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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade - less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about. We'll be happy to help you get started on this playstyle.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Being called a FOE (False OSR Enthusiast)?
Report, hide, and ignore. Don't give those people (You)s - but likewise be mindful of whether you deserve it or not.

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>Thread Question
What are you working on? Fresh off of Shilling Saturday, what new content are you planning for the next session?

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Want to contribute to the thread but don't know where to start? Roll 1d8 (dice+1d8 in the "options" field) on the table below!
Our OC gets archived at osrgcontent.blogspot.com
Tag your post with [OC] to help archive anon find it, please.

>1. Make a spell
>2. Make a monster
>3. Make a dungeon setpiece
>4. Make a wilderness setpiece
>5. Make a magic item
>6. Make a race or class
>7. Make a 4-10 room dungeon
>8. Roll 2d8 and combine.

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>What are you working on? Fresh off of Shilling Saturday, what new content are you planning for the next session?

a nausicaa inspired psudeo gamma world campaign/homebrew supp and prep for running tomb of the seprent king's in a face to face table

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i may as well ask here but what was the point of having 7th and 8th level magic user spell slots. they kinda feel like bloat

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What's the heaviest/crunchiest (non-shit) game that's either OSR or OSR compatible?

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Reposting map, any advice on writing/running vertical dungeons?

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Make sure you have your climbing and falling damage rules sorted out before running.

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ACKS has some pretty crunchy stuff on the back-end

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The short answer is SJWs derive their power and influence from pretending to champion victims (real or more often imaginary). In order to have victims you need to create oppressors. A game created by nerdy white heterosexual men in the upper Midwest in the 70s? Of course it’s been framed as oppressive! I truly will play with anyone provided they can leave their political activists internet troll persona at the door. Unfortunately that’s a rarity. I still maintain most of the sjw infiltration of the OSR is primarily a internet purse fight. Wild eyed Blue haired progressives sure as hell don’t show their face at North Texas RPG Con.

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Different anon, but what exactly makes AD&D 'crunchy'? I've read the DMG cover to cover, and while I agree it takes some effort to understand the text and it is easy to overcomplicate the game with misunderstandings, the actual numbers involved are usually pretty simple, aren't they?
When people call WotC garbo crunchy they're just talking about the ridiculous amount of different numbers you need to add together all the time, aren't they? Not much of that in AD&D. Maybe I just have a misunderstanding of the term 'number crunch'.

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A mad science downtime system. But I'm struggling with time frames and getting the costing just right.

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>>Thread Question

the class as race setting i put on the previous thtread. I think its already cool to be played so i hope to continue that work after gameplay

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>What are you working on?
I'm trying not to work on it too hard, but the video someone posted a while ago of that guy doing a Solo game on YouTube has been making me want to do my own... So I occasionally have been coming up with ideas for it. Plus, it would help me advertise my system. (Although perhaps I should release said system first.)
>What new content are you planning for the next session?
Next session's going to be more of the same- the party is mostly just going to go back into the dungeon and likely no further than I have mapped.

Keep politics and drama in the dying thread, please.

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I would say it’s AD&D is crunchy because it does not use unified dice resolution mechanics (which is fine) but you need to know what roll to apply to what.

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From your experience, how do you think OSR games fare in games that don't have a loot-for-xp element?

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>Keep politics and drama in the dying thread, please.
No. It is a valid OSR discussion provided it doesn’t stray too far away from gaming which I admit has the tendency to do. E-Celeb posts, provided they are related to the OSR I don’t like either but they aren’t really off topic.

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>Make sure you have your climbing and falling damage rules sorted out
Speaking of which, here are some falling rules I came up with to keep heights dangerous for high level characters (rather than letting them fall 10x as far).

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Shit like this.

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For villains and powerful (maybe allied) NPCs.
Players don’t reach high levels too often, so you can consider high level content to be for the DM.

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I said this on Discord, but I'll repost it here: I like that the silos between tentacle shafts interconnect between multiple tentacle shafts. It would be very cool to have them offset on the horizontal plane - that is, have a truly 3-D system, potentially having shafts connect to non-adjacent shafts if viewed from the side - but I also recognize that might be challenging to communicate in module/zine format versus, say, a CAD file.

I think I've been following those posts on your blog as they appear in my feed. Interesting stuff! I admit I haven't been drawn to *all* of them - as in, I'd run them differently if using the concept in my game - but I really like how you are treating the culture/race/archetype relationship.

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Politics is inherently controversial and can derail threads, even if it starts on-topic. E-celeb drama too. Keep them to at least past autosage so that we can have good discussion about the game for most of the thread.

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Well I can tell you my old ass that’s been playing since 1983 didn’t first bring politics to OSRg or elf games. It’s pretty one sided as to who brought politics, “injustices” and “problematic behavior” to D&D. It was modern D&D under Hasbro/WOTC that sought to capitalize on it, thought I suspect their marketing people are true believers as well even if the suits at corporate aren’t. Excuse me Commissar, is that a rainbow ampersand on your shirt?

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NAYRT but please fuck off.

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fuck off

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SJWs can go eat shit. Doubly so if any of them reply to this post.
On with the OSR topics please.

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It's because it's the same market forces that lead to modern politics that lead to casualization of videogames. Remember that "Nintendo Hard" was a thing. Now the only video game franchise known for it's difficulty is Dark Souls.

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I wanna play AD&D but what's the big differences between 1st and 2nd edition? I have the core books for 1st edition and the players handbook for 2nd edition and I find 1st edition to be an absolute mess to read through in comparison. From what I understand they're relatively compatible with each other but what are the major differences and is OSRIC a valid choice?

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Hopefully someone will post the list of differences. Some are significant, others are minor. This thread considers 1e to be superior, and I think they’re right. Others claim 2e isn’t even OSR and I think that’s less correct, although 2e is certainly a bridge from the old to the new.
2e PHB with the 1e DMG and MM doesn’t sound like such a bad plan, but I might be stupid.

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For me the hallmark of the OSR is rules compatibility. All the TSR editions are compatible. 3rd, 4th and 5th are all very different games from each other.

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This changelog?

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>Remember that "Nintendo Hard" was a thing.
Yeah, and half the time it was there to disguise the fact that there was fuck-all game on the cartridge by having that fuck-all take four million tries to beat, or to suction quarters out of you in the arcade.

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It’s been nearly 7.5 years since the LOTFP Referee book indiegogo funded. 2+ years since the self imposed deadline of Jan 2019. 1 year since the last posted update announcing the unedited manuscript was complete. Do you think Raggi can ever deliver?

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I premade a bunch of random encounters by terrain for my players to come across. At some point theyll roll a 4 in the woods and find a dozen Pixies gleefully teaching woodland critters to say swears.

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that's interesting that 4d6 drop lowest was presented as the default Method I in groggy old 1e AD&D but was changed to 3d6 straight in 2e
would've expected it to be the other way around

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I despise in-depth world building. Really anything beyond vague general outline and maybe a regional map. You know who the king and local barons names only. You certainly have never met them or been to the “big city”. My question is does anyone have written rules or guidance on how to develop a campaigns setting holistically through play? Currently my players are level 2. They are from humble origins and have found a few market towns and a provincial capital. I really want to scale the game to a more medieval worldview.

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>109.Wandering monster checks in dungeons changed from 1 in 6 every 3 turns to 1 in 10 every hour
>110.Standard dungeon exploration movement speed increased from 120 feet per turn to 120 feet per minute
wow, way to totally fucking ruin dungeon crawl procedures, guys

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>79.Awarding experience points changed: defeating enemies becomes the default source for XP
these maybe seem like small changes on paper but together, just those three rules completely change the experience of exploring a dungeon

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>1 in 10 every hour
>an hour is 6 turns
>so there's an encounter an average of once every 60 turns
>can now go 1200 feet per turn
>assuming no doors, there's now a random encounter every 13.6 miles
What the fuck.

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1e has Gary talking a whole bunch about how rolling on 3d6 causes a lot of rerolls and short life expectancies. 2e seems to have changed it to better fit in with Basic.

As AD&D is an ongoing game of fantasy adventuring, it is important to allow
participants to generate a viable character of the race and profession which he
or she desires. While it is possible to generate some fairly playable characters
by rolling 3d6, there is often an extended period of attempts at finding a
suitable one due to quirks of the dice. Furthermore, these rather marginal
characters tend to have short life expectancy — which tends to discourage new
players, as does having to make do with some character of a race and/or class
which he or she really can’t or won’t identify with. Character generation, then,
is a serious matter, and it is recommended that the following systems be used.

