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PenDragon Pass edition;
PenDragon Pass is an old attempt to combine Pendragon with Runequest, to play a multi-generation clan during the colonization of Dragon Pass by early Orlanthi settlers.
It’s the campaign that preceded and inspired the King of Dragon Pass PC game.
Partial rules are in “Tales of the Reaching Moon #6” full 30pg rules can be found in “Enclosure 1” in the Magazine and Fanzine section of the trove
A few people seemed interested in it, I’d love to hear if anyone plays it

old thread >>77529573

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Mythras is really good, but I miss Strike Ranks, RNG initiative sucks ass.

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They did use iron in the bronze age, just not very often

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I love MRQII/Mythras. That is all.

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How would you go about estabilishing your own kingdom? I think that is pretty good end goal for pcs to have, but there are hardly any places left in the usual setting of dragon pass+prax that arent settled. I think only Hydra Mountains and Red Dragon Valley are good potential location for funding one. Further then that maybe Garsting?

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you can conquer balazar or have an area suddenly come out of the syndic ban.
Washing up on some lost island works too.

also, are there not several regions that never got ANY lore cus they were supposed to be open to personal creation?

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What makes runequest so great? I've read through the core rulebook but I don't really understand what's so great about this "skill system"

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>conquer Balazar
>where 1/3 of population has aimbot
I dont think this is possible.
>also, are there not several regions that never got ANY lore cus they were supposed to be open to personal creation?
Yeah, they were called Blank Lands. I like the concept.
Well for starters I like it, it is nice and simple. The advancement system is unique and its classless nature rewards you for actually doing something. Its lack of reliability forces you to find different leveling solutions, such as manuals and training sessions, which forces you to roleplay and makes you feel like a real living part of the world. The spell system is simple, nice, varied and not limited by anything other then players choices.
Also chopping off limbs is fun.

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>I dont think this is possible.
step one: get your hands on that giant-controlling ring
Step2: make the three citadels war among each other until they are weak
Step 3: raise the votanki against the balazaring
Step 4: attack with your horde of votanki, mercenaries, adventurers and giants. pick the citadels off one by one
Step 5: realize that balazar is a shithole country and will never be better than it is now: a giant pig pen

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>Blank Lands
more details?
Is that s upplement or something?

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Nah, just places that Greg deliberately left void of info, like Garsting north of Elder Wilds, for people to put whatever they like there.

Jeff got rid of the idea though because he’s a control freak and wanted the Guide to be the Gloranthan bible.

My Garsting is a valley of Mohenjo-Daro style egalitarian urban complexes.

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pic related.
This might work. Balazar might be a good ground for getting converted into Barntarii central, since it is pretty much homeground of his wife, so it is not all that bad.

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I could very much dig a primitivist Votanki revival movement, down with the citadels

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>Jeff got rid of the idea though because he’s a control freak and wanted the Guide to be the Gloranthan bible.
Mind you, the only info about Garsting in the guide/AAA is that nomads think it has nice pastures and there is a mud pyramid in there somewhere.

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>nomads think it has nice pastures and there is a mud pyramid in there somewhere.
And both of those could be rumors or truths from a bygone age

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found this by googling
> Garsting has Estvenori tribes, who worship Kostak the Horse-Breaker, who fought the Pentans, and have a city. They herd goats! The land is forested and hilly. It is either held by the Empire or forced to worship the Emperor in return for its independence. There are other, lesser details

Gotta admit, I am disappointed with Jeff on this one

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yeah, and that really goes to show how important the use of *negative space* is in fiction, because often imagination > low-effort fill-in projects.
Greg was an artist when it came to ambiguity, he knew exactly how much to say and how much to leave unspoken. So much soul between the lines of all the old material, I fucking adore it

Mud pyramids aren’t bad though, earthwork megaliths are underrated

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So Nysalor was the perfect and good god made by humans.
was Nysalor an A.I?

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That's from the old IHL, which Jeff isn't a fan of anyway, and isn't canon.

As of the guide all we know is they're Zarkosite goat herders, and have a market town around a mud brick tomb pyramid.

As for the other blank lands, excepting Balazar as that had always had lore before RQ3, the other bits of lore that were given to unblank them:
>Retrint in Fronela: city state stuck between KoW and chaos monsters from the nearby swamp.
>Zon An in Kralorela: got the most lore, magic tea is grown here and picked by trained monkeys. There's a monkey filled city here, and a city of inventors.
>Lalia in Ralios: not only no longer blank, now it's on the map. Hills near troll lands, inhabited by clans of sheep herding pastorialists who fight all the time, and are hired as mercenaries. Women have big knives, and there's one city where they meet peacefully.

So one was never blank, one's still effectively blank, two are full of animal herders, and one's in Kralorela.

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Why do you care so much about him?

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Elves helped too, and Dragonnewts and Trolls at first

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>Chaos god
Hah, no.

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why do I care so much about the manmade god that invents illumination?

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How do we crossbreed humans and dragonewts?

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Enclosure 1 is not on the trove. God help us

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Looks like it is. In the RQ folders, under magazines.

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try clicking on it. I only get "this pdf is unavailible"

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Works for me, weird.

Try the one in the other RQ folder?

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No, Zistor was an AI.

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sorry to distract the thread with non gloranthan. real world iron/bronze age discussion
but how do you think thing's would have gone and progressed if eurasia didn't have any GOOD iron deposit's
how would technologies infrastructure and civilizations progress with only accesses to low quality iron deposits would bronze equipment remain at a higher value? what about other technological progressions?

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iron would be restricted to tools or lower quality weapons like spear tis and bronze would be reserved for certain very expensive armours and swords. Pretty much i don't see any significant changes up to the ancient era besides bronze swords continuing being used and being of great value. it is with the early medieval period that things start to change. it would hamper civilisation in general and especially military progression f arms and armaments

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Estabilishing your own kingdom should be hard. No free real estate in any good neighbourhood, they either have to conquer or travel far.

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balazar and pavis had the right idea.
Find a place populated by primitives and magic up some walls

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Glorantha isn't Bronze Age as in the historical Bronze Age, its Bronze Age because bronze is everywhere and iron isn't.

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Also Sartar really.

So much of his impressive buildings is hired dwarven work after all.

One place I think could be fun is Aggar. We know after the dragonrise they force out the lunars and acclaim their own king. You could set a game then and have a PC become the king.

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Nah, you begin the game before that, and PCs are a bunch of adventures that ventured into Balazar to find the Iron Crown, and with it, gain a claim to the kingdom of Aggar.

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That's even better, yeah.

Hide it around the dragonewt plinth, and have the heroes need to do something that awakens dragonic powers, causing them to tie into the dragonrise, so they have even more connection to the liberation of their homeland. After all, the big events rarely have singular causes.

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Turns out old uncle Dorik used to be Dorginius, a Lunar Tarshite Peltast who served with a doomed Lunar legion during Starbrow’s Rebellion.
He deserted when his legion attempted a suicidal march through Prax, but not before helping dig a barrow that the officers hid the whole company’s payroll in.
The legion never made it back from Prax, so old uncle Dorik has spent the last couple decades brooding over the potential buried treasure, and on his deathbed, wracked by consumption, he sent us to finally set his mind at ease and dig up the treasure.
Well, we did, and the “treasure” is a bunch of scraps of paper with scribbles in what seems to be lunar script. We took one to Dorik, and he read it out loud to us:
>BOLDHOME - In the name of the reaching moon we pledge to pay the bearer one century of lunars upon presentation - GAIUS ARRIPTUM

We have ~41,000 of these.
Dorik got a good laugh out of it and passed later that night, still chuckling to himself.

Is there any way for us to still turn these into cash, or did we dig up a cursed barrow for naught?
One rash member of our group thinks we should just pretend to be lunars and make up some story to take to the nearest lunar stronghold, but most of us think that’s batshit, and that maybe we could sell them to some scholar or antiquarian in Jonstown.

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It's also not bronze or iron the earthly metals, they just called it that for player accessibility, because terms like za-metal and ra-metal would have been confusing. Bronze is just copper and tin irl, whereas in Glorantha it's the bones of dead gods and you mine it. So when /his/fags get all excited about Glorantha being "Bronze Age", they just haven't really read the lore, because the tech of Glorantha varies quite a lot.

