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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

Broadly, OSR games encourage a tonal and mechanical fidelity to Dungeons & Dragons as played in the game's first decade - less emphasis on linear adventures and overarching meta-plots and a greater emphasis on player agency.

If you are new to the OSR, welcome! Ask us whatever you're curious about. We'll be happy to help you get started on this playstyle.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Need a starter dungeon? Here's a curated collection:

>Being called a FOE (False OSR Enthusiast)?
Report, hide, and ignore. Don't give those people (You)s.

Previous Thread:

Do you run published stuff? Homebrew? A mix of both?

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Want to contribute to the thread but don't know where to start? Roll 1d8 (dice+1d8 in the "options" field) on the table below!
Our OC gets archived at osrgcontent.blogspot.com
Tag your post with [OC] to help archive anon find it, please.

>1. Make a spell
>2. Make a monster
>3. Make a dungeon setpiece
>4. Make a wilderness setpiece
>5. Make a magic item
>6. Make a race or class
>7. Make a 4-10 room dungeon
>8. Roll 2d8 and combine.

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Anyone has experience with making custom classes in ACKS? I thought about making dwarven courtier.

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I have a decent knowledge of Affinity and graphic design, and I'd like to expand my publisher catalog on DriveThruRpg. If you have something written down (a dungeon/ an adventure/ a setting) and would like to publish it with good impagination + art quote this message so I can gauge interest. We can discuss %s and boring things later.

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Halfling? Dwarf (beardless, bearded, or shaven)? A bit further from human than that? Also, male or female?

If you're just going to yell shit like that you should at least be specific.

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That fairy looks like she's about to shove that marble up the troll's nose.

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I will stop hornyposting now, please forgive me.

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Hes coming down with a cold so the marble is to help relieve his symptoms

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You know what show has a weirdly OSR-ish plot? Cowboy Bebop. They constantly go on these adventures to hunt "treasures" (bounties) but always end up running out of money due to some hijinks, so they have to try again. They are usually better fighters than their bounties, but they aren't allowed to kill them, meanwhile
the bounties themselves aren't bound by this limitation.

How would you run something like this? I'm thinking you'd need more fleshed out rules for nonlethal combat; i.e. you can shoot a shitty stun gun at someone, or try to shoot them in the leg with a real gun, hoping you don't hit a more vital body part by accident. More maneuvers for grappling, knocking prone etc. instead of just HP attrition.
Also better mechanics for intimidation and parleying.

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We often talk about the editions and retroclones we like the most, but which do you like LEAST?

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Well there's already a basic 'subduing' HP. Maybe can be dine with SWN.

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Almost exclusively homebrew. I don't have the patience to read most modules, and I definitely don't have the patience to incorporate them into a game. The one exception (so far) has been TotSK for some of my friends who had never played a ttrpg before. And I could probably be convinced to include a negadungeon.

DCC, GLOG, Knave, and other non-OSR games that people try to push into the OSR space. Also, half of everything by Kevin Crawford... the other half is good though.

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What's so bad about Knave, honestly? I never ran it myself but it seems lovely

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The fans and creator are obnoxious, it focuses heavily on ability scores, the rules are funky, and it replaces good game design with bad tables.

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This >>77675556 Get SWN and you've got an /osr/ sci-fi game

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Rolled 4 (1d8)

What makes DCC and GLOG non-OSR?


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Btw, what was decided about the best entry for newer players to /osr/? OSE seems like the best option so far.

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>Original Editions
AD&D 1st edition hands down. It was bred purely out of Gygax necessity to assert his dominance over the RPG scene. It's a mess, it has a lot of terrible rules (that is: it has a lot of rules and a lot of them are bad) and bad advice.

All the hipster crap that Retard Raggi and Super Spouse Abuser dragged in. It's a bunch of 'unique' art, gimmick rules that don't really work in play, gEnRe sUbVeRsIoN, and horrible GMing advice pasted over the core rules of original D&D, written by absolutely talentless hacks whose only claim to originality is zigging when they see zagging, and praised by idiots who spend far more time jerking off to RPGs than actually playing them.
If I have to pick one I'd say either the Black Hack (for being suggested constantly in certain OSR circles even though it's directly inferior to any retroclone), or Mörk Borg (it's pretty much the physical manifestation of the above, complete with a bajillion awards)

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>All the hipster crap that Retard Raggi and Super Spouse Abuser dragged in
What games are we talking about here?

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Rolled 3 (1d8)

A small waterfall cascades into a pool of water shallow enough to stand in, feeding into a winding brook below. The stones at the base of the waterfall are worn and smoothed by the strength of the water, save for one unusual black stone.
The stone seems to give no light whatsoever. What of it that sticks out from the ground appears perfectly cylindrical, with a perfectly flat top a meter wide and a rounded side protruding half a meter from the ground.
The surface of the stone feels warm to the touch, yet it seems to somehow take the warmth from whatever touches it. Anything other than the water flowing over it will freeze if held in contact with the stone for an appreciable amount of time.

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>What makes DCC and GLOG non-OSR?
I dunno about GLOG, but DCC, despite the name, seems to have a disappointing lack of actual 'dungeon crawl' procedures. No wandering monster checks, or even guidelines for creating dungeons and populating them with monsters and treasure. There is also way too much of a reliance on d20+mod vs DC, like in modern D&D. There aren't even rules for how long a torch lasts!

I'd call it OSR-adjacent because of the style and attitude. (Either way it's my favorite modern RPG and I would play it over 5th edition any day, no question.)

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Basic Fantasy or OSE?

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>AD&D 1st edition hands down.
the DMG is fun to read for a laugh (Harlot table! Rules for werewolves taking damage as they burst out of plate armor! And other absurd edge cases!) but nothing I've ever heard about AD&D made it sound the least bit appealing. I can flip to a random page in the DMG and there will be something on that page that makes me thank God that B/X exists

If you feel guilty about pirating, then Basic Fantasy. You can pass out a pdf to every player and you just can't beat free. Otherwise, OSE

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>Rules for werewolves taking damage as they burst out of plate armor

No fuckin way

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OSE is terrible at that because it's just a rules reference

BFRPG or White box FMAG are better entries

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"But wait," I hear you say. "My PC isn't a werewolf, he's a wereboar! And he's only wearing ring mail! Am I supposed to believe he takes the same amount of damage as a werewolf in plate? MY IMMERSION!"
Not to worry, my friend. Papa Gary has you covered.

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Was it autism? kek

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Stop being silly. Its B/X but better laid out in a more convenient format.

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this is VERY early in the book btw, nestled between the table of onset times for ingested and insinuative assassin poisons (versions A through E and A through D respectively), and the section where he gets gets weirdly pedantic about alignment languages

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It's completely incompatible on a mechanical level (modern system with old school trappings on top).
Some will also complain about the fact that it's too gonzo to be faithful to the tone of Old School Roleplaying, but that's down to personal preference.
So if you don't mind the incompatibility with older modules (somewhat mitigated by the fact that DCC has a lot of well written modules tailor made for itself) and it being sillier than other systems, then you're cool.
I was honestly considering using DCC before settling for OSE with Advanced Fantasy.

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2 sessions into the dungeon and it's been a blast. My party has no concept of stealth and have attracted 4 patrols of undead since starting

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Did you draw that dungeon? Pure SOVL

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I used dave's mapper then redrew it for readability and to change some minor things around. I haven't had the patience to hand draw a map as of late unfortunately

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I'm loving 4 fists phil there too. What a class act. The hidden traps on the DM/GM only layer of roll20, the penis sticker- it's all so perfect. It is, dare I say, pure ~ZOZ

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why makes ad&d so bad anons ?

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Bad to run in its totality, RAW? Basically its just too much stuff.
Great to pull from if you need a ruling, inspiration or base generation tables though.
Interesting to read for perspective, although it takes some work as its specific like technical writing in its word use, but also meandering and obtuse in its use of prose.

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I like the conan books and some of the weird stuff :)

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Yeah, but he's referring to how in its quest to be a trimmer rules reference it cuts most of the guidance that tells you how to actually play an OSR game. Rules are an essential element of play, but they can't do it alone, and while it's safe to assume that new players to the OSR are somewhat primed for the playstyle in a way new players in, say, 1981 were not, it's still not ideal that the most common intro game tells you almost nothing about how to actually run or play in an old-school-style game.

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See >>77673699.

Re-read those posts. OSE is convenient as a reference; B/X is the better teaching tool for new players and DMs.

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Rolled 6 (1d8)


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LotFP, the X Hack, Mörk Borg... are the main offenders, especially considering the supplemental content (Veins of the Earth, Vornheim, all the ''''negadungeons'''')

The "not at all OSR but lumps itself in with it to look cool" crap like DCC, GLOG, Knave... irk me too but slightly less.

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Fair enough

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>BFRPG or White box FMAG are better entries
Seconded, especially considering they are free and dirt cheap in print.
Delving Deeper is a close second if you don't mind descending AC. It has an online version too.

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It's not bad and anyone who says otherwise is retarded. It's just dated.

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see >>77676220
The rules themselves are famously badly written, lack playtesting (monk?), and are downright incomprehensible at times (initiative). I still can't get over how the Magic-User ends up getting better saves and hp comparable to the Fighter with less experience.

