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Big stompy edition
Previous thread: >>77507777

>Thread FAQ(very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Thread FAQ(suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus
HH - mega<dot>nz<slash>#F!s9xQ3CiA!9a594y1utfRGxKLxiIy2aQ
audiobooks - mega<dot>nz<slash>folder<slash>yM1yWIba#ETw9ELPJmEScSrM9WwjRCw

==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions:

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First for 1k sons
Read books, its good for you

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Just a reminder that the Acastus knight got rules for its two lascannons but the Warmaster titan did not.

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The Thanatar Siege Automata is easily one of my favourite GW models that exist but I don't want to get into 30k just for that one model. I haven't even assembled my 40k admech army yet but I kinda want to buy the Thanatar ever since I first saw it.

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You could make up some houserules. 7->8/9e rules conversions are fairly consistent.

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funnily enough I just started working on my thanatars

I basically only started 30k because of the thanny, not sure if it was my smartest moment. But hey, more cool shit to paint

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I wish my pravian could drag one of those daddies out instead of the murder turkeys

>> No.77539458

big lascannon and grav hammer is the superior option

>> No.77539513

Not really dissing the Calix version but I just fucking love the look of the giant goddamn plasma mortar.

>> No.77539554

Damn shame it is so garbage. That lascannon needs to have armourbane or heavy 2 and sunder or something.

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Looking cool is more important

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Maybe I'm just an idiot, but can you take orbital assault marine allies with a militia list? The 1d4chan page mentions this, but as far as I can see you cant take militia units in the same army as they don't have access to deep strike. Or does "may not be chosen as part of this army" refer to the orbital assault detachment?
Is this another case of 1d4chan being wrong?

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If I wanted to pose an AT warlord's foot as moving in the air, how would I get the toes to bend downwards slightly? Score a line across the bottom of the joint so they bend, or the top?
Plus, for the power fist, claws or fingers?

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I'd say score the bottom to bend it down, but make sure you gouge it out a bit so when it bends down it doesn't 'stretch' the top too much. Try cutting a little 'v' shape into the bottom.
Basically the opposite of this.

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Did he really emerge out of his pod bald? Poor boy, starting out like that, a perfect beginning to his fantastically terrible life

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Any word on a horus heresy weekender or preview any time soon

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>horus heresy

>> No.77539944

True, but fuck the fact that it is expensive too is a double whammy, trying to fit a 300 point trash unit in your army list just for aesthetics.

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Hey, can you post your paint scheme process? I pulled the trigger on starting a proxy admech40k force after seeing your vulturax wip's, still trying to figure out a paint scheme so any reccomendations would be great

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It's actually retardedly simple
>prime black
>basecoat gloss black (acrylic gloss black primers are absolute shit but you can use gloss spray primers or enamel primers)
>vallejo metal color steel with zenithal chrome
>vallejo chipping medium @ 15 psi
>vallejo mecha sky blue
>stab at the paint with a stiff brush in the pattern that weathering would occur (pretend the bristles are bits of debris hitting the model)
>clean up the metallics that you accidentally got blue on
>do details with whatever colors I feel like doing
>spray model with some thinned down abt 502 brown wash and then clean up excess with thinner
>highlight extreme edges
Voila it's a shitty mechanicum model

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Is there any reason we don’t have Valkyries in 30k? They’ve popped up in the novels but it’s absurd Militia don’t have access to them.

>> No.77540770

Probably wanted to sell a 30k flyer that they never ended up making. Just use the 40k rules and costs for them.

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Thx man, here’s a freshly painted IF chaplain as a reward, excuse poor quality

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>Arvus Lighter
>single lascannon or multi-laser (maybe twin-lascannons using the Vendetta nose guns)
>drop tanks on the wings

Done. But yes, it's BS. There's a ton of stuff in the fluff and art that's not represented in any way in the game, because of shitty reasons.

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Mash it up. It's just rules.

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>It's just rules.

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Possibly, yes.

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Hey it's speedy Mechanicum guy. You doing alright?

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I hate that not only do Knight Meltaguns have rules, but they are expensive and quality upgrades. Should just be an aesthetic choice.

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You are correct. Limitations are written either for the Detachment or the Army. In this case, the army is limited which means that it extends to all the detachments. Can't have models without Deep Strike regardless of which detachment they sit in.
1d4chan is garbage for rules and tactics and shouldn't be taken seriously beyond overviews.

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This. Militia can take Arvus Lighters and Termites for Deep Striking transports. Grenadiers can have both as DTs and a 3rd one can be purchased as an FA choice to carry a 3rd unit (and the Force Commander). Like Enginseers, Ogryns, or two Rapiers, though the last two can only use an Arvus as the Termite doesn't do Bulky models.

Shame there's no drop Sentinels despite art (and FW models) existing.

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I thought that would be the case.
I just wanted to make an loyalist version of the sacrificial offering row.
Imperial army ground force and a drop podding rescue force.

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i miss elysians bro
why tf they never made them i have no idea

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Let it never be said that i prefer 40k over HH

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How do you guys run your Praetors? I'm working on this guy for my Dark Angels, just need to clean up his gun and some of the details.

>> No.77542226

How do you guys run your Praetors? Working on this guy for my Dark Angels just need to tidy him up.

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Iron Halo, Digi-Lasers, MC Paragon Blade is the gold standard to start from.
Iron Halo, Digi-Lasers and Divining Blade is the new hotness that gets people angry.
Add Legion wargear as appropriate.