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Are you honestly asking if the Lunars are going to make good on a scribbled up IOU for nearly a half million lunars? Just burn them, so your uncle's traitorous and cowardly shame dies with him.

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Give them all to trickster.
You would have to get them to like, Dancer in Glamour, since she is the only one insane enough to actually honor something like this.
So your best bet is getting a trickster. Eurmal is love and love finds a way.

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Lunars may be dog-faces chaos-worshipping bastards, but a pledge is a pledge, right?

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It should be fine as long as you don't try to cash them in all at once.

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Just wear a coat and 41 000 different hats.

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Hats are cheap, should still turn a profit

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hm. maybe you can drink a lunar tavern dry and pay with it...

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what was the name of that mysterious crop with an alien name?
and is it actually potatoes?

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Beezil! that was the name!
now...how do we heroquest to get a hold of this crop? I think it's the only damn crop that would grow in Balazar.

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I like to think potatoes are the sacred plant of Thilla, the goddess of Yuthuppa, who has a crop that's a branched root. Which fits with potatoes.

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Not tonight, but in time I shall tell you the tale of Thundergut.

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>no storm rune and thunderbolts on his gut
False advertising.

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He is pretty darn thin for a troll. Does he have an eating disorder?

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Not everyone can roll good on size.

>> No.77644928

Raised by Orlanthi he rarely got the chance to gorge himself as he should

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I do the opposite lol, Mythras action point/initiative system but for the rest I use RQ3/RQG

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Mud brick pyramids suck

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Is there a book about the maritime nations or somethign like that?

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Heroquest has “Blood over Gold - Merchant Princes of Maniria” and “Men of the Sea”

>> No.77649042

Also, there’s this

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Ah shit. here we go again...

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most noteworthy blank land's shouldn't be completely blank
all official and "canon" material on blank land's should be extra contradictory
change my mind

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but I can’t, because you’re too right

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If I wanted to start a non gloranthan campaign with large combat’s and cool monsters
Would a Bronze Age high fantasy Normandy be a good way to do it?

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we honestly need some turning point glorantha memes

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>It’s Classical Greek/Dark Age Celtic-Saxon with modern 70s trim, don’t let the Gloranthaphiles hoodwink you with this Agean limited-tattoo newfangled stuff or older Indo-Celtic-Hittite with tons of tattoos (seriously the aesthetic changes even between Heroquest and AiG).
>The Orlanthi are and always have been Dark Age Northern Europeans (with Mediterranean skin depending on the artist) with the bronze armour of Marathon and medieval weapons redone in bronze.
>With 70s and 80s hairstyles too.

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Yeah, sounds like good idea. You would just need to get good naval rules from somewhere

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yes and?

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>my imagination is stunted and fully delimited by the boundaries of mid20th century pop-culture memes

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Bro have you seen this game called Skyrim?!?!

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>not Black Sea

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Why does homebrewing for basic roleplaying derived systems make me feel like I’m coding for a rougelike?

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Friends of old, friends of new and those of you I never knew.
My art is to carve simple wood into beautiful shapes, as for making simple words beautiful I shall make an attempt but know now that I shall be accurate and true above all else.

It was in the time when men were taming Dragon Pass, before the coming of Sartar first-king, that a clan had settled on the edge of the lands that now belong to the Balmyr tribe. I know not the name of this clan for they later split and merged in seperate ways, but that is not important now.
This clan had a peculiar tradition, set by their heroic founding ancestor, to adopt any lost child as their own and this is the reason why when they found a troll babe in a bush they had to make a difficult descicion.

There were many good reasons and arguments to not take the child in but ultimately the clan's Orlanth god-talker shamed the people into honouring their ancestral tradition. Thus the troll babe was taken in and raised in the Orlanthi way.

I know not what name they gave him, only his later name of fame, so I shall call him "Thundergut" now even though this name was made later and I shall tell you how in time.
As a child Thundergut did not have a good time and he was passed around various steads since nobody wanted him for long and tolerated him only out of duty. Other children did not like playing with him, he was ugly, awkward, large and did not know his own strenght. He played too rough, he ate too much and made odd whining noises on bright days.

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He was even close to getting thrown out of the clan when a lamb in a flock he tended had disappeared. Not an uncommon event in such a wild land but due to his troll nature, well, I think you know what people thought had happened. Again it was the god-talker that saved him by insisting on a divination to detirmine his guilt. In this ritual they did not learn the truth for the ancestors that came to them only wailed that they were not honouring their traditions and they would be cursed if they threw out a child.

What a sad beeing the child Thundergut must have been. Desperate for any affection and attention at all he attached himself to the only person who did not wince at him to his face, the Orlanth god-talker.
Now, the old man certainly did not want to play, least at all with Thundergut and he certainly did not want to hear about how the child had dreamt that he set fire to the alynxes in the stead (I am told that this was actually said), so in a bid to make the sad little boy shut up and sit down the god-talker talked. And what should he talk about but what he knew? He talked of Orlanth.

To me it does not seem like much, but to Thundergut who was starved of affection it must have been an oasis in Prax for he drank deeply of this well of knowledge. In the stories he saw the recipie for love and adoration and he became obsessed.

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By the time of his initiation his knowledge of the stories of Orlanth was greater than that of even several adults and he came out mightier than any of his initiation-brothers. I am also told that many had hoped he would turn into a human after the initiation but I do not know why anyone would think that. Anyways...

With the strenght of his race Thundergut was a great worker and when the many enemies of the clan came to raid and plunder no shieldwall could resist his ferocious charge and mighty thunderbolts. This was the rise of his star for his victories brought wealth and knowing what Orlanth would do with wealth he shared it. I will say that yes, there were those who were friends to him only while the gifts flowed and I have wondered if Thundergut truly was generous or if he was buying adoration. I have never wondered this of any other hero so why should I question the generosity of Thundergut? The drink has me getting sentimental. I shall go on, as usual.

Deeply immersed in the lore of Orlanth, emulating his god and mighty in victory. Thundergut built a stead upon a small hillock with wealth from raids and there he lived alone with only his herds for company. He did not attend feasts in those days, always finding some excuse to not partake. Thundergut could not escape his racial hunger and I have no doubt he was deeply embarassed by the way he ate, unable to keep from wolfing down food with accompanying sounds. Imagine.

>> No.77656425

This is the reason why the boar-eating competition is a thing down there. Some clever person came up with a way of making everyone eat like a troll and make a game out of it. Thundergut was the reigning champion his entire life.

Now I shall tell you of his name, which he got some time after becoming housecarl to the chief. The clan had many enemies and one of them sought to attack Thundergut where he was most weak, his pride. They composed a song mocking him viciously and naming him Thundergut.

When the clan lawspeaker, who was also a skald, heard the song he composed a countersong naming the heroic Thundergut with just a twang of friendly banter and he made sure Thundergut heard his version first. That is one story at least, there is another version where the mocking song was made after the heroic song and this was probably the most common story back then, but my instincts tell me it is wrong.

>> No.77656434

That is what I know, in detail. His heroic deeds are named, such as I recall: the three-horse-jump, the avenging of the widows, the holding of the bridge, the wildfire wrestling and the walktapus affair. Alas, I do not know these stories and I am sure there are more.

Aye, he was a great warrior. Wanted to be a wind-lord. He was devoted to the protection of Ernalda, her temple and priestesses like no one else. Never married. I think we all know why. Probably never could get himself to look at a human woman that way.

Anyway, I don't know how his story ends. I heard he died before he could become a windlord. Some say he died trying to wear iron armour, which as you know a windlord must possess and others say he died in the service of Ernalda, whatever that means.

He is supposedly buried somewhere in the Quivin mountains, under his hillock or in the hills south of Wilmskirk, near wasps nest. A warrior out of Whitewall who sought his magic sword (not that I think he'd be bale to lift it, mind you) claimed he heard Thundergut lies near Kero Fin.
Ah, who knows. I'll say this: if anyone ever hears any more I would like to know how the story end.

Now what say you, shall we raise our horns for Thundergut?