Compare AD&D to B/X or even OD&D. You can clearly see it's not its age, it's just that it isn't a well done RPG overall. A lot of the love for it comes from nostalgia. It's not for nothing that AD&D retroclones have been left by the wayside even though they basically jumpstarted the whole OSR.

Heck, compare AD&D to Traveller, which came out a decade earlier. Classic Traveller is an amazing thing that manages to do interstellar adventures with very simple rules, and I still find it worth playing in 2021.

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so b/x and sword and wizardry are not that great ?
Best retro clones ?

>> No.77677981

It's not even a complete game. It relies intensely on you already knowing how to run B/X or the equivalent to fill in gaps.

>> No.77678020

I went ahead and set up the thing anyways. If you're interested feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

I can help with most of the things, from drawing the actual maps to art, pagination and publicity. I'm mostly doing it for fun and to grow my catalogue so if you have a half baked idea write to me and we'll arrange something.

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fuck anon I accidentally closed the window as I finished typing out a lengthy reply detailing everything to you and I can't really be bothered to type it out again. In short

AD&D = Advanced D&D
B/X = Basic/Expert != AD&D
S&W = retroclone (several versions; generally clones OD&D, the original version of D&D from 1974)

I'm partial to White Box - Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game, for a beginner; that or Basic Fantasy RPG.

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The money man:
Required stat: cha, must have a score higher than 16. Str and Dex must be lower than 10
Starts with a chest, a key to said chest, fine clothes and 5d6 times gold.
Levels and hp gain as thief. Attacks as mage. Can use anything but two handed weapons.
Can sell items at a 10% increased price. Can talk down any price by 10% with 1/10 certainty. Can evaluate the true price of a given item with 30% certainty (+5% every 3rd level).

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>which came out a decade earlier
I had a brainfart and mixed the dates for AD&D 1e and 2e. The point still stands though

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All the ultralight shit and the games that just don't belong but keep getting pressed in because the solitary fans of various shit want to piggyback. Maze Rats and Knave are good examples of the former, Troika and R*neq*est of the latter.

Out of actual legitimate editions and clones though, it's got to be BFRPG. It both looks and is cheap and shoddy, some anon said it comes off as a low-quality bootleg in a recent thread and that's exactly it. I'm sure it works 98% like any other retroclone, it just has nothing to recommend it.

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Eh, B/X is still the best. For me, OSE at the moment is the best way to go. I don't really think beginners will struggle with it if playing on first time.

>> No.77678190

Besides what >>77676266 said, it also has really, really linear adventures. You're typically looking at 10-15 rooms with no actual choices of direction.

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Nothing was decided since we're a band of gibbering mouthers, not a jury. But my vote is OSE, or Mentzer Basic if you need full handholding to understand what's going on.

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What's your favorite race-as-class?

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Halfling ftw

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Best entry for newer players is a well-read DM. If you're the DM, go read the PDFs in the OP mega until your thinker starts hurting.

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>I'm sure it works 98% like any other retroclone, it just has nothing to recommend it.
it's completely free (even the POD is cheap as hell) so it's hard for me to complain too hard about it. If you absolutely must play B/X, have no money, and your paladin code forbids you from just pirating a pdf, then it's an acceptable option

>> No.77678426

What's not to like? You've got excellent saves, access to all weapons and armor, good resistances and good HP, plus you're a God at looking for shit in the dungeon.
Dwarves are made for dungeoneering, its deep in their bones. They are easily the most survivable class, they don't need torches, and they have a very very fair XP threshold. Overall it is my belief that dwarves are the superior race-as-class and there isn't a reason to pick a fighter if you roll good strength and constitution.

>> No.77678439

That is a nice map.
What VTT are you using?

>> No.77678442

The DMG is an incredible resource and the PHB is full of rules that expand player options if you like that kind of thing. Also, AD&D is mostly a compilation of OD&D material, it didn't have too much new design done to it. For sure, it's not perfect; the Bard being made weirder from its Dragon incarnation, the psionics making even less sense than in Eldritch Wizardry, the shit morale system supplanting the excellent one from Basic, or the fact that you kinda need to rely on OD&D for certain basic procedures aren't ideal. A better second edition would have fixed these flaws without fucking anything upabout the game itself, but that doesn't mean AD&D is terrible or unplayable. On the contrary, the DMG is great to have on hand even if you just run B/X.

>> No.77678521

I already said it was cheap, that's the opposite of a mark of quality, lad. I'm not denying it's the cheap shitty option. Besides, the OSE SRD is available for free too, if by some bizarre happenstance you're posting on 4chan but morally opposed to piracy.

>> No.77678652

Owlbear rodeo, it's really light but perfect for me since all I need it for is mapping.

>> No.77678766

If it's not human, I hate it.

>> No.77678814

Ad&d morale is good tho.
Base 50% +5% per HD +1% for each extra hp.
Your average Big boy in a dungeon has a morale of 62%, that's easy math, and the adjustments aren't difficult because they are all multiples of 5% for being hurt, surrounded etc.
It's intuitive

>> No.77679124

Okay but hear me out: dwarves.
They are essentially better versions of humans
>love tradition
>will die for their clan
>tolerate humans but are viciously racist against all other living beings
>support their people and their kin
>are based hard workers
>don't tolerate degeneracy
>hate magic
>make super good pieces of art and gear
>are pog as fuck
>have a strict internal hierarchy
>are honorable
>are unchanging
>love to drink and fuck, but tastefully
>will kill all the filth

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i don't understand the hate for BFRPG because of the fucking art.
It works well, plays well, its doesnt look like a bootleg and it isnt low quality, did you guys really read it or are just hating it because assumptions?

Its cheap beacause he isn't on it for money, thats why he sells it at a cost ffs

People here complain about art shit then disses a completely fine and good product just because it doenst have art shit

>> No.77679464

Can only answer for DCC, which I run. People don't like the fact that it's modern D&D adjusted, rather than a retroclone. My players appreciate the fact that it's modern D&D adjusted, rather than a retroclone.

Also the fact that there's no rules for dungeon vexploration or generation and you're largely dependent upon its rather linear modules. But I like its rather linear modules.

I don't talk about DCC here unless it's specifically brought up so as not to start off FOE threads. But I play it and I don't think I'm the only one.

>> No.77679785

>always in a self-inflicted downward spiral.

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Not sure if I asked this here before, but how would an osr game scaled-down to tiny intelligent creatures work, assuming they interact with humans on a basis regular enough to have mechanics specifically tooled to sneaking past humans to get loot or resources?

I've devised a setup using LotFP's d6 skill system and here's what I have. The assumed race are rats, and this could make things worse for you if there's an ongoing plague in-setting.
"Sneaking by something of human size is always +4. Sneaking by something of halfling size is +2. Anything larger than a humanoid will never notice a sneaking rat unless the rat deliberately makes themselves known or passes directly across their gaze. All rats have a +4 to their armor class against human-size attackers, but a successful hit deals +4 damage per die. Against halfling attackers, the AC bonus is +2, with +2 damage per die."

I based this around the assumption that one greater size category above a human will mean +1 to damage, increasing as the size increases. Therefore I treat humans as "titan strength" compared to rats.

Any changes that could improve this?

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It's cognitive dissonance anon
I know if it weren't for Chris Gonnerman and Matt Finch, I wouldn't be playing OSR games today (primarily 3LBB and B/X) because they published their clones/games during a time when I was a poor teenager. My friends and I wanted to play d&d but the 3.5 rulebook were too expensive for us, and we didn't know the difference between editions, so I found dragonsfoot and then found the PDFs for BFRPG, S&W and OSRIC, and we started with BF and the morgansfort PDF. I printed and 3hole punched BFRPG and we bought dice at a local comic book store.
If those options didn't exist for poor 13 year old me, I would have saved my money and bought 3.5 and ended up playing that game instead of getting sucked into the OSR.
My friends from middleschool still play BFRPG with shitbrewed classes and mechanics. I can't tell you how many softbacks I've purchased for that game because we use them so much.
People give the game shit but it was the game that got me into this hobby.

>> No.77680389

I personally prefer BFRPG, but I'm pretty sure that game is cursed. Every time I try to get people to play it they ditch me. It's happened to me like four or five times in a row. Other games apparently are fine, but every session I've ever tried to run of BFRPG has ended up with nobody showing up.

>> No.77680514

Nice. May have to try it out.

>> No.77680570

What would you recommend for a slightly heavier version of D&D? Basically imagine if you did think AD&D was good.

>> No.77680944

Advanced Labyrinth Lord

>> No.77680974

Not that anon, but probably BECMI or its retroclone Dark Dungeons.

>> No.77680989

I'm sure there are plenty of people who enjoy it, but as you admit, you're not playing in the style this thread focuses on and DCC isn't interested in it either.

>> No.77681025

Where to get retro minis? I don't want Heroclix garbage.

>> No.77681041

>Matt finch
Imagine getting into the hobby through a guy married to a tranny because you were poor rather than legitimately just getting into the hobby like everyone else.

>> No.77681056

Ironwind metals sells old ral partha and hackmaster sculpts

>> No.77681065

That picture is from a Xanth cover.
That's not OSR at all. It's coomer material.

