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Custodes and Sisters of Silence Have the Best Working Relationship Edition

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TQ: What units would you give Custodes or SoS so they don't become the next Tempestus Scions with their three models?

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none. they are dumb and should have stayed in the palace

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>three models
nigga what they have an entire range of the GW site and FW

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t. Seething Greyshield

>> No.77503226

Maybe but perhaps he's going on the fact that the base model is used for a lot of stuff
>Custodian Guard Box
>Builds into
>Shield Captain, Custodian Guard, Custodian Wardens, Verxillus Praetor, etc.

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>TQ: What units would you give Custodes or SoS so they don't become the next Tempestus Scions with their three models?
The Sisters of Snu-Snu need a variety of Snu-Snuers.

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I fapped to Primarch bara porn again

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wardens are a separate box, you're also forgetting the bikes, terminators, trajann, like 4 forge world tanks, dreads and the flyers
comparing that to scions, who literally have two boxes to their name is nonsensical

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I worded it weird. I was referring to the Tempestus Scions, who have only their three models.

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And I jerked off to futa docking. Who gives a shit?

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Just like a Gue'vesa to toin from da Greater Good when it's time to put in the woik. Just cus some chair-woishipping mon-keighs show up two systems over you little gue'la are gonna go runnin to yer big daddy hu-man tyrants and autocrats. Ya so quick to forget the Or'es'Aun are wastin' their precious resources keepin you from killin yerselves. The Thereals are so wise they took yer lasguns, put ya up in those tenement sleepin pods, an even let you eat their nutrient paste. If they toined their backs on ya fer a second you'd be breedin' and killin' each other an summoning daemons. So they ain't gonna let some corpse-lovin cermite covered gue'la do it neither.

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>TQ: What units would you give Custodes or SoS so they don't become the next Tempestus Scions with their three models?

Primaris Custodes :^)

Real answer idk, maybe some kind of dedicated fire support infantry like a custodes devastator squad. Solar Auxilia themed support troopers could be neat too. If Custodes deploy somewhere, they're not likely to waste them doing guard duty or any of that shit, so it'd be cool if they had some elite human troops from Terra around to bulk up their board presence a bit.

Mechanically I like custodes in that they look nice visually and offer a cheaper entry into the hobby, but they feel a little distasteful, sorta like primaris in the lore, in that it's just more space marine except better. Couldn't we have had some more xenos or chaos variation instead?

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Pfff... B class ZR at best.

>> No.77503485

>maybe some kind of dedicated fire support infantry like a custodes devastator squad

Sagittarum literally exist.

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how does this make you feel?

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The obvious answer is to look to another successful range with very few models. TSons

The solution is to bring in units from Age of Sigmar to fill out the Custodes unit count. Stormcast Eternals are already gold and will fit in well of the Custodes theme of being big and gold.

This will expand the model line dramatically and let players have an army for both game systems.

I hate myself for posting this and I hate that I thought of it so easily.

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She looks happy

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Dubs decides what i read.

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>>77502795 #
I fucking love 30k but a lot of players fall into either the “ohh you painted them but didn’t use an airbrush, what a shame hurhur” or “I don’t know how you expect to play if you haven’t memorized your opponents rules as written but I have and I know you can’t actually play that - look it up.” And then they play a list that’s two minimum sized despoiler squads with no war gear and a 2k point deathstar and Medusas.

(I’m shit at painting an am debating shelling out cash for commission painting, I would like anon’s opinion on this as well)

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>picks up so many bitches it LITERALLY drags ass

>> No.77503534

Rolling again for Flintstones. If dubs you have to post some of it.

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Underrated post

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It looks retarded. You either go full track or full grav, that bastardization is awful.

>> No.77503555

let's see how bad the gundam 00 one is

>> No.77503559

probably an easy job selling to neckbeards

i guess even Cawl runs out of funding for all his hover tanks so he has to resort to tracks sometimes

>> No.77503575

possessed are fun to build but I'm daunted to paint them.

>> No.77503583

They're FW, and seem sorta specialist. Was thinking something in heavy support slot with higher str shots and like d3+3 for anti-tank at long range.

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>> No.77503630

>(I’m shit at painting an am debating shelling out cash for commission painting, I would like anon’s opinion on this as well)
At least, spray-on their main-colour

>> No.77503633

here we go

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>judy hops

Shit taste anon.

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>Stephen Universe
I guess there ARE a bunch of trannies in 40k's fandom

>> No.77503661

I would buy a copy to protect her smile.

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>TQ: What units would you give Custodes or SoS so they don't become the next Tempestus Scions with their three models?
Sisters of battle should become part of the custodes list (which gw is already moving to)
Otherwise, I don't know
Some sort of Custodes equivalent of Space Marine Scouts?
Or would that destroy fluff too much?

>> No.77503691

What are good highlight colors for Death Korps Drab?
Silver or gold for metallics?
Looking to build a successor chapter. I’m guessing dark silver would go well?

>> No.77503697

imagine if he got this instead of the cancerous nu-obliterators

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Let me guess, "she" has a penis, hasn't "she"?

>> No.77503723

The nubliterstors can look nice. There is some goofiness there but it's tolerable enough.

>> No.77503727

Custodes Snipers ala Eliminators would work.
Shit, I'm surprised they haven't made one of these yet. Have a Custodes sniper that has this weird Guardian Spear Sniper Rifle abomination thing.

>> No.77503734

dark silver gives you a grimy mess. No, I don't think it looks good at all.

>> No.77503735

>and let players have an army for both game systems.
That's the role of Daemons

>> No.77503736



>> No.77503741

is it cheating if I like asymmetrical clothes?

>> No.77503745

which one(s)?

>> No.77503753

Kek, tau ruckus is great

>> No.77503757


I just wish they still look like terminators.

>> No.77503763

I fucking love dumbfuck vehicles like this, I wish there was more.

>> No.77503772 [DELETED] 

Please tell me about this variety.

>> No.77503785

When I meant Custodes Equivalent to Space Marine Scouts, I meant something like young/newbie Custodes
Basically the ones who aren't fully fledged custodes yet, but still in their training
But this doesn't exclude the role of snipers

>> No.77503801

which primarch has the biggest dick?

>> No.77503812

>Basically the ones who aren't fully fledged custodes yet, but still in their training

But Custodes don't have "scouts." They go from 0-100 because they're genetically rewritten from newborns.

>> No.77503839

Due to the way Custodes works, they wouldn't have scouts. Each is their own individual compared to Space Marines being more mass prodcued.

>> No.77503845

Fulgrim, after he became a daemon

Is that the fluff?
Even no training at all?

>> No.77503854

anon, this is a blue board

>> No.77503856

>read index astares
>Fulgrim was convinced to join horus because of who he was and how he lived his life
>check out modern lore
>lol it was a daemon sword

please tell me the daemon sword isn't as lame as it sounds

>> No.77503861

There's a lot of blue hair in that pic.

>> No.77503864

i said biggest dick not loosest vagina

>> No.77503879

the daemon sword traps fulgrim's soul in a painting and uses his body
it gets lamer because they later retcon fulgrim into going full according-to-keikaku and tricks the daemon to switch places with him

>> No.77503893

You aren't considered a custodian till you get your first name and a misercordia, after you finish your training. The Custodes don't use trainees for anything important.