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Elmal has been memory-holed from Glorantha because of he represents a deconstruction of Yelmic patriarchal rule (sets aside his place in the misogynist sun tribe, adherents don't participate in either male-coded or female-coded early clan rites but stand outside on guard. Orlanthi society - which claims to be gender equal but in fact operates a highly binarist complementarian patriarchy that limits gender non-conformity to subordinate social roles or tokenises it through Helerism - stabbed Elmal in the back by replacing him with a more conservative and reactionary deity. Yelmalio is transphobia.

>> No.77656704

>Some say he died trying to wear iron armour
What a way to go.

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>> No.77657004

Although Elmal's cult doesn't allow women to join, and Yelmalio's does.

>> No.77657067

>and Yelmalio's does.
yeah that seems like a total cop-out

>> No.77657083

>elmal is replaced
>yelmalio cult accept women

>> No.77657205

Well, it's part of the original cult write up.

Of course, for Elmali, there was the Redalda cult that provided access in the same way as Vinga and Nandan.

>> No.77658418

I liked that, very Folk tales like and without him being a mary sue but sorta of a tragic heroe.

>> No.77660222

There has never bern an adequate treatment of gender roles in Orlanthi culture.
You can tell Greg was going for that with the subversive mythic angles in Book of Heortling Myths, but it’s hardly been touched since.
Pisses me off how RQG is like “we have five genders!” but them doesn’t tell you a single fucking thing about them and spends the rest of the book assuming a strict essentialist gender binary full of grossly reactionary last-century conservative fantasies.

Vinga being written out of the setting or reduced to stupid cult-lesbianism is a crime against Glorantha and good taste.

>> No.77660395

Go away tankie.

>> No.77660448

Interestingly the Book of Heortling Mythology describes how Heler's dual gendered more powerful form makes the Orlanthi "a bit queasy."

Of course a straight literal viewpoint of that section of the RQG rulebook suggests that they view sex and gender as different, suggesting that being a vingan is different from being male gender and female bodied. So something more may be going on there, unintended by the writing.

>> No.77660739

Are there any cultures where Heler is more respected? They’re one of Ernalda’s husbands in Esrolia, right?

>> No.77660784

Heler is pretty much local deity of Manira.

>> No.77660850

Ideas for scenario hooks/conflicts for an Aldryami community?
My imagination is stuck in forest ecology, so I’ve got stuff like:
>Lunar researchers bioprospecting for medicinal plants
>Dwarven industrial pollution
>Trolls lumberjacks chopping trees
>Orlanthi clearing groves for farmland
>too many herbivores, too few predators
>too many predators, too few herbivores
>Internal disputes: conflict between harmony and disorder rune alignments, ecoextremists vs. hippy love growers

>> No.77662012

Fungal blights, pestilent insects, leaf rusts
Arborists seeking tree-tending knowledge
Strange elves from foreign forests seeking rootstock for grafting projects
Preparations for the great reforestation
something about dryads, idk, maybe they’re horny

>> No.77662523

Anyone got the Red Book PDF?

>> No.77662909

thanks. might write an adventure where the pc's find his tomb.
Where do you think it should be and what was teh truth of his death?

>> No.77662918

The Smoking Ruins, perhaps he died heroquesting to resurect a cult to the darkness orlanth son than I never remember the name...

>> No.77664713

It’s in the mega folder, should be able to find it through the share thread, if not I can post a tinyurl link

>> No.77665030

GM’ing my third session later tonight, my players are a young Esrolian noblewoman and a green elf she befriended over their shared Earth goddess worship, on pilgrimage to Kero Fin.
It’s late Earth Season 1625 and I started them off in Apple Lane, having taken a wrong turn at Runegate in an attempt to avoid the fighting that’s occurring around there.
At the Tin Inn they steadfastly refused to get involved with any of the three small quests available, were advised that they were traveling the wrong way to get to Kero Fin, and decided to backtrack. (Kero Fin should be visible from anywhere in Dragon Pass, but they don’t know the routes very well, being a foreigner and a conifer).
They were also warned about bandit problems in the area, but ignored it.

They camped in the middle of the road at night and were awoken by their pack animals being accosted by a pair of tusk riders.
They tried to fight the tuskies off, severely injuring one and befuddling the other, but the Esrolian, Rhia, got disemboweled and had to use all her rune magic to not die, so they took an opportunity to flee back towards Apple Lane.
They both failed their riding checks, got bucked off their horses, and spent the rest of the night hiding in a ditch.

One of the quests they turned down was Gringle’s pawnshop defense (anachronistic, but they don’t know that) so when they made it back to Apple Lane in the morning the pawnshop was burning down and they helped the townsfolk put out the fire.

So, at present, half their possessions were taken by the Tusk Riders and the other half are on the ground back where they left their saddlebags. I imagine they’ll want to get them back, but they need a warrior.

I’m thinking I’ll have Brightflower tell them that there’s a mercenary working for the local herders to guard the flock from those two sabertooths that’ve been hanging around, and that if they help kill the beasts, the merc might join them (and they’ll get the bounty money)

>> No.77665066

Alternatively, Gringle might offer to cast that “safe path” rune spell for them if they can help him recover the fang crystal from the arsonist beastfolk (whom they spoke to briefly on the road while the baboons and centaur were on their way to attack the pawnshop), but idk if they’ll want to try that or not.

Any other ideas for what I can do?

>> No.77665445

If they make it to Swanton, I’m gonna have them encounter a quest from the Back to Balazar blog, “For Old Time’s Sake”, a short social adventure about a malia cultist

>> No.77665584

>go to the pilgrimage to the point you can see from everywhere in the world
>get lost
Yep, thats women and elf for you. good roleplaying.

>> No.77666034

My guess is Vinga's popularity dropped off in the 3rd age, with the coming of the Red Goddess. A red goddess associated with the middle air was never going to look too popular.

It's possible to revive her cult though. And the ancient Red Moon worship of the Orlanthi, separate to the modern moon.

>> No.77666488

> And the ancient Red Moon worship of the Orlanthi
wait, what?? Where can I read more?

>> No.77666774

Of all the children of Umath, the one least talked about is Serenha, the first of the air goddesses, sister of Orlanth. She may be a more primal form of Vinga for this reason.

Serenha came into being when Umath did his first movements, moving through the sky. In his wake, he noticed this goddess, who trailed him.

Then there's the goddess Verithurusa to consider. The princess of the sky, the early red moon. Also sometimes called Verithurusus, or Jernedeus. The Copper Tablets of Yuthuppa recall how Verithrusus follows Umatum the intruder when he intrudes through the sky, and eventually crashes from the sky.
The Lives of Sedenya recalls how the first incarnation of the Red Goddess, Zaytenera, encountered a new god, and followed him through the sky, forcefully attracted to him. He was her first lover, and she discarded her robes of white to take up red robes, calling herself Verithurusa.

It's very likely Serenha is an ancient moon goddess, and Vinga is one of the few remaining incarnations, subsumed into the cult of Orlanth over the ages.

>> No.77667271

I like it very much, ty, ancient moon worship is bae

>> No.77667390

is this a maran gor cultist?
>air rune
I guess not
What cult?

>> No.77667495

Babeester Gor I think

>> No.77667838

The style reminds me to prince of sartar.

>> No.77667852

There's a reason for that. That's fanart from them before they started working for Chaosium or doing the comic.

>> No.77669146

Broo outbreak

>> No.77669241

>Everything is made from chaos
>What you see in the world as the destructive force of chaos is things which their rhythm/song as fallen out of sync with the natural world
I need to brush up on my glorantha lore again but which factions hold this opinion?

>> No.77669278

Greg irl held that opinion

>> No.77671679

I think the godlearners would agree with that, the jrusteli monomyth says that more pr less

>> No.77673362

tonight my players got lost in the woods, harassed a duck, paid a ransom with someone else’s money, insulted a baboon, haggled with a runepriest of issaries, and decided that acting as bait for sabertooth tigers is a good idea

>> No.77673763

It might not be a bad idea actually.I mean, would sakkars be interested in eating elf? It is a plant afterall

>> No.77674082

I thought everthing was made out of dragon and Chaos was a tool to wake and shape it.

>> No.77674211

Well, that answers a cosmological question in my game.

>> No.77674285

The universe (the real one) coming form chaos/void is pretty common belief and hardly limited to primitive or ancient societies, even some physicists seem to think the same.

