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Artifacts of The Ancient World edition

Previous Thread: >>77758955

General thread for the games too niche to support their own general thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Warmaster, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, Titanicus, Battlefleet Gothic, Gorkamorka, Man-o-War, Warhammer Quest, and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to:

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What do you think is the absolute best game published in each of the three big settings?

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based GorkaMorka image

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Posting of gorkamorka homebrew continues (this time granted I did add more of my own art and few corrections here and there.) Also I will later post one homebrew mission I am working on for gorkamorka proper.

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Anyone here who owns the Ascension add-on for Blackstone Fortress?

The description talks about "new and ever changing ways" to explore BSF after finishing the final quest, and I was wondering what this meant.
A randomized mode or something?

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Here is another mission for gorkamorka, this one specifically for those times when you have just garbage dok luck and feel like you should kick his ass.

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damn dude, nice work. hope you can find the time to keep it coming.
been too long since we had some good OC in here.

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I do have an idea for future, as I find that gorkmorka just just this great wonky base rules and felt like eldar based conversion would be fun, just do exodites fighting the shit out of each other, but not sure if I gonna do it any time soon as I would need to play 2nd ed a lot I feel.

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>lose a lot of joy in using gobbos
>lost their stars
>not in BB3
>played them for way too long
>can't have fun cheap shenanigans with them anymore
>mega OCD for years cause modern gobbo roster never had rostered weapons in old rules so were too different from their "original design"
>go back to reread the original Deathzone rulebook for fun
>in JJ's designer notes says Gobbos are expected to use a "monster or two" to gain the advantage
>also mentions secret weapons were used
>find out stars were essentially full on players on roster and were kept permanently
>read old guides saying to buy your weapon and monster stars
>realize only in one ruleset Goblins didn't have rostered weapons
>gobbos always had 1-2 big guys and always had secret weapons rostered
>mfw realize gobbos were always the same all along and I stopped playing them for no reason


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What three settings? Bloodbowl, 40k, WHFB/AoS or like 40k, Fantasy Lotr?

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since it says "big three" I'd say that's 40k, Fantasy, LotR. AoS and Bloodbowl are a subset of fantasy. "alternate universe" or whatever, but still the same factions and models.
So yeah if you want to say Bloodbowl is the best fantasy-associated GW game, get up on this here soapbox and make your case.

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first for teeny aircav

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Haven't played old editions of fantasy and warmaster can't rate it yet.

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anyone have a nice image of the original adeptus titanicus box?

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I think you'd have an argument. Blood bowl is an absolute blast, and one of the best games of its type in the hobby. The main contenders are probably limited to Mordheim and Warmaster. Both of those games are, at least in some particulars, still among the best examples of their respective game types. Warcry also has some clout by virtue of its status as a peculiar hybrid that really isn't exactly like anything else. It's pretty good, but not to the point that I'd put it in the ring for best-of-the-best.

Some old eds of WHFB get nostalgia points of course, but the fact is they've simply been outdone by better rank-n-flanks in the years since. Even when it was at its absolute best warhammer was driven by fluff, models and style, with the rules sort of limping along a ways back. Same for Man-o-War; fun game but there are better fantastical age of sail games out there. Most of the dozen or so "warband" style games I wouldn't really rate. A few of them are certainly fun, but for the most part they're fairly shallow experiences that wear out their welcome within a year or two.

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nothing hi-res, no. just this one off google.

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that looks good enough for me anon thanks! ill try googling it but thats a nice image on its own.

so uhhh hmmm Im only noticing this now but..... How come the box doesnt say Games Workshop?

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I like gorkmorka and general idea of warband builders as those are better for new players of modern day and it's fun to hobby around making all the minis. I find bloodbowl neat and fun simple game, but I wouldn't put it as the best out of the warhammer games out there.

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jesus christ

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Both hippie and baldy dunked on the pariah nexus box, kek.
Won't GW get mad salty after sending them this rubbish and them saying its not worth the price on a video?

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Read sum books lads

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40k. WHFB. AoS.
LOTR doesn't even have specialist games and is only one game in itself, so obviously its not part of that, while AoS already has/had 3 specialist games, soon to be 4.

That said
Kill Team has dominated and still dominates a lot of LGS tables, even overtaking 40k itself. But whether that's because its so good, or just because its convenient I cannot say. I do have a soft spot for Necromunda and BF Gothic as well.
But personally I go with Blackstone Fortress, which is the best dungeon crawler/WHQ GW ever made so far, and peaks the bg dungeoncrawler genre in general.

Blood Bowl. Its full of RNG crap, but its part of the fun and it has one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of TT, that couldn't give a single fuck whether they're supported by GW or not. They just keep chugging along.

The options are: Silver Tower, Underworlds and Warcry, and out of those three I easily pick Underworlds. It's a shame its dying because its a lot of fun, and an interesting twist on their old warband games.

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What year is this?
Come back when you have proper file formats.

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>40k. WHFB. AoS.
what? no. sniffing the glue was one thing, but you really should have stopped short of drinking it. like it or not AoS is the game that replaced WHFB, taking its setting and models along with it.

>LOTR doesn't even have specialist games and is only one game in itself
you have a short memory. LotR's got the main MESBG game with all its baggage of course, but there have been specialist games for it. Most notably War Of The Ring, the "battle" version of the main game, and Battle Of Five Armies, the lotr take on warmaster.

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danke fren

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>Best games?
mordheim, or its prob nostalgia but when GW put out tree killing campgain stuff like tears of isha so you could play little campgain with your armies vs freinds for fun was peak times.

Never played the newer editions but playing the fellowship vs mobs of orks was fun.

I've recently got into BFG and while I havent played a "proper" 40k game since 6th, I'm likely biased but man is BFG great. Theres some balance issues I've heard (spamming pic escorts for example), but we just agree not to spam any ship types and it's a blast. The game feels alive and every decision matters. Theres alot of rng but it swings both ways making games alot of fun. Even the vanilla factions of chaos and imperials play markedly different. And thanks to 3d printing, my friends who love their necrons and nids can get a fleet (nid dudes gonna kitbash mainly tho).

Seriously, on a side note, I have found lots of decent fleets for under 100 dollars on ebay/Facebook/miniswap that net you 1000 points. How the fuck is it cheaper/equal to get 1k points in a ded 20 year old specialist game than 40k proper?

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>its prob nostalgia but when GW put out tree killing campgain stuff like tears of isha so you could play little campgain with your armies vs freinds for fun was peak times
man, those campaigns were great. still have that folding cardstock terrain from the vampire and orc ones somewhere.
people will say it's just nostalgia goggles, but I'm not sure. feels to me like something got lost along the way.

>How the fuck is it cheaper/equal to get 1k points in a ded 20 year old specialist game than 40k proper?
That's a pretty common theme in here, especially with the fine scale games. It was true even when it was just secondhand and garage casters, but 3dprint has completely blown the math out on that. You can be playing smaller levels of BFG or minigeddon for $50 US, and jump up to full size or warmaster inside $150. And that's if you're buying them. One dude with a printer can outfit a whole club for pennies on the dollar.

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>best out of the warhammer games
nor would I

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>hippie and baldie
literally who

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I'm new, are there Deathwatch books?

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that's a lotta gobb

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Is it bad I would fucking adore someone making AoS armies in warmaster (in terms of rules, just you know, make em better and just soup em all up into one thing) because fuck playing mass scale game in 28mm

>> No.77821741

good thing stands of goblins are cheap as shit

>> No.77821775

I mean what AoS army would you want to play that doesn't already have a plausible counts-as option in the WMR book? stormcasts?

>> No.77821881

Steam punk dwarfs, elfs with giant golems and generally speaking? CoS I legit prefer that concept to all of elfs, dwarfs and humans on their own.

>> No.77822585

another anon that plays warmaster, quick, be my friend

>> No.77823003

at a WM level of abstraction most of that stuff is just a coat of paint. for the few things that aren't - fluffy monsters or monstrous mounts like golems, dwarf airships, etc - I'd say just talk to your group. Very very few players would have a problem with you bringing in a monster from another list as long as it was costed appropriately (which may mean a small points tax over what it costs in its "home" list).
and cities of sigmar is basically just dogs of war isn't it?

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Any Inquisitor players (at any scale) itt?

>How come the box doesnt say Games Workshop?
Because they want to trick you into thinking it's from the people who made that other popular giant robot game

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warmaster clicked for me when I realized that I could make a "winged terror" anything from a Varghulf to a zombie dragon

>> No.77823269

Warmaster has one flaw, no monster only armies, I want army of trees, army of giants and army of trolls.