>> No.77503894

I prefered it when it was just Horus using Fulgrims admiration and strive for success against him

>> No.77503903

Yes, but they are still working in squads of up to five people
Maybe, Neophytes of the Black Templar are closer what I mean
But then, it seems Custodes don't need any training at all

Not that deep into it, but Fulgrim technically beat the Daemonsword, but when he saw what happened, he realised there was no turning back anymore, so he continued the path to chaos

>> No.77503907

F is the obvious patrician choice.

>> No.77503912

Ok, nevermind then

>> No.77503913

They made him too sympathetic so the only way they could get him to turn was DEMON SWORD.
Same with Horus. They had to use DEMON DAGGER to make him turn traitor. Fucking Blacklibrary can't pull a good heel turn without some Deus Ex Machina weapon making people magically evil.

>> No.77503919

>please tell me the daemon sword isn't as lame as it sounds
it's actually lamer

there's a reason people don't like the books

>> No.77503928

There are some decent parts with the new timeline in relation to fulgrim and the sword. When he kills ferrus on istvaan, he realizes how absolutely fucked he is and basically lets the daemon take over to run away from the guilt.

>> No.77503940

If my models are mainly black, can I paint the highlights directly on the primer layer?

>> No.77503958

Sounds like Index Asartes is just over all better, I'm going to stick to that

>> No.77503964

>What units would you give Custodes or SoS so they don't become the next Tempestus Scions with their three models?

properly merge the 2 into a single force.

SoS: a couple of characters, leader and support.

SoS: long range firesupport unit. Either not-devastators or centurion like not-terminators.

Custodes: Mecha lion cavalry

probably give the army access to a few more Imperial vehicles, stormravens and/or blackstars, predators and Tauroxs

>> No.77503978

/m/ here, thinking of picking up a squad of chaos marines with a conversion pack of both noise marines and Night Lords, gonna combine them. Is this acceptable on the table top in-game? And with the recent Slaaneshi push in AoS how likely is a codex for Emperor's Children?

>> No.77503979

The many men of the Imperium have a wide range of different tastes. The Sisters of Snu-Snu need to consider all of them.

>> No.77503980

>Fulgrim was convinced to join horus because of who he was and how he lived his life

Some kind of Dorian Gray-esque temptation and fall from might actually require some good writing. Say what you want about Wilde's prose but he shits all over BL writers.

Much easier just to write some stupid shit with a magic sword.

>> No.77503987

Books lads, come and get em.

>> No.77504014

Personally I think the hetaeron guard is the most glaring omission from the Custodes range. Though I don't know how I would want them to play on the table. Maybe make them faster foot sloggers.

>> No.77504036

So my order got fucked because for some reason it was an "incorrect address" and is being sent back to the sender, even though in the confirmation details everything was correct.
First time this has happened.
Anything I can do other than contact support and be passive aggressively mad? I waited so long for this order to arrive too, goddamn it.

>> No.77504043

Even if the Custodes are willing to leave the Palace to go on crusade again I think the Companions would still stay near the Emperor.

>> No.77504047

My fiance's younger sister is autistic and will walk around in the house with her shorty-shorts pajama bottoms and striped thigh high socks and they squeeze her delicious thighs JUST RIGHT. Just last week I saw straight down her shirt and she wasn't wearing a bra. I love my fiance a great deal and would never, ever cheat on her.
But I do like to look.

>> No.77504058

I don't see why not, but how are you going to do shading?

>> No.77504069

Jenetia Krole has such a nice model. Well kinda, the posing could be better. Goddamn it I want more special SoS characters.

>> No.77504071

I think several others had this problem

>> No.77504074

It's a strange thing to do. Are you intending to run them as night lords or as emperor's children? Technically you can include noise marines with a night lord's army, but it doesn't make a lot of lore sense I guess.

The last time AoS put out a big khorne release, we didn't get world eaters, so who knows. We might see a plastic noise marine or zerker kit with the CSM codex or we might not, but I don't suspect you'll see either WE or EC split off into their own faction like TS and DG until all the armies get updated for 9th, but having a kit or two released with with a rules update isn't unheard of. Sisters are getting at least 2 new kits and I'm betting they'll be the codex after dark eldar.

>> No.77504075

global shipping is fucked (though i ordered a radio that arrived in 2 days from another state so maybe not?)

>> No.77504083

Beware the shimaidon. Some men die trying to obtain it.

>> No.77504085

I was planning on just doing a wash after I do the main colors. Havent painted any minifigs before, so a bit worried about fucking up these expensive little toy soldiers

>> No.77504090

Since they are rotated out every 100 years regardless. You can just say that they are like... A Custodes veteran that's not an alluras. But again, I don't know how'd you make them not worthless like the wardens.

>> No.77504094

>And with the recent Slaaneshi push in AoS how likely is a codex for Emperor's Children?

People have been saying that since forever. Night Lords or any chaos undivided legion can take cult marine units but only as elites. No opsec for your noisey bois.

>> No.77504104

ok, if you use common hobby sense, shading is used to darken recesses. If you're using a wash to shade, what color is darker than black?

>> No.77504111

I'm from the States and the tracking says it started from the GW HQ in Tennessee. I think something just fucked up on GW's part.

>> No.77504117

There is a massive ice problem right now in several southern states, could be affecting shipping

>> No.77504119

Which one is the better trailer?



>> No.77504142

are there any armies that have animal handlers? Not like just pure beasties

>> No.77504144

well isnt that the point? why bother shading black? in this case youre starting at the darkest color and going up with progressive highlights. then the wash to help smooth the transition

>> No.77504153

DEldar have beastmasters.

>> No.77504156

Ah maybe. But apparently it arrived in my state, and then my post office, and then someone noticed something was fucked and it was "Returned to Sender".

>> No.77504159

what army fits this vibe? https://youtu.be/NuwWTCrI1V0

>> No.77504165

double check order, contact customer service with receipt/order number, let them know what happened, and give them the correct address

>> No.77504172

the point I'm trying to make is to not use pure black if you want to have nice looking depth.
You'll wind up with something like vader, who did not look super good in most scenes that weren't lit up like a christmas tree

>> No.77504173

Emperor's children.

>> No.77504187

Daemon Battalion
>Lord of Change
>Great Unclean One

>20 Pink Horrors
>20 Bloodletters
>2x10 Plaguebearers

Daemon Patrol
>Keeper of Secrets
>20 Daemonettes

That's ~ 1750 pts.

What would you add to make it 2000 points of fun, mixed demons?

>> No.77504193

gotcha. in that case, putting a metallic basecoat and then filling in the black plates might work better, right?

>> No.77504194

sounds like shit, so T'au

>> No.77504203

>It's a strange thing to do. Are you intending to run them as night lords or as emperor's children? Technically you can include noise marines with a night lord's army, but it doesn't make a lot of lore sense I guess
It's mostly for lols, I'm a chaos daemons guy that can't decide on monogod.

>> No.77504213

Maybe, I don't know what exactly you're painting so I can't give you any specific advice.

>> No.77504221

I usually high light my blacks with a grey.