It's 1989 anon, nobody cares about dungeon crawls anymore. Also, would you like to buy 18 books on Undermountain, our massive dungeon-crawling environment?

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>84.Initiative is changed from d6+Lovecraftian nightmares (roll high wins) to d10 (roll low wins).

yeah the 1e phb straight up says "characters should have a score of 15 or better in at least two attributes if they are to survive"

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You're not an oldfag, you're not a classic player, you're not anything special and your anecdotal life experiences mean nothing. You're Anon like the rest of us, and if you continue following this path you're going to shit up the thread. Please stop.

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Reading this makes me consider 0laying 1e over 2e desu but I hate the way the handbooks are written and laid out for 1e with rules spread out everywhere, vague wording for certain things that make the rules more confusing than they actually are and the combat system which no one actually knows how to run. How does OSRIC compare?

>> No.77933062

Thanks man, its very nice to hear that. There are parts more inspired than others but in the end I just write what comes up in my mind. I'm sure that if other people did the same approach, there would be equally valid and interesting choices.
>I'd run them differently if using the concept in my game

Id love to see that

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Chivalry & Sorcery
Acks is pretty bareboness. I am constantly negativly surprised by the amount of content for running merchant empire present. Not enough autsim.

>> No.77933154

While this is an interesting laundry list, it barely touches on the significant changes. Combat, in particular, isn't even close.

>> No.77933222

>yeah the 1e phb straight up says "characters should have a score of 15 or better in at least two attributes if they are to survive"
It's not actually true though, is it? Unless you're playing tournament modules non-stop you don't NEED a powerful character. Old man Gary was just letting his whiny players getting to him.

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OSRIC is fully compatible with 1e, and has better organization. In fact it more or less is 1e, just rewritten under the 3e OGL to give the creator a way to put "for your AD&D game" on his adventures. It might be what your after.
2e is maybe sort of compatible with 1e depending on what you use, but there will be some rough edges and judgement calls. You could do it, but I don't know why you would.

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Rolled 7 (1d8)


>> No.77933307

>OSRIC is fully compatible with 1e
I mean there are a few changes, innit. It's useful, but if you learn AD&D from OSRIC you'll get a few things wrong (where did 18/00 go?)

>> No.77933340

>2e is maybe sort of compatible with 1e depending on what you use, but there will be some rough edges and judgement calls. You could do it, but I don't know why you would.
I don't know but aren't some modules considered "better" in 1e? I know some like certain optional rules like kits or weapon specialty but I don't have a TON of experience in either desu despite my wishes

>> No.77933351

>make a dungeon lol
Yeah, fuck that.
Smith's Hammer
Counts as a +1 weapon when wielded by a smith (skill, background or profession - if your system has skill ranks gains +1 for each rank). Not a warhammer, an ordinary 1d4 damage hammer. Deals double damage against metallic constructs no matter who wields it.

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I can't imagine any retroclone could ever accurately clone the insane hodge-podge of ideas that is the 1e DMG

could you picture something like Old-School Essentials for 1e AD&D, scratching their heads trying to decide where in the book to put their version of the Harlot Table

>> No.77933415

>trying to decide where in the book to put their version of the Harlot Table
Obviously you put all the tables in an appendix at the back, and only refer to them by number in the main body of the text.

>> No.77933472

>I can't imagine any retroclone could ever accurately clone the insane hodge-podge of ideas that is the 1e DMG
Right you are, that would certainly be imposible to replicate, but I meant the minor rules changes. The Strength thing is weird but significant and I'm sure there are a few other changes I can't think of right now beyond just the optional UA (or 2e) influenced stuff mentioned in OSRIC.

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I’m considering doing a zine and adding a couple classes to my thing, BX Mars. We’re going to play online pretty soon and I like to bring something new to the table.

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I'm planning on running my first OSR game soon using the OSE rules pretty much as is. I was wondering specifically how you guys use thieves in your games with regards to their skills.
Also any reccomendations for starter dungeons/seettings or advice for writing would be appreciated. I've read the usual primers and advice so some more nuggets of good info would be handy.

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Rather than creating anything, I'm trying to get a handle on how big a dungeon is.
A page of 1/4 inch = 10 ft paper is about the size of a Home Depot.

>> No.77933645

I want Home Depot dungeon crawl.

>> No.77933646

I let my players use dominoes to map out dungeons as they are 1 by 2 inches, we use tokens that fit within an inch square to represent the entire party moving as a group which really helps everyone visualize how massive these complexes really are.

Miniatures we put on a large lazy susan with drop terrain to represent close combat.

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IKEAcrawl. All the supplies you need to build your own escape route, handily prepackaged.

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Random Encounters
1 - Couple having an intense argument
2 - 1d4 thieves
3 - 1 reach truck accompanied by 1 flagger
4 - Barricade gate
5 - Old woman that thinks the party works there
6 - 1d4 contractors (1 HD, 9' MV, AC 7, #ATK 1, DMG 1d4 or by trade equipment, ML 7
7 - 2d6 plant carts
8 - 1 associate (%75 reroll this result)

>> No.77933738

I want dungeons only measured in units of Home Depot now, especially Megadungeons and the blurb on the back has to reference how many Home Depots it is
A friend of mine and I talked about a Thunderdome situation in Menards with a similar premise for an hour wondering around it like fifteen years ago because small hick towns have nothing to do
Boiling vats of Fabulouso, Washer/Dryer barricades, and drafting members of our highschool to fight in it

>> No.77933779

Rolled 3 (1d8)


>> No.77933789

that would actually be sick, having to make meaningful decisions between making one tool or another.
>do we need another shield or two more swords?
>rope or a sack?
>wait, can I make a pickaxe and chip away at the frame around the door?

>> No.77933821

Haha - nice. Tre whimsical.

Maybe one day. Life is... busy at the moment: I've had to cut back on the amount of gaming. But here's to running games!

>> No.77933863

>a Thunderdome situation in Menards
If Ray Szmanda isn't the host something's gone horribly wrong.

Spend a few hours splicing that into a Roguelike and you've got yourself the next Steam Early Access hit.

>> No.77933900

Dungeon Setpiece: The Dragon Well

>A beautifully carved marble pool sits in the middle of this room. Despite its ancient surroundings being in utter disrepair the basin and the pool water itself are in pristine condition. Glimmering coins and jewels are seen at the bottom of this 10' pool.

>The players may throw treasure into the pool: for each 1,000 gp or magic item they surrender they will gain a 'luck point' to be spent to turn any failed roll into a success.

>The players may take treasure from the pool: taking even 1 gp will ensure that all saves against breath weapons will fail without exception until each piece of treasure taken is returned.

>If the players take the route of actually throwing treasure into the pool then once they have contributed a combined 100,000 gp a dragon spirit will appear to grant each a powerful boon of the DM's choosing.

>> No.77933972

1st level thief skills are just awful, as I'm guessing you've noticed. If the Thief tries to Move Silently past a monster, the DM is supposed to roll secretly and not tell him whether he succeeded or not until he's actually spotted. Except he only has a twenty percent chance of success, so lacking any other information to the contrary, a reasonable player would have to assume that he probably failed.

If you want to keep house-rules to a minimum, and not just boost the percentages, then you could play around with your interpretation of what 'failure' means in the context of a thief skill. Allowing the thief to fail forward is one option.

E.g., Shifty Jim tries to pick the lock on a door. He rolls a 7 on percentiles, which is a success, so he just does it with no further complications. But on the next door, he rolls over and fails. Instead of just a flat "you failed" I'd rule that he just failed to pick the lock quickly, or maybe he failed to do so quietly. Maybe he can still pick it, but he's going to need to pry the lock with his tools and make a hell of a noise. Or maybe it'll take about twenty minutes of work, prompting another wandering monster roll. Either way, I'd give him the choice if he wants to proceed or if the party wants to try to find another way around.

>> No.77934204

Alternative advice for “fixing” thief skills: add your dexterity score to your skill chance. Even a 9-12% chance does something to help those abysmal scores go from a 1-in-10 chance to more like a 1-in-5 or 1-in-4.

