next

>> No.78005029

Are you going to respond to the post or just cope?

>> No.78005049

Cope, ladies and gentleman, if you chose cope you're in for a shot at the big prize!

>> No.78005089

>a dead meme
Now you're just confusing me. I legit want to hear you explain why it's not a non sequitur though, this insultposting is lame.

>> No.78005140

You mean like this unfortunate pack of mutants who ought to be pencilled in for a sudden visit from the angel of death?

>> No.78005660


>> No.78005775

Cute. I laughed.

>> No.78005815

Source us, nigga

>> No.78005816

>(which is why flat taxes are a good thing).
Is that the reason the deterioration of the American middleclass has coincided with the flattening of the tax system since the 1980s?

>> No.78006257

Women cucking other women is such a big dick energy fetish.

>> No.78006347

Hey you anime CUNT, how bout you get the fuck out of my board anime boy.

>> No.78006785

It's really good, the resulting catfights/bitch moments are awesome. If there's no struggle or back and forth, though, it loses a lot of its appeal to me.
In his defense, there are a conspiracy of factors that have fucked over the American middle class.

>> No.78006883

Top right and bottom middle aren't even trying (But all of them need a shave)

>> No.78006898

Make me, fag.

>> No.78006929

I've heard it said before and I'm believing this more and more: transwomen are for a large part perverted men who just want to have sex with lesbians.

>> No.78007203

For me it's not about the struggle, it's about the despair of a woman who knows she's been outclassed in every way possible.

>> No.78007351

>high impact NTR
>trying to NTR the Dark Lady
>willingly provoking a woman more chad than the entire heroes party into NTR warfare
Anons, you absolute retards. She'll just fuck the stupid bitch into submission and then she'll go for your loved ones.
>The baker's comely redhead daughter? Check.
>The wizard's fellow nerdy student? Check.
>That squire you just met? She planned the two of you meeting just so she could have you cucked later on.
>The rogue dead girlfriend? She had her ressurected just for this.
>The paladin's goddess? Boy what do you think the purpose of this new ritual of hers is?

>> No.78007578

>Sir Anon the Brave, might I ask you something personal before we come to blows?
>Remember how when you were a child your parents had a fight, then your father said he needed some time to think things through and never came back, leading your mother down a spiral of depression and alcoholism that eventually killed her? It was me, Anon! I tempted your father so I could break your mother's spirit and prevent her from doing depraved things to you!

>> No.78007761

I kneel.

>> No.78007999

Bananahair best girl

>> No.78008089

Empress != tyrant

>> No.78008439

Baal Bestie

>> No.78008472

That sounds like something straight from dark souls

>> No.78008577

Antichrist Acquaintance

>> No.78008874

Lawful Evil in court, compensated with Lawful Sub in bed.

>> No.78009255

>sub evil Empress wife
If I'm not looking more battered and bloodied after a night with her than I do after a fight with the heroes, what's even the fucking point?

>> No.78009416

>He thinks sex should be painful

>> No.78009682

Patrician taste.

>> No.78009702

>he doesn't want a wife that fuck like a tiger
>he want his queen of darkness to be soft and timid
Wrong door, buddy. Paladin order is two blocks down.

>> No.78009748

Only if said empress's name is Tiamat, Goddess of Dragons.

>> No.78009771

She can fuck like a tiger, you just have to tame it and make it docile with your strength.

>> No.78009783

>he wants a timid sheep in bed
>he doesn’t want to literally battle for sex
Low test

>> No.78009791

>Wanting to tame her

>> No.78009822

Good taste

>> No.78009893

I can't forgive that soulless ginger blood sucker for doing Hector in like that, but goddamn is she hot.

>> No.78009981

I'm sorry Lesbians have to deal with this.
Worst part is that they're pressured to treat t them like they're ordinary women.
Like, brah, they want pussy not your "feminine" wiener.

>> No.78010099

It accomplishes a good laugh. I don't think anyone is seriously trying to change anything.

>> No.78010145

That's the idea, yes. A contest of strength and will between the two of you, and whoever win is on top for the night.

>> No.78010218

Probably. But I'd try to better the empire my way while she does the same her way, and I'd avoid fighting the heroes when possible without either of us getting hurt, only taking up the warhammer when it's clear the heroes are done taking my excuses.

>> No.78010271

I very much prefer the idea of a mother poaching me as a suitable husband for her daughter and then actively pushing us towards having sex, going as far as to be in the room helping us with our first time (pushing me forward into her daughter as I'm about to pull out and cum, for example).

>> No.78010298

>NTRs her daughter anyway

>> No.78010314

That’s great, maybe she can join in at some point

>> No.78010555 [DELETED] 


>> No.78012681

This is my fetish.

>> No.78012851

I once met a girl who had burn scars on her face.
I still thought she was beautiful.
She seemed to hate herself.

>> No.78013796

You would be surprised. I visit /pol/ occasionally, and the goal (for at least some of them) is to bring people to the right.

>> No.78015568

What's the point of world domination if you don't ruthlessly crush anyone who tries to take your money?

>> No.78015584

This image made me realize how much I need business women with swollen bellies.

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