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You Must Keep your Appointment Edition

Tell us about your horror settings, games, etc. Share inspirational art, prompts, etc.

>List of games:
Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cold and Dark, Degenesis, Delta Green, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Esoterrorists/Fear Itself+Book of Unremitting Horror, Fall of Delta Green, GORE, Into The Shadows, KULT, Little Fears, Mothership RPG, Nemesis (free on Arc Dream's website), Nights Black Agents, Silent Legions (Mostly for the tables), Stalker: The SciFi RPG, Symbaroum, Ten Candles, Trail of Cthulhu, Unisystem (All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.), Unknown Armies

>Inspirational stuff:
Caitlin R Kiernan, Castlevania, Doomwatch, Fear & Hunger, George Romero, Ghostwatch, House of Leaves, I Am In Eskew, John Carpenter, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Laird Barron, M.R. James, Nick Cutter, Old Gods of Appalachia, Quatermass, Ramsey Campbell, Remedy Series (Alan Wake, Control), SCP Foundation, Scarfolk Council, Shaun Hutson, Silent Hill, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Evil Dead, The Magnus Archives, The Secret World, The Stone Tapes, Thomas Ligotti, Twin Peaks, Vault of Evil forums, toomuchhorrorfiction

Questions for the Thread:
>What scares you about rural areas?
>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
>How do you deal with cellphones?

Questions for Horrorverse refugees:
>Just check in with us, you never post any more.

Previous thread:

Please try to keep arguing to a minimum. Don't respond to bait/drama posts.
And as usual, try and keep it alive, or at least undead.

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Thread is too early. And you could've at least bothered to put something in the Horrorverse section. It gave some good discussion last thread.

Fuck it. I'll make the new one if this one dies.

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It's usually about 300 posts we swap out, right?
Also, I couldn't think of anything specifically Horrorverse. It seems like a fairly meaningless distinction at the moment, they're not vocal in the general and it's just fa/tg/uys taking up the questions.
If you're a Horrorverse poster, speak up!

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310 posts, which is the bump limit.

As for Horrorverse posters they do post and I at least try to reply to those questions whenever I have the time. It's probably just them not catching the threads. And anything can be used as a Horrorverse question if it's not specific to running games or certain systems. Ask about your favorite horror villain, character, setting, etc.

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I really wanna do something like Slaughterhouse 5 but it's so hard to find players who are worth even talking too let alone trying to keep around.

Trick them into a power fantasy with cool guns and shit only for them not to work or at least not as they intended.

To not dolly around trying to keep a coherent plot. Zoomers raised on an era of loud noises, dead, politically correct memes that play it safe, and young adult fantasy dialogue cheapens any sort of story anyway. Might as well just to past, present, or future tense. Undoubtedly a particular player is gonna feel attacked. Bad dice rolls, misleading the players on purpose, my bias, more probable their own bias towards each other
>Why me?
>That is a very Earthling thing to ask. Why you? Why us? Why anything? Because this moment simply is. Have you ever seem an insect trapped in amber? That is us. Trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.

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>but it's so hard to find players who are worth even talking too let alone trying to keep around.
This seems to be a recurring problem I feel.

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Horrorverse refugees, are you still alive? are you okay?

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They never existed.

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See >>77474547

Aside from that and >>77480986 (likely OP) being an ass, there's nothing to respond to. No need to bump the thread when there's nothing to discuss.

Post something worthwhile if you want the thread to live.

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The OP image is also immensely shitty on top of the new thread not being promoted as much as it should've. It took me over an hour to locate the thread, so of course most people aren't going to notice it.

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Do any Keepers have any solutions to skill bottle necking? Whenever my Keeper asks for a roll, the entire group immediately loses engagement with the game because of our bad dice luck. It's really bogging down our games and we miss plot-hooks and important information all the time so that we're basically just working without a plot most times, unless the conflict goes out of its way to reveal itself to us, which seems ham-fisted.

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>Questions for the Thread:
>>What scares you about rural areas?
The rural midwest during winter is a death trap.
>>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
Some, you need hooks for your players; letting some survivors get away pretty much required.
>>How do you deal with cellphones?
Generally I allow them, all calls go through, though it's of little help in the other world. Maybe the characters are beings chased, and become lost, being unable to give their location or forced to run away from their spot. Sometimes I do the "train wreck" meme, so players try to call the police but all the lines are tied up do to a mass panic; if the players don't search it out online, a PSA Emergency Alert is sent to their phones.
>Questions for Horrorverse refugees:
Retarded, I'm glad this is about to die.
>>Just check in with us, you never post any more.
I regularly reply to these, but I'm not who you are looking for.

idk, these questions seem somewhat lackluster. Though I do like the cellphone question, SO many people just have them turn off EMP style for no reason.

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>What scares you about rural areas?
The emptiness. take for example my home village, there are times during the day that you'd notice the silence and realize that you are all alone in the streets.
>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
Never, hotshot city detectives are for mindbreak.
>How do you deal with cellphones?
Nothing wrong with them, not like recording like a retard of calling the bolice is gonna save you from being raped by fish monsters who might or might not be real.

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>Retarded, I'm glad this is about to die.
>I regularly reply to these, but I'm not who you are looking for.
You regularly reply only to bitch and complain, offering nothing. You may as well be a wojakspammer.

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I'll put the Horrorverse questions back in place for next thread, so don't worry anon. You'll get to meander and whine over something irrelevant to you for hundreds more threads.

God, this place feels like the fucking Jumpchain schizo general at times.

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Does your party accept?

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Depends, is dinner included? And can I have rabbit loins?

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You get beaten up by an army of assorted highly-experienced people and if you win, you get to leave with any book on a subject that you may want. If you lose you become a book yourself.

Dinner is not included.

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We just ran the Last Equation and WHOOOOH BOY do I now have a new Greentext story.

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I think I'll just buy a cookbook instead.

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Do tell!

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>Playing Last Equation
>Playing Hargrave, veteran agent in his 50's who mostly stayed behind a desk doing forensic accounting and using his smile and contacts to get things done w/o firing a shot or getting too close to fucky shit
>Always wears tailored suits, and is basically the PR guy of any Delta Green op
>becomes mentor figure for two new agents, a psychologist and a Tech expert.
>manage to sabotage the number at the crime scene
>Have megalomania trait, need to keep total control over the investigation, but the techie scrubbed evidence at the police station so we couldn't follow leads b4 I could stop him
>We're going to the shooter's dorm, I drive through the night and get there
>going through his shit to understand what this ties to
>accidentally read and solve the equation before I realize what it is
>See the pinholes in reality and suddenly realized what just happened
>Burn the notes, bag the rest and start asking the night guard if anyone there has been investigated for sexual abuse
>I'm trying to score some roofies in the vain attempt to wipe my mind of this, and am only a step away from forcing my way into some jabroni's dorm room at gunpoint to steal his roofies.
>decide fuck it and drive to the liquor store, buying two massive bottles of bourbon at 4Am with cash
>Clerk sees my face and doesn't even question it.
>Call the psychiatrist in the middle of the night demanding she get her hands on some Benzodiazepines
>proceed to get black out drunk on duty, with a van full of evidence and pass out at the wheel, failing a drive check
>Team finds me the next morning
>Van is parked in an alleyway in new york, but I clipped the mirror off and there's scrapes along the side
>My char is passed out at the wheel, looking like shit, smelling of booze, bloodshot eyes and once he wakes, he pukes onto the ground right as the psychiatrist opens the van door
>"It's better this way, trust me..."
Part 1

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Gonna be running the mythras scenario of white death tomorrow
What advice can ya folks can give me?

>period appropriate music pieces I’m thinking of using

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>remember I unloaded my guns and threw them in my padlocked bag in the back of the van before I got drunk in case of suicidal or homicidal urges
>Psych starts driving the van, I ride shotgun hungover to hell and back
>Tech starts trying to go over the data, I warn him not to touch it.
>Try to think back to see what I remember
>Most of it is gone but the pinprick in reality is still there
>Smashes his fists into the car "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!" at the top of his lungs, so hard and suddenly that the psych nearly crashes the car
>Asks the Psych if she got the drugs, she says no
>We both fail Criminology checks to figure out where we could get Xanax in New york, while the techie refuses to even consider it, he didn't trust me before this happened
>Arguments, shouting
>They ask me WTF happened and they need a debrief
>I tell them what I saw without revealing the formula or what it means, deliberately avoiding the mention that I'm a ticking time bomb now
>He's wracking his brain to try to figure out what to do next
>Mission parameters did say "report mathematicians exposed to the formula to A cell" not specifically "terminate mathematicians exposed" so maybe they need to study it. They have to have a plan, right?
>Ask them to pull over so I can call the handler / A Cell
>Have the psychiatrist dial as the numbers are getting bad
>take the phone and talk to the Handler, report that I've found someone exposed and ask how they want me to report them to A Cell
>They tell me the mission parameters were to execute anyone exposed.
>I ask again.
>"Terminate the exposed."
>They didn't have a plan. They. Didn't. Have. A. Plan.
>I lower the phone and tell everyone to get out of the car.
>After some reluctance they do
>"Alright, the name of the affected is 9 9 2 0 .2 2 9 9 8 9 2 1 2 .3 3 3."
>They try to shut off the call before I finish
>Two options: Suicide or Run
Part 2

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>They didn't have a plan... twenty years serving these bastards and I was their canary
>Leave the van and snap the phone in half, crushing it with my boot.
>Agents ask what happened
>"After the Dorm Room, you didn't see me."
>"You'll have to continue the op without me." implying I'm no longer with the program
>The psych realizes what's going on and while I'm distracted tries to grab and cuff me, but fails the check
>I try to tackle her and instead trip and fall on top of her
>The tech realizes what's going on and grabs the bag of evidence and books it down the street.
>I wrestle with the psych and manage to pin her against the van in broad daylight, new York
>"Are you going to go for your service weapon or do I have to take it?"
>She shakes her head
>"Alright then, I'm not going to hurt you... but I am going to take the van and my equipment. They didn't have a plan, they're fucking useless. You didn't see me after I left for the dorms, you got that? You won't see me again."
>She nods
>I jump in the van and peel out of there with my weapons still in the bag
>GM asks me what I plan to do
>Say I'm going to drive this for a while before I switch plates, then ditch the van somewhere and buy a used car with cash, and again, ditch it, rotate cars used cars, avoid major surveillance and head south to lower income areas with less integrated surveillance. My end goal is to get in contact with the outlaws or a rival conspiracy willing to take me, anyone who can help
>Get up and get myself a mountain dew
>Come back and the other PC's have put out an APB on me with the cops. They think I've gone nuts
>The cops only find the van
>On a burner phone Contact my old boss in the FBI and tell him I'm being framed right now, and that it will blow over in a bit, that I just need time, if he can cover my tracks a little
>Also contact my DG bond, an ex-narco named "Blanco" (think crash True Detective) who I used to roll with, he'd help
>All goes well until...
Part 3

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>What scares you about rural areas?
>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
>How do you deal with cellphones?
The scary thing about rural areas (and many cities, hilariously) is how fragile civilization is there. All it takes is one panicked boomer to shut down cell service. All it takes is one cult indoctrinated woman to poison the town water supply. Emergency services can't get to you if the bridge is out. You know, THE bridge. We've only got one.
Did you know America had a lot of native Americans? The land remembers. Everyone lives in driving distance of one of their former settlements, now forgotten at best. They're not google-able or on the map of course (most have been destroyed by development but there's gotta be thousands hiding on boomer land). If you ask someone who knows the outdoors well (a rare and freakish breed even in the rural areas) they can bring you to one.

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>So remember that tech from earlier, the one who never trusted me and also took the bag of evidence with him? The guy who destroyed the evidence back at the PD instead of letting us examine it? Remember that
>Well I'm about ready to roll up a new character. The GM says we'll cut back to Hargrave's antics eventually and I think he'll call his family on a burner phone once he's in a safe place and about to move to tell them he loves them.
>Therapist player is having a serious migraine irl and can't really focus too hard.
>The Techie sees what happened to me and gets cold feet on the investigation
>The Techie decides he's going to TORCH ALL OF THE EVIDENCE WE GOT FROM THE DORM ROOM rather than "end up like him"
>Note: This option will end in your death.
>Therapist is in too much pain to stop him plus he's several blocks away in-game
>"Case closed, we report back to HQ and say job done." he says
>I am all but exploding OOC my face is in my hands as I know what is going to happen
>The GM Goes "well then I guess we'll skip right to the end"
>The GM lists out in methodical order the carnage as the cognitohazard number spreads via the emails and letters the college student sent out that we didn't track as he burned the evidence
>At least 10 active shooters and well over a hundred bodies, and the number just spreads from there, written in blood, painted in places shortly before the shooting
>Hargrave himself shows up on the news in their having killed 10 people with a shotgun somewhere around Texas.
>mfw the techie blames me for this
>mfw I warned him about this behavior earlier
Oh you can bet he's going to end up dissolving in acid.

My only other option was to burn through my bonds and stick with the group through the end of the investigation and eventually just get capped off, but I decided this was better for the character than trying to hide it. The GM and I were loving this Thankfully the GM decided that this was going to be retconed and the tech was kicked.

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to kinda do an addendum: The Op was totally salvageable despite Hargrave going nuts and fucking off with the van, which was intentional on my part, he was early in the stages of the effects of the equation and didn't want to hurt them.
Worst case he'd end up becoming the mission for the group around the end of the scenario a few weeks to a month down the line once they tied up the ends from the computer.
The Handler/A-Cell never got the full number and the agents had all of the evidence.
It wasn't until the techie decided to torch the bag and single-handedly torch every lead we had without talking to us that we failed.
The Techie was kicked for a variety of reasons, and not just this. He had been meta gaming a bit and annoyed the crap out of the GM. He also did a ton of stuff that was going to have serious consequences without talking to any of us first like wiping the file of an active case from a police database while on camera, or stealing evidence and destroying it without any backup plan or coverup when we had a LOT of eyes on us, never really trusting the group.. there's roleplaying and then there's actively getting in the way of the group and not considering how the story could move forward.
If it's not clear, he was definitely doing more of the latter.