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Imagine ruining a warlord like that

>> No.77542517

Hey mechboys don't try anything funny now

>> No.77542559

Some say he's still walking on walls to this day

>> No.77542619

>talks smack
>has no frag grenades

>> No.77542650

Assuming your not in termie armour or have a pleb shield, a fist is 5pts more than MC (or digital lasers for that matter), but significantly better.

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>> No.77542868

he said

>> No.77542912

how's that punisher sicaran perform? if there were more Ap4-5 models cutting about, it's firepower would make more sense, but everyone here just abuses max terminator PotL
>i do do like the primaris bikers though

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Man I need to get myself a Xiphos, it's much bigger than I thought

>> No.77543450

Now that's a sweet looking lizardmen force. Any chance for close ups? Preferably right to left with a fellblade being a starting point lol

>> No.77543603

Haha I'll call sallies lizardmen/saurus now

>> No.77543732


A Fist confers +1A for having 2 specialist weapons, which is better than the reroll in the event that you roll straight hits or already have rerolls from a Chaplain or whatever.
It also gives you an alternative weapon profile to dunk on people in the event that you need S8 and aren't worried about Unwieldy.

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Why not all?

>> No.77544228

you are wrong
mother fucking PLASMA MORTAR is so very cool

>> No.77544245

> he doesn't know

>> No.77544257

God I hate OSL, it's so ugly

>> No.77544280

What's OSL?

>> No.77544297

Original Source Lighting, all the green puke you're seeing on that model

>> No.77544340

i thought it was algae
either real or painted, but still algae

>> No.77544631

Oh, ok, thanks. I hate it too and wonder at what point of minis painting history some retards decided that it was cool. This and "powah weepon effekt"

>> No.77544795

Have they? I always figured they were newer make since they don't show up in any lists. Kinda makes sense thematically, airmobile guard has a little bit more of a 40k vibe, where you feel like the 30k version would lean harder in to masses of footsloggers. That said, this:

I don't think it breaks anything if you want to run it. Just talk to your group and lift the stats/cost from the 7th ed IG book.

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I actually started working on an Elysian Droptroops epic army last week. Most of it is still in the mail. I'd snagged a bunch of the plastic valks on a whim when they came out, and then vanguard put up those drop sentinels for sale and I was like, well, I guess this is happening then. ok.

>> No.77544860

never played epic, but those D99 (?) boys are looking grand

>> No.77545508


You mean Fellesians?

>> No.77545632

>literally elysians
either or, drop troop militia and sentinels would be interesting, even if all they're doing is spamming autoguns

>> No.77545664

That's my primarch!!

>> No.77545967

Did you forget how he felt about you?
>Pic Related

>> No.77546003

can't unsee

>> No.77546234

Titans shouldn't be weathered because their attendants would take better care of the titan than that.

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>> No.77546509

>dat hand gesture
>"we come in peace"

>> No.77546536

Were a spehsul project anon. But I'm glad you recognize good fluff

>> No.77546542

t. mocked for painting like legio matel

>> No.77546702

Evil should be exposed and mocked at every step

>> No.77546764

You forgot:

>> No.77546951

No time between warzones

>> No.77546998

why do the traitors suck so much? anything they can do can be done better by loyalists.

>> No.77547091

*laughs in scoria*

>> No.77547105

Their Legions were largely made up of the most dysfunctional douchebags in the Imperium (See WE, DG, NL)

>> No.77547226

Hey meganon, are you taking requests for specific books to be added to the mega?

>> No.77547253

No they do no suck, they are just different tools for different jobs.

>> No.77547325


>> No.77547349

Nice try Dorn, but you ain't Alpharius everybody knows what purpose of that post was.

>> No.77547383

Agreed. No other traitor legion can do wet leopard growls better than...them.

>> No.77547603

Best BDSM dungeons too.

>> No.77547947

>Had to be rescued from prison
>Meanwhile Calleb Decima fought his way out of Isstvan III separately from Garro's crew

>> No.77547949

Isn't that more IF thing?

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>> No.77549388

is that terminator with the banner

actually carrying a picture of a dog

>> No.77549409

OSL is a half-measure for anons who aren't hobby enough to recast their mini parts in clear resin and wire LEDs in to them.

>> No.77549410

terminators die just fine to massed fire

>> No.77549433

why would you do either are you too poor to own a light or can you just not afford windows

>> No.77549459

salamanders are amphibians, anon

>> No.77549518

What is Volkite good at?

>> No.77549541

Low ap horde murdering. Scales well with reroll like preferred enemy due to medium to high anti Infantry strength.

>> No.77549558

Why would you bothered shading your minis?

>> No.77549725

I like using myrmidon destructors with volkite for general anti-infantry (except terminators) because they are reliable even against good saves. Hitting and wounding on a 2+ with rerolls and deflagrate is brutal even with a 3+ save to get through you are fairly reliably dropping 1-2 marines per myrmidon per turn with a 45" range and relentless meaning you have a large area where a decent sized squad can rapidly thin out marines. Against lighter infantry a unit of like 6 can reasonably expect to kill 50 militia if they catch them in the open in a single turn.

Plus with volume fire and range they can act as shitty anti-air if you have nothing available or your AA is overwhelmed because your opponent brought two fire raptors and two lightnings.

>> No.77550301


>> No.77550362

why do you paint your minis anon.
are you too poor to afford the power of imagination?