>> No.77504224


>> No.77504233

Texas here, hope y'all survive the ice storm. we're gonna be fine here (lowest point will get to 9 degrees tuesday) but we'll be grilling and wearing shorts the week after.

>> No.77504242

Fellas, paintlet here, should I lighten up the colour of the cloak with some drybrushing, or leave it dark?
Also, considering painting the rim black instead

>> No.77504246

If your going to bring them to the table. Your just gonna have to declare what they are. Otherwise do whatever you want. Just don't make it in a way where it's going to give your opponent a headache to keep track of them. If you're just doing it as a fun personal project, just do whatever.

>> No.77504263

I'd think less of you for it, but they're your models and as long as they're consistent most people will play probably play with you I guess?

>> No.77504271

black legion, essentially this color scheme

>> No.77504288

not even the most retarded chapter of space marines fits such a vibe

>> No.77504297

Before being squatted, R+H had a cool Khorne Ogryn handler with a bunch of giant mutant dogs on chains.

>> No.77504298

Black rim will tie it together better. It'll make the black armour pop a bit more.

>> No.77504303

Renegades and Heretics

>> No.77504318

You might just be better off spraying black and giving like a very soft drybrush of a dark-medium grey that you can darken down later with a wash. Painting on the trim is usually easier

>> No.77504329

Thank you, /tg/.

>> No.77504332

that looks like a pain in the cock to transport, also rip

>> No.77504341

Roman numerals or Arabic numerals for squad markings? What’s your preference?

>> No.77504344

Stupid question- what are the most mysterious groups/factions/etc?

Generally speaking, I had a top 3 list in my head of sneaky and secretive:
-The Fallen
-Alpha Legion

But for the life of me I can’t think of any double-agents third group in my head and I know I had all three once. Some deep irony in that.

>> No.77504369

Mysterious =\= double agent.

The dark angels, carcharodons, and Minotaurs can all be classified as "mysterious" while not doing alpha legion shenanigans.

>> No.77504376

Just drybrush the fuckers with a very dark grey and use Nuln Oil.

Then apply highlights after.

>> No.77504391

Custodes have apparently been sneaking about the galaxy for the past 10 thousand years, just doing wetwork ops eliminating possible threats to the Throne.

>> No.77504397

The one with the screaming hottie

>> No.77504404

That’s fair, I’m explain it poorly. But damn I can’t fucking remember the third ones.

>> No.77504407

The Carcharodons Astra aren't really that mysterious. They're out there tearing the pussy up outside Imperial space and every now and then they stop back in to re-arm and re-up on slaves (typically from the same worlds over and over again.) People just think they're "mysterious" because they aren't seen in "civilized" space more than once every thousand years.

>> No.77504419

will do. thanks for the advice, anon

>> No.77504434


>> No.77504438

how do you say Nuln Oil in vallejo

>> No.77504441

What's this from?

>> No.77504454

Vallejo doesn't have a word for it

>> No.77504463

Roman. Arabic numerals need to be stylised to fit 40k and finding proper ones is a pain in the ass.

>> No.77504483

Just buy nuln oil. I use all Vallejo paints and have the whole range of citadel washes.

>> No.77504535

I have a CSM warband I have been converting dudes for and I realized that all my chosen have Khorne shoulders. Now I am wondering if I should go full retard and just keep building Khorne stuff for it or keep my options open.

On one have I don't want to regret getting locked out of a good trait because I went full Khorne when CSM get their codex in 2 years, but I also really like the idea of Chosen on Bloodcrushers...

>> No.77504538

>introduce a main character who is a minority
>make him reasonable, likable, and sympathetic
>Expolre his character over the course of the book
>then kill him off and replace him the douchey White guy in the finale

What's BL's malfunction?

>> No.77504555

I also really like that idea. Just think of it as preparing for the eventual World Eaters revamp.

>> No.77504558

>Chosen on Bloodcrushers
A CSM sitting on a Bloodletter's shoulders, with that Bloodletter sitting on a Juggernaut

>> No.77504567

Is that one of the Indomitus Crusade or Plague War books?

>> No.77504587

post more pics, looks good, just a little sloppy in some areas.

>> No.77504598

The former. Book 2. Gates of Bone.

>> No.77504605

Something Senran Kagura. Probably the anime.

>> No.77504606

You should give the metal bits a dry-brush of a lighter silver to give them some depth

>> No.77504634

Army for this feel?

>> No.77504661

daughters of khaine

>> No.77504667

Guard, maybe admech


>> No.77504677

>using smegmar army names
Fuck the fuck off.

>> No.77504691

It's well established in the fluff that Eldar men are incapable penetrating Eldar women deep enough to break their hymens, let alone impregnate them, hence the low birth rates

>> No.77504698

Give SoS a biker unit of some kind. Could be jetbikes or regular. I have a very clear image in my head of Biker SoS with big swords and fire and it's metal as fuck. Wouldn't work with SoB, the massive swords, topknots and face masks are all vital. Possibly some form of Landspeeder would work too. Landspeeder Storm but good? Also SoS should have an HQ Priest character, because I like the idea of a character making angry hand gestures that make the other mutes go mental.

>> No.77504714

What the fuck else would you call them

>> No.77504719

You know what I mean, you pedantic shit. I did smile though.

Really not a fan of WE. I like having some of the members capable of tactical thought. Also the only HQ I have for them right now is a Sorc

Currently I have a jump Sorcerer converted from a MoP, a squad of 10 TH chosen and a squad of 10 LC chosen and a soon to be Legends Dual Lasher-Brute. I was thinking to get some havocs at some point to back them up but that is lower on the list of stuff and I am mostly just building cool looking stuff.

Finishing atleast my DE kabalite stuff, finishing the Chaos Knight project and my Turbo-Meme DW list are all higher priority.

>> No.77504744

>not knowing the to use the exact right name from the now dead game anon used to play in his childhood, in the distant past, so as to avoid reminding him of his own mortality and the rapid passage of what little life he has to savor.

lurk moar

>> No.77504755

>lurk moar instead of lurk more

>> No.77504758

He's not wrong.

>> No.77504763


>> No.77504791

I actually read this book.
The main character is a fucking idiot and INSISTS on getting married to ONLY ONE woman before he marries any of them.
They’re all women because it was a colony ship that first landed there ages ago and they clone a bunch of women over and over again and there’s a group of scientists women treated with the same reverence as the scientist class martians in the Barsoom series.
Not a clue how the book ends but fucking damn it felt so dated with how much he insisted on marrying.

>> No.77504804

Yeah but I mean like
You can't really call them "Dark Elves" because they don't have all of the dark elf units

>> No.77504832

Dark Eldar on the other hand have the aid of the Haemonculus Covens, the greatest bio-perverts in the galaxy, who can equip them with penises so obscene in length, girth and form that no hymen could be safe, but the Drukhari cannot cum because they'd jizz out their souls so everyone is grown in vats.

>> No.77504842

Dark angels style.

>> No.77504852


>> No.77504857

this isn’t the total war subreddit, man, you don’t have to pretend to hate games you don’t play.

>> No.77504860

Men in the 50s couldn't get hard unless it was adultery. They need to know someone is not having sex specifically because of them to be able to cum. It was cool as fuck.