I'm gonna remember this one for a long time.

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I feel like your Techie might've been corrupted by the cognitohazard himself IRL. Because that's a lot of fucking up for someone who's supposed to be good at this sort of work.

It legitimately reads like active sabotage all the way throughout.

>> No.77488011

GM of the game above, techie was a total idiot

>> No.77488239

>They didn't have a plan. They. Didn't. Have. A. Plan.
When do they ever?

>> No.77488884

>It's really bogging down our games and we miss plot-hooks and important information all the time so that we're basically just working without a plot most times

Why does your keeper hide important informations behind rolls? It's only for extra clues to give you a better chance to survive/solve the mystery.
And they should remember that sometimes, a pushed roll can still succeed but at a cost if the roll fail.
If the players can't proceed, the keeper or the players can call for an idea roll.

>> No.77488886

Running an encounter for a horror setting. Does anyone have good art for creepy deer monsters? The less distinct they are, the better. Preferably with human arms in the place of antlers.

>> No.77489177

Glad you kicked the tech, too bad you didn't do it sooner. Players who only want to destroy clues because they're afraid anything bad happens to their character have no business playing a horror mystery game.
Reminds me of D&D players who are afraid to delve into dungeons because they might get hurt.

>> No.77489923

I've always thought idea rolls should have no chance but cost sanity. You have a moment of despair, but the realisation prompts further leads.

>> No.77490447

>SO many people just have them turn off EMP style for no reason.
A lot of horror plots require isolation, which is hard to do when the cast have advanced communication equipment in their pockets.

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This thread isn't about cats, massive stepdown from the previous one.

>> No.77491701

>What scares you about rural areas?
that they might be ruined by urbanites fleeing from the policies they voted for
>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
Inshallah no
>How do you deal with cellphones?
at the table or in character? either way my policy is just pretend they don't exist

>> No.77491703

that setting/franchise is complete shit. So no.

>> No.77492046

Sounds like a good idea anon, hopefully you find some people

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>> No.77492147 [SPOILER] 

Planning on runnign a modern Call of cthulhu campaign, where the primary supernatural/otherwordly threat is Morgoth, the rebel Vala. Who escaped from the void where he was cast down at the end of Silmarillion to earth through a very brief hole in reality that was created by unauthorised particle acceleration test funded by US militray agency. He would be currently trapped couple kilometers underground, but with his influence slowly sleeping to surface.
Is this completly stupid idea ?

>> No.77492665

Will your players laugh at the reveal?

>> No.77492800

Maybe. Though the fact that releasing him from the underground compound (which is done easily by entering it) will trigger apocalyptic catastrophe within a week might put some bitterness to that laugh. I mean someone may get the reference, but then they will have to realise that they have to actually live with it beign a thing now.
I'm more worried about the fact that the thing keeping him in underground is him not understanding that computers are not monitors, but the devices linked to them.

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>> No.77493216

>I'll put the Horrorverse questions back in place
Until I remove it.
>this place feels like the fucking Jumpchain schizo general
and that's a good thing, it makes the place lively.

>> No.77493264

Don't get me wrong, I understand why it's done from a practical narrative perspective. I just think there are more creative solutions to the problem, besides the gremlin turned off my cell service.

>> No.77493341

No, he'd just burn it down from the outside. The goal is eliminating supernatural evils, not reaping the benefits of playing their twisted games.

>> No.77493362

>I now have a new Greentext story.
... post that shit my nigga

>> No.77493566

Just did last night its the massive 4 parter

>> No.77494112

>Is this completly stupid idea ?
>>lotr books
Most won't even get the reference.

>> No.77494254

Just saw, pretty wild.
I'm a bit hesitant to use cognitive hazards, my system of choice doesn't use a sanity meter so I'd have to make the players roll on the mental craze/illness table (which even the book does not recommend, as insanities are difficult to roleplay).

>> No.77494287

This. If you think it's stupid, so long as you don't say its LOTR you'll be fine.

>> No.77494336

We need to start talking about outro songs for sessions

>> No.77494566

Just jokers... jokers in trousers...

>> No.77494621

>wanting the general to turn into a screaming shitshow
Please get banned as soon as possible.

>> No.77494638

At least two people have already tried to burn the Library down. Both failed.

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>> No.77497139

You always were worthless...

>> No.77498328

I doubt that msot people will register it when they find out that entity is essentially something that is made of sentinent sound (remember, Vala are essentially living music in ther base form). It also won't be interested at talking to the investigators, outside of ordering them around. The crew of the underground compound that have essentially become corpses or orc-like creatures may be somewhat of a give-away, as is Morgoth's power to only produce altered versions of pre-existing objects or things.

He won't propably even take material form until he has covered most of american continent in acid-rain spewing clouds, and by then it will propably be over for the investigators anyway.

>> No.77499501

This Mortal Coil would make good Delta Green outro music.

>> No.77499583

Some of Soundtracks for the Blind for Hastur scenarios

>> No.77500896

>> No.77501865

God the monster designs in that film were too good for the rest of it.

>> No.77501887

This is easy: let the cops or other people come, let the thing kill the cops and the pcs deal with that

It's a better solution than ignoring it.

>> No.77502196

The denizens of Ib from “the doom that came to sarnath” do they appear in any other stories? If not by Lovecraft, then perhaps by another author? If so then what stories? and what were they like in them? I’m curious.

>> No.77503986

>> No.77504099

In trying to find something like you described I heard a really neat fantheory that the beings of ib/Thuum'ha could possibly just be what the Deep Ones were called back then. They have VERY similar looks.
An actual canon better idea would be from Nameless City "thought of Sarnath the Doomed, that stood in the land of Mnar when mankind was young, and of Ib, that was carved from grey stone before mankind existed."
It is also possible they could be the ones from Nameless City.

Thuum'ha WAS invented by later authors though so there definitely must have been stories. *Found out the name is from Lin Carter's works on the subject.
Can't find any names though

>> No.77504264 [SPOILER] 

What would be the end goal of morgoth, and his modus operandi? Sauron was more the manipulator, would morgoth simply corrupt untill he gets lucky with a godd follower?

>> No.77505952

The ancestor would never bother with liquid, he'd be out there tricking kids into eating Pods.

>> No.77506234

Looks like something you'd make a plushie of.

>> No.77506411

This is a shitty solution. If cops start dying, they send more cops.

>> No.77506887


>> No.77507226

How the fuck have I never heard of the "train wreck meme". That's perfect for dealing with cell phones.
Also living in Wisco during this - 20 weather really explains the isolation and insanity of this state. At least all the bridges I burn will keep me warm.

>> No.77507447

I'm recruiting for a GURPS campaign now that should have some horror elements.

It's set in 1970 East Berlin. Magic is secret and illegal - we're using the Paths and Books system, so it's subtle and strange. The players are all newly initiated into a cabal of spirit cultists, black marketeers, smugglers, scheming magicians, thieves, assassins, spies and other dubious types. The horror elements should be both supernatural (insane spirits and horrid undead) and mundane (authoritarian conspiracies and paranoia).

>> No.77507863

You might want to give up some contact details, good sir.

>> No.77509122

And if THOSE cops start dying, then they'll escalate up the chains of command as time goes on.

>> No.77509151

Dead cops make the papers - the headlines.

>> No.77509176

This is my big issue with the "call the cops" tactic. Once the cops arrive, and start dying, the PCs are done. Also, players rapidly realise that the cops don't show up to "fish cult" calls but do turn up to traceable illegal activities like power line sabotage or to calls about meth lab smells.

>> No.77509869

Yeah, in CoC investigations if the police are not written out of the narrative altogether they should be treated like a wildcard. Depending on the circumstances they may come to the PCs aid, but just as likely may ignore the situation due to not understanding it, or even wind up becoming additional adversaries, ones with serious ramifications if they choose to engage. This makes the “call the cops” option not seem as obvious and a decision the PCs may have to seriously discuss if it’s even brought up.

>> No.77510113

Not by the end of the scenario. The cops come, and stop responding to calls.

>> No.77510117

Ya, but only after the fact and only when people find put.

A cop who steps out of his car and has his head bitten off by a monster on the roof isn't getting backup for a while.

>> No.77510475

>SWATTING the cultist motherfuckers
lol just a prank dark forces

>> No.77510503

That really strains the suspension of disbelief. Why would cops not care when a car with two of their buddies disappears or gives an officer down call?

>> No.77510594

And tell them what exactly? If you say “meth lab” they’re going to look for a meth lab, not a fish cult. And unless a pure blood deep one in all it’s glory answers the door the police are not likely to change priorities. And when they don’t find the meth lab, and miss the clues for the fish cult, the police will kick your door down for filing a false police report.

Try to think through your cockamamie plans before you implement them.

>> No.77510603

This is basically it. You're thinking about this too wide scale and on a player's side of things. The thing was probably sealed away for OUR benefit, not its.

Give the PC's a reason to contain it or worst case.

Again, it's going to take HOURS and if they do, they send more cops and more of them get killed, the whole thing is burst wide open and it won't end well for the PC's.


Maybe the cops are in on it?
Maybe they're not very efficient or come in and see nothing in the house, the horrible thing has hidden the bodies. Maybe they don't believe the PC's and only do a minor check. There's many ways to do this.

>> No.77510882

Anon, people get shot for fuck all when the cops get called to their suburban homes.

>> No.77510953

And the ones who made the call become wanted criminals.

>> No.77512563

Generally, you SWAT the critical scene, and when the cops go looking for a meth lab or stolen car they'll find a shit ton of robed weirdos who hopefully open fire.
It's not a perfect plan but it has potential. You'd need to tailor it.
Rural locations have this on lock. No urban location can really support the "no cars available" argument because shot cops are always top of the board.
Infiltrated cops, or the enemy having time to hide their activities, are failures to plan/execute this move.

>> No.77513237

>My pursuit of entertainement lead me unconventional methods
>In my fight against the ennui I found these soapy trinkets fashioned as if they were candy
>This common utensil with its diabolical disguise gave me an idea
>For what better way to cleanse the inner sins of the village children than by tempting them with base gluttony?

>> No.77513497 [DELETED] 


>> No.77514261

I'm not sure he's specifically referencing SWAT'ing people, I think it's more along the lines that most cops are power trippy, trigger happy retards who are generally looking for a reason to shoot someone at any given point in time.

>> No.77514538

They probably should have read some books about arson first.

>> No.77515193

What the fuck are you even saying with that latter one?

You're just making me never want to run you at my table.

>> No.77515238

nvm sorry dude i'm tired and overworked

>> No.77515651

KULT is a strange system comparatively, when you start thinking about it. On one hand it's got this sort of WoD Angle lots of incredibly creative and cool looking monsters, elaborate and deep lore and plots, a (mostly) modern setting based in the real world and a very specific aesthetic it wants to go for.

But on the OTHER hand you have the fact that Kult wants to also sort of angle itself as a go-to horror system which you can plausibly run any setting in or any type of horror story from Texas Chainsaw to A Nightmare on Elm Street or Jacob's Ladder.

This isn't just with the new edition and quickplay scenarios either, you'll find it in 1st edition KULT which says how you can use the system for a variety of things other than its pre-matrix demonic otherworld setting.

On another note we need a digital release of Bumps in the Night.

>> No.77519372

Speaking of which...

>> No.77519679

Did you forget pic?

>> No.77519706

I'm bored, give details

>> No.77519930

Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.

>> No.77521230

How would you run a campaign/series of sessions centered around the Denver international airport?

>> No.77521276

So why did conspiracy theories spring up around Denver International Airport?

>> No.77521340

>Old airport worked just fine (though everybody that lived around the place hated it)
>Airport is way bigger than needed (room to grow)
>Weird ass architecture (architect's style)

>> No.77521406

Always wanted to run an Evil dead themed campaign, where the players are a bunch of blue-collar strongmen fighting evil.

I had always imagined it like Riki Oh meets Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, for the characters, arranged against an invading army of deadites.

It probably wouldn't be scary, but I always had a soft spot for immature humor with gore

>> No.77521842

Ran a nightshift campaigne out of O'hare, of which I am employed; had it set at the T1 outstation thats separate from the main terminals. Lots of major airports have them, random buildings you need a bus to reach within' the SP. Players had several roles and duties dependant on said role. Blizzard hits and the outstation takes an unscheduled flight; plane pulls into the gate unguided, almost running over the ground crew.

The setup can be used for multiple games.

>> No.77522040

This is honestly a great game setup, imagine being a cop on a murder-suicide hostage call when all of a sudden you go crazy because fish people.

>> No.77523899

>Alright, we're going to effect a dynamic entry using stun grenades. The structure is a pretty standard McMansion but the county says there was construction on the
>Captain, why are those four local busybodies eating popcorn across the street?

>> No.77524811

I'm getting ready for bead. Please try to keep the thread undead while I'm down.

>> No.77527351

I'll bite. What's on the plane?

>> No.77529571

It seems like UK posters don't hang out here. I'm usually bumping alone. What gives?

>> No.77530411

>the entire group immediately loses engagement with the game because of our bad dice luck
try making the curse dispelling rubber chicken foot and consecrating your dice

>> No.77530429

Basically it was the Cockroach Alien from MIB.

>> No.77531127

Neat. Did they blow it up from inside?

>> No.77532587

There's nothing to discuss or retain discussion whatsoever.