>> No.77550528

>Only chrgers: nice compromise between higher than bolter S with ability to assault afterwards. In terminators case it's still better to take plasma/melta though
>Only culverins: high S and crazy rate of fire at good range, wounding your marines target on 2+ (most of the time), with 4 shots per gun will force a lot of save rolling.
1.they look cool
2. If you manage to get rending somehow they are very good
3. Never forget deflagrate
Basically everything with up to 6T, volkites in general are great vs damons, humans and lighter mechanicum constructs. Point can be made that culverins are also good vs light vehicles and even lighter flyers.
Skyseekers marketlights, librarian with divination (rerolls and a chance for rending)

>> No.77550660

Yeah, but nocturnean ones are turbodeathmetalskull lavacave dwelling dragons, so leaning more into lizard.

>> No.77551108

Also worth mentioning that culverins utterly rape light armour and flyers if you get them tank hunter via a seige breaker or being IF.

>> No.77551144

they (culverins) have the same cancer statline of scatterlasers in 7th 40k (who were OP too)

S6 is enough to threaten anything that isn't heavy armor, ap doesn't matter when you shit out 3+ shots per gun and they have enough range to reach out and touch anything.

>> No.77551221

Is there any difference in what type of terminator armor you use? Or is it like different marks of tactical marine armor?

>> No.77551266

Ah Yes, I forgot that. Thanks anon.

>> No.77551288

Red Book has an answear you're looking for. But in short: yes, there is.

>> No.77551337

I meant rules wise.
I want termies but I don't really know which box to get.

>> No.77551469

Cataphractii has a 4+ invuln, but no running, sweeping or overwatch.

Tartaros has a 5+ invuln but you can run, sweep and overwatch.

>> No.77551529

Oh was that what you meant?
I thought the red books just had lore?

>> No.77551544

>I thought the red books just had lore?
Or did I get those mixed up again?

>> No.77551556

I dont think any of the books are just lore.
Also look at OP, there is literally all of the books waiting for you anon.

>> No.77551651

I was hoping I wouldnt have to do much research. Just get a couple of tacs some termies and start painting.

>> No.77551866

You can if you want man, but I would honestly figure out what legion you want then read up on their shit a bit first, as that may impact what you'll actually use.

>> No.77552011


>> No.77552012

>I was hoping I wouldnt have to do much research.
I mean, these are your minis and your hobby but that sounds very wrong.

>> No.77552060

That's a very disappointing approach anon.

>> No.77552122

>culverins utterly rape light armour and flyers
Not really. They can act as a stopgap measure, but they don't rape light armour and unless you are fielding like 20 of them they don't rape aircraft.

>> No.77552172

Do you know which Legion you want to start anon? Easy enough to start on a couple of tac squads, but after that point things can get very flavourful in HH

>> No.77552266

8 culverins (so they fit in a bunker) does 6.5 hp to av12 with tank hunter, seems pretty good to me anon.
But sorry the wording is poor. Tank hunter lets them rape light armour, and also threaten flyers, mainly ones with av11, so fireraptors can ignore it as even if they get hurt, they cant get penned.
A xiphon or lightning is fragile enough that they can easily die or at least get shaken. And if they jink instead thats still a win.

>> No.77552365

awesome, please accept this picture of Duncan in historical re-enactment gear as a token of my gratitude

>> No.77552511

Ally for my budding WB underway. I’m thinking fist and thermal cannon

>> No.77552781

Anon, they are S6 min 20 shots per unit. That's enough to scrap av 10-11 or even have a go at av12 when you add more squad members. Dedicated AT? No. Versatile weapon that can threaten T targets and lighter armour? Yes.

>> No.77552963

Is this a knight?

>> No.77553125

Naw, just half a knight.

>> No.77553288

Friendly reminder that the Taurox is now HH canon and only WAAC fags will not let an opponent proxy it.

>> No.77553317

>Taurox is now HH canon
I don't understand? Whats the problem?

>> No.77553366


That better stand for War Bastard.

>> No.77553376

It's ugly. The scene where it shows up some marines even comment on how ugly it is.

>> No.77553432

Was gonna make a wheeled MRAP conversion as an Aurox, but I have a Chimera hull kit I'm probably just gonna turn into a Trojan style vehicle with a hull heavy flamer instead.

>> No.77553531

What? Are you refering to some BL book or what?

>> No.77553586

So a Kni?

>> No.77553588

Ohhhh I get it. Taurox that ugly pseudohumber from 40k. Was thinking of Aurox and thought you're crazy or dumb lol

>> No.77553607

I love how they bullied it in that book

>> No.77553692

If they didn't yell "faggots" at the troops disembarking from it then the opportunity was lost.

>> No.77553714

Its a luna wolf[\spoiler]

>> No.77554061

>Inferior Ultramarine player

>> No.77554122

i have never ever seen an ultramarine player in this general and i’ve only ever heard rumors of them.

>> No.77554957

But you've definitely read about one Ultramarine player.

>> No.77555005

Unfortunately they were the troops disembarking.

>> No.77555029

Fury of Magnus

>> No.77555078

What Legion?

>> No.77555091

A bunch of marines hitched a ride after one of them (a SW i think) hijacked one from some guardsmen.

>> No.77555097


>> No.77555113

SW and Salamanders think, i'll try to find it.

>> No.77555348

>Bjarki had commandeered a vehicle by the time Promeus had sent word
back to the Bhab Bastion of the Crimson King’s intrusion. When Promeus
emerged from the aid station, he saw Bjarki pulling up in a boxy slab of
metal mounted on quad-tracks with a fore-mounted turret fitted with some
kind of gatling cannon. Widdowsyn climbed aboard to man the topside gun,
as the three Salamanders circled the vehicle with disdainful eyes.
The Rune Priest dropped down from the armoured side door and battered
his one remaining fist against the vehicle’s dusty, bullet-scarred plating.
‘Look at this!’ he cried. ‘The man who gave me this said it is called a
‘It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,’ said Promeus. ‘Throne, is it even
safe? It looks like something that’s been looted by Nordafrik rad-scavvers
before being looted back again by the Army, who didn’t even bother to
undo the damage.’