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>like it or not AoS is the game that replaced WHFB, taking its setting and models along with it.
>its setting and models
First of all, the setting is different. If you don't even understand that, there's nothing to talk about.
Secondly, the models are also different/will be different, and the old ones are getting replaced one by one.
I don't know why you chose to sperg out over something so basic.

>Most notably War Of The Ring, the "battle" version of the main game, and Battle Of Five Armies, the lotr take on warmaster.
All of them notoriously shit and buried. The question of "whats the best" doesn't even apply here.

>> No.77823409

>random selection
Why would anyone use this shitty mega, when you can just request the epubs you want in the /40kg/ vola or from /aosg/'s own mega, both of which are more complete and have formats that aren't a complete mess upon converting.

>> No.77823457

>What do you think is the absolute best game published in each of the three big settings?

Easy peazy: Mordheim, Necromunda and Warcry - aka Age of Sigmar's bastard child of Kill Team and Necromunda.

Seeing a pattern here? Yes, warband games are the GOAT.

>> No.77823516

>and cities of sigmar is basically just dogs of war isn't it?
Yes and no.
Yes in the way that "technically", you're using delf corsairs, dwarf hammerers and carroburg greatswords in one army.

Lorewise its simply the sigmarite cities in the mortal realms, where those races now live together.

>> No.77823652

Age of Sigmar and its offshoots are not Warhammer.

>> No.77823653

It's generally book of militias too since some armies are intended to be pure and not of mixed units, or just convert shit you like. If they just expanded that idea and made it into "model agnostic army" I wouldn't mind it, just random shit you wanna make but don't wanna look into other factions.

>> No.77823677

Shoo, go away this is not a thread for you. We discuss oldhammer here and your average anti-AoS fags fucking despise it.

>> No.77823770

Is it just me or is it really hard to come up with a dorf warcry gang? For the ease of building then out of leftover dwarf scraps I'm looking to slot in a gyrobomber (which I'll mash togheter from the leftover bomber tail and a 3d printer rowboat). Flavorwise I was thinking about making them a group of dwarven explorers who came in on their gyro to explore eight peaks but ended up getting trapped, losing their shiny gear and forced to jury rig their flymachine. However, having 0 warcry experience makes it hard to make a list that I wont regret.

>> No.77824175

I mean in the sense that if you wanted to warmaster CoS, you could use the dogs of war list as the basis for that pretty easily

I'm a big fan of all the (good) warband games, but anybody arguing epic armageddon isn't the best 40k-setting game has either never played it or spent a good chunk of their childhood chewing on old lead minis.

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Thank you Andy Chambers for helping me to enjoy Blood Bowl even more than usual. All thanks to a guide you wrote 26 years ago but still relevent today.

>> No.77824334

Thank you Andy Chambers for helping me to enjoy Blood Bowl even more than usual. All thanks to a guide you wrote 26 years ago but still relevent today.

>> No.77824364

your issue is that lists that are unfluffy, cheesy skews are not allowed? I think most would see that as a positive.
always figured it made sense as "the all monster armies you can play in the small scale games would only be a single formation in WM anyway". like a goblin army has the option to take up to 12 bases of trolls in a 3000 point game. that's 36 trolls if you base them 3-of, which is more troll individuals than you'd have got on the table in an all-trolls whfb army, or really ever expect to get in one place in-fluff. and you've always got OK if you want to do an army of nothing but monsters and monstrous infantry.

>> No.77824438

>First of all, the setting is different.
Did they retcon that whole "AoS is something that happens after End Times" thing? news to me.
back when they launched it, the stated intent was that it was some kind of re-made world, with the gods and superpowers represented (like sigmar and nagash) being the same ones that had inhabitied WHFB, so there was a thread of continuity there.

>> No.77824495

I hate horde armies and like monster armies and AoS gives me that, and I hate painting loads of minis regardless of scale, one group of monstrs is just better, as you had that in fluff.

>> No.77824533

I do hope they expand on that.
Cities of Sigmar is too good a concept to be simply left as a means for people to use their old WHFB armies.

A new range of elves, dorfs and humans all using the same heraldic while also keeping their unit/faction unique details would be goat.

It's been 5 years, get over it faggot.

>> No.77824620

>Did they retcon that whole "AoS is something that happens after End Times" thing? news to me.
You're either a retard, or just maliciously stupid.
Yes, its the follow up setting, but hat obviously means its not the same setting. One is set on a planet and deals mainly in medieval and tolkien based inhabitants, and the other in mythological realms that completely burst the limitations of its previous setting restrictions and the sources of creating them.

It's a different setting by design, concept and execution.

>> No.77824649

>epic armageddon
Played it and it was boring and retarded with those shitty nubs that were supposed to be soldiers. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.77824678

Heck I would be actually ok with same thing for desictuion, just you know "warbands of gorkamorka" where it's wolf rider gobbos, some leftovers of gloomspite and old fashion greenskins alongside shit like ogres.

And ya, would be fun to see more city rules for CoS, like we know there are cities where humans coexist with orcs and ogres and other races, imagine army option to just nab line of gorkamorka worshipers form local temple for a fight (it would be not good units but it would be fun in that odd fluff way).
Also still need a city of sotek since I am not sure how long I can just use SCE rules to run group of lizardmen in my army.

>> No.77824735

I thought about this for a moment or two, but I can't wrap my head around how you managed to screw the word up the way you did. I even mimicked typing it, and its just not possible.

>> No.77824786

>elfs with giant golems
if you're actually enough of a madman you wanted to engage in a project like that, the wood elf list could probably represent any of the AoS elf factions. lot of monsters and flyers, multiple infantry types, very flexible. It's main weakness vs HE and DE is comparatively weak big blocks of inf and cav, but that sorta fits AoS anyway, since every faction in that setting is small numbers of loose order skirmishers. could reskin that as lumineth or idoneth no problem.
no idea where you find a 10mm shaerk though. might be a bit of a hunt.

>> No.77824795

I think I should just go and get something to eat, I am brain dead. Yes, even I am not sure how I did it....(not as bad as my phone intentionally auto correcting some words into nonsense)

>> No.77824815

There are groups of people making AoS models into warmaster scale minis I seen, but you could greenstuff that stuff, make a cast and I guess make those models. Or 3D print em. But I don't know enough about warmaster to write rules yet.

>> No.77824827

>imma paint the word "worm" on a rock and see if I can use it as bait

>> No.77824884

If you have to call a dissenting opinion bait just because its opposite of yours, then you're not ready for any discussion on any matter whatsoever.

>> No.77824894

3d print is always an option, but I *guarantee* somebody has sharks in the range of 10mm - 15mm somewhere. if it isn't a wargames company, the N scale railroad crowd certainly has it.
good bet somebody has it though. Any of the potpourri manufacturers (magister militum ,old glory, pendraken, splintered light, ral partha, scotia grendel, etc) are good for sourcing that sort of random stuff.

>> No.77824965

I don't play fantasy but find 10mm vastly more appealing for it compared to 28mm.

>> No.77825001

and it's stupid af

>> No.77825049

Yes, but warhammer is only good because it's stupid AF. Learn about the game you pretend to be a fan of.

>> No.77825069

>implying "discussion on the matter" with a low-effort shitposter is both possible and desirable

>> No.77825157

Anyone know where I can find warmaster scale greenskins?

>> No.77825181

randomly found these guys ages ago, could be them? https://www.ciboslittledudes.com/collections/fantasy-10mm-halflings/products/treeman

>> No.77825199

Friend, that is a tree not an Orc, I get that they're both green (most of the time) but I do not know how you messed up that distinction

>> No.77825232

I mean this page, it's just the link I had.

>> No.77825242

Of course, jokes aside those guys are horribly overpriced but thank you for the help.

>> No.77825263

It's cheapest I seen for stuff that won't cost me personally 50 dollars to ship in EU

>> No.77825331

the 3D printer sitting on my desk has skewed my opinions greatly, I.e. $42USD for a pack of STLs that encompasses an entire Chaos Dwarves range for a few cents per strip materials wise.

>> No.77825404

I don't have printer and prefer metal over resin, for small minis it's just better.

