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post it

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You start

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Got some by Keith Parkinson.

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And that's what I've got on hand.

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Freakshit is acceptable if the beastmen are actually beasts, and not just gay anthros

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Ye olde Firbolg.

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Found another one.

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whats the context for this pic, why are spectral orcs aiding him

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From what I gathered that's Sir Sparhawk wielding the *Bhelliom, apparently the "spectral orcs" are the Troll Gods who are trapped within it. Sir Sparhawk is also the knight wielding the spear in this >>77627914.

*Also referred to as the Sapphire Rose

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Can someone break down more or less objectively why hand painted illustrations tend to look miles better than digital work? I have a hard time pinpointing what it is exactly without resorting to intangible subjective bullshit like soul. There's bound to be some objective parameters for our bias and since there's some truly incredible digital artists I don't think it necessarily comes down to differences in skill level or differing philosophical mindsets, it must be something imbued within fundamentals of the craft in the medium itself. Two paintings depicting the exact same content, one done traditionally and the other digitally, with the same style and design sensibilities by the same artist with equal mastery of both techniques - the traditional version is still gonna look better. Why is that?

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I know what you mean, and I always thought that it was because digital artist used layering to draw.

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the strokes of digital "brushes" and artificial color mixing lack the roughness of real materials that naturally and involuntarily provide far more dynamic, non-standard textures.

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literal value in imperfection

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They are generally unreastically uniform, unlike natutal brush stroke.

But its not only that, digital art is way too easy to correct, and you just dont put the same sort of care in something you can easiliy correct and change. Real painting grow organically from the first stroke, and the finish product is never exactly what you set up for.

Now bear in mind I like a lot of digital stuff, but you dont get the same end result no matter how you try.

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here's some modern digital painting I quickly edited on paint.net to try to mimic some of the the grit and feel of classic painting.


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no matter what you do you can unreynold the reynold.

its a lost cause.

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I've always been fond of this one.

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you just know

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Canvas texture and imperfect gradients seem to be a lot of the difference.

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aww, they replaced my sticc elven retard waifu with a jew goblin clock-tosser

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The Characters's now look like they don't belong with the background

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The medium makes demands on the artist. There's no instant ctrl-z when painting with gouache or oil, especially with a looming deadline. In the 70's and 80's everything could go slower, but it was a big pain in the ass to make changes late in the process. There's an energy in a frazetta like this >>77627916 that can only be mimicked self consciously in digital illustration. Leaving some areas a little hazy is a class way of drawing the eye to the more refined areas of the image.

I think illustrators back then were more grounded in classical painting and their compositions were often better because of it, and feel more timeless and mythic by comparison. Modern artists are just as skilled, but they mimic film and comics when composing a picture. I notice also that old school art tends to illustrate the moment right *before* the action like this >>77633728
Whereas a lot of post y2k art is heavy on mid action shots like this >>77631998. Suspense is often more exciting than the zap-pow shot.

Also note that when you see an old book illustration on /tg/ it's usually a scan from a book printed with an old color offset press. That often means they look like shit, but have that hazy sepia tone look that we instantly associate with "cool old shit". Digital paintings always look sharper and slicker because they didn't go through two or three steps of lossy transfers.

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While I'm not a Wayne Reynolds fan, I'm pretty sure he only works in acrylic-on-paper.

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He loves his spikes and cabochons.
And checked

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>old school art tends to illustrate the moment right *before* the action like this >>77633728
>Whereas a lot of post y2k art is heavy on mid action shots like this >>77631998. Suspense is often more exciting than the zap-pow shot.
Correct. It's hard to convey action and movement, and this is not just a failing of the new generation. For example, >>77634347
gets the action poses right, but lacks the energy and berserk movement of a Frazetta. This is one of the reasons Vallejo could never match Frazetta.

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Acrylics suck, no blending on the canvas.

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requesting retro rougues

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nice that's exactly what i was looking for. got any more?