>> No.77555397

>‘We are none of us pretty,’ said Bjarki, grinning and holding up his
severed arm. ‘Besides, Barek Zytos tells me a taurox is a legendary beast of
their home world. A good sign, ja?’
‘A taurox is a lethally dangerous beast of the Arridian Plain,’ said Zytos,
locking his hammer over his shoulder. ‘I always wanted to kill a bull taurox
one day, but I do not suppose I ever will now.’
‘Gave you it?’ said Promeus, rapping his knuckles on the battered plating.
Flakes of rust drifted.
Bjarki shrugged. ‘He wasn’t using it, and the men it once carried are dead.’
‘Oh, well that makes me feel a whole lot better about riding in it.’

>> No.77555398

Seems a pretty accurate description.

>> No.77555432

Any chance you could get Peter Fehevari's book, "The Reverie"? Thanks for doing the mega

>> No.77555489

All they had to do was give it wheels and mount the secondary guns anywhere other than fixed side mounts that blow off the side doors when they fired......

>> No.77555515

I honestly can't image what fuckface designed this and thought anything about it was good. Let alone the chain of other fuckfaces that had to he ok with it going to production.

Converted ones with wheels looks great though.

>> No.77555543

>It looks like something that’s been looted by Nordafrik rad-scavvers

>> No.77555665

Hull mounted volley guns and auto cannons that are physically incapable of being aimed and will blow up the vehicle if one of the side doors open is kinda dumb

>> No.77555711

they're still too stubby
if you extend it like that one six-wheel conversion it looks right
the turret on the scion version still looks like shit though

>> No.77555797

Sounds like the author literally rephrased the 1d4chan description: "like Orks looted an IG vehicle and the Guard looted it right back"

>> No.77555897

Dumb side guns needing to go, goes without saying.
Yes 6 wheeler is true goodness.
Shit, you're right. Not a coincidence surely?

>> No.77555913 [DELETED] 

They do that occasionally. I remeber once reading about Lion being described as "apex predator" in 1d4 and the same phrase popped up in one book when Lion was mentioned. I don't know if its głód IR bad really.

>> No.77555949

>‘We are none of us pretty,’ said Bjarki, grinning and holding up his severed arm.
90% sure they mean he's holding up his stump, but I want to believe he's holding the severed limb with his other hand and waving it at them.

>> No.77555961

They do that occasionally. I remeber once reading about Lion being described as "apex predator" on 1d4 and the same phrase popped up in one book when Lion was mentioned. I don't know if its for good or bad, really.

>> No.77555988

i still think wraight wrote a book based on an old /tg/ writefaggotry

>> No.77556150

Which one?

>> No.77556218

Gav is the kind of debased human being to repurpose "love can bloom" as one of his non binary sjw tales in the future.

>> No.77556346

Probably, 25% of the book is Salamanders and Space Wolves becoming instant bros due to them being the only people on the entire planet who aren't complete and total psychopathic assholes.

>> No.77556443

/tg/ has been leaking into BTL alot lately, from Kaydony's DE GF (whose death apparently triggered an entire Black Crusade) to Lucious having a literally naked loli Daemonette/child possessed with a foot fetish as his ships captain.

>> No.77556478

Damn I genuinely want to like salamanders but they ale SO BLAND, rules and fluffwise.

>> No.77556509

i actually think i got it confused, he based it on an obscure fluff blurb from a codex that was /tg/ did a bit of writefaggotry about
it’s one of the carrion throne books, where the DE are hired to fix the golden throne (and predictably, don’t)

>> No.77556590 [DELETED] 

Hala based DA

>> No.77556607

Later on in the HH books they become interesting, like when Vulcan destroys the golem the IH are making out of Ferrus's bits and when Vulkan goes full hammer time when he beats the ever living piss out of Magnus with a pair thunder hammers at the foot of the Golden Throne

>> No.77556638

It's implied that they did, the DE in that book was basically a renegade who was acting independently.

>> No.77556700

>It's implied that they did
? the opposite is implied, which is why the plot becomes hunting down the high lords involved in the conspiracy

>> No.77556762

>hire DE to fix the Golden Throne
I don't really know what to say

>> No.77556855

Everything in your post just convinces me that this series was a mistake.

>> No.77556907

The Faction that cut the deal got their info, or at least the Inquisition/AdMech Faction that propped up the Lords did. Killing the Homunculus and the Lords was damage control after the fact.

Hiring the DE was honestly a good idea, just not ambitious enough. The problem with the Golden Throne is no one knows how it works and it's inefficient. A little DE tinkering under Yannari/Cawl oversight and Big E is Back Baby!

Actually he would become Galactic Super Nagash but let's be honest, most people wouldn't even notice the difference besides the fact that the Legion of the Dammed has suddenly been reinforced by a few trillion undead Guardsmen

>> No.77556942

Wtf so the top left supposed to be

>> No.77557041

Lore has always been that there were 4 loyal Primarchs vs 5 traitor at Terra and Vulkan was one of them.

Pert vs Dorn
Angron vs Sang
Mort vs Khan
Fulgrim vs the civilian population
Horus vs Emperor
So who else was Vulkan going to fight?

>> No.77557095

What he was intended to be, Justice tempered with his brother Sanguinius's humanity.

>> No.77557100

there was that one guy who was thinking about Traitor UM a few threads back

>> No.77557282

>Traitor UM

Only original idea i've ever heard in one of these threads.

