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>Deldar preview:

>Dark Angels Codex

>Death Guard Codex

>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
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>Previous thread:

What is the best Terminator armor and why is it Tartaros?

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You need the full list anon.

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All Termies are best termies.

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lets be honest

terminators look like shit

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god blightlord termintors are great models, shame they made their rules kinda meh

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Hear me out on this, Zweihander chainsaws.

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>Missing Aquilons
come one anon.

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>tfw young and otherwise pretty healthy but on infliximab so I only have a big ??? as to badly wuflu will fuck me

Is it acceptable to play games against yourself if you are stuck in lockdown?

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I'm back, with EVEN MORE VEHICLES. As part of making my Ork vehicle book, I also did an update pass to my two Imperial vehicle books and my Eldar vehicle book. These aren't major updates, mostly just polish, balance fixes, and some clarified weapon and vehicle rules to bring everything up to level of Volume 4.

>Volume 1: Imperial Superheavy and Heavy Tanks

>Volume 2: Imperial Fighting Vehicles

>Volume 3: Eldar Fighting Vehicles

Happy driving!

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You mean Heavy Chainsword?

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Got some questions for Dark Angel Chads
>1:Are all bladeguard ancients deathwing? if so what else is or can be?
>2: Can you run a whole army as any one of the 3 types of DA or a soup of all three?
>3: And are all bikers ravenwing?
>4: How many squads per company are there?
>5: Does the "+X points to upgrade your apothecary/captain/chaplain" or whatever count the same in DA and is that something just for your general?

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Can't wait for Seth to be mortally wounded, then unwillingly become a Primaris and hate his new taller body.

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That’s not the full list

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Considering we've seen some new packaging for Ad Mech, would it be reasonable to assume that they're probably next or likely next to get their codex?

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Cataphractii or bust

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Well the first event is Typhus taking a forge world isn't it? seems obvious.

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I think they didn't accept because they didn't want to feel bad for curbstomping you

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Them, orks, sob or knights based on models/books previewed
Whens the dark eldar codex out?

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Uuuh big disagree from tourney results


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Most likely end of Feb/early March

>> No.77476816

Post Homebrew codexes

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>shame they made their rules kinda meh
Bros, he doesn't know...

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Has anyone tried cutting the tusks off of some tusk termies? I want a few of my dudes to look different.

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Decimator is best dreadnought, and is not even a dreadnought

If you don't own a dreadnought / wraithlord / deff dredd etc, gtfo

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If you have not played with these rules you shouldn't post them. Thats my homebrew homebrew rule

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Where's the aggressors?

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Yes. You can also TTS with people if you really want to.


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I would be willing to write fluff for this, if anyone's interested
IRL I'm a professional writer, and have ghostwritten books for people and done loads of writing commissions
I have lots of idea for a story regarding Cyraxus, but I don't really have lots of spare time to devote to that unless other people want it

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I don't know why but I always find it incredibly sad when people just link to some random article instead of at least making the argument themselves

>> No.77476918

>I find it sad when people present evidence and expect me to read it

>> No.77476920

I've run three campaigns using these rules, anon.

>> No.77476924

the codex is literally in the OP, just read the rules

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>there are more types of terminators in 40k than there are types of aspect warriors in total
Fucking blows.

>> No.77476941

>tfw your recast order arrives
Can't wait to build the old fw chaos dreadclaw bros

>> No.77476950

>linking shit is counted as presenting
I bet you were one of those people who just copy-pasted articles into their school presentations

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Thats gonna be me in a month. Havent played 40k in a while and have got into custodes. Ordered some Caladius and Pallas as well as the wing dudes. Should be great.

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Rate my 1995 point Astra Militarum battalion and tell me what I should change:

3 Tank Commanders with Battle Cannons and 3 Heavy Bolters each

6 units of Infantry - no upgrades

6 Chimeras with Heavy Flamers

3 Hellhounds with Heavy Flamers

3 Basilisks with Heavy Bolters

Gunnery Experts
Jury Rigged Repairs

5 points leftover I don't know what to do with

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Such a kino model.

>> No.77477004

How do you make those holes, i've been painting black dots

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>hey, looks like Gabe got hit too hard in the head this time, should have listened to that boomer Dante and worn a helmet
>whatever, let him lie here till he wakes up and...
>"put him into primaris-o-nator"
>"get him into that primaris crap while he can`t do shit about it"
>but...but why?
>"imagine the seethe, 1/6 chance of dying from primarization is a nice bonus"
>several demons of Khorne are born the instant Seth sees his armor is too small for him and realizes why

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so you probably don't play 40k.

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In the gun?

A drill, anon..

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Your list gets annhilated by current meta. Skip the basilisks, skip one or two of the tank commanders and invest in infantry with a shit ton of heavy weapons, your list is pretty great against horde, but is going to get fucking annhilated by deathguard and marines.

>> No.77477033

Does the "3 riptides in a 100 point game" meme even make sense? Sure, it's three big vehicles, but there is nothing stopping a bunch of melee units clogging them up, or me bringing my own vehicles to counteract them?

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aren't HK missiles 5 points? just tack it onto a TC
also you should consider demolishers instead of battle cannons because of the stronger profile. The range being worse doesn't matter on 9th's smaller tables. Also look at tank aces

>> No.77477041

the list ahs morty in, you can bring anything else, and you'll do fine

>> No.77477043

Ah yes. Responding to that gem of analysis:
>their rules kinda meh
With some actual tournament results. Regardless of what you think of the article it has results from a GT sized event where three of the top 4 where death guard and they all fielded Blightlords. That refutes the "argument" on it's face. Is random anon saying also "Yo dawg Blightlords are really fucking durable, you're wrong." Going to make that much of a difference?

>> No.77477050

Shit SPECIAL weapons, melta and plasma.

>> No.77477058

How would you base a chapter like this?

I fancied Martian orange red with the usual dust on the feet and stuff, but when the only other colour on the miniatures is bright red it feels like it might be a bit much, even if the bases are a lot more desaturated.

>> No.77477068

Triptide was a competitive list in 8e. Its not in 9th

>> No.77477072

Thanks for the inspiration for my ork color scheme

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You'd think people talk about shit in public spaces because they want to be engaged with another human being. If you didn't then you'd probably be better of yelling at reddit or something.

>> No.77477083

cool man

>> No.77477090

I always go opposites with bases. Is your colour scheme bright and stand out? Base in something dark and gritty, is it rather muted and dark? Base in brighter colours, most typically go for snow. The contrast between the two works great.

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It's precisely because I collect 40k that I don't have a lot of time for writing projects

>> No.77477112

His response was commensurate with the effort of the original post.

>> No.77477114

What's the best weapons for blightlords termis ? Still multimelta ?

>> No.77477117

Doesnt make sense anymore, but back in 8th Riptides werent vehicles, so a lot of anti vehicle rules didnt work against them and fly units could automatically fall back and shoot with no penalty, so melee was a literal non issue.

>> No.77477119

All of these are fairly clear in the codex space marines and DA supplement.
There are 100 marines to a company, though dark angels have been known to let their first and second companies get as big as they like rather than sticking to 100

>> No.77477120

I'm so fucking tired of 40GAY. It's one of the lamest universes I've ever seen and turned awesome sci-fi into fantasy-lite childish wank.

>> No.77477128

A drill

>> No.77477140

>gooder because bigger
Orks get out

>> No.77477143

Engage with your fellow man even if it takes some effort on your part. You're already wasting time on here anyway, an extra 30 seconds of typing won't kill you

>> No.77477154

I play fascists because I'm a nazi

>> No.77477166

Can't you still play 9th on a regular sized table?

>> No.77477173

Riptides and tau overall lost a drastic amount of power due to 9th edition rules changes.

>> No.77477174

>> No.77477177

>having black templars is political

>> No.77477181

The new one is "mortarion in a 1000 point game"

>> No.77477190

Battle Cannons are objectively bad compared to other options.
You don't need 6 Chimeras
Hellhounds will absolutely decimate your own army (explodes on 4+) if your opponent goes first and you don't shove them alone on the other side of the deployment zone.
Basilisks are worse than Manticores in almost all cases.
You need more infantry.