>> No.77934283

Hi, I am not sure if this is the best place for this question,nbut after reading through the last thread, I'm curious about the advice this particular group can give me.

I am helping a novice GM homebrew some mechanics for a setting based on Golden Kamuy/The Good The Bad and The ugly. We are trying to have about every 2 out 3 sessions be focused on overland travel with a heavy focus on survival.

My question would be, have any of you ever encountered or homebrewed some mechanics that really gave the players a sense of danger and urgancy to constantly be forging and have a fear of the elements? Thanks in advance.

I'll be asking around on multpile threads to get a good idea what other GMs have to say.

>> No.77934315

I guess it's the issue of making a thief feel useful when everyone else can find and disarm traps through roleplaying as opposed to rolling. Is there any other niches they can fill?

>> No.77934355

No no, all characters can do thief shit on a 1-2 on a d6 roll (maybe use bigger die if circumstances demand it, bulkier, noisy armor, etc)

The thief also has to make the d6 roll, but only if they fail their percentage.

We wrapped up session 5 last night and 3 of 5 characters finally leveled up. The first thing I noticed with this group coming from 5e is that they are a lot more excited about the small bonuses they get. The assassin was so happy that his HP went up by 4 points and that his thief skills increased a little bit. No fancy combat moves, at will abilities, etc. I was surprised since so many people gripe about how "bland" character progression is in old school games.

>> No.77934460

I can’t think of any that are actually good AND don’t give the DM extra work (like letting thieves have special contacts or whatever).

The niche of the thief is supposed to be that he’s a scout. He can listen well, avoid combat, and work around obstacles in ways that the others can’t. But if he’s too necessary then the absence of a thief means that you can’t fairly subject other players/classes to those hazards. So they need to be able to interact with them too. It’s a tough balance to try and find.

>> No.77934550

He's got about 7 of them, they might be up your alley. This is the first one.

>> No.77934583

>No no, all characters can do thief shit on a 1-2 on a d6 roll (maybe use bigger die if circumstances demand it, bulkier, noisy armor, etc)
This is a good fix, but I don’t think any original rule set actually states this anywhere. It is, at best, an interpretation of the rules.

>> No.77934590

I might be reading it incorrectly, but it seems like the connection hallways/rooms such as #6 or #22 don't have the room they connect to follow in numerical sequence. This is fucked and bad. Some form of linkage notation would be helpful.

>> No.77934619

That's a solid choice of inspiration. Love both of these.

>> No.77934621

>don't have loot for xp
They probably cease to be osr in a significant way. You can still have it a bit styled as such, but you'll lose one of the key aspects in the gameplay loop.

>> No.77934641

>everyone else can find and disarm traps through roleplaying as opposed to rolling
and here you've identified the second major problem with the thief.
I would allow the thief to handle most things through roleplaying like the other players, but give him way more leeway and the benefit of the doubt when he's trying thief-related stuff compared to other classes. Save the rolls to use for amazing feats of stealth that can bypass the need for compromise and discussion.

E.g., a Fighter wants to sneak past a monster. He has to ask me a bunch of questions about exactly where the monster is, how sensitive its hearing is, maybe he has to take off his jangly chain armor and/or boots, maybe he has to throw a valuable item to distract it, and even then he can't be sure it'll work until he tries it.
The thief can also try to resolve the encounter that way, except I'm going to give him way more leeway in his possible solutions than the fighter who was trying to do the same thing. And if the Thief wants to skip all that then he can just try a percentile roll instead, and on a success he just does it. No ifs ands or buts.

>> No.77934685

>Pixies gleefully teaching woodland critters to say swears
Using this.

>> No.77934726

Don't fudge rolls. Have some discipline. Don't roll if you can't follow through on the results.

>> No.77934730

Your map is deeply inscrutable. Are those four views of the same pillar surrounded by water? Or are we meant to see it as one contiguous image? If so, what are those lines in the "holes"?

>> No.77934756

Its been cool watching that come together over the years. I remember your maps from way back when I was first getting into osr and they were pretty inspirational.

>> No.77934780

Do you stick a few dominos side-by-side for rooms?
The lazy Susan idea is neat.

>> No.77935206

Thank you. I'll post a copy of the mechanics in the WIP thread after our first test run through it.

And thank you for the link, I'll check up on it right now.

>> No.77935220

It definitely is not, but it beats the solution in X1 and 80% of the fixes out there.

>> No.77935249

We just lay dominoes flat for room borders and then use them for 10' wide hallways. I swear I used to hate exploring dungeons in D&D when I played 3.x/5E but now it's actually fun and intense.

>> No.77935291

Anything you want to note specifically? I keep updating it as I find things, but yeah, totally overlooked combat procedures.

>> No.77935375

>room borders
That's clever. Thanks anon.

>> No.77935400

6 is followed by 7, 22 is out of place. I'll remake the numbering thanks.

It's contextualized in the adventure. Those are holes made by tentacles from the sky. Each hole is different and the black lines are actually the tentacles that go deep beneath the earth. I'm making each single section as it's own map for clarity. See pic related.

>> No.77935419

You might coom for the cave generator system in Veins of the Earth. You seen it?

>> No.77935453

Thanks, man.

>> No.77935707

Better alternative to 1e. Would recommend it if you find 1e to be a bit more unruly but still want the 1e kind of game.

>> No.77936127

Y'all ever deal with players that are hesitant/bad with describing how their characters do things and generally not getting into the vibe?

Last night a player left the group to investigate a part of the dungeon and I was appreciating their deliberation but this guy wasn't contributing to the group so I just told him "you are now in a dark alcove, you can't see anything."

Do I need to be a constant stickler for this thing because our games improve 1000% when our players describe their actions while considering their torchlight/resources/tools.

>> No.77936212

I feel like this is a dm's fault as well, why would you tell him? feels like he didn't do what you wanted so you shrugged him off

"I want to leave and investigate this dark corridor."
"Ok do you go with the torch or without? It's pitch black"
"I go with the torch"
"You follow the corridor and see thing X, thing Y and thing Z. After a few more steps you can't see your party behind you anymore and you hear a slow roar in the darkness. Feels like it would be wise to return to your group. What do you want to do?"

>> No.77936274

It's a team sport, if you just declare "i investigate the alcove, 50' away from the group" while the group is discussing what to do (while contributing nothing to the discussion) in a dark dungeon I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.77936282

>Feels like it would be wise to return to your group.
Unless they are a brand new player I’d never make these kind of leading statements. Players need to interact with the environment and ask questions.

>> No.77936283

>images you can smell
Players don't always realize that splitting the group doubles the load on the referee. A nasty wandering monster should spook them back into grouping up.

>> No.77936322

Genuinely consider using a caller. They tell the DM what each character is doing after the group discusses it.

>> No.77936402

>Unless they are a brand new player I’d never make these kind of leading statements.
Yeah, I assumed he was new.

Yeah sure, still different than saying "you are now in a dark alcove, you can't see anything.". I'm also seem confused because at first it seems that the problem is "players that are hesitant/bad with describing how their characters do things" but then it becomes "he's playing by himself" so I'm not sure which one is it. If it's the former then just encourage him to give details by asking for them, if it's the latter just tell him that OOC.

>> No.77936964

Shut up and fuck off no games or brains.

>> No.77937047

this is now the thread subject

>> No.77937113

>5 - Old woman that thinks the party works there
Leling hard @ this, thanks anon

>> No.77937126

the dm fiat well

>> No.77937128

I bet you could re-jigger Stygian Library... Tartaran Home Depot?

>> No.77937142

Nintendo Hard had nothing to do with fighting "casualization" you underage moron. There were four reason for games being really hard back then 1: acting like it's act arcades where the goal was to eat the players money 2: to hide the the fact the game was super short. 3 the game was just poorly made and 4: some or all these thing at once.

>> No.77937189

This is why I charge my players a quarter every death

>> No.77937239

Needing to put in quarters would motivate players to be more careful when playing and really learn the ins and outs of the game

>> No.77937263

You act as if games no longer being designed to eat money necessarily means games can't be as difficult as older arcade titles.

>> No.77937283

Anyone here use Drive Thru RPG? They have a sale going on and I wouldn't mind getting physical copies of some modules but I've never used them before

>> No.77937302

They're the industry standard at this point; there's nothing to worry about. I've ordered tons of stuff from them over the years.