>> No.77504863

You're totally correct, my point was that the anon you were replying to is an idiot who is wasting his time getting angry online over stupid shit.

>> No.77504892

Can't call who dark elves?

>> No.77504912

Getting angry is generally a waste of time.

Unless, y'know, your wife is cheating on you

>> No.77504961

Ill paint them for you free of charge, anon kun

>> No.77504976


>> No.77505043


>> No.77505067

If I was your wife I'd cheat on you.

>> No.77505078

All women do.

>> No.77505081

Thank you all, was stoned during a few painting sessions and made some questionable decisions. I'll follow these and report back in a later thread

>> No.77505111

As requested

>> No.77505115

who wins

>> No.77505122

imagine the smell

>> No.77505128

Are Zephyrim one of those units you don't want to run MSU and actually want to run max size or close to max size? Only need to pay for one banner and only need one miracle die to guarantee a charge rather than having multiple units whiffing. Plus a 10 girl squad of bloody rose Zephyrim should be able to knock most other infantry units in the game off a point

>> No.77505132

Can knockers there get around Morty's invuln?

>> No.77505135

Left model datasheet? We know Mortarion's one

>> No.77505138

she's a ninja that loves to get raped and mindbroken every 5 seconds
so probably not

>> No.77505183

>implying Asagi ever wins

>> No.77505197

>> No.77505237

We will certainly get the updates before Tyranids or Eldar get something new.

>> No.77505240

How can Fulgrim even compete with no-pants Sigvald?

>> No.77505249

Fulgrim, it must be said, also does not wear pants.

>> No.77505250

What armies can you paint decently without an airbrush?

>> No.77505251


>> No.77505258

all of them

>> No.77505261

business up front, party in the back

>> No.77505266

necrons. can of silver spraypaint, a wash, and youre done

>> No.77505272

I bought my first box of minis about a month ago. Got Blackstone Fortress since I don't need to find neckbeards to play that one. I am about 3/4 done with the minis in the box and I think this one is my best paintjob yet. How am I doing lads?

>> No.77505281

>conceptualiser l'odeur

>> No.77505285

Should I keep bulking out my chaos army or should I get some 'Nids (Genestealers)?

>> No.77505296

Death to the False Emperor ! Stay with chaos

>> No.77505303

Nice tits :thumbs up:

>> No.77505316

>that helbrute on the right
If the model just had bigger legs like that, it wouldn't look retarded

>> No.77505331

Its weird the way gw is pretty much doing the exact same character for their aos warhammer quest.

>> No.77505348

How do you know it isn't an obliterator?

>> No.77505353

isn't her whole plot revolve around her losing fights and getting mindbroken from rape?

>> No.77505355

>be crew of stratofortress bomber
>name it "flak magnet"
What should I name my marauder destroyer?

>> No.77505364

The model just needs to at least be 1.5x bigger. I saw one in person for the first time the other day and was shocked at how puny it is.

>> No.77505376

not him but if it was an obliterator, why aren't his arms swarming with guns and flesh? He has one cannon thing on the left, but his other hand is a claw.

>> No.77505384

Because that art greatly predates the modern obliterator sculpt, it has the same horns as one of the helbrute bits, and it only has a multi-melta

>> No.77505390


>> No.77505392

It pretty much should be leviathan shape and size

>> No.77505394

it's what makes yukikaze based

>> No.77505400

Destiny's Child

>> No.77505411

That isn't even that outlandish historically

>> No.77505434

Having fun painting my scratchbuild ork spacemarine robot. First time painting a vehicle since I was s kid.

>> No.77505438


>> No.77505444

why are elves and space elves the only race that gets babe models?

>> No.77505490

Hey guys!
What kind of food do tyranids eat?
They're sanguivores!

>> No.77505493

I wouldn't mind if they got a supersized to leviathan size and became heavy support.

>> No.77505505

Meh that would kinda be redundant since the defiler is already rules-wise a super-helbrute

>> No.77505523

What do I need to beat a necron player spamming a shitton of necron warriors as Dark Angels?

>> No.77505528

Fair point, I mostly just want to see big body-horror chaos dreadnoughts because it would be cool.

>> No.77505538

too many ogres and ugly bastards in the series

>> No.77505546

take a 135 point chaplain and give him the relic chainsword for 10 s8 attacks on the charge, then delete anything of your choice once per turn

>> No.77505547

Faith in the Emperor

>> No.77505559

I kind of want to buy the boxset for this model alone...

>> No.77505580


>> No.77505585

I've really enjoyed turning the characters from BSF into gifts for friends. The game was fun for the first playthrough, less so for the rest. Regardless, great job on not breaking any of the gun bits. Seriously, those are fragile as fuck

check the recasters you know of. Some sell the individual characters.

>> No.77505614

or check ebay for bits sellers. But the recasters are more likely to have it since I think BSF is out of production

>> No.77505632

S, A, or F are all acceptable choices

>> No.77505653


>> No.77505654


>> No.77505657

Probably a redemptor with dual gatling

>> No.77505662

Why is the Sons of Horus' paint scheme so aesthetic? And what color are they even supposed to be?

>> No.77505675

I broke the backpack on Locarno while I was cutting it out of the sprue. It's not very noticeable unless you really look at closely, but I know the fuck up is there.

>> No.77505678

Seafoam green? I've never been a fan of green armies for some reason

>> No.77505681

Stay strong Anon. Do it for your irl waifu.

>> No.77505685

Ordinarily I'm not either, but Horus' boys click with me in a weird way.

>> No.77505693

Aggressors. Drown them in bolter shots.

>> No.77505699

Very fancy

>> No.77505710

Dead git

>> No.77505713

Still looks good. I fucked up building the ratling snipers and had to GS the shoulderpad of one of them. Then had two of the rods on the eldar chick break while bringing the game to a friend's.

>> No.77505722


>> No.77505728

The Flying Fortress if you feel like being on the nose with it's name.

>> No.77505738

>Best friend who is a NEET stopped showing up to our FLGS last year.
>Seen him a few times since then
>Lives in parents basement and is now 30
>No job and thinks he's above us lowly peasants
>Caught him talking to himself while pacing and sometimes talking to his models like they're real
>Jokes about disturbing shit and constantly browses gore threads on /gif/
>Laughs when he hears about women getting murdered or beaten
>Saw him a few days ago and he said he quit playing 40k with other people and now just sets up cultists for his space marines to kill at home
What the fuck is happening to my friend /tg/?

>> No.77505746

Damn anon. Tell me if she has long hair...If yes... Please for my sake...Spread those thighs and plow her until she can't walk straight...

>> No.77505749

Distraction carnifex

>> No.77505750

Give me the name of a minor planet

>> No.77505753


>> No.77505761

He got the industrial revolution bad

>> No.77505769

I should clarify that by ‘do it’, I mean ‘remain faithful’. Don’t fuck your prospective sister-in-law.

>> No.77505770

relevant to >>77504047

>> No.77505772

Fulgrim doesn't even have legs to wear pants with

>> No.77505778

When Corona hits you hard

>> No.77505782

This is copypasted from an earlier thread

>> No.77505784

If he's been a NEET his whole life he might be literally going insane from social isolation.

