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burn is king edition


>Current meta, complete with deck list

>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Play online for free

Your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters


thoughts on the exploring phase of the meta we're undergoing as of now?

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>germany making all forms of blind pull lootbox mechanics 18+ and treated like pornography and gambling
>right now just for videogames

You can hear Wizards sweating as their worst fear draws closer.

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>burn tron heliod infinite
it sucks

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this is what happens when wotc allows burn to become a valuesharting engine
magic is "better" since the uro and other bans but it's still been ravaged by years of FIRE and will never truly recover
reject current day magic, embrace tradition

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Blitz, Burn, and Death Shadow are basically all the same deck: Red Prowess.

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The only things still tying players to the game are sunk cost fags and EDHtrannies who unironically consider mtg to be part of their identity.
The game simply isn't good. And I don't just mean "reeeeee FIRE bad!" either. The core gameplay is an antiquated remnant of a bygone age, and even cleaning up the convoluted mess it has become can't fix it.
Sure, mtg was definitely the pioneer, the catalyst that put the collectible card game concept on the market in a meaningful way, but even Richard Garfield has lamented the numerous flaws that are too ingrained in the system to solve.
That's just part of the process of innovation, though. When we first set out into uncharted territory we're going to make mistakes. We've had nearly three decades spent learning in an industry that has seen explosive growth not only in sales but more particularly in design. Countless ideas have been tested, refined, scrapped, and rebuilt. Our knowledge about what works well has increased exponentially.
Mtg is the Wright Brothers' plane of CCGs - a remarkable achievement, for sure, but one that is long past its prime and should be retired to a museum. Those of you still desperately clinging to this rust bucket need to let go.
The sky is the limit, and we have so much farther we can fly.

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Kinda ass. Just feels like hyper aggro, GW Heliod or some derpy midrange decks followed by tron. Still a million times better than the Uro/combo hell scape that was before

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>Kids aren't allowed to buy mature rated games
>This will surely work at stopping underage children from playing these games
The parents who don't care about what games their kids play also won't notice their kids swiping their credit cards to buy microtransactions just like they have been for years.

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>oh no my shitposting was called out last thread better post it again in this thread
>they keep ignoring my shitty weeb avatarposts and are catching on to me pretending to be new, better bitch about the mana system being outdated because that seems to work well
many people have been saying that heliod is fucking broken as shit and that prowess is overtuned and would be a huge problem once uro was gone
surprise surprise

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>everyone is the same person
You missed a dose again, schizo.

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Wizards is a US company, if booster packs are rebranded as a form of gambling they get regulated and have to pay far steeper taxes outside of places like Nevada.

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You have been conditioned to accept FIRE because the more retarded FIRE has been gotten rid of. This is literally cope. The "layers of brokenness" have been discussed for a long time. We have broken garbage piled on broken garbage so when you ban one thing there's just something slightly less obnoxious waiting for its time to shine. It's all bad but you're willing to compromise now. This game is still a shitfest because they only banned 15 cards when they needed to ban 30.

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Thank you for confirming that you are, in fact, one single dedicated shitposter that has nothing to do in his life except post again and again and again and again the same bait trying to bait newfags that aren't /mmg/ regulars, the meme of the resident shitposter was real.

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silber :DDDD

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And, for whatever reason, Tron is not allowed to be called out for the elephant in the room it has always been. Whenever a set releases and it blatantly gets a new toy, I lose any hope of being able to play "slow" beyond the best value control decks because it's clearly a pet deck to someone who calls shots at WotC.

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>this is what happens when wotc allows burn to become a valuesharting engine
>magic is "better" since the uro and other bans but it's still been ravaged by years of FIRE and will never truly recover
are you talking about Lurrus? because I cannot find a single burn list with Lurrus as a companion even before the bans happened

>reject current day magic, embrace tradition
the newest cards burn is running are:
- Skewer the Critics
- Sunbaked Canyon/Fiery Islet
- some lists run Roiling Vortex, others don't
everything else is the same as it has ever been since Monastery Swiftspear was added to the deck

I know you like to hate on modern being shit because things changed too much but burn has to be the worst deck for you to push this narrative

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lurrus, LutS, arguably bomat, and if you're going to also include U/R prowess as a side choice to burn now we have stormwing entity, which is absolutely disgusting with manamorphose
there's also bonecrusher giant for a more midrange-y burn card, it's a 3 for 1 on a 4/3 body

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>lurrus, LutS, arguably bomat, stormwing entity, bonecrusher giant
not a single one of those cards sees play in traditional burn

I'm not saying you can't complain about those cards or the decks that use them, but you going
>this is what happens when wotc allows burn to become a valuesharting engine
is objectively incorrect because burn has to be the deck who is closest to the tradtional list the archtype has been running for over 5 years
there's no valuesharting
there's no "FIRE" bullshit

it's just burn

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I don't understand how lurrus is still unbanned in modern.

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Don't bother anon, he won't understand.

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I need to make a meme picture of the south american shitposter one of these days.
Anime pics, premed, pretending to be a new player, buying 10 boxes every new epxansion (every two weeks) and sopa do macaco.

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Uro made modern fun and now he's gone. Now I don't get free wins with reclamation decks.

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your take is like an EDH player bitching about not being able to enjoy magical christmasland later in the game because someone decided to be a dick on t3 or 4.

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>The core gameplay is an antiquated remnant of a bygone age
Show me a game with an interaction on the level of Magic's stack and all the other features like old analogic art and collectible physical cards.
You can't.

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Don't forget his "spiteful nigger who is overjoyed at a conservative shitposter in edhg getting cancer and Nielsen getting fired" persona. That got a lot of replied the other day.

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>bitching about burn in modern of all things

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What is they ban ballista and Monastery Swiftspear?
Would the meta be better?

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when people really hate or love something they get obsessed and being obsessed makes them capable of saying some questionable shit

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He's also the Lurrus avatarfag and the guy bitching about how lands are outdated. It's really easy to tell who he is because all the myriad shitposting personalities appear around the same time and then there's this big clump of shitposts, then when nobody replies someone who has not been around for like a month appears to shitpost, but differently. It's all the same queer.

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Reject Magic. Return to monke!

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Why is pokemon kicking magics ass again? Is it purely vikangz? i thought magic got colonised by the soi crowd?

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What masonic coins have you been collecting, friends? I want to get at least one American fascist dime and one swastika Reichsmark too.

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do you think they're rubbing each other's dick in there?

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No Pokemon has been destroying Magic since 2020.

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>Our market research suggests that players just aren't interested in draft boosters, booster bundles, or even collector's boosters anymore. Therefore, we are shifting to a new model of Magic: the Gathering. From here on, we'll be selling new expansions exclusively as Secret Lair drops.

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respect the burn matchup boys
and have nice sideboard cards for the control matchup too

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I-it will all change once the woke netflix show comes out! T-that will surely attract new blood to the game, isn't woke propaganda what people want afterall?!