>> No.77937341

I ignored Veins of the Earth because I don't buy Lamentations, and I generally dislike the "art" of Scrap Princess. Is the text any good?

>> No.77937413

There are plenty of exceptionally difficult games still around, but the material motivation for designing them that way has disappeared.

>> No.77937424

Thanks, I vastly prefer physical even if it isn't "official", want to take a crack at DMing AD&D 1e since I have all the Premium Reprints from a few years back
Any good modules for a first timer? I'm gonna make my 5e friends play them

>> No.77937512

Shilling my product here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fX5KrIZCtUSfE2eNKX99GM30jvzXaM35/view?usp=sharing

It's a caribbean adventure I made. I ran it for some new people and, while it's not completely new DM friendly I found it working really well with a group of complete first-timers.

Otherwise just go with B4 or one of the dungeons in the OP
>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>> No.77937530

There's a list in the OP of modules for 1st level characters. Some of those are additionally noted as being designed for new players: B1, B2, Tomb of the Serpent Kings, Tomb of the Iron God, though they're pretty basic as a result. It's up to you to decide if you want a slightly more complex 1st level module that would be more memorable but also require a bit more work on your part.

>> No.77937777

Yes, but the reasoning for those kind of games existing because gamers want hard games. Now people can choose if they want to play difficult games and not have them thrust on them because of the reasons I listed.

>> No.77938120

Veins of the earth has some well researched info on cave systems. I have used parts of it for a short 12 session Underdark AD&D game I ran called Rebels of the Underdark where the evil Underdark races banned together to fight off a high elf lead invasion.

>> No.77938167

One of my favorite D&D video game
Memories is playing the Capcom side scrolling games in the dorms ground floor lounge with my roommate and drinking beer. We would burn a roll of quarters. That was a big Tuesday night! We were playing 2nd Ed. Almost every other night in those college days.

>> No.77938344

Not the other guy but i downloaded that module, ill check it out later

>> No.77938390

Speaking of difficulty. How did od&d players ever beat beholders, dragons, or giants? Anybody here have an anecdote?

>> No.77938442

Give me your best one page dungeons, please!

>> No.77938493

That's a good question and I genuinely don't know how most referees went about it in the early days. I'd love to hear about it though.

>> No.77938571

Did you censor out Raggi's name or did that the uploader of wherever you downloaded it from?

>> No.77938638

I got it from here like... Last year? Didn't know it was Raggi

>> No.77938703

Hmmm there should be another twist to the 'time swing' corridor bit. It feels a bit unfair.

>> No.77938720

Well, Gillespie is launching a new megadungeon, called Dwarrowdeep. No details yet other than the name. For all my annoyance with Highfell while running it, it is fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.

>> No.77938789

I agree.When I ran it I did something different but I don't remember what it was. Maybe had them come back older or something? It's been a few months.

I like this one because it is sooo much more versatile and re-playable than most 1 page dungeons. I randomized the room scale and my players didn't even figure out that it was the same rooms over and over with different monsters for most of their time there.

>> No.77938807

>reccomendations for starter dungeons
The sample dungeon from Holmes Basic and see the attached.

>> No.77938853

Does anyone have any more top-down floor plans of places at a scale of 1"=40'? It would help me get a sense of scale, the Home Depot Dungeon is actually really helpful. I might take a tape measure later tonight and measure my rooms and stuff to get an idea.

>> No.77938919

Hahah, that's such a lame name. Sounds like it came out of a random generator.

>> No.77939094

Rolled 2 (1d8)


>> No.77939261

That sounds stupid but I look forward to it. I would never say no to more megadungeons.

>> No.77939347

Greg Gillispie announced his 4th Barrowmaze KS today. It’s called Dwarrowdeep. I hope it’s as good as Highfell.

>> No.77939387

>Arctic Draugr
once a warrior from a bygone era, whose remains has now been disturbed and reanimated with necromantic power, while infusing it with the icy magic of its cold realm.
the layer of ice gives the unholy creature added defense as well as offense.
the ice acts as a form of armor that is wittled away as damage is done, but while it persists, any victims of its attacks will feel the frozen bite of the winter lands.

>> No.77939392

Ia Tolkien Dwarf reference guys. According to Tolkien, the "real 'historical' plural" of "dwarf" is "dwarrows" or "dwerrows".

>> No.77939452

Well Dwarvesdeep sounds equally dorffortress RGN so now they have managed to fail in two languages.

>> No.77939566

Posting an update to my dumb shit. It's still VERY early in progress and I still appreciate feedback or ideas.

>> No.77939589

OSRIC is mostly a reference document, and not really a replacement for the 1e DMG, like the anon above said. It does however, replicate almost all the material from the PHB with some minor exceptions like 18/00 STR, for legal reasons.
The best way to play OSRIC would be to use OSRIC + 1e DMG, as OSRIC is much faster and easier to reference rules from while the DMG has a ton of content to pull from.

>> No.77939616

I should note that the maps/encounters are currently just ideas and not set in stone by any means.

>> No.77939654

2e is mostly just errata for 1e. 2e is backwards-compatible by design. 2e core does not have class kits so you don't have to worry about them unbalancing your game (even though the game is still pretty unbalanced), but its probably a good idea to disallow NWPs anyway (even the ones that don't obviously suck)

>> No.77939769

2e bent to the whims of people who wanted the game to be more "realistic". 1" = 10' per 10 minutes of walking seemed too slow to many players and the written defense of it logically unsatisfying. That's why the speeds in 2e are increased but importantly the person who compiled that PDF above got it wrong - "standard" movement speed in 2e is non-dungeon speed. The "careful" movement speed is the same as 1e normal speed. Cook didn't explain this very well but its assumed that in a dungeon environment you're moving at the "careful" speed of 10' per 10 minutes, and not the "normal" speed of 10' per 1 minute. However, no penalties are described for moving at fast speeds down the dungeon.

>> No.77939834

Now I am imagining taking 30 minutes to walk to my fridge 30 feet away.

>> No.77939851

If you have the premium reprints, why are you buying from drivethru? They're the same books, in fact the WotC reprints are better because of the fancier binding and paper.

>> No.77939870

Are you a fully encumbered dwarf in a 1e dungeon? Yes that is what you will be doing. This is exactly the reason 2e creates a faster movement speed category.

>> No.77939919

you can check out my post in the last thread where I show my hardcover POD of For Gold & Glory from drivethru. Very good print, binding, and paper quality.

>> No.77940074

>The "careful" movement speed is the same as 1e normal speed.

On p. 119 it says "When a character is moving through a dungeon or similar setting, his movement rate corresponds to tens of feet per round (rather than the tens of yards per round of
outside movement). It is assumed that the character is moving more cautiously, paying attention to what he sees and hears while avoiding traps and pitfalls."

So 120 feet a round is the cautious speed in 2nd ed, 10 times faster than 1e, unless there's a contradictory passage somewhere (which I wouldn't be surprised).

>> No.77940463

>the quintessential dungeon.

I actually love this.

>> No.77940550

Has Jeff Rients published any dungeons (free PDFs or otherwise) besides Broodmother Skyfortress?

>> No.77940980

>> No.77941467

I like the Goldbug and the Ur-termite

>> No.77941541

Ehh most kits were rather meh to only flavor outside Book of Elves. A few were super rp restricted too or(more often AND) made you worse than your base class. NWPs due indeed blow major ass though, like goddamn way too many and books released more and more all the time

>> No.77941638

The only modules they come with are Against the Slavelords (A1-4) and Dungeons of Dread (S1-4)

>> No.77941745

Good, except aren't all tongues prehensile?

>> No.77941802

Not really. "Capable of grasping" is a high bar.

>> No.77942114

Very nice actually, its something I remember looking into and have the PDF but forgot about honestly
Did you get the Premium or Standard color? Shame it's not on sale for GM Day

>> No.77942769

Magic weapons and tons of hirelings. You can take anything down as long as you have enough meat.
Don't buy into the osrg memes, Veins has a lot of good cave stuff in it even if you don't like "artshit" and scrap's drawings.
Never had a bad experience and I've downloaded a ton of pdfs and got one POD book from them.

>> No.77943009

Remember also that feet are converted to yards when not in the dungeon. It's not that you literally can't move faster than one foot per minute, it's that dungeons demand deliberate movement.