It's canon that there were loyalists in every traitor legion and traitors in every loyal legion,

UM are the only loyal legion that have zero representation for their traitors in rules, fluff or even table top.

>> No.77557980

>UM are the only loyal legion that have zero representation for their traitors in rules, fluff or even table top.
Who are traitors in the BA, IF, and Salamanders?

>> No.77558085


An Apothecary becomes a daemon prince of Khorne
> IF
None so far in HH, in War of the Beast all but 1 of the surviving IF's join the Iron Warriors.


,None so far in HH but well established in 40k.

>> No.77558101

no time in the days or weeks it takes to travel to places for the people whose only job is to clean the titan to clean the titan?

>> No.77558289

>in War of the Beast all but 1 of the surviving IF's join the Iron Warriors.
John French has just declared that entire series non-canon and fake news. It never happened. Not in-universe or out.

>> No.77558389

A heroic move by French.

>> No.77558575

>Vulkan goes full hammer time when he beats the ever living piss out of Magnus with a pair thunder hammers at the foot of the Golden Throne
that sounds very retarded

>> No.77558715

Dan Abnett says that you are liars, that he will have you fired from BL and if you ever question him or BTL canon, ADB or Graham McNeill ever again he will personally have Kharn, Eisenhorn, Lucious, Clarion and Typhus ass rape you.

>> No.77558871

Emperor and Vulcan seriously tried to talk him down and get him to come back to the Loyalist side, Magus was his typical retarded autistic self.
Emperor explains that he can save Magnus but not his legion because they are generically corrupted, he offers him a whole new Legion i'e the Grey Knights.

Magnus asks Vulcan if he could sacrifice his sons this way, Vulcan says no he could not. Magnus then tried to assassinate the Emperor, a bunch of SW and Salamanders dogpile him them Vulcan beats the shit out of him with hammers. Magnus calls on Tzeenych to save him and is instantly kicked out of the palace by the anti chaos psychic ward.

Vulkan feels really bad about the whole episode.

>> No.77558959

But who's typhus ass? I can't keep up with all these shitty new characters they keep churning out.

>> No.77559061

>Emperor explains that he can save Magnus but not his legion because they are generically corrupted, he offers him a whole new Legion i'e the Grey Knights.
So... TTS was right years ahead?

>> No.77559081

Or they just shamelessly stole a plotpoint from an internet comedy series.

Honestly should have gone with Hellsing Abridged for that, though.

>> No.77559084

BL makes this shit up as they go so they probably got it from TTS

>> No.77559098

I don't remember the "give magnus a new legion" bit in TTS

>> No.77559275

Probably a loli demon with a foot fetish from the last novel.


Hellsing Abridged is basically the plot of Vulcan beating up bird boy.

>> No.77559300

The Emperor offered Magnus the leadership of the Grey Knight's in exchange for abandoning the 1K sons.

>> No.77559345

in TTS? when?

>> No.77559510

>An Apothecary becomes a daemon prince of Khorne
Wait are you talking about the Red Angel?

>None so far in HH, in War of the Beast all but 1 of the surviving IF's join the Iron Warriors.
War of the beast being shit aside that is outside the heresy, and plenty of Ultramarine successors have gone rogue.

>None so far in HH but well established in 40k.

>> No.77559675

Thank the God-Emperor, that series was terrible

>> No.77559686

LEDs in minis always look fucking garbage, with no exceptions

>> No.77559833

I love 4chan’s hot takes that are blatantly wrong. The obsession with saying anything in the hopes of starting an argument because you’re bored is straight out of 2007

>> No.77559927


>> No.77560636

Is infantry-heavy even a thing you can do outside of specific Centurion games? I like the idea of massed boots on the ground as an army aesthetic, much more than the look of an armoured column, but it seems like anything you stick outside of an AV shell would die immediately.

>> No.77560703

its true
it detracts from the paint job and looks awful on the table

>> No.77560938

How are you gonna give your Scoria pulsating rainbow eyes without LEDs?

>> No.77561121

World Eaters.
They are the only legion who have the bonuses to truly lean into mass infantry at scale. You can legitimately drop 100 dudes in a 3k game, as they're dirt cheap and extremely effective (especially in beserker assault). The sheer number of them means they're pretty tough to kill. Even though people meme about mass ap3 blast, your opponent is unlikely to have enough to deal with that many guys, unless they're spamming fuckloads of phosphex mortars.

Rest of your points go into shit to kill tanks and other crap your grunts can't kill.

>> No.77561280

What are you working on today anons? I'm a masochist, so I'm brush painting tanks

>> No.77561569

The Daemonifuge graphic novel is not among these books.

Could you add it please, dearest Thousand Sons anon?

>> No.77561603

But how do you world eat with mk2 armour being trashed? Recasters?

>> No.77561630

Use MkV? Khorne Berzerkers are suppose to be in MkV.

>> No.77561635

>they're dirt cheap
And you call other people memers

>> No.77561722

Blood angels assault marines

>> No.77561900

Just got my first FW transfer sheets
I don't know about these justifying the price QUITE yet but damn these are beautiful and to be fair 1 or 2 will get you very far in an army.

>> No.77561989

BL Canon

>> No.77562209

>become interesting
I've read them all and what you call "interesting" was exactly the reason why people say BL is shite.

>> No.77562284

260pts for 20 dudes, 80 s5 attacks on the charge with hatred. You calling that expensive?

>> No.77562285

What did you get?