I'll bump but this thread just doesn't hold much interest for me anymore.

>> No.77533086

They did not survive the second one, the first one got put through a turbine.

>> No.77535416

Is it a problem with the OP or the general in general?

>> No.77535735

I don't understand what the problem is. Nobody wants to discuss folk horror? Everyone is too hung up in skinwalkers? Bunch of slack jawed fags ITT

>> No.77535782

It's a combination of things. People just not posting anything interesting, bitching about SJWs or politics, autists wanting to remove shit from the OP like the horrorverse questions (which actually brought on discussion last thread), nobody talking about the majority of the settings we have in the OP or preventing people from doing so because of the aforementioned bitching, etc.

This general simply isn't all that fun to post in anymore. And before some dumbass goes "be the change u want 2 see" or something equally inane: nobody gives a shit when you discuss anything that's not Delta Green or Mythos related.

>> No.77535812

Yeah. Seems like we've lost a bit of membership.
Would an OC project help? I'm considering the idea of turning old Tomb Raider levels into a modern horror campaign.

>> No.77535820

Could be burn own, maybe we let it die for a week?

>> No.77535846

But argent keeps saying to keep it undead! But seriously, you could be right. Time to go into a state of torpor til the stars are right.

>> No.77535849

With posts this low in an already slow general? May as well let it die completely, because that's what will happen.

Either that or it gets raided and spammed to death by newfags jumping in like literally every general or thread that doesn't push itself hard enough.

>> No.77535886

Good counter point. What's your suggestion to get things back on track?

>> No.77535889

I'm working on something I hope to show soon, which is in part why I haven't been posting as much. With any luck, the thread picks up steam either later tomorrow or in the next thread.

>> No.77535989

Bring back the horrorverse questions to start. Believe it or not, the thread notably received more posters and active participation when they were present and stuff beyond bitching about Detwiller or unrelated politics got brought up, including setting discussion and unique monsters.

Second, encourage the creation of OC. The Elmfag fucked this up by being a manipulative schizo but OC material is still a good thing to have. The discussion on creating a horror OSR was good stuff and building on that would secure a large number of new posters or interested parties. After that, it's mostly jsut a matter of maintaining momentum and not allowing the general to be subverted or torn apart by autismos who have some issue or another with our content.

>> No.77536042

I've never seen this go anywhere. The idea of this cohesive single universe spanning different films. Why? How?

>> No.77536045

And yeah there's a lot of shit.

Plus the people who complain about us talking about Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu despite the fact that most of us don't play anything else and we know that because just about nobody talks about it.

Fuck, NOBODY wanted to talk about Impossible Landscapes and still does despite it and SLA industries vol 2 being the biggest things to happen in a while relevant to this thread. We actually got more discussion of God's Teeth, but some of that is nobody wants to spoil Impossible landscapes too hard.

I am looking forward to that upcoming Fall of Delta Green campaign. The shit that's being cut from it and keeps ending up on pelgrane's blog keeps looking interesting AF like an option where if several PC's die they get resurrected and enslaved via the resurrect from essential salts spell.

>> No.77536079

That film was fucking magic.

>> No.77536109

It was mostly a means of discussing various pieces of horror media but with tiny sprinkling of the occasional worldbuilding thrown in. Then it got raided by an autist and died, with new threads either only being made out of obligation/spite Or just to falseflag.

But the general idea behind it can be adapted with the horror OSR thing to make original content inspired by other horror works. Which I think would work well.

I'd like to talk more about IL, but everyone seems to be avoiding it like the plague to avoid being spoiled.

>> No.77536112

We did have the FNAF scenario but that kinda died largely bc me and argent were the main 2 people throwing around ideas

Once you start throwing around dimensional travel too much shit to even name becomes possible. The Cenobites could end up pretty much anywhere for instance. The only reason they're tied to their canon universe is because the puzzle box is there and the first film had a sort of implication where they are incredibly powerful but largely enslaved by the box itself. It was implied in the first (and intended via deleted scenes). This was sort of cut from every film following the first as they tried to follow the idea of the abstract hell dimension from 2.

I do like this idea FAR better though. Clive loves his pocket dimensions. Some producer or test screening probably said it both ruined the mystery and was stupid hence why it was never used, but they were wrong.

>> No.77536179

What's the OSR angle? Teams of level 0 S-Mart employees getting funneled through the Cube?

>> No.77536326

The Cenobites actually have a ton of comic stories that I feel expand on the general concept extremely well and I wish more people thought the same. I think people don't give the Cenobites enough credit for the influecne they've had on general trends involving interdimensional demons from a parallel cosmic plane. Even things like Berserk reference them, with clear inspiration present in the Godhand.

There are so many ways you can involve them without devaluing their core concept and it saddens me that people haven't used them, the Labryinth or Leviathan more.

That could actually work in its own way. Write it up as a pseudo-campaign or one shot and you have an excellent background setting on your hands. The horror OSR idea works wonders if you want to crossover various horror properties for games or inspiration or just make your own original monsters and threats.

>> No.77536525

>I'd like to talk more about IL, but everyone seems to be avoiding it like the plague to avoid being spoiled.
This is actually reasonable and also the way its written it's implied that it is capable of affecting the GM themselves when read.

>was mostly a means of discussing various pieces of horror media but with tiny sprinkling of the occasional worldbuilding thrown in.
Also to explain the reason I brought up Hellraiser: the cut pinhead cameo from Freddy V Jason would have basically made that sort of idea canon and it's the sort of thing horror fans would go gaga for if it wasn't stupid.

Mainstream horror films have starting moving away largely from recognizable central human figures like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and I completely see why when you look back through how absolutely shit that got. Think about all of the really terrible attempts at making freddy/jason/pinhead type figures we've had through the years stuff like Terrifier, S.I.C.K. , See No evil, Bunnyman, Killjoy, Smiley, Bleed, Corered, Midnight Movie, Leprechaun, basically every shitty horror film that wasn't actually scary or well written, shot or edited, but thought having a cool looking slasher villain would guarantee them stardom. This image alone should tell you a lot.
In film now, horror has shifted more to vague ideas and terrifying concepts than it has marketable figures to dress up as. A lot of ones recently have tried to get on just by having the entire thing be a metaphor.

Singular Horror slashers aren't just dead, they are already hacked up and buried in a box in the woods and somehow are already kicking at the the surface trying to escape with shit like The Nun. We may get a revival but it's not gonna be for a while but trust me there will be attempts.

I'm just glad Sam from Trick R Treat managed to slip in right before the roof fell completely. Halloween doesn't have a mascot or figure like Santa/The Easter Bunny but Sam is probably the best we could get.

>> No.77536540

>creation of OC
You know what, I once ran a bus encounter that had the players wake up on a bus during a blizzard. Each time they "woke up", someone from the front of the bus would lose their face. A monster was stealing peoples personalities, effectively turning humans into their "base personality". If a Player or NPC archived a root goal related to their personality, they would be "freed", but their face was still gone (making it hard to tell if they where "freed" of the potentially hostile state). The blizzard was representative of the creatures cold nature. The snow also put you to sleep, and overall made the interaction dreamy, which is another connection to the fay folklore.

It was an extradimensional creature, but from beyond the fay realm. It usually hunted fairies, but the players have been interacting with fairies. Think of it as a monster that hunts the monsters that go bump in the night.

Players really seemed to like the whole encounter.

>> No.77536624

We've talked for a little while now about how OSR could potentially be really good as a way to run horror just by the nature of that OSR Dungeon Crawling itself is basically survival horror already plus lower level OSR already makes you pretty useless.

Making our own horror OSR something wouldn't be that hard and we've seen shit like mothership to learn from.
Suggestion: If we do horror OSR up until level 3 chances are they shouldn't encounter much supernatural until they're around level 3. Why? Around levels 3-5 is when you start becoming more "competent" in most OSR and even Mothership has this problem. Having the starting adventures with only the flavor of supernatural but mostly dealing with reality means its a bigger deal when supernatural shit starts happening. It builds the idea of "Not every scenario is cthulhu monsters so you won't always believe it when it happens" straight into the game itself.

Ideas on this?

>> No.77536797

Where would this be set? Who are the PCs? What (if anything) would tempt them in?

>> No.77536829

It could work. Maybe leave some hints at supernatural forces acting behind the scenes but don't have them show up until they're at a sufficient level where they can reliably face them and not die. It not only creates effective paranoia and some degree of whiplash, but it ensures they'll start looking for signs of otherworldly threats later on.

>> No.77537388

I was thinking if we did anything in a setting where shit wasn't automatically paranormal like semi real world or semi-modern but I'd rather let somebody else come up with a setting/settings for this.
Like this could work in any time period so long as the setting isn't something where you DON'T start already dumped into a supernatural hellscape ala Kult's city.
So it could work in a medieval setting
a 1920s setting
or Modern.

>What (if anything) would tempt them in?
This is a good question desu, especially for horror games. We need more discussion on this.
Some ideas:
>Easiest: Maybe they're federal agents/a secret order like the Golden Dawn, or a group by The Vatican. This restricts who you can play as a lot though.
>Maybe there is some kind of shadowy group or connecting entity/force or groups of entities. Players get an enemy and a goal early on before the supernatural starts happening.
We can even have false flag groups like I mention below, cults/groups who are cults but worship something that doesn't actually exist. (or scarier idea: Double false flag. It doesn't exist UNTIL a supernatural force notices them and starts using that belief to make it real. that way players get to go "oh they're just nuts" to "WAIT THIS SHIT IS REAL???")
>[Spun off the first one]*Idea stolen from The Borderlands/Final Prayer: Players get to be a group or something LIKE he one the Vatican has who's job it is to verify claims of miracles. A group who has plausible reason to be skeptical and sees a lot of fake shit.

Forming a game around just that concept though seems like a crappy way to design a game.

>> No.77537420

Continuing from >>77537388
(was too long had to split it up hence this is what the below is referring to)

Potentially but the core idea is to put doubt in their heads if it's actually supernatural once it does occur. Maybe they just saw something that wasn't there/wasn't real.

What you're suggesting is a good idea except I feel like you'd have to have things walk a line where some players might think its one way and other players think it's another. You could even fake this reveal earlier where it turns out to be a crime syndicate/government/gang/etc.

For general writing though I think we want something that's more feasible for a scenario writer regardless of quality than forcing a standard on them to make players walk a line between belief and disbelief when we establish a supernatural background aspect that they only catch in glimpses or whispers (I'm saying if there IS something behind it that's supernatural)

We certainly CAN write scenarios/arcs like that and it's a brilliant idea I just think across the modules/adventures for every one we do for a game it's a bit too broad and hard to hit for every writer.

>> No.77537435

>Forming a game around just that concept though seems like a crappy way to design a game.

To continue/expound what I meant by this: We should form the concept for an OSR thing off more than this idea but we should certainly include it.

What do you guys think on this and the stuff i've brought up in the last 3 posts?

>> No.77537516

By the way, The Borderlands/Final Prayer (it got renamed) is fucking brilliant and you should really watch it ASAP and go in blind.

I might be raising your expectations too high but it made me immediately want to try to make a scenario out of it once I was done.

>> No.77537564

It's certainly well-structured. I think one of the benefits of OSR is how flexible and freeform it is. Much like how you suggested a semi-modern or semi-real world setting to play in, you could just as easily play something in say, a Dresden Files format or other urban fantasy horror.

It's the basis of an idea and in that sense it works wonderful as a starting grounds. Now we just need to expand it and apply it.

>> No.77537980

Perhaps we should start with either a base idea/ideas someone has or start by talking about what the big strengths of OSR are.

On that (My narrow views, feel free to add more on what OSR's strengths/weaknesses are)
>OSR is incredibly flexible and modular. It's easier than any other RPG genre or subgenre to use modules across different games with minimal conversion. You can use a Labyrinth Lord scenario in a BFRPG game, or a classic D&D scenario in a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign, or just create modules like "A Wizard" by DonnyC that are deliberately system agnostic.
>It is incredibly freeform and avoids getting bogged down by rules instead allowing the GM to brew up/react to things dynamically and on the fly. You can set a house on fire, throw something or do a car chase in an OSR game without the GM needing to look in the rulebook.
>Tables are Fun.
>Tables are Fun Continued: You can make a table of anything and spiral it out into its own game component/system. You can do this often without needing to touch or invent new game mechanics. THEN you can let others use it as a template to springboard their own shit.
Examples Include:
>Dead Planet made an entire system to generated Derelict ships to explore.
>A Pound of Flesh used tables and reference notes scattered throughout the book to give 3 entirely different plot arcs and sets of events for one location in a book that's maybe 52 pages with a third of it being taken up by tables for generating your own space station unrelated to that.
>Its fast to learn and fast to run
>Character generation is usually pretty fast. Plus the GM can always say "Roll up a Level X character" to match the party if the group finds new runts joining don't level at the same rate. They should level faster though as higher levels that kill things get more XP which is shared equally across the party. By basic math they won't ever catch up if they get the same shared XP rate but a DM can fix that.

Cons in Next Post.

>> No.77537990

Ya, this, it's such a stupid concept.

People keep saying, lol, "muh wrld buidin". If anyone here wants horror world building then they should actually do that.

>> No.77538069

That being said...
>OSR as it stands right now is so modular because almost all of it works off the same base system as Basic D&D and AD&D.
That system is good at specific things and difficult/bad at others.
>It's designed for an adventuring type scenario where they go into dungeons. Mothership figured out how to do this well and make their genre fit it because you're still space nomads.
>ARE we going to try an Investigation game?
>If we want to do an investigative game this means things will be difficult for us unless we GUMSHOE it. We DO NOT want to make clues like treasure.
(Random Inverse idea: What if instead of classic treasure we have pieces of the puzzle toward a conspiracy. Think the plot webs/Questlog from Pathologic 2 except you fill them out over time. Smart players can even make leaps based on info they don't have, and their assumptions could be wrong. We could even have multiple layouts for these webs of story/conspiracy and tables for generating webs on the fly.
>If we make investigative stuff stats they will start shit and only get better over time.
>Are we gonna do survival Horror?
Might be a bit easier, we could do nomadism in a nasty setting.
(Yo what if the game is about you playing literal hobos in a city/town that has a dark side?)