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>t. waiting for that netshit show to save the day, one funkopop after the other

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Does Timespiral remastered not have basic lands? The old one did and some were pretty good.

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Wokesters are mostly made up of impostors who pretend to support "woke" things. The true believers don't consoom either because all they care about is cultural hegemony and will not reward companies for complying. If anything they'll just further castigate them for not doing enough (protip: nothing will ever be enough).

Meanwhile most of the "woke" crowd would rather consoom Nintendo and Disney because they're familiar brands they are attached to. Nintendo could have an insulting blackfaced character and the consoomers would zealously defend it even if it contradicts their supposed BLM support and other woke shit they signal on Twitter.

Most "SJWs" are just conformists giving token support to things because they only care about feeling good and looking good. In reality the woke crowd is being propped up by oversocialized basic bastards and bitches who will consoom what they're familiar with and will voice support to whatever they're told is right. Their rabid defensive behavior only comes to light when you dare call their favorite megacorp imperfect.

TLDR: Soibois only care about muh brands and virtue signaling.

>> No.77934574

They would come up with "Muh, it's not blackface, it means something different in Japanese culture."
Meanwhile they will harass any company who has virtue signaled in the past for any "mistake" even the smallest one.

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here's how you deal with drama in mtg

ignore the people being offended by people who are offended

stay off of twitter

stay off of reddit

stay off of discord

only use facebook for BST groups

shitpost on /tg/

play magic in person when you're able to

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Please kindly stop confusing me for other anons. But thank you for all that free headspace.

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>Nintendo could have an insulting blackfaced character and the consoomers would zealously defend it even if it contradicts their supposed BLM support and other woke shit they signal on Twitter.
As an Italian I find Mario racist. It's time to cancel Nintendo (and that's a good thing).

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>burn is king

lmao it dies to 1-2 dispels and spell snares main

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>Immigrant to a strange land
>Literally the most powerful person there with superhuman physical abilities
>Totally selfless, a man of action
>Singlehandedly saves a nation from hostile takeover
>Is married to the princess, who is hot and has a gentle personality
Mario is the greatest Italian role model to ever exist

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I adhere to all of that except I don't use facebook and I quit mtg last year.
So close, though.

>> No.77934668

the difference is that you have to draw those cards while burn has a redundant 60

>> No.77934703

Kill me, Lurrus

>> No.77934731

Burn is supposed to be a deck that goes top speed balls to the wall trying to reduce you from 20 life to 0 by turn 4 and if you can hold out, they're down to topdecking while you can stabilize and choke them out.
However they now have the same amount of card draw as blue decks so their weakness of running out of gas is gone. Ditto for them now having a recursion engine and redundant threats. Their creatures are no longer just small and nimble, now they get superbig too so they don't even have to deal consistent damage with small fast creatures, every creature is a huge game-ending threat.
There is zero thought required to play burn now, because it does everything, and that's the same reason Uropiles were so obnoxious. Anyone saying "burn has always been around" is being a faggot because burn 2021 is not burn 2012

>> No.77934735

>blue collar job
>immigrant who can't talk language correctly
Uh, anon, I know it's hard to understand for a priviledged anglo white man but the character is very offensive towards Italians. I want reparations for 30+ years of insulted feelings. NOW!

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>Aggro, control, combo, midrange, big mana, fucking mill all sharing top spots.
Meta is as healthy as we can hope for. I just pray MH2 doesn't ruin this.
Literally who. I don't follow any of the celebs why do people care so much about her

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he's going all out

>> No.77934843

hahaha oh wow.

>> No.77934849

you're going to trigger a lot of people in this thread now

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>using the tranny artwork
I hate this fucking company.

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Let me guess. You must be... Xer/Xes!

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>In response to brutality, flashback lava dart, targetting kalitas, soul scar mage lives, kalitas shrinks
>*extends hand*

>> No.77934902

>lava dart

>> No.77934908

Also Mario is whitewashing what true Italian looks like. Reminder that italian were discriminated against in the US for decades and had a lower statute than white poeple. It is deeply unconsiderate that he his so white.

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Fuck people. Not everything is tranny, or SJW related. Lavinia is a female that i.d.'s as female and has short hair because she's a soldier or law.
Do you just not like short haired women?

>> No.77934921


fuck off tronnnie

>> No.77934924

Literally nobody gives a shit about Lavinia or brings her up ever besides kooba who is constantly spamming his shitty deck with her so this is making me think that the shitposter really is him

>> No.77934938

I like her just fine, but that's a goddamn man's jaw with a fucking five o clock shadow. The art in the card I posted literally depicts a man wearing lipstick.

>> No.77934944

Yeah she looks like Frank N. Furter

>> No.77934990

>Not everything is tranny or SJW related.
Tell that to the trannies and SJWs working in companies like WoTC?

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I think that's honestly just bad artwork. As I'm sure you know WotC has been known to do that once or twice.

>> No.77935036

That also looks like a dude
And it's shit art because her finger is not touching anything and doesn't seem to be pointing at or doing anything so what the fuck, it's just hanging there like she's supposed to be moving blinds out of the way, but there's no blinds being moved.

>> No.77935225

Nigga u blind?

>> No.77935439


>> No.77935469

>it's just hanging there like she's supposed to be moving blinds out of the way, but there's no blinds being moved.
kek, exactly what i was thinking too

>> No.77935480

>Stay off discord
The premodern discord is based though

>> No.77935500

What game feels like MtG but without the post-2018 bullshit?

>> No.77935551


decks are allowed to have bad matchups you fucking gorilla

>> No.77935636

cry me a river

>> No.77935642

Not as bad as the irish, theres a reason all the blackwashed roles are replacing redheads because they aren't "real whites" but will satisfy "uppity darkies" who don't see the difference.

>> No.77935649

give birth

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>> No.77935663

> Not everything is tranny, or SJW related
>Characters of the same gender in the same image: OMG THEY ARE GAY MARRIED!
>Man with long hair or woman with short hair: FINALLY TRANS RIGHTS!

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What is /mmg/'s current stance regarding the RL nowadays?

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RL investors should all be shot (except for the frog)

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File: 675 KB, 739x1034, Magic👏is👏a👏game👏meant👏to👏be👏played👏not👏speculated👏on👏.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only upside the Reserved List has is gatekeeping the tumblroids out of Legacy, but tumblroids will only stick to Arena and maybe Pioneer. Other than that the Reserved List has no upsides and both players and sellers gain from it being abolished.

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>> No.77936050

Burn from 2012 is literally the same list as burn in 2021

>> No.77936058

Minotaur Tribal in Pioneer when?

>> No.77936153

It's a poor people filter for the good formats. Which is a good thing

>> No.77936179

I'd like to play Premodern but I see that a lot of people from poor countries (Greece, Italy, South America) play it as well. Would it make me look bad to play such a format? I don't want to be mistaken for someone who can't afford Legacy.