>> No.77562345

1 Condition: you need to get a charge. If you don't you get no rage and no rerolling 1s in the first round. Any player with xp will dab on your footslogging tacticals, block them, pull of the charge first, slow them down, shoot them etc. Also investing 1300 pts in a 3k list just to roll buckets of dice is kind of not very good idea.

>> No.77562346

WB, also got some vorbak without a single moldslip, that's a first for me.

>> No.77562381

You forgot Alpharius

>> No.77562420

Speaking of which, did the sculptors and rule monkeys have a severe miscommunication or something?

>> No.77562424

Magnus did a lot wrong, but not sacrificing his sons for his own redemption was based.

>> No.77562447

Anon asked how to run mass infantry, WE berserker assault is objectively the best way to do so (and is fluffy to boot) he didn't ask for some competitive list or whatever.

>> No.77562473

His sons were already damned though, there was literally no benefit to not joining dad, other than being able to respawn his kids later on.

>> No.77562489


>> No.77562616

What's wrong?

>> No.77562636

I'd expect the giant mutated claws to be something else than a chainsword or to have 1 or 2 of those weapon options actually in the kit

>> No.77562727

Fair enough, I like the sculpts as they are but nothing wrong with more options.

>> No.77562859

Yeah I love the sculpts but the rules just seem to be for a different unit

>> No.77562911

Working on my Traitor IH lore to go with my burgeoning first army, and man, I’m having a harder time than I thought.

>> No.77562953

>liked blowing things up
>liked blowing things up yellow cunts made

>> No.77563092

It's not even about competitive list build but a major feature of LA:WE that always get ommited by "dude, one billion attacks per squad kek" people. It should always be emphasized that a) you need to get the charge first b)relying on mass attacks dependant on number of dudes requires having those dudes alive so they can have a go. And footslogging tactical squads are essentially very bad in terms of survivability and ironically buying them transports other than spartans (which is points and FOC draining) and limiting them to 10 defeats the point of human-wave-mass-attacks tactics.

>> No.77563195

>giant mutated claws to be something else than a chainsword
With rending and GV are S5.

>> No.77563243

Nah, I actually tried to go with something different for once. Traitors so emotionally wounded by Ferrus’ death that they feel the need to continue being in agony to keep his memory alive, falling to Slaanesh with time.

>> No.77563328

Seems more like a Nurgle thing to me

>> No.77563339

>Traitors so emotionally wounded by Ferrus’ death that they feel the need to continue being in agony to keep his memory alive
Literally no iron hands ever

>> No.77563384

Night Lords terminators.
Drop Pod or teleporter?

>> No.77563400

Iron Hands raging at the emperor or the other chapters for letting their primarch die and falling to khorne feels more suitable. Just going "Fuck all of yall" fighting traitors and imps alike.

>> No.77563496

>can't be their own renegade thing
>you can't be bad astartes without worshipping chaos
GW has trained you well

>> No.77563609

This is Gav tier bcgr, just do the models but don't share your lore ever again.

>> No.77563629

I was replying in the context of Iron Hands falling to Chaos.

>> No.77563706

Archaotech pistol or plasma pistol on a preator?

>> No.77563744

How the fuck do I use Tactical squads?!
It always feels like they're just a useless tax and do nothing any game where I don't use a RoW that allows me not to bring them!
I haven't played many games so my dice might just be fucked but I can't really see what I should be using them for? Just standing on objectives and trying not to die?

>> No.77563781


>> No.77563829

Buy the tacticals

>> No.77563912


>> No.77563980

Depends if you feel lucky or got nuncio vox caddies.

>> No.77564063

Objective campers yes.

>> No.77564276

Some legions actually can, some not so much. There are two mods of use only:
>objective campers
>low tier melee unit
Forget about shooting if you're not using them as campers. As a melee unit they suck too in most cases sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the legion. Basically yes, tacticals are trash, yes.

>> No.77564403

Man that sucks! Anyway to make em more spicy? Even if it's innefficient? Like special weapons and transports?

>> No.77564430

No special weapons, but world eaters can get them chainaxes and make them inductii losing scoring for +1 strength.

>> No.77564477

>losing scoring for +1 strength.
That just seems so counter productive.
Now you have something slightly better in melee but they can't fill their purpose.

I haven't looked into it outside of fancy RoWs but are Breachers and Tacs the only compulsory troops?

>> No.77564535

No you have assault squads who are actually worth it. There is also a recon squad (balls) and tactical support squad, dudes with special weapons only (one of the better units in the book) but they are both support squads ie. you can't take them without filling up the compulsory choices with either assault, tactical or breacher squads. Or a mix.

>> No.77564570

Put them in a rhino, hold them off the field, and late game objective rush.

>> No.77564576

>That just seems so counter productive.
I never said it was a good choice, but it is interesting and fun, or at least more than regular tac squads.

>> No.77564623

That sounds really drab. Dang it.
I might get some rhinos and try it!
True enough

>> No.77564732

use them to shoot people

>> No.77564752

Great advice

>> No.77564799

i'm here for you, baby

>> No.77564924

After I do, what then?

>> No.77565017

They are the cheapest per wound scoring unit space marines have access to. you hold objectives and win the game with them.
All their tools are based around holding the objective, bolters allow them to plink at long range and do decent damage at short, extra ccw's give them an edge in clearing chaff off of objectives.

But best of all. is the Rhino APC, not for its ability to transport, which is useful, but if side on to the enemy, you can completely hide the tactical marines behind it. You cant shoot what you cant see, so those tactical marines aren't going to be removed by small arms and it acts as a physical barrier to assault units attempting to clear you off the objective.

Remember most armies win games by scoring objectives not by wiping out the enemy.