>> No.77681091

I think you would get better results when asking /awg/

>> No.77681118

>we now live in a world where a bunch of based teens grew up on OSR retroclones while the authors of said retroclones have become cringe and embraced nuskoolery

>> No.77681312

You're shitting on me for being 13 one time and wanting to play d&d? Were you never 13 and broke anon? Who cares what finch does in his free time? He wrote rules I was able to access for free when I only had lunch money to my name.

>> No.77681313

For me, BECMI is nearly perfect. My only complaint with it is that Mentzer changed the THAC0, Spell, XP and Thief skill progressions that were standard in B/X and OD&D, and since all OSR content is now written with B/X in mind, this makes BECMI technically not compatible. The form of BECMI is pretty much perfect, and it can support a campaign for an indefinite amount of time, and there's so much content that was written for the system between the years of 1983-1999. The best way to use the material seems to be to use B/X's charts with BECMI's everything else, or maybe just take all of BECMI's extra content and paste it on top of the B/X rulebooks for modern play. However, its kind of annoying to not have one standard system to play.

>> No.77681390

just ignore and report, its not worth the trouble

>> No.77681502

There are CERTAIN things in the DMG that are useful (the dungeon generator is pretty good). There is also a lot of bad clutter and some stuff which is directly antithetical to the OSR spirit (ONE TRVE D&D). Overall OD&D or B/X are leagues above Advanced.

No, it isn't. Why would you used that instead of the much simpler Number-vs-2d6?

>> No.77681611

Because it provides a nuanced gradient of events as they unfold and allow for more tactical and interesting combat?
I love b/x, but RAW you can't just gang up on a monster and try to force intimidate it through numbers

>> No.77681776

Don't worry bro, my favorite game was written by Gary "compulsive liar and coke fiend who abandoned his family" Gygax, you're based in my book

>> No.77681828

>directly antithetical to the OSR spirit (ONE TRVE D&D)
The OSR is centered around playing Old D&D (+/- some houserules) and came out during a period when everyone could generally agree on what D&D was/is. The 70s D&D scene was instead full of a 100 people playing 100 incompatible games while claiming it was D&D and trying to sell their shitbrews. One True D&D was needed.

>> No.77681888

All the smoothbrains ITT bashing AD&D

>> No.77681917

>People here complain about art shit then disses a completely fine and good product just because it doenst have art shit
You do understand that these are *different people*, right? And that that anon was answering a question about which clones people personally dislike? He even said "I'm sure it works 98% like any other retroclone" so like, realistically, what's your beef?

>> No.77681922

AD&D more like GAYD&D

>> No.77681949

B/X more like NO SEX

>> No.77681964

Ironwind and Ral Partha Europe sell old Ral Partha minis, lots of old Warhams are available from Wargames Foundry, Otherworld Miniatures sell new sculpts made specifically for OSR gaming.

>> No.77681984


>> No.77681999

B/X more like BUTTSE/X

>> No.77682007

The only true D&D is EPT.

>> No.77682023

>No, it isn't.
He's just shitposting. Don't bother to engage. AD&D morale is *obviously* inferior to Basic-style morale which allows a beefy creature to still be cowardly, or for things like berserkers who punch above their weight because they invariably fight to the death.

>> No.77682231

Lamentations of the Flame Princess more like Losers of the Fake Pussy

>> No.77682272

DCC more like Dicks Can’t Cum

>> No.77682305

DCC more like Dummy ThiCC

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You fucking retards

>> No.77682379

This has to be a shitpost
The tactical variability of the ad&d system is intuitive and sensible. It allows for micro-management and psychological warfare, should the party be so inclined.
2d6 is great for a wargame with big battles and large bodies of troops, it isn't good for individual combatants who have a plethora of options at their disposal, especially when one of those combatants could realistically swallow all the other combatants in a matter of seconds (looking at giants here)

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post alternatives NOW

>> No.77682708

AD&D 2e™, of course! The savior of D&D, dying for Gary and Lorraine Williams' sins, whose sadly poisoned body became the breeding ground for 3e, but it was good enough before the venom killed it!

>> No.77682814
File: 2.25 MB, 396x533, 1612752000518.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but 3e is amazing anon

>> No.77682837

>but RAW
There is your problem

>> No.77682887
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It's amazing how steeply the quality of the thread declines during american hours. See you tomorrow bros.

>> No.77683064

Why play a set of rules if you aren't going to play them RAW?
The creators had a specific vision of a game, and if you change an aspect of that game, I don't believe you are playing that game any more
>insert ship of theseus
This is why I hate 5ags and los3rs because they aren't really playing 5e nor are they playing 3e, they are playing a shitbrew power fantasy simulation theater experience.
Maybe I'm just autistic but I don't understand why you would pick a game and then change the rules.

>> No.77683075

Come on, show us your furry Race as Class supplement.

>> No.77683114

Don't encourage degeneracy in this most sacred of domains plz

>> No.77683142
File: 57 KB, 768x576, 1596440915481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More shitposting to blame the mericans for , while it's actually us the euro's shitting up the thread

>> No.77683298

That's a pretty strange stance. A game will have dozens or even hundreds of rules. Why would you assume that just because they're packaged together into an arbitrary grouping called a game that every one must be perfect, or even just perfect for your campaigns? I pick a game because it does the bulk of what I want, and change the smaller bits that don't.

>> No.77683377

Duck off, xanth rules.

>> No.77684336
File: 448 KB, 650x919, 1573229035521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having a little trouble squaring the circle of SWN's currency.

A standard free merchant vessel will cost about a million credits, meaning 50K every six months for maintenance. A single load of starship fuel (which honestly should be dirt cheap since it's just refined hydrogen gas) costs 500 credits.

The book states that 100K is "a wealthy person's maximum funds", which means that unless their investments and income aren't fully re-amassed every year, just owning a starship would bankrupt them after one year.

Is there something I'm missing, because who would be giving missions to the PCs at level 1 when they need to make over 8K a month just to maintain the ship? Seems like the average street-level adventures the book appears to outline would give pathetic compensation relative to what the PCs actually need.

>> No.77684541

I believe its supposed to be like Firefly where they are always hungry, doing risky/dodgy jobs to keep flying.

>> No.77684629

>It allows for micro-management
>Why play a set of rules if you aren't going to play them RAW?

>> No.77684733

'mericans gave you tsr. you should be thankful because without us you'd all be playing kriegsspiel or funkenschlag.

>> No.77684785
File: 482 KB, 1920x1081, eric-geusz-wing-freighter-landed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A single load of starship fuel (which honestly should be dirt cheap since it's just refined hydrogen gas) costs 500 credits.
Yeah, it costs /you/ 500 credits, because you don't have the right paperwork. You're a one-off trader. You need to pay for a preliminary inspection, fuel handling charges, and hose fittings.

Those corporate craft that dock at their designated bay on a fixed schedule? They pay pennies for their fuel. Their pilots make next to no money and work miserable hours, but it's steady work. If that's what you want, get in line.

But if it's not, I've got this sweet little caper lined up on Cypra Mundi. If it works we'll all be as rich as Elon the Ninth. We just need someone who speaks Urdu and can drive a hoverbike.

>> No.77684788
File: 509 KB, 500x477, 1594396912090.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo. I need some encounter / happenings table for a ruined (overground) city. Anybody care to give me a hand?

>> No.77684884

Idk what you're trying to say.
Those aren't mutually exclusive

>> No.77684947
File: 59 KB, 460x591, yee gary put some skills in my OD&D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/osrg/ it is your daily reminder of thief skills!
>Be the Thief Skills from TSR
>Percentage based
>Increments of 5 per level, being equivalent to a D20 basically without any extra granularity of the d%
>Except for Climb Sheer Surfaces, which increases by 1% per level
>Except for Hear Noise, which is an X in 6 roll
>Nobody else has skills, so it's up to the DM to even allow if they can Move Silently or Hide in Shadows and what chances do they get if they are allowed (Considering Thief's chances are stupidly low at level 1, it's not looking good for them)
Also fuck his backstab ability, if you sneak behind someone and slit their throat it should NOT be "+4 to hit" and... Clink-clank... 2 (Double damage from 1) damage!

>> No.77685042

>Maybe I'm just autistic
Yes, you are, Anon.

>> No.77685212

It's not Gary's fault, they kidnapped him, put a gun to his head, called some dude in another state, then forced him to dictate the conversation while in a leaky basement rigged with TNT

>> No.77685223

>Pick Pockets go up to 125% for some reason while other skills have a 1% chance to fail
>Stealth in a party based game
>Stealth in game against monsters that can see in the dark
>Stealth in a party based game against monsters that can see in the dark but you can't
>Isn't called 'Scout' if that was meant to be his role, or might as well be called 'Climber' if we are just looking at his skills
>No escape/panic option once spotted (Which relies entirely on surprise and skill check rolls) so when you fail you're there with your d4 HP, low AC and no spells

>> No.77685244

>I'm sure there are plenty of people who enjoy it, but as you admit, you're not playing in the style this thread focuses on and DCC isn't interested in it either.
/osrg/core does some things very well, like sandboxiness. DCC aims for different goals amomg the OSR core values, like Appendix N fidelity. Which I think it does fairly well and better than much of the content I see promoted here. This is in part because it is so linear and can force a more unified aesthetic. But like I said: while I play it, I understand why it is not widely accepted here.

>> No.77685264
File: 409 KB, 1051x1360, 1595761090966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New to OSR and was looking for a setting to play in. I stumbled across this and I think it sounds cool as I like the Wars of the Roses-inspired stuff in it. Is it worth a read?