>> No.77674382

I though Serenha was either Entakos or Dendara (hard to tell them apart. I think they are twins) ?
>Any other ideas for what I can do?
Mostly non-combat encounters. Read Ryutuma or something for inspiration:
>upon entering tula, the girl gets instantly hit on by 1d6 young orlanthi warriors. They will be courting her in the most ridiculous ways you can imagine untill party leaves.
>traveling merchant tells them a rumor about location with a rumored lost treasure of Ernalda. It is in a nearby cave, with one of these snakes that protect temples inside.
>the girl is invited as a guest to an internal meeting of a local earth temple. The issue is pretty bad: young warriors ventured on a raid into distant land known as Prax, and one of them came back married to a weird girl! They are debating if she should be accepted into their community and if her goddess, Eiritha, is trully a daughter of Ernalda or just a lunar plot to divide the clan!
>when going through the forest, party walks on a battle between two gangs of fairies. Each side represents one of the local nature spirits. There is an elvish shaman not too far from them, meditating on how to unfuck the situation. He will offer you charms if you solve it, somehow.

>> No.77674870

Entekos is usually associated with Molanni instead.
While they could be the same, it's also hard not to see a connection with the Verithurusa myth.

>> No.77675088

the identification of Dendara with Entekos has always been a weird tricky thing since Dendara is essentially solar Ernalda with the runic affilations to match, but both of them are specifically not Sedenya, or any of her past selves, which is the entire point of the Entekosiad.

>> No.77675372

Is there a good resource for generating a sartarite village/town?

>> No.77675728

By population density you have http://www.backtobalazar.com/glorantha-fantasy-world-city-tool/

>> No.77677932

Are there alternate character generation timelines anywhere?

>> No.77678008

More or less any disgusting chaos tolerater justifies it this way, so the Lunar Empire.

>> No.77678838

my plan for conquest and grade A godlearner shitposting.
1, get big money
2, go to balazar
3, get ring of giants
4, buy mercs and use them+giants to smash the lunar citadel and build a better one
5, conquer the rest of them after playing them against each other for a year.
6, combine yelmalio and orlanth into the new god Yormaliot(or some shit) the shining skyfather with thunder. Balazarings being used to outsiders bringing them the benefit if civilization and proper worship should eat it up and unify.
7, marry Yormaliots son (yarmtar?) to the beezil goddess and bring some godamn agriculture to this shithole.
8. rule as a benev8lent godking with an artificially high lifespan
9, ???
10, all my work collapse several generations later leaving only the foot of my great statue. gaze upon my work ye mighty...

>> No.77678859

jonstown comp. has one. it is not super great...
maybe /tg/ should make one?

>> No.77679061

Glorantha seriously need some youtubers talking about lore like DnD has. The only ones I've seen talking about this setting are dudes talking to camera and it's pretty boring. Even Mystara is more represented on youtube

>> No.77679162

Fuck that. If there's one thing the hobby doesn't need its more people who can't read.

>> No.77679958

Better yet- Traveller style generation for Runequest.

>> No.77680117

yes, just... lets make SOMETHING

>> No.77680571

Lokkomayadon is Lhankor My

Zistor is a corruption of the word "system".

the golden wheel dancers are not extinct, they are just not born yet

>> No.77681774

Sources, please. The third one specifically sounds like bullshit.

>> No.77682088

Could you post a link? Cant find it

>> No.77682496

Very great idea
I’ve been looking for good character gen systems to rip off, RQ has never had any great ones sadly

>> No.77682566

oh no, it is baseless speculations.
the first one is suspicious though. Didnt Lokomoko worship a bearded wind AND tried to become a god?

>> No.77682836

prob referring to the “Early Family History” one
It’s not bad, it’s just the same style as the RQG one but set to put you at 1615 rather than 1625, to fit the older material which was mostly set around then
I’d post it but the pdf file size limit is stupid small

>> No.77682868

people were messing with ideas for better, more personal family history gen a few threads ago too, I’m gonna try making something

>> No.77682964

Try posting it in sharethread on smuglo,li /tg/ then. Or through anon files.

>> No.77683482

I just ended up with like 5 different hate passions

>> No.77683571

Lokamayadon worshipped Hagodereth, also known as Vorios. He's a storm god who takes the form of a giant ram, and is still worshipped in Talastar.

It wouldn't surprise me if Lokamayadon's still viewed as a hero there, if a tragic one.

>> No.77683778

welcome to /pol/.

>> No.77684888

made me giggle

>> No.77685031

I don't buy the first of the third. The second tough...

>> No.77685043

What culture would be best to play semi-nomadic sheep herders?

>> No.77685096

Thats pretty much what Orlanthi have been in the past. So Orlanthi from some backwater.

>> No.77685117

? Less civilized Orlanthies than are poor and live in a poor land and have to move to not overgraze it, in Saird, aggar or talastar for example. One of the Totem animals of Orlanth is the RAM.

>> No.77685590

dude just make a clan of open-range grazing orlanthi!
whom all the other clans hate...

>> No.77685791

Nice, did they use yurts or felt tents or anything like that? I was thinking there might be more central-asian style steppe pastoralists somewhere but if I can just hack Orlanthi into that then that’d be fine too.

This is important though: Do Orlanthi have lacto-fermentation processes? Yoghurt, kefir, kumis, anything like that?
I think Hyalorings have kumis, right?

And they must have cheese-making, I imagine?

>> No.77685924

Of course they have cheese anon. I don't remember any specific about kefir or kumis, but nothing impedes you to have it. If you want to make it more Nomad pastoralist, Pentans also worship Orlanth, perhaps a few minor tribes along northen Prax or something like that.

>> No.77686053

>but I miss Strike Ranks
I am currently creating a homebrew that borrows heavily from Mythras. What would you say are the benefits of strike ranks over random initiative?

>> No.77686263

1. ease for the GM and players, instead of everyone calling out their INI and listing it, the GM just counts to ten or twelve and you go on your count.
2. Turn order is an incredibly important thing in a fight, especially a deadly one. fast guy is fast, every time unless circumstances dictate an ambush or other advantage.
3. different actions take different amounts of time. this is incredibly important to my autism.

Pluses of Mythras AP:
1. defense makes sense in an intuitive way, spend AP, balance between attack and defense expenditure.
2. less words to describe it
3. more like other rpgs i guess

>> No.77686291

SR makes sense, random initiative doesn’t. Who strikes first in a melee is determined by the speed of each, their reach, and the length of their weapons. Strike Rank may seem clumsy to figure out at first but it works very well.

>> No.77687119

>> No.77687721

Holy shit it’s mothafucking GAGARTH, god of bandits, outlaws and brigands!
Love his eagle horse thing

>> No.77687951

Any write-ups for a cult of Geo? Innkeeper cult sounds cozy

>> No.77688617

I'm thinking about adapting Dark Sun for Mythras. I figure you could just rename Spirit/Folk Magic to Psionics, and have 90% of the work done there. My only issue would be that experienced Mythras characters still remain pretty fragile.

>> No.77688680

You Orlanthi sure are a contentious lot.

>> No.77688812

I mean it fits with the world.
Sure DnD had everyone start as tough guys, but that's because that's the assumption of DnD.

Mythras would allow for things like a nigh-immortal sorcerer getting crippled by a lucky spear toss after all.

>> No.77688846

The cult got a write up all the way back in Tales of the Reaching Moon 3.

>> No.77690318

I think it's even more simple than that.

Like Em-Issaries.

>> No.77691855

Fantastic, thank you

>> No.77691914

Several mythras supplements such as Luther Arkwright, after the vampire wars, and world’s United, allready have psionics which are more powerful than folk magic but less powerful than theism and sorcery
In my opinion Most of the existing magic systems in mythras such as theism animism and sorcery fit dark sun better than the magic provided in the official d&d books

>> No.77691951

It was the rare metal.

>> No.77692850

I imagine elemental priests would have access to miracles like:
>Air: Call Winds, Cloud Call, Lightning, Thunderclap.
>Earth: Bless Crops, Earthquake, Entangle, Fortify.
>Fire: Clear Skies, Mirage, Rain of Fire, Sunspear.
>Water: Bless Crops, Breath Water, Cloud Call, Rain of Water.

With some being available to all, like summoning or dismissing elementals, or of course healing. They are clerics after all.