>> No.77477201

You can if your opponent agrees. I'd prefer it if the tables were twice the size they are now but my favorite playstyle is artillery spam so you shouldn't listen to me.

>> No.77477203

Why are modern GW sculpts so bland and trash?
Genuine question.

>> No.77477212

Quit replying to bait, retards.

>> No.77477223

It's worth figuring out how big your table will be for the decision. My gaming store downsized its tables to fit more in the gaming area, but now shooting and mobility armies are having much more issues with avoiding my tyranids than they would on an ol 4x4

>> No.77477226

the greater plague drone looks awful, return to tradition.

>> No.77477237


This is where I'm struggling. In reality, it's quite a dark scheme, mostly being Leadbelcher and black, but then the bright red spot colour is really the focal point.

I might just have to go down the middle and play it safe, like these two Warhammer Community armies which also employ the "lazy silver with details" approach I'm taking.

>> No.77477238

So im doing up a successors blood angels chapter. and basically wanting to do a bronze and red with the filigree in silver. so how the fuck do you do bronze.

>> No.77477257

Pin vise.

>> No.77477262

Yes, and that womans (male) female space marine army has nothing to do with politics.
Hey is that guiliman with a pride flag and hammer and sickle shoulder pads?

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>> No.77477264

This is the biggest loss of soul in the hobby. Left hurts way more than primaris ever will

>> No.77477265


For the love of God stop responding to bait. Report for low quality and move on.

>> No.77477266

I can see a smaller table for like 500pt games but nothing above that.

>> No.77477277

Wait 4x4? For what size games? 6x4 was our standard in 8th. Please dont tell me games are done on less than 4x4 at 2000 points.

>> No.77477293

Are ravenwing black knights a good investment? I'm considering focusing my dark angels a little more into ravenwing with the new supplement and like the look of their little pointy hammers.

>> No.77477295

Because it's "easier to paint" and it looks more like generic sci-fi e.g. more popular with more people

A lot of it is just paintjob and a few minor conversions though. You could make your left pic look like the right by cutting bits off and smearing green stuff over the surface, and making it bubbly with the plastic end of a paintbrush

>> No.77477301


How would this work though? Mortarian costs at least half the total army. The next detachment needs a HQ, setting you back another 100 minimum. The new rules on cultists/poxwalkers limit chaff spam, so a 1000 point army with mortarian would be him, and maybe two squads.

>> No.77477335

Oh we only play 1000 points around there except on big game days to save space. Always pushing up against the MTG nerds to get our tables.

>> No.77477338

Having a similar problem deciding on the basing for my iron warriors.

>> No.77477339

>more details and shit all over
>"easier to paint"

>> No.77477352

>open QR code

>> No.77477356

>That right image

>> No.77477357

Artillery has to be the least interactive or interesting unit type there is.
>range of the entire table
>don't need to care about terrain, might as well be on planet bowling ball
>can be packed in tight sideways from your opponent and still shoot them
>best option is to be as far back in deployment as possible and never move
What's to like

>> No.77477366

Not that anon but after almost 10 years I've finally painted up 2000 points of guard. In it is 3 infantry squads, 1 vet squad, and some scions and now I need to paint more infantry. God damn I just want to play tanks. Painting metal Steel Legion is a pain in the ass and conversion parts to make Cadian's Steel Legion is expensive.

>> No.77477371

Yup, Mortarion a plague caster some plague marines and poxwalkers. Mortarion blends the opponents most killy units while plague marines do like, tactical shit.

>> No.77477377

How do i not suck shit with aquillon terminators.
Also feel like a retard missing a lot of tactics shit with custodes. anyone got any pointers?

>> No.77477385

How are Thousand Sons currently? I recently got back in to 40K after a near 20 year hiatus and picked up TSons without doing much research. On a scale of 1 to 10 how fucked am I competitively? The plan for now is to play mainly with a group of friends who picked Tau, Sororitas and Grey Knights. I thought about switching to DG before I'm too deeply invested in space wizards but aesthetically and lore wise dust bins are more up my alley.

>> No.77477390

>muh melee
Step on a shell

>> No.77477399

>Also look at tank aces
Which kind of Tank Ace would you recommend?

>> No.77477400

>Le sci fi!!!!
Zoomers have sucked the soul from this hobby dry

>> No.77477408

Yes. Because all you do is colour in all of the details to get something visually interesting

>> No.77477417

>> No.77477427

>This is the biggest loss of soul in the hobby.
I agree, I think it might have to do with the level of detail resin has over plastic, then again it doesn't justify the bad design choices.

>> No.77477459

Way to miss the point

>> No.77477472

How difficult was this conversion? I've been wanting to do truer-scale Astartes using Primaris and normal tactical squad guys but I'm always hesitant because 1) I think it'll look weird and 2) potential difficulty

>> No.77477479

>For fuck's sake, Jeff, I told you no more piggy backs.

>> No.77477485

If you learn all your stacking bonuses to cast tricks you are a force to be reckoned with around the 1000 to 1500 point mark. Up at 2000 you aren't quite so dangerous though as you can only cast each spell once, so you then start relying on inferno bolts more and more.

But given your meta, you're generally better than the tau, on par with the grey knights, and subpar next to the sororitas. Sisters especially have lots of ways to fuck with wizards

>> No.77477494

I am a spastic

>> No.77477497

I've always found pure armoured lists for Guard absolutely boring (aesthetically, not just game wise).

>> No.77477516

Seriously you fags need to take the nostalgia goggles off. Maybe it's the paintjob but the one on the right legit looks like shit. Can't believe it's 46 euros. Looks like a recycled african tintoy with some mud at the bottom.

>> No.77477525

I got invested in artillery back when there was a chance the shot went wide and hit friendlies.

Now it's just shooting but without having to see, doesn't even have an accuracy penalty. While being mechanically stronger is nice it doesn't evoke the feeling of earthshattering bombardments quite like it did

>> No.77477533

To do it that well, a good amount of skill. To do a shit job, minimal.

>> No.77477540

the new one is such an upgrade holy shit, its like new abaddon levels of upgrade

>> No.77477542

FW used to have soul with its painting and now that they have a shitty 'Eavy Metal team it's gone. Bring back the military modelling style. Not this shit.

>> No.77477561

>Sisters especially have lots of ways to fuck with wizards
They have a D6 deny on units (lol), one strat that allows a 4+ deny (pretty good), and a relic that gives a deny with +1 to the roll (not bad).
I wouldn't count that as "lots"

>> No.77477562

is there a working upload of mars needs women anywhere? the link in the OP is dead

>> No.77477581

>tfw black templar player
Is there anything better than crusading with the boys?

>> No.77477585

mars needs women?

>> No.77477590

There's as many types of terminators as there are chaos/xenos factions anon.

>> No.77477606

Yeah we get it you like shit, dont have to post twice.

>> No.77477609

And an order which gives the entire army a 5+ mortal wound save, and the canoness can take a null rod which lets her ignore all powers. Put her at the front with some celestians behind her at she'll soak an entire first turns psychic phase.

>> No.77477612

Yes, BT are very 1 dimensional to play.

>> No.77477626

For me it's the Tartaros Terminators

>> No.77477632

>Looks like a recycled african tintoy with some mud at the bottom.
Yeah that's Nurgle's theme...

>> No.77477634

The one on the left is objectively better.

>> No.77477635

>Yeah anything new by gw is so shit there can only be one supporter

only got one (you)

>> No.77477636

>> No.77477637

the eviscerator is already a thing!!!!

>> No.77477639

For Ork players, do you use Orruk models? If not, why don't you?

>> No.77477643

happened in my tabletop game a long while ago.

>Be me
>Be Salamanders chief librarian Vel'cona (buffed primaris librarian)
>As a warlord I Traited up with all traits and relics and shit to buff cast and deny capabilities.
>Be leading two assault intercessor units in to frontline charge
>one of them fails
>get surrounded by chaos creatures before I could reach the juicy chaos lords and shit
*record scratch* this is the end....
>Victory is basically innevitable, regardless wether or not I live
>I win.

and that's how my madlad of a librarian refused to die, and basically psychicly molested chaos.