>> No.77685338

This but unironically

>> No.77685398

I don't recommend buying stuff from neo-nazis personally. Their grasp on history is weak at best, and the nazi brain isn't very creative.
Stick to based greyhawk

>> No.77685400


>> No.77685407

Yeah that's fair, I wouldn't say it's a bad game and I'm glad people enjoy it, I'm just here for sandbox discussion.

>> No.77685409
File: 190 KB, 985x865, fc00a130442ed321dfe538684cab266e312b81555594384d4038a22f8f6827ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2e game dies right after I design and build a fort as the party's base of operations
>paid for it with an extremely fine piece of jewelry none of the party saw me take
>it had secret tunnels known only to me and the dm

>> No.77685418

Neo-nazi? What?

>> No.77685446

Not that anon, and this is probably the wrong thread for this but I find granularity tedious and not worth the effort most of the time. I leave tactics and granularity to video games, they can have a lot more factors into their systems and zero slow down resulting from them.
The end point of granularity ends up in chart games like AD&D: Tournament Edition, Rolemaster or Harnmaster that are better played with a computer doing the rolls instantly, ironically.

>> No.77685547

Fuck off Tarnowski

>> No.77685564

I hate it because of the writing, but the art sucks too.

>> No.77685703
File: 49 KB, 510x680, Et-rPefXMAsHrfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is literally no reason to act like this. Grow up

>> No.77685709

Look up "rpg pundit" on any platform whatsoever and you'll realize the dude is an outright fascist and he has no place in the OSR. his games and products don't even facilitate OSR play, they are just reactions to people he thinks of as degenerate.

>> No.77685751

All I've seen from the guy was his video talking about how he prefers monotheism to polytheism in RPGs. This is the first I've heard about him being a neo-nazi or fascist.

>> No.77685783

This kind of "He's a nazi since he disagreed with me online" talk is the most toxic shit ever

>> No.77685798

OD&D's wilderness game is much smaller than people think it is. The rules that exist only cover movement, setting up encounters, and evasion. The encounter charts have a large number of monsters, too large to actually fight using the Alternate Combat System from Book 1. When encountering monsters in the Wilderness of OD&D, it was expected that the players would switch over to a set-piece battle using the Chainmail rules. OD&D's wilderness adventuring can basically be seen as a sketch of rules for using a hex map and random monster battles with the Chainmail miniatures game.

>> No.77685808

When you start making accusations, you should actually post shit to back your arguements instead of saying "just google it". Also political views have no bearing on OSR play. So how about you talk about what's wrong with the product asked about instead of bitching about shit an eceleb says online.

>> No.77685869 [DELETED] 

He's a nazi because he espouses white supremacist dogwhistles, extols the values of western chauvinism and is anti-LGBTQ.
Plenty of people disagree with me online and they aren't nazis, rpgpundit is. Everything is the fault of the SJW and he even unironically believes in cultural Marxism, which was an idea created by nazis and branded "cultural bolshevism"
He's your typical /pol/tard

>> No.77685881

Sources on any of this?

>> No.77685926

Literally watch any of his ranting videos. I'm at work at the moment so I can't exactly link half a dozen youtube videos you can easily find by typing his name in a search bar and listening for half an hour.
I wouldn't share his content regardless because he's at the very least a fascist sympathizer and is undeserving of screen time

>> No.77685929

Nobody cares, is the game good or not?

>> No.77685933

"Dogwhistles" don't make you a nazi, you dumb faggot

>> No.77685938

"Just google it bro" isn't a source.

>> No.77685951

>You shouldn't read anything by this guy because I disagree with his political views
The fascist is you

>> No.77685963

>unironically boomerposting
>doesn't know what words mean

>> No.77685967
File: 827 KB, 320x240, 1390829344753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're making me want to check his stuff out

>> No.77685972

Can we talk about D&D?

>> No.77685992


>> No.77685999

I would suggest you look up the history of fascism to see who is really in the wrong

>> No.77686017

Because this is a d&d general thread?

>> No.77686026

>Because this is a d&d general thread?
It literally isn't, though.

>> No.77686029

I just think its better than /pol/ anti/pol/ posting

>> No.77686030

Yeah this. Dudes a fuckin' weird asshole with trash takes.

>> No.77686049

I suggest talking about this retard shit on /pol/ and letting us talk about our hobby in one of the few non-political spaces on the internet.
The only politics that should be here are ad&d vs B/X and Od&d

>> No.77686065

>one of the few non-political spaces on the internet.
Are you joking? Because that was really funny.

>> No.77686079

What do you mean AD&D vs B/X?
AD&D never stood a chance

>> No.77686080

Hey, that >>77685398 started it.

>> No.77686083

I would suggest not trying to take the high road when you're trying to shame me for getting that other anon to shut up

>> No.77686099

What are the differences between Greyhawk and Mystara (Karameikos)?

>> No.77686109

/tg isn't in any way political, and one of the rules is "be excellent"
Talking politics isn't being excellent.
/tg is the normiest of boards on this godforsaken website, and thats okay. Let's keep it that way.

>> No.77686121

Yup, this thread has officially crossed the shitpost-to-content equilibrium. How far are we from bump limit?

>> No.77686126

I have a feeling you were the one who brought politics into the thread in the first place. Are you not the guy who started the discussion on neo-nazis and fascism?

>> No.77686128

>is an outright fascist

this kind of shit speaks more about you than about him

>> No.77686143

>based greyhawk
>written by Gary the gun toting secretary banging JW who was investigated by the FBI
Ummmm we really don't need this kind of problematic behavior in the OSR hobby and I think you need to leave

>> No.77686155
File: 357 KB, 1080x1193, Zylarthen Thief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And FOE versus Not FOE. Which this shit >>77685869 is absolutely FOE. Let's get back to talking about old D&D and clones.
What do you anons think of the thief skills from Seven Voyages of Zylarthen?

>> No.77686174

I like them both with a preference towards B/X, but you need to take that back. The 1e DMG is the best D&D book evar!

>> No.77686228

>pseudomedieval world
>slightly coherent map with deep history
>well fleshed out cultures and religions
>typical fantasy, not kitchen sink
>medium to low fantasy
>lots of knights
>weird fantasy in some areas

>very kitchen sink
>very incoherent (which can be good because it's interesting. You have your vikings here and your Renaissance poles here etc etc)
>medium to high fantasy
>huge potential for gonzo depending on what you want to do with it
>unique take on religion
>unique take on demihumans
>best map/s
>includes a time traveling inn that takes you to blackmoor
>less gritty aesthetically but deadlier than Greyhawk while also being lower power (look up vecna and you'll understand)

>> No.77686234

They're completely different
Greyhawk is Gygax's kitchen sink for published AD&D content
Greyhawk is a very silly place, unless you can take names like Igwillv and Iuz seriously
I did it for teh Iuz

Mystara was a shared campaign world started by Lawrence Shick and Tom Moldvay for their university RPG club
Mystara draws on real world parallels to populate its nations and cultures
Generally, Mystara has higher commonplace magic, but less supreme world ending monsters

Mystara got a whole lot of support for the Basic line beginning in 81 to 99. Greyhawk was the primary focus of AD&D 1e, all but abandoned in 2e in favor of the Forgotten Realms, and then revived in 3e with Living Greyhawk, then bound in a body bag full of cement and kicked off a pier afterwards.

>> No.77686277
File: 327 KB, 1074x1513, 1610584883234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Generally, Mystara has higher commonplace magic, but less supreme world ending monsters
Sounds comfy!

>> No.77686283

>not kitchen sink
>kitchen sink

One of you is full of shit.

>> No.77686371

>slightly coherent map with deep history
>well fleshed out cultures and religions

I actually take issue with this, but I'm not going to broach the point because I'm already tired of the shitposting in this fucking thread

>very kitchen sink
>very incoherent (which can be good because it's interesting. You have your vikings here and your Renaissance poles here etc etc)

>Mystara draws on real world parallels to populate its nations and cultures

Both these statements are true

>> No.77686376
File: 1.17 MB, 3761x1734, 2018-06-04-19.26.06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish we had a PDF of the japanese Rules Cyclopedia. Would like to see the art in it.

>> No.77686442
File: 685 KB, 900x971, 1603910468092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM wouldn't let me play a wizard ninja
I asked him if splat books were ok and it was, but when he hears it's oriental adventures he changes his mind.

>> No.77686560

A good test of an alternate thief is "would you rather play this instead of the standard B/X thief".

In this case I'd say yes. Having things you're predictably good at is much more attractive than the roulette wheel of the TSR thief (who might do astonishing feats, or get gibbed in the 3rd room of the dungeon).
My only complaint is that you don't have abilities that get incrementally better with levels, and I strongly dislike holding back a major ability like reading scrolls til level 10.

>> No.77686652

By anything approaching a literary standard, pretty much all TSR settings are kitchen sink--excepting maybe Ravenloft, but only because it throws in the hammer horror/universal monster movie kitchen sink instead. By comparison, the Hyborian age is a thematically cohesive and well grounded setting.

