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they have next to 0 faults

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Their heads are crotch height

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Your post leads me to conclude that you have a severe confidence deficiency, which is why you're expressing interest in women you can physically overpower so easily. You're either extremely skinny, a manlet, or have some condition that keeps you from getting normal exercise.

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Asanagi, no!

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You children will be short

She doesnt have hips wide enough to survive childbirth

You only think they are good wife material because they are comfy homebodies & someone half your size wont be turned off immediately by your tiny dick

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That last part is wishful thinking.

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No need to project all your negative qualities onto other people. Look at them they are near perfect and cute!

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Post more (cute) halflings. I never see any decent halfling girl art.

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Gonna take a break from shitting on OP's fetishes to say I like the OP pic

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Imagine wanting a wife that never wears shoes or socks, walking around with dirty callused ass feet because she refuses to wear anything below the ankles when she goes outside. GTFO footfag

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>proportioned like humans
>just smaller

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Halflings are for bullying

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Why aren’t Halflings slaves more often? They seem like a prefect race to enslave.

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Your children will be manlets

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Gross feet. And I'm not even a footfag.

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You just want legal lolis. It's okay, deep down that's what most people want.

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Based. Cute.

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Piss off Sarumon.

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not ttrpg, masturbate before you post fucking retard

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>which is why you're expressing interest in women you can physically overpower so easily
You can physically overpower 99% of human women extremely easily.

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Nah, they're actually rubbish at that too, they have no work ethic whatsoever unless it results in them stuffing their fat faces with food or taking things from other people's possession. There really isn't a single thing that Hobbits are good, nay, even so simple as competent at. You might think cooking is their collective muse, but not even that, these bastards eat like complete and utter savages, putting food together simply because they can and it's in their pantry.

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I could overpower nine-in-ten women extremely easily, and the tenth I could flip over

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The average man can physically overpower the average woman.

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>taking things from other people's possession
All the women in the nearby kingdom has been complaining to the king that almost all of their husbands, brothers, fathers, etc all have taken to marry and/or live with the women of the newly settled halfling community

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But halfling women have hairy feet

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The pros of a halfling woman outweighs the cons

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I'm a gym regular and ttust that I would strangle a man for a shortstack waifu

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Hairy feet.
Fuck off newfag.

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What kind of hair would it be? Would it be fuzzy like pubes or beard, or could it be smooth and fluffy like hair or fur?
I know the answer, I am just trying to throw a bone to feetfags here.

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It would be like foot hair. The hair that men who aren't low test have.

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Sure a thing Yusuf.

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Thank you but as a halfling myself I must decline.
I have become learned, enlightened.
I only fuck horse pussy as of now.

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How do you reach it?!

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What can (small)(wo)men do against such reckless bulli?

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And imagine being so pathetic you still want a woman that's 3 feet tall.

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When your feet are as light and hairy as mine, they just let you do it. Barebuck, I just walk right up to them.
Also crops and spurs. Sometimes carrots with peanut butter on them and sugar cubes.

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Very cute, but halflings are tiny. I hope you are not implying that rather than fucking ponies or using a box to stand on, you are exclusively fucking foals and loli centaurs.

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You should be with whoever you want to be with no matter their body shape, bigot.
Fucking body fascists.

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Personally I just don't like extremely short women Anon.

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Foids simply cannot compete.
There’s only so much carrot to go around.

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That's just a mini horse or pony centaur, Anon, not a kid.

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You just know

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But your kids will be manlets though. Maybe king of the manlets, but manlets the same.

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From the perspective of the halflings they might be giants tho.

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Pretty sure the Pathfinder default setting has an evil country that does exactly that.

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Would they be quarterlings?

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Its more about the height my halfling friend

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Because they have no ambition

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Oh, I love They Might Be Giants.

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>>next to 0 faults
>excessively short, which brings all sorts of issues and inconveniences with it, one of the most important being a very shallow vaginal cavity
>hairy feet, which means they're probably too lazy to shave other areas
>cockney accents
>can eat an entire household of food within a day, because of stupid shit like "second breakfasts"
>lazy little fucks
>>"next to 0 faults"

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They're worse than humans in every way at being slaveworkers

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Desire to rape awoken

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>his halflings dont speak cockney
>his elves dont speak welsh
>his orcs dont speak irish

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Halflings are terrible faithless wives, case in point.