>> No.77477645

I'm just unsure if the time and money commitment is even worth it. I'd have to true scale everything. I'm starting to not even like 40k anymore so I don't know.

>> No.77477646

Dude must have 4chan gold to post twice in the same minute

>> No.77477651

Isn't that most space marines?

>> No.77477662

Cope, dilate, etc...

>> No.77477666

yes, they removed the ablity to take combi metlas and buffed deathshround so much, there is little to no reason to take blightlords. i mean obviously, i still will because i have the models, but still

>> No.77477672

Eavy metal is the fucking worst. Why does everyone try to copy it? Where are all the blanchitsu?

>> No.77477673

>inb4 inspect element schizo

>> No.77477674

Just don't go with grass to avoid the Christmas look. I'd either go brown for sand/dirt or grey/black for urban.

>> No.77477676

sword brother

>> No.77477677

>apply base colors
>drybrush details
>apply wash
>layer spiky bits
>it looks good with no effort
if you do just that on mini with smooth surfaces like tanks/ flat plate/ cape it's gonna look like a toy to be honest

>> No.77477688

>>Yeah anything new by gw is so shit there can only be one supporter
Not even my argument. They missed the mark with the Nurgle releases by a lot. It isnt decaying at all and dont come at me with muh conversion bullshit because the new necron range has built in battle damage.

>> No.77477690

>And an order which gives the entire army a 5+ mortal wound save
Literally no one runs them, lol.

>can take a null rod which lets her ignore all powers
Okay, she blocks smite on herself? Cool? Cast other stuff, or targeted smite-equivalents. Then just shoot her up in the shooting phase if she's literally left up front. Lest you lack enough shooting to kill both her and the celestians.

No one builds SoB anti-pyschic, they use the 4+ deny strat and hope they have enough melta shots to kill everything before the pyschic can do enough damage.

>> No.77477691

Dreaming about Sisters of Battle lezzing off

Sounds like a no and that you're burning out with the hobby. No issues with that, I left for 18 years and only got back into it last year. It happens.

>> No.77477694

I've been running blightlords with axes and the flail, the new -1 toughness to enemies means they wound marines on a 2+ rerolling 1's.

>> No.77477704

>Where are all the blanchitsu?
In the trash where they both belong and blend into

>> No.77477709

>there is little to no reason to take blightlords
Anon, the 3 death guard lists that each got a top 4 placing in a single tournament all took Blightlords

>> No.77477720

>Why does everyone try to copy it?
Autists and midwits are incapable of understanding impersionism and lack the talent for realism so they opt for cartoon tier colouring.

>> No.77477722

What weapons did they take ?

>> No.77477724

More lore from the Gates of Bones.

Abaddon and his agent Tenebrus aka "The Hand of Abaddon" are not loyal to the Chaos Gods. Tenebrus says that winning for the sake of the Chaos Gods will only lead to another form of slavery. Him and Abaddon are plotting something else. They want a victory that will deny the Chaos Gods. The Chaos Gods in turn plan to destroy Abaddon if he ascends to the throne of Terra without swearing his allegiance to them first.

So Chaos is split between team Abaddon and Team Gods. Which side are you on?

Another factoid. It seems that Reddit is throwing a fit over Gate of Bones revealing the Emperor doesn't take in the souls of Imperials when they die even the faithful ones. All burn in the tides of the Warp as fodder for daemonkind.

Do you share their butthurt?

One final point. Kor Phaeron says that he has fought Girlyman before. From his experience fighting him, he can assuredly say that Abaddon is mightier than the Primarch. Do you agree?

>> No.77477726

>a dozen different varieties of terminator armor
>every single one makes the wearer walk like he has to poop

>> No.77477734

>Literally no one runs them, lol

If 2/3 of your normal opponents were grey knights and thousand sons, it just makes sense to take the mortal wound save.

>> No.77477738

All you need is the Emperor, heretic.

>> No.77477741

yeah but A) dam 1 for40ppm is pretty bad, and B) they have the same offensive potential as normal plague marines

>> No.77477746

Looks like Chaos was right. The Emperor is false.

>> No.77477752

Flails and Blightlaunchers

>> No.77477770


>> No.77477771

That's true, you're also paying for the 2+4++ and 3 wounds.

>> No.77477773

>emperor just feeds your soul to demons

lmao nice work loyalist

>> No.77477775

who the fuck was taking melta spam blightlords?

>> No.77477779

Tau will become fun to play both as and against while also being a solid army in comp.

>> No.77477783

No. Regular marines bring mobility, shooting and psychic. BT are like WE where they just throw a bunch of infantry at you. They take the limited nature of the game and limit even more

>> No.77477789

Did you give him a headpat and a purity seal/piece of decor to celebrate such determination and bravery?

>> No.77477792

>Another factoid. It seems that Reddit is throwing a fit over Gate of Bones revealing the Emperor doesn't take in the souls of Imperials when they die even the faithful ones. All burn in the tides of the Warp as fodder for daemonkind.

Post butthurt

>> No.77477795

Please god just let me build a tau list without cringing so hard I just stop

>> No.77477796

It’s in the thread you lazy nigger

>> No.77477813


>> No.77477823

because he's one of my older models, not only is he getting a purity seal, he's getting an upgrade on his paintjob(renewing all the worn off paint, improving where i can improve, etc)

>> No.77477829

>. All burn in the tides of the Warp as fodder for daemonkind.
As it should be, the emperor is dead he cant do shit and the 1000 psykers are just fuel for the lighthouse corpse.
>he can assuredly say that Abaddon is mightier than the Primarch
rowboat has been in coma for 10000 years, he should be dead if not severly weakend.
Anyway Chaos has been prophesied to win from the beginning. Chaning that would be a massive gay.

>> No.77477834

>Read BL

>> No.77477835

I left at 5th. Came back a bit into 8th and it just wasn't good but I was happy to be back into Warhammer, if that makes sense. Didn't really like 8th and played very few games but tried to stay in it and do things. When 9th came out I split Indomitus with someone because I played Necrons in 3rd when they released and they were very cool back then. I really disliked the changes to them but the models looked ace and I just ignore 99% of the fluff now anyway. But 9th was just as disappointing to me as 8th. It's like they've sucked any depth and complexity out of the game but then replaced it with stupid garbage like stratagems, which I cannot even begin to say how much I despise.

I've been thinking about switching to HH because I like it well enough (wargear is a big draw for me) and I know it has its problems but still. I've been playing Necromunda and MESBG but just can't get into anything else from GW.

It sucks. I really loved it back then and now I just think eh.

>> No.77477840

Lists are 1st place, 2nd, 4th, from left to right.

>> No.77477844

Chaosfag here. Why are we selling our souls then?

>> No.77477855

I don't have any... yet. If renegade chapters get shafted in CSM 9e (as I expect), I'll make a codex for them.

>> No.77477857

>One final point. Kor Phaeron says that he has fought Girlyman before
He's talking about Calth I guess. Kor Phaeron slit Guilliman's throat, then Guilliman no-sold it and punched out Phaeron's heart and crushed it in front of his eyes.

>> No.77477861

true, but why wouldn't you just take deathshroud? same defensive profile, way more offence

>> No.77477862

>Why does everyone try to copy it?
It's how GW teaches people to paint. Watch any of their tutorial videos, which are often the first ones for any army when you search "how to paint X" online. With the boom to GW's sales and massive influx of new players in recent years, GW has essentially taught an entire generation of 40k fans how to paint in that style.

>> No.77477878

Tau have never been fun to play against and unless they are seriously redesign, never will be.

>> No.77477879



>> No.77477890

>He thinks the DG codex is bad
>He thinks the arbitrary wargear restrictions matter
>He thinks combi spam was good
Anon, the combi-bolter and baleswords are more than enough.

>> No.77477898

the internet ruined wargaming and modeling

>> No.77477908

I personally haven't played the game since 3rd. I just involve myself with the hobby aspect now and it's a lot more enjoyable. The game hasn't sounded appealing to me since then, and everything I hear about it nowadays makes it sound boring and streamlined.