>> No.77936209

I'm sure your fellow amerimutts look down on you for playing anything that isn't EDH with purely transgender and black commanders

>> No.77936244
File: 1.05 MB, 470x360, antc 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is that a good thing? What stigma do you have for them?
Besides not all of us anti-RL are poor. We just believe artificial scarcity of fucking cardboard is ridiculous. I don't care if your ABUR Underground Sea is worth $700, I just want to get a legal playset for no more than $20.

>> No.77936254

>What stigma do you have for them?
I can smell them from 10m away when they sit and play memedern and edh

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At least with EDH you can choose the people to play with (e.g. other fellas who spent serious time and money into the game). I feel unconfortable playing a format where a 30$ UG Madness deck is a competitive choice.

>> No.77936271

The only Amerimutts who want this shit are white "intellectuals" and conformists. Nobody else wants this, not even black Americans, but consolidated coastal bugmen have too much power over the rest of us.

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>l love swedish banks
>made 25k on bank calls during the last two weeks

What magic cards should I speculate on?

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>Revert NWO.
>Revert F.I.R.E.
>Abolish mythic rarity.
>Abolish reserved list.
>Reprint everything.
>Stop power creep and power creep-induced rotation.

>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

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long live VZ

>> No.77936772

hahhahahhah ur p00r u cant affoerd stuff

>> No.77936779


>> No.77936827

Buy 100 boxes of Strixhaven. Surely now that every cardgame is booming Magic will too. Soon.

>> No.77936841

>tfw I remember like it was yesterday calling people faggots and niggers on skype while playing halo and yelling SNIIIPEEEEEEEERRRRRRR
*one minute of silence*

>> No.77936842

I want to make a collage of these and send them to MaRo. All of the Targets/Wal-Marts in my town have had the exact same situation.

>> No.77936869

Post it on reddit and twitter instead. Seriously.
That will hurt them 50x as much because MaRo will just ignore it while on gayrobot and twatter it will be seen at thousands

>> No.77936891
File: 4 KB, 170x170, Faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No no no no no you clearly don't understand: our market research says that people first and foremost want in MTG power creep, shoehorned black people, heavyset badasses with sidecuts, feminism, trannies, cheap cgi artworks and prohibitive prices.

>> No.77936933


Slactivist on the right, trustfund on the left.

>> No.77937021

you know what they are doing, right?
they release high priced boxes with a bad supply so paper magic will die out/reduce drastically because the normal player base can't afford such prices.
at the same they will lure people to arena with special offers and so on

but you know what will be the biggest nail?
they don*t want that white/black nerd who is jerking to anime off.
they want the chads. they want to have their place on twitch and host big events witch millions of viewer.

and to do so, magic has to be easier more causal.
so they will do the one thing nobody is expecting.
they will introduce a new standard format which is easier, more intuitive and easier to foillow while watching streamer/championchips/events and so on

so how can i profit from that?
change from /tg/ to /vg/ and become a streamer

>> No.77937081
File: 184 KB, 640x960, Spice-and-Wolf.Holo_.640x960-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sell your collection of anything non-sentimental and leave.

>> No.77937148

Skewer the Critics and Sunbaked Canyon aren't totally negligible additions to the deck.

>> No.77937266


>> No.77937376

Finally, someone reads my surveys. Thanks, Mark. Together we can make the world a better place, one tranny per set at a time.

>> No.77937381

retards don't realize pokemon is getting massively scalped right now.

>> No.77937383
File: 2.98 MB, 2814x1887, liru 7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based chinks. cute girls too

>> No.77937393

>>they will introduce a new standard format which is easier, more intuitive and easier to foillow while watching streamer/championchips/events and so on
They already did that, it's called best of 1.

>> No.77937446

>What magic cards should I speculate on?
there's only 2 decent options really : RL & old foils

>> No.77937505
File: 192 KB, 375x523, C0D437DC-313A-487D-A2D6-134AB4854E3E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on my new card idea?

>> No.77937514

You do know what promissory estoppel is right? The moment WOTC repeals the reserved list, the lawsuits will come flooding in.

>> No.77937522

time spiral (collector) eng version

>> No.77937533
File: 723 KB, 1200x1200, CDB298D4-8621-4A81-B21D-8CBD4B25D61E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf the bank gives you money for calling them? What do you say? What is the secret password?

>> No.77937541

wtf no?

>> No.77937554

gib qt pls

>> No.77937581

P estoppel went out the fucking window a long time ago pal
They’ve changed the policy at least a dozen times over the last 20 years, and reprinted reserve list cards as judge foils from 1998-2009, AND NOBODY RAISED A FUSS ABOUT IT THEN, so a judge would throw that lawsuit out.

>> No.77937601


>> No.77937621

rudy says yes

>> No.77937643

seriously though what is a bank call and why do they give you money for calling them

>> No.77937650


>> No.77937664

I want WOTC to abolish the reserve list and print ABU Remastered so I can watch Rudy livestream his suicide

>> No.77937690

You don't know what happened behind the curtains. You can bet they received legal communications from people from the way they talk about the matter.

>> No.77937704

If only...

>> No.77937706

Also it's the EU we're talking about, as someone who lives here, these people takes these kind of things very seriously. Like lots of supervising to make sure things are regulated.
Ofc some shitty Europoor cunts in the east couldn't care less.

>> No.77937717

Options trading, mate. Betting on things going up with leverage.

>> No.77937831



>> No.77937873

Stop replying to the resident /mmg/ shitposter.

>> No.77937962

Post places that aren't the official website where I can netdeck something.

>> No.77937971

Of course, he must have a shit ton to unload, somehow whatever set he's bagholding the most is the best investment of the day...
Who's gulible enough to fall for this retarded shit beside his fan club of cucks?

>> No.77937982

Unironically the Facebook group



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>What is /mmg/'s current stance regarding the RL nowadays?

as i said last thread: go look at the price of a legends karakas and come back here and try to justify the existence of the RL. we'll all be waiting

>> No.77938063

Retarded argument. If karakas was on the RL it would be over 1K...

>> No.77938064

It's $55

>> No.77938092

You can't be serious you stupid nigger, karakas is currently cheaper than the unplayable trashes from LGD no one ever played but who are on the RL. The fuck are you smoking?

>> No.77938122

To be fair he buys a shit ton of everything.

>> No.77938135

>foil Yawgmoth's Agenda still cheap as fuck on mkm


>> No.77938137

Some of us are not poor, we just have better things to spend our money on. Like, for example, a girlfriend.

>> No.77938139
File: 479 KB, 772x804, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>"nooooo you can't reprint muh cards!!! my premium cardboard assets are depreciating no no noooooooo"
>"i don't care that my 0.02c cardboard is now worth 55 dollars, to me that's worthless! think how much this premium cardboard would've been worth otherwise!!!! i cannot buy game pieces for a children's card game without expecting a return on my investerinos no no nooooooooooooo!!!"