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Yeah, that looks like a digital filter.
No, that doesn't make it look like an old-school painting.

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think "row goo"

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Artist's name is Walter Velez, little difficult to find some of his art in good resolution. Someone showed Thieves World some time ago in a thread and it immediately came to mind when you mentioned "retro rougues"; otherwise I just have few of Garret from the first two Thief games.

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I don't think the before/during action aspect is the real difference, it's that the older illustrations have a greater feeling of mechanical tension in the poses, be it in resisting some force or preparing to unleash some.

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thanks pals! :)

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No problem.

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based kaneposters

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needs more studs

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some i ripped from old mags and modules

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I know this one. From an old Dungeon magazine. Ravenloft adventure I think, in Valachan

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christ that's great, my new phone wallpaper

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more dark vintage like this please

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Have the biggest version I could find, though the colors are somewhat darker.

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Nice, thank you!

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great thx

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what's with the censorship? don't be weak, anon
post the full pic - the one with kneeling naked girl in front of him

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damn, that is 100% better thanks anon. Was the full image in dragon mag? honestly not sure why I would have cropped unless i was being retarded at the time.

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I am not sure, but I think i saw that full image in Rappan Athuk by Necromancer Games or Frog God Games
when I looked it up, i found the full version on this blog

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politely requesting old school fantasy art with a comfy atmosphere

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what did he mean by this

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Frank Frazetta the legend

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Is he wearing chainmail print lycra?

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Huh. That is not at all what I would've pictured the Troll Gods looking like, but it's the only thing that makes any kind of sense.

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>more grounded in classical painting

I feel like this can be seen in how they do their backgrounds more than anywhere else. Older fantasy paintings almost seem like they painted a classical landscape first then added fantastical characters and creatures to it to make their piece. It felt more natural and immersive for it because of how it looked like a place that might exist in real life, but just different enough that it feels like fantasy. A lot of newer fantasy art seem to miss this detail and end up trying to make the environment look just as fantastical as the people in it and by doing so they take you out of it.

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Its ultimately just that the old art is stylistically and in material closer to traditional oil paintings, which we grow up with being taught to consider "high art", so anything reminiscient of that triggers that association in us.

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it's also objectively better art though

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I recognise that Bloodthirster

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>dwarf has pointy ears
is there a system that actually does this?

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*hits pipe*
Is there anything more cucked than being a halfling?

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The word you're looking for is setting, D&Dfriend.

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I wish there was more oldschool stuff about non human races , I love the style of old fantasy art but the themes are kind of one sided

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requesting retro orcs

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I love the orcs in the background. One hanging on for dear life while the other player is apparently jumping on nothing

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this looks like something miura could've made. interesting.

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Technically they're the gods of the ancestors of the trolls in the setting, back when trolls and humans were more closely related.

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I'm gonna come back in a bit and dump some shit, requesting avernum stuff for now

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These niggas coming from isengard

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But this one's >>77646872
Satan is all like; "Baaaaah, I've really let myself go."

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gonna take a break for a bit, still requesting any Avernum stuff

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Not OP, but I'll also point out that a lot of modern digital artists are paid significantly less(adjusted for inflation) and the amount of time demanded for their work is significantly higher, because everyone has become comfortable with the glut of lower-skill artists fighting over a far wider pool of work. These artists started the trend of course, since fantasy art was a cheap way for a 'real artist' to make a buck on the side.

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what are those, they look awesome

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not sure, saved it from another thread

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There's always one derpy head.

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I think the problem is that digital makes everything look cartoony and too smooth, too flat.
Compare the shadows in the original to the shadows in the original.
Compare the contrast of color between rock and dragon in the edit (low - looks like it has a blue filter over everything) v. the original (high contrast).
Compare the lighting, with the original lit vividly by the sorceresses' staff while in the edit it's light is severely muted.

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That tiger looks positively JAZZED to meet Batman.

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Henry Justice Ford

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Does he still have a site with all his scans? I remember I used to have a login for it, but I lost the info over a decade ago.