>> No.77477910

More wounds for a cheaper price point along with ranged firepower makes them useful for pushing onto objectives and holding them. They're less dangerous but more flexible for winning off of objectives and tactics.

>> No.77477911

>they put this in that new Battle Sister VR game despite not selling the model

>> No.77477912

I am assuming I shouldn't bother with nids in 9th as i will lose to someone who is better than me and has a stronger army overall.

>> No.77477918

Blanche is great, but most ""Blanchitsu"" models are just poorly paints messjobs with no visual directions or sense of individual parts, since everything is just painted with massive brushstrokes.

>> No.77477922


>> No.77477930

you are the very first person I've seen shit on the greater blight drone
you are the very first person I've seen shit on the vultarax

>> No.77477940

>I will lose to someone who is better than me and has a stronger army overall

You shouldn't bother with 40k desu

>> No.77477954

>DG win 1st, 2nd, and 4th after literally the first tournament they’re allowed in
Ah... never change, /40kg/

>> No.77477957

The rotor placement on the bloat drone is full-retard and I hate it immensely. They don't have to shove the Nurgle symbol into every fucking Death Guard model in as many places as possible.

>> No.77477958

Noooo how dare you not support my blatant contrarianism noooo

>> No.77477968

I don't know what the fuck any of those buzzwords mean kid, I'm just upset that they lost their soul

>> No.77477971

Just stick to scale modelling stuff and it's not bad. The grogs know their stuff.

>> No.77477977

Nobody cares anymore, now it's all "But what about the deathwing? Have you heard about the deathwing? They're so OP oh my god I'm just gonna say no if somebody playing deathwing wants a game"

>> No.77477988

Ehhh, there are still plenty of great painters out there, now more than ever probably. GW is the most popular but they're far from the only people who put out painting tutorials. As long as people like Vince Venturella exist I think the hobby will be fine.

>> No.77477990

It's ironic. That old (but flawed) theist argument of
>if you're an atheist there's a 100% chance of going to hell, so why not just pick a religion to have at least a chance of being right and going to heaven
Is actually valid in 40k.either you remain and athiest/imperial and go to hell, or you worship chaos and get the extremely small chance (but still a chance) to ascend to daemon Hood.

Ascend to slaanesh daemonhood is about as close to Christian heaven as you can get, and everything other option is just burning forever... Guess lorgar was right yet again!

>> No.77477992


>> No.77477996

>40ppm for 3w T5 2+ 4++ is pretty bad

are you retarded?

also bubotic axes and baleswords are a significant buff over plague knives, not to mention they have double the shots of a plague marine. And a squad of 10 is basically impossible to kill without considerable effort, which makes them great for scoring WWSWF

>> No.77478005

As if they hadn't learnt their lesson with Necrons

>> No.77478011

>They don't have to shove the Nurgle symbol into every fucking Death Guard model in as many places as possible.

But what if we worshipped Nurgle as a god?

>> No.77478015

take blightlords and deathshroud

>> No.77478026

Blanchetsu really only fits a few faction and when people actually do it, 99% of the time it just looks terrible

>> No.77478028

>anyway chaos has been prophesied to win from the beginning
gw keeps pushing chaos but they have been the ultimate jobbers for over 20 years
seriously need newer/better xenos and to cool it with sm/csm

>> No.77478030


>> No.77478033

It's really hard for me to shift to that because playing the game was such a big part of the hobby for me and all these years later I still yearn to play the game but the game isn't what I want. A lot of the people in my local community are either new players who were part of the newbies that came from 8th or people who like the, as you say, streamlining. I really don't get it.

>> No.77478039

Chaos "jobbed" in fantasy for 20 years and then they won.

A villain needs only to win once.

>> No.77478044

So I'm better off not playing BT?
Man, I have no idea what to make my space marines.
I might as well just make them Ultramarines.

>> No.77478051

Can't wait to see what they do to 40k Phoenix Guard

>> No.77478054

Tau are pretty fun to pay against atm desu

>> No.77478060

grow up

>> No.77478068

yeah. each generation we should invent the wheel all over again. Then and only then are we going to be real men of culture.

Before that we are just crones and mere copist, that buff their words with citations and data, which we didn't even gather ourself, and which methods of gathering we did not invent ourselfs.

Give me a man who has invented statistics from scratch on his own, and I will know I am facing a real intelectual.

>> No.77478072

the multipart kit is superior to both

>> No.77478075

If you like a mobile, melee focused marine core that doesn't lock you out of one phase and limit another, play white scars, bangles, or dangles

>> No.77478085

unironically based

>> No.77478095

Make them purple with white trim and play whatever rules you want

>> No.77478101

why would playing nids matter then? Of course you'll lose if your opponent is better at the game and has a stronger list

>> No.77478102

Now that we have Nundam. When will the sister get bikes?

>> No.77478106

This unit is shit if only because it doesn't have an option for an actual physical bullet-shooting gun
I really hate the cartoon fire hoses that shoot Nickelodeon slime and the asymmetrical grenade launcher

>> No.77478122


>> No.77478127

just play whatever you want, unless you're frequenting tournaments or trying to get into comp none of the factions are really that bad

>> No.77478140

Are you the same guy who I've seen change his favorite chapter 3 times this week? Either way consider making your own chapter or sticking with your actual favorites, rules and the opinions of anons will change every day but your dudes will always be your dudes

>> No.77478148

40k should've looked like this.

>> No.77478152

why? death guard have always had a thing for chemical warfare

>> No.77478166

>paint marines like custom chapter so I can flip flop between rules
>still only play iron hands
I don't think I'm doing this right

>> No.77478173


The Reddit thing is pretty weird considering how much more active the emperor has been between Gathering Storm and Faith and Fury but its not that big a deal. What's the problem?

>> No.77478178

I think you're doing it 100% right

>> No.77478180

Hear me out your a homo

>> No.77478181

That's not a reason to exclude bullet-shooting guns

>> No.77478190

Deep down you're an iron hands successor

>> No.77478191

Was gate of bones writen by ADB, or one of his friends?

>> No.77478198

why the autism for bullets when the game is filled with weapons like plasma, las cannons, melta, missiles, flamers etc

>> No.77478208

>gate of bones
LMGTFY says Andy Clark. Dunno if he's a friend of ADB but it definitely bears his stench

>> No.77478213

It's not just the Emperor. All psykers have had their powers boosted by the Great Rift emergence. As the Great Rift continues to erode reality away, Chaos/psychic powers are increasing in potentncy. So it's no surprise that the Emperor is more active now since he is more able and desperate than ever.

>> No.77478226

1. I like dakka
2. I basically just wanted the exact GBD but in plastic instead of resin

>> No.77478231

Thank you friend. Very helpful.

>> No.77478236

You have the entire rest of the army for that.

>> No.77478244

I'm aware, but it just seems that, with him more active and able to do shit, stockpiling souls sounds like something he'd very much like to do

>> No.77478246


>> No.77478252

>hi anon, here are my Raven Angels™. They're succesors from both dark angels and raven guard and use whatever tactics they like.
>what was your army faction again? anon where are you going?

>> No.77478261

He is more distracted with more important stuff. He can only protect the souls of a few like Celestine and Robu.

>> No.77478265

found the git

>> No.77478278

>> No.77478282


>> No.77478283

It makes sense, it just seems that collecting souls makes you more powerful as a warp entity. EG the tiff between Slaanesh and Ynnead and the great game as a whole

>> No.77478284

why are like 90% of custom chapters always red, black, white or a combination of the three

>> No.77478301

>campaign idea
>nothing but mega battles technically
>everyone only has a squad or a vehicle or a character
>everyone must work together to play effectively
>set factions so there are two armies, basically, which are chosen before the campaign

Would it work

>> No.77478316

a realistic representation of every day life in majority of places in the world?