>> No.77505790


>> No.77505798

How autistic are we talkin'?

>> No.77505800

He can feel the warp overtaking him and it is a good pain

>> No.77505804

Isn't that a major planet?

>> No.77505812

A or F
no middle ground

>> No.77505813

>he said he quit playing 40k with other people and now just sets up cultists for his space marines to kill at home
based, more marine players need to do this then we can get some real Chaos shit done without interference
>marinefag losing touch with reality
I am Jack's total lack of surprise

>> No.77505820

>Warhammer Vtubers

We have arrived. This is it.

Also how the hell did you find this. the videos have an average of 30 views.

>> No.77505822

If it had 2 whole campaign books then it's not minor enough

>> No.77505826

Also I just noticed that they're wearing the imperium christmas sweater.

>> No.77505841

according to math hammer, plasma squads are better at killing basically everything than vultures with twin brrrrt. Which is a shame because I love fliers to an unhealthy degree, but 600 points for a 3-vulture unit is a lot of points that could potentially be spent on more effective units. what do?

>> No.77505844

Are bloat-drones supposed to lean to one side slightly? Assembling my first one, stuck it on the base and with the cables sitting flat on the base it seems to have a slight leftward tilt when looking at it straight on.

>> No.77505851

I mean it sounds like he's gone down a rabbit hole to the point of which there might be no return. Dude got caught up trying to justify their lack of success in the world and doubled down on his being to great for others to understand or relate to. Same goes for his outlook on finding a significant other with taking the more incel mindset. Outside of doing what you can to get him to interact with people that are on the path to success and doing well due to their own efforts, skills. Suggest they see a psychiatrist, the one that can prescribe medication and have an actual medical background. Best case scenario, that person is able to figure out what is going wrong with their life and improve their situation. Worst case, you have to cut your ties to them to minimize the damage to yourself. Had a similar issue a while ago.

>> No.77505854

Ignore mathhammer, embrace the models you love

>> No.77505861

try the other set of cables

>> No.77505865

What, are you playing a tournament?

>> No.77505866

Run vultures in casual games and run plasma squads in more competitive ones all while waiting for the next codex to mix everything up and enjoy the socialization and hobby?

>> No.77505867

Play what you like and accept you will win less, or compromise for utility. Yes, vultures are bad. Most of IG is bad right now, actually, with only a few stand out units like bullgryn.

>> No.77505874

if it was a major conflict then why was it so fucking shit and forgettable?
Checkmate atheists

>> No.77505877

I thought it had a lot of cool moments

>> No.77505898

>Worst case, you have to cut your ties to them to minimize the damage to yourself. Had a similar issue a while ago.
I hope not.
We've been friends since we were 8.

>> No.77505899

just building my first ever army
fair point. i guess I have no idea what the local scene is like, but still over thinking it

>> No.77505909

Is there a way to apply magnets to models and bases without gluing the shit out of the tips of my fingers?
Fucking hell, by the time I'm done with this army I can go be a bank robber. I'll have no fingerprints.

>> No.77505914

Their time will come.
...well, maybe not for FW units, they'll probably always suck

>> No.77505929

There's a reason GW tried to introduce a flying section into the game.

>> No.77505942

I would only like this as a scrapped together war trukk for Orks. Otherwise this is so fucking gay and I miss the simpler aesthetic of like 4th edition.

>> No.77505943

you could wear gloves, but yeah it's a pain

don't trust the math completely. last game i had a fancy special character with 3++ that should have survived all game but he failed all his saves. shit happens

>> No.77505950

buy one vulture for fun

to be honest I wouldn't want more than one. The cleanup on my vulture was a bit more annoying than things like the valkyrie.

>> No.77505957

>War gear limits put the optimal unit sizes at multiples of 4 models
>minimum strength unit is 5

>swarm unit has minimum 10 models per unit, maximum 30
>sold in sets of 12

>unit is made of 3 models, each with on average 3 bits
>bits are sold in multiple boxes
>enough bits for 1 model is contained in a single box for an entirely different model

>> No.77505964

Oh jesus. I wouldn't worry too much about math hammer minutia before you even have your first army. You will probably lose a ton of games even with a top tier list since you won't realize what are make it or break it moves. I'd actually just focus on cool models. sure don't buy a random hodgepodge but having an army you like the look of will matter more. and you'll care more about getting it painted up where as if you chase the meta and it changes and top tier units are nerfed then you might not care as much about your army anymore. If your end goal is tournaments then you'll need to paint your forces anyways.

Start slow too.

>> No.77505973


>> No.77505974

Fuck, you're in a similar situation to me then. No idea what the rules for the pandemic in your area are, but getting your friend to work towards self improvement and becoming independent are crucial. At this point that friend has burned some of their most productive and development years doing nothing so he's already well behind the curve and going to struggle with that professionally, provided they have the skills/education to enter a profession. So it's an uphill battle. Getting your friend to distance himself from his parents could help, but there is still the issue of him being able to support himself and your possibly taking that financial risk can be ruinous for you. I ended up having to cut off the friend due to them having gone too deep down the rabbit hole and seeing any action of self-reflection and self-improvement as a problem so I can only provide input on what to look for to reduce the pain you might feel. I still miss the friendship I had with my friend at times, but the pain of trying to help him near the end and debt he incurred with me became too much to bare.

>> No.77505987

What kind of glue are you using and which minis are you building? I find the gel super glue to be amazing, but also find using a small amount to be critical. I occasionally use a pair of tweezers for the smaller more finicky bits to minimize the contact area.

>> No.77505990

>important HQ unit has multiple wargear options
>sprue doesn't come with the other options
the indomitus necron overlord is such bullshit

>> No.77505994

Fuck that looks neat

>> No.77505999

gorilla glue, i'm just gluing neodynium magnets to the bottoms of my finished models. i'm probably using too much because it's a new bottle and it loves to splooge out

>> No.77506002

When was the last time they put out a multi kit HQ choice?

>> No.77506010

wtf im gay now?

>> No.77506013

Canoness I think

>> No.77506015

He lives with his grandparents who raised him because his mother was a junkie and his father was a dealer.
They're in their 70s now.
He also dropped out of highschool just to play vidya.
Don't know how it happened, they gave him chores and taught him right but as soon as his anxiety hit it was all downhill from there.
Weird thing is he actually sounds excited about being homeless.
The way he talks about it makes it sound like an adventure from a fucking videogame.

>> No.77506026

Those bastards had the means THE WHOLE TIME

>> No.77506037

I saw someone in the comments on a vid the other day advocating putting the magnet down on a surface, then hot gluing the model over top of it
I imagine you'd need to scrape it up off the surface after but

>> No.77506041

Yeah this sounds spot on as some one who was in that position Its very easy to lose your grasp on reality and self isolation is not good.

I can say that mediation helped me but really I had a psychotic break and that was me hitting rock bottom and realizing I needed help. I couldn't ask for it and I wouldn't accept even when I would catch myself talking to myself while out for a walk I wouldn't realize that I had slipped into insanity.

My story may sound like a success but it really isn't and without going into further details all I can say is that he needs serious help. Also his parents are complicit in enabling his antisocial behavior even if they are thinking they are doing the best for him.