And something to keep in mind:
Making a game/setting/system would be a ton of fun but we can also just make a module, modules on our own, or once it's in a semi-finished state we can post scenarios/maps/items or ANYTHING for the project without much work compared to someone writing and posting an entire CoC scenario.
/osr/ actually does this constantly over there and even has a table to roll to make shit to add to the thread.

Have you read Silent Legions by the way Argent? I haven't but I feel like it'd be a great example to look at or talk about what it does well before we move forward given that it's the closest thing I can personally think of in existence to what we're thinking of.

>> No.77538086

Congrats on offering literally nothing to the thread which was fucking dying only an hour earlier. Meanwhile, those same worldbuilding questions do a better job at keeping these threads alive than your fat cheeto-craving ass ever could.

>> No.77538177

OSR is great for udngeon-delving which I think can be adapted into a horror context fairly easily (such as having a living haunted manor or fleshy cavern the players get trapped within), but it doesn't do so well with something as open ad say a whole town or city for the players to go through. It's the exact opposite of soemthing that works for heavy long-term games. In that sense, it's similar in nature to Ten Candles; better for oneshots or the like. This could pose a problem if someone wants a more lengthy campaign or series of games.

>Have you read Silent Legions by the way Argent? I haven't but I feel like it'd be a great example to look at or talk about what it does well before we move forward given that it's the closest thing I can personally think of in existence to what we're thinking of.
I've seen some of the tables. They're often called some of the best when it comes to what they do and I have to agree, they cover a whole ton of bases for me.

>> No.77538247

One last note on the Horror OSR talk before I move on, stuff I couldn't fit in the last two posts before I leave the thread for a bit to finish some work...

If I'm being vague it's because I don't want to hinder anyone who's coming up with their own ideas reading this. We like different things here.
I have a bunch of ideas for stuff i think would be cool but I'd rather hear other people first.

If we don't want to, or can't decide, we don't entirely HAVE to pick a setting. Maybe it's some multiverse shit or a game which could potentially take place in multiple time periods. D&D and Call of Cthulhu both have different campaigns and settings that are playable in the same game. A module can introduce its own setting or imply details without having to write up an entire explanation of the setting.
(We can DEFINITELY use rules to imply things about the setting without stating them. Early D&D, Traveler, did this all the time. Mothership's entire proposed setting is glimpsed at through little snippets that are part of the rules. Example: The rules on how each class gains XP).
We love what's cool around here and what revs our imaginations.
Even if nobody else shares enthusiasm for your idea, you can write it up and share it and keep making shit for it. OSR's not that hard to develop for. Read through half of Labyrinth Lord and chances are you'll have started thinking up homebrew rules before you even finish it.

>We get to playtest this.
If we work on this shit all of you nogame faggots get to play.

>Do we have to base it on D&D?
OSR is largely focused on D&D... but if we wanted we could try to copy another system from that period of early roleplaying. What if we tried something based on 1st edition Cthulhu? Or Twilight 2000's game system?
Food for thought

>> No.77538266

>OSR is great for udngeon-delving which I think can be adapted into a horror context fairly easily (such as having a living haunted manor or fleshy cavern the players get trapped within), but it doesn't do so well with something as open ad say a whole town or city for the players to go through.
I want you right now to look up Chaosium's Thieves World box set and start reading it. I mean this.

>> No.77538305

>Thieves World
Huh, I stand corrected. Neat sutff.

>> No.77538401

>Suggestion: If we do horror OSR up until level 3 chances are they shouldn't encounter much supernatural until they're around level 3. Why? Around levels 3-5 is when you start becoming more "competent" in most OSR and even Mothership has this problem. Having the starting adventures with only the flavor of supernatural but mostly dealing with reality means its a bigger deal when supernatural shit starts happening. It builds the idea of "Not every scenario is cthulhu monsters so you won't always believe it when it happens" straight into the game itself.
>Ideas on this?
He's a question, why even have levels then? Why not just have ranks, with more resources and equipment being made available. Look at palladium books and how they did horror as an industry lead (BtS). Character ls are front loaded with skills and advancements is so gradual through leveling that equipment IS your advancement.

We get some archetypes going, which act as general categories for role creation. I think fallouts knight/paladin/scribe setup for the BoS is a great creative framework. Paladin roles are combat heavy, knights are technical characters, and scribe roles are knowledge/lore based.

>> No.77538514

I was wondering if you guys could help me. I planing a Call of Cthulhu game for a party of DnD players. They're letting me GM next month and they agreed to play. Right now I'm leaning towards some kind of murder mystery. I have an idea for a first session, and a general plot, but I have no idea what to make the conspiracy / eldritch thing at the core.

The game takes place in an alt-history we used for our DnD games, where the US breaks up in the 1870s and WW1 ends in a draw instead of an Entente victory. Players are powerless cops in Entente occupied Arizona, whose job is to keep the state from exploding until France, Britain, and Japan can get around to squabbling over who gets to own it. Across the border is an independent California, which is more latin in this world because it was never a US state. It's polarizing into Communist and Fascist camps and the Japanese dominate the state.

The corpse of a important Japanese businessman comes down the Colorado river and washes up on the Arizona side of the border, putting it in the player's jurisdiction. The Kempeitai launch a competing investigation, closer to a two week waiting period for they pin the blame on Arizona and use it as an excuse to annex the territory. The players have to solve the murder in that time or the Japanese and invade and thus they lose.

The players get a tip / gather evidence that they should head up into the Rockies. There they find a hostage, who is being held by a self-declared "Fascist Hunter," who is connected to or in the know of the Big Evil Conspiracy. Problem is, I don't really know what that is yet.

So, if anyone would care to give me their thoughts
> Does the alt-history sound interesting or is it too convoluted?
> In a horror themed game is it ok to red herring supernatural elements but have it so that everything is actually mundane?
> Do normal fantastical races / fantasy tropes undercut horror?

I'm going for a Chinatown / sun noir vibe. System is CoC 7E.

>> No.77538860

I see you're angry, yet again, there is no world building. People keep asserting this clam without any substance to back it up... like fuck me, people argue MORE about if it actually adds to world building then any world building.

Guess what you fucking moron, you just proved my point... If you retards want world building, THEN START horror world building instead of asking questions that could lead to world building (but never actually do, reliably or otherwise). Again, I have no clue why you keep acting this stupid with pointless defenses of topics that go nowhere as opposed to just talking about a topic you want to talk about. You are a really silly weirdo, but I quite enjoy our interactions ^.^

>> No.77538983

>The players get a tip / gather evidence that they should head up into the Rockies. There they find a hostage, who is being held by a self-declared "Fascist Hunter," who is connected to or in the know of the Big Evil Conspiracy. Problem is, I don't really know what that is yet.
So a concept in the bible exists, that nations have a Spirit that personifies it.
You may live in an alternate dimension, but gods transcend through the multiversal. Perhaps the "Spirit of America" is puppetting events so as to push the nation back together again.

>> No.77539071

That's a good suggestion. My initial idea was reality mind altering stuff with the different ideologies i.e. Fascist / Commie magic, but I like the Territorial Spirit angle. I like Biblical themes in my game and it makes for something more exotic than just Big Tentacle Man.

>> No.77539183

>retarded emoji spam
Oh wait, this is just the Elmfag falseflagging yet again. Guess it's my fault for engaging with you to start with instead of hiding and reporting when you first started bitching against worldbuilding.

>> No.77539361

I don't have a problem with the cops coming and solving a cult or horror scene assuming it's viable and all of the layers that the cult could use to stop that (corrupt cops, veneers of respectability, glamour type spells to hide weird shit) are removed. They probably won't be able to stop whatever ritual or weird shit is going on in an optimal way, but they can absolutely be used as a tool like that and it might lead to a middle of the road solution for players.

>> No.77539368

>alt-history we used for our DnD games
>for our DnD games
gay, learn another system faggot

>> No.77539370

DESU one thing I'll probably do for higher levels is have a hp cap around ten. I'm also never going to pull punches with lethality or monsters having weird, horrible powers; there's creatures and things in the sewers beneath the rural fishing village my players have been at for the past few months that would kill off very high level players in OSR shit.

>> No.77539412

>My initial idea was reality mind altering stuff with the different ideologies i.e. Fascist / Commie magic
I've been working on a theory that mind (i.e. consciousness) is a 4th dimensional component of the human body. So ideologies are effectively just 4th dimensional gods who 'enslave/possess' humans to "spread the faith". I'm still working on this concept, but I hope the rough idea has some value. In this regard, the Spirits of America is actually just The American Way. It could fit much better with your capitalist magic vs communist magic, as there would now be economic beings that grant these things. Or just drip the whole living america plot and use this alone. It also opens the door for some Mind Over Matter themes, though you can leave it as purely magic.

Do what you feel is best.

>> No.77539535

>Guess it's my fault for engaging with you
it always has been

>> No.77539670

You mean level 10 or 10HP total? 10HP total seems way too small. Not even CoC goes that low, especially when 1d6 is the average damage die a lot of OSR uses.

Think about it this way... you'll never get to have a monster who can do 1d20 damage this way. Do you really want that?

As for Plateauing health, that's already in OSR games as is with how HP gains work over time. At a certain point you stop gaining full hit dice of new HP and start gaining individual points. We could just lower that ceiling considerably but keep their abilities growing.

Also we should start referencing stuff to look at. Rules light horror games that actually work for inspiration too. Like All Flesh Must be Eaten was considered "rules light" for its time and I think it's about the amount of complexity.

Keep in mind we want to look at stuff that works (and if it doesn't look at why)
The main thing I can think of is
>Realms of the Crawling Chaos
at being probably the single best example of a book I'd call "basically solid." in terms of presenting a largely solid book.
Keep in mind regardless of HP bloat the game can still be scary. Like no matter your level, you aren't going to be able to square off against Yog-Sothoth and win.

Palladium books are not a place to look for good game design, i'm sorry dude.
That being said if you want to be inspired by Beyond the Supernatural it's not at all a bad place to look.
Palladium's issues iirc are dryness of presentation and crunchy rules.

I'm not personally a fan of archetypes (although AMFBE uses them). It could work though. Feel free to draw some stuff up or try to get discussion going and to keep bringing it up and why you think it would work.

It's not an idea worth throwing away is what I mean to say, as it could EASILY allow for 2-3 tiers or more of ways to play. Like, horror movie rando, protagonist tier and so on and so on which could allow things to vibe across multiple settings/game types.

And something

>> No.77539708

*amount of complexity we should be looking at or below. Like we shouldn't be Mork Borg, that's too little, although stealing some of mork Borg's ideas wouldn't be a bad.
>Like the idea of a doomed world which will inevitably end via a stat value that reduces based on certain events.

>> No.77539720

Fuck my writing is suffering I'm heading to bed guys. There's so many errors I'm not even gonna try to correct them
keep the thread alive.

>> No.77540268

I feel the same way. I'd like to discuss IL more with others, and not just here, but I don't want to spoil it, especially since I plan on running it. It's impressive, and I look forward to running it. Detwiller really loves the KiY, and it shows.

Also now that IL is out of the way I'm looking forward to
>Those Who Come After
>Jack Frost's update like how Poker Night PX got
And also they can start working on God's Teeth, Falling Towers, and hopefully that PISCES book. Which man it is kinda lucky they delayed that since Brexit fucked things up royally in terms of worldbuilding in the setting because of how much of a curveball it was.

Also what's this about a Fall of Delta Green campaign? I was worried that we weren't getting anything new.

>> No.77540292

I find that having an overarching mythos considerably worsens my enjoyment of things even though I'm naturally drawn to try and explain why/where everything fits.

I liked the SCP shit a lot more when there wasnt everything linked to the scarlet king or some other eldritch over/uber god. I know that's simplifying things but I can't get that impression out of me head.
You mean level 10 or 10HP total?
Sorry, at level 10.

Regarding the other stuff; I've used LOTFP for horror shit constantly and it works fine. There's a million systems out there for horror stuff and OSR stuff.
What would personally be appealing to me would be settings, and setting specific mechanics. Like ((>>77539708)) says. I've debated writing up shit like that before with Megadungeons; this village or halmet or reality will fall and represent an endstate, and that worsens or strengthens depending on shit the players do.

DESU the next thing I run will probably be some Renissance level keep on the boderlands type shit. A small fort dealing with weird, horrible shit and sending out squads to deal with it. The end state being that fort/hamlet falling apart/dying. I like having a tighter focus and smaller scope and feel like this leads to horror well.

>> No.77540327

I'm also realizing that a lot of the time cringey/boring shit to read translates really well in game if you just flavor it well. I could totally see making a pack of orcs or some hill giants really scary if the suspense and build up is done well enough, I've done it before in osr shit with basalisks.

But I wanna draft up a megadungeon with the concept I mentioned here before and get feedback from /horror/, anyone got any documents/work they've done that they wouldn't mind posting here for feedback? What's everyone actually run/do.

>> No.77540377

Have a nice rest anon.

You need to at least have some interconnectedness or knowledge of how it all fits together otherwise it's just a bunch of random stream-of-consciousness nonsense. Even Lynch (a guy who people tend to generalize this way) recognizes this and together with Frost created an intricate setting and mythology for Twin Peaks that managed to give explanations but not explain things in such a way to defund the mystery or existential horror.