>> No.77478319

Nobody wants to engage with you autist

>> No.77478327

I hate this shit so much
>fight a CSM player as Death Guard
>have a lot of daemon engines, which have an explosion rule that doesn't affect nurgle-marked units
>"oh btw anon all of my CSM have the mark of nurgle for this match"

>> No.77478336

nah my nigger

>> No.77478343

His argument was that theyre in tournament lists you nitwit.

>> No.77478349

I don't know why but autists always seem to gravitate to red and black color schemes. Not just in Warhammer but in any sort of nerdy thing

>> No.77478364

kill yourself, redditor

>> No.77478369

>Gates of Bones

>- Cawls varied methods of "acquiring" recruits for the Primaris-Project have led to some unusual results. One of those is Sergeant Lucerne. He carries the Geneseed of the Imperial Fists, but was taken relatively late in his life and visited a Seminary to become a Priest before Cawl basically abducted him. As such, he's still deeply religious (which the other Marines in his Squad all find very weird) and dreams of becoming a Black Templar one day.

>> No.77478374

there is no way to balance a squad vs vehicles vs hero.

You will end up with one dude taking a sm chaplain on a bike, and the other a squad of veteran bikers, thinking they are going to have a good time. While some two other dudes open with two leviathans or two maxed out units of blade guard,, and then some crazy old timer decides to join with his 30 gretchins and a runtherd.

>> No.77478378

Cmon smellychad you know you're supposed to read his list before you use it as toilet paper

>> No.77478379

saying the n-word won't get you a girlfriend sweety ;)

>> No.77478382


>> No.77478385

It's just babby's first color theory. Strong primaries and neutrals are very effective and fit in with the setting.

I've been in something like that before (Imperium vs everyone but Imperium) at the LGS, but it was only a single game. Doing it as an entire campaign would be rough.

>> No.77478389

Surprised they haven't decided to milk Marine players even more and make a box of Primaris bodies that are just robed and hooded to get even more money from Dark Angels platers.

>> No.77478397

Same reason the same few colours get used by almost every national and regional flag.

>> No.77478400

Black is easiest basecoat

Red goes good on black

>> No.77478401

>From his experience fighting him, he can assuredly say that Abaddon is mightier than the Primarch.
>Getting one-punched by Guilliman after wasting time in useless monologue
Opinion discarded. Kor Phaeron has litteraly zero insight about Rouboute's martial might, especially now that he get a new shiny sword.

That said, I do think Abaddon could realistically defeat him. And he will probably since Guilliman has lost every single duel he has been involved in since his rebirth (though Mortarion had to litteraly swarm him with Great Unclean Ones and ran like a bitch once his trick failed).

>> No.77478408

saying the "n-word" won't get you one either, sweaty

>> No.77478409

The CSM codex is such a mess. Marks of chaos should be fun and fluffy but there is basically 0% reason to ever run mono god can, and in the end the marks just end up being a way to make units good with no flavour to them

>> No.77478415

it's the edgy color combination. Every 12-year old thinks blood and darkness are cool.

>> No.77478426

Does anyone have the Big Good tau tiddy image?

>> No.77478433

>> No.77478435

>Tfw really like Brazen Beasts but don't want to be locked into Mark of Khorne

>> No.77478440

>but was taken relatively late in his life and visited a Seminary to become a Priest before Cawl basically abducted him.

I don't recall it saying he was taken late. Only that he was on his way to being a priest.

Remember that rarely that Imperials reach the age of 30. So finding a job comes early in life.

>> No.77478454

Red and black seem to overall be the most popular colors I've seen on the tabletop, but for what you said black and white just go nice with any color so I think it makes sense

>> No.77478455

Would tartaros or cataphracti terminators make sense for flesh tearers? Craving some Marinelets for my army.

>> No.77478464

Good try Arch

>> No.77478469

Makes sense. All these neckbeards who think they could become a space marine if they were in 40k probably want the age to be higher so they can daydream about getting isekai'd and becoming one.

>> No.77478470

>And he will probably since Guilliman has lost every single duel he has been involved in since his rebirth

IRCC, He stalemated Skarbrand. Beat a BTs during the invasion of Terra. Killed a Great Unclean One during the Indo-Crusade.

Also punched Magnus through a Webway gate.

>> No.77478472

Don't do it reminderfag

>> No.77478475

Do Imperials get married sooner as well? Are they an empire of c*nny connoisseurs?
Do the Imperium really worship Slaanesh? Or is it like old days where high levels of mortality were a bigger factor in lower average lifespans rather than dying of age related illness.

>> No.77478476

neither, standard terminators

>> No.77478481

Of course it won't, so you should stop verbally discriminating against minorities both overtly and subtly.

>> No.77478485

What if I just said what the army make up would be and people picked what they wanted from the roster? Also it's completely narrative

>> No.77478494

Just do it anyway, with any luck the 9th edition codex will fix it somewhat

>> No.77478497


>> No.77478500

I hate that guy's voice more than anything else. He's some kind of Dane larping as a Brit.

>> No.77478506

Which aspect of them do you like? They could work as Word Bearers or Iron Warriors proxies.

>> No.77478514

Red and black is my favourite color combo, can confirm.

>> No.77478534

Mostly the Warlord Trait that rewards hunting down enemy characters with increasing power.

>> No.77478538

Hey man, since you seem to know a thing or two about colour, how are my dudes looking in terms of the colours I've done them in?

>> No.77478547

Furry dogwhistle.

>> No.77478568

I hope Primaris get Cataphractii style terminators with heavy weapons.

>> No.77478575

Looks all white to me

>> No.77478577

>Do Imperials get married sooner as well? Are they an empire of c*nny connoisseurs?

The first of Dawn of Fire book has a scribe from Terra that was too old to marry and have children. She was barely 20.

>> No.77478580

What are some good units to grab for a 500 point Iron Warriors list?

>> No.77478581

But anon, I don`t play Space Wolves.

>> No.77478584

There is literally nothing wrong with edge

>> No.77478591

Maybe it could work. Would require an in depth knowladge of what models and collections people have though. You really don't want to see a moment when one or two player tell you that the scenario is great, but they don't have the models that qualify for it. or they have half of them and can't make a working list giving those that can a super edge over others.

Or to make it short, it would be a LOT of work, and it could still not work. But try it ,who knows if it will work or not

>> No.77478597

Furries don't play space wolves, furries play nids, tzeentch and SoB

>> No.77478598

being so over the top edgey that it circles around to being parody is the best kind of edgy

>> No.77478606

>Give up on playing BT because their rules aren't the best.
You don't deserve to be a crusader.

>> No.77478609

Beating greater demons isn't a big deal as far as 40k goes, I was thinking about notable characters. I forgot about Skarbrand though, thanks anon.

>Also punched Magnus through a Webway gate.
Yes but he was losing the fight until the SoS joined the fun and saved his ass.

>> No.77478611

well in my country it will.

>> No.77478613

>Do Imperials get married sooner as well? Are they an empire of c*nny connoisseurs?
Unironically yes. 20 is considered christmas cake on Terra.

>> No.77478621

>god blightlord termintors are great models
They look like shit. Only one of them is okay looking. The ETB build ones were better but still had some problems.

>> No.77478624

Yeah it's a fucking nightmare. Actually playing a fluffy list with CSM is a recipe for disaster, for just about every chaos mark except Slaanesh since they either get nothing (Tzeentch and Nurgle) or get hard locked out of the best phase in the game for CSM AND get nothing (Khorne).

>> No.77478625

Here's a closer pic, might be easier for you to see that way.

>> No.77478632

I've promised myself that if I ever make a video game it will star this sort of character: >>77478514 and be played entirely straight to the point of comedy

>> No.77478636

Are word bearers good?

>> No.77478637

I saw Sigmarxism and stopped reading. No one cares. Continue to talk about the Bible in Space.

>> No.77478639

Go back

>> No.77478661

>ho-ho-hold the line

>> No.77478662

Guess you won't be fighting twice or shooting twice then CSM boi

>> No.77478664

Nothing cool will happen anymore. Just play 30k.

>> No.77478668

I love all the memes that spawned off of that retarded image.