>> No.77693244

I've considered almost only giving theism to forces aligned with the sorcerer king's such as Templar's and the various priesthood's serving them
elemental cleric's and shaman's unallegied to the sorcerer king's would be simple animist's and psychic's
unlicensed theistic magic practitioner's and their associates would be hunted down with a higher priority than practitioner's of sorcery

>> No.77693577

What’s best, RQ2’s “Defense,” RQ3’s whatever the fuck, or RQG’s Parrrying?

>> No.77693874

Cult got a write-up in Cult Compendium

>> No.77694600

Thank you. This has been invaluable insight. But technically, wouldn't it be possible to combine action points and SR?

>> No.77694784

Both “nechronica a game mostly unrelated to basic roleplaying” my friends metal gear Cthulhu hack and a few other rpg’s do this
For the context of brp we’ve found this works far better for tactical gun combat compared with melee combat which myhtras’es action point system or old school strike rank worked better for

>> No.77694873

So the AP+SR combo is good for gun combat, whereas going for either\or is good for melee. What if I'd like a game in which both gun combat and melee combat are possible?

>> No.77695075

Way back when we were in the process of learning it My playgroup started using fighting game terminology to refer to mythras combat ‘myself included’
Failed attacks would be referred to as whiffs and parrying failed attacks would be referred to as punishes etc.
Once we all started using it I really helped them understand the mechanics and process of the combat
Certain characters and weapon&armour combinations would get jokingly referred to as specific “for honor™‘ characters the most particularly noteworthy one being one of the players incredibly powerful greatsword wealding barbarian, which got referred to as the highlander

>> No.77695127

you could try any one of them i guess?

>> No.77695315

Could Thundergut use steel armour? and does that meet thebwindlord requirment of owning one piece of ironnarmour?

>> No.77695593

Probably yes if he was very carefull. You wear it over leather padding either way (or at least should.) So unless he nimbled some of that sweat sweat leather.... He should be fine as long as he was equiped by someone else.
Also I always thought that
>steel armor
was a shorthand for
>any high level enchanted armor

>> No.77695900

I think steel is just enchanted iron

>> No.77696000

Yeah, it is. But I meant it as in
>you can as well have enchanted suit of lead, gold or copper instead of going for just steel
They are all items worthy of great heroes and Orlanthi are not the kind of people to be dogmatic over such matters. When someone apears with a suit of golden plate he looted from a solar prophet, you are really not in the position of telling him that he cannot wear it because it is not steel.

>> No.77696230

Idunno, man. rules specify that a requirment to qualifiy as a windlord is, among other things, you have to own 1 piece of iron armour

>> No.77696815

Which is a bit silly when they often fight naked.

Unless you get iron cockrings.

>> No.77697801

I think its like a gang thing. You don't have to wear the iron but you do have to show you have the means to acquire it.

>> No.77700830

iron cockrings are metal as fuck

>> No.77701165

or are they fucking metal?

>> No.77701675

Reading Valerie Flint’s “Rise of Magic” thanks to the Ars Magica thread, and one of the surviving european pagan practices the christian church had a hard time getting rid of was the custom of building cairns at crossroads; people would pick up a stone at the start of their journey and carry it to the cairn for good luck.

I think that’d work well with the “Safe Path” spell to make it a bit more engaging, maybe you cast the spell on a stone, dedicating it to a cairn at the end of the path, and the stone is what alerts you to any danger along the way - maybe it glows or vibrates or something. Then the spell ends when you stack the stone on the cairn.

>> No.77704067


>> No.77705200

What I personally love about SR is how smooth it transitions adventuring/traveling narration to combat narration.
You don't get that artificial feel of "ok, now we're in combat mode, time to figure out who goes first" whenever violence is about to happen, you just keep narrating what you're doing and then you just do it during your SR.

The DM narrating an ambush is as organic as "then suddenly three trollkin pop out from behind a boulder and start shooting arrows at you" and then everyone just describes how they're reacting and things just happen.

>> No.77705236

Have they fixed low level NPC stats in the more recent releases? I remember the NPCs for the first few adventures released were kinda fucked because it seems like they generated them using the PC creation rules, so we ended up with things like farmers and herdsmen with multiple rune points and tons of rune magic.

>> No.77705579

Nope that’s just how new RQ is, everyone gets stupid amounts of rune magic right off the bat, no incentive for cult progression, no incremental power increase, just superhero bullshit for literally every adult character

kinda pisses me off desu

We went from “When the adventurers die or run screaming, the monsters get exp rolls too” to “here’s your rechargeable rune magic with access to literally every cult spell, enjoy demolishing everything and not being threatened ever by anything, not even by demigods”

like ffs the “intro” adventure for the pregen chars, Broken Tower, literally has the adventurers face a GIANT STONE EARTH GODDESS and there’s about a 50/50 chance they’ll kick her ass.

There’s no stakes or sense of risk anymore, and I’m pretty sure it’s because Jeff Richards is an impotent control freak with pathetic wish-fulfillment fantasies
maybe not but that’s the impression I’ve gotten

>> No.77705615

Damn, that sucks.

>> No.77705837

It’s an easy problem to fix though, just take the conversion rules from RQG and do the opposite, convert all the new material back into RQ2 stats and voila, deadly combat is back!
Honestly, very little of the new material even involves much combat, so it hardly even matters how overpowered adventurers and NPCs are. I don’t really like the railroad style they’re taking for the scenario books so far anyways (did they even playtest them? because it’s fucking impossible to get players to follow the course set out by these rigidly linear adventures) so I just treat them as resource packs to improv with and run everything sandbox style.

I really really really want something modern in the vein of Griffin Mountain. I think they had that idea for the Colymar section of the GM book in RQG, but it falls short of the goal if so.

>> No.77705873

the fact that character creation takes multiple hours was my first hint that PCs aren’t gonna be dying any more

>> No.77706304

It's less fixed and more depending on the scenario.

There's some which have far more reasonable NPCs, but even then they run into the problem that no one has below average stats.

>> No.77706400

So if I was to grab the new stuff and use it to flesh out Sartar for my RQ Classic stuff (that’s the Kickstarter reprint of the RQ 2nd edition), would I have to change much?

>> No.77706780

Nah, you wouldn’t have to change much at all, most of RQG’s system is basically the same as RQ2. The main differences are the availability of magic, INT and SIZ values were changed, “defense” is gotten rid of, wealth values were changed, and Strike Rank values were tweaked.

I think Rune Magic is by far the biggest change.

You could honestly run most of the new stuff as if it were RQ2 and just ignore or improvise around the differences.

>> No.77706999

You could run things from any d100 system in another d100 system. Somehow, it all just fits.
Too bad nobody wants to play my game about duck meidos in maid rpg

>> No.77708977

What’s the single best Runequest campaign or adventure?

>> No.77709403

Best loot: Big Rubble
Best story: Gaumata’s Vision
Best setting: Griffin Mountain
Best dungeon: Snake Pipe Hollow
Best everything: Secrets of Dorastor

>> No.77709676

Aren't those goat herders rather than sheep?

>> No.77709876

aw fuck yeah. Well, close enough, you can get wool off some goats. Cashmere goats, maybe.

>> No.77710107

Pegasus Plateau is a bit better for this.

[spoilers]Typical Hendrikiland Raiders, Typical Otolongi Tribe Sellswords, Typical (Greyrock) Villagers, Praxian Animal Handlers, and Typical Rhino Rider Guards are lay worshippers.
Typical Wind Children, Lunar Centurions, Typical Silver Sword Soldiers, Typical Lunar Garrison Soldiers, and Typical Renekot's Hope Residents are 1 point initiates. [/spoiler]

As you can see, I said a bit better, not a massive improvement. There's still some confusion as to what "typical" means.
I'm hoping the GM's book they say is in the pipeline will have guidelines as to what a typical soldier, villager, commander, whatever should be. So we know how many Rune Points they should have, and how common initiates are.

>> No.77710773

I’m firmly in the “most people should be initiates” camp, it just feels better.
If nearly every is a lay member, the cults feel less special and magic feels cheap.