>> No.77506046

yup, i think even some of the primaris characters come with options for plasma pistols and such. although they're trying to trim that back by having a bunch of different primaris captain statblocks instead of just having them be wargear

>> No.77506047

>he needs the options to be in the box
Pathetic convertlet.

>> No.77506056

wait scratch that I think the Primaris Master came out after and it has a healthy amount of bit choices

>> No.77506060

I use a metal blade to hold the magnet, and then I just push the magnet into the hole, hold it down with a tooth pick so that the knife doesn't pull it out. Its one of my old exacto blades so i'm not worried about it getting glue on it.

>> No.77506063


>> No.77506064

u arent draining right if you arent playing dark angels

>> No.77506068

Fuck gw for forcing that garbage into soulstorm

>> No.77506076

>Plasma pistol with scope
Yeah put your eye right up to the fucking glowing-hot coil

>> No.77506081

It's like they tried to make the most unpleasant """generic""" model possible

>> No.77506082

He's delusional. Without severe psychological intervention (not something you can do on your own, this is "send you to wilderness therapy" levels of fixing a person) he will be lost into homelessness and mental illness.
Unless you and the people around you are able and willing to mobilize and get him the help he'll need to be a functioning human being, you're better off cutting him off, or this will only hurt you more in the long term.
Source: I was lucky enough to get help in wilderness therapy. Most of my friends from that time in my life weren't. It's better that I don't think about them.

>> No.77506086

Plasma weapons literally explode and kill their user, and you're complaining about having your eye near a hot coil?

>> No.77506089


>> No.77506093

I'm talking about the whole "flight phase" where your planes fought each other with their own rules and any that survive do a strafing run of the battle field before leaving. Think it was introduced in 7th.

>> No.77506097

*uses a miracle dice*
yeah that's a three to hit, so it hits

>> No.77506101

They only explode if you choose to overcharge them

>> No.77506105

Ok, hear me out:


Some kind of grav-chariot pulled by either some figurehead engines in shape of lions or horses. Transports up to 3 (4?) dudes, or can be equiped with fuck-you archeotech cannon.

Speaking of which, i want more shooty custodes. And vehicles. Forgeworld shit doesn't count, it kinda don't fit.

>> No.77506109

>do you catan?

>> No.77506131

He lives in a rural area.
I don't know how hard homelessness will be for him.

>> No.77506156

Space Wolves got one. And Daemons always use Chariots.

>> No.77506182

$15-30 on ebay.

Amallyn Shadowguide.

>> No.77506196

He will commit some random criminal act in your hometown, which will be quickly hushed up by the local government. It probably won't be violent, but it'll be enough to get a local politician to slip him a one way bus ticket to a major metropolitan area.

>> No.77506239

I recommend liquid nail for that instead of super glue then. It binds a lot better, just put a dollop of it on the base and drop the magnet on it . Bad news is that it requires a longer drying period, so you will need to set up something to let it dry there.

>> No.77506284

>adaptive physiology now costs 2 CP
>pre battle one is free (assuming no warlord trait), can only have one or 1+warlord trait, no 2
>but now you can spend CP and change it in any phase once per battle turn

>> No.77506301

>can only have one or 1+warlord trait, no 2
fuck off nigger

>> No.77506313

I'm really sorry to say this, but your friend might beyond help. >>77506041 and
>>77506082 are unfortunately right. I don't think his grandparents were trying to do him wrong, but the age gap and extreme issues with his parents inevitably contributed to his situation. It hurts to say this, but outside of an intervention and massive system shock, your friend is fucked. He's so far down his rabbit hole of making sense of his own situation and escapism, it almost sounds like he's lost touch with reality. From personal experience I can say that the only person that can help him is himself, he has to realize and come to terms with his situation, actions, past, escapism, and how it's impacting his present and future. But even an intervention isn't going to have much of an impact unless he's willing to open himself to change and engage in some serious self-reflection. /adv/ might be able to help, but this is your friend's problem, the most you can do is help steer him on the path of self improvement. But it's his path to walk, so there's only so much you can do. It's a terrible thing to say, but you have to look after yourself first, if your friend refuses to engage and improve, the only thing you can do is try to minimize the pain you are going to go through. It's greedy, it's self-centered, and sounds awful, but it's your friend's issue, you can't live his life for him and guide him. I'm truly sorry that this is happening to you and I hope it turns out differently.

>> No.77506333

I'm not sure what adaptive even does in the first place

>> No.77506338

Is there a dump somewhere of all the 40k novels? Or at least the horus heresy series?

>> No.77506339

Can you make a Space Wolves successor and take Ragnar, but call him something else like Not-Ragnar, but use his data sheet?

>> No.77506343


>> No.77506344

also if you're making a sw succ it better be primaris only

>> No.77506351

it's the any-unit warlord trait mechanic

>> No.77506360

they're two pools (monster & infantry) of one-off biomorphs that you can give up ya warlord trait or pay a command point for
I don't pay attention to tournaments so idk how much play they've been seeing but they're pretty fun in crusade and friendly games

>> No.77506369

Okay, so this took me two hours and I hated every minute of it. Help me justify spending two weeks wages to get my 4K point TS army pro painted.

Or don’t, and help me decide against commission painting.

I’m so torn right now (less because of funds, more because I’d really like to like painting and I’d like to be able to reproduce painting if I get more models)

>> No.77506370


Thats waaaay old shit, they had that as supplement rules in 3rd edition.

>> No.77506377

>> No.77506392

Taking a full unit would probably limit the spaces were you can deep strike them in a lot.

>> No.77506408

Well there’s nothing stopping me from calling them space wolves but not using that god awful baby blue color scheme.

>> No.77506413

there isn't. But you need a fluffy excuse for it

>> No.77506419

you paint the plasma coils as cold metal so it won't overheat you dumbass fucking faggot

>> No.77506437

Bandaid for having only two fucking biomorphs.

>> No.77506447

Do you prefer pale sand highlights or orange/skin tone? I really cant choose so my bangles are 50% different shades now

>> No.77506448

I mean you didn't do an awful job, your issues seem to be more related to brush control for the more minute details. The candy-red of 30k TS is rough and can be very difficult, along with how if you were to use a gloss coat can be difficult to strip and start anew. From how you've painted the mini it looks like you are new to most of it. You just need to come to terms with picking what is honestly a higher difficulty of paint scheme along with starting at a skill level that isn't high enough to accomplish it. You've done an okay job in most areas except where the colors run together and have some bad overlap. Watch some tutorials, practice, and improve. I believe you have the ability to accomplish what you've set out to do and just need to grind out the practice to get there. Everyone is awful at painting at the beginning, it's a skill that require practice and research to truly get good at. Stripping minis is easy, depending on where you live /wip/ and /40kg/ can provide you with what you are looking for to strip the paint and improve (simple green works in some countries but not others due to a change in formula). Look at it as a skill your improving upon and revel in doing so. I think you've done a good job for starting and can only do better as you learn and grow

>> No.77506472


>Acting like it will make a difference as to whether I want to fuck it

>> No.77506482

>trying to make a 2000 point death guard army
>have way too many models and due to their high cost, lots of different things I can choose from
> trying to make a Imperial guard army
> have loads of models
> struggling to breach the 1500 point mark


>> No.77506534

Space Wolves getting their chariot was the point they became pozzed

>> No.77506538

What colours should I paint my admech?