>> No.77478683

That's the terrifying thing. It's so obvious what kits would be super duper profitable, but they don't make them.
It's because GW truly believes they're making the models that are best for the 40k community

>> No.77478687

I thought that already happened? Weren't Flesh Tearers exclusively Primaris now?
And didn't Primaris get affected with the Black Rage eventually?
Or did the timelines shift again and none of that happened?

>> No.77478692

Cringe is a social construct. It comes from the conflict between what you are presenting and what you are. If people cringe at something they'll be doing so as a learned reaction, but if you are able to persuade them you are not embarrassing, it easily loops back into being cool.

>> No.77478699


>> No.77478702

Before I answer your question you must answer mine: is coffee good for you?

>> No.77478708

How's Africa anon?

>> No.77478717

Aw damn. Luckily I do like standard termies.

>> No.77478719

The furries I know play guard, black templars and custodes

>> No.77478722

Just bought DOWII and all the DLC, it was the bundle that came with everything and the GOTY edition too. Why isn't it all under one game/launcher?

>> No.77478736

>have the winning bid on an Ebay auction
>2 days left
how do you guys handle the anxiety?

>> No.77478745

The good guys? Yes.
Good in the game? Fuck no

>> No.77478746

I am honoured to receive a second crop...

>> No.77478763

By bidding 10x the actual price it is worth and guaranteeing a win every time.

>> No.77478764

If you don't want to collect and paint a black tide of power armour to smash everything forever BT is not for you.

>> No.77478765

What color

>> No.77478778

They're not the WORST army in the game.

>> No.77478787

based retard with money to burn.

>> No.77478795

A winning bid 2 days out is literally just jacking up the price, you haven't increased your chances of winning whatsoever

>> No.77478799

I'm a hobbylet and I'm worried about ruining my models by trying to greenstuff my own robes and hoods, but I don't like the different aesthetics of the third party alternatives either.
Am I overthinking how hard it would be?

>> No.77478810


>> No.77478812

what the fuck is wrong with her ass

>> No.77478819

IIRC, caffeine in low, but regular doses has shown to have positive effects for weight loss and energy throughout the day. It can be good for you, as long as you dose right. A cup of coffee a day helps you in work and play, they may say.

Shame, i like unaligned, and I like daemon summoning.

>> No.77478822


>> No.77478841

You have my gratitude!

>> No.77478861


>> No.77478870

a fine addition to my collection

>> No.77478874

you still stuck in the closet anon?

>> No.77478889

>lefty meme strikes again

>> No.77478893

So the DA codex lists points upgrades for giving units the Deathguard keyword which makes sense to balance out the buffs but i dont see anything for Ravenwing and the SM codex just says you CAN make bikers Ravenwing.

So is there no points increase, just access to new stuff for bikers in DA? and can you make none Ravenwing bikers? if you can whats the point?

Also regular Dreadnought vs Deathwing Dreadnought?

>> No.77478897


>> No.77478908

You went with two neutrals, can't really go wrong with it. The basics of color theory at least in regards to 40k are pretty simple - just avoid contrasting colors on the color wheel for the main body. For smaller details like the eyes it can work but for larger details it just looks bad, like green and red. Metallics are also a lot like neutrals, in that they work with the majority of other colors. Keep color temperature in mind as well, cold works with cold, warm with warm, etc. Neutrals aren't primary or secondary colors but they can express temperature, or more appropriately take on the temperature of the surrounding colors to them.

>> No.77478912

Couldn't possibly be you having poor memory or being a tard huh ?

>> No.77478941

>chaos won
gw went sucky face, took their toys and went home with them
csm players should step aside for eldar/xenos

>> No.77478944

My options for unalligned armies seem limited. Night Lords could be cool. Black Legion have some nifty stratagems, and terrible lore. Anything I'm missing? I just want a single unalligned detachment, and maximum summoning shenanigans.

nothing? Can you point out the specific defect you think you see?

>> No.77478949

makes me regret not having any unhelmeted faces in my army

>> No.77478953

You pick one and then your 2nd is the 3rd anti clockwise choice.

>> No.77478961

They look pretty nice. The white is a little flat, could use a bit more shading. Otherwise good army anon

>> No.77478962

>bidding anytime other than the last two minutes
I seriously hope people don't do this.

>> No.77478975

the majority of bids don't come in to the last few minutes, there's no point even bidding until the last 10 minutes at the earliest. The best thing to do is around the last couple minutes, bid the maximum you'd be willing to pay for the item, ebay will only put it up by the minimum amount, but if someone else bids, it will autobid for you until it reaches your maximum. Sometimes you can get lucky sniping a bid, but it's risky as if someone else has set a maximum you're fucked.

>> No.77478987

>nothing? Can you point out the specific defect you think you see?

nevermind for some reason I was looking at her left buttcheek as some sort of tumor growing out of her ass

>> No.77478996

It's basically all difference shade of black and brown. There's basically no "colour" to begin with

>> No.77478997

god i hate teeth like that. its the dumbest look.

>> No.77478998

What does it do?

>> No.77479012

Why are so many of these guardsmen?

>> No.77479024

The idea of setting up an auto bidder with a maximum is super unfair. Just mash f5 in a frenzy like an honest bidder. Fuck ebay

>> No.77479027

because every guardsman has a face, whereas most other units have helmets

>> No.77479030

Faces too curved. GW forgot how to do Ork heads right. I use Savage Orcs as Feral Orks though.

>> No.77479036

>Why are there so many faces from an army where most do not cover their faces?

>> No.77479043

The link in the op isn't dead you're just failing the gatekeep

>> No.77479054

Guard don't have a lot of cool helmets.

>> No.77479059

>Weren't Flesh Tearers exclusively Primaris now?
Not yet, but most definitely are.
>And didn't Primaris get affected with the Black Rage eventually?
Yes, that and Red Thirst, Caw didn`t fix shit."That`s a feature" my ass. Newish book on Astorath implies that BA primaris got Black Rage during Indomitus too but did not know what it is and tried to ignore it/had enough of a brain to keep that to themselves.
>Or did the timelines shift again and none of that happened?
Every day Seth wakes up thinking this, then gives up hope and goes on with his day ruined.

>> No.77479063


>> No.77479073

Trojan that tries to download CP

>> No.77479077

what's the difference between the first ultramarine and BA ones? They're both standard, right?

>> No.77479084

Nope, I've come home from uni. Don't worry though, I'll be back in that room in under a week!
> Damn I miss the place and the models I've left there.

While I was here I also got into Bolt Action, however I wasn't happy with how I assembled the guys so I'm selling them off without paint, I figured it would save the buyer from having to strip them.

>That girl on the top of the laptop and books was my first attempt at a larger scale model. It's a 1/12 scale Darjeeling (from Girls Und Panzer) and honestly it came out quite well.

Yeah, I'm not sure how to do that without running the clean white I've achieved on the armour, their coats are already washed & drybrushed tho.
I do plan on getting some red transfers (squad numbers) on their shoulder pads to make them stand out a bit more.

It is a true honour to have made it onto the Faces Of WIP.

>> No.77479087

Don't know about him but you can just 3d-print them.

>> No.77479166


>> No.77479216

Bangels had their own kit.

>> No.77479224

Exposed faces, smaller models than most armies, and are fairly common army

>> No.77479230

Would have been funnier if he just said "My Black Templar Crusade Force, My Death Korps of Krieg, or my Orks" and left the final picture.

>> No.77479239

What type of ship would a small CSM pirate band be most likely raid imperial shipping with?

>> No.77479260

Strike Cruiser.

>> No.77479280

Retards didn't grow up knowing the three panel rule of B^U

>> No.77479304

depends how recently they went traitor. New guys would praboy still have a strike cruiser wheras og traitors would probably have a cruiser like a Carnage/Slaughter class one

>> No.77479313

There is something very jarring about that color scheme on the left. It feels very haphazard.

>> No.77479320

Probably whatever they have. I doubt shipping vessels have the kind of armor, speed or firepower to stop any war vessel a marine chapter would have access to.

>> No.77479330

Show me your BT, inspire these fa/tg/uys

>> No.77479347

Weird flex, but ok.