>> No.77938191

>he has to pay in order to have sex


>> No.77938198

Yep, can't go wrong when you are so fucking loaded. Anyone with less than $25 millions to invest in would have been hurt badly. Desu he made a lot of extremely bad calls, simply because he don't know anything about mtg nor do he play the game. He can only get out of it thanks to the sheer amount of money he have and his army of simps.

>> No.77938222

>get called out on his retardness
>immediately draw attention elsewhere
predictable cope

>> No.77938253

you have to go back

>> No.77938257


>> No.77938279

I just want to say that I told you all that it was all one shitposter and you called me schizo for it

>> No.77938285
File: 2.47 MB, 1201x1885, liru 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are asian girls more interested in stuff like vidya and cardgames? If I move to asialand, it may be a good idea to meet qt girls. I mean, in the west, all the girls who play this game are massive whores, but I doubt that's the case over there.

>> No.77938303

Asialand girls are more into cute things than the rest of the world.

>> No.77938328


elsewhere? i'm pointing out your whining over reprints affecting the theoretical value of your cardboard

even with reprints, legends karakas is still worth plenty, with cheaper options available in the form of the more recent reprints. i have many many thousands of dollars of RL stuff and i'd be happy if it was all made worthless via reprints, much less worth 20+ dollars per.

the only people that would be sad if revised duals were worth 60 bucks instead of 600 are investorcucks. most people that actually play legacy would be plenty happy with that result

>> No.77938336

Whores are everywhere anon.

Well, it can be both. Are you denying you are a schizo?

>> No.77938355
File: 24 KB, 400x400, 1610541327488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but I doubt that's the case over there.

>> No.77938381

>i have many many thousands of dollars of RL stuff and i'd be happy if it was all made worthless via reprints
Yaaawnnn can't tell how many thousands time i heard this exact sentence from you but never saw a timestamp of your supposed RL collection worth billions.
Reality is you don't own shit but worthless modern gards and it make you seethe.
Why don't you get over it and buy fakes anyway instead of crying like a bitchboy?

>> No.77938422

He made the good call of investing in old magic cards and old sealed product. Let's give him credit where credit is due. His business model is not speculating on new single cards. He did mass box openings when sets' EV at release were sustainable, then he stopped (I think with Eldritch Moon, maybe later).
And come on, you can't win everytime, it's all about limiting losses.

>> No.77938501
File: 2.61 MB, 200x284, 1614970511387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I absolutely love how all across the world, spanning all the ages, no matter the context, no matter where, no matter when, all men if they are not beta cuck retarded simps, regardless of religion, opinions, all agree that women are nothing but whores.
It's honestly astounding how we can unite and come toghether as brothers rather than enemies.
This is why probably why women, jews and feminism are pushing so hard division tactics on us to make us fight against eachother as much as possible.

>> No.77938589

No, you stupid weeb. Nip girls hate neckbeards just like everybody else. They do, however, act more feminine.
But do your children (lol) a favour and don't make them be born as mutts. Stick with your race and culture and preserve your heritage.

>> No.77938634

Old magic is a tiny tiny fraction of what he invested in. I'd say 3-4% of his capital went in RL stuff and 96% in sealed products.

He always display it when he purchase old cards because that's what ppl wanna see. But he did a vid 2 years ago to show his complete collection of duals and it was like 2 slim binders total. Kinda pathetic for such a whale. Pretty sure some edhgfags have bigger RL binders than him.

If he was more confident in his calls he would have made an absolute killing on the RL. But he's a businessman, and as you said as such the most important thing isn't to make money but how to lose the least. And he estimated being too heavy in old stuff was a risk he wasn't willing to take (and for good reasons, at any time jotc could have broken their promise on the RL non reprint policy) while flipping new stuff was pretty much risk free.

Can't blame him, but he's like the guy telling you to buy BTC since 2011 but who buy gold for himself instead because it's far safer. Overall did good returns, but bigger balls would have settled him for several lives.

>> No.77938651

Based and unitypilled

>> No.77938656

I plan on going to Tokyo this Christmas, and I think I'll have a better chance picking up chicks by flashing my cash rather than trying to talk to them about anime.

>> No.77938677

>pretending there's only one

>> No.77938750

>FLGS has posted a big "preorder kits for Kaldheim, 50% off!" post over the face of the bearded lady planeswalker.

Christ how bad is it? i haven't touched the game since core 2019 with the great curling cards scandal peak.

>> No.77938765

Unless you're a native there, fat fucking chance. Not every country in the world is America, especially East Asia. You'd be better off finding a woman who is either Middle Eastern, Eastern European, or Southeast Asian. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese don't like foreigners. Even without the xenophobia, there's no guarantee she'll share enough of your values.

>> No.77938779

nips and chinks grils are all about status. If you larp as an astronaut or a jet fighter you will get countless pussies. Even better if you wear a suit, a cowboy hat and are decent looking. 99% of the time the first question a girl will ask you there is "what's your job anon?", and if you say the truth (ie a boring office job) you can HEAR their fucking vagene go dry. It make the sound of baking paper you throw in the BBQ.

t. decent looking NEET who went to japan wearing a cheap celio suit and a hat and larped as a jet fighter to get bussies otherwise couldn't have any.

>> No.77938787

He started off by buying old boxes when he was a broker or whatever. Maybe not ABU but still old stuff.

>> No.77938804

I haven't touched a card since January of last year.
I want to play modern, but then I look at the meta and realize I want no part of that.
Legacy looks fun again now that DnT is back, but no stores anywhere close to me have legacy

>> No.77938806

Holy shit I'm rolling

>> No.77938814

He started off with a pallet of homelands. He still have it to this day. And without a single exception each time he propose a (((random selection))) of packs to his simps, it contain at least 2-3 packs of homelands.

>> No.77938829

Well, I'm a military contractor. It's really easy to embellish what I do

>> No.77938869

>Give magic arena a try
>Pick the black deck as i would irl
>First pvp games
>Destroy everyone taking 5 damage minimum
>Waiting forever for turns
>Opponents feel like they are reading a wiki to check what to do on their hand
>basic bitch "use -1/-1" to destroy their 1/1's to beef up your monsters that get +1/+1 on death just eats through their shit and a good murder or ratto kills any of their monsters because they are too dumb to take the 1 damage instead
>One blue/white player spends ages scrying to build up a wall to 7/7
>send out 4/4 flyer
>sends it to hand
>send it out again
>sends it to hand
>send it out again now with enough extra lands to destroy his wall
>get message after that "black is for faggots"

Is this low rank beef or just how bad players are at this game?