>> No.77825431

I think the only advantages of metal miniatures are the weight and the ability to stick multiple in a sock and use said sock as an improvised weapon

>> No.77825480

my favorites are from a russian dude who trades under the name Polar Fox. his are even nicer than the original warmaster sculpts in many cases.
magister, pendraken and kallistra all have orcs and goblins in various sizes and styles. I think eureka's got some too. sweet mark copplestone does a real nice line of LotR-style orcs and supporting heroes. there's also microworld who does 6mm fantasy but you can fudge some cross-scale stuff (6mm orcs as 10mm goblins, 6mm ogres as 10mm orcs). also worth mentioning for armies like that it's worth looking at 15mm / 20mm stuff since you can sometimes get good monster models that way. like MM's 15mm orcs get widely used as 10mm ogres, and you'll see splintered light ferals getting used as trolls.

>> No.77825512

Grow up.

>> No.77825520

nah, I like metal for 6mm and 10mm too. at that scale weight isn't a downside, and the extra little bit of durability is appreciated.

worth mentioning - O&G was one of the most produced of the original warmaster line, so it's worth keeping an eye out to pick some up used. along with empire, high elves, undead, and dwarves, those are one of the ones you can have a reasonable expectation of finding a deal on.

>> No.77825524

So just like WHFB then. That's the only thing they kept.

>> No.77825767

>metal miniatures
>extra little bit of durability
Either you don't have metal minis or they've never been dropped (the only common cause of damage). I'll take plastic over metal for durability any day. almost never snaps and can be bent back from any minor warping with heat.

>> No.77825818

If you drop a plastic mini, it usually comes out unscathed. Sometimes a part snaps off but that's an easy fix.
If you drop a metal mini, it fucking explodes.

>> No.77825847

we are talking for small scale wargaming, plastic is not an option, only resin and resin is all flaws of metal without any of the upsides.

>> No.77825882

to clarify, we're talking about 6mm and 10mm minis here. "drop and explode" is atypical. that's usually an issue with bigger stuff.

>> No.77825916

Hey I wanna check out Aeronautica, Is there a list building site or should I just use Battlescribe ?

>> No.77825996

Exactly! Man, When I started BFG I found a few tau ships and then printed the rest of the explorer fleet (mainly hero and merchant classes and ordinance cause they are hard to find) for a total of like 100ish bucks of ebay/resin and my buddy asked me to print some ork chip classes then kit bashed since they intentionally left orks open to do so. We made like a bunch of models for under 200 bucks and that's with us trying to buy actual GW models when possible. I was able to find a massive corsair eldar lot and trade my tomb kings for it, a 300ish value trade, and includes the entire corsair range with prob 3.5kish points total.

Recently found a decent chaos fleet for about 85 dollars on ebay and the recommended products showed the start collecting is more expensive and seems to contain less plastics and worth in tabletop regards.

Just blows my mind when yeah sure i stared GW in fantasy when it was "hero hammer" but even as a kid i could afford a decent Dark Elf army (1500ish points) over time and could play scenarios with my brother/family and have fun.

sorry for rant, but having been away for so long, how can anyone afford a non killteam/warband based GW game these days? I would be hard pressed to justify sinking 300-500 bucks into a "small army."

>> No.77826133

To be honest anon that is mostly shit like primaris marines, I got myself army of orks which is around that range sure but it's near 3000 points by now and I can expand it with tech that is dirt cheap, while my personal eldar army cost me....ohh some 40 euros and that is almost 1k force.

>> No.77826220

>how can anyone afford a non killteam/warband based GW game these days?
amusingly as of last week it might be more expensive to play killteam than some 40k armies now. game wants a lot of terrain and unfortunately the rules require that it all be made from solid gold.

>> No.77826377

cool, orks can still kitbash/convert cheaper other minis (especially vehicles) with some effort right?

And eldar, well I've had the same aspect warriors be legal since I was a kid so they better not cost the same as primaris lol.

Still, good to know that there's options for people to make armies on a budget.

>> No.77826457

Yes, I am right now making ork stompa for fun (both as an army of one model and terrain peace), but ya generally speaking orks can still play gorkamorka with same minis that are used on table top (even if old buggy is legends you just use new ones rules). For eldar I just collected army of wraithlords (old eldar dreads) and avatar of khaine, it's fun group to use and it's weak but neat.
Basically kill team is ok to start but generally speaking one page rules does 40k for both kill team size and above better, and if you want to go with more dense rules use older edition stuff even today...not that modern 40k is fun past 1k points...

>> No.77826962

Repostan a third time because I first posted these in /aosg/ by mistake, after which I posted in the wrong /gwsg/ thread, so I hope third time's the charm. Before you ask, yes, I am indeed a moron.
Converting this guy in an attempt to make Collegiate wizard to make a not!Zarshia to go with my other not!Ravagers, but I wonder, might he actually look *too* small for a baseline human? Obviously he has to be smaller, but I'd rather avoid making it too silly. Opinions?
Also, colors? I'm undecided what school of magic he should follow, assuming I'm going with the model.

Thanks for the input. The base for both of them is Angharad.

>> No.77827238

He definitely needs something that makes his profile a bit bigger. Not necessarily taller, mind: broader could also work. Right now he's just too scrawny to fit in.

>> No.77827503 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77827575

Come on now there's no Space Hulk 1st edition scenario book in the paste bin?

>> No.77827638


I just found the BoFA rulebook and I am excited to [play the game. I have never owned 10 mil minis, but I already play MESBG and want to stick to the LOTR.

>> No.77827654

28mm metal infantry minis are fine to drop: you'll probably chip the paint, but that's it. Bigger minis like Wraithlords/Dreadnoughts + my Epic titans are more likely to fall apart if you don't pin them, but that's entirely on you. Pin your minis and they'll bend slightly as they land with a thud, but be otherwise ok.

>> No.77827726

Does anybody know where I could find the Space Hulk 1st edition scenario book?

>> No.77827988

This one?

>> No.77828053

You beautiful mother, thanks a lot. This should be in the trove. The Space Hulk section is kind of a mess and missing a lot of stuff. I just want to make my own little version of this old classic so I don't have to buy one off Ebay for $380.

>> No.77828235

Mark Copplestone is going to be your best friend.

>> No.77828398

Also the Deathwing mission book is in there but only in French, sacre bleu! The Deathwing missions are in the missions pdf you shared, but not the rules for the campaign or solo play.

>> No.77828487

How can the rules require you to buy GWs expensive ass terrain sets? I'm assuming that's what you're implying here, but I've never paid any attention to killteam so I might be wrong.

>> No.77828777

This one?
Gotta download it yourself if you want a more readable version, it's too large for this site.

>> No.77828979

Now now, let's not be dramatic. Comparisons of kill team minis to the price of gold have been blown way out of proportion. The price of gold right now is more than $56 / gram, whereas the space marine minis in the new kill team box are only valued at about $27 / gram. That's less than half their weight in gold.

>> No.77828996

ah, oui, "Le Deathwing"

>> No.77829064

What would be some fair buffs for low tier Underworlds warbands?

>> No.77829227

Kill Team is dogshit.

>> No.77829737

Also would like to know that - this expansion seems kinda weird.

>> No.77829738

>Ironskull's Boys
Hacka and Basha move to Damage2 baseline and inspire to flat Cleave and Knockback1 respectively.
Bonecutta gets +1 Damage on Crit and inspires to Fury3.
>Chosen Axes
If you fuck with their movement you fuck with their dorfiness, so not really much to be done. In AoS they have throwing axes, which might be neat, though I'm not sure how much it actually helps. Alternative option: +1Wound baseline for everybody.
>Eyes of the Nine
Wizard lvl3? Too much in general, and won't help if all your spells suck anyway. Moving the two scrubs to Wounds3 is a good idea though. Damage2 on Narvia also would not go amiss. But the lingering issue are still the lack of spells.
>Bonus Round: Sepulchral Guard (who *really* should be in this tier)
Petitioners don't grant glory. At all. Warden, Prince and Champion inspire to Shield1. Inspiration merges both actions of the Warden.

>> No.77829765

They 100% do not require you to do this, the kill zones add additional rules to specific named GW terrain but they're not a part of the core game and most people ignore them because the terrain gives faction specific bonuses at the cost of CP. They're not broken, but it's a little bullshit.

>> No.77829853

>How can the rules require you to buy GWs expensive ass terrain sets?
>How can the rules require you to buy GWs expensive ass miniatures?
I mean technically they can't, but try telling the 40Kids and AoShills that.

>> No.77830246

You are a wizard, sir. Apparently I need to improve my search-fu.

>> No.77830580

I've been convinced to try out mordheim on tabletop sim, but I don't really know where to find models for the game. Are there any you anons would recommend?