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wouldn't know, just found it perusing the web

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What module is this scenario from, anyway? I keep seeing it in old-school art, but I can never place it

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maybe demon type guardian or something

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guess not

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What even is going on here

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who is this guy? I keep seeing him

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Still soulless.
The fault lies in the forms, not just the colors and textures.
Tryhard MMO dragon
Dumb freakshit goblin
Incongruous bomb betrays the conceit. If reliable explosives exist why in the ever loving fuck are there still people running around in mail, shields, and swords?
Artist doesn't realize weapons and armor mean something and aren't just recolors/textures of the same invariable abstract force of "damage".

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>wizard wears a horn.
Merasmus? Is that you?

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Death Dealer. Frazetta drew a few pictures of him but I don't believe he's a character with anything more than his appearance.

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You are looking for Talislanta, friend.

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>Those oversized ovaries

Old school artists were high test as fuck

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When did fantasy art stop getting influences from Conan?

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They made some comics about him

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I think one of the problems with a lot of modern digital art is that shitty Asian perfect anime face that asian artists can't stop fucking doing for every fucking character artwork.

Look at all the people in this stuff, a lot of it is clearly based off real people and it's as varied as real people actually are. Very swole real people.

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Probably when political correctness became important.

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ah, that's the Dragonstrike box art. I learned something today.

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that dragon looks so bored. like, is this what I'm doing with my life?

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How did she get shot with an arrow? No one has a bow.

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Contrary to reactionary anon, it was the late 70s, when sword and sorcery went out of fashion in general (replaced by the then-new trend of Tolkienesque epic fantasy that kicked into high gear around 1977 with the release of mega-hit Sword of Shanarra). Artists paint what they're paid to paint, and the demand for greased-up duded in loincloths plummetted after that.

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This was page-art in AD&D2e. Back in those days, Magic Missile looking like a glowing arrow. Mister Skull-Helmet is probably some kind of gish-build or Donut Steel custom monster who can use magic in armour.

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It's glowing, might have been shot by someone off screen! Or might be a spell!

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Oooh, that's really good. Very Real Ghostbusters vibe with the monster deisgn.

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it might just be my personal bias but it appears to me in oldschool fantasy art people wore more armor than they do in modern art. in modern art it seems there will be one "the armor guy" with massive pauldrons and then everyone else is just in a trenchcoat or something sometimes

>> No.77688554

kinda just seems like the time, older games stick closer to realism for the sake of balancing and what not rather than aesthetics like some newer games where you'll see more unique and casual clothes and armor, mtg is a very good example of this with the older stuff being darker, humans were bands of soldiers trying to survive countless monsters and many powerful cards had drawbacks or negative effects on the user, new stuff is crazy and flashy and the casting cost for stronger cards is much lower than it was back then.

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>Left Side
>Right Side

Both are great and look amazing but this really shows that maybe as humans... people have the ability innately to detect something created physically by humans which on a subconcious level causes a greater appeal to physical art work.

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>oh shit

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have a ringwraith from the danish version of the lord of the rings books. The queen drew it, so I guess that's cool.

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Exposed toes!
It was probably a beast man armor set that had good enough stats to take a bare toes penalty.

Here's a croco-pig orc female with 6 boobplates.

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Not true, the early 80's saw a resurgence of sword & sorcery movies.

>> No.77690883

Very true, but the vast majority of those--Conan aside--were foreign (Italian, Argentinian, British) low-budget / direct to video stuff. They tended to succeed based on their ultra-low production costs, not a great public clamouring for them (if they succeeded at all: Krull and Red Sonja, to name big American attempts, bombed). In terms of big-ticket publishing and the covers / advertising that went with it, it was Shanarra and Eddings and Donaldson and so on.

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> If reliable explosives exist why in the ever loving fuck are there still people running around in mail, shields, and swords?
You mean that thing that happened on earth for literally hundreds of years?

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I normally am here for sci-fi shit but this thread is great, thanks to all those submitting

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