>> No.77943157

Doesn't Weapon Specialization make Fighters fairly superior to other Warrior Classes? Not that I'm complaining
Also is For Gold & Glory just a collection of AD&D rules or a revision? So far it seems a revision but I only just downloaded it

>> No.77943299

>Keep on the Borderlands expects you to have 6-9 friends

>> No.77943313

I thought for gold and glory was just a 2e retroclone from before wotc started reprints of adnd.

>> No.77943386

Grab hirelings

>> No.77943498

Broke: Paying people to DM for you
Baroque: Paying people to play with you

>> No.77943857

This, 2 players with at least 2 hirelings each is 6 characters.

>> No.77944002

Why are you treating him like a boogeyman? That shit gives these people power.

>> No.77944261

I'm just joking around man it's no biggie.

>> No.77944495

He's just a fat metalhead who likes horror movies. He has no power and honestly seems like a chill guy.

>> No.77944686

Question to anyone familiar with The Barrowmaze. Some creatures say they have resistance to physical attacks, does this include magical weapons too? I thought the idea behind magical weapons is to get around that specific resistance?

>> No.77944760

Is it because of incorporeality? Magic weapons should surpass that.

>> No.77944825

Its been a reoccurring theme on undead, golems and some ghosts, but like I said, hes been just saying that they have resistance to physical.

>> No.77944870

pretty much lol. Boon, wish, whatever.

>> No.77945016

Raggi has a Jewish great grandparent five generations back all this hate mob rage against raggi is honestly anti Semitic and anti Israel

>> No.77945077

kek if true

>> No.77945330

What game has the best domain rules?

>> No.77945333

the art is rough but I like it, the map is easy to read but also somewhat evocative.

>> No.77945535


>> No.77945821

Is it too on the nose to include a s common magic items arrows that spawn 1d6 litres of water when their crystal arrowhead is shattered and arrows that produce an invisible yet visible with see invisibility moss that magically muffles all those who stand on it

>> No.77945834

If not for LotFP I wouldn't be into OSR games today.

>> No.77945841

The Thief series is relatively low-magic anyway so I don't see why not.

>> No.77945850

My dick gets hard any time someone brings up Thief. Makes me wonder if Blades in the Dark is worth checking out.

>> No.77945880

Same. The dude is a bit corny at times, but I truly think he puts out one of the best retroclones to date and the settings are a breath of fresh air.

I just want him to put out more usable dungeons and hexcrawls, and less 'weird circumstance' one shots.

>> No.77946016

>Doesn't Weapon Specialization make Fighters fairly superior to other Warrior Classes?
Yes, because otherwise the Paladin and Ranger are so much better than Fighter

> Also is For Gold & Glory just a collection of AD&D rules or a revision?
It’s a verbatim retroclone, it’s to 2e what OSE is to B/X

>> No.77946052

I got the premium color, but I’ve bought other stuff with standard as well. Honestly there’s not much different in the colors on the page, but the paper quality and cover is better. It’s not worth an extra $15 though, IMO

>> No.77946070

I’m taking a little inspiration from various sources thinking of replacing the chaos axis on the four axis alignment system with nature/fey
While also making the good evil axis more about purity vs decay instead of vaguely and poorly defined good and evil
This will result in the thematic conflicts of
civilisation/order/artifice vs nature and purity/righteousness vs entropy
For monster types as well as races and cultures on a civilisational scale would this suit a high fantasy dark age better

>> No.77946081

Go for it senpai
Default four axis alignment is shit anyway

>> No.77946160

Does anyone have or know of any good OSR monster token packs? Like the old school black and white art, but already tokenized. Is this something people would be interested in if it doesn't exist?

>> No.77946246

speaking of which, anyone got that LotFP pic of undead tearing apart a lady while the lady watches because she's hidden from undead? It gave me PTSD and I feel like reliving the truama.

>> No.77946263

>have a random dungeon generator
>magically sealed door
>players obsessed over it
>its been four sessions of trying to unseal it
>theres a gold ring worth 5 gp behind it

They have characters who died from wandering monsters from fucking around too long with this door. I just. I just. Why?

>> No.77946286

if its sealed, it must have something amazing!

but also it will be hilarious when they do get through and its literally peanuts

>> No.77946290

Everyone learns from their mistakes.

>> No.77946292

Corporeal undead usually need a +1 weapon, golems require up to +3 depending on their type, incorporeal is mostly +2.
That’s all I got. Good luck.

>> No.77946307

Because you've telegraphed "there's something cool here". A magically sealed door? Described in detail? Obviously it's worth opening.

Don't stick to random generation blindly. The door is part of the conversation with your players. More importantly, it's part of a shared semi-real mental environment.

>> No.77946421


Put a secret door behind the hidden door
Hide an additional dungeon filled with much nastier mobs behind the door
Have the nasty monsters wander up into the upper levels of the dungeon through the secret door potentially leaving it open
Player catharsis with a little dash of frustration and satisfaction will be achieved
bonus points For something completely mortifying like wrights

>> No.77946456

Horse infiltrated in the thread

>> No.77946505

Just started our first campaign of DCC. We did the lvl 0 funnel to get our characters, and I'm gonna roll a warrior, to avenge my fallen wife and mule.

What am I in for? Only played 3.5 and 5e dnd

>> No.77946528

>>theres a gold ring worth 5 gp behind it
Put an inscription on it that points towards a greater treasure. Brace yourself for your players' LotR references.

>> No.77946566

DCC is great fun. A lot of people here might shit on it but it has brought me some of my most memorable gaming sessions.

>> No.77946568


>> No.77946623

Colour me interested

>> No.77946637

Game is going well, but it's fast approaching when my players are going to go try to hunt down the blood whales. They will be chased but I don't have a ton of ideas how to make it exciting other than repeated sailing tests and launching harpoons at it.

>> No.77946645

We wouldnt have to hear about them if you didnt keep bringing them up you fucking schizo

>> No.77946649

Instead of plain level reduction
Having characters pay off negative levels with 1000 exp per total negative levels the character is currently afflicted with for each negative level
Exp would then be split between reducing negative levels and a characters current progression
So an 8th level theif with three negative levels would require 40000 exp to the next level which would be spit paying off negative levels the cost to pay off the current one being 3000 and the character would have an effective level for the purpose of games statistics of 5
Do these rules sound good? I don’t want energy drain to be too punishing nor too lenient

>> No.77946654

Dungeon in the whale.

>> No.77946660

Not really OSE..

>> No.77946682

That sounds cool, but I don't know of one. I think that due to the sheer amount of possible monsters, most people would prefer generic tokens

>> No.77946692

How memorable is all that wasted time looking up roll tables?

>> No.77946707

I'd treat it as simple 'resistance against mundane' IE magical weapons can harm em

>> No.77946733

Used the app, so none.

>> No.77946735



>> No.77946745

I was gonna do that as a second part for sure, just not sure how to get there, since these whales are going to be the aggressors, being the evil Icelandic variety.

>> No.77946836

The art sucks but there is some insanely well put together information and procedures for generating and running underground adventures in it. Honestly one of my favorite rpg texts I've bought

>> No.77947024

Jabu-Jabu's Belly

>> No.77947208

As the players get closer foreshadow heavily and often how deadly these whales are and how insane the player characters are for going after them. Then you have carte blanche to destroy the players ship and swallow them.

Probably bad advice but...

>> No.77947358

I have made sure to throughly hype up the blood whales, but it is also the players desire to hunt them. Plus belly of the whale dungeon is too good to give up. Thinking part flesh, part dungeon. Give it a surreal quality to it, add some impossible space.

>> No.77947528

I read a good idea somewhere to make a virtual G+ and return to the OSR golden age.
It consist on everyone making a blogspot with, at least, the web gadget that makes a list of your favorite blogs (its easier to manage than the very g+ was)

This way you can know when a person that makes a blog has updated, and you can comment in their entries. That last fact was what kept the scene dynamic: having lots of feedback polishing each other's works, instead of being a group of grognards writing for their own

>> No.77947579

You can just make a mastodon branch and call it a day, honestly. Not perfectly comparable but good enough.

>> No.77948118

is there a vidya that uses the B/X ruleset?

>> No.77948284

I will read it more in depth later, but I just gave it a quick 5 minute skim and like what I see! Interesting encounters, easy to read and drop on the fly.
My only suggestion is to move the map to the beginning of the encounters list/hex list. Just because I like to see the area before I read what's in it, but that's just me.
Saved! Good work anon, OC doesn't get the attention it deserves in these threads.