>> No.77540743

God's teeth has been playtested for a while now. PISCES lmao good fucking luck ever getting that.

And kenneth Hite has done an entire FoDG campaign that's so big that it's actually had to be cut down TWICE the second time for the printer after the initial edit job. They've been throwing a lot of stuff on the pelgrane press site. It's called the Borealluss connection, and it's actually further along than any other DG project except Impossible Landscapes, probably because Kenneth Hite knows how to actually budget his time and work unlike Detwiler or Glancy (as much as I love Glancy he cannot get anything finished for the life of him. That WW2 scenario he ran that you can find online started as part of his failed albeit funded WW1 CoC scenario kickstarter). I've kinda learned that Glancy is the one guy in DG development who's both incredibly good at history and also is okay with things not being "completely grounded." He's the guy who would include Bill Millin as a pregen in a DG WW2 scenario and I kind of love him for that. Down in the Delta, my single favorite piece of DG fiction, is basically a incredibly well told mystery that spirals into an old man henderson-tier story that is also completely believable as something that could happen at your table.

Connection also comes with "looking glass: Saigon 1968" already so we're getting TWO FoDG content things in one.

ngl it's looking really fucking good and I hope we get more. FoDG has one of the best settings I can think of in modern memory (also fuck that reviewer who didn't recognize Pelgrane's Yellow sign variant on the LSD page in the back), even if I'm planning on running it with the traditional DG ruleset instead of GUMSHOE.

It also probably has the best set of combat rules we've gotten yet for GUMSHOE. How in the FUCK did they manage to get DG's lethality system to work on a 1d6?

>> No.77540811

Also for reference this is Pelgrane Press' version of the Yellow Sign. I'm fine with it as desu Chaosium's version never fully worked for me. Thus one seems to emphasize the cosmic aspect more, but the purpose was to create a semi-universal yellow sign where you don't have to pay Chaosium to use it, and you don't have to pay them to use it. it's public domain which is incredibly kind on their part.

I really, really like Azhmodai's verison of the Yellow sign as it's probably the best variant/itteration of the Chaosium idea of the design but its still not 100% there for me, and good luck redrawing that by hand without a reference.
Then again... it's pretty much impossible to create that effect that it is supposed to in real life due to it being a fictional symbol with powers.

The Society of the Yellow sign album has a rather good one, very rorschach-ey.

>> No.77541097

>You need to at least have some interconnectedness or knowledge of how it all fits together otherwise it's just a bunch of random stream-of-consciousness nonsense

But every single time I've seen this done before it's lead to a lowering of quality retroactively for a lot of the elements in the fiction. It doesn't lead to more interesting stories for me as a consumer or player to know that the creature haunting Derry is actually connected to some other entities in the Macroverse.

I am more okay with the DM having all the pieces and just being able to obfuscate what they want/keep it vague, but even then I'm wary of it.
>explain things in such a way to defund the mystery or existential horror.
I think this is key, but as soon as you start explaining things it becomes difficult to maintain the horror/fear without giving the game away. And you always lose something for giving up what's behind the curtain, even if it's a really well done or interesting thing.

>> No.77542657

>> No.77543375

My cunt friends continue to refuse to stop playing 6th edition Cthulhu. Our GM can never give a reason why 7th is bad, so I shall ask /hsg/: is 7th really that shitty or are my friends just retards?

>> No.77543597

It's more an issue with 7 offering very little incentive to change.

>> No.77544127

Anyone got some fitting images for a 1920's-30's horror mystery vibe? Doesn't have to be overtly horrifying, unnerving is good too.

>> No.77545160

Yeah what really impressed me with FoDG is how they've sorta redeemed the Cult of Transcendence as an antagonist. From what I've been told, Cult of Transcendence was a huge let down after 13 years of mystery when Targets dropped in 2010.

>> No.77546124

I'm gonna start digging into this

>> No.77546195

No Delta Green games yet, a few Call of Cthulhu but look at it this way: It's the only way you're ever gonna get to play Strain Basic or Bluebeard's bride.

>> No.77546219

But yeah if anyone's looking to run online games and make some money this would be the place to do it.

>> No.77547802

There has to be SOME explanation anon. Horror stuff bombs when it just 'does' shit most of the time, but it also bombs for explaining TOO much. There needs to be a balance.

>> No.77548677

How much hope should a setting have?

>> No.77548729

Your call mate. Your question is so open ended and vague, it doesn't give a lot to work with.

>> No.77548878

Was an open ended question. Just interested in what other people think.

>> No.77548908

Hello hsg. I've played and run a bunch of heroic fantasy/ wh40k rpgs, but am now DMing a Cthulhu one-shot for the first time (The Sanatarium from MoM). You all seem to be talking about Impossible Landscapes and personally the Yellow King a favorite of mine (was planning on throwing some mentions of Carcosa and the King into the one-shot if we decide to keep with CoC). That said, would the campaign be of use if we play CoC or should I stick to one of their Hastur campaigns? Like, is the lore and ideas in the book worth it? Also I haven't read Delta Green rules so don't know how similar it is.

Also any favorite YK short adventures would be nice, as we prefer shorter things compared to 2 year long campaigns.

>> No.77549219


Just enough hope to keep people going.

But really I dont know if players or characters really need to meditate on this. I think its best where even if the GM knows exactly how much hope there is, the PCs are left to interpret it for themselves.

>> No.77550739

Okay I'll give you an actual answer as I am/have been in the same boat.
For reference: I HAVE NOT read Impossible Landscapes.

Delta Green's interpretation of the King in Yellow is VERY different from the one in Call of Cthulhu. CoC's interpretation is much more scooby doo albeit quite beloved, with the King representing a big white squid monster that lore wise is related to Cthulhu.
Delta Green's interpretation of Hastur is far more scholarly and researched, but also far more esoteric: a viral force of cosmic entropy which changes how those who see it perceive reality and breaks things down on an atomic level. if you want a good idea of what Tynnes was tryinggoogle his "Road to Hali" article.
As for running Impossible Landscapes in CoC or using it for an idea mill I would genuinely email Dennis Detwiler or Shane Ivey, or someone at Arc Dream about how well it would convert from DG to 1920's. Delta green is based largely in that fact. You would have to play federal agents in the 20s at the very least

>YK Short Adventures
I got you senpai. Tell me Have you Seen the Yellow Sign? is a classic adventure for a reason.
The best version of it to get is in Golden Goblin Press' Tales of the Crescent City. It even comes with a brilliant sequel scenario by the original author set a year later called "Asylum: The Return of the Yellow Sign".
The Crescent city version is worth it for the expanded Carcosa section alone. (A PC can get kidnapped and end up stranded in Carcosa by the cultists if the PC's screw up. In the original adventure they were basically fridged until the ritual to summon Hastur, but now there's guidelines and a list of ideas of stuff they can run into, things they can explore so they aren't just stuck twiddling their thumbs until PC's rescue them). Crescent city also gives a ton of useful setting info so you don't need Secrets of New Orleans to play the scenarios included.

I've heard mixed things on Tatterdemalion and ripples from Carcosa tbqh.

>> No.77550808

If you really want a good snapshot of DG's Hastur, buying Delta Green: Countdown in PDF is your best bet.

It includes Night Floors, which is the scenario that starts Impossible Landscapes albeit in the pre-revised version you hear a lot of people complaining about on here. Plus a detailed explanation of the idea of DG's Hastur .


>> No.77551953

The big thing about DG (aside from more stat-bloat for enemies because Agents generally have more firepower than investigators), is that you have characters who have the ability, authority, and motivation to carry out investigations. I'd say the lore ideas from IL are worth mining though, just mind that the scenarios will need heavy modification if you want to port it to 1920s Call of Cthulhu. >>77550739 has done a good job of explaining it though. At least read the Road to Hali, or Delta Green: Countdown's lore.

I haven't been able to find Tatterdemalion, where can I find that?

>> No.77552823

Thanks all! I'll look into Have you seen the Yellow Sign? And Road to Hali for starters it seems. Let's hope that my group enjoys CoC and I can introduce Hastur to them.

>> No.77553369

Tatterdermallion is from Fatal Experiments, a cthulhu supplement that's semi related to tatters of the king.

>> No.77554667

>> No.77556616

>presentation and crunchy
It's far more then that.

>It's not an idea worth throwing away is what I mean to say, as it could EASILY allow for 2-3 tiers or more of ways to play. Like, horror movie rando, protagonist tier and so on and so on which could allow things to vibe across multiple settings/game types.
I agree, about multiple tiers, but I don't see why my Bum character should be allowed to level up into a new tier of play because he spent points into Bum Casting (gypsy magic). Bums are bums, because they act like bums; if they didn't act like bums, they wouldn't be bums. This is my issue with point buys and OSRs, they promote rollplay over roleplay. Are you a knight or are you a lesser god going on the heros journey? Don't like that mailman build, no problem, kill enough zombies and you can pilot a nuclear sub... POINT BUY!

abhorrent design...

This is the benefit of a front loaded design; either pick a Bum or pick a God, but don't waste my time with your Hobbo who spec'd 3 levels into Divinity. What's the difference between a player who had to build his Monk into a pseudo-Mage so he could be a Mystic of Magic and Martial Arts vs someone who just picked Mystic Master as their class from the get-go, 16 hours is the difference. You start with what you want immediately, regardless of the level.

>> No.77556676

>Brexit fucked things up royally in terms of worldbuilding in the setting because of how much of a curveball it was.
I couldn't imagine it matters, all horror settings are alt-history considering monsters don't actually exist. Shipping, well, that's a whole other issue.

>> No.77556728

>I liked the SCP shit a lot more when there wasnt everything linked to the scarlet king or some other eldritch over/uber god. I know that's simplifying things but I can't get that impression out of me head.
The god of possibility, things are more fun when undefined... but the nature of stories is that you eventually figure more stuff out.

>> No.77558209

How do you guys like to handle ghosts? Something that can be fought with the right weapons? Something that requires specific ways of dealing with like exorcism? Standard enemies to fight or more like puzzles to deal with that can have varying solutions?

>> No.77559079

Check out Silent Legions. I'm using it to run something now. Focused on cosmic horror, but it has a lot of useful tools and is... fairly solid overall.

>> No.77559140

Woops, looks like someone already brought it up.
Another OSR game with strong horror elements is Esoteric Enterprises. Haven't run/played it but looks very good. Hidden world/urban fantasy kind of thing. Also a lot of tables and methods for randomly generating nasty underground places.

>> No.77559302

If you drop some kind of contact I might be interested if youre running an online game

>> No.77560502


>> No.77560563

I definitely prefer ghosts as puzzles, or just something that has to be escaped. They should be almost indifferent to the presence of the living, completely operating on their own logic. They shouldn't be as actively malicious as other entities in the setting as they still have traces of personhood about them.

>> No.77562273

>How do you deal with cellphones?
I have an idea: Make it part of the horror while still a tool the player must keep. Player recieve increasingly werid calls and text from random humans and inhuman things. The phone attracts things with its presence. Getting rid of it is impossible because it always winds up back in pocket of the owner or punishing them trying to get rid of it with random effects. If you really want to screw with the players have a friend or other player seperate whos good at acting actually contact randomly in real life through increasingly werider text and calls and always ahead of them.

>> No.77563000

Looks fun, will look into it.

>> No.77563157

I wanna at least get a horror setting going that we can work on together. If we have a doc up we could discuss shit and have that fuel the thread more.

Starting pitch I’m thinking will be an isolated renaissance era fort, something different but still familiar enough to appeal to OSR/rpg types. Things have gone quiet in nearby communities, why?

>> No.77564890

Vampires are kidnapping people so that they can feast for seven days and seven nights, giving them another thousand years of longevity.

>> No.77565413

>Delta green campaign.
>Set in WWII.
>Have been pretty loose with what my players can make.
>2 players are playing scientists/doctors.
>Only soldier so far is a german spy turned traitor.
>No clue what the other guy is playing yet.
I've realised I may have made a mistake not at least suggesting that at least one of the four plays a more combat focused player. How bad of an idea would it be to give them some NPCs to use as fodder so these people don't get murdered by combat?

>> No.77565475

Just don't have them get into open combat and work more with infiltration.

>> No.77565519

That's probably my best bet. I still have time to rewrite this shit I just wanted to avoid completely changing it if possible.

>> No.77565528

Remember, Delta Green/P4's was perceived by the rest of the OSS as being a bunch of eggheads playing soldier. Hell one of the big names in Delta Green from the 60s-90s was Joseph Campbell who became a OSS/DG operative despite just being an academic who went through spy camp and was thrown into Burma. It also depends on where you want to send them. Europe? Africa? Burma? Or even South America can work since Cook told Hoover to fuck off by saying "we're working on an Innsmouth problem". You also can have it be set on a domestic front too, like them getting tangled up with PISCES over the Pnakotus library n Australia.

>> No.77565577

>It also depends on where you want to send them. Europe
They're being sent to occupied france to investigate why a castle under control of a german scientist is receiving more men, supplies, and artifacts than it should physically be able to hold. After a few sessions there it's going to be a globetrotting affair going to different fronts and stopping the axis from using paranormal shit to win the war.

>> No.77566096

Ohhh boy this could be operation werewolf

>> No.77566386

LUNACY I think. Also SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY is a good way to continue the campaign after WW2 ends, especially confronting Karotechia remnants at Point 103 in Antarctica.

>> No.77567905

>And kenneth Hite has done an entire FoDG campaign that's so big that it's actually had to be cut down TWICE
You're getting about 2/3 of the book about the Vietnam war, see if I'm not wrong.