>> No.77830622

Ironbeard with Drakefire Pistol and Cinderblast Bomb (Leader)
Gyrocbomber (x1)
Cogsmith (Hero)
Irondrakes (x3)
Hammerer (x1)

>> No.77830679

You could probably just start with any of the generic rpg packs. Including the built-in one.

>> No.77830719

Make him a backpiece like the old College Wizards had.

>> No.77831475


>> No.77831608

So how does starting experience work for mordheim bands? Is it spent on abilities before the first game, or is it like extra equipment, and is decided out after the first game?

>> No.77831676

I mean yeah but half of that stupidity is in 40k now too and it's probably all due to IP protection shit.

>> No.77832127

I need help, I'm trying to write up a bretonnian warband for my group's next mordheim campaign but I can't seem to put together a cohesive list, so any help would be appreciated

>> No.77832214

Did a quick check since I just bought it. Looks like there's a "generate a Fortress" deck to randomly place the tiles down, seems pretty useable.

>> No.77832345

Anyone got scans of the Zone Mortalis tactics cards for Necromunda?

>> No.77832528

It doesn't get you anything, it just makes it so that your more experienced heroes advance more slowly (as advances happen more frequently at lower experience rankings). Your Captain's 20exp are already reflected in his statline.

>> No.77834272


>> No.77834684

I'm building a new Undead warband for Mordheim, because everyone else in my campaign only seems interested in Good factions and it's about time someone ruined their day with a vampire. That said, how do I equip a vampire for day-ruining? His starting stats are very impressive, but I've seen enough dual-wielding henchmen kill well-statted heroes to know that probably won't be enough.

>> No.77834813


>> No.77834929

Stop replaying to your own post and go back to your containment thread please.

>> No.77835190

Is it truly such a hard pill to swallow that a vast number of Warhammer fans loathe everything AoS related?

>> No.77835306

Ye, because it's not a vast number, from what I seen it's less people then play WHFB or general oldhammer, as the angry AoS hating buggers aren't actually players most of the time

>> No.77835316

yeah, but those people don't care about that sort of nitpick. the old grogs consider AoS to be, at most, just "a bad edition" or "spinoff game" of whfb. they don't have a horse in that race. the people who are fervently trying to defend AoS as having some kind of unique identity by saying it's 'not warhammer' are attempting to elevate it by playing down the comparative importance of its predecessor. they recognize that as long as people remember warhammer existed, AoS will never be more than the untalented second child.

>> No.77835403

Anon, it's literary opposite of what you are talking about.

>> No.77835681

>AoS hating buggers aren't actually players most of the time
I mean, obviously? Why the fuck would they play a game they hate? And by the way AoS as an actual game might be good, but the setting and the miniatures are putrid garbage which is the issue.

>> No.77835698

Anon, they don't play wargames at all, most from what we seen a lot on /tg/ are just bunch of cry babies who came here to complain about game they would never have played and game they would hate had it still been around today, because most of complains about AoS we heard here today were ones that fit WHFB just as well if not better.

>> No.77835892

Well that's just blatantly wrong. Fantasy and Warmaster players are vehement AoS haters.
Plenty of 40k (and its spinoffs) players jumped in thanks to AoS being such trash as a setting. Met a handful of KT players who had been taking a break from the hobby due to End Times and KT had got them into 40k.
MESBG has seen a huge influx of new players and for most the appeal is a more "toned down" fantasy. AoS is just too much, so the contrast of Tolkien stuff is apparently appealing.

Hell, the players from my club who play AoS use like 75% old models and even they say the setting and new models are kinda trash.

>> No.77835940

Can we actually talk about specialist games regardless of setting for once?
Have your stupid arguments in another thread.

On topic - Non-marine players, what measures are you taking to combat the incoming tide of marinebabs in Kill Team?

>> No.77835995

Not going to play KT until they release a full new edition that has all the 9th ed changes.

>> No.77836045

Anon you are just lying now, I have played and delt with warmaster and fantasy players ,they moved on and now either kinda like AoS or just don't give a damn. 40k now is losing players because of primaris shit to AoS.
MESBG around here was game from which main chunk of AoS come into.
Basically, AoS hate on /tg/ is only done by people who pretend to play fantasy (as last time one actually posted models they claimed to have they have nicked it off google), while most fantasy players either play AoS, Play better games or don't fucking care.
Heck in my area I am one of three people who likes oldhammer and warmaster and all of us like AoS, as we like the mad aesthetic call back to dumb fun of oldhammer.

>> No.77836057

Since to play KT you have to go to me in our club (I am de facto specialist on skirmish games nowdays) I will run demo games without marines and basically ban marines because they are expensive.

>> No.77836065

Switching to the marine train, obviously. I've grown bored of my Scions anyway.
I'll be getting the Heavy Intercessors and the Gravis Captain from a guy at the store who's into Necrons. But I'm not sure about loadouts and especially the chapter yet. Celestial Lions, maybe. And since no-one here ever plays Commanders, but 125 games are common I'll be using the Captain as a Heavy Intercessor Sergeant instead.

>> No.77836075

>we like the mad aesthetic call back to dumb fun of oldhammer
This is the biggest and dumbest cope I've seen in weeks

>> No.77836085

What cope anon? I am just saying it looks neat, I don't buy it because I don't need bigger army then I already have, but saying it's not something out of 2nd ed book is a lie.

>> No.77836109

>uhh these models look like garbage on purpose its uhh just imitating "soulful" garbage from 40 years ago
Christ mong.

>> No.77836123

Well anon, just because you have hatred for old fun of warhammer just don't go to thread dedicated to it.

>> No.77836137

Question to epic anons, can you post your gargants and the like? I am making a 40k stompa but wanna take some cues from old gargants and add it onto my large walking terrain peace.

>> No.77836246

not mine, but here's a size comparison pic of various epic stompas and gargs

>> No.77836265

I saw that, will be nicking those feet for the largest one and shoulder turrents, but wanted more ideas for general bulk

>> No.77836318

Finished painting the first Mordheim house and have built a second one (9.5x13 cm).
>pic doesn't show well all the nice shades of green and black mould
>door of second build is magnetised and can be open/closed or removed

>> No.77836365


Oh Borak. The only Star Player in 2020 edition to get a genuine buff.

>> No.77836376

good stuff Anon!

>> No.77836460

Ok guys, me and my two friends want to play something different and try out Middle Earth because LotR is cool and the game is dirt cheap.
I want to start with Dwarves, can I get some tips on army strats?
All I know is that you pretty much have to run Durin and a bunch of Khazad Guards to have a chance at winning.

>> No.77836476

I'd like to tune in and ask for a Middle Earth Rulebook

>> No.77836479

really nice work on these so far.
you're going to have a great looking table.

>> No.77836574


>> No.77836586


>> No.77836632

Woops, I've somehow missed the links in OP. Thanks for not calling me a stupid asshole.

>> No.77836641

The true autoinclude regardless of points level, or if you run Durin or Balin, is the Kings Champion. He just gives a hilarious amount of value for his points.
For ranged firepower regular dwarf warriors with bows beat rangers. Higher defence and higher strength are just too good. Bolt Thrower should be considered to make the enemy come to you.
But I wouldnt say Durin and Khazad guard spam is a must pick. Its certainly good but Balin works real good at lower points levels and their regular warriors are very points efficient, so just having a horde of them is really hard to deal with.

Shame about the rangers being so mediocre. Their sculpts are absolute kino. I still use a handful but they're not very good.

>> No.77836862

How do i get into Angmar if both Chang&Ivan got only 40k&wfb stuff?

>> No.77837173

you're a stupid asshole, but a polite and courteous stupid asshole so its ok.

>> No.77837201

>On topic - Non-marine players, what measures are you taking to combat the incoming tide of marinebabs in Kill Team?
Me and my mates have agreed to just ignore the update until the other factions are brought in line with 9th. It's no skin off my back anyway though, I played maybe 4 matches of KT in 2020 and I'm not particularly invested in the game. I like it as a way to get a bite-sized taste of 40k, but the lack of proper support for narrative play basically guarantees it's never going to be something I get super into.

>> No.77837208

Thank you anon.
So its exactly like I thought. Definitely a welcome "end game" to an already beefy game. I better get it before its out of stock.

>> No.77837273

>Fantasy and Warmaster players are vehement AoS haters.
I play Fantasy since 1999 and I don't hate AoS, neither do any of the people I know who play Fantasy. Most simply don't care about it. And those who bothered reading the core book, and some tomes are into it.

Most people who hate AoS are gathering around places like this, or secondaries.