>> No.77506547

Ryza, because that scheme overshadowed by Mars all the time. Tabletops severely lack orange armies.

>> No.77506550

The minis posted look fantastic, it's really based on how you think they should look on the tabletop. Although those base sizes look a little on the small side to cause contention with your opponents. Pick what you think looks best and go for it. If those are your minis, they truly look better than most everything I've seen placed on a table and you should be proud of the detail and skill it's taken to do that well.

>> No.77506556

Whatever you want/like and declare them as a homebrew to use the rules that are actually decent to avoid the meta and tournament fuckery surrounding paint schemes?

>> No.77506560

Anything but fucking red please please please

>> No.77506578

Silver and blue

>> No.77506584

White and clinical, with emerald green accents

>> No.77506590

Carrot, construction worker orange with silver reflective stripe going alongside the cape and two along the sleeves.
Blueish metal, maybe NMM if you feeling fancy.
Muted grey-green lenses.

>> No.77506603


>> No.77506626

It’s dumb that space wolves can’t take apothecaries. Oh well.

>> No.77506657

That's the idea
I like the ryza fluff a lot but i fucking hate orange
so black or white robes and then white or black armour with red details? could work

>> No.77506662

They have wolf priests instead

>> No.77506670

> warhammer community
> aos
> constant discussions about new models, rules and other game related things
> 40k
> lo..look at how these guys have painted their 20 year old sculpts!

Should I just stop collecting and sell my armies at this point?

>> No.77506675

wolf priests can't rez

>> No.77506677

>becoming debt free in 2 week
>look up the Eldar
>Realize I can now make my 12 year old selves dream army

Oh god oh fuck, idc how bad the Quins are, They got me into this fucking hell hole

Also I didn't know that the Quins became their own army till last night

>> No.77506681

prepare to lose a bunch but crush once you get the hang of em

>> No.77506686

Thank you lad, I also have a Drukhari SC, think I'll combine them as a 1k sometimes

>> No.77506702

That custode was so fucking dumb.
That whole story was so fucking dumb.

>> No.77506706

Is SIVA ever returning outside Outbreak?

>> No.77506711

The what?

>> No.77506713

Unlikely we moving onto hive now and we killed it at the source

>> No.77506717

bro how, I can't find anything

>> No.77506728

We're never getting another Taken King or Forsaken will we?

>> No.77506744

Fingers crossed the savathun content is decent and focuses on crow

>> No.77506819

I’d merge SOS into an inquisition faction. Comprised stormtroopers, rhinos, chimeras, penitent engines, arco flaggelents, death cult assassins, crusaders and the retinue,

>> No.77506845

the fuck do you mean balanced? Do you think adaptive is overpowered now?

>> No.77506854

Eh, I wouldn't worry. They're siphoning resources from 40k to try to build an AoS audience. Public companies are all about growth, and they think they can pitch AoS to people who aren't currently buying 40k stuff. Further, their current staff just like working on it better. They're able to do whatever and it's encouraged because the more far out stuff is the easier it is to protect the IP/copyright. The issue for them is that it's just not a very interesting setting. If you're fantasy inclined and want to play a game with your friends, D&D's available and easy enough to find players for, where there's nothing similar in the sci-fi space.

AoS didn't take initially as "Fantasy needs space marines" + "The legal department needs you to make everything copyright friendly" didn't really pan out. They've been sorta flailing around since then trying to find a niche. They don't really have any competition in the fantasy space because their major competitors shot themselves in the foot and basically killed their own games. I think they'll try "The Old World" and if that takes off they'll squat AoS, and if it doesn't they'll keep flailing around until AoS takes off or a bean counter finally wins the "how long are we going to sink money into this?" argument and they put AoS on the Lord of the Rings battle game maintenance mode.

40k's gotten a reasonable number of updates lately, and a lot of it was built around rolling the snowflake marine chapters into the main codex, which is honestly healthier than all of them having their own. They seem happy to let supplements stick around for a longer time period, so hopefully it means quicker updates on Xenos, Chaos, and other Imperium factions.

>> No.77506862

Yes, maybe even let them be used without custards

>> No.77506865

Same bruv

>> No.77506870

>I think they'll try "The Old World" and if that takes off they'll squat AoS
AoS appears to be popular enough that it'd be concurrent with TOW rather than replaced.

>> No.77506893


>> No.77506895

We already know how it would go.

>> No.77506901

help me out boys, where do i look for an up to date eldar codex?
>i have an old 8th one but its been FAQ'd to death
i> tried the trove but its gone all fucky and i cant find the 9th ed rulebook on it
>the sticky has points values but not stats
>i dont know if battlescribe data on my phone is up to date
should i just bite the bullet and install battlescribe on the PC?

>> No.77506912

Nice bait anon. Almost got me

>> No.77506914

They'll run it like that for awhile, but I expect that if one product is way more popular than the other they'll kill off the one that doesn't do well. I see it panning out one of three ways:

1. TOW is niche like 30k and AOS is way more popular. It gets its initial releases and then is left in maintenance mode for a long while while they either just absorb FW or find another project for FW to work on. GW continue pushing AoS and most people forget TOW exists.

2. TOW is way more popular than AOS, so GW dips their toes in. This would be similar to how GW released betrayal at calth and burning of prospero. If it takes, GW expands its TOW line, and begins neglecting AOS. If that persists, they roll the factions they've created for AoS into TOW units or place them somewhere in the world that hadn't been explored before "expanding the lore" so they can still sell the kits. AoS gets soft squatted at this point, depending on sales numbers, and all new kits are TOW focused while maybe having AoS rules too.

3. They both maintain some popularity. TOW is handled by FW, and GW keeps to AOS and both games sorta continue along.

>> No.77506939

fuck, you're right. the stats are all the same, and i have the costs

thanks senpai, dont know how i managed to create that problem for myself

>> No.77506951

from today's game.

>> No.77506952

clowns are hard to play, but if you can hack it theyre the best army in the game

>> No.77506964

how much does it cost to buy these boys

>> No.77506968

nice looking dudes

>> No.77506972

Slaneesh vs Nurgle. Neat.

>> No.77506975

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Losing Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Play Mortarian Like Nigga Be Stinky Haha

>> No.77506978

Can I put Heavy Weapons Squads into an Imperial Bastion?

>> No.77506981

About threefiddy

>> No.77506982

why the fuck would they squat a new game they clearly like with huge amounts of novels that cant be used in ToW

ToW will be Forge World resin like Horus Heresy

>> No.77506985

Those are the bases they came with, do they really look so small? And thank you i appreciate it, I'm quite glad with putting them on the table but my maine focus is improving my painting. Hence why I'd like to know what others think looks best since I'm quite bad at colour theory myself.

>> No.77506986

What do the rules say anon?