I’m sorely tempted to run a Votanki campaign in Balazar and the Elder Wilds to deprive my players of rune magic.
It might be better with players who know the spells and systems already but with new players, multiple magic systems feels like bloat and I want to just cut out as much as I can, having loads of rules and spells just slows shit waaaay down when you have to spend time flipping through the book. If getting access to cult magic were a big deal that you work up to, it’d be different, but as is you roll a character and it’s like “now here’s a big list of magic and you’ve no idea what it does, have fun assuming it does one thing until you go to use it and then wasting a couple minutes looking it up just to find it does something else”

>> No.77710951

Duck meidos you say’?

>> No.77710971

I'm more okay with pcs having rune points, although for low powered games, just having a single one could also make sense. "This is your big divine blessing you can do once, and then you need to go pray at your temple again."

>> No.77711076

Other way around

>> No.77711550

yeah yall know what I mean

>> No.77711952

As a "low powered, low magic" kind of person, here's how I'd go with an Orlanth clan:

>Around 30 steads, which are small villages, with one large house, and several surrounding cottages.
>The stead is managed by Carls, the two heads of the family: An Orlanth initiate and an Ernalda initiate, almost always married. They each have one cult rune spell, usually Increase/Decrease Wind and Bless Crops, but maybe a different speciality.
>The other inhabitants of the steads are their family and tenants, who are lay members of their cults (or as the Orlanthi call it, worshipping Orlanth All-Father and Ernalda All-Mother). The tenants live in the cottages, and are also known as Cottars.
>There's a large village or small town, usually central, where the Clan's chief has his stead, along with most of the Thanes.
>These are the nobles of the clans. Most will be initiates with three rune points. There'll also be two to three God-Talkers: The clan chief, the earth queen, and possibly a local speciality.
>God-Talkers can perform initiations, it's just usually heroes seek out fully fledged priests.
>The other thanes will include the champion (usually Orlanth Adventurous), the dishthane (Issaries. Responsible for making the clan's markets), the Lawspeaker (Lhankor Mhy), a trickster (Eurmal), and the heads of the clan's bloodlines.
>For more potent magic, people travel to the tribal towns, where there's likely to be full fledged shrines to other Lightbringers. The clan's thanes of specialist gods will likely travel here to recover their spells.

>> No.77712530

Man, Apple Lane is such a weird little community by Sartar standards, in comparison. I like how your settlement sounds quite a lot.

>> No.77712631

I don’t even get how rune magic works.
You have three points, but you can get more? You have to recharge them on holy days, but how does that work? You just roll worship, pass or fail?
How do you get new rune magic? It says you know “all common rune spells,” but which are those?

>> No.77712783

You can get more rune points through sacrificing POW to your god, which also grants you a new spell.
On a weekly holy day, a successful worship ritual and 2 mp gives you 1d6 rune points back. Bigger holy days can grant more.
Common rune spells are listed on page 317, and are stuff like summoning and commanding cult spirits, dismissing magic, sanctifying holy sites, extending rune spells, etc.

>> No.77713071

The numbers may need fudging, each "stead" may in fact have more than one carl family in their own house.

Other details that could be useful:
>The clan's Orlanth shrine will likely be a burial mound outside the central town, with a sacred runestone/monolith atop it. The ashes of the clan's founder or another holy figure is interred within.
>The Ernalda shrine acts as a loom house. It's usually guarded by one or two Babeester Gor lay worshippers, who are trained warriors.
>In the center of the town is the chief's hall, a big stead where he calls the clan council's inner circle together, meets guests, and holds most of the clan's treasures when not in use.
>In front of that is a large clear space, the perfect size for Create Market or Warding spells to be cast, where the full clan council meets, markets are held, and festivals are performed.
>The thanes have their own large steads, which either act as a holy site, or as a bloodline's "headquarters." If you come into the clan's town for some business, you go stay with your bloodline's thane. During big holy days, these steads are crowded, and full of feasting.

>> No.77713394

You permanently lose a point of POW?

>> No.77713579

POW was pretty easy to raise in older editions of RQ
though like all stat's it get's harder to raise the higher it get's

>> No.77713807

Yes, but taking part in the yearly high holy day, if you succeed on a worship roll, you have the chance to increase your POW.
(You have to roll under (21-current POW)x5 on percentile dice. And then you can either increase your POW by 1 or by 1d3-1... I'd say take the guaranteed 1 myself)
There's also training or performing spirit combat or hostile magic as other methods to attempt to increase POW.

Still though, it can take a while to increase your rune points.

>> No.77715550

I seem to recall that burial mounds are shrimes to kero fin

>> No.77715864

beastmen were stolen from glorantha, this is fact. but what about the chaos faction in warhammer? was it inspired by glorantha?

>> No.77716040

No, chaos is taken straight up from Moorcock.
Though lizardmen were dragonewts. I mean fuck, gw is not creative enough to think of aztec lizards.

>> No.77716867

Nah, from Moorcock Chaos, they even nicked the 8 points star (think they only used 4 chaos gods).
In general Warhammer stole a lot of 80' cultural milestones, but try to do the same with they IP...

>> No.77716937

I dont even know about morecock chaos.
Too young I guess

>> No.77716976

The descriptions for a lot of the Chaotic followers seem to get copied word for word by Warhammer, particular a passage from Corum about chariot-riding maniacs with animal faces.

>> No.77717694

I read up on it a bit. The singularity was pretty interesting. makes me wonder what en evil order faction in warhamer would have been like

>> No.77717721

They did exist for all of one paragraph in WFRP 1e. Very boring, and soon forgotten. But were the patron of witch-hunters before The Enemy Within boosted Sigmar from filler to primary god of the Empire

>> No.77717948

got any deeper lore?

>> No.77718076

>> No.77718118

Solkan the Avenger, popular with Witch-Hunters and generally disliked by the rest of the old World for the absolutism and bigotry the cult inspires. Still pops up after the 80s in varying quotes by Witch-hunters and Lizardmen.
Arianka, imprisoned in a crystal coffin in what is now Praag by a unnamed Chaos god. Maalal has an interest in ensuring Chaos does not destroy her. Hinted at but not explicitly said in later Kislev books.
Alluminas, ever-lasting and unchanging light, not very popular as the cult is both extremely rigid and mostly focused around difficult to understand mathematics and theories. The Celestial Wizard in TW proclaims his name.

>> No.77718148

That would make sense.

On the other hand, I could see a Kero Fin shrine which was a building on a small mountain or large hill, door pointing towards Wintertop. The shrine is managed by a priestess who's been there for as long as people can remember -- because she's actually an oread, and a daughter or granddaughter of Kero Fin.

>> No.77719342

Not as it was originally portrayed as a hub community for the area, back when clans were not the most important thing for Orlanthi. Anyway, Glorantha is a sadder and less interesting place if you can’t find a billiards table in Gringle’s pawnshop, a presumably in other rich people’s homes.

>> No.77720669

Apple Lane wasn't a hub. It's a "non-descript gathering of buildings" and a "rustic outpost".

As for cue games, I'd say that's more fun as a dwarven invention that collectors of rare treasures would want.
Each ball carefully created out of some alchemical substance.
(The dwarves actually invented billiards, like bowling, as a defensive technique. One of the big flaws of the balls for collectors is their tendency to explode, which is why most make do with replicas made of ox bone)

Not kidding about the explosions. It was a problem with early artificial balls, as they were made out of the same stuff as guncotton.

>> No.77722277


>> No.77724414

>Ernalda shrine acts as a loom house

makes me wonder what weaving tech they have. Spindle whorls and frame looms?

>> No.77725188

Yeah, I imagine it's mostly handheld looms as well, nothing really big.

>> No.77726015

They had 5 Chaos gods for awhile, but then I don't think Moorcock had a full set of 8 chaos gods for any/most stories?
Warhammer also had gods of Order for a while.

>> No.77728582

3 Chaos Gods tend to pop up the most in Moorcock's stories with Arioch being the most prominent.

>> No.77728870

Picked up a copy of RSG recently. Pretty excited to experience it desu.

Glad to see the setting/system getting more love on /tg/ recently as well. It strikes me as a real passion project that's been criminally overlooked in recent years

>> No.77729637

Do players just pick a new spell, or do they have to learn one from an NPC or somesuch?