>> No.77565063


Tacticals should have ultragrit as standard and allow Fury after a move, but not a Deep Strike or Disembark.
I think its tragic that the iconic unit of the Legion is regarded as a tax. They are the backbone because they are good, players should feel confident in spamming them.

>> No.77565086

Rhinos are also good mobile terrain line of sight blockers too.

>> No.77565151

>Remember most armies win games by scoring objectives not by wiping out the enemy.
Yeah I suppose. It just feels bad when it feels like a unit can't do anything. Anything they shoot at don't really care, anything that shoots at them don't really care either.
Yeah I just want them to do something other than just stand around and cost points.

>> No.77565244


>> No.77565289

>Yeah I just want them to do something other than just stand around and cost points.
Vet squads in 30k are similar to 40k tactical squads with access to special weapons and heavy weapons.

>> No.77565295

Based on what I heard about it from Arch formerly Warhammer I am inclined to agree.

>> No.77565342

I need to clarify that now that I’m actually making the list I’m not feeling the current fluff. I’m playing an almost entirely graviton list so I’m trying to work on some lore that would fit that sort of preference.

>> No.77565359

Give source or be called a liar.

>> No.77565372

>Vet squads
Oh I know! I just mean like I wish tacticals were more useful on their own. Not neccessarily busted just good at something other than just being.

>> No.77565673

What if they could get 1 combi per 5 like Slayers? Seems silly that Assault and Breacher squads get 1 option per 5 but not Tacticals.

>> No.77565709

Can you legally make a loyalist Luna Wolves army lead by Loken?

>> No.77565751

>getting your opinion told to you by Arch
fucking kek
just look at that weak chinned cunt

>> No.77565786

I don't, that was years ago. He's not /pol/ enough for my tastes. Total limp wristed faggot.

>> No.77566026


>> No.77566317

Wondering how esoteric is enough for an Esoterist.

>> No.77566385

I'll extend it to:
>getting opinion from any youtuber or eceleb
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people today, they give up their own freedom of thought for free and in turn give power to some turds. And why for fuck sake anyone could sit and listen for 10 min straight to what some faggot thinks about x.

>> No.77566788

You sound very insecure in your ability to form your own opinions and not have them be influenced by others.

>> No.77566880

Life's too short to be listening to someone's opinion just because they want to be paid $0.000001 per view for it.

>> No.77566920

You sound like a smug, pseudointellectual, cunt.

>> No.77567539

life's also too short to spend even a second of it on 4chan and yet here you are

>> No.77567759

well there goes the thread

>> No.77567828

Trying to fit neutron lasers to my Solar Aux basilisks.

>> No.77568020


>> No.77568039

War of the Beast was so shit.

>> No.77568791


Thank you kindly.

>> No.77568869

Literally gibberish

>> No.77569013

>I...I listen to Arch while painting, I don't really like him but lets talk about something he has said in his series about X
Lol fag pls go

>> No.77569014

it's all about the power pose

>> No.77569052

I mean I just made one post, Arch haters did all the rest.
He's a faggot but please look in the mirror, guys.

>> No.77569173

I think you overdid it with the kroot bones bit, it looks off.

>> No.77569246

Luckily it's just tacked on. Came across them in my bits and decided to give it a go. Shame there's no place to get a miniature zither. Really wanted to go for pic related vibe. Just a fucking crazy motherfucker shaman that makes everyone uncomfortable with his ramblings.

>> No.77569280

>I only made one post guys xd why crazy xd
>look in the mirror you're like him
Thing that you evidently loath to do because seeing your obese and weak chined self is more than you can handle

>> No.77569304

>russian art
Why everything they do looks like a cheap crap

>> No.77569314

You seem like more of an overreacting sperg with every post. Just FYI

>> No.77569333

disagree, I love it - Add more bones and skulls

>> No.77569415

Kroot stuff is fine, Bloodletter head is dumb

>> No.77569416

Overdone by a mile. And since it's SW you appear to be doing you should focus more on runes and talismans instead of making him an NL wannabe. There's just too much going on on this mini.

>> No.77569426

I might loot the idea of using a CSM terminator torso, it's perfect for an Esoterist

>> No.77569764

Source: your ass, I presume?

>> No.77569950

>"IF joined IW in WotB"
That's the lamest cope I have ever seen.

>> No.77569998

Right, now I have to spend the rest of my night slowly shading these cunts

>> No.77570049

Horned skull is the symbol of the Librarius, after all.

>> No.77570059

How do apothecaries work in legions? Are they permanently assigned to a company or chapter? Are they just a pool assigned as needed? Can they hold ranks? I know some like Bile did all 3 but he's a bit of an exception. Trying to work on some fluff and wondering how they actually fit into the overall command structure. Its specifically Night Lord's but they don't even really have a structure

>> No.77570218

of course it's not canon, even BL say BL books are just someone's version of "history"

>> No.77570294


>> No.77570301

>next week: Pert idiot, Dorn cool, oh no, you cannot say that book is not canon only because faction you like is shown as retards
Yeeeeeah... nope.

>> No.77570306

It surely depends on the legion, but if it's anything like 40k chapters, they're part of the Apothecarion led by the Chief Apothecary, and distributed to companies as needed. Same way Librarians are distributed from the Librarius and Techmarines are from the Armoury. I imagine they'd be somewhat attached elements assigned to specific units under the command of the specific commander. Apothecaries might not have rank similar to sergeants and captains, but hold a provisional rank equal to one, giving them some clout above stock trooper.