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Cockney is a city accent, the name comes from a joke about how city folk are soft cunts.

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>his elves dont speak welsh
This is correct.

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But smol hungry girls are cute

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>Not wanting a smol qt you can throw around the bed like a toy
Low test

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No, I want a goddamn shortstack. More specifically, I want the 152 cm/H-cup gf I had when I was 22 to come back. I need her to come back, Anon. I need those goddamn titties back.

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Your post leads me to conclude that you projecting hardcore. I'd recommend going to the gym and building self confidence.

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>case in point.

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>lazy little fucks
Where does this come from? Did this sneak in with the off brand DnD and other modern permutations? The original idea wasn't that they were lazy, it's that they were unconcerned with the hustle and bustle of anything besides an idealized, easy going farming life. You don't get a lot of food and drink and parties in the kind of society they had by doing no work or even not being hard working.

They weren't industrious and thus not given to capitalistic growth or greater ambition besides satisfying basic, everyday needs.

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Hoes mad

They are lazy because they didn't want to be part of Sharkey's industrial revolution

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My Deep Ones speak Welsh.

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I thought that was the whole appeal, that they're just comfy country folk that just live their lives in villages.

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>>excessively short, which brings all sorts of issues and inconveniences with it, one of the most important being a very shallow vaginal cavity

Sir how did you take a bonus and view it as a problem?

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It's only a bonus if your dick is less than two inches long.

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Woah woah woah.

Orcs dont speak Irish they speak various northern England accents from Yorkshire to Geordie. Anyone whos seen a north east football match and its fans would tell you that.

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Sure, but the nuance is in the tension between "comfy country life" and "farming is hard fucking work." Farming is seriously hard work and we're shown in the Middle Earth stuff that there are plenty of working hobbits that tend to all the necessities of a functional country community.

The problem comes in, as it always does with LotR, with the fact that the most famous Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo, are essentially the upper class analogs. They themselves don't do much manual labor and are more like very small, very local lords who own land and have other people to work it. Though as far as I recall we don't actually know how Bilbo made his living before hitting it big with his treasure hunt. In any case, the actual big to do family is the Tooks, I think, who nominally have some sort of lordship. But the informal hobbits just kind of do whatever and its the more plebian mayor who actually runs shit in Hobbiton. Tolkien has a very romanticized view of country living. But even then, both from what we see of the Hobbits and what we figure must be true given how they live, they can't be called lazy. Merely unambitious, with no designs to leverage their capital and resources into investments that will give them more tomorrow than they have today. Generally, anyway.

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Oh absolutely, I was agreeing with you is what I meant. As in it's not necessarily lazy, it's just a depiction of romantic or idealised village and farming life. Which to me at least always seems comfy.

Content with what they have is a way to put it perhaps.

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are they in home ec class at school? or like, where?

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Headbutt them into crotch

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that’s so mean, i would kill those guys and rape their mother in front of them

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But anon, this proved they can bottom out human dicks and have large, gropable breasts. Or maybe Alfie’s just the local tittymonster.

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Still not seeing the downsides to having them as slaves. I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s always been odd you don’t normally see them as slaves. Most other races you do see but never them

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Based as all hell

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Right height coupled with an ample bosom.

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If you go back to the source material, they're literally a race of homebodies.
Plus as long as you have any kind of job, your wife won't complain, even if your job is just weeding someone else's field.

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Your post leads me tto beeliieve you've been overpowered by a lot of women in your life.

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Because they're homebodies with a family focus.
The sort of women you don't see very often anymore.

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>Why aren’t Halflings slaves more often? They seem like a prefect race to enslave.
They tried that in Pathfinder, and it resulted in at least one case of Jewish hypnotism being the cause of attempted miscegenation between a bronze-skinned human and a lesbian elf.

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hol up there buddy, veras husband was a closet faggot and worst girl isnt dating anyone so where's the faithless?

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Lmao, that sounds hilarious.

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It’s in the filename

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Actually since dnd 3.5 halfling aren't depicted with big hairy feet and in pathfinder they can opt to wear shoes instead of walking barefoot, so their feet won't be big, hairy and calloused.
People are still depicting them as short people with very big feet just because this race itself is a knock-off of the hobbits.
Modern halflings are literally anime loli baba with small feet

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>hairy feet, which means they're probably too lazy to shave other areas
>cockney accents
These are both upsides

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"But according to Theophrastus, Archidamus was fined by the ephors for marrying a little woman, ‘For she will bear us,’ they said, ‘not kings, but kinglets.’"