>> No.77948325

Order of the Griffon. Looks like Warriors of the Eternal Sun maybe as well.

>> No.77948557

What's a good system for scandinavian/viking-themed OSR? The idea of XP for GP + raiding christian churches for gold seems like a great combo.

>> No.77948567

Parasitic barnacle-men on the whales belly harpoon back, savouring the vitae of landlubbers.
The whale bloodlets, bringing sharks and deep-sea fish to the surface in a frenzy.
The blood whale's song drives sailors to madness, forced to slay men as per a failed sentient sword save.

>> No.77948622

You should be ashamed of yourself, /OSRg/!

>> No.77948704

You would have to make the churches a bit more menacing and deeper than usual.. Other then that it's all good to go. Each wench you bring back from the raod is worth 100PP. Both economically and sexually.

>> No.77948725

If you go back through the /osrg/ archives there's a thread where two different anons made dungeons of this.

>> No.77948803

What app? What a gamechanger?

>> No.77948986

Yeah, just wait till the abbot casts sticks to snakes. You’ll be back in your longships headed to Moms basement most ricky tick.

>> No.77949034

Any good guides for creating new B\X style classes?

>> No.77949045


Five rooms from my upcoming dungeons, suggestions are welcome. Stealing ideas is also fine.

>> No.77949182

TQ: A new game probably lol. Tpk by lich last session which I think was a downer for my party even tho they said it was fun and an appropriate way to go out. They want to play something different now.

>> No.77949361

ACKs has a class creator guide. I *believe* it's in the player's guide, but don't quote me on that, as I'm not near a copy of the book.

>> No.77949592

Howdy y'all.
I'm contemplating a new (possibly solo) campaign, probably using OSR. I'm getting a little bored with the low fantasy aesthetic, because most of my campaigns tend to end up going low-fantasy. So, I'm thinking to try a high fantasy game this time, instead. What changes would you recommend I make?

Or should I not use OSR at all? I'd prefer to use OSR, though.

>> No.77949626

One of Crawford's games has this theme IIRC, but I don't know much about it since I don't like the way he designs stuff.

>> No.77949727

That's a hard question, mostly because I am shit at explaining things.

One thing that seems to stick out a lot is that in 1e there are a lot of exceptions that happen before initiative even needs to be checked. Anyone charging goes first, dice be damned, then the chargee can get their attack off first if they have a longer stick. Then there is the first volley of arrows or darts, on either side, and only then do the dice begin to matter. Whereas in 2e every type of action can basically be put into the initiative order using modifiers, (if you're using the complex initiative rules)

>> No.77949776

Replace Christianity with a Howardesque desert cult (inb4) based on teachings found inscribed inside pre-human ruins deep in the sandy wastes. Then churches become strongholds of an expanding cult with dungeons and treasuries guarded by evil clerics and worse things.

Hell i'm stealing this for my own setting.

>> No.77949778


>> No.77950087

Not that Anon but I love this shit.
Yoinked. Especially mechanical insensitives for War Rape.

>> No.77950103

Tips for running a campaign that does NOT revolve around a dungeon crawl?

>> No.77950114

Please learn to spell. You bring shame on us, your fellow rape enthusiasts.

>> No.77950134

Use a different game.

>> No.77950175

Anything you want advice on in particular?
I mostly do a mix of Wilderness and City stuff as well as Dungeon Crawling.

I would strongly suggest having the Dungeon Crawl style mechanics of the classic game be implemented in other areas. Like a Heist for the Thieves Guild or something.

For outdoor areas I'd adjust the time scale to reflect the less careful movement that adventurers would have over the deliberate movement of Dungeon Environments.

>> No.77950193

You had a stroke while typing this. Please restate your idea with clarity. I’m willing to hear any idea on how to make negative levels less gay.

>> No.77950253

We savages have little time to appeal to the gramatical sensibilities of the Civilized.
Phone Posting and not fixing your errors is the modern image board Barbarism.

>> No.77950341

Don't reply to 2hu. We've been doing great ignoring him for the last few threads, don't break the streak.

>> No.77950389

>loot for XP
>women count as loot

We're treading dangerous ground here gentlemen

>> No.77950405

Just general advice on what your sessions are like. Is it mostly encounter/exploration?

>> No.77950414

Purple Islands has this with 1 woman = 1000gp

>> No.77950434

wtf I love Venger now

>> No.77950640

That seems low, historically.

>> No.77950659

depends on the market.

>> No.77950799

Any ADND 1e clone or even official book with better formatting than the original? Except OSRIC.

>> No.77950813

Highly variable but most of my stuff is pretty Hex crawl focused so it includes a bit of everything. The typical session is the party makes a travel plan, usually multi-pronged. The travel to an adventure site or whatever goal they've set or has been established and whatever stops they need to make, and either the journey back or to a 3rd location to chill out and end the session with things like Carousal and setting up plans for the next outing. Half the Adventure tends to be the Journey itself. Lots of encounters and stuff along the way.

They can also decide to do stuff like interact with City Factions for clout and profit but that gets into roleplay heavy mechanics lite stuff.

I've also played around with something similar to Skerples Medieval Mercenary point crawl which I suggest reading if you're into that sorta thing.

My ideal DnD Campaign looks like a combination of Old School Dungeon Crawling and Wilderness Survival mixed with Mount & Blade shenanigans.

The only thing I would never do with OSR is heavily pre-planned stories and character arc stuff. OSR is best when it's used to create it's own stories through emergency gameplay of mechanical faffery and player actions.

>> No.77950816

Default 1-in-6 room trap and secret door detection due to slow and careful exploration speed, 2-in-6 for 'Search' actions. Elves n dwarves get their + 1 bonuses.

>> No.77950830

>women are worth their literal weight in gold
Ridiculous overpricing, the tables in the Ready Ref Sheets are far superior.

>> No.77950902

100 pounds of gold? It's really not even close to low. Historically women slaves were worth less than men because they can't work, and certainly no slave was worth that much. In ancient Ireland a woman slave was worth seven cows. That medieval price list everyone uses says a good cow was worth ten shillings in the 12th century, so that works out to a woman slave being worth £3 10s, a bit over 3 gold coins each of which weighed a few grams. And that's the upper bound, the same price list says a cow was worth 6s in the thirteenth century, or £2 2s for a woman, exactly two guineas.

>> No.77950916

Oh he's using that gp/lb conversion? Then yeah, never mind, it's way too high.

>> No.77950952


>> No.77950997

AD&D itself gets no love by retro cloners, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyberboria supplemented with the original content is probably your best bet.
Most people who do remakes make changes that kinda alter the core essences of the game as intended.

>> No.77951023

I am impressed by your conversion skills my good sir.

However, I must comment on the fact that the price of cows between ancient Ireland and xiii century (i assume england?) would probably be rather different due to different infrastructure and environmental factors between a relitively advanced feudal society and an ancient one.

>> No.77951147

It's way too high even if it's just interpreted as "a gold coin", did you even read the post? Even if you assume that 1 gp is equivalent to a small gold coin like a ducat/florin, 1000gp is still hundreds of times too high a price for a slave.

>> No.77951185

Oh, I always assume d&d coins have some order of magnitude conversion to real currency. Otherwise the values listed for anything make no sense.

>> No.77951199

Obviously it's far from exact, but if you think you could get an appreciable amount of gold for one cow in ancient Ireland you're dead wrong. It's a working approximation.

>xiii century (i assume england?)
Yep. That price list seems to only concern itself with English prices, probably because there was less regional variation. Medieval France was a fucked patchwork of 38 different pound weights, God only knows how many feet, and so on for every measure, and Germany, well. Unspeakably worse, with its hundreds of horrible little bishoprics and principalities.

>> No.77951206

ancient Ireland was all about cows as wealth. I use a lot of pre-christian Irish history for the main kingdom in my setting, it of course helps that my players and I are Irish so there's no hassle in pronouncing all the words.
I would reccomend reading through Irish myths and legends for inspiration, Cú Chulainn is the ultimate max level fighter archetype for me.

>> No.77951226

>the values listed for anything make no sense.

>> No.77951229

The setting in question people are fighting over a scarce supply of bitches for various reasons I believe.