>> No.77479356

to me personally it's the mixture of metallics and matte colours. I think the scheme would look so much nicer if it was 100% metallic

>> No.77479395

As a general rule of thumb, going for more than 3 separate colors in a scheme makes it too busy. There are exceptions, of course, but the Iron Ravens are not one.

>> No.77479406

Amazing. Sending it to people I work with.
Might even be able to get a decent night's sleep in a police cell out of it.

>> No.77479413

Yeah man, that looks all white, noice

>> No.77479450


>> No.77479509

I do bore of the white a little so my Elysians are Red/Black/Grey

>> No.77479565

>go to turn page
>forget power fist field
>book shredded

>> No.77479633

All ravenwing units already have the keyword. There's no need to upgrade anything

>> No.77479639

Guy used way too many colors for his army scheme. Two to three is the key.

>> No.77479641

>BA, SW and DA get unique terminator sprues
>DA have an exclusive elite terminator unit, SW terminators have more options than anyone else, BA terminators are bog standard save for like a flamer or something

>> No.77479654

Just because they can't spam one type of weapon doesn't mean they're meh. Even at stock they're pretty killy.

>> No.77479657

Here you go

>> No.77479676

They're called eviscerators, and now only Repentia and Seth get them for some reason.

What ruleset are these for?

>> No.77479681

the shading on the right one's cloak is sweet

>> No.77479685

>go to warhammer community
>click on 40k only
>mostly black library and metawatch shit
>click on AoS
>models everywhere
I think it's over bros

>> No.77479690

You are really showing how new to the hobby you are here anon.

>> No.77479709

Most of that BT stuff is converted

>> No.77479713

No idea why it tagged >>77479657 in that post.

>> No.77479725

Oh hey, i like your colors.

>> No.77479747

>Shipments from England stuck on German border for like a month and a half now
I hate the EU...

>> No.77479757

He might have used too many, but that's an official raven guard succesor chapter scheme in the book. Definitely the most colorful RG chapter.

>> No.77479768

Is there any bit of lore other than Vigilus Ablaze released in the past five years that features Abaddon without feeling the need to suck him off every five minutes? Holy mother of overcompensation

>> No.77479777

Well you're not wrong, I've only been in the hobby for about 2 years.

>> No.77479839

They appear to be for Only War, I assume he meant to post them in the rpg thread.

>> No.77479863

Thank you.
I will stay the course, also I'm going to go pray and self-flagellate for my weakness.

>> No.77479892

Blame brexit mate

>> No.77479946

Why? It's the EU that's being the prick here. The plastic didn't change now that Britain left. I heard it's illegal to import sprays and glue now because "the warning labels are now wrong" even though they are the same ones used 2 months ago.

>> No.77480010

That's part of Brexit. Britain becomes an outsider and is on par with Ghana, Afghanistan, Namibia, etc. and even if nothing has changed in real terms, as far as legislation goes, the UK needs as many checks as Pakistan.

>> No.77480016

Yeah, so blame Brexit

>> No.77480023

Because Merkel is a petty bitch

>> No.77480034

>He might have used too many, but that's an official raven guard succesor chapter scheme in the book.
Well yeah, benefits of being an 'Eavy Metal painter, I guess. /hisdudes/ are officially canon now. I'm almost tempted to apply and try to get my CSM in as a canon warband, but I lack both the ability and absurd love of highlights to hack it in 'Eavy Metal.

>> No.77480035

I come from a non-EU country and send stuff to and from there all the time there's never a problem and shipments take days. This is literally the EU having an impotent tamper tantrum.

>> No.77480036


>> No.77480039

blame the EU purposefully being as big a dick as they can about Brexit*

>> No.77480050

turn with the thumb

>> No.77480053

>That Terminator Chaplain finally shipped

>> No.77480056

How many points will darkeldar units cost in thenew dex???

>> No.77480083

Well yeah, because the dude that made them works for GW. They first appeared in an article about custom successor chapters.

>> No.77480084

The EU is just exacting everrything it can on the UK to make an example of it. It could do this with any other country, but it has vested interests in bending the UK over. I don't see the issue with this, it's like when someone tries to quit a company but makes ridiculous demands, the company will shit on that person as much as possible where they would normally just pay out.

>> No.77480098

They have a Sacred Rite (chosen at the start of the battle) to add 3 to the total of a DTW test. Average d6 is a 3.5 so it's only .5 less than the average roll but with guaranteed consistency and ensures a 4-9 deny for free. And this comes from EVERY unit within 24".
They can use miracle dice, so they could guarantee a 9 to deny when they need it. Null rod is also free and reduces all psychic tests by 1 for enemies with 18".

>> No.77480130


>> No.77480137

>I don't see the issue with this
The issue is it's affecting us. I don't care that the politicians are crying about not being able to extort more people.

>> No.77480150

This, the EU is disgusting.
They know if Britain looks like it's doing fine without them the other EU countries will fuck off too, so they're trying to make an example.

>> No.77480169

>brexit affects normal people
Never would have thought it. Should have told the brits that before they voted.

>> No.77480172

>spamming the same special weapon in one squad is soul
>most of the unit taken as stock with 1/2 special weapons plus something fancy on the sergeant isn't

>> No.77480196

Soul means that the models look good you zoomer, fuck off with your computer talk

>> No.77480206

>Choose between extortion or getting fucked over
The political class needs a purge

>> No.77480208

Severely punishing a place for leaving your regime?
Hmm, where the fuck have I seen that?

>> No.77480224

Soul is a retarded buzzword spammed by retards who can't articulate past "old good new bad".

>> No.77480231

They have one functional build (Possessed spam with paykers and apostles), that's pretty much it

>> No.77480238

Seccessionists get the rope.

>> No.77480275

Na soul is just passion. Soulless is what you get when a board of directors make something or some shit.

>> No.77480281

The same. The Munitorum FAQ was intended for the codex being out already.

>> No.77480294

>post an unpolular oppinion in /40kg/
new DG models and related things are very good

>> No.77480300

How in the fuck did they lose their soul then you grog larper

>> No.77480306

So, is it possible to take the soulless plastic pumped out by GW and make it SOUL?

>> No.77480321

the models objectively became worse, look at >>77477203

rhe left is the new one and it looks soulless

>> No.77480335

Sure you just have to have enough passion.

>> No.77480352

That's a nice model, he's just 10x too expensive.

>> No.77480393

a) no it doesn't and b) what does that have to do with blightlord loadouts

>> No.77480416

Contrarianism stops being cool about age 14 anon, you cant be posting here

>> No.77480417

>Being far too retarded to get your hands on the old models if you want them
Honestly what is with this general

>> No.77480440

Not him, but I'm 43 and Citadel Minis haven't had soul since 1990. Bitch nigger kid.

>> No.77480443


>> No.77480458

From what I've seen, preferring the GBD to the FBD isn't a contrarian opinion here

>> No.77480498

So they've never had soul, especially the old drone, making it irrelevant.

Dumb for a 40 year old

Yes who would have imagined these threads had a lot of bait

>> No.77480500

>>post an unpolular oppinion in /40kg/
Tyranids don't need sculpt update nearly as badly as Eldar, Guard or Orks

>> No.77480522

Thats not an unpopular opinion at all though

>> No.77480533


>> No.77480556

>Yes who would have imagined these threads had a lot of bait
I don't really understand what you're trying to tell me with this reply, unless if you're insinuating that opinions with which you disagree must be "bait"

>> No.77480647

why are you all so old?

>> No.77480666

You think young people can afford this shit?

>> No.77480679

only 30+ year old boomers have the disposable income.

>> No.77480698

>Implying Zoom Zooms can get the kind of jobs that let you piss money away anymore

>> No.77480709

Go be a zoomillennial nigger elsewhere.

>> No.77480714

when I was younger I had my well off dad buy me tons of shit including 40k. He may not be the best dad or been around much but he sure did shower me in gifts

>> No.77480756

what colors do you use on them? they're very nice

>> No.77480766

I feel like people are going to continue to misuse boomer to the point people in their 30s in 2050 are gonna be called it

>> No.77480767

im 25 im officially old now, im just surprised you all made it so far. I thought I for sure 25 was my cut off for necking

>> No.77480770

>mfw im 22
>mfw im actually a zoomer
>mfw lucked upon cushy office job with above min wage pay
>Have too much fucking money because I dont spend it on anything other than a bit of warhammer.