A. Too short
B. Not into kids
C. You will have weak useless kids with them.

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I hate that image. Why is the art for bolth the Gnome and Halfling so terrible?

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Everytime I see this picture, it reminds me how fucking ugly haflings are. These coomers threads are awful.

I'm gonna slave more halflings.

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>using Dnd art as a reference
There’s your problem retard

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I wanted to post the pathfinder art (imho is better than the 5e one) but since the female halfling depicted here is barefooted it could invalidate my argumentation.
Nevertheless, barefooted halfling (and their big calloused foot) are justified as a cultural heritage.
>Most halflings prefer to walk barefoot rather than wearing shoes, and those who do so develop roughly calloused soles on their feet over time.
Notice how it's worded, "most halflings.." and "those who do so...".
For halflings, having big, hairy and calloused feet is a choice.

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Niwadays men (especially on tg/ are weak pussy soi bois) so, i think an average women cou!d tske out 3-4 nerds out before they could do some damage

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Hairy pussy and cockney british/scottish accentse are a big turnons anon

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Smol dick people need to cum too

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They are tiny

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Hey, I may be a 4'7 dwarf but I could pick up any woman and snap her like a twig easy. I swear.

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God I wish that was me

>> No.77722341

Can't tell if femdomfag or tranny. Actual women want guys to tower over them

>> No.77722343


You're looking at it wrong. Your children won't be short people, but giant halflings.

>> No.77722449

Now that is some good stuff, anon.

>> No.77722537

Womanlet cope

>> No.77723548

They are/were in my setting before they got civilized and became serfs. Before that they were a much more hairy and barbaric people living in swamps and forests.

>> No.77723649

That’s what happened in my setting. And that also became why half lungs are such damn good thieves and assassins because they started murderizing the fuck out of their masters and completely dismantled the countries which enslaved them.

>> No.77723661

>too short for human girls
>too tall for halfling girls
Life is pain for the king of manlets.

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Are you on crack? My wife is as aggro as they come and she still likes it when I tower over her and leave her on a shelf when she pisses me off. Like a vicious chihuahua.

Men like short women. Women like tall men. It’s not rocket science.

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Do some lifts, get dorf girl.

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No. They would be Threequarterlings.

>> No.77724061

This is the first time I have seen this picture and realized it has tits and is thus a female halfling. What the fuck dnd?

>> No.77724121

Why do these threads always get hijacked by trannies, manlets, and creeps who wanna fuck their moms?

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Maybe it's rose-tinted glasses, but it seemed like in old /tg/ if you wanted to go fuck a human-sized mantis or what have you the thread would be unfazed, even outright apathetic. Now you want a lass that's shorter than the human norms and you're getting armchair psychoanalysed.

>> No.77724188

Well, you see Anon, they seemed more like the idea of the Experimental group, and it can support a population of nearly zero to make your cop out there. I'm a little bit of a mysterious stranger in front of the idea, but I kinda want to be mad about the boy.

Now, I have to avoid most Nonhuman races so they can be very difficult to reasonably study, and it can be a foreigner but at least I know you don't like the idea of using it effectively.

>> No.77724264

>human-sized mantis
What's the mantis to human ratio?

>> No.77724333

Greater than 3.

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I seem to recall halflings being called "hin" in Mystara.

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>> No.77725578

>honey why aren't you wearing your wedding ring
>I threw it into a volcano
0/10 shit wife

>> No.77725596

stupid bot-shitters

>> No.77725600

>wow it's so big! It's gotta be 4 inches long!
>that's right baby!

>> No.77725775

I made a human in an Eberron game and my then soon-to-be-girlfriend made a halfling. A few months later when we got together, She made a few out of game moves on my character she and I considered canon and gently alluded to stuff going on (no magical realming, just defending each other more in game and whatnot), and by the end of the campaign, almost a year later, our characters got married.

It was fantastic.

It was also hilarious to most of the rest of the group, since IRL I'm 6'7" and she's 4'7"

>> No.77725820

No more fun allowed for some reason

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>my then soon-to-be-girlfriend
Why not just say girlfriend?