Also, people underestimate how rare hot chicks were in the pre-industrial world. Gimili sees how beautiful Galadriel is and can't shut up about it for the rest of the story. You may see a true 10/10 once in your life as a Dark Ages man. Scarcity adds value.

>> No.77951284

I wouldn't say it's because you're bad at explaining: AD&D combat is notoriously vague (I remembered why I skipped the section to begin with once I dove into it again). But something like "can't target a specific enemy" should probably be noted even if a lot of AD&D players never used the rule. The charge and movement in combat in general is another good one.

>> No.77951314

>ancient Ireland was all about cows as wealth.
Sure, but
>I use a lot of pre-christian Irish history for the main kingdom in my setting, it of course helps that my players and I are Irish
in that case, how come you don't know that they actually had a fixed conversion rate between kettles, cows and slave women? One cow worth seven iron kettles, one cumal worth seven milk-giving cows.

>I would reccomend reading through Irish myths and legends
It looks like I'm way ahead of you.

>> No.77951337

>one cumal worth seven milk-giving cows.
Actually I correct myself, http://dil.ie/13806 says three.

>> No.77951355

wow you sure showed me

>> No.77951469


>> No.77951479

> Obviously it's far from exact, but if you think you could get an appreciable amount of gold for one cow in ancient Ireland you're dead wrong. It's a working approximation
agreed, but I assume there would be more easly found prices for both oxen and women-slaves for a singular period in roman history without having to do conversion of ox price across mellenia when it comes to the ox-womenslave conversion. then you could simply approximate the denarii or whatever into the period use of golden coins and everything would be much more conceptually firm.
> I use a lot of pre-christian Irish history for the main kingdom in my setting
ah, well i guess that makes sense then, though again, im not sure how much a feudal system would effect the price of cows either going up or down in value, since I am pretty sure england at least, not sure about ireland, was rather widely used for agriculture at the time of the bronze age at least.

>> No.77951509

>party rescues 25 sailors from the dungeon
>run the hell away from the boss monster
>get a ship as a reward.

Second dungeon in a row where they had to run away from the big prize but hey, we pirates now.

>> No.77951570

>tell plays this style of play pulls no punches and there is a good chance they will die
>they all roll unfathomably lucky, rolling like 7 critics during the last session alone.
They are having a good time but goddamn do I look like a liar

>> No.77951578

Unironically lad, if you find a good Roman price list from before the Edict on Maximum Prices (which is really late empire, plus inherently fucked since he's actively trying to regulate the market rather than describe it) post it. I never have.

>> No.77951587

>>run the hell away from the boss monster
>>get a ship as a reward.
> had to run away from the big prize but hey, we pirates now.
hey, that sounds like a better prize then almost anything else you can find in a dungeon. how mich is a ship again? in the thousands of gold in the least, unless its a dingy.

not to mention the passive income you can use it for in mercantile and transport.

>> No.77951625

Is this the fabled OSR ERP I've seen shitposts about?
Have actually half considered workshopping something like that (focused on monster rape and slavery as a death alternative, because nothing else seems quite as fitting for OSR), but I'd never share it so it'd just be me drawing up tables and then jacking off to the concept of using them and that's far too much work.

>> No.77951671

lol, I've had this exact same issue in my current campaign. No one died until the 36th session.

>> No.77951767

here is a pretty short paper about comparative weat prices in the early empire at least.

but again, weat was a bit subsidized and stuff, i really havent gone out of my way to look for cows or slaves specifically, but i could dig: https://dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.1/63816/moneypricesinear00kess.pdf
the tables are on page 33+ if you want to skip some WORDS.

>> No.77951783

Anon, that's what anonymous imageboards are for. You better share that shit as soon as you're done, someone WILL find a use for it.

>> No.77951789

what a PWNING. I dont know who they are though

>> No.77951861

I've actually seen that, but it's just corn and we were talking about cows and slaves. Also, as a more general point it's extremely hard to extract gamable and general information out of that article. When I wrote "price list" I meant something like the frequently referenced http://medieval.ucdavis.edu/120D/Money.html -- something that anyone can turn into a D&D equipment list with an hour's work.

>> No.77952036

Naw I don't run an OSR ERP officially but retro gritty fantasy facilitates all my fetishes from exotic slave girls to chain mail lingerie. I get away with it at the table by being sneaky about it, but I'm sure that if I turned women into literal treasure with XP gain they'd catch on to me.

Out of all the shit that ACKS has for supporting the gritty sword & sorcery approach, I'm surprised they never did anything with that stuff. I suppose they have economics for slavery and what not but that's not kinky enough for me.

You should totally make a shady blog under a pen name to gather your marvelous content under. I'd read it even if I'd never get to use it.

>> No.77952078

The medieval world view was pretty large considering Arabs reached Russia. Pilgrimage was a big thing and people were more well traveled than you think.

t. medieval studies degree

>> No.77952161

well, couldnt both be true to some extent? yiu have a pretty solid idea of your country and maybe out about 75-100 miles. then there is a secondary wider knowledge of the neighboring kingdoms which you might only know mostly secound hand, you know where rome is and castile, and then there is a third somewhat known area you might know thirdhand, there is general indirect contact by trade and stuff, but not too common connection, like england to the ottomans or russia, then there is the forth sphere of india and china which are more suffuesed with mystery, but are generally know. to exist. so:
local cultural sphere
general contact cultural sphere
related indirect cultural sphere
extra cultural sphere.

>> No.77952512


>> No.77953903

I bought some female slave miniatures, but I’m too hesitant to actually use them in a game. In fact I don’t know what to do with them. I’d just put them in the dungeon and then what.

>> No.77953992

Well I’m actually going to be getting off my tall lazy ass and actually running a tsrd&d clone fore some people this time thank you. bonus points is it’s going to be in person.
Looking at the rest of the world through the internet It must suck to be in a coivid inclusive country, are ya doing well anon? Best of wishes to ya (=^∇^*=)~

Negative levels are slowly and continuously reduced by paying them off with experience points.
If you negative levels
You split half of your gained XP paying off negative levels and your characters current class XP progression track
The more negative levels you have in total the higher the Xp cost to pay off the current one
Pretty simple huh

>> No.77954274

Can I get a rundown on all the names that pop up in osrg? Like a complete who's who. Who's tuhu? Who's venger? Who's KLOWN?

>> No.77954287

Obviously the heroes save them and get their value as slaves in XP (equivalent to 7 whole cows according to the above historian or 1000 gold according to Purple Islands), even if they just free the women instead of selling them they should still get XP for successfully transporting treasure out of the dungeon to a safe location.

>> No.77954307

Please no, this is exactly what would start an argument over who's an eceleb and who isn't. Don't do that to this nice thread.

>> No.77954327


This man has the correct answer >>77954287

>> No.77954387

A dude that uses meme images of Mokou from Touhou project as reaction images in a pseudo-avatarfagging way.
>Venger Satanis
An edgy Left-Hand Path occultist who is mostly memeworthy for being pussywhipped and trying to cast a curse on a reviewer on RPG.Net. Pretty lulzy. Is friends with notorious Canadian-Urgayan Freemason RPGPundit "Kasimir Urbanski" "El Pundejo".

>Kindly Little Old Warrior Noble
An old dude who occasionally posts in the thread in a positive and reaffirming tone. Likes a type of cigar from Burma called the "Cheroot."
Contributed to my 'zine.

>> No.77954391

What if the players want to fuck them?

>> No.77954410

I don't see how that changes anything I said?

>> No.77954470

The actual excerpt from Purple Islands

"Regarding trade, attractive and fit young adult females would
fetch about 1,000 gold pieces. I went back and forth, but
eventually decided against a game mechanic incentive such
as this: for every suitable mate a humanoid has, he gets a
temporary +1 to his constitution, provided that he spends
time with this mate on a weekly basis (at least). Sex doesn’t necessarily have to take place either. Simple companionship,
if not love, is enough to sustain the constitution bonus."

>> No.77954488


In other words, Power game Harem

>> No.77954506

Why is there a ? at the end of your post? It's not a question.

>> No.77954731

Thanks to this convo, I’ve decided to create a new faction in my game called the slaves, who can’t do any fighting but exist to give reward when rescued.

>> No.77954806

If you're converting monsters from B/X to OD&D, do you just ignore multiple attacks and make it the standard single attack and 1d6 damage? Do you do anything to bump up their difficulty to compensate for losing multiple attacks?