>Plenty of 40k (and its spinoffs) players jumped
>MESBG has seen a huge influx of new players
Both of this is made up. I don't know why so many of you have issues with AoS being a success. Pretending it isn't, doesn't make your wish a reality.

>but the setting and the miniatures are putrid garbage which is the issue.
The setting isn't garbage at all. As its literally incorporating the entirety of WHFB into it. So by that margin, WHFB would be garbage too.
The difference is that WHFB is tolkien fantasy and AoS is mythological. A simple difference a lot of morons don't understand and thus decree that AoS is "getting fantasy wrong" or just "a mess", without even understanding its inspirations.

And calling the models shit is just dishonest. Sculpt wise they're easily the best GW has done so far, and one of the main attractions to its success. If you don't like their design, fine, but calling them shit, probably based on your own cherry picked minis, is retarded. Especially given that people used to make fun of tons of WHFB miniatures as being shit. Which somehow is now all forgotten because AoS has a shitty shark, a top hat dorf, or a crappy skeleton rider.

This is all the information you need to pull your head out of your ass and be less of a miserable moron on the internet. Use it.

>> No.77837324

my god, stop. we don't need a bump from this constant shitposting.
take it to /aosg/ or /whfg/ or some other thread where there might be someone who cares.

>> No.77837349

I play Fantasy, Warmaster and AOS

>> No.77837521

How common is making a Counts As gang in Necromunda? Do people that make Your Dudes common?

>> No.77837545

Depends on what proxies we're talking about. If you roll in with a bunch of Cadians and say they're Van Saar I'm going to tell you to eat shit, but there's a lot of negotiation room.

>> No.77837568

What's your opinion in WYSIWYG in Mordheim? I've been planning to make a kitbashed Carnival of Chaos warband and the problem for me is the sheer amount of loadout options for the Brethren being at odds with not wanting to have to make a custom model for every weapon. The plan was to make all the Brethren be more Nurgly versions of the villagers from Peter Breughel the Elder's Battle of Carnival and Lent, so do you think carnival-y items like stick puppets, spitroasts, and flinging spoons being used to represent one-handed, two-handed, and missile weapons would be good enough?

>> No.77837571

the deciding factor is the amount of effort you put into your guys

>> No.77837592

I personally think that'd would be amazing you'd just have to be careful to explain what the item actually represents before the game starts and keep those representations consistent

>> No.77837593


Here we are in full lock down here.
But this update is 100% garbage,w8 for annual 2021 in october/november.

Also no cryptothrall for necron,what a shame

>> No.77837609

You guys are daft. Multipart minis always explode, material doesn't matter. My single cast metals handle drops fine and so do my single cast plastics. Drop a modern GW figure and that things explodes or shatters.

>> No.77837628

LotR is great and you can play with few models too.

Depends what kind of dwarves you want, the LotR dwarves and the Hobbit dwarves are a bit different. Which one do you prefer?

The old LotR dwarves lack access to spears, which lets them support and add their attack to the fight, which is why shieldwalls with pikes are common. The Hobbit dwarves have access to spears.

>> No.77837654

I have no idea how throwing weapons work in the newest edition, but that used to be fun on Rangers. But you might as well take Iron Guard

>> No.77837707

I was thinking of running a gang who are low-tier Slaaneshi cultists but rather than sex-craved they're a bunch of people who are obsessed with the hunt, the stalking and killing of 'prey'. They started off as vermin hunters moved on to hunting bigger things. I would run this Hunter Lodge, as I'm currently calling it, as House Delaque but they would be modeled to look like urban versions of mountain men/longhunters.

>> No.77837720

>House Delaque
I don't see the issue as long as you keep it in line with the Delaque brand of dickstabing

>> No.77837983

Personally not that important.
The most important thing for me are:
>identifiability: put the photo of the model on the data sheet so I know which model is the one you are calling "Bob" and which one is "Villager 1"
>loadout clarity: if it's written down, I won't give you shit for it

I usually build models based on the initial loadout or the one they have after a couple of game. If give new items, I'll try to keep it similar to what the model has.
>a cleaver can represent an axe or a sword
Magnets are an options but it's usually a compromise with style and might not look good on heavily converted/ organic miniatures.

>carnival-y items like stick puppets, spitroasts, and flinging spoons being used to represent one-handed, two-handed, and missile weapons
I would accept that, no problem.

>> No.77838135

I heard that the hobbit Dwarves were OP as hell and I just want us all to have competitive, yet fun and balanced games.
I want to play the classic dwarves, because I also like those spear guys with the big-ass shields.

>> No.77838230

There's two variants of hobbit dwarves. Iron Hills and Army of Thror.
Iron Hills and everything related to it (Erebor Reclaimed and some alliances) are considered a bit overtuned and pay to win.
But Army of Thror is a completely legit force that is solid but not overtuned.

>> No.77838317

Good choice.

>> No.77838589

Ivan has MESBG stuff

>> No.77838652

>nd the miniatures are putrid garbage
Confirmed for not only retarded, but blind as well

>> No.77839038


>> No.77839063

What Angmar stuff do you need?
You can kitbash some stuff like Spectres, I converted my Buhrdur from a plastic cavetroll with lots of greenstuff for his fur cloak and used the mordor troll sword.

>> No.77839164

any particular reason why pariah nexus doesn't have a regular captain and chaplain, or I'm blind? I don't care much about commanders, but still

>> No.77839310

What side game starter box is the best deal?

>> No.77839313

>need to have durin and a bunch of khazad guard
no. durin is good, but not necessary. like other anon said, the only absolute auto-include is the king's champion, and he's so good IMO you may even consider getting two at higher levels. balin is good but you get what you pay for, and he's pretty cheap, don't expect him to face down aragorn or azog and come out on top.

basically you want to horde out as many D7 bodies as possible, take whatever ranged contingent you can to force the enemy to come to you, and then swarm the enemy in stunties. this anon >>77836641 hit the nail on the head.

same way as normal, hit like a normal shooting weapon but can move more than half distance (and don't take -1 for moving if you throw it while charging) but while throwing weapons are amazing, rangers are not. D5 is crippling for an army that needs to be tanky to win

army of thror is a really cool army with strengths and weaknesses that's just a little underpowered. iron hills is good but not quite overpowered, while erebor reclaimed is very, very strong

>> No.77839378

middle earth starter, you get 3 factions at a great discount, and each of those factions you can turn into good lists with 20 - 40 pounds

>> No.77839479

It's all new models, they want this thing to sell for that no reason and no other.

>> No.77839557



>> No.77839690

Not my Ivan, but thanks for the info

>> No.77839788

Can Ivan provide me with the cool Eomer sculpt?

>> No.77839896

>each of the three big settings
Ackshually, Blood Bowl is its own fourth setting, an alternate history kinda version of the Old World where the races are just generally more cordial with each other and play sportsball instead of going to war. That's why you also get some unusual bits and pieces that don't feature in Fantasy, like chainsaws and Frankensteins.

>> No.77839997

Ackshually ackshually, Blood Bowl is not a big setting.

>> No.77840039

It's still a different setting to Fantasy, for those saying BB is the best WFB specialist game.

>> No.77840056

Sounds fun, what minis were you thinking of using?

>> No.77840058

Have you ever been to a football field? They're big as Anon.

>> No.77840131

Not sure yet. Still looking.

>> No.77840220

comfy. delaque outlaws would fit that well

>> No.77840545

Any ideas for a base model for an Ulanti Debutante? I want to add two to my Eschers, but I cannot find one I like to save my life.

>> No.77840603

>since no-one here ever plays Commanders
I've never heard of anyone playing commander period, and it's supposed to be "popular" in europe, so don't feel too bad about it

>> No.77840726

Well, I run most of kill team games in my city and basically all of them got commanders.

>> No.77840729

GW is selling most of the angmar stuff again, only stuff still OOP is gulavhar and shades. shades are amazing and can be easily converted from AoS (spooky bois being the only genuinely great range AoS has made imo) and while it sucks to not be able to get gulavhar outside of ebay sniping or ivan, it's not a huge loss. he's such a skill reliant model that 95% of players will find him turned into a pincushion or mincemeat for the first strike-able hero he sees, and even in good hands the witch-king is probably the better investment, unless you're doing some crazy all-mounted list with both

gulavhar is cool until you run into literally any army with strong shooting, enjoy swooping towards a line of rohirrim, elves, haradrim, corsairs, uruk-hai, etc., only to pop like a cheap balloon. If he had F8 or strike he'd probably be seen more, as is he's just like gwaihir's meth-addled cousin

>> No.77840879

>"popular" in europe
Could have fooled me. Haven't seen it played in Germany, Austria or Italy.

