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Should my villain plant false weaknesses or is that too intelligent for the average pl*yer to handle?

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Do it anyway, fuck 'em.

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Only if you are willing to telegraph that the weaknesses are false clearly enough that the players see it coming.
As the GM, the players need to be able to rely on your narration and description for information. They have literally no other source for it. If they feel like you lied to them about something important, all its going to do is make a big shitstorm and no one, not even you, will walk away from the table happy. And all you will have done in the long term is encourage your players to be extremely, autistically paranoid about trivial bullshit going forward because they constantly have to interrogate NPCs to make sure you are not trying to do another 'clever' doublecross.

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maybe hint that some of the weaknesses might not be real

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My idea
>villain has two mythical beings as his theme
>one is very clear in his iconography, symbolism and clothing
>the other is only hinted by his actual characteristics as a single person
>the second being is of course his "true" theme

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Fucking do it.

It'll be amusing when they try and use a sword of cold iron to cut through his defences, covered in toad guts, and they hear his echoing laughter.

"Oh MY, you must forgive my amusement. Even I had forgotten that I spread about that old wives' tale."

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* th*nk *t's r**lly c**l h*w y** *s* *st*r*sks.

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"I never said pl*yers were cattle. I said they should be treated like cattle."
they'll take it and like it

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This. You’re just sabotaging yourself, OP.

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Assume your players are retarded. If something is even slightly complicated they’ll misunderstand it, make poor decisions based on that misunderstanding, and then get angry at you for it. If, on the other hand, something is very simple and straightforward they will assume it’s too easy and invent some Machiavellian scheme which they will assume you have concocted when you had no such intent.

Having your villains act in a manner which could reasonably be described as ‘slightly above the intellectual capability of a brick’ already gives them a huge step up on the average player. Any bad guy who is powerful enough to be a threat to the players needs to be functionally braindead for a typical group to have any hope of dealing with him.
If your bad guy has a weakness, and that weakness isn’t a glowing red spot on his back which is very obviously indicated to the players in his boss fight cutscene, then they won’t even understand that he has one. If your bad guy’s weakness isn’t immediately apparent (that’s assuming the players even recognise he has one) the conversation will go like this:

>player: “hey, dm, is like to make a knowledge roll to know what this guy’s weakness is.”
>you: “you have no way of knowing that right now.”
>Player: “all right, I guess he doesn’t have one then.”

And the conversation will end there. They won’t even bother looking unless an npc drops a “Hey, listen! You should ask around and try to find out what his weakness is!” Into the conversation.

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Depends on the party.

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One of the Dungeon Magazine adventure paths, I think it was Age of Worms, had something like that
>PCs have to do a big Arena tournament arc
>Villain of the adventure is getting paid by the Evil Cult to kill them off
>Pays his guards to talk loudly about how he set up a special monster to kill the adventurers
>"It's so hard taking care of this GIANT FROST SALAMANDER. The wizards are losing their minds trying to keep its cage COLD, because if it OVERHEATS it'll die."
>PCs are expected to stock up on ice resistant gear, buy alchemists fire, all that shit
>Go to the Arena
>Villain drops a hilariously fire resistant Froghemoth on them and goes "Oh you dumb niggers fell for it!"

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Most players have a sort of lovecraftian crisis everytime they see an enemy act in a somewhat intelligent way

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That’s amazing.

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