>> No.77506987

they got squatted years ago along with the Sensei

>> No.77506988

Pale one look better with a more desaturated or darker red imo.
They look great with Blood Ravens or flesh terers

I'd go with saturated for BA just because they have other bright colors already

>> No.77506994

Just what the fuck. In what fucking universe is it reasonable to make it a fucking armywide ability of "rolls less than 4+ fail to wound" on objective secured models for THIRTY THREE fucking points?

To reiterate, this gets you W3 2+ 5++ obsec dudes who are resistant to the thing that's supposed to counter them. Namely, high strength and high AP weaponry.

Like, holy fucking shit, this is becoming 7th edition all over again...

>> No.77507002

Makes sense though. The squad i did with pale sand has much more of a wine-red colour. That's also why i'm a bit iffy since looking at them from a distance it feels like i'm running two successor chapters next to eachother. Might strip one half of them soon.

>> No.77507007

That's what they want you to think

>> No.77507024

The one guy I get to consistently play with is making Deathwing his next army project, not looking forward to playing against nothing but that for like 6 months before something else catches his eye.

>> No.77507028

They alternate weeks between 40k and AoS. We had multiple 40k weeks back to back even, go look at the articles archive.

>> No.77507040

Did this 'one guy' also happen to spam shield drones in 8th edition and run Eldar before that?

>> No.77507043


Turns out HWS squads have the INFANTRY keyword so they are ok

Plan to put 3 lascannons and a command squad with HW and two meltas in ther to camp objective

>> No.77507076


>Person brings OP unit of some kind
>Literal death guard chaff sent in
>Pop mutant strain so a hitroll of 6 causes a mortal wound (although on a one, they happen to me)
>Pop wrathful dead to reroll any hit rolls both to get more 6s and to get rid of my 1s
> 40 attacks from a unit of 20 with rerolls can average anywhere from 7-12 mortal wounds on a target, while minimising my own damage. This doesn't include the attacks that just hit.
> Just 2CP for this combo

Nurgle wins again

>> No.77507106

god I'm going up against Custodes soon and I can't wait to pop this shit on them.

>> No.77507108

Okay, but how are you getting your 20 no-save T4 M 4" dudes into melee with Deathwing without any losses incurred?

>> No.77507115

Same reason they squatted fantasy, low sales. AoS is somewhere between D&D miniatures and 40k in terms of sales. Better than D&D miniatures, worse than 40k. If a bunch of fantasy grogs or people who liked the total war game hop into ToW, I guarantee you GW will try out a betrayal at calth style set for it. AoS is being pushed purely because they think they can grow the audience. GW's not averse to dropping things or cannibalizing things if they think it'll work out better for them, after all that's how AoS started.

Go look at AoS's secondary market, it's absolute shit. You can see how their books rank on amazon compared to 40k, it's dismal. There's also like zero video game presence. AoS has been out since 2015. The setting is just not selling to people who don't want to play AoS already. I thought when warmahordes imploded and none of the fantasy clones took off that AoS would have easy sailing, but 40k getting back on its feet after the disaster that was 7th and D&D continuing to grow in popularity thanks to things like stranger things + critical role and all that seems to have siphoned up AoS's potential audience.

>> No.77507128

>worse than 40k
Isn't that everything tabletop miniature related?
>Go look at AoS's secondary market, it's absolute shit.
Isn't there a game coming out?

>> No.77507144

so long as they are on 32mm bases it doesn't matter. It's hard to tell form a photo at times. I think you might want to swap the black for a brighter color to better compliment your reds. Although /wip/ can give you far better insight than I can, but is very slow to respond. I did some BA for a friend and really liked doing a white for the bolters to make the mini brighter overall. But that was partially to better contrast with my darker chaos marines. Maybe an off-white would better suit the cloak since you have a snow themed base going. Out of curiosity, did you use baking soda for the base? If so, it turns yellow over time and might negatively effect your color scheme

>> No.77507148

well you can always glaze orange/yellow over the pale one to saturate it more. It would work on the red too

>> No.77507162

They have been varnished already though, would that make any difference?

>> No.77507177

Gloss varnish would increase the capilary action and pull wash into the recesses more. BU you can just varnish matt or satin over that

>> No.77507187

Poxwalkers are just retarded now honestly, I have no clue what they were thinking. There is no concievable universe where 50 points of poxwalkers isnt making double their points back.

>> No.77507198


- The tactic is far more effective against tough units, things like Custodes and Terminators, which are otherwise difficult to remove.
- People often underestimate Poxwalkers
- Put a squad of marines in front of the poxwalkers. Opponent shoots marines thinking they are the threat. Move marines out of the way, charge.

>> No.77507202

Makes me feel like it's a good start for an ork conversion

>> No.77507213

God I hate highlighting anything I take the time to glaze smoothly....

>> No.77507244

By balancing them out with the plague marine tax...

>> No.77507258

It's a core infantry tax not a plague marine tax. You can just take 3 units of termies and 3 units of pox walkers like that recent tourney list did.

>> No.77507263

Bionic eyes and helmets are connected to the scope.

>> No.77507278

>uurrp.. Morti. Morty i need you to have sex with that anime girl mortie, you need to rape her with your pickle diiick!

>> No.77507283

So I got the shadowspear half and got Pic related. My idea is to fill out the bolter and melee units and make two separate squads. My question is are special weapons (melta for example) any use in the melee squad or will they not be able to shoot anyway while running and charging into shit?

>> No.77507285

>don't take plague marines
>oops, all victories!

>> No.77507297

melta and flamers are assault so they can run and fire

>> No.77507302

>lil' Donny in the back

>> No.77507306

Based. Thanks, I'm a bit of a 9th rulelet

>> No.77507308

There have been games I think, but they're mobile microtransaction crap. There's a game upcoming called stormground by a no name studio that doesn't seem to have made any games before. Some of the people are ex-relic at least. Still, looking at it, I doubt it'll be anywhere near as popular as fantasy video games. The basic issue for AoS is that the secondary market feeds into the main game. I read a 40k book and played dawn of war before I got into 40k. I played shadow of the horned rat before I got into fantasy. It's been 5-6 years since AoS came out and it has nothing of note in the secondary market to feed it.

>> No.77507320

yeah a much bigger problem with your melee squad is most legions don't get advance+charge

>> No.77507325

>Coomer 40k

>> No.77507338

Personally I woulnd't take the special weapons on a melee unit simply bc you want them to be in melee and the melta gu is not gonna be able to shoot and is going to have a significan'tly shittier melee profile now that chaiswords actually have AP.
I'm not too familiar with CSM to be honest but I'd put meltas on something that can deepstrike like terminators or a dedicated unit like chosen

>> No.77507339

That's what I did, but got 2 shadowspear halves +this. The only issue I found was that the CSM aspiring champ doesn't have the options I'd like, so I assume some of those options will get removed when the codex comes around if they do it like death guard where you can only configure the squad with what's in the box.

>> No.77507342

Its what the high functioning coomer players want

>> No.77507350

Migrate, great flock.

>> No.77507353

Yeah the combi weapons are definitely going the way of the dodo

>> No.77507366

You need a unit of bubonic astartes. Which dont have to be plague marines core unit. So you would take Blightlord or Deathshroud which are super good as well. I mean, Plague Marines are completely fine to take now as well, not like they are bad anymore.

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