>> No.77841078

>the lack of proper support for narrative play basically guarantees it's never going to be something I get super into
that's mostly my problem as well, you have to do a lot of heavy lifting if you want to get a proper campaign going. There's a few decent homebrews that came out recently, but no real campaign overhaul

>> No.77841113

Did 2nd ed warhammer 40k had campaign rules?

>> No.77841178

Well, there was the starting campaign about the 2nd war on Armageddon, but it's really just a series of introductory missions.

>> No.77841216

add France to that list, although I haven't exactly toured every northern city. Kinda surprising to hear that germans aren't into commander KT, I know they're much more into tabletop than us frogs

>> No.77841235

I feel it could be fun to use for a set of skirmishes with some stuff that is bigger fight then 500 points modern stuff or kill team.

>> No.77841437


>> No.77841594

The collegiate wizard is noticeably smaller than that genestealer hero, who already looks pretty silly next to the sigmarines

>> No.77841616

Well, I can't speak for northern Germany or most of Italy, but from southern Germany to broadly South Tyrol I've only ever once seen a Commanders game once.
>they're much more into tabletop than us frogs
I wouldn't be too sure about that, the tabletop stores I've been in France have been *amazing*, while the ones in Germany tend to be dingy, badly-lit affairs. Like, I used to be in Strasbourg ever so often and there's this store that's airy and bright and just a joy to be in. Meanwhile, the closest lgs to my home is in a cellar and smells roughly like there ought to be mutants chained to the walls.

>> No.77841655

It wildly depends on what warband you're looking at playing. They range from "one box of dudes off the GW site" to "check out these third party manufacturers who make something pretty similar" to "fly to Shambala and undergo a mystical doctor strange-like journey to learn how to source obscure 3d printed models from dirty russian recasters"

>> No.77841768

I mean, brets have got to be the most generic build-by-numbers warband out there. What could you possibly be having problems with?

Anything's fine, really. The WAAC thing to do is probably 2 hand weapons, but a halberd/great weapon are also good. Shield is only worthwhile if your group gets up to the common armour buffs that the community recommends

>> No.77841769

>fly to Shambala and undergo a mystical doctor strange-like journey to learn how to source obscure 3d printed models from dirty russian recasters
got a chuckle, but that's probably a little dramatic. what warband isn't covered by regular third party? there's such a stupidly large number of manufacturers these days that's hard to imagine.

>> No.77841784

Carinval of chaos stuff is pretty hard to find a reasonable proxy of, Rotten Factory is the only one I've found. But it really depends on how deep a dive you go into with obscure warband; the full list is absurdly huge and there are always going to be some dumb niche factions that aren't represented in stores

>> No.77842056

The Sigmarines are standing on pretty thicc bases, make some rock formation he can stand on and I don't think it'd look too egregious.

>> No.77842294

it had battle for macaggre (sp?) in white dwarf I think, storm of vengeance (orks vs dark angels), and little loosely defined scenarios in various codices and white dwarfs.

>> No.77842377

>Carinval of chaos stuff is pretty hard to find
I dunno man, I feel like you could just do some of the gribblier Carnevale stuff, snag some creepy shit from malifaux, mix in a little bit of frostgrave cultist sprue, maybe a dash of studio mcvey, scibor, or hasslefree for mutants (or oop hell dorado if you can find it), throw a couple GS tentacles or pustulent protrusions on their and go to town.
I mean it's a little bit of a project sure, but that's half the fun.

>> No.77842378

Well I was thinking less campaign rules 40k got, and more those for fantay or necromunda.

>> No.77842440

oh believe me. Maybe frogs have better table autism and interest in stuff like kitbashing/mini art, that I can somewhat attest to, but Tabletop games are definitely a bigger phenomenon in Germany than in France. The market for resold minis is easily twice to three times as big in Germany, and from my experience they also have a lot of modelism clubs & associations on top of that, which I've only seen a handful of in my country

>> No.77842485

It's not the best for number of models, but Beastgrave is a complete game and it was selling for only $45 on Amazon

>> No.77842572

Oh, well necromunda was originally called "confrontation" so maybe there's some 1rst/2nd ed stuff under that?

>> No.77842588

>what if we made Mordheim knockoff but with Plague Doctors and parkour

>> No.77842590

eh, I feel like those are more scabby mutant/possessed gang, rather than explicitly chaos-corrupted circus clowns, but maybe we're just differing on aesthetics. Carnevale are the only ones that really get close for me

>> No.77842695


I mean, would they even be capable of doing it with rotting flesh and all that?

>> No.77842787

arguably more of a pick-up game than a mordheim substitute. leaves the door open to campaigns but doesn't have any of the in-depth campaign rules or tables. it's fine for what it is. more skirmish games should do the parkour element honestly.

I mean the old carnival basically *was* a bunch of scabby mutants, in goofy hats / hoods and painted in garish colors. cultist sprue has you covered on hats and doodads, and then you get the mutants from whatever you like the look of.

>> No.77842826

the fg wizard sprues aren't bad for this sort of thing either

>> No.77842860

I think that one was from laserburn, not warhammer

>> No.77842867


>> No.77842907

Iirc correctly it was "inspired by laserburn" in the long tradition of 40k ripping off others IPs back in the day, but was done in the 40k style of the time.

>> No.77842993

To be honest to my understanding it's less ripping off and more recycling since way too many people who worked on laserburn worked later in GW

>> No.77843075

Painted my 2nd hemlock, third one needs to be stripped. Behind is a 2x shadow cruisers and aconities squadron. Will need to get a soft pick to push the final paint out of the cruisers tho.

Anyways, for a 1k fleet starter thinking
1x eclipse
1x shadow
3x hemlocks
3x aconities
3x nightshades.

My buddies are going to use my chaos and tau fleets respectively while printing/kitbashing their nid and space marine fleets.

I've never played eldar but have a decent number games in as tau, and heard eldar can be cheesy in BFG. Is the above balanced? Weve all played some games so not total noobs but I hear the eldar can be either pushovers or infuriating...

>> No.77843286

do angmar warg riders benefit from the stand fast and heroic actions of wild warg chieftains?

>> No.77843382

>nobody to play BloodBowl with
>nobody to play Underworlds or Warcry with
>nobody to play Blackstone Fortress with
at least the latter is soloable and still fun when doing so
but it is depressing living in the middle of nowhere

>> No.77843586

Mostly the mounts and henchmen. I can't decide If I want the knights to have mounts, and then I don't really know what henchmen to choose and what to give them

>> No.77843653

That would explain alot of the feel of early 40k

>> No.77843692

Ya, didn't guys who made first proper wargames that became warhammer were same guys who made laserburn?

>> No.77843823

Literally on wikipedia:
>Some elements of the Laserburn rules, such as power and dreadnought armour, bolt guns and jet cycles were carried forward and appear in Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop whom Ansell worked for in the late 80s onwards.

>> No.77844126

Huh, then ya, one of those things they didn't steal, they recycled.

>> No.77844267

>nobody to play BloodBowl with
What third world country do you live in? It's super popular since BB2016 and now second season.

You do also realise FUMBBL and BB2 exist, right? There are heaps of online BB leagues too, all over forums and Discord channels.

>> No.77844518

Can you ally the hobbit and lotr dwarves?

>> No.77844741

Played a game of blood bowl today. The orc player managed to score even on turn 16 while i had 5 remaining dwarfs.
But i guess i deserved it for taking the deathroller and somehow missing one player on the first half
Pic is the set up of the first half.

>> No.77844829

I bet there's people in grenoble who play commanders

>> No.77844856



>> No.77844994

No, although the warg would if the rider died & it didn't run

>> No.77845017

>eldar player
>My buddies are going to use my chaos fleet
If you want my advice drop the cruisers and go all in with escorts if you can. I prefer hemlocks and nightshades.
I'm no eldar expert but I played a couple of times with them. They are extremely terrain dependant. Better hope for that asteroid field to show up

>> No.77845050


I was interested in picking this up too, but even with 25% off from 3rd party its nearly 60quid!! That seems like a rip off even for gw standards.