Even in 40k there are exceptions, like Red Scorpions having Apothecaries leading squads and SW having their Chaplains pull double duty as Apothecaries. I imagine 30k SW Apothecaries are part of the Cult of Morkai the same way Priests are.

>> No.77570312

What gold do you use on the eye symbol?

>> No.77570388

take it up with BL, it's been policy for decades

>> No.77570450

Pretty much as >>77570306 says.
According the the ol 'strategic disposition of a legion' chart, the apothecarion is a legion asset, battalions have apothecarion sections assigned to them, and conpanies have a number of individual apothecaries assigned to them.
Interestingly they're not listed under chapter assets, so they appear to get assigned directly from battalion command.

>> No.77570484

It's one of those "depends on the legion" things.

The best we know of is the structure laid out in the Principia Belicosa, which creates Battalions under the Chapter structure within the Legion. Each Chapter is therefore split into two sections, with four line companies and one specialist company in each, and each Battalion - of 500 fighting marines, nominally - is supported by its own assets. How much each got in practice, or whether they were really 500 men with fabulous amounts of assets to call on, is up to you.

>> No.77570501

I hope you'll be there with that argument when any other BL book is dicussed.

>> No.77570838

Shit Tier
>All of Black Library is canon

Homosexual Tier
>All of Black Library is canon except for the parts I dislike

Based Retard Tier
>All of Black Library is canon except the parts I like

Based Tier
>None of Black Library is canon

>> No.77571097

Plain old Retributor Armour

>> No.77571456

So I know all about
But that said is The First Heretic still worth a read for the WB fluff?

>> No.77571506


>> No.77571713

Yes if you like bad fiction.

>> No.77571780

It has Dawn of War tier mechanics moment when Lorgar uses magic to turn Angron into Daemonprince. Peak of retardation.

>> No.77571808

Deep within I always knew the truth but it was a momentary moment of weakness. Cheers, lads. I'll just read the black book fluff again instead.

>> No.77572194

Thanks lads

>> No.77572392

What markings should go on a seeker's armour? I know they are handpicked marksman etc. and are neither elites nor line troops like tacticals but that's it. Halp plis

>> No.77572581

Surely they are elite by definition if they're a bunch of hand picked marksmen?

>> No.77572783

Book 3, pg. 96 says Seekers are a Tactical sub-type.

Headhunters are, by Book 3, pg. 88, referred to as Elite Seekers, implying regular Seekers are, in fact, not Elite. Recon squads are also picked from experienced marines able to operate independently, but one wouldn't call them "Elite" per se.

>> No.77572897


>> No.77573063

Some fancy tactical Principa marking then?

>> No.77573114

Meh just use legion icon, add skulls to taste.

>> No.77573154

not the guy you're replying to but going by this image i should probably use the tactical kit with combi-weapons for seekers then right? instead of the headhunter kit since they have different armour and helmets

>> No.77573243

You've just been...

>> No.77573245

>just use legion icon

So what goes on the left pad then?

>> No.77573312

Another legion icon

Yes, do it to confuse the enemy in true AL fashion.

>> No.77573333

>Another legion icon
Of a different legion

>> No.77573350

which models do most people use for AL seekers?

>> No.77573351

I'm thinking of using the sideways tactical arrow (like on all my Troops) with a small claw mark from the BoP transfer sheet. Sort of Tactical "hunter/predator" patch.

>> No.77573412

yes always why the fuck would I care what happens in books I don't read

>> No.77573424

>just buy used off of ebay anon

>> No.77573445

>just greenstuff it, bro

>> No.77573496

Apply glue. Hold together with clamps/rubber bands. If any gaps remain, apply modelling putty or something similar.

>> No.77573514

These are just modeled to look like cloven hoofs bro

>> No.77573545


>> No.77573563

Headhunters are elite seekers... in AL only.

>> No.77573588

AL came up with Seekers as well.

>> No.77573617

Do not thread on me:

>> No.77573627

Headhunters can be elite if you choose them as your reward of treason in Coils.

>> No.77573660

Yes but my point is only AL have head hunters. So an AL headhunter is a higher tier than an normal AL seeker, but other legions don't have that.

Just use what markings and armour you think fits anon, most AL players I know use head hunter models as seekers because headhunters are shit.
I would consider them elites though, if a dude with a boltgun in a vet tactical squad can also be an elite

>> No.77573758

>"The Seeker squads employed by many Legions were, according to some reports, pioneered first by the Alpha Legion to this end, and certainly such squads, along with specialised Reconnaissance squads, were common to almost all of the Legions' battle formations. These tactics were taken a stage further by the Alpha Legion in the creation of an elite unit geared specifically to rapidly inflicting targeted casualties behind enemy lines, known variously as the Headhunters"

Seekers came first and were spread around, then AL made an Elite version of them.

>can also be an elite

Vets are Elite, even if you take them as Troops (just like Assault Squads are Assault despite being in Troops).

>> No.77573880

This is such an easy fix stop complaining. Glue it and crimp them together. Shave down any glue that pops out of the “weld”.

Takes ten minutes

>> No.77573962


>> No.77574172

Yes. It’s a good, read don’t listen to the spergs

>> No.77574289

Don't you have BL deadlines comimg hot on your ass A-a-ron?

>> No.77574334

I love when fluff text hypes units as elites but on the tabletop they suck dick.

>> No.77574427

Is it worthy giving champion a divining blade? EC legion. I kind of count on I7 on the charge to deal with anyone not EW but boy he pricy and only 3A/4A when charging

>> No.77574609

If you have the points and have no praetor on the list than why not. Who like who but EC could risk that kind of combo. Mind that no one without EW and good inv will try to challenge him, charging or not.

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