>> No.77731384

You learn it from a temple, which usually means you can choose whatever spell you want from your god's list.
However, shrines have only a single rune spell, so if you sacrifice for a spell there, that's the spell you get. Minor temples and bigger get the full array.
Major temples have access to an associate cult, who grant a special rune spell outside of your god's usual stuff. If you sacrifice at a major temple you can pick up that spell instead.
Great Temples have access to all associate cults as well.

>> No.77731957

A delicate priestess of some sort from Hendrikland wishes to be escorted to a meeting in Tarsh. She says her hosts will pay at the end of the journey.
Would you hire on?

>> No.77732778

We used to have generals from time to time with d100, but they never got much traction, this has been a good streak too.

>> No.77732942


>> No.77733036

whats there to do in Tarsh? The place is supposed to be a warzone isn't it?

>> No.77733922

Definitely, my party is headed to wintertop anyways, it’s probably on the way.

So I pretty much just make up what’s available at any given shrine?
I wish the RQG book was written with new players and GMs in mind, it’s got SO MUCH info and yet is so unclear at times

>> No.77734591

Best and worst cover arts?

>> No.77734791

>> No.77734818

>> No.77735132

Newbie here. Which books should I read to get familiar with the Glorantha setting? Looking at doing something based on King of Dragon Pass.

Any help for players totally un used to the setting is appreciated as well.

>> No.77735314

The Prince of Sartar webcomic is probably the most engaging thing to read after having played KoDP

If you wanna just sit down and read lore, “Book of Heortling Mythology” and “History of the Heortling People” are good, you can find them by searching the trove for “stafford library”

But I think what I’d recommend is to read Rurik’s Saga in RQ2, then “Travels of Bituriah Varosh” in Cults of Prax, then branch out into the game material that interests you from there. The game materials and fanzines have all the best writing.

>> No.77735713

I'd say playing KoDP is probably the easiest way of getting into the lore, thought the book of heortling mythology is great if you want a deep dive into the mind set and defining cultural assumptions of the Orlanthi

>> No.77735745



>> No.77735840

Anyone got the Rough Guide to Boldhome?

>> No.77736400

Best, actually looks like a character with weight to the movements

>> No.77736721

If she swears and oath on Humakt that we will get paid.
>So I pretty much just make up what’s available at any given shrine?

>> No.77737624

pretty good.
Now, how about Lhankor My?

>> No.77738381

Your god Orlanth: a bitch
my god Vadrus: a bloody legend

>> No.77738431

I played a babboon warrior in a 3-session game ran by my sister. Her boyfriend played a Firemage who cast fireblade on a spear, and my babboon would fling the spear with his 85% skill right at whatever was fighting them. I conquered a bit of the rubble and became Baboon king of Baboon Corner, it was cool.

>> No.77739444

Well yes, Is what I been saying for years. Glad than another anon has seen the greatness of vadrus.

>> No.77739730

goddamn, I cant get access to the history of the heortling people on the trove. missing pdf, it says

>> No.77742297

How is tarshite culture different from sartarite?

>> No.77743307

Tarshite has had more Pelorian influence, while Sartar has had more Esrolian influence.

>> No.77743410

ok, any deeper on what that means?
I know that when a Tarshite promises cows you should not be surprised when he pays you silver coins with cows on them instead

>> No.77743480

Jeff is the Jar Jar Abrams / Rian Johnson of Glorantha

>> No.77743548

I can't hate on him too much because he's doing a way better job than Glorantha has had in a very long time but watching him DM a lot of things start to click together. I think his biggest crime is moving the timeline forward so all of his favorite characters are more prominent.

>> No.77743551

Read the HeroQuest products knob end.

>> No.77743660

This is bollocks. The pregens have common Rune spells which apart from Heal Wound aren't earth shattering and they have about 3 special rune spells and 3 Rune points. Rune points can only be replenished on holy days. It's not D&D 5e where you go and have a fag break and your good to go again.

>> No.77743835

Tarshites are also Alakorings Orlanthis,that's it, they lost people to the Dragonkill and have a anti dragon magic. They also had a very important Maran Gor cult and also had at first a good relation with the Grazelanders. The Lunars used trickery to get a line of they own to govern it, so Pelorian/Lunar ways have influenced it in the last two hundred years.

>> No.77743838

>fag break
which in todays d&d is not something british

>> No.77743895


>> No.77743999

my man

>> No.77744201

Tarshites are less anti-dog than Sartarites. They are also considered less emotional and more pragmatic and they are richer except for Old Tarshites who are mountain poorfags.

>> No.77744554


>> No.77745132


>> No.77745329

>> No.77745912

are rune affinities inherited? how are they determined? can a couple with high Man affinity give birth to a child with high Beast affinity?

>> No.77747203

I imagine inheritance plays a part, but there's an occasional mutation or whatever.

>> No.77747331

is ralios primitive? wasnt that an orlanthi coubtry ruled by malkioni?

>> No.77747445

Depends on where you go. Safelster's the urbanized bits. Vesmonstran and the East Wilds are your more typical Orlanthi. And then there's Telmoria, which is important for that cover.

>> No.77747472

I consider my father, a wild mountainman who wish he could live in the wilds and me, his son, an urbanite who thinks an outdoor jacuzzi is camping enough.
nature and nurture(and spirit), in different measures.

>> No.77747494

are those pure telmori?

>> No.77747508

If I was making it up I’d say they’re determined by astrological congruences
The mongoose stuff is set in the 2nd age, and yeah they have it being part of the God Learner Empire, described as a combination of feudal dukedoms, city-states, and large ungovernable regions of wilderness.

>> No.77747776

I believe so.
think the cursed mostly live on the other side of the rockwoods after going to follow Nysalor.

According to the rulebook, sometimes it's determined by your birthday.
Your highest elemental rune is the season, while your highest power rune is the week.

>> No.77748417

So if it was Sea Season 1 (Freezeday, Disorder Week) you’d have Water, Disorder, and Darkness?
That’s a decent way to do it ig

>> No.77749787


>> No.77752190

Which ones?

>> No.77754459

So is Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha a good way to start gming? I noticed there seems to be mixed opinions on it.

>> No.77754793

I think RQ2 is better, RQG is great but its a fatass book with poorly organized rules, even dms who know the system seem to spend a lot of time flipping pages during play and I think that sucks

>> No.77755144

There's mixed opinions on everything.
It looks pretty fun, even if it's not my system of choice. A bunch of stuff I'd change though.

>> No.77755918

It’s really the MegaTome of 50 years of setting and gameplay. RQ 2e does the same thing with less.
Lot less focused on setting and more on adventure

>> No.77757431

>Lot less focused on setting and more on adventure

You know funny you should mention that. These threads and reading through Glorantha has really got me inspired to put more work into my setting and world building for future endeavors. But specifically for a game like this, how does one balance lore texture with gameplay? I know it doesn’t matter for some games; heck my current campaign is a megadungeon, lore is a tertiary concern. It’s still a load of fun and still enough connections to create the feeling of a greater world to loot and screw around with. With Runequest though, it seems like a huge part of the experience, something would be missing if it wasn’t utilized. Yet at the same time there’s so much, it’s almost to impossible to use wholesale. Perhaps I’m overthinking this, ah well.

>> No.77757446

Meant for this>>77755918

>> No.77757677

I take a minimalist approach. Only give players info about things they encounter or ask about. Only certain people enjoy lore minutiae and info dumps, so don’t treat the setting like some authoritative monolith. If you do that, like the Guide attempts, the material makes a sketch of a world stretched very thin, yet overwhelmingly broad.

Instead, treat it like impressionist brush strokes. All the lore is just perspectives, a fragmentary mosaic. Glorantha SHOULD vary, the lore comprise points of data for the world to leap out of, inspirational starting points for making shit up. Then instead of being spread thin, the world gets DEEPER.
if you can get the players to make shit up too in a way that really engages with the setting, that’s what’s most fun

>> No.77758156

Fun isn’t knowing the details of Nochet’s sewage system, or the ratio of urban/rural population in Ralios. Exploring is fun, though.

If you get out of Sartar, the lore is much less intimidating and more creatively inspiring. I’m bored to tears by Orlanthi a lot of the time tbqh

>> No.77758169

>> No.77758545

They can change throughout the game so I guess they are partially a matter of nurture. Actually Lamarckianism makes a lot of sense in terms of Gloranthan metaphysics.