>> No.77845068

Also I don't remember if you could have it in a 1k fleet, but the void stalker was pretty terrifying and the only 45cm range ship the eldar have

>> No.77845161

everyone *can* ally with everyone in lotr, but you get benefits or hindrances to that based on what level of alliance the two factions are with eachother- this is split into three tiers, historical, convenient, and impossible allies.

represents armies which (as name implies) historically fought together and were closely allied. this is like gondor and rohan, dale and erebor, haradrim and mordor, etc. as they work closely together, you get to keep your army bonuses and only need a hero of fortitude (generic captain level) in both armies to ally.
represents factions which may have sparingly worked together or would fight but never got the chance. factions which existed for very long periods of time like elves or fangorn are convenient with virtually everyone, or armies that intended to work together but didn't get the chance, like corsairs and mordor. to represent the strained scenario of fighting together, you need a hero of valor (some sort of semi-important commander or king that can make such decisions) in each army, and you lose army bonuses.
represents armies that would never, or simply could never, fight together. numenor died off thousands of years before the members of thorin's company or the fellowship were even born (barring gandalf), and a lot of hobbit-era armies will be all impossible with lotr since one wouldn't exist at the same time as the other. to represent the impossibility of the alliance, you lose army bonus, need a hero of valor to ally, and don't benefit from stand fast!, heroic actions, and banners of the other contingent. they basically can't work together in any way more complex than spear support

hobbit dwarves are impossible allies with lotr dwarves, since balin was never heard from again, and it's durin's death/fall of khazad-dum that leads to erebor in the first place

>> No.77845255

Yeah, but, y'know, Grenoble...

>> No.77845270

I heard there was a guy in malta who played commanders once

>> No.77845326

If you get past the crime rate it's a pretty good place for the hobby shop

>> No.77845372

Frenchbros, I'm moving to Nice for university soon, any idea if someone plays epic/bfg there? Are there even clubs in Nice?

>> No.77845418



One of my favorite memories was playing a weekend long, absolutely massive game against two of my friends (Tau and Eldar) vs my huge ork fleet trying to land a space hulk on a Tau world. Our fleets nearly covered the full length of the 6'x4' table and we ran out of blast markers very quickly. The game is not balanced to be that large, at least in regards to blast markers, and by the end of the fight there were at least a hundred blast markers on the table.

We had one of those instances where a capital ship exploded and caused a massive chain reaction, taking out or crippling half the ships on the left flank.

The orks won, but barely. The ork fleet was hit hard, the Eldar fleet was mostly unscathed and the Tau fleet was obliterated. We surmised that the Eldar must have agreed to help the Tau only to ensure the orks invaded and STAYED on the Tau planet they agreed to help 'defend.'

Great times.

>> No.77845455

Fuck if i know. I'm too close to swiss to know that.
But look at the local store, there's probably flyers of associations and from there you'll probably find some guys to play with.
Also careful when they start bringing out the ricard

>> No.77845671

Don't worry anon, you'll learn how to better setup with experience.

>> No.77845697

epicbros - what size base do most people use for objectives? can't see that the rules specify anywhere.

>> No.77845735

Yeah i should've put the slayers on the aisles

>> No.77845838

That's one big red flag yeah, in general you really don't want to set up straight across the LoS since certain KO events punish that. Dorfs are also unfortunately a terrible choice for new players a terrible choice full stop really because of their terrible MA and Agi, you have to be really good at positioning to do okay with them and even then they're only good at grinding out draws.

>> No.77846003


Lovely painted teams!

>> No.77846390

Anyone played battlefleet heresy here ?
Thinking of buying myself a 3d printed fleet. But before that i need to settle on a game

>> No.77846864

The rules are unclear and it kind of doesn't matter. Our house rule are that the objective is a point, and you can build whatever you want as long as it's clear where to measure from: the centre of a landing pad, a spire, a statue, whatever. The objectives themselves are normally 40mm or so across.

>> No.77846916

I know the French epic community is very active, but I'm not sure where (Lyons has a big tournament IIRC?). Why not ask them yourself: https://epic-fr.niceboard.com/

>> No.77847249

do you need the rule book and a house book to play necromunda? I'm interested but this seems excessive.

>> No.77847576

Just grab them off the OP and you're good.

>> No.77847801

i tried it. i think BFG is a million miles better. Either play classic and get remastered or see if anyone wants to try alternating activations and check out BFG:2020 (which is just alternating actions bfg)

>> No.77847841

to elaborate, it’s just one giant fleet list everyone pulls from equally while each legion gets some relatively minor buff. it’s more mirror match-y than 30k and misses the most fun parts of bfg for me. but that’s my opinion

>> No.77849750

>The objectives themselves are normally 40mm or so across.
What I was really trying to figure out if it's cool to go bigger for modeling purposes with the "special" objectives like the webway portal or tomb complex. Seems like there's some cool stuff you could do there, but pretty constrained if you're stuck on a 30mm or 40mm.

>> No.77850068

>5 remaining dwarfs

Good god anon what happened? Next time you play, try to build a roster without the deathroller. You will notice a marked improvement.

>> No.77850280

You need the rulebook and gangs of the underhive for the base game. The 'House of X' books are just expansions you can choose to add in for each gang. They are arguably the rules for the 6 main gangs that you should use but given how munda works its up to your group. The other books are all expansions you can add in (or combine with some editting) as you wish. They include other gangs, weapons, missions, out of mission campaign stuff, law and order etc. Theres also a dark uprising campaign thats different to the one in the book of ruin.

>> No.77850670

Remember to customize your minis and keep your head in the game.

>> No.77850703

Does mesbg have any /yourdudes/ potential?

>> No.77850906

How well do you guys think a Crypt horror would work as a BB Rat Ogre base for kitbashing?
What skaven head could fit it?
Would a stormfriend head be a too big? Browsing through bits sellers websites and wondering.

Anyone have one to compare its size to other BB Big Guys, like an Ogre or the Troll?

>> No.77850988

He's about the same mass as the plastic bull ogres. Probably a touch taller and thinner. Not as chubby as the plastic trolls by a good measure. Stormfiend head might be ok, maybe a little big. Heads from the multipart plastic rat ogre kit would fit fine.

>> No.77851230

thanks for the help in decoding this, but damn... $110 for two books? Has anybody had a talk with GW about this?

>> No.77851282

is it due to the murder class or whatever the super battery heavy ships are? I know the hemlocks and nightshades print money but I've heard the eclipse's at least are decent. plus a fleet of escorts sounds kinda lame. although like 20+ pulse lance shots does sound fun

As for the voidstalker, I do have one, and can bring battleships to 1k points...

Should I limit the chaos player to not spamming batteries? or force them to nab a few escorts at least? to keep things balanced?

>> No.77851300

There used to be a bundle which had both the rules and GoTU. Tbh you could just use the rules in the OP for a tester before you fully commit.

>> No.77851342

That's sounds fun, I too hope to run a campaign someday using my extra fleets as sort of npc enemies. Any ideals or advice for running a BFG campaign?

>> No.77851745

are these homemade? if so what are the materials and process?

>> No.77852012

Thank you!

>> No.77852175

are there any homebrew expansions to mordhiem? also do you have to use square bases or should round be fine? id rather not buy a ton of square bases and rebase alot of stuff plus i just like round bases more. nothin against square bases tho

>> No.77852289

>What skaven head could fit it?
I'm not sure but I know someone over in /aosg/ did a similar conversion of a couple Horrors into Rat Ogres, try asking over there.

>> No.77852375

>are there any homebrew expansions to mordhiem?
There is absolutely oodles of homebrew for Mordheim out there. If it's not the most homebrewed for specialist game out there, it's close. Go check out Broheim, they've got a large repository of homebrew content and I'm sure you could dig more up.
>also do you have to use square bases or should round be fine?
It's a purely personal preference thing.

>> No.77852687

The issue is that objectives aren't terrain, so at some point you have a large piece of terrain that inexplicably provides no cover and blocks no LoS. You can house rule it, of course, but the rules are written from a perspective of assuming that objectives are basically an infinitesimal point.

>> No.77853274

You definitely don't want mounts, they're expensive and not particularly good. Henchmen are just bowmen and men at arms. Bowmen just... get bows. And the WAAC thing to do for all melee henchmen has always been dual wielding, so do that if you want to be a dick. Otherwise, kit them out with whatever you like/whatever your models have available. If it's the GW sprue, those halberds are pretty fine. Shields are bad, so leave them off or just put them on the models for aesthetics.

>> No.77855019

I'm at my wits end trying to find this little bastard in metal, can anyone lend a hand?

>> No.77855174

The usual metal recasters have him. Othetwise, try eBay or troll trader.

>> No.77855712

What's the best Beastmen model?

>> No.77855822

Does anyone have the Silver Tower hero cards that they added through white dwarf?
Ever since the mega got nuked idk where to find em :(

>> No.77855866

Personal favorite. Not too over the top but looks like bully, fitting the lore and distinct enough to stand out.