>> No.77686784

Hyperboria seems outright academic compared to TSR settings, with the exception of Al-Qadim and the aforementioned ravenloft.
Kitchen-sink is good for fantasy campaigns though. It breeds necessary conflict

>> No.77686803

Hyboria* sorry I mixed up Smith and Howard

>> No.77686847

Hm, I'll give Greyhawk some attention. Luv sum medieval-like stuff.

>> No.77687707

It's bait you fucking mong.

>> No.77688717

Hey it got really quiet after all the shitposting.
So I wanna know: what are you currently running? System+module

I'm running 3 games right now
Od&d+ homebrew dungeon
B/X+ barrowmaze
AD&D+ N1+custom megadungeon below the dungeon in the module.

>> No.77688910

I’m running 4 games. Well rather, I’ve committed to 4:
AD&D 1e
AD&D 2e
and 5e

Obviously, these are too much. One or two have got to go

>> No.77688948

Running swords & wizardry with a homebrew game based on a random campaign I generated on donjon. Probably wasnt the greatest idea in hindsight cuz idk what to do now, but my players are enjoying it so far and are in a dungeon that'll probably take them another 2 sessions minimum to get through. I'm gonna send them to Ravenloft to get ye olde mcguffin, and so I have an excuse to run the module while I figure out what to do next lol.

>> No.77688949

>what are you currently running?
Nothing. I'm just playing a game of OSRIC at the moment. DMing is just not my thing.

>> No.77689004

Watching cowboy bebop right now and trying to plan a semi-sci-fi OSR game using what I can from SWN and S&W. That is all.

>> No.77689058


>> No.77689072

im preparing to run a BFRPG game using the adventures book for new players, then i'll do morgensfort
Nervous and excited

>> No.77689184

Running my house ruled Shitbrew of Mutant Future.
Running/playing shared universe west marches BX game split between myself and 4 other DMs.
Playing in one LL game as a play tester.
Playing OD&D with old buddies
On Sunday nights.

>> No.77689311

Do you guys think that turd edition will ever make into the Old School scene?

>> No.77689347

That question is so retarded I'm not even going to include your post number.

>> No.77689393

3rd will inevitably have a revival, especially as mainstream D&D and now even pathfinder has moved on. It just had too big a fanbase, and nostalgia puts a gloss on anything. Not looking forward to meandering maudlin blogs about the author's build in the far off days of 2005, though.

>> No.77689484

wew lad
Exactly, because of the number of 3.5 players, I wonder if they'll eventually try to force 3.5 as an old school system.

>> No.77689485

>Mystara got a whole lot of support for the Basic line beginning in 81 to 99
If you want to be technical about it, new Basic support ends in 1994 or so and the setting transitions to AD&D where it lives for two years before being aborted in 1996. After that it's just reprints.

>> No.77689522

If you mean cramming into the OSR, I doubt it. They don't have much interest in it, seeing it as old and obsoleted by the glory of 3.X. They'll make their own new old-school I think, with retarded hookers and watered-down blackjack.

>> No.77689538

Does being on a major-ish road affect terrain type for purposes of encounter frequency and/or type? Or do you just treat it as the broader hex's primary terrain type?

>> No.77689544

I expect it'll be a different crowd than today's OSR, but yes. There is a certain attraction to that kind of comprehensive game where every situation has a rule. The original west marches guy actually said he ran 3.0, and that it was critical to the success of the game because players could metagame like hell and take advantage of the predictable battle mechanics to put together teams and do MMO style raids.

I have more hours in 3.0/3.5 than anything because of unbroken years of long weekly sessions... and I'm not nostalgic for it at all... maybe I'll feel differently when I'm a graybeard, but most of what I enjoyed about 3.5 is much easier to get from the original games, and I can get more out of a 2hr session than when we pissed away half a weekend on giant setpiece battles.

I'm surprised 4e doesn't have more of a niche revival scene--it seemed like a lot of people really loved the tactical combat and it sort of went down in flames, even though it was pretty ok for what it was meant to do.

>> No.77689551

Makes sense. Well, nothing to worry about then (as if there was any worries)

>> No.77689579

>I'm surprised 4e doesn't have more of a niche revival scene--it seemed like a lot of people really loved the tactical combat and it sort of went down in flames, even though it was pretty ok for what it was meant to do.
It's too recent, around 2030 I would expect that to actually have a pretty strong revival.

>> No.77689709

>perennial reminder to look in the section of your rule set of choice
B/X says 1.5x the normal rate, so 27 miles/day for a normal man on a good road.

>> No.77689727

Anon's not asking about movement speed.

>> No.77689975

Running a rc shitbrew that my players are loving. Only get to play like every three weeks because of life things, but on the upside I don't know which will come first: my next session, or me becoming a daddy

>> No.77689996

Congratulations, anon!

>> No.77690080

Rolled 7 (1d8)

What makes it FOE? He says his material is compatible with OSR D&D, is that a lie? I'm ignorant on this subject.

Wish I were running something right now, but it's just no fun to run virtually.

>> No.77690087

doops my mistake, sorry anon

Personally I have civilized hexes where serious monster encounters are rare. Still roll for encounters but they're more like random nonhostile humans or the occasional bandits. Major roads are usually in those hexes.

>> No.77690094

If that makes you want to play shit pushed out by rpg pundit then chances are good you are too retarded play anything

>> No.77690227

Bit late, but I've made a few. Lemme know if you have questions.

>> No.77690236

>Running my house ruled Shitbrew of Mutant Future.
please let me in your game, it's been so long since I've been in gamma world.

>> No.77690301

>ze's running for the smelling salts because someone might pirate a game by a badthink person and play fash soopremissy deeundee
You're just giving people hope that his material has some kind of edge or outsider cool factor. The worst I can say about any of his books is that they're humdrum and he pumps out a lot of shovelware between big releases.

wrt Dark Albion just read A Distant Mirror instead. There are some ok ideas in DA but a lot of it is setting fluff for a paralell earth history, and none of the mechanical stuff is much good.

>> No.77690458

The FOE was in response to a political shitpost that was deleted. Not to Seven Voyages of Zylarthen.

>> No.77690464

I like the take on clerical powers and ritual magic. The rest is pretty ho-hum. And random character advancement is not a good idea in a DC reliant game.

>> No.77690672

it's going to be hilarious seeing all the nostalgic 3.5 blog posts from guys with usernames like "The Dissociated Mechanic" trying to shove it into the osr space
>In true OSR, casters are supposed to be the main characters with fighters as their useless bumbling sidekicks!
>Here, look at my old character sheet, that's right FIVE prestige classes in one character!
>Long rambling posts arguing that you can't get immersed in the game if there aren't stats and feats for absolutely everything

god what a shitty fucking edition.

>> No.77690922

2e is 1e except with fat trimmed and not organized by haphazardly. Just do gold for xp and adjust movement and you're good.

>> No.77690949

>god what a shitty fucking edition.
I've come to a point to think that 4e was actually gold standard compared to the 3.5

>> No.77690987

This. Unironically.
The absolute maximum crunch I ever want in my game is 1e, and even that is easy to parse out once you realize gygax was an autist.
The crunch of 3.5 is way too much. A d20 roll for everything and numbers all the way in the 40s.
Like sure, some OSR stuff, especially stuff Gary wrote, uses weird variability in dice and refers back to tables, but that can be ignored and the game can still function.

>> No.77691020

Maybe the old = good mindset is flawed seeing how everything get old at some point.

>> No.77691063

You are correct.
Well defined=good
This is why we like OSR games. They are consistent and have well defined procedures for the stated goals of the game.

>> No.77691204

That's become more and more common in the OSR sphere, now that 4th is no longer being presented as the way D&D is and was meant to be. OSR players respect deliberate design because it's what marks old-school editions from the newer stuff, and regardless of what 4th did, it at least had a very strong design intent. Doesn't mean OSR players are flocking to play 4th or anything, but that they see a kindred approach of actually sitting down and trying to be something from start to finish other than a vague wave at being "generic fantasy simulator".

>> No.77691729
File: 74 KB, 1024x1024, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77691901
File: 462 KB, 1472x1068, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2e is 1e except with fat trimmed and not organized by haphazardly. Just do gold for xp and adjust movement and you're good.
Also keep the 1st edition level limits, and don't allow demihumans other than half-elves and half-orcs to be player character priests. Otherwise your milieu will be overrun with freakshit.

>> No.77691958

Other anons have elaborated on this
GLOG, according to the creator, is not a system but rather a design philosophy that prioritizes simple, gamist/mechanical systems and procedures. Really though it's just B/X with a ton of houserules. People here don't like it because there's a lot of crunch compared to other OSR systems and because a lot of poseurs online organize around the GLOG banner to push out low-effort content (content here being pejorative). There are a handful of fun, interesting ideas you can glean from GLOG but also a lot of nonesense

>> No.77691998

Whichever one has the art you prefer. Their basically comparable otherwise.

>> No.77692251

I think the 2e level limits might be the same ones from UA. I’m not defending it, just guessing at the reason they’re there. UA as a whole is pretty BS

>> No.77692483
File: 410 KB, 2367x1388, 1e ua level limits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's basically no reason to play a human thief in 1e, what with everybody except half-orcs getting a U as well.

>the same ones from UA.
Sort of. Take the dwarf for an example, 2e's level limits align with Wisdom 17 and Strength 21, not taking into account 2e's own optional "exceed level limits for high stats" shit.