>> No.77567925

>> No.77568024

I'll look into those.
Also I'll be honest with you execept for one guy everyone in the group including me has never played Delta Green before and it seems I fucked up in the lore department because I thought Delta Green didn't offically exist until way after WW2.

>> No.77568429

I personally really like the DG method. Your skill ratings are a general measure of how competant you are, and in a non-combat non-stress scenario you often just narrate how the players accomplish what they are trying to do without bothering to call for a roll. Speeds up play and makes players feel competent. Also what the other anon said, if your GM is making mission-critical information possible to miss with an unlucky roll he is being an idiot. Not putting dead-end states in your games is incredibly important for adventure design

>> No.77569664

I would contest this slightly, even when working for The Program which is technically a government agency any DG work you do is still completely illegal and a gross misuse of any official resources you have been granted from your official institution at best. The Program will almost never protect you from the legal repercussions of your actions and you need to cover your own tracks most of the time to avoid prison. They will never risk exposing themselves to protect you if they can get away with denouncing you as insane instead, and have you killed if you are a potential leak. Everything else other than Authority is accurate

>> No.77570490

Yeah, but at least Agents have that veneer of authority. A sheriff is more likely to give out critical case info to someone who has the authorization, like a federal agent. It's harder for an Investigator, especially if they aren't a cop or journalist. But I think we're on the same page though.

However it is fun to be regular joes in a Call of Cthulhu game. Like an idea I've bounced around is a high schooler game, and it more or less turns into the kids discovering they're way in over their head. Basically, they go in thinking it'll be a Stephen King/Steven Spielberg-esque adventure like Stranger Things, only to find out it's anything but that.

>> No.77570788

>and in a non-combat non-stress scenario you often just narrate how the players accomplish what they are trying to do
Have you ever conducted a forensic examination in the middle of a fire fight? The same hyperbole applies to unlimited variations of situations where a significant set of skills apply. So it would be true to say that in most cases skill checks are automatically successful by the implication of this rule design.
>Also what the other anon said, if your GM is making mission-critical information possible to miss with an unlucky roll he is being an idiot. Not putting dead-end states in your games is incredibly important for adventure design.
So why bother with the pretence of game rules at all if it's simply a story being told and the outcome is never in doubt with the only variable being how that outcome is obtained? Skill checks simulate the real world otherwise investigations would never fail to uncover new leads and cold cases wouldn't exist.

>> No.77571312

>The Program which is technically a government agency any DG work you do is still completely illegal
Non sequitur.
Realistically I think they would get certain protections, if they went out on a killing spree or recklessly and wilfully committed crimes then I agree with you. But otherwise agents are valuable assets they are not on their own out on a limb, may be paperwork gets re-shuffled, people get re-assigned and perhaps a few feathers are ruffled in the process which all counts ultimately for nothing because they have security clearances and the sanction of officialdom.

>> No.77571422

The Program (and Outlaws for that matter) will leave someone out to dry if they're more trouble than they're worth. Which can range from letting them rot in prison, up to assassinating them. Impossible Landscapes and God's Teeth have those options on the table. RIP Working Group Masticate.

>> No.77571743

>will leave someone out to dry if they're more trouble than they're worth.
Nah. Security clearances kind of preclude that.
> Impossible Landscapes
Because of KiY protocols not the usual SOP's.

>> No.77572191

I always have a general method for sprit removal, but the joe schmoe player will have help the spirit move on (which can have various win conditions).

>> No.77572834

It's generally much more satisfying to have the mystery in a game dependent on the player's themselves and not what they roll

>> No.77572862

But there's a limit to how far security clearances can get you. Especially if it's what outsiders think is a gross misuse of that Agent's parent agency's funds and authority. If DG is at threat of real exposure, an agent will be left out to dry.

It isn't a first response, you're right. But it's always a real possibility.

>> No.77573011

Reminder: reality isn't fun, so your game may have to have a loose relationship with it.

>> No.77573110

>If DG is at threat of real exposure, an agent will be left out to dry.
I acknowledge that, this isn't the argument I was responding to however.
Your mileage may vary to me generally it isn't very satisfying for the player's actions to be infallible at specific junctures. If progression is dependent on a single dice roll which is subsequently failed all this means is the module as written concludes with all accompanying ramifications this is an opportunity to further expand the existing material and get creative.

>> No.77573145

>Your mileage may vary to me generally it isn't very satisfying for the player's actions to be infallible at specific junctures.
Sure, but let the player's come to a conclusion themselves and fail, don't lend credence to essential spot hidden checks that end the game anticlimactically or whatever

>> No.77573221

>The phone attracts things with its presence. Getting rid of it is impossible because it always winds up back in pocket
At this point you might as well take a page from Fatal Frame.

>> No.77573236

Okay, vampires are kidnapping people to feast for seven days and seven nights.
The specificity of this makes me think it's some kind of ritual.

What are the vampires like anons? What are their lairs like?

>> No.77573249

Because there is no village, never was.

>> No.77573310

>to essential spot hidden checks that end the game
Again, the game doesn't have to end the characters have failed a spot check not dropped dead on the 'spot'. When a failed check stalls an investigation, a gm can then ask the question what are the ramifications of this, how can I incorporate this failure to creatively spring board further game play that diverges from the inteded course of this module? I guess what I'm advising is don't feel the need to be straight jacketed following what someone else has written.

>> No.77573425

Fair enough, I just think it's important that the change is regarded as a complication and not a punishment for failing a roll.

>> No.77573951

Delta Green really excels at writing broken badasses, especially in the new fluff

>> No.77574367

Largely because that's what it's about.

Speaking of which I ran Kali Ghati today and for the first time in my year and a half of playing Call of Cthulhu I saw a player willingly blow his character's brains out.

No insanity, no prodding from me, he took his handgun, pointed it at his temple and tried to fire. I asked for a SAN check saying he'd need to fail to shoot himself and he failed the roll.
One of the villagers even tried to stop him but they failed the roll.

>> No.77574611

in my experience of running coc and DG the mainly suicides I've dealt with is when a player feel's his character is just fuckin sick of it all. I had the group's astronomer pc who'd been alive longer than any other character just yank a shotgun from the hands from the groups muscle and tell the party to "go on without him" while he faced down a horrific semi-transparent psychic vampire thing that was hounding them

>> No.77574862


It was right after he made it to the top of the temple stairs and saw the villagers waiting for them. The body of soldier they had left to watch the guides was still warm with the rifle in her arms (An NPC/unused pregen. I had rolled the attacks from the 4 Guides attacking her and they killed her before she got off a shot). The PC who shot himself saw the following:
The only other PC (Spiker) to survive the temple pushed their way past the two villages blocking the exit. Spiker's pistol was empty from down below and upon exiting they tripped over the corpse of the dead soldier (bad roll).
They then tried to push their way through the crowd of sixty villagers and critically fumbled their unarmed check, falling to the ground and then getting tackled/held down by the villagers.

I asked the PC for a 1d20 roll and that was how many villagers got rolls to attack them as they were pinned (still giving them a chance) most of the attacks missed but two of them did enough damage to penetrate their armor and kill them, as the final villager slit their throat in the boiling sun.

That was when the PC shot himself, realizing he'd be fed to the beast below.

This was really good roleplaying on their part. They actually had several ways out of this, but the skill of being a GM in a game like this is making things *seem* hopeless, not actually making them impossible to succeed/survive. If Spiker had grabbed the dead soldier's rifle and sprayed it, or their grenades and ducked back down the alley they would have been able to punch a hole in the group if the soldier who shot himself joined in with his SMG. Same with a few good unarmed/melee/dodge rolls moving through the crowd.

>> No.77575198


It's nice to find players that understand the ignoble nature of DG operations is what makes them noble in a twisted way. I'm excited to use New Life Fertility in a campaign I'm planning as it essentially boils down to the PC's having to systematically hunt down and kill what is essentially human children.

Also the massive scale of the threat could mean an exciting way to force the Outlaws and the Program to work together.

Especially when you consider the fact that the book shows that if the PC's arent quick enough to act, they team up with another cult that makes them nigh unstoppable. (Legally anyway)

>> No.77575873

Not bad. What can we do to make this scarier? What can we do to make vampires flexible horror fuel?

Also I still like my idea of hobos/bums/low lifes living in a city that has a nightmarish side that they see more often than anyone. That way you can have dungeon crawling type shit and have quite a few horror genres in there.

A few other random ideas to throw to the fray
>Continuing the idea of a lower tech normal people in a medieval world full of horrible shit (It's Berserk but you don't play as GUTS)
>Cyberpunk horror in a trapped location, cyborgs, robots and etc. think system shock. Body horror robots and a large map to explore and find stuff to survive, hack security systems, mod weapons etc.
>Its jacob's ladder except you're trapped in the hospital. Occasionally you switch back and forth between normal life with demon's chasing you and being in the hospital and getting hunted/torn to pieces. You just want to escape the cycle somehow.
>We make a The Night Lands OSR
>You're a bunch of stoners/losers up against Ligottian/Twin peaks-ian/Hellraiser-esq cosmic horrors [think John Dies at the End]
>Playing as serial killers/horrors trying to please a dark god where your objective is to avoid discovery/capture/death at the hands of investigators or the police. You level up via accomplishing things, and with each level you get closer to whatever the (potentially imaginary) god says it promises you.
>Southern Gothic wandering in the darkest version of West/Deep south imaginable post civil war. Gunslinging + scary ass magic against demon possessed preachers, madmen, raven men, corrupt police and things that just ain't human damnit!

They existed post-innsmouth. They got shut down some time after WW2 and resurrected then shut down in the 60's. Don't worry too much about lore, even the devs have said it doesn't matter. YOUR OPERATION Is what matters in the game. Everything else is just seeds and flavor.

>> No.77575923

Vampires are giant castle-sized mosquitoes. Not "humanoid but with mosquito-like traits", but literally giant mosquitoes. They dimensionally isolate themselves and the effects of their feeding causing the locations they harvest to be blocked from memory, resulting in scenarios like >>77573249. Their lairs are piles on piles on drained corpses and dried skeletons, lining the the walls of caverns that lead to a realm of grey lifeless shores and black oceans under a ruptured black sun.

>> No.77576033

Really so we're going darkest dungeon?

I won't complain. I was gonna suggest going off Lost Art of Twilight but this could work.

Let's spin off the more unknown parts of Vampire lore, like how if a werewolf dies they become a vampire. idk how we'd integrate it I just thought that was a cool piece of lore.

How do they reproduce? What makes them scary outside of the bug thing?

>> No.77576159

Given that they're castle-sized abominations, I think the best way to integrate the whole "Other creature dies but becomes a vampire" would be to make it so it acts more like an infection, possibly spiritual. Maybe the presence of vampires 'animates' the land itself, rousing new corpses or long-dead things as ghoulish mockeries that partake in the slaughter. If a ghoul lasts long enough and feeds sufficiently, then it will eventually 'shed' the skin-shell and emerge as a new vampire but will need to return to the vampire's dimensional space in order to finish growing.

In this sense, theoretically anything could become a new vampire assuming it can be turned into a ghoul.

>> No.77576165

I'm really looking forward to New Life Fertility as well, they got that 90s NWO conspiracy theory that is harder to find in current DG. Also which cult do they team up with, The Sowers?

>> No.77576186

That's not bad. It makes more sense than "giant thing the size of a house keeps trying to hunt things comparatively the size of chocolate bars.

My idea of what the Sowers were before I read the book ended up being a lot more interesting than what they actually are, and I ended up integrating it into my fantasy setting. I call them "Followers of The Sow" or something along those lines.

>> No.77576243

What tech level are we talking here? Full gothic semi victorian with swords and such as well the occasional musket, flintlock or canon?

I want to vote for the Early Modern period as Flesh + Blood is an awesome movie.

>> No.77576359

In this sense, I think the vampires presence would leave a lasting 'taint' in the areas they've visited, a perversion that twists and warps the land even well after they've left that can be used to track them even if it's impossible to truly remember the people or villages they've consumed. It might spread or contaminate other areas over time as well, like a radiation that spreads which would further incite chaos and panic as people start dying off to an invisible (at least to them) threat.

The vampire's goal then, insofar as they have one, might be to build up enough of an influence and foothold to ensure a constant source of corruption in our reality. From there, they could then work to initiate a form of collapse (whether by causing a spontaneous surge of corruption or building some massive receiver array from drained bodies, bones and gathered newly-formed ghouls) that would then blast apart the dimensional boundaries and fully cross their domain into ours, rupturing our sun in a massive burst as a mind-shattering number of vampires succeeds in crossing over to feed on the lifeblood of our reality.

>> No.77576395

For reference: early modern gives us
>Matchlock rifles, pistols and lots of early guns
>But also the majority of combat is swords, armor and weapons. Cavalry is still essential as nobody has figured out how to do machine guns
>Fashion and clothing become a bigger deal but people still wear armor.
>Princes and princesses are still things.
>The scientific revolution
>The first anatomical disections
>the newspaper
>Large scale constructions
>Improved mining/metalurgy
>Da-Vinci-esq technology
>naked Jennifer Jason Leigh
>Rutger Hauer playing the roll guts is based on
>Susan Tyrell with her titties out as a alemaid/whore
>Dead babies
>Insane Catholic Priests
Oops i'm confusing it with Flesh + blood again.

>> No.77576450

I'd say early modern as well. If we're having the vampires be this gigantic, then most traditional swords and armor are probably useless if say, a tower sized leg decides to implant itself in your gut.

>> No.77576570

The Sowers didn't impress me either, maybe it's because I'm tired of yet another Nyarlathotep cult. Their idea of metaphysical innocence is neat though for a challenge for the players.

Out of Labyrinth, I'd say Witness Protection, The Lonely, and New Life Fertility were my favorites. Center for Missing Children, that Dreamer's thing, Prana Sodality, and The Sower's didn't do it for me though.