>> No.77855867

Not familiar with the usual recasters, can you throw me a bone

>> No.77855967

Hello GW

>> No.77856117

A patrician choice, anon, very much agree. Although I'd also throw in an honourable mention for this lad

>> No.77856238

both nice picks, but might i toss up this stud

>> No.77856404

>medic in KT can't revive or do jack shit other than a shitty FNP aura at level 2
>is a buffing shaman more than anything
I really like apothecaries and quartermasters, bros...

>> No.77856456

If you play with mates and they're cool with houserules, just steal sanistasia minst's ability. If you play with mates and they're *really* cool with houserules, do that and also make it work with regular wounds, too

>> No.77856559

holy shit rogue guys are looking great for muh krieg proxying. infantry, quartermaster, techbro and a hound. you are the best, anonbro

>> No.77856628

>Has anybody had a talk with GW about this?
yeah. That's why they do that this way these days.
OG necromunda had all gangs in the book, aside from ash waste gangers. Gotta bleed those idiot customers for all they're worth though.

Honestly, for 110$ you can get a starterset, i.e. rulebook WITH miniatures from any number of other companies if you want to play a skirmish game.
Just don't give GW your shekels.

>> No.77856646

Gotta warn you though, if you plan on playing the starstriders straight they're probably the second worst team in the game. A little bit better in arena, but still pretty bad there too

>> No.77856666

it’s a really incredible pose. borderline perfect

>> No.77856683

thanks for the warning, fren. I'll make sure to properly arrange such battles with opponents

>> No.77857122

Who's the worst?

>> No.77857243

>Floor, walls and support beams
Sheets of balsa wood, 3mm thick.
>Wooden supports
Glue cardboard to the walls.
>separation of the planks of the floor and wall bricks
Draw them deeply with a ballpoint pen.
>Wood grain
Thin layer of wood glue over the cardboard, leave to sit for 30sec, then make passes with a toothpick to "draw" the grain in the glue.
Either leave the wall as it is or glue a thin layer of fine sand to it
>Cracked stucco
Texture the wall as either wood or bricks, then glue paper over it and let it dry. Put a little bit of water and more glue over the part you want tho damage and rip away the wet paper with a toothpick or metal implement, showing the texture below.
>Chimney and base of the large house
Take Crappy package polystyrene, glue paper over it. Cut grooves and widen them with a pen, then put more glue on it to seal the cuts.

>> No.77857544

>Does mesbg have any /yourdudes/ potential?
Not a whole lot. Pretty much all the important people in Middle Earth have already been named by Tolkien.

If you insist on going the your dudes route, your best bet is finding a character that doesn't have rules yet (so probably someone that isn't from the war of the ring period) and creating a counts-as force.

>> No.77857559

Kroot or Custodes, mission format depending.

>> No.77857575


>> No.77857683

to the extent that you could play different ages or just call your hero Frank instead of Aragorn.

>> No.77857782

I completely forgot they had rules apart from tau. I can see how they'd be the worst.

>> No.77857888

I've been playing with an idea for an exodite skirmish game, either based off of space crusade rules or gorkamorka/necromunda; basically focussing on the ritual nature of inter-clan, and progression is based on honour gained. Alternatively it would be a epic like game. I won't get around to it anytime soon though.

>> No.77857941

Yup. They're a horde team with terrible leadership, paper-thin saves, nearly no offensive capability, and nothing to actually help them compensate for those glaring flaws. They have all the potential weaknesses a horde faction could possibly have rolled into one with essentially no benefit beyond numbers (which other horde teams can do better anyway).

>> No.77857951

>Based GorkaMorka

What happened to the Orks? Feels like they used to be one of the most iconic 40k factions along, but I never see people talking about them these days. Was Assault on Black Reach their last dying gasp?

>> No.77857990

Like eldar they largely get ignored release wise though more modern sculpts than eldar granted but unlike eldar, don't often have rules to make up for it. Often this was compensated by 'your duded' conversions and so on, but GW has made that harder and harder from removing looted wagons and other flavourful rules. Add in some of the recent releases being laughable, such as da red gobbo only getting legends rules while a plethora of marines get released, or characters such as Grukk da face ripper, whose model is still sold, having their rules straight up deleted, only to be returned in a later white dwarf as power only, meaning its restricted to narrative play.

These things would likely lead to players being disenfranchised with the faction, myself included. For myself I had a considerable ork and Custodies army, but I got sick of 40k with its rules and primaris stuff so moved over to Mordheim, AoS and MESB. I still like the factions I played, but cant really be bothered to play 9th.

For Custodies its a similar story for myself, with the added bonus of the black library character release taking over a year to get a faq to even be playable.

>> No.77858046


>> No.77858057

Look at OP's archive, it's in it

>> No.77858121

>Frank Aragorn
>Private Eye

>> No.77858157

What do you guys think about my MT list ? It's for frontal confrontation, not for maelstrom

Regiment 1 :

- Boromir, of the White Tower, with horse and banner : 210 points
- 5 Guards of the Fountain Court with shield : 55 points
- 1 Guard of the Fountain Court : 10 points
- 2 Warriors of Minas Tirith, with shield and spear : 18 points
- 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith, with shield : 48 points

Régiment 2 :

- Ingold : 65 points
- 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shield and spear : 54 points
- 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shield : 48 points

Regiment 3 :

- Faramir, with armoured horse, heavy armour, shield and lance : 110 points
- 3 Knights of Minas Tirith, with shield : 42 points

Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower, Swift Reload : 70 points

Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower, Swift Reload : 70 points

TOTAL : 800 points.

>> No.77858256

Germany. It's just nobody is playing it here.

>You do also realise FUMBBL and BB2 exist, right?
I've been playing Fumbbl for over a decade anon(also in /bbg/'s own league when it was still a thing) and still play the Chaos Edition of BB1 as its vastly superior to 2.
So yes, I do.

But neither has anything to do with playing the miniature game.

>> No.77858336

Feelsbadman, but it makes sense. I suppose Orks have also struggled fitting into the post-grimdark reimagined 40k aesthetic: they're too silly to be sleek tacticool CoD antagonists, so maybe GW genuinely doesn't know what to do with them.

>> No.77858382

Thraka got a bitching new model though.

>> No.77858531

How do you plan on using Faramir & the knights? With only 4 in that war band I can't see them doing very much without a lot of support.

>> No.77858570

They're mostly here for mobility and annoying the opponent. In my old list they were 5 with Faramir but with less fountain guards in Boromir's regiment

>> No.77858699

He did, I play evil suns speedfreeks focused green tide so wasnt something I was clamoring to get, but I can appreciate it. Pity the buggies were a tad overpriced though, at least the jet buggy was cool and had ok rules.

Amusingly the recent black library novel and the audio drama got their tone right, so there are peeps who can do it

>> No.77858751

If you use Ingold you should take advantage of him by having a Ranger backline.
He lets you keep shieldwall up while only having a front rank of warriors which is the best part.

>> No.77858788

Someone bake

>> No.77858853

I didn't think of that. Thanks anon I will try to change my list

>> No.77858951

New bread:

>> No.77859744


>> No.77860422

like other anon said, if you take ingold you fill his warband with 6 warriors of MT with shield and 6 rangers with spears, and it gives you a very solid fighting block. I'm not 100% sure I'd take ingold though, irolas gives a better fighting profile and march, and similarly faramir might not be worth it compared to a cheaper and harder hitting hurin. also knights are only good with boromir so aside from maybe 1-2 in other warbands to jump on an objective, you want them with him.
also drop swift reload, it's really only worth it if you're taking one, better off not at all and using the 40 points to bulk your army or putting in an extra ten to get a third one. not to mention, a trebuchet is only 10 more, and is going to do you a ton of help in that you now decisively force your opponent to engage with you, and also force your opponent to disperse his force or suffer the consequences.
lastly, your numbers are pretty low and

>>boromir kitted out (210)
>4 knights of MT with shield (56)
>6 GotFK with shield (66)
>5 warriors of MT with spear and shield (45)

>>ingold, or maybe irolas (65)
>5 warriors of MT with shield (40)
>6 rangers with spears (54)

>>hurin the tall on horse (90)
>1 knight of MT with shield (14)
>4 GotFK with shields (44)
>4 warriors of MT with spear and shield (36)

>>trebuchet (80)
could drop a fountain guard and warrior with spear/shield to make the trebuchet 2 bolt throwers if you'd prefer, but now you've got better numbers working in a more coherent formation, some really good synergy, and a lot of tools to deal with various problems.

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