>> No.77692523
File: 56 KB, 420x595, Narcomancer cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been working on a osr zine through quarantine. Basically it has a drug lord wizard and a narco-cult you can drop into any osr setting to add a new quest line. Would you guys be interested in seeing some early stage development of some of the items/charaters/mechanics? I'd like to get some feedback and gauge interest. Mostly made for fans of electric wizard, weed, stoner metal, tough games, and cult shit

>> No.77692582
File: 3.34 MB, 2215x2314, HoD_Suin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently Yoon-Suin with Into the Odd homebrew monstrosity. Sorry for potato phone picture, but they're crawling through Lahag heart of darkness style to avoid the traitor kaptain's river agents at the moment. They're planning on looting the Haunted Faces of the Ytori Range and I'm so fucking excited to finally run it.
Sometimes Scarlet Heroes in a less defined borderlands area when no one else can make it to game night. Currently just prepping the Curse of Craigbridge, which looks pretty neat and has been on the try it pile for ages.
Want to be playing Mauseritter with my niece and nephew but will probably have to wait until this summer.

>> No.77692707

Running a game of my own heavily altered homebrew OSR system that I'll totally finish writing up someday and publish, I swear, no module just my own world and dungeons.

You get more NPCs and less wild creatures on roads in my game.

>> No.77692744

What's your favorite part about your homebrew anon?

>> No.77692835

I find it a bit weird that halflings are doing 1d4+2 damage with a dagger compared to humans who do 1d4+4, when in all other combat, those two are inflicting identical damage. Granted, the D&D mechanics are such that there is limited room to scale down, but I think I'd still want to try to represent rat vulnerability directly through hit points (and making sure they have very few of them). You may still have to figure out what to do with falling damage and such (drop a mouse and human from the top of a tree, and see who gets hurt worse), but that's more of a specialized area. If you made these rats into a character class, it seems like they should have 1d2 hit points per level at most (and maybe just 1 hit point per level). As monsters, I guess you could just keep their hit dice low (maybe 1/2 HD) but give them bonuses to the other stuff they need to be good at. Or you could go a route similar to dragons, and modify the number of hit points they get per hit die.

>> No.77693103
File: 358 KB, 625x898, this new edition is not AD&D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im gonna get this printed on a custom shirt and wear it round the place
wish me luck /osrg/

>> No.77693134

Go on...

>> No.77693172

Imagine needing to invent fake Nazi accusations to dunk on Swamiji Nisarg. I can't imagine a clearer sign of tourism.

I think the lack of improvement over levels is a real weakness of Spalding's Thief, even though I understand why he designed it that way. I would tend to prefer something like the LotFP Specialist, which permits advancement.

It's still an OK class though, especially for a clone of LBB OD&D which is inevitably going to be pretty stripped down anyway.

Calm yourself, the Burger Hour is almost over.
The other anon probably got his idea of Greyhawk from the late-2e-era grey-cover sourcebooks, those are very coherent and detailed, almost culture-gamey. Very different from the extremely stripped-down setting substrate in the original Folio, which in typical Gygax style was just supposed to be a base for the individual referee to build on. Not bad though, I really like those books. Kind of like if a guy with a Hârn temperament had picked up the Folio and run an AD&D game with it for 20 years, then published his notes.

>By comparison, the Hyborian age is a thematically cohesive and well grounded setting.
Nonsense, Hyboria is Mystara-tier incoherent. Pirates here, knights in full plate there, bronze age Egyptians over here, and why not some Red Indian cave-Celts all over the place?

>> No.77693191

No because it's literally the opposite of old-school. It'll probably have its own revival at some point, though.

>> No.77693232

I mean, it already has Pathfinder

>> No.77693307

whats the biggest rule inclusion that tips something away from being OSR and newer school rpg

>> No.77693335

It's super-optimized for ease of use as a Referee at the table by avoiding a lot of the troublesome rules, which makes it easy enough to run that I only look at books when I need price lists, or if I'm contemplating adding new content. I could literally start up a game anywhere.

>> No.77693370

XP for plot elements.

>> No.77693374

For me it's more about replacements (e.g. gold for XP with pretty much anything) or exclusions (e.g. removing procedures in the name of "streamlining") than inclusions.

Offhand, based on what I've actually seen used rather than some theoretical thing I'd say maybe advantage/disadvantage, not because it's a terrible anti-OSR mechanic (though it's not amazing), but because it tends to signal a certain pedestrian design strain that doesn't get the OSR as a whole.

>> No.77693428

so both you guys would say gold xp is pretty essential to the feel of the game?

>> No.77693518
File: 855 KB, 1748x2480, Narcomancer p9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well basically I have a wizard of the Narcomantic Trip who has been cooking up loads of drugs, and plans on releasing a master batch into the city's water supply to feeblemind the whole population and make them into slaves. So there is a cult surrounding him, 6 drugs that they sell (the narcomantic spells,) a zombie-variant thats like a scopolamine thrall, and a subterranian drug house dungeon. as well as some other chunky bits that are still in progress. I am hoping to release a pdf and free to print b&w version pretty soon and maybe if there is enough interest a nicer printed full colour version with like a sweet cover or something. anyways for now have a couple Narcocultist weapons! -simon black

>> No.77693675

Anything beyond that? I'm just lookin dor tables, not a whole ass Runequest book

>> No.77693795
File: 3.68 MB, 1869x1010, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna run my second campaign of World of the Lost in TTS. I absolutely love this hex crawl and with LotFP did more stuff like it.

>> No.77693821

Yeah, absolutely. Of course there's people that argue otherwise, but while I like to avoid one-true-wayism in general I'd stick my neck out for this one.

>> No.77693972

World of the Lost is one of my favorite books I own, have fun! You know more about it than I do probably.

>> No.77694023
File: 186 KB, 1249x640, undisclosed_location_by_freemind93-d7pf4az.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No doubt.I'm glad Raphael did his own spin on Isle of Dread, because there is something about a gonzo jungle hex crawl that just radiates kickass.

>> No.77694131

Cool. I can see the cult slowly overtaking a quarter of the city. Zombie junkies wandering the streets, furtive cultists peddling their narco spells. The guards don't patrol at night anymore and even during the day will only go in large groups. The ruling body of the city knows there's a problem but they can't do anything but contain it. How do the PCs get involved? Bounty on information from the city council? Missing noble's daughter who's known to slum it?
Have you got any kind of horrific monster? Like a cultist mutated from drug miscibility bristling with opium hooks and dripping narco-ichors?

>> No.77694360

I like his blunt hex-rules. If I recall right he throws out getting lost and adds a 1d10 that tells in how many hexes there will be an encounter for certain.

>> No.77694361
File: 34 KB, 540x540, AR-Map-Stonekeep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What video games do you steal map layouts from?

>> No.77694404

in high school I played a game of Vampire the masquerade, set in Liberty City from GTA

>> No.77694427
File: 49 KB, 600x600, AR-Map-CryptOfHearts1stLevel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>four levels
>lava, bottomless pits
>literally one guy buried here

>> No.77694454


>he allows himself to be buried near anyone

Look at this fuckin' Gravelet

>> No.77694507

Most video games' dungeon layouts are actually really bad for OSR games, because the goals are different. With video games, there's virtually always a goal of the dungeon, but there's not necessarily one in OSR- and even if there is, the dungeons should be designed as if there isn't. There's some overlap, in the sense that the Boss Keys series on YouTube talks about making more interesting dungeon layouts, but if you notice there the "interesting" dungeon layouts are still pretty linear. Whereas OSR dungeons are usually best when you have more freedom, unless they're really small dungeons.

That said, I have a (non-OSR) campaign or two blatantly stealing from Zelda percolating around my head... Might run them someday.

>> No.77694538

Are low fantasy megadungeons possible? What system would be good for this? Preferably not too crunchy with some room for roleplay.

I was thinking of running a campaign, maybe set in an entirely underground world, where things like pools of cave fish and water-bearing slimes are core resources for PCs, as well as lots of natural hazards like methane leaks and mineral or fungal dangers. But I want monsters to be kinda spaced apart and stalking or trapping the party, like the minotaur in the labyrinth, instead of dense fortifications filled with rooms of goblins and so on.

>> No.77695163

That's a great story. Fuck the naysayers, and fight on!

>> No.77695175

He didn't marry one, his wife went crazy on him. They are no longer married.

>> No.77695177
File: 67 KB, 1200x717, two-handed-swords_16c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I attack, defender has longer weapon/reach than me and he didn't act yet we bump up his initiative so the he can attack me first.

Is this rule worth implementing to scratch my itch?

I'd like to represent (at least a bit) difference in reach and it seems like such a simple and easy rule.

Or is it silly and a slippery slope into Ars Magica level of reach simulation and AoO?

>> No.77695220

What do you guys think of Al Quadim?

>> No.77695410

Maybe just give classes of weapons a reach bonus that can substitute for dex
Polearms = +3
Longswords and greatswords = +2
Short swords, maces, javelins, warhammers = +1
Daggers = +0

>> No.77695469

A perfectly serviceable stereotypical Arabian Nights setting. I dunno why they attached it to FR for sales purposes and then proceeded to give it its own logo to obscure that, though.