>> No.77938891

>get message
>magic arena

>> No.77938917

>Add transvestite will smith ladyboy for inclusivity
>Give it danger hair sidemullet, a soul patch and make them "a pro athlete"
>Generic womans voice in arena that sounds binary as fuck
>Nobody likes it
>They are ugly as fuck
>Nobody buying it
Sounds about right. I wonder how often "BUT YOU SAID THIS WAS WHAT THEY WANTED?!?" gets asked to the people they hire purely for some caesar style thumbs up or down woke approval council when nobody is biting.

>> No.77938941

i use the same username for most things in videogames.

>> No.77938966

There is an article introducing the trannywalker
The trannywalker was literally made because there is a tranny who works on the vision team who wanted a tranny planeswalker
That's it
There is no marketing reason
It's just because some tranny on the vision team wanted it
Every shit decision in this game is because there is some fag on the idea staff that wants it
They don't care about marketing or w/e none of it matters that's just BS they say after the fact

>> No.77938977

Topkek, jotc must be in full damage control. No one is buying their wekangz shit set. It's like they purposely designed the protagonists to be the biggest customers' reppelent in the history of consumerism.
Who fucking want to see an ugly smug nigress with fluo axes larping as a viking and a cheap CGI bearded shitskin ladyboy on the products? The shame you would feel from presenting this to the cashier alone would prevent anybody from buying this trash.

I unironically believe, from the infos i gathered, that it's the worst selling standard set in the history of the game after prophecy.

>> No.77939000

>"I'm so mad i'm going to search your username on other services" guys.
I used to get hate mail all the time on ps3 because some fucker on xbox live had the same username and was by all accounts in the messages a huge asshole in cawadoody and so often i had to go "i understand you just searched other services for the same name after getting blocked or something but maybe check that my profile is all rpgs first to check you dont have the wrong guy?"

Once i got back months later "yeah i thought it was wierd you didn't call me a nignog again".

What happened to you racist cawadoody mirror mirror me?

>> No.77939025
File: 4.04 MB, 4032x3024, 20210307_165300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


only two decks i had at hand were ceph breakfast and high tide, so here's RL cards from those decks plus pages 2 and 3 of my og binder (page 1 has nothing but masticores and sorrow's path)
i'm not even the original person in the chain you're replying to, but i often say in these threads that i'd happily see my collection nuked if it meant the RL was gone and we got meaningful reprints

>> No.77939039

>spend 10mn imagining and writing your larp
>ruin all credibility with the very last sentence
you did fuck up son

>> No.77939066

I bet they have had a long indecisive meeting where they argued back and forth if making leliana transgender or something was worth risking all the gothsimps never buying again against trying to make an existing and well liked character bait for the soilent gentry.

>> No.77939150

I can totally see it.

>> No.77939160

>>get message after that "black is for faggots"

>> No.77939424

>wotc bans a few cards
>faggots pretend the game is good again
The circle of life

>> No.77939497

>>faggots pretend the game is good again

>> No.77939562

>please read the threads for me

>> No.77939603

gee boss I dunno, the format feels good enough for me
sorry that the game won't go back to 2010 or something

>> No.77939765

>this current bowl of shit is slightly less offensive than the last bowl of shit so I must consume it
Maybe stop eating shit?

>> No.77939780

I'm pretty sure the mtg reddit has the largest observable case of stockholm syndrome ever
>WotC prints some nightmare FIRE card that destroys every format
>reddit complains for a bit
>WotC prints some new jewish product that you have to spend at least 100 dollars to look at
>reddit complains for a bit
>WotC announces the BLM Pickle Rick heckin doggos and cats secret lair
>WOWWW everything is forgiven!
>WotC finally bans 1 of the nightmare FIRE cards (years later after they have gotten all the boxes out of the warehouse)
>WOWWW I knew WotC was a great company and Maro was my best friend! I have to consume more product now!

>> No.77939814

>I hang out on reddit but I'm not like the rest of them I promise!
The absolute state of mtgcucks

>> No.77939827

>I think the game is shit so you have to think the same
maybe try not being like 12 years old my guy

>> No.77939882

The shitposter is really going all out

>> No.77939906

>the game is shit but mtg is part of my identity so please pretend it's good

>> No.77939948

the game isn't shit just because you think so, dumbass

>> No.77939956

>anything negative about something I like must be labeled a shitpost so I can cope

>> No.77939987

Of course. It's shit because it's shit. The fact that you can swallow Maro's latest turd easier than the last turd doesn't suddenly make it not a pile of crap.

>> No.77939995

>promissory estoppel
Kill yourself "collector" jew

>> No.77940019

you're not even trying at this point

>> No.77940071

On the bright side, at least nobody is defending WotC's fuckups. MTG consoomers may be forgiving, but at least most of them don't defend FIRE and greed. Don't count this as prophecy, but the TWD SL backlash demonstrated that WotC aren't invincible.

>> No.77940072

>that it's the worst selling standard set in the history of the game after prophecy.
At least Prophecy had SOUL and based cards (e.g. the Avatar cycle illustrated by og RK Post). What does Kaldheim have? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They fucking deserv this.

>> No.77940137

>nobody is defending WotC's fuckups
>if it's not as terrible as FIRE it's ok!
The circle continues unabated.

>> No.77940150

I saw a couple people take the backlash over TWD as "more for me!".
Does anyone have that guy who vehemently defended the spoilers for Double Masters? His profile pic was Pepe wearing a hoodie, so I doubt he was sincere, but it's still a good laugh.

>> No.77940312

I shouldn't say "nobody", but there was still a major and unprecedented backlash. It shows WotC's consumers as not being absolute thralls. They can still be pacified easily, but at least they aren't Pokemon fans who openly admit to accepting anything the company puts out even if it's literal garbage. (Pokemon fans are arguably less cucked than us because at least Game Freak isn't pozzed and greedy.)

>> No.77940352

>It shows WotC's consumers as not being absolute thralls
Didn't the Walking Dead secret lair sell the most out of all of them by a lot? I don't care if people downvoted the announcement they are still buying all the product like the massive consoomer cucks they are

>> No.77940374

Feels like people are starting to change their mind about crossovers now that they announced a LotR one. There's a lot more "yeah but nobody's forcing you to put Frodo in your deck!"

>> No.77940407

They will when Frodo has the same stats and effect as Norin but is green and generates a legendary Sol Ring token on ETB

>> No.77940409

>they announced a LotR one
Did they really?
With every page this story becomes even funnier.

>> No.77940437


>> No.77940469

Who bought them? For all we know it could just be mostly a handful of cardboard investors/speculators and Walking Dead fans who don't play the game.

>> No.77940545

Holy fucking kek, that article is fantastic.
Thank you, bro.

>> No.77940561

>at least Game Freak isn't [...] greedy

>> No.77940636

GF isn't greedy, just stupid as far as I can tell.

>> No.77940711

No, they're lazy and greedy af. At least JotC shits out a decent product once in a while (e.g. Time Spiral Remastered), meanwhile Game Freak hasn't got a single game right after B2W2. Fucking Masuda thinks Pokémon has to compete with MOBILE GAMES of all things, and they have the guts to sell unfinished stuff like SwSh at full retail price. They're unredeemable.