>> No.77576771


I feel like the Sowers need that connection with New Life to justify their threat. It would also explain why Nyarlathotep would start the cult anyway. I'd like to find a way to make the Sowers creepier, old school sexism and indentured servitude are certainly aren't going to make the PCs too paranoid until the Azazel reveal.

Renko would be a cool addition to a campaign, his introduction is a great cliffhanger for the end of a session plus the orphanage in the ukraine that houses a certain famous creature is a great excuse to go international.

I'd agree that the CMC is a little weak, though the idea of a friendly going postal from the Agents influence is a good sideplot and a sobering reminder why they must keep secrets at all costs.

>> No.77576785

Oh yeah I forgot about Renko. Which is kinda fitting if you tie him into the Lonely plotlines. And yeah that's a good point about that ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder, and why DG is so picky about who they let in.

>> No.77576830

>>77563157 here, will get a doc up today after work.
>It's a freezing cold winter
>Rations are scarce
>Villages surrounding the local fort are going missing somehow, no contact
>You and your peers are sent out to investigate whatever is going on out there

Okay, so gigantic, bloated mosquitoe things are the cause for this.
They have strange, dimension altering abilities that can lead to victims being forgotten about entirely.
Venture into their cavernous lairs and see (and perhaps walk in) the lifeless, gray realm that they originate from

Are these things sentient? Or do they become more and more alien with intelligence in time?

>It makes more sense than "giant thing the size of a house keeps trying to hunt things comparatively the size of chocolate bars.
That's another thing, how do these things feed? Are they assaulting people directly? Or do people come to them willingly, kinda hypnotically?
I imagined them as being near impossible to spot directly, due to their dimensional nature. Maybe they can be seen with mirrors or under the light of the sun.

I had originally specified renissance, but I'm not attached to that; I just want a castle/homebase for the PCs to be able to head out from. I like guns as being really strong, but taking forever to load.

>Also I still like my idea of hobos/bums/low lifes living in a city that has a nightmarish side that they see more often than anyone. That way you can have dungeon crawling type shit and have quite a few horror genres in there.
That's a fun thing, let's work with that at some point.

>> No.77576863

We can also get a ton out of catholic guilt and the fear of going to hell for player motivation. For example in Flesh + Blood there's a guy who accidentally gives a nun brain damage and he is in beyond mortal terror about going to hell over it.

The existence of god/divine power could potentially be kept up to the GM but at the very least it could be a value or status that changes based on the PC's actions and their guilt over those sins.
Perhaps the vampires can't smell sins, but they CAN smell guilt.

Cardinals/priests/holy men might not JUST be healers who learn from monks but in fact be able to negate any perceived guilt or sins, or even reduce them further. Having a cardinal in your party in those times means you always FEEL you are in the moral right even if others disagree or you are doing pretty terrible things.
Perhaps the cardinals get an inverse of this system where they have their own conviction which raises or lowers, affecting their sanity and what they are willing to do.

I really liked the Cardinal from Flesh + Blood where he was on one hand the moral center for the party but also completely insane. He carries around this massive sword he only uses to finish injured enemies and interpret random events as god's blessings or god's will. He's such a fascinating and disturbed character who I would love to see more like in a game.

One idea i'm gonna steal from another project is we give the Cardinals/priest characters a small number (maybe 1-4) "interpretations" which is effectively them choosing what they believe in on top of the supposed Catholic doctrine.
Want to justify killing undead children?
Want to not feel guilty for rape or the murder of the rich?
It's basically a way to let religion based characters decide aspects about the religion they worship and decide what that faith believes in, but without removing the thematic aspect of Catholicism/religion.
Maybe as they lose their minds over time or lose their way they get MORE.

>> No.77576946

>I had originally specified renissance, but I'm not attached to that; I just want a castle/homebase for the PCs to be able to head out from. I like guns as being really strong, but taking forever to load.
You still get castles and all of that in 1500AD/the early Modern Period you just get more flowery outfits.
More than anything guns would be incredibly rare maybe only among the wealthy. Canons and such only for major fortifications.
We're not even talking flintlocks yet, we are talking matchlocks which require a lit flame to even fire.

>That's another thing, how do these things feed? Are they assaulting people directly? Or do people come to them willingly, kinda hypnotically?
My theory off argent's idea was they spread some kind of infection or the dead and corrupted work as servants of these giant things and bring them to them. Maybe the vampire's taint can enter open wounds and through that convince someone to will themselves to the vampires pits, and the possessed will help them.

Worst case they could have "Blood carriers" which swell up like ticks and transport the blood back and forth. A lot of this depends on how ACTIVE of a threat we want to make the vampires. Chances are their nature would be a reveal later on unless they are actively roaming.

>Are these things sentient? Or do they become more and more alien with intelligence in time?
I'd say they become dumber and more zombie-like over time. The fresh ones are more dangerous.

Tell me that wouldn't be insanely fucked up.

>> No.77576949


IMO my issue with The Lonely is finding a sufficiently strong hook to justify an initial boring investigation of isolated people. However, the climax which is the PCs being hounded by mass shootings and suicide bombers while trying to find the source is genius.

On the whole, my main qualm with most of the new DG stuff is an aversion to wilder monster of the week stuff or monsters in general. With the MJ12 stuff involving the Grey's no longer an issue there doesn't seem to be a major mythos threat other than the usual cult shenanigans.

The major conspiracy now seems to be March Industries and a looming civil war between both Delta Greens. I've glanced over Impossible Landscapes and while extremely unique it requires some serious legwork to run, I started getting flashbacks to that adventure in Shadows of Yog-Sothoth where theres something like 30 major npcs and a massive sandbox. IL just has so many wild concepts it'd be hard for players to maintain focus with some good game mastering plus an explanation to the players that this isn't an ordinary DG campaign in the slightest.

>> No.77577044

>Are these things sentient? Or do they become more and more alien with intelligence in time?
I think ghouls should be able to feign intelligence assuming they're newly risen. So say a recently dead person or pet (a dog for instance) would be able to falsify being the same exact being as what they were, with the former being able to rattle off names and places and connections and otherwise seem like the original individual in personality, but it's all an act. The hunger is too all-consuming, too defining for them to be anything more than a monster yearning for blood. They just use the original identity memories as a mask to get close to new victims.

As they grow older and more powerful, thusly developing more traits in line with their vampiric progenitors, it becomes harder and harder for them to blend in and they will gradually discard the human personality as the alien intelligence behind them deems it increasingly useless.

>That's another thing, how do these things feed? Are they assaulting people directly? Or do people come to them willingly, kinda hypnotically? I imagined them as being near impossible to spot directly, due to their dimensional nature. Maybe they can be seen with mirrors or under the light of the sun.
I imagine that they'd have ghouls or corrupted individuals bring new victims back to them, as they wait to feed on whole scores of fresh victims. But they could also simply fly around and snatch up whole scores of people and drag them back to their lairs to feast freely.

If you were to be present during a vampire feast, then you'd probably only see them initially as a weird 'ripple' on the air, as their grey-black carapace sucks away all light cast on them and flecks of ash scatter off their wings (which likely act as airborne vectors for corruption).

>> No.77577151

How did these things appear at first? Was it some inept wizard summoning them, a cult, just a natural/eventual breach of this reality?

What was the first place they appeared at? Maybe another castle that's become so infested with them that everyone's just forgotten about it entirely?

>> No.77577275

Yeah, I think Deep State is the one that's gonna go into March Industries. And I think we'll see more of Gavin Ross (as Michael Bellek), like how Adolph Lepus was recurring in older DG, with a little bit of Justin Kroft. I'm curious to see what they'll do with March, or even just what the next big setting development is. Kinda how the 2000s had the escalation of the MAJESTIC-Delta Green conflict with Rules of Engagement and the climax of that in Through A Glass Darkly (jesus that was a decade ago I think).

>> No.77577287

I think we should wait until we have a more stable lore before trying to come up with an introduction. Most players won't see it without a ton of delving anyway.

Scale of the infection should be discussed however.
Potentially 1 or 2 types of campaign. OP's post tends to imply more of a global apocalypse.

What if we had one where it's just sort of a ring of corruption that's near the fort and the fort itself is like an eye in the center of a tornado. They can technically punch through back to society to get supplies and such but who would believe them? How much could they do to stop this before it's too late?

>On the whole, my main qualm with most of the new DG stuff is an aversion to wilder monster of the week stuff or monsters in general.
This is very much Delta Green's core ethos. If you want to run standard monsters or mythos horrors you'll gamemaster that. You're not intended to just run through all of the published adventures like you are with CoC which is why they have so many books that just massive, incredibly detailed and well put together idea farms.

Also thanks to you guys I'm ordering a DVD copy of Flesh + Blood. First time I saw it I thought it was a movie I was never going to watch again.

>> No.77577307

Opinions on the Catholic shit so far for the setting?

A religious class in a setting like this is kinda unavoidable.

>> No.77577373

>Potentially 1 or 2 types of campaign. OP's post tends to imply more of a global apocalypse
OP here, I was thinking this is isolated to a particular region. It could grow into something worse, but at the moment it's stuck in that area.
What I'm envisioning based on the comments here is almost a keep on the borderlands type situation, only with a renaissance type period and with horror focus.

Do we want this to be a wider setting, or just a specific portion of the world? I think we keep the focus/scope small at the moment and just focus on building out a functioning, gameable scenario vs a whole world/cosmos (the very idea that these things are leaking into this reality through some gray, featureless world implies a lot already). But does anyone have a different approach?

>> No.77577426

We keep to one and branch out later.

>> No.77577465

I personally agree that we should keep this mostly small scale, at least for the initial scenario. We can expand outwards into the rest of the world after.

>> No.77577487

It would certainly work. I assume holy imagery on its own might not do much against proper vampires, but against lesser ghouls it could drive them away. Actual holy or blessed places or artifacts cause active harm to vampires and their corruption and might even potentially seal away breaches into their dimensional plane that have been opened via their lairs.

>> No.77577579

I put together a od&d-inspired turn structure in conjunction with Mothership so that it is more viable for running underworlds and wilderness environments, at least in terms of accurate record keeping.
Consider it homebrew for lack of a published referee's guide.
Let me know if this is of any use to you or if I made a mistake somewhere.

>> No.77577585

Potentially. Refering to >>77576863 mostly since I like the idea of a priest/cleric class who isn't the typical "magician but with god instead of magic".
I do think we shouldn't make it an end all be all for vampire fighting that seems dull.

Worst case we can fall back on and mod the standard osr cleric class.

>> No.77577638

Current writeup/ideas, give feedback gang.

I'm thinking there's three vampires that were able to make it into this world. Two comparatively lesser ones that are still mobile enough to be active threats, and one that's grown so bloated from all of it's victims that it's more or less a gigantic tick now.
It sits at the hub of the breach into the world (>>77575923) and threatens to widen the breach and bring in more of it's kind as it swells with power.

It's currently at the hub of what was originally the largest regional castle, having grown so swollen with power that it's able to make everyone forget about that keep ever existing at all.

The two lesser vampires have gone to (a nearby village) and (a small mountain) respectively, and set up nests in both areas.

Of the original castle, the earl that ran it escaped (but was infected in the process of doing so) and retreated with some survivors to the current fort he's in (that would normally act as a defensive bastion for the region). He's confined himself to his room and is slowly getting infected/degenerating with time. His assistants/court do the speaking for him, and occasionally make people complaining about the lack of food disappear to feed him.

The petty court officials are desperate. They know that fundamentally *something* is wrong, but cant' put the pieces together on what's happening.

>> No.77577659

>Broadly the party is aiming to stop the breach and kill the vampires that have made it in.
>The longer this goes on for, the more dead rise, the larger/more powerful the vampires get and the greater the risk that the breach widens and more of them make it into this world.
>At some point the earl becomes a completely feral monstrosity and needs to be put down. If the party has proven themselves trustworthy at that point they'd be put in something resembling leadership over the council, managing the fort/hamlet.
>A fail state for the campaign is the fort becoming overrun.

>Stick with the mosquitos, but have a wider theme of parasites/insect like parasites in general.
>Steal from nights black agents. Maybe crosses (>>77577307) don't hurt them because they're holy, but because the particular shape they make damages their fragile cross dimensional dimensional form. Maybe mirrors cause a feedback loop that becomes unbearably painful for them.
>Require the players to use vampire tools/clever play to survive. The brutal, ongoing winter makes using the sun an out and out option, but they could fend off lesser servants with crosses and mirrors. Servants that could otherwise tear them apart.
>They gradually ramp up the attacks/weirdness at night. Night encounters/assaults on the fort are incredibly dangerous.

>> No.77577702

I don't really think there's much your average holy man can do when the castle-sized mosquito idly decides to bore a hole through his gut or flatten him into a bloody smear (that it promptly slurps up) to be fair.

>> No.77577892

what are some monsters we could have/run into? how intelligent are vampires?
what's a ghoul look like? What can it do?

I'm thinking
>parasite infected corpses/walking dead
>infected wildlife/werecreatures that are hosts for larva
>crazed survivors/people addicted to the vitae of the vampires
>alchemists obsessed with the breach and the vitae
>religious fanatics/catholic shit (>>77577307) conducting a crusade against the region

>> No.77578157

>what are some monsters we could have/run into?
Maybe specialized constructs created by vampires. Fetches, ridden corpses, bodies infested in the same manner as wasp larvae infest other insects, etc. Merge general vampire lore with the alien insectoid feel of the realm beyond the breach.

>how intelligent are vampires?
I think they should be incredibly so, but in the same way an advanced computer is highly intelligent. They consider propagation and spread to matter beyond all else, and develop and allocate resources and process variables almost entirely to this cause. Thinking in the sense that a person does just isn't possible for them. At best, they see us as just another resource to be exploited. At worst, we're a source of energy.