>> No.77695601

Check out Chainmail's weapon length system for first strike in Man to Man - then adapt initiative modifiers accordingly, to build on what >>77695410 said. A pole arm should get first strike (so, aforementioned +3) on the initial engagement, but should probably on subsequent rounds, assuming the enemy isn't killed, suffer a penalty: it's hard to strike an opponent with a 10 foot weapon if they have gotten close enough to shank you with their dagger.

Potentiality a Mario Brothers 2 scenario: meant for one thing, but rebranded to try to capture market - "you can make new characters on this Arabian Nights setting or you can travel here with the characters you currently have!" kind of deal.

>> No.77695642


Yeah this is true. People really need to have it drilled into their head that Gary Gygax literally ran Castle Greyhawk as a nonsensical randomly generated series of rooms and randomly generated the monsters in it. Most of the dungeons in a video game are 5e shir

>> No.77695757

please help

>> No.77695797

Adventures Dark and Deep

>> No.77695817

4E never had a large player base and it was the shortest run of any edition as well as the least congruent with every other edition. There will be no 4E revival. The OSR itself started as a revival by those that were part of the first D&D fad of the early 80s.

>> No.77695835
File: 429 KB, 1169x1563, 5FA6A1E2-87EC-4CB1-A5D4-23C5675DE22A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s great if you want to play in a highly thematic setting. An Arab Oriental Adevntures if you will. I prefer these settings as part of a larger world. Places to visit but not to hold entire campaigns in.

>> No.77695841 [DELETED] 

Take a look at Beyond the Wall. It is low fantasy-ish and it has some nice detailed character creation for some templates.

>> No.77695852

There is lots of good stuff that can be mined out of 4E Dark Sun for other editions.

>> No.77695862

Sounds made up to me.

>> No.77695884

How severe should a bad carousing roll be?

>> No.77695896

Peak millennial.
>2000 something and being in HS

>> No.77695913

>it was the shortest run of any edition
Everything published after Essentials is nominally for both regular 4e and Essentials, so 4e's got a six-year lifespan not a two-year one. If you discount everything post-Essentials as Not True 4E, it's still not dead last, just tied with B/X, and B/X is the most popular edition among people who sell their houserules.

>> No.77695916

What libraries/institutions have the biggest collections of foundational RPG material? I know UC Riverside has a lot of zines in their stacks.

>> No.77695978

You are a rules lawyer, aren’t you?

>> No.77695992

Thats good, I already had a map with a frozen North, why not bolt on a sandy south.

>> No.77696005

The art in both isn’t great. OSE has art from too many people that have never played the game and it shows. It’s a great reference however.

>> No.77696018

I just want to play games in boringly fantasy Europe. Don’t need super thematic Star Wars settings; desert plants, ice planet, Forrest moon, city planet, etc

>> No.77696028

If you didn't want people disagreeing with you, why'd you post at all?

>> No.77696030

surely there has to be a massive, autistic Gygaxian table somewhere in the 1e DMG for this exact thing

>You wake up... *rolls dice behind DM screen* with a wedding ring on your finger.
>You wake up... *rolls* press ganged on a Royal Navy ship in the middle of the ocean
>You wake up *rolls* with a tattoo of a rude word going across your *rolls again* ....throat

>> No.77696061

TSR did this a lot. Bolting Hollow World onto Mystara. OA/Kara-tur on to FR. Spelljammer to unite them all!

>> No.77696071

You aren’t disagreeing you’re changing definitions to suit your argument.

>> No.77696092

If you could give a child of 10 years old a single OSR or original game to light their imagination on fire what would it be? I’m thinking a bootleg “black edition” of BX with a photocopy of the infamously good BECMI example of play section that Menzter wrote.

>> No.77696115

>with deep history
In what pre- 1987 publications? Not to sound disbelieving here, but the folio doesn't seem very in depth and I think we all agree that anything published after the Gary split with TSR doesn't count.

>> No.77696124

you claimed 4e was the shortest lived edition, and he proved you wrong by either metric you care to use. You also claimed that 4e never had a large player base, despite the fact that it ultimately outsold 3.5
just admit you made a mistake

>> No.77696160

How long does it typically take for players to level up in your games?

>> No.77696196

The Monster Manual, it worked on 6 year old me.

>> No.77696418

Define "low fantasy" in your context.
Low magic - as in, Elric compared to Conan? Low ideals - as in Tolkien vs, say, Brian Ruckley?

I tend to lean as low fantasy being Conan-esque, where magic is rare and powerful: and where the protagonists aren't on a selfless, heroic quest, but may make a name for themselves. In that context, you absolutely can run a megadungeon that way: the resources that are managed simply change.

In terms of system or suggestions for inspiration, it would likely depend on the answer to what you're looking for in terms of your game intent. My first thought might be LotFP with Veins as a supplement, but I suggest it with a grain of salt in that I haven't played with Veins, myself.

4e also gave rise to Pathfinder, which took control of the market enough to inspire 5e. I did not reply to the original question about 3/3.5 having a revival, assuming it to be bad bait: but honestly, it seems like PF *was* the OSR of 3/3.5.

>> No.77696497

How does one find the time to run so many games? Is it from retirement or just doing nothing but elfgames on the weekend? I'm curious to know how you all manage it.

>> No.77696503

Are we pretending the BX and BECMI are different enough that they are separate editions? Because that’s a shit comparison between 4E and well anything else?

>> No.77696520

Most of my sessions are less than 3 hours. Weekly I probably average 6-9 hrs of games a week, all are played online.

>> No.77696554

Veins is the best thing the OSR has done though. Raggie is also based and redpilled with at least two modules and distant lotfp shit like that haunted manor module and the one about jesters, and big puppet are all dope

>> No.77696606

Greasy Jim is in his twilight. There will be no LOTFP referee book. The end is nigh.

>> No.77696644

Ok I gave a beater Pathfinder beastiary to my son who is 6. He does love it but in a world of Pokémon it’s not the stand out that it was.

>> No.77696665

Don’t play vidya, don’t coomsume mass media tv and movies. Boom! You now have 4-6 hrs a night for RPG playing. You will take your meals at your post. You’re welcome.

>> No.77696877

Preparing a WWN game with a few house rules (mostly just altered xp tables, cobbling together my own exploration/overland travel rules inspired by Simulacrum), planning to start once I get my POD copy and find some friends willing to try something other than 5e

>> No.77696895

>Are we pretending the BX and BECMI are different enough that they are separate editions?
You must be new here.

>> No.77696986

Running Anomalous Subsurface Environment for two groups using the WWN rules. The A group got terrified by screechmen and decided to run back down the mountain while the B group nearly ran afoul of a hydra while exploring the molybdenum tombs.
I'm a bit worried as one player left the A group as he could not engage at all and one player in the B group is constantly tired to the point where he falls asleep halfway through. As long as the rest of the group holds together I suppose it should be fine.

>> No.77697357

I hadn't considered that. Pokémon was very (new and) popular when I was 6 but the internet and games weren't (at least for children my age). I guess it's up to upbringing then?

>> No.77697366

been reading the complete chronicles of Conan because of Appendix N - and am struck by how vivid and exotic the world is. If Conan was such an influence on OSR, how come this world didn't become the de facto standard for fantasy and generic medieval tropes did?

>> No.77697370

I know the "do female dwarves have beards" depends on the DM/setting. But also different official settings have different opinions on things.

Do female dwarves in Mystara specifically have beards?

>> No.77697496

When blending together a dozen fantasy worlds into one, people will often take the most compatible (ie the simplest and most boring) elements from each.

>> No.77697546

Even some default DnD lore is pretty cool. It's like revisiting a pop artist you've gotten used to hearing and discovering some of their work has more talent than you expected.

As for sword and sorcery, in some ways the default RPG setting resembles the ancient world much more than the middle ages. The castles and knights are superficial to generic fantasy, governments tend to resemble city states with large areas of completely uncivilized wilderness beyond, guns rarely exist, society is polytheistic and religious conflicts are almost nonexistent. But Howard, as much as I love his prose, wrote in a very cheesy style that's too manly and grim for some people taste. Remember like 70% of people who read fantasy novels are women, and most fantasy fans tend towards relatively high magic and wonder.

>> No.77697604

But.. It kinda did, man. It was one of the first fully realized fantasy 'worlds'. D&D just combined it with lotr's elves, dwarves and magic

>> No.77697619

Gameplay wise DnD resembles conan way more than lotr
I wouldn't say the magic of dnd resembles lotr though

>> No.77697622

Don't forget that Howard had been dead for almost 40 years when D&D was published. And '64-'74 had a lot of standout fantasy fiction.

Also, I think there was always a tendency to go big on spells, magic items, weird locations, and fantastical creatures at the cost of man vs. man drama and adventure. If you want a strong theme or aesthetic in a D&D game you really have to treat the bestiaries and spell lists as a menu to add and subtract from--every setting is a gonzo weird wizard show if you use all the content.

>> No.77697666

>Remember like 70% of people who read fantasy novels are women, and most fantasy fans tend towards relatively high magic and wonder.
Gonna need a source on this made up statistic.

>> No.77697682

If you mean grown adult women reading Young Adult fantasy that’s written for 13 year olds then that could be true.

>> No.77697757

I’ll call bullshit on this 70% figure. The Hobbit has no women and LOTR has barely any women. In this way they are perfect. Women don't fight men as equals in medieval societies where force of arms is won by physical strength. I know movies have a generation of soi bois thinking a 110 lb women can beat up a 300 lb man because of martial arts.