>> No.77940757

Too bad the card's dogshit. Should have let you make a 2/3 angel for WWW so you could play a Serra Angel.

>> No.77940833

It is actually okay for good cards to be printed which aren't FIRE.

>> No.77940874


If RL is repealed, revised RL and urza/tempest era RL would take the biggest crash. We'd probably see a cap of $100 on reprinted cards in high demand, like enemy fetches at their peak. AB era would be safe. If you cant afford RL, just go buy fakes. Nobody really cares anyway as long as ur not trying to sell em as real

>t. likes RL b.c it means theres cards that wont be super sekret special editioned by jotc

>> No.77940881

In my opinion their decline began by Gen V even though the positives significantly outweighed the negatives (game's path became more linear as indicated by the map's loop, bloat of new mons that are controversial in their design).
Gen VI had some good QoL, but by ORAS Game Freak was definitely showing some cracks (The Battle Frontier project has started).
For me, Gen VII was when I stopped regularly consooming Pokemon (didn't buy USUM).
Dexit was the straw that broke the camel's back with my view on Game Freak.

>> No.77940885

>same amount of card draw as blue
>sunbaked canyon
I mean it's a pretty good land but come on

>> No.77941000

Don't forget Light Up the Stage. Isn't it great that Burn and Prowess have a 1 mana Divination?

>> No.77941056

>Light Up the Stage
Are people even running that in bolt tribal? I wound up cutting it.

>> No.77941065

>GF isn't greedy
>releases complete game with dlc on the disk but sells it to you later
Eh, nothing personnell nintentard.

>> No.77941150

QRD? I don't frequent /vp/ as much as I used to.

>> No.77941181

releases complete game with dlc on the disk but sells it to you later

>> No.77941334

Evidence? Was the DLC partially developed by release, or was the DLC already mostly made by release?
Not that I don't believe you, but it does surprise me.

>> No.77941472

A quick search on google will net you the answer. They literally put the complete game on the disk and later sold you an "expansion" that was already on it.

>> No.77941504

I don't play and have no clue. I wasn't the other anon, but
>releases complete game with dlc on the disk but sells it to you later
seemed like a pretty succinct QRD to me. Now that you have moved beyond wanting a QRD I cannot help you other than to remark that I've certainly seen games release with paid DLC content already complete on the disc locked behind a simple 48kb unlock key that looks remarkably similar to your credit card number.

>> No.77941553
File: 290 KB, 1008x756, 9874523423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Abolish the reserved list.
t. Someone who actually wants people to play pater legacy against.

>> No.77941589

>pater legacy
In hoc signo vinces.

>> No.77941597

Sadly shit like that is just par for the course. GF was lying out their ass about having to redo all the pokemon models as an excuse for why sword and shield didnt have the entire catalog of pokemon ,despite them clearly using the then future proofed models from previous 3ds games as well as lots of the latest pokemon designs clearly being low complexity likely to cut down on model costs

>> No.77941621

No need to devalue your investment my friend, simply distribute proxy decks and charge a couple bucks a game to use your proxy decks.

>> No.77941635

>charge a couple bucks a game to use your proxy decks.
Late stage capitalism, everyone.

>> No.77941669

If peasants desire to experience legacy then they must offer tribute to us rl holding chad gods.

>> No.77941715

>Who bought them?
Mostly just scalpers who think TWD cards will actually be sought after some day

>> No.77941739

Burn doesn't run LutS, stop spreading misinformation

>> No.77941750
File: 47 KB, 768x432, Piccolo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure! Bend over and receive your "tribute".

>> No.77941770

I'm all for it, but I like poorfags having to build DnT since Sneak and Show dominates that match up.

>> No.77941793

>a few duals and an LED are more than I make in 2 months
End me.

>> No.77941794

I'm sorry sir, we don't allow trannies in this establishment. You'll have to look mmmh elsewhere.

>> No.77941824
File: 165 KB, 672x936, dka-87-faithless-looting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would it even break right now?

>> No.77941851
File: 22 KB, 265x370, Cunning-Wish-JUD-265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cunning Wish becomes Modern legal with MH2. What happens to the format?

>> No.77941866

Your mom.

>> No.77941882

What would it even fix right now?

>> No.77942444

Decks that had no way of getting a 0/4 off the field don't want Looting to come back

>> No.77942608
File: 534 KB, 1536x922, lantern vs vampires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know nobody here cares anymore but I just had a really fun game and wanted to share
>be me on Vampires
>opponent is on some sort of BUG Lantern
>he gets a quick start with Lantern on turn 1 and Emry + Bauble on turn 2
>I make a board early and put him down to 11 by turn 4
>he assembles the Bridge + Lantern lock
>chip in another 4 damage by attacking with a Mutavault through 2 turns
>he empties his hand by Pithing Needling my Mutavault
>don't have ways to deal with Bridge so I'm not winning through combat damage anymore
>can only win by either finding one of my two Sorins or Kalastria Highborn + a sac outlet
>he has a Lantern and 2 Codex in play
>I have 2 Castle Lochtwains
>eventually get a Silversmote Ghoul and a Viscera Seer in play
>he keeps milling my shit and I just let him for the most part
>he also shocks himself down to 2 life in order to get an on-curve Whir of Invention for Thopter Foundry
>eventually find a Kalastria Highborn on top of my deck
>he mills
>I draw off Castle
>he mills again
>I draw off the other Castle
>he shuffles
>I draw from Silversmote Ghoul
>Kalastria hits my hand
>on my turn I play it alongside another Vampire and start sacrificing bodies to kill him
>he sacs all of his artifacts to Thopter Foundry to try to survive but he doesn't have enough mana
>I kill him

game two was more of the same but I landed a Leyline of the Void by turn 6 or 7 so he couldn't go semi-infinite with Sword + Foundry and I had enough Vampires + Captivating Vampire to gain control of how many Thopters he could ever make

his clock eventually run out before he could mill me
these are the types of games that make me like Modern over other formats
this could've never happened anywhere else, I feel like

>> No.77942738

>I know nobody here cares

>> No.77942830

based vampirechad shitting on lanterns nigger thorat

>> No.77943116
File: 31 KB, 223x310, psychatog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Traditionally only saw play in control lists, rarely combo. Was very good in pic related. It would be good now, at least since you have FoF legal if you didn't need access to hate cards like Surgical Extraction. Could be interesting.

>> No.77943271
File: 46 KB, 1024x577, 048A1F07-786E-46A3-BE71-1AC81E63B900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>exile elf monkey, exile elf monkey, exile elf monkey, veil of summer, manamorphose for BB, cast vampire hexmage, play dark depths

>> No.77943365
File: 16 KB, 261x197, 1598152185865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>swamp, dark ritual, phyrexian negator, pass

i've got your right where i want you, son

>> No.77943387
File: 248 KB, 510x479, 1519769459455.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Force of Negation countering Veil of Summer pitching Leyline of Anticipation in my hand
>points to my Leyline of Anticipation on the fiel
>with your sac trigger on the stack, Exile Mana Monkey, flash in Alpine Moon naming Dark Depths

>> No.77943399

how do you protect it from plow?