>what's a ghoul look like? What can it do?
I think it depends on the ghoul and how old they are. Freshly dead ones shouldn't look too different from the person or creature they once were (aside from blood or dirt coating their bodies), but older ones should look significantly more alien or bizarre like >>77576159. Plants might also come under the effects of corruption and develop into weird entities of their own with a hunger for blood.

They likely have vastly increased strength and speed, and maybe some lesser vampiric powers (the ability to dissipate into fog or mist, mind-control people or animals, fly, change shape and form, set things ablaze from a distance, etc). These powers can likewise be linked with age.

>> No.77578264

Okay, I feel like we've got quite a lot to work with here. I'm not a good writer, so I want people to keep that in mind, but all I wanna do now is to piece together everything that everyone's commented here (as well as maybe explore some of the ideas that aren't touched on/commented a lot).

It'd be super cool if we could reliably pump out horror settings/modules/content together. But lets focus on getting one thing done first. : ]

>> No.77578551

How fast would a humanoid cyborg with effectively magic augments have to move to dodge a handgun bullet, fired from around 10 feet away? Would moving that fast ignite the surface of their biotics, or cause a tiny sonic boom? And would it have to be jet-assisted or something similar, because exerting the force required to move that quickly would stab their legs through the floor?
I’m taking inspiration from a cyborg Rimworld colony I made a few years ago, and their primary defense against raiders was to physically sidestep incoming fire before it had a chance to land. Including railgun slugs that would be theoretically impossible to dodge. How scary would something like that look?

>> No.77579404

Seriously good stuff so far.

Is this being compiled anywhere?

>> No.77579667

>The virgin Mosquito Vampires vs the Chad Wasp Vampires
>The Wasp Vampire makes Ghouls like Jewel Wasps do to cockroaches. Just stab the poor fucker the skull and pump a dose of mind controlling drug into their brain

>> No.77579688

Working on this now. Feedback appreciated but I'm largely just gonna be copying notes over for now and getting the structure of the doc right.

>> No.77579742

Getting straight to the point. The thinking eldritch abomination's minion-crafting method.

Seems like you've got it going anon. Here's hoping it comes out well.

>> No.77579782

How was Pisces rid of the Shan infestation? (or more likely they are only pretending to be gone) my take on it is they are nigh on inextricable due to all of the factors considered in Countdown and that they wield effective total control of the United Kingdom when needed. If they are actually gone or only pretending to be gone I'd still like to know how this came about was it somehow connected to Ghroth in the End Times scenario or something else? Have you noticed how there a number of shaggy dog stories told seemingly as a result of making way for the new edition? I actually liked the CoT sure I think it would have had much more value if it would have been presented as a super module/campaign but the set up and how it was researched was great bit of a pity it was hand waved away in to non existence.

>> No.77579887

Anyone got that list of Unknown Armies conspiracies? It used to get posted in the general a lot.

>> No.77579938

Since we've got more than one parasite, and these aren't really a generic creature, I need a good naming convention. I'm just calling them alpha/beta/prime at the moment.

Also I need a starting event. My current writeup would be that the inadequate/bored noble got approached by a cabal of alchemists and gradually fell into experimentation with rituals, but I feel that this is maybe a little tackey and I wanna not be creating anything too hard myself. I just wanna be here to assemble what you guys give me.

>> No.77579950

>They existed post-innsmouth
I figured that much. What I meant is that I was under the impression that they weren't a big thing until way later. The current idea actually is that if the campaign lasts long enough to go post war the party's going to become the founding members of the modern delta green.

>> No.77580615

Just an update, the vampire section's going to be the longest part for this.

Going to stick close to this (>>77576159), I like the idea of a spiritual infection more than a literal one. Thoughts tho gang?
Appreciated anon, this will be a fair amount of work. There's a lot to incorperate and I gotta make sure it reads decently.

>> No.77581671

Again, the idea is to make them a moral boosting role so people don't go completely batshit upon seeing this stuff.
You can do a lot with religion to make people ignorant to the horrors of cosmic beings.

>> No.77581896

Whilst I highly doubt vampires have names (why would they after all?), if they were to be given designations: the 'lesser' two might be referred to as 'Defilers' or by names the inhabited areas they infest refer to them as (the village is liable to name the one there after some form of local myth or demon, given that it invades villages "Aswang" could be fitting for either it or whatever ghouls it creates in the area). The secluded mountain one wouldn't have a name for itself, but might be called Herald or some other similar term by its ghouls and assorted creatures. This term could be interchangeable between the two vampires however.

The one sitting in the castle proper was the first to arrive in this plane and would be their eldest here, bridging their domain to our reality. Assuming it's widening the breach over time, perhaps 'Unraveller' can work to describe it: a literal unraveller of dimensional boundaries.

>Also I need a starting event. My current writeup would be that the inadequate/bored noble got approached by a cabal of alchemists and gradually fell into experimentation with rituals, but I feel that this is maybe a little tackey and I wanna not be creating anything too hard myself
The noble could've just been sitting on a thinning spot in dimensional space, that his own natural actions and possible petty affairs or needs to expand could've altered or disrupted somehow, resulting in the already fraying dimensional boundary to widen into a breach large enough for the Unraveller to enter through. Cue massacre and the eventual widening of the breach to allow the two Defilers purchase.

>> No.77583551


I guess you could suppose that a rogue cell of PISCES agents removed the Shan from nearly every victim systematically and then took the fall for apparently assaulting numerous high ranking UK officials. Covered it up by pinning it on that Third Eye group. Though I suppose we'll have to wait until the sourcebook comes out in like 2024 lel.

>> No.77583562

>> No.77583633

What's the best way to play Call of Cthulhu nowadays? I've played a bunch of the edition with the Haunting and Horror on the Orient Express a good while back now and I'm eager to run some horror oneshots for my current group. If any non-CoC oneshot horror games have taken you recently, I'd also like to hear it.

>> No.77583734


The investigators guide comes with some pretty good example organizations that allow for some comfy monster of the week adventures.

>> No.77584466

>Horror heroes can't be badasse-

>> No.77584543

If you're getting into it now, 7th edition as its easier to get into. It's streamlined in some really positive ways and most people run it now except for groups that are still playing 6th just because they don't want to buy new books. Also most of the rules, spells, and rarely used monsters they cut from the 7e corebooks can be re-integrated back into the game with very little effort since 7e is compatible with every scenario going back through the 30 years of CoC

The new Starter Set is pretty god-tier all around and your best place to start. It even comes with dice and some pretty good pregens. We've been running a campaign for about a year now and only one of them has died. Every one and I mean EVERY ONE of the 3 scenarios in the starter set is great. Dead Man Stomp may need a little bit of GM work if your players aren't the best at following the clear trail.
Unlike every other "starter set" on the market it's 3-4 actual scenarios (including one for the keeper to play on their own) instead of some shitty demo games you have to pay for and chopped down rules.
There's no purposeless omitting of rules in the starter set to make you buy the full book: They did everything they could to just make the rules fit in the box and not be too long.

Playing digitally works fine, albeit it's a bit clunky.
There are a ton of free call of cthulhu scenarios and you can run quite a bit with just the starter set, and you can easily run the game with just the starter set as you're mainly missing out on spells, extra stuff like chase rules, more guns and the entire monster bestiary that's in the keeper's guide.

You only need the Keeper's guide to run the game. The investigator's handbook is only useful to players and it has the 1920's sourcebook in it in case you need that.

As for one shots, we can talk a little more about that later. There's a ton of god-tier one shot CoC scenarios you can run from various books or compilations of the like. Even Sandy Petersen has one.

>> No.77584641

And to assuage you on "Cut content", they cut very little. We're talking stuff like Quanchil Uttaus, the Ahtu, dreamlands monsters most players would never see, the two healing spells (trust me it's better this way since you are meant to heal naturally. Long hospital stays are part of the game), and semi-useless spells like "Dampen light", "Summon fish", "graft flesh" or a lot of spells or gods only useful in a single scenario, or exceptionally rare to get for no clear purpose.
Basically 7e's house cleaning of magic is just anything that feels too much like a D&D spell or would only ever be used by a NPC.

>> No.77586828

Horror is the time for the truest badass.

>> No.77586836

Imagining kaiju-sized mosquitoes with all of the usual vampire powers is very funny to me.

>> No.77586850

I'll always recommend Coffee Break of the Living Dead for AFMBE as one of the best short horror adventures I've ever run. It's tight, lean, and fun.

>> No.77587056

Seconding Coffee Break. I modified it for a different employee setting + sprinting zombies and it was great fun. AFMBE, CoC, and GURPS are probably the best horror (or horror capable) systems out there.

>> No.77587080

Should Lovecraft's circle be put in Inspirational Stuff? I guess it's a given but still, like
>Lovecraft's Circle (Lovecraft, Derleth, Howard, etc.)

>> No.77587150

>>Are city slickers ever going to get through unscathed?
Not in them gucci loafers they aren't.

>> No.77587375

>Coffee Break of the Living Dead for AFMBE
before the thread does, or in the next thread, could you please explain this encounter and why it's so good?

>> No.77587464

Ok, so. It's a pretty short adventure. PCs are all office workers in a nondescript building. They come in, there's army on the streets and news about a chemical spill... They have a boring morning and then get in the lift to have a break. Shit goes wild when the lift is stuck. Cue a precarious escape from the lift, a trawl through a blood-soaked office or basement, trying to get out via the lobby with gung-ho national guard outside, etc.
It's... Classic. It's not scary in the sense of the unknown and mysterious but your characters are weak and stranded in a horrible situation trying to survive. You can make them fight over lukewarm protein drinks and sweat every lost life point or point of essence. Both times I've run it I've ended up with someone going Ash Williams and getting all badass, but the second time it ended in disaster.

>> No.77588781

>> No.77588851

I own it. It comes with the gamemaster screen and it's fun. They have to make it through multiple levels either upstairs or to the basement. The pregens are fun.

Kali Ghati in my experience can be run pretty great but it may be too long as written for a single session unless you do 8 hours.

Lightless Beacon works really well if you homebrew in an extended siege and multiple varied waves, along with a few extra weapons and ammo and a secret passage beneath the lighthouse.

>> No.77589370

It's short, sweet, and to the point. I retooled it and made the zombies 28 Days style sprinters and it was a blast. My only complaint with it is that it doesn't give much buildup to the zombies, they're just kinda there, and they're fairly weak even for shamblers, hence why I buffed them up.

>> No.77589683

I forgot to mention: do not give the one Survivor character to your players. Make him an NPC. The level of salt you get for having one PC overpowering the others is not worth it.
I replaced the chemical spill with a psychic disaster (like the backplot of Stalker) and used psychic zombies in my second run of it. Helps explain why the elevator keeps them alive (explain its a Faraday cage or cell phone dead spot) and gives you cool zombies with glowing heads and essence drain.

>> No.77589923

Seems like an impossible task desu. Against the collective authority of the entire UK and yes Pisces could utilise any asset at its disposal which is nearly unlimited within the British environs. If they go that direction and try to story-ize that it would be beyond ridicule.

>> No.77590888

>> No.77590995

To this day I still feel conflicted about the nature of other governments running their own occult agencies. On one hand it'd be silly to have the US, even at the height of their global dominance have a total monopoly on it. But on the other, with every new agency, the likelihood of the secret being kept goes down I think.

>> No.77591096

I'm with you on that. You have to pick and choose what you include in your own game.

>> No.77591147

>Survivor character
Do you mean the disgruntled?

>> No.77591506


Maybe a civil war between the Shan that spilled the beans within PISCES and began a three way conflict, I'm grasping at straws here.


From the lore it seems only extremely large/powerful countries have their own agencies and even then they're extremely small. During the cowboy years DG only had something like 76 active agents at once.
I'd imagine a country like Ireland (my home) would only have like 15 people max in an agency considering a large city in the US has a larger population than the entirety of Ireland

>> No.77592037

I agree. Kinda like how using the Hastur Mythos takes the game in a direction that becomes increasingly incompatible with standard Lovecraftian horror the more you use it.

I think Fairfield Project had some custom lore there they had PISCES Norther Ireland. I haven't read it, but going off the meme here, I guess they have some degree of autonomy that protected them from Shan infestation.

Which speaking of Fairfield Project, they're apparently undergoing a massive move to bring the site to a more manageable and modern format. Also they couldn't figure out who was the admin anymore, or who was paying for the server upkeep.

>> No.77592169

>Also they couldn't figure out who was the admin anymore, or who was paying for the server upkeep.
While that's a bad sign for a community, it seems awfully appropriate for a conspiracy/espionage game community to have no idea who is keeping the lights on/managing the place.

>> No.77592183

Agencies in DG are actually pretty small. It's not like the SCP Foundation or the OV from Esoterrorists who span the entire globe or more, or even the Laundry from the Laundry Files. They're very small compact organizations that only the most powerful nations in the world have the ability to maintain and even then, they're far more understaffed and underpowered than you'd think such things would be.

Think less world-spanning super conspiracies like World of Darkness, and more the White Council. They might like to boast about how powerful they are, but they don't run the world no matter what they tell themselves.

Hastur in Delta Green arguably fits a more Ligottian setting than a Lovecraftian one. Arguably.

>> No.77592207

>Maybe a civil war between the Shan
That was definitely hinted at within Countdown, I can't help but feel Ghroth should also be involved, a repetition of the events that led to their civilisation collapsing on Shaggai.

>> No.77592232

>I'd imagine a country like Ireland (my home)

>> No.77592329

New. Migrate whenever you're ready.

>> No.77592376

afraid not fren

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