>> No.77697762

Not that anon, and I'd be surprised if the number is 70% one way or the other and not closer to 50/50, but in terms of tending to have relatively high magic and wonder, it's important to remember that not having wild fucking magic in your fantasy really is the exception. Even things people think of as relatively low magic, like sword and sorcery.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser have patrons in the form of weird sorcerers potentially from another world, one of whom lives in a Baba Yaga style walking house, and one time they get sent to the land of the dead. Where's that? Oh, just go thattaway and you can't miss it.

Elric has a magic sword that eats souls, oh and sometimes he does a fusion dance and hybridizes with his reincarnated past and future selves into a good-hearted Lovecraftian Horror and they fight giant monsters like some kind of weird flesh-Voltron.

>> No.77697780

The action figure don’t look much like Gary. I’m sure it was repurposed toy mock up because Gail Gygax would never allow this.
I don’t buy action figures but I would buy a arneson and Gygax figures for my desk. I’d open the packaging too!

>> No.77697811
File: 44 KB, 361x345, beards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could't say about Mystara specifically but default AD&D & Greyhawk female dwarves have beards and that's, as far as I am concerned, immutable canon. This is from the big double G himself in Dragon #38.

>> No.77697816

The issue is what is classified as fantasy is a big net. The pulpy appendix N stuff women aren’t reading.

>> No.77697845

Gary shitposting circa 1980.

Call me a nostalgia gag I don’t care but I’d pay good money for a physical Dragon magazine type publication subscription shipped monthly to my door. No I don’t want a fucking pdf.

>> No.77697852

Yeah, that's true.

Now I'm imagining "modern" fantasy, where everyone stays in the cities and the roads are covered with tunnels all the way from one city to the next because the wilds are full of strange and horrible creatures. Like, a combination of urban fantasy and weird, pulpy S&S.

I want to read this.

>> No.77697868

Everyone should have their own frankengame shitbrew, just don't try to sell it unless you come up with something really rad.

>> No.77697879

Mystara is Basic, fuck AD&D. (I know there were AD&D publications for it. Fuck them except as a resource for Mystara moving forward chronologically).

Also, holy shit I want to write a world like Mystara. That much depth and interesting stuff going on, with room for adventure around every corner, some of which does and some of which doesn't tie into larger plots.

>> No.77697882

What's your homebrew look like, anon?

>> No.77697897

I've had the same idea, only with less tunnels and more well-guarded waypoints between walled cities. Never developed it past a vague setting idea, unfortunately.

>> No.77697909

Where grow food?

>> No.77697910

>70% of fantasy readers are women
>doesn't say if he's referring to now, or throughout time, or 1973, or today
This is why people mistrust statistics.

I suspect there was a surprising number of women reading pulps and adventure stories throughout time, but mostly the manbrain types. Today there's a feedback loop where men have been alienated from literature/psyopped into "reading is gay"/mindkilled by vidya and tv. Women like to pay full retail for hardcover books so the catladies and gays in the publishing industry market to them.

>> No.77697911

How would you describe the OSR *feel* to a total newfag?
I've had a copy of Basic dungeons and dragons for years now, and I want to run it for my friends (pathfinder players) but they don't seem into it.
I played it back when I was a teen, and liked it but idk how to describe the joy of dungeon crawling to people that like to play furry amateur theater

>> No.77697960

Players are in the driver's seat to explore a weird magical world, and they win great riches or die ignobly based on their choices. Characters are disposable pawns until they win big enough to be heroes that influence the larger gameworld.

Some people just aren't going to get it. Stuff like combat matrices and nested encounter tables used to keep them out of the hobby but it's now dumbed down enough that they expect to be catered to.

>> No.77697968

"Imagine if Jigsaw from the Saw franchise was an orc. Now, imagine if the group from Ocean's Eleven tried to steal his shit. That's what a dungeon is like. Now... make it cozy and creepy at the same time."

Fuck, I don't know. It's hard to describe.

>> No.77698351

yeah, you got the spirit! I am working on a timeline where if the players choose to ignore the narcocult after the intro, within a month and a half the cult will have turned the city into a veritable gomorrah of drugs.

In the interests of keeping it simple (this is my first sort of publication) i am mostly using reskinned monsters but i do have one cool one. The Narcomancer himself is meant to be really weak and easy to kill, since he is too high to really even notice the players arriving. But without his careful tending, the thing in the cauldron will go nuts...

and it becomes a huge Narcotic Ooze! so after killing the mancer, they party has to contain and destroy an ooze made of drugs that's trying to escape into the water table, where it can spread and get into everyone's water. The ooze itself is fairly basic but physical contact with it initiates a randomised drug dose and it can split and grow, making the containment more of a challenge than actually killing it. I will post some more juicy bits and art and shit later!

>> No.77698383

Any recommendations for a good hexcrawl I can run for my players using b/x?

>> No.77698494
File: 2.20 MB, 1202x1680, pf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's like Pathfinder without all the gay shit.

>> No.77698566

What game is this?

>> No.77698596

I own it in hardcopy, it's pretty decent, it's not one to one history. France is literally called Frogland and was infiltrated by chaos cultists that turned unleashed an Army of Frog demons who took over.

But there is a lot worth stealing from it. I personally liked the stuff about Medieval legal systems, I don't remember if that's in that book or Lion & Dragon, but if you're gonna pirate them anyway just get both and the Chaos Cult book. I've found the Hex maps in Dark Albion to be useful for short LotFP campaigns since Raggi likes people setting his game in Fantasy versions of real places.

>> No.77698656


Looks like 'Arena' the first elder scrolls game, based on the names and the AR

>> No.77698666

Removal of explicit exploration, time tracking and resource use.
Removal of gold for xp loop.
Use of procedural generations tables as an -on-the-fly rather than as a prep aid. Or misunderstanding the difference.

>> No.77698793

>If Conan was such an influence on OSR, how come this world didn't become the de facto standard for fantasy and generic medieval tropes did?
Gygax really liked it, but the evidence is that his players preferred Tolkien.

>> No.77698849

Breaking statblock compatibility (beyond minor things like ascending AC or alternate saves)

Just as a matter of practicality. If you translate every roll in B/X to percentile BRP mechanics, you might have an almost identical game experience, but we've lost that shorthand that we can use to share content. If I need to learn your game to use your stuff, then we're simply having a conversation about RPGs in general.

That's an entirely different matter from whether your content sucks or not.

>> No.77698948
File: 395 KB, 456x621, Screenshot_20210223-110957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magic is designed to resemble Dying Earth. Cleric magic kind of has some Howardian parallels - making pacts with supernatural entities - but really it's all Vance.

I'd believe this. Although my wife and I hardly represent the population - small sample size - I am big on Conan, Smith, etc. - she prefers Diana Wynne Jones or Jasper Fforde's fairy tail retellings. I wonder if she'd be into Dolmenwood, now that I'm thinking about it...

Ugh - players. They ruined playing!

>> No.77699061

Did they ever put out a coherent unified Dolemnwood book?

>> No.77699155

Oh, makes sense. When I googled Crypt of Hearts I kept getting a bunch of ESO hits. Thanks!

>> No.77699248

X1 Isle of Dread

>> No.77699397

I'd argue that to some degree it did. Howard's not-Spain, not-Egypt, not-France etc approach has been seen again and again in D&D products and related fantasy offshoots. The Forgotten Realms is full of that shit.

>> No.77699502

Should I get the Rules Cyclopedia, or is there a better all-in-one version of the same ruleset (or very close to it)?

>> No.77699770

OSE contains the material people actually play with. The Cyclopedia has a ton of extra stuff that you'll very likely never have hit the table and isn't as well playtested, but has to be fought through during play.

If you're set on it though, the major clone of the RC is Dark Dungeons. Check out both and see which you prefer.

>> No.77699846

There is a single volume pdf of B/X floating around that's very useable. RC is cool but imo there's a lot of stuff that's only interesting as a curiosity. Especially the really high level stuff is just stunningly goofy and I have a hard time believing it was ever used in a real campaign.

>> No.77700014

Fair enough. Any recommendation for what I want, then? I want a game all in one physical (not just a PDF) book that has rules for dungeon crawling, overland travel, etc., with a relatively high level cap just in case some day I run a game that gets that far, and which feels tonally pretty compatible with Mystara/the Known World.

RC seemed like it, but if it's not then I'm not sure what to go for.

>> No.77700091

Mystara was designed with the RC material in mind, so despite the caveats, RC or DD still might be your best bet. Just take a close look at stuff like weapon mastery and other non-B/X material before letting it into your campaign.

>> No.77700190

If you want 100% faithful B/X in a quality book, then I think the Old School Essentials rules tome is the only thing that fits the niche perfectly. Do yourself a favor and read B/X itself just for the GMing advice if you're new, RC and OSE are references first and above all, and don't really teach you how to run the game.
>tfw you realize how many successful ventures have been founded on just reprinting D&D.

There are several good retroclones that are 95% faithful, but they're pretty much all print on demand paperbacks.

Pirate RC to see if you like it, I just think almost any experienced GM can think of better things for high level characters to do than what they came up with in the Master and Immortal sets.

>> No.77700318

>Should I get the Rules Cyclopedia
Yes, the Cyclopedia is great and it's available in POD hardcover.

>> No.77701280

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