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>Chilchack is at eye level with cat tummy
Truly the ideal manlet height

>> No.77725915

She wasn't when she made the character, and was by the end.
Sorry, an autistic way to put it I guess.

>> No.77728301

Most homoerotic post on this site, all of those bois on /b/ are creaming themselves thinking about you.

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They are cool sometimes

>> No.77729173

only good if they thicc AF shortstacks

>> No.77729252


>has scottish dwarves

Like every other fucking game.

Don't be this guy. Give your fantasy races different accents.

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Perfect...If you're a pedophile. Baby fuckers get the rope.

>> No.77730252

>not fathering the line of huge halflings

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>nobody's posted Lidda yet

>> No.77730390

because you're brain is tiny and keeps trying to see lotr literally rather than a metaphor.

>> No.77730619

>finding shortstacks attractive makes you a pedophile
ok retard

>> No.77731201

My dwarves speak with a Bavarian/Austrian accent.

>> No.77731296


Litterally why besides being different? Its already a cultural indicator of the modern dwarf. what is the purpose of being different for differences sake? why not just not use dwarves period then if you are so big on originality. Not that dwarves cant have a different accent, just that there should be a reason instead of just different for differences sake.

>> No.77734027

Just leads me to believe he has a midget fetish

>> No.77735188

>not Fullling or Oneling or even just Ling

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>farming is hard fucking work
It's strenuous and time consuming, but it isn't "hard" by any stretch of the imagination. At least, if you aren't a retard or a weak skelly/manlet.

>> No.77736006

>Hips not wide enough
Is there anything magic can't fix?

Middle Earth Third Age =/= medieval europe

>> No.77736008

>her teeth

>> No.77736092

>they need eight meals a day or become useless
>pilfering-by-bodymass off the charts
>Strength comparable to a child
>best native skill is cookery and brewery, and slaves handling the enslaver's food is unhealthy for the enslaver
>cannot be trusted around magic items, volatile chemicals, or secret stashes of prime baccy
>Quickwitted riddlerhymers and spur-lyricists; a smart slave is trouble
>Cowardly, with no will to fight; will make very good speed and distance when escaping
>Unambitious; satisfied to watch grass grow

Not very good slaves while there are Men, Dorfs and Elves about.

>> No.77736124

Hence the name Orc, from the hooligan Oik.

>> No.77736144

Actually would be pretty decent slaves desu, you forget slaves traditionally handled a host of domestic tasks. Their speed would be invaluable in a low tech society as messengers for their masters. Their wit would land them a welcome place anywhere as that desires entertainment.

>> No.77736199

3. requiring a great deal of endurance or effort.
"stooping over all day was hard work"

Go back to whatever backwater country youre from.

>> No.77737367

cos you are a pedophile

>> No.77737567

This is what happen when reddit faggotry leaks in, you know it to be true

>> No.77739385


>> No.77741009

Halfling women prefer halfling men.

>> No.77741119

Incorrect, they prefer dwarf men
Further evidenced by the shitload of Bilbo/fem!Bilbo x Thorin fics out there.

>> No.77741134
File: 661 KB, 2048x1457, 240B6146-F253-4842-9335-6A96D6A70044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was supposed to come with this pic

>> No.77741180

I adore this image

>> No.77741192

That’s their whole deal in pathfinder more or less

>> No.77741219

Because they’re not exactly good at dusting anon.

>> No.77741271

Oddly enough it doesn’t work out so well considering the 52-odd options built entirely around the halfling liberation front

>> No.77741296

>which means they're probably too lazy to shave other areas
>fearing the bush

>> No.77741316

>the most important being a very shallow vaginal cavity
Jokes on you bitch, I’ve got a tiny penis.

>> No.77741366

Name one person alfie cheated on. Promiscuity does not equal unfaithfulness

>> No.77741377

Why does Pathfinder always use the same fucking heroes in all their art? It makes the world feel very small.

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Wrong slut anon.
Good pun though.

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>Good wife material

>Completely useless in the kitchen (unless they have really high STR)

>> No.77741424

How’d you fuck that one up anon? any pics?

>> No.77741437

Asanagi YES!

>> No.77741479

Eat out her ass.

>> No.77741726

>thongs in medieval europe
Lidda is a WHORE

>> No.77741983

Did you just call everybody’s favorite wholesome tittymonster “worst girl”?