>> No.77943445
File: 170 KB, 672x936, m21-201-run-afoul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


after you predictably make your marit lage, i exile elf monkey and cast pic related

surely you saw this line of play, mr. bond?

>> No.77943477
File: 301 KB, 672x936, unh-30-cheatyface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll sacrifice the cheatyface I snuck on the field while you weren't looking.

>> No.77943507
File: 33 KB, 640x687, 1584982448890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goyf is a 30-40 dollar card
I seriously don't know how to process this

>> No.77943529

My turn?
>Ancient Tomb
>Lotus Petal
>Show and Tell
Are we going to game 2?

>> No.77943742

I mean we could, but what about if we go play something fun instead?

>> No.77943767


>> No.77943791

that's a nice 6/7 you have there but I'm afraid I'm going to have to use my single black mana to cast fatal push on it
on my turn, I play heliod sun-crowned and give my walking ballista lifelink
any response?

>> No.77943821

Sorry, I sometimes use words that are entirely unrelated to mtg

>> No.77943846

I pay R to activate roiling vortex

>> No.77943998

Lmao in what world are you living exactly? D&T shart all over show&skill to a point it's kinda boring bcuz you know you can't lose as the d&t player when you are paired against a shownigger.

>> No.77944017

I mean, I think that eventually I could see someone throwing 1-2 in the board, but yeah.

>> No.77944024

based vampbro

>> No.77944062

Nothing can resist the VampiChad.
Reminder finance frog told us to spec on nusorin before the vampire set get released.

>> No.77944209

Already got my playset and an extra one. thinking of picking up another one before the vamps et comes out. I hope they actually print a good vampire this time around.

>> No.77944284

I'm too disgusting with the state of the game to spend any money on it
I think I'll invest my money in Warhammer 40K commander decks instead...

>> No.77944366

>I hope they actually print a good vampire this time around.
I want the vampire equivalent of rakul so casting sorin feels like i'm playing the modern version of S&S.

>> No.77944393

Looking to build a new deck, preferably one that has game against UW Control. I own a set of all fetches and shocks, but not much that was printed in the last few years. What are good options?

>> No.77944423

>the print a vampire moon rakul
that would be hilarious

>> No.77944504

Goblins if you have Cavern of Souls and Vials. The only new cards you'd really need are Snoop, Pashalik, Sling-Gang Lieutenant, and Munitions Expert, all of which are cheap.

>> No.77944544

What modern deck should I buy on MTGO? I want something cheap but reasonably viable. I've considered twiddlestorm but I don't know if that's a real deck or just a meme

>> No.77944551

>they print extremely busted vampire
>nusorin gets banned
you know that will happen

>> No.77944827

What MTOG i should deck on buy? I cheap and nonviable meme. Twinkstorm?

>> No.77944878

Why would you buy a modern deck on MTGO? Play Legacy or Vintage instead.

>> No.77944896

yeah twiddy is perfect for that, might even agreably surprise you once you learn to pilot it optimally

>> No.77944970

>ordered fbb BoPs for premodern survival
Now all I need is fbb cities and I'll be good. Anyone know where I can get some? They're sold out everywhere, even on ebay.

>> No.77944988

Based chinaman is never sold out

>> No.77945011

i pilot many twink. much storm

>> No.77945192

>finding renaissance city of brass
Good fucking luck

>> No.77945210

The ultimate pimp is to get 7th foil cities. That said i don't even wanna think about how expensive they must be now..

>> No.77945239

>fbb, They're sold out everywhere
mhmmm maybe bcuz they don't exist?

>> No.77945260

$1,100 a pop


>> No.77945282

Is Renaissance not considered fbb?

>> No.77945335

no, fbb is 2nd print of revised for EU, fren

>> No.77945356

Sorry, figured fbb was all foreign cards that were printed black border in a reprint set (4th / Chronicles)

>> No.77945366
File: 78 KB, 555x631, NOOOOOOOO Soyjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77945367

Wtf? 7th isn't even that old.

>> No.77945400

The game just needs to die before I see a game where somebody taps Frodo to make a One Ring that he sacrifices to Magneto so he can remove his opponent's Real Housewife of Hollywood.

>> No.77945464
File: 10 KB, 558x160, Screenshot_2021-03-08 You are not immune to propaganda ParlerWatch(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for me.
Reddit is the most cucked website on the internet, what did you expect?

>> No.77945534

>2001 was 20 years ago

>> No.77945550
File: 118 KB, 680x680, WHY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77945590

Fucks sake I swear it was just the other day I was opening the 7ED Starter and enjoying that sweet foil Thorn Elemental.

>> No.77945672

tq: fuck tron, but nice to see a dimir deck doing well.

>> No.77945744

Great, i wanna die now.

>> No.77946147

Hey wait a second, I'M 20 years old!

>> No.77946226
File: 713 KB, 1578x1074, 346096272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's what I've been doing the last six months. Zero regrets.

>> No.77946245

Fuck that card is cool

>> No.77946311

Are you a Burger? Because I've been having so much trouble with the mail system recently that I'm not comfortable selling right now.

>> No.77946366
File: 164 KB, 425x417, 1536593051511.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't give them any ideas....!

>> No.77946652

Whatever atrocities I can possibly imagine will pale in comparison to whatever wotc has in store for this game.

>> No.77946720

Asian girls are boring.

>> No.77946749

Have you ever been to Asia including Japan?
The only reason you may lower your chances is that many people don't speak English but that taken aside Japanese people venerate white people.

>> No.77946773


>> No.77946774
File: 2.41 MB, 4016x2060, cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posting again because I got no help last time

>> No.77946785
File: 331 KB, 756x1008, cc sb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77946804
File: 186 KB, 672x936, eld-281-brazen-borrower.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you considered Brazen Borrower and Drown in the Loch?

>> No.77946839

haven't played in two years so idk all the new op cards, seems like a worse v clique tho, drown in the loch looks very promosing though

>> No.77946845

Is getting a nerdy gf a good idea? What if she's a massive weeb who gets me to watch really weird anime? Or is into weird shit like getting tied up?

>> No.77946911
File: 49 KB, 724x1024, 1608891820266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>weird shit like getting tied up

>> No.77946921

If you are arab or latino they will still think you are white. Other races all looks the same to asians.

>> No.77946962

Aren't the Japanese extremely xenophobic and all about honor? I don't think some Japanese woman's father is going to approve of her marrying a filthy gaijin. Plus she probably has a shit-ton of expectations. While the average white man has better confidence and charisma than your herbivore male, she's probably going to expect so much from you as a breadwinner and husband.