>> No.77758922

one of my players got a runed dreidel from an arkati that when studied, spun and meditated upon gave him 1% illuminated. what other ways can I slowly get him illuminated?

>> No.77759637

Socratic questions and Buddhist koans.
Nysalorean/Divine and Kralorean/Draconic Illumination.

>> No.77759897

well I could run them through that dragonewt meditation quest from pegasus plataeu, but otherwise I am lacking anything concrete

>> No.77759993

The character advancement cycle works like this:

GM presents challenge >> Players overcome it >> skills improve as they are used successfully >> conflicts allow characters to collect COIN (which I will use for cash, treasure, valuable objects, or adventurer-created outcomes that will be rewarded in coin or which have cash value (like freeing a captive) >> characters take things and buy improvement from communities

That's a very simplified version of it. But to become a really advanced and capable character you must take this path:
Adventurer1.0 overcomes conflict for COIN >> Adventurer1.0 buys improvements from generic organization (e.g. Thieves' Guild) >> Adventurer1.1 (the upgrade) overcomes challenge for COIN >> Adventurer1.1 approaches cult for particular skills and battle magic >> Adventurer 1.2 overcomes conflict for COIN >> Adventurer1.2 joins cult for really specialized skills and potent magic>> Adventurer2.0 (an initiate) overcomes conflict for COIN >> Adventurer2.0 commits to cult and can borrow Rune Magic >> Adventurer3.0 (a devotee) overcomes challenge for COIN >> Adventurer3.0 becomes a Rune Lord or a Rune Priest with access to divine gifts and stupendous Rune Magic

You can get slow skill increase through use but to get anywhere, and to get really cool skills, you have to engage with cults and temples. Gaining skills and treasure is just the first step to character advancement.

>> No.77760008

What is the reward cycle?

Players overcome GM challenges >> They have interesting interactions with the Gloranthan world and people >> they associate their characters with fictional agents (from animal to the divine) >> they gain power from and responsibility to those GM-controlled fictional agents (cults, communities, gods) >> they work to have their characters become shapers of Glorantha themselves.

This is not the approach of anygame. It's not even the approach for all BRP systems (Call of Cthulhu, Mongoose's genericized versions). It's for running that lovely little game I have carried around for the better part of 3 decades. It is also the product of someone who has realized this with the benefit of hindsight and sporadic and disappointing engagement with the game. Ignoring the logical implications of the character advancement cycle and the implicit reward cycle will lead to heartbreak.

You can play Runequest like anygame.

But the rules, the beautiful supplements (Cults of Prax, The Big Rubble, Borderlands, Griffin Mountain) all depend on this framework, and the legendary campaigns discussed on fora etc. grew out of it, consciously or not.

>> No.77760022

The reward cycle involves challenge but involves so much more: exploring, interacting with, and shaping a detailed a consistent fictional construct called Glorantha. And doing it better than Stafford or Perrin did -- if you can. That's why I love the original! I am not proposing that you take a dive into Gloranthaphilia! You don't have to know all of Stafford's fictional world to play the game. Look at the text: there are 2 cults and models and a description of 1 or 2 guilds. All you need is to do as Johnstone suggests: make a map with neat spots. Now come up with 2 positive cults, 2 weird cults, and 2 evil cults for your bad guys to worship. Make up details about initiation and Rune Lord/Priest status as needed for your characters. Put their temples on your map and bang! Your players can choose to react with those however they wish. Let them set goals in this fictional space. Do NOT have the temple of truth COMMAND them what to do. Religion and magic are ways to advance characters and have fun NOT for the GM to railroad.

"That fits with many of the other things included in the game--especially a cool two page map of the Kingdoms of Sartar and Prax which, although not on a hex grid, is exactly right for exploration style adventures. "
This is all you need. Look at that 2 Page History of Glorantha! That is all you need to set up a little campaign space and make an adventure area as Johnstone suggests. Look at the runes. All you have to do is look at the rune as say "humh, what rune-related stuff is there?" or "what opposing rune would want to mess around there" or "what would this guy way over here find of interest in this opposing rune way over here?"

>> No.77760028

1. Look over the character sheets and make note of their skills.
- set challenges high to make advancement hard
- set challenges low to speed up skill advancement
- given them communities there to help them advance their favoured skills IF they do such and such or IF they will join up. But give choices.

2. Treasure. So maybe there's loot hoards in monster-infested dungeons, or maybe there's just financial rewards for being a judicial champion or recovering falcons.
- financial rewards are all you need for the game mechanics
- to reinforce the fiction have communities approach them for their good deeds OR have opposing communities take them to task
- at least have the characters see the responses to their actions -- you don't always have to present them with drama every time they take an action

3. "The chance to die," of course means danger.
- Or crippling! Beginning characters in Runequest are fragile. Limbs get chomped all of the time.
- That means that characters need help from communities/organizations/temples/guilds. You want healing spells, you have to make nice with the healer cults, and make big contributions if you want resurrections. You need to get relics that contain healing spells and into which you can devote your personal power. (The idea that you cathect your own personal drives into magical items is very close to the psycho-anthropology of magic).
- To have real heroes there has to be real danger. Keep death meaningful in Runequest.

>> No.77760039

4. This usually goes without saying, but I like that it's called out in the text. Put in fun stuff! Try to make exploring this map and pursuing treasures and other opportunities as fun and exciting as possible.
- And meaningful.
- And hooked to reward and advancement.
- Advancement: skill use possibilities, items of special interest to temples and guilds that could get you skills and spells, COIN
- Reward: seeing your character get to use specialized skills successfully, interacting with allied magical powers (followers of the god of principles that the character follows), interacting with enemy magical/mythical forces, and CHANGING Glorantha. That can include participating in initiation ceremonies, undertaking the great challenges that one must pass in order to rise to higher levels like devotee, Rune Lord, and Priest.
Do all of this on your own. Do NOT try to wade through Gloranthaphilia to get your answers. Make stuff that will engage players. And provide POSSIBLE routes of progress, not railroads.

>> No.77761990

>>77758169The heck is that, an orlanthy dragon?

>> No.77763413

Yes? Orlanth is a dragon mystic after all

>> No.77764444

Actually an Aurochs

>> No.77764605

what do you think of this hot new trend or portraying Orlanth as blue skinned?

>> No.77764641

Bad. Orlanth as an Indian is bad too.

>> No.77765436

Agreed. Only Heler should be blue.

>> No.77766816

No problem there for me. Fits with the whole woad use by his cultists.
Orlanth just has a permanent woad coating.

>> No.77767333

Eh why not?

>> No.77768902

Issues 53 and 62 of White Dwarf have some great RQ spells derived from Celtic mythology, I’d love to see more stuff like that. Anyone know of more magic supplements?

>> No.77769278

Whose throwing Rangalar into the snake pit? Or is that Orlanth and they aren’t showing the Rangalar?

>> No.77769703

I think it's Orlanth. And the guy who's throwing him is Genert, his evil uncle.

>> No.77769956

The fact that Orlanthi think Genert is evil really makes me dislike them. They’re so wrong about everything. Shit culture of confused people, world-hating, violent, unruly, hostile to all the most wonderful things in their existence.
Some trolls think Orlanthi are one step from chaos creatures, and truly, Orlanth and his kin are responsible for chaos nearly destroying the world.
Genert died defending the earth from Orlanth’s sins. Genert’s Garden was a paradise. Genert’s daughters are the source of all abundance.

Orlanthi are ingrates. Belintar should’ve put them down like rabid animals.

>> No.77770134

Except the evil uncles became friends. This is the myth of finding acceptance with the world, and being initiated into society.

You have these new upstarts who think they're hot shit and are pissing off their elders.
So the elders trick them into going to dangerous places.
The upstarts survive, proving they are in fact hot shit, and crash their uncle's feast. The feast becomes their welcome feast, and a celebration of their adulthood, and they're now a part of society.

Which is why a limited form of this is now done with children to make them adults.

>> No.77770287

humans in generts garden were 10 IQ mongoloids doing nothing but jerk off and eat fruit

>> No.77770487

So the herdmen are the original humans, and the others came later? Nice.

>> No.77770742

This post was typed be Herdsmen hands.

>> No.77770904

New thread >>77770894

>> No.77773787

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