>> No.77954831

OD&D monsters have multiple attacks. Check out Sup 1: Greyhawk. If you’re playing with d6 only damage, then ignore the variable damage on hit.

>> No.77954838

Happy to help

>> No.77954933

OD&D without supplements, I should have clarified.

I know some monsters (like giants) in the original Monsters & Treasure also don't have a single d6 for damage, but it feels rare enough that you can just make a judgement call when converting.

>> No.77954990

What ate the best official TSR-published adventures?

>> No.77955151

Village of Hommlet, White Plume Mountain, Steaks from Adventure Pack 1, A Wrastle with Bertrum from dungeon, mag, b2

>> No.77955451

Like with magic items in AD&D, presumably you get the lower XP value from them if you choose to keep them and use them, and the sale price in XP if you sell them for gold.

>> No.77956177

It depends. Don't adjust to compensate for 'difficulty'. Flavor is everything. Generally 1d6 1 attack is good enough. Cool abilities are healthier for the game than bigger numbers.

>> No.77956223

B10 Night's Dark Terror
B4 The Lost City
X1 Isle of Dread
A1-4 Scourge of the Slave Lords
I6 Ravenloft

>> No.77956285

How would you describe the OSR genre of play using tags?
How does this sound: Survival, Exploration, Sandbox, Deadly, Dungeon Crawl, Low-Power?

>> No.77956512

Is there any module where the party starts off as galley-slaves? It feels like such a constant in Sword and Sorcery and Planetary Romance novels.

>> No.77956601

I believe there is one for Dark Sun that starts with that premise, though it's in a slave caravan in the desert with no water instead of a galley on the sea.

>> No.77956687

>Survival, Exploration, Sandbox, Power-Accumulation, Rules-Light, TSR-Compatible

>> No.77956720

War Rafts of Kron does it I think? Not sure of the exact name of the advenrure (if it is not that one) it's the one with the first 0-level funnel. They are shipwrecked soon enough

>> No.77956787

Power-Accumulation makes more sense than Low-Power, and I forgot to add TSR-Compatible. I don't think Rules Light is necessarily a trait of the OSR but then again neither are Sandboxes.

>> No.77956843

There is a non osr answer in the spoiler. If that will make you buttmad, please don't look.
Wormwood Mutiny

>> No.77956890

Randomly: http://homebrewhomunculus.blogspot.com/2019/03/random-lotfp-class-generator.html

>> No.77956953

Rules-Light is not a key component. That's a meme misunderstanding the historical roots of the OSR as partly a reaction to rules-heavy third edition.

>> No.77957252

The loot they abandoned was worth twice as much as the leaky ship they've received, its an excuse for them to go on more adventures to get repairs/a crew.

>> No.77957309

Meant for automatic 'detection chance' while walking thru the dungeon

>> No.77957458

Anyone knows a good folk magic system? Like witches, rituals pagan stuff

>> No.77957691

It's fine. Suffering through the bugs of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker computer game was what drove me to OSR.

>> No.77957888

It is in my flavour of OSR.
And honestly the only edition that doesn't fit that criteria is AD&D

>> No.77957905

Might not be a key component, but certainly is common

>> No.77957993

What about BECMI? Maybe not as dense as AD&D, but definitively bloated.

>> No.77958034

How about you use full sentences instead of relying on hashtags that have invaded your brain?
Also osr isn't a genre you fucking idiot.

>> No.77958088

Despite the weirdness of Venger I have no problems with the guy whatsoever. He keeps to his corner and does his thing and I cannot blame him for that.

>> No.77958104

What would you say OSR is, then? A collection of systems? A movement? A label?
Describe OSR in a full sentence if you wish, I only care about what kind of qualities anons would give it in broad strokes.

>> No.77958121

a miserable pile of random tables

>> No.77958146

That's a good one

>> No.77958196


>> No.77958254

I feel like BECMI builds wide rather than tall. Whereas AD&D hypercomplicates the existing mechanics, BECMI mainly introduces simple new ones to do new things.
My jam is OD&D tho

>> No.77958306

No, I know what it is, I was asking how YOU'd define it. Hell even in your pic it says "OSR Games..." and gives descriptors similar to how a genre would work. Of course, not a fiction or setting kind of genre like "Fantasy", but more like a system and play style genre. It's hard to classify because I can't think of other tabletop example of this umbrella of games that fall into one category that is defined by more than just a specific rule set.

>> No.77958406

>I only care about what kind of qualities anons would give it in broad strokes.
I don't care about what you want at all. Your shallow interest is asinine.

>> No.77958618

OSR as a term for me is most useful in that I know your product has direct mechanical compatibility with TSR era D&D which in itself is designed for what we now call old school play styles. The biggest heap of horseshit that gets called OSR are the games “made in the spirit of”. Which means fuck all.

>> No.77958625

>Asking a question to anons=Shallow interest
>Not contributing to the thread and bitching=???
I guess "Thought exercise" isn't one of your strengths. Can't define your interests in simple words? Or just too much of an asshole to entertain the thought of actually discussing things related to the topic of the thread, instead of pissing everywhere? Maybe I should have formatted the question as a purity test so you could have spout some actually thread-relevant words.
STILL not seeing a full sentence on the OSR from you.

>> No.77958671

I agree with this but there are wrinkles, because you have 2e which is completely compatible with TSR products but it is 'not OSR' depending on who you ask. Also agreed the label gets exploited by indie game designers, adding to the heap of countless, outdated retroclones a lot of mediocre rules-light indies.

>> No.77958792

Haa.. Okay, whatever, autist.
For me, OSR is both the 'scene' that plays games described in >>77958196, and the general feeling of these games combined.

Here you go, subjective answer. Enjoy

>> No.77958816

Thanks. That is an agreeable definition.

>> No.77958824

I use 2nd Ed. Material for my BX games all the time (in particular I like the Green Historical and Blue DM books) what I don’t use is the 2nd Ed play style or almost any of the 2nd Ed modules. 2nd was what I grew up on and have the most hours playing from my high school days in the mid 90s. There is a lot to love about it, it’s a polished well laid out and illustrated game. What I don’t like is the higher power levels of more linear play, Mary Sue-ism and splat book rule bloat.

>> No.77958897

I made a list of rollable tables to create town events on the fly for hexcrawls.


It's not fully complete yet but I'm posting it now anyways since it's good enough

>> No.77958903

I wanna play Firestorm Peak. Is it difficult to play that with B/X rules?
Same Q applies for general 90s AD&D modules.

>> No.77959001

Are B/X higher level adventures focused on the Domains thing?

>> No.77959052

There was pretty much zero actual support for domain play on the module side of things, it was only ever a holdover from when Gygax and Arneson played at their tables.

>> No.77959097

> #tsrd&d
Or fuck off

>> No.77959116


>> No.77959155

What about fan-made modules? Anything like that around? Modules that 'expect' you to have a stronghold and an army under your command?

>> No.77959255

>Covid inclusive
Wtf language is this lol

>> No.77959284

You forgot st aug the wholesome

>> No.77959330

Fuckin love that dude. Pleasant namefags are the best.

>> No.77959407

>Role-playing over roll-playing
In more directly challenging the player, it seems to me that OSR deemphasizes role-playing compared to other games.

>> No.77959423

Tim Brannan's Witch class book for basic might be what you're after. Has 0-level cantrips, vancian spells, and witch rituals that each require a certain number of witches/casters to perform.

>> No.77959452

I'd say OSR play can still be very roleplay-heavy, the question is just how you're doing it. A thing I've been thinking about is trying to clarify the difference - in modern play, the world is a tool used to explore the player characters, whereas in OSR play, the character is a tool the player uses to explore the world. In both cases the tool can be detailed, cared about deeply and so on, but the focus is still there.

>> No.77959479

forgot st.aug, the guy from leveldrain, victoriamapanon, skerples, cavegirl

>> No.77959484

The CM series of modules

>> No.77959563

Role-playing in this case means "interaction with the game world" IE "I push this cool metal rod I found into the spinning blade trap in order to jam it".

Not all role playing is "Hi I wrote a 3-page backstory + revenge hook for my character and now I will talk with a funny accent any time I open my mouth". (OSR doesn't block that! But it doesn't encourage it either)

>> No.77959871

What is it with YouTube "personalities" that have channels devoted to old school D&D and the OSR, but have only been playing D&D for 5 or 6 years?

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