>> No.77480779

that's what boomer means, yes

>> No.77480794

>working at 22
>mfw 37 and never had a job

>> No.77480795

this explains a lot about this thread actually

>> No.77480796

Have fun with rising prices and good odds of never seeing a raise

>> No.77480824

You best be joking

>> No.77480837

Astra Miliwhat?

>> No.77480867

>All the Mecharius tanks are out of stock
>Only the Vulcan is off the shelf now
If I had to guess this probably means something happened with the turret mold yeah?

>> No.77480871

Boomer is a state of mind

>> No.77480883

They're dogshit.

>> No.77480887

Sorry bro I was made deputy manager within a few months which came with a pay rise. Its government as well so my job stability and oppurtunities are pretty fantastic.

>> No.77480910

>or Orks

Yes it is

>> No.77480915

>Being a government wagie when there's a civil war coming
Ah, you're just retarded

>> No.77480929

I am prepared to never stop working ever. It is "your" fault, but if "i" stop the system collapses, and i need the system to play 40k.

>> No.77480950

Nids not really needing new models at all just new rules is a commonly held opinion.

>> No.77480951

Fantastic greenstuff work if that's what you used for the coats

>> No.77480967

Im not a burger. Also, the one depressing thing is learning just how true government waste is. Its pretty fucking insane how much money our department just fucking pukes out on a weekly basis, but being on the inside is cool.

>> No.77480988


Also 22 year old zoomer apprentice

With all the lockdowns I don't have anything to spend money on. Initially I stocked up on Dior and Celine but I have nowhere to where it so it has less appeal than previously. Only CSM remains

>> No.77481012

>Im not a burger
Future Russian/Chinese colony then

>> No.77481037

Its an old hobby.
WH40k started in the late 80s, and Dawn of War was released in 2004 and got more people interested.
I know that this might be heresy to some, but the video games are really GW's best advertisement, which is why they keep throwing out licenses.

>> No.77481051

>where it

I do know how to spell. Just not to spellcheck

>> No.77481059

>Yes, that and Red Thirst, Caw didn`t fix shit."That`s a feature" my ass. Newish book on Astorath implies that BA primaris got Black Rage during Indomitus too but did not know what it is and tried to ignore it/had enough of a brain to keep that to themselves.

The Psychic bullshit of the Enslavers awakened the Black Rage in the successor primaries marines.

>> No.77481062

It would be so funny if this was posted by an American.

>> No.77481107

Yankees already proved their hypocrisy during the War of Northern Aggression.

>> No.77481126


at least they aren't just red ultramarines now

>> No.77481152

They should probably select better partners considering most 40k video games are janky shite

>> No.77481163

>Implying the US isn't going to be a Chinese puppet state through bribing the hell out of the corporations and politicians

>> No.77481181

I was actually referring to the creation of the US in general.
The American War of Independence was a secessionist movement.

>> No.77481184

im 25 am i zoomer?

>> No.77481205

True, but they lose nothing and the shitty games still get some notice.
GW really doesn't care about the game's quality, as long as someone see's it, wonders what the fuck the Imperium is and starts googling

>> No.77481214

I know, hence the hypocrisy of now allowing free states to secede.

>> No.77481230

Astorath sensed it in BA primaris even before that, didn`t tell anyone to let his bros have at least a little hope for a while.

>> No.77481234

Looks like you're a dumb coomer.

>> No.77481241

>DG defiler is only 10pts up compared to normal Chaos Defiler for getting +1BS
I can't tell you how happy i am that defilers are getting so much love. It's been a long journey but we wen't from BS 5+ to what'll probably be 2+ now.

>> No.77481246

Ah yes fair enough. Secession was legal and permitted in the constitution at the time of the ACW, iirc.

>> No.77481297

It's a good time to be a daemon engine player. The wait for the CSM codex is killing me but thanks to the Wu Flu I couldn't play it now anyway so I just focus on painting and other stuff. I wanna get my hands on a heldrake and forgefiend soon so I can have every daemon engine.

>> No.77481330

I'll have every daemon engine (except the lord of skulls, i hate that model and LoW's are basically unusable now) when my blood slaughterer arrives. Can't wait to play a game with my friend, we'll either do a 1.3k or 1.5k game, and i'll use one of every daemon engine.

>> No.77481359

Something wrong with that?

>> No.77481395

>boring paint scheme
Unoriginal trash
>well painted but shitty scheme

>> No.77481401

Based. Do you have a brass scorpion? I've got one but it's currently sitting in a bin unfinished. I haven't had the time to fully assemble and paint it yet.

>> No.77481422

What's a good straight forward army for someone who is new? Looking for something that essentially auto plays itself/is really obvious what units should do what.

>> No.77481449

No army is truly that complicated to play. Pick an army to play because you like them. Watch some battle reports or leaf through some codexes if you need to.

>> No.77481461

Marines are pretty much the newbie army.
You could try Necrons, but they have a few esoteric mechanics.

>> No.77481495

Oof. Good point i don't have that one. 200eur made me forget about it lol. hmm... I might just start saving money for it. I love all spider-legged models.

>> No.77481507

Shooting armies, you won't win objectives but you just sit back and shoot with heavy weapons on high toughness models.

>> No.77481518

It seems like some armies require a little bit more thought/a bunch of extra books that you need to buy and leaf through to get. I really want something plug and play.

Tell me more about Necrons. What do you mean by esoteric?

>> No.77481544

I hit up Chang and got mine. Fuck paying that much for any model.

>> No.77481551

what army will get me the most pussy? thinking about guard or orks rn.

>> No.77481566

I'm not opposed to having to move around. From what I've seen pure shooting armies are kind of boring to play against and aren't very interactive

>> No.77481567

>Fuck paying
And then you'll sit there and wonder why you don't get anything

>> No.77481587

They have a mechanic where you have to select a bunch of special effects called protocols, with each protocol getting activated on a particular turn of your choosing. When a protocol gets activated you have two effects to choose from.
Thing is though that you can't pick and choose on the fly, you have to organize them in turn order.
That's the more complicated rule they have.

Another rule that's slightly less complicated is that they can revive their models every time an enemy unit shoots at them.

>> No.77481591

i would hit up Chang if i knew how. I only know of a few russain recasters but haven't ordered there yet.

>> No.77481605


>> No.77481645

GW should stop being Jews solely for profit and I'd pay.

>> No.77481663

>company needs to stop wanting to make money
Alright commie

>> No.77481685

Lowered testosterone, all around reduction in motivation and drive, and a lack of concentration or ability to think clearly.

>> No.77481702

>not being a jewish puppet makes you a leftist nigger
kek this is why you are a retard

>> No.77481744

my gsc is lead by a matriarch born from hive fleet lenaga which consumed a string of birthing worlds changing the sex of most of the tyranid bioforms female. When hive fleet lenaga lands to take over the worlds seeded by the cult of the star mothers, the female cult members are left alive to begin breeding with the next batch of genestealers. In this way the cult always has an advantage of numbers when starting on a new world.

The cult is strictly a matriarchy lead by a council of the highest ranking females. The males are seen as fodder and usually breeded with female members to produce more soldiers. The alpha females can chose as many males as they wish whether willing or not as most have developed stronger faster frames thanks to years of selective breeding as well as stronger vaginal walls meant for birthing pure strain genestealers that can hold a male in place when needed. The cult of the star mothers is built much like the old terran spotted hyenas.

you thoughts?
>also post your dudes

>> No.77481751

>I need everything for FREEEEEEE!!! Reeeee GeeDubyuh!!

>> No.77481786

i'm quite sure he is paying the recaster
it's called the free market. someone else is making the thing for cheaper so he changed where he does business.

>> No.77481798

Good migration

>> No.77481810

stop making your garbage fetish into your army.

>> No.77481814

>This plastic sure is over priced
Fuck off nigger.

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