>> No.77946963

should i buy real cards or should i buy cards in arena
i just don't know

>> No.77946976


>> No.77946989

buy silver

>> No.77946990
File: 21 KB, 276x277, 1613128738466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is yet another path.

>> No.77947041

Implying nip girls are trads and faithful lmao.
Just look at all the porn coming out of Japan.
Girls have a lot of one night stands in Japan.
And just like white whores who go with broke niggers a lot of them are ready to start a relationship with a poor European.
If you want a tradgirl look at China. You can easily find a 25 years old virgin there.

>> No.77947052

Punch your local sinophobe today. How is such bigotry even tolerated by the jannies?

>> No.77947088

>tfw had to watch the entirety of Chobits

>> No.77947146

>Just look at all the porn coming out of Japan.
>Girls have a lot of one night stands in Japan.
Isn't that just a small percentage of women taking advantage of an enterprise of starved men? I'd figure most women either settle with a salaryman or stay single either due to unreasonably high expectations from herself, her family or her company. The pornstars and brothels are just women who don't care as much about honor.

I may not know what I'm talking about, but I don't want anyone to get too disappointed.

>> No.77947153

all japanese are cheaters

>> No.77947154

>Aren't the Japanese extremely xenophobic and all about honor?
Kek wtf no. It's not the Edo era anymore anon. You must not go in differents countries very often, right?
Here is the sad reality : normies are the same everywhere now. Globohomo won, the cosmopolitan normie is the same in Yuhang, Okaido, Paris, Merlbourne, LA, Tunis or Berlin. Everybody you will meet is the same everywhere, glued to their smartphone, with in mind only the pursuit of their edonistic pleasures and begging to remain ignorant. With the same boring convos, fake smile and pre-recorded emotions and answers. Your typical asian waifu is as whorish and vapid as any other in the US, they are just better at keeping apparences of decency. But all they think about is the same programmed shit : muh exotism (ie fuck gaijins of any races but nogs), muh validation, muh social status, muh instantaneous pleasure and muh shopping.

And all cities are the same everywhere too. Big ugly concrete cubes with neons and squared avenues. I could literally show you pics of Singapore, Beijing, NYC, Mexico, Chicago and Madrid and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference nor to correctly identify them. Same airports, same roads, same cars, same hostels, same malls, same Mcdonalds... hell even the road signs and speed limits are identical everywhere. Nothing blackpilled me more than having to travel for my job.

The conspis often refer as the NWO goal being a one world unified nation with no cultural, political or even racial identities. But truth is we are already there. And since a while.

>> No.77947186
File: 527 KB, 937x1108, japanese woman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even the japs who get settled will cheat on their husband. As a man (ie a cuck) you have to give all of your salary to your wife and she will give you a small percentage as pocket money.
Then she do whatever the fuck she wants with it.
A lot of women also go on the cock caroussel even before marriage.
China is the opposite. A lot of man have a second illegitimate wife with whom they make bastard but the wife say nothing because it's culturally insensitive to point out a problem in China. There is some cucks of course but it's far less common than Japan.
Also they all watch the same shitty netflix shows and the same media.
NPCs are literally the same everywhere you go and that's exactly what the NWO wants.

>> No.77947187

>The pornstars and brothels are just women who don't care as much about honor.
11% of nip females tried at least once to be recruited for a porn. The number drop to 0.01% for males.

>> No.77947203

so i should just print them in china?

>> No.77947232
File: 1.23 MB, 480x270, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77947243

Again I don't quite know. I try to assume that weeaboo notions of Japan are mostly contain in Akihabara. I know NTR is a hentai thing, but I also hear of Japs, even hentai artists, who hate NTR immensely.
Is this why /pol/ is alarmist about OnlyFans?
>China is the opposite.
Doesn't China have a disproportionate gender ratio? I would've assumed women would have power because their rareness would give any man who had a gf a special status. There was a guy several years ago in China who jumped to his death in an indoor mall from all the stress his gf was giving him during shopping.

I also hear anecdotes from disappointed travelers saying how American culture has infested everywhere, including Eastern Europe and Italy (though the former has had their culture and society suppressed by commies, so that's understandable).

>> No.77947261

Why is Netflix so popular?
I got a free trial of it some months ago and I genuinely don't understand it. There is no content

>> No.77947278

due to the stupid one child policy china currently has a fucked gender ratio where basically women will be able to have multiple husbands because there are not enough women for all the men. Funny how they are also currently pushing for more "traditional" gender norms like male celebrities can't be too feminine and how women should do more fragile sports. The chinks are cucking themselves

>> No.77947280

I often asked myself the question, but the answer is pretty simple : NPCs aren't humans anymore. They have no soul. Just bytes in the matrix. They don't even take the decision to watch netflix, it's a pavlovian stimulus encoded in their program.

>> No.77947287

It was pretty popular until they decided to host French child pornography.

>> No.77947299

>please acknowledge that I am unique and different since I assert a disinterest in something popular

>> No.77947305

>i know i'm a NPC and i can't cope with it

>> No.77947309

You have 2 kinds of chinese men:
The young cuck.
The married man.
Chinese women are huge bitches with super high expectations. But once you are married you don't divorce so they have to deal with whatever they snagged. The man will beat them if they are unhappy anyway.
Also as I said, it's not well seen to fuck with a boyfriend or have sex before marriage. Not saying it's not happening but there is still a huge taboo there. And in China money is key to any relationship. You don't need a load of it but enough to provide and you will be seen as a worthwhile match.
No content is a feature. So they can make sure the bored housewives will all watch the same propaganda show where a nigger fuck white girls so they can teach their kids.

>> No.77947318

Wrong. Women don't have multiple husbands, it's the opposite. The difference is that poor neet don't have any wife while a rich fat chad will have 1 wife + 2 mistresses he had bastard with.

>> No.77947321

I don't even have cable tv, retard, let alone any streaming subscriptions. I just don't feel the need to make sure I tell everyone about it to get a pat on the back for being a beautiful and unique snowflake.

>> No.77947332

You sound very insecure

>> No.77947337

Meant for >>77947305

>> No.77947342

Nah, it was meant for you

>> No.77947355

...Did she also make you tie her up?

>> No.77947375

She did not, but after being forced to watch Chobits she's lucky I didn't tie her up and throw her in the damn river.

>> No.77947403

Was that anime the dealbreaker?

>> No.77947427

I mean it wasn't worse than Hitler, but I just don't care for much anime and other weeb shit, and weeb shit was her life.

>> No.77948464


>> No.77948587

>>>he sacs all of his artifacts to Thopter Foundry to try to survive but he doesn't have enough mana
Couldn't he just count and concede instead of wasting time?

>> No.77949843

>one vendillion clique
why do control shitters always run one-ofs of cards they can't tutor. This is why control and tempo are garbage.

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