>> No.77742008

No she isn't. Whores charge.

>> No.77742078

>It's strenuous and time consuming
That’s what the phrase “hard work” means chucklefuck

>> No.77742510

No they haven't because thankfully xenophiles aren't common or tolerated in the kingdom and racemixing earns you a noose.

>> No.77742965

>deep down that's what most people want.
yeah keep telling that to yourself

>> No.77743100

My girlfriend is extremely short, but she has thw proportions of a woman. I like that she is small, but I am attracted to her breasts, her hips, her eyes.

You may need psychological help. I wish you well.

>> No.77744560

She's still a whore.

>> No.77744903

>Guys i want to fuck shortstacks with hairy feet
not /tg/ masturbate before you post.

>> No.77746765

Slut and whore are two different things anon. Much like the difference between yogurt and spoiled milk

>> No.77748399

>Boots on the counter
That's it, I'm getting the spray bottle.

>> No.77749427

The entire field of psychology was a mistake.

>> No.77749612

Ok, yes, we all know about Alfie, but can we get more cute halfling girls ?

>> No.77751855

Either way I wouldn't put my dick in or a ring on the finger.

>> No.77753133

>implying hobbit farming is the same as normal farming.
I don't have any sources to back it up, but I doubt Hobbits had much in the way of fields and crops. Seems to me like they'd be more dependent on gardening and gardeners. Considering their diminutive status I imagine a comparably small garden could comfortably feed an entire family of hobbits. There are definitely farmers, hunters, etc. too, but I imagine there isn't too much stress put on them. They can probably go about their jobs at a pretty relaxed pace.

>> No.77753216

Peter Jackson Hobbits had farmers, fields, & herds of sheep, goats, or pigs. They were self sufficient but notably laidback. So obviously they're just working enough to feed themselves & provide for others but not on a massive scale like modern farms. Hell even peasant human farmers have to provide for more people than the average Hobbit does.

>> No.77753311

Does the Shire experience winter climates? I guess they're so food conscious all the time, they probably are naturally good at stocking and managing their pantries.

>> No.77753329

Funny you mention that. The Hobbit shows that Bilbo, living alone, has a massive pantry stocked with food. Enough to feed 12 dwarven men.

>> No.77753387

But do we think that's typical? There'd be a contradiction if hobbits were laid back workers, but produced enough food for each family to have a significant surplus. Although I guess it goes back to the easier logistics of feeding people ~2-3 feet tall.

>> No.77753458

Hobbits may be laid back but they love food, drinks, & pipe weed. So they obviously are going to put a lot of effort into those things. Especially food considering how voracious they are.

>> No.77753648

literally says Gnome

>> No.77754159

Bilbo is also from a wealth "noble" family, the avarage hobbit would be more like Sam than him.

Actually apart from Sam all the other important Hobbits were from influential well off families

>> No.77754194

Sam still worked hard as a gardener & provided for a whole family by the end of the series.

>> No.77754253

Horse pussy

>> No.77754309

ideal height for standing paizuri

>> No.77754376


>> No.77756039
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So what I’m getting at is that they wouldn’t make good slaves because overall they aren’t as strong as even the average human, Work to feed themselves but more than that they slack, are naturally not all that inclined to work hard or has hard as other races.

Another factor I’m also seeing is that since they act so chill they might have allies or at least folks that at least they like because they are overall not a bother coming to their defense so wide spread enslavement could never happen before their human/ elf/ dwarf/ etc friends come and help them out.

>> No.77756165

go away Marius, nobody believes your stories and won't help with the halfling genocide

>> No.77759147

I came to this thread hoping to see cute shortstacks, but it has been fewer pictures then what I had hoped for. Shame on you /tg/

>> No.77759200

>>hairy feet, which means they're probably too lazy to shave other areas
That's hot.

>> No.77760954

That's not her anal-enthusiast redhaired friend.

>> No.77762110

I mean looking like a 5-year-old child is traditionally considered a fault when it comes to finding someone sexually attractive.

>> No.77762198

>large breasts.
>Curvaceous mature body
>Mature facial features
>Naturally grows body hair.

The only thing they have in common with children is height, that argument is not valid.

>> No.77762211

If you see halflings as children and not just regular people but smaller then it’s you who have an issue, not the rest of us

>> No.77763293

Go back to your CP site, pedo.

>> No.77763307


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