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Lets talk about all things Sword & Sorcery.

I'm making a character for Barbarians of Lemuria, I want to be an Alchemist/Sky Pilot, I was thinking of constructing icarian style wings made out of the flying metal. What should the capabilities of it & how many craft points should it take to make?

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Better question: How does Sonja wax so efficiently in the Hyborian Age?

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Superior genes

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I'm normally the last to complain about something like this, but what is the point of the chainmail bikini?
Like why not just wear a normal bikini? Why make it chainmail to begin with?

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Barbarian fashion. Silk is so last year, chainmail is in right now.

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Metal equals wealth. Its a way of sporting a little bit of armor as well as a literal fashion statement of wealth & status

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Why is that young woman naked?

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Easier to rape farm boys that way

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I'm sorry, but I can't make it out.
What is the guy doing over her shoulder to the right. He's looking at her, but he's doing something with his hands.

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He's fondling that slave's chains.

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He is shackling the prisoner
She is very clearly clothed

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a normal bikini offers no protection, dumbass

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>insipid questions galore

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Not clothed enough! Harrumph!

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Youre the one posting anime characters who run around looking like a ho

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I don't know much about BoL, so I'm not much help there. But in the interest of Sword and Sorcery, here's a pic of a moment from one of my favorite Lankhmar stories.

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>fa/tg/uys unironically think this adolescent pinup poster BS was the peak of fantasy

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Let's see you post some good Sword and Sorcery shit then. Unless you were just baiting.

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>sword & sorcery
>wants to make a steampunk character
For what reason?
Sword & Sorcery can be a challenge in rpgs anyway. The original fiction is a hypercompetent lone protagonist or duo. The tabletop experience is a larger party, starting at lower levels. You can just about do early career Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, but if you advertise S&S half the group want to play Conan and the other half want to play wizards. I've never managed to square the circle.

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>shackling prisoner
Ah, I couldn't make out what he had in his hands. He appeared suspicious, looking at her from behind in a sort of sidelong glance, like he was about to betray her with a surprise attack or something.

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aaaa! Look up! Look up!

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Mostly because I find the sky pilots cool.

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>For what reason?
sword and sorcery isnt just barbarians in loincloths battling evil wizards

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There is a technique involving two strings you can use to remove body hair.

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What do you call Sword & Sorcery where the Sorcery element is actually real and a fairly major feature of the world? See Elric or the Conan the Adventurer 90s cartoon.

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Metal mail can pinch of worn over bare skin and tend to pluck out any hair she has when she moves. This also explains why she is so angry all the time.

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Its still sword & sorcery. Sword & Sorcery is less a genre & more of an aesthetic

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Why is she so pale?

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She has access to a sap of certain plant now lost to time. Got it from priestess or so I heard.

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Sorry anon, it's autism and there is no cure

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How about you tell us now why envy consumes you legbeards every time you see a sexy woman?

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Would she still be Red Sonja if she was Blonde, or would she be known as Yellow Sonja?

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She would still be Red Sonja because she can make you see the world red.

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She would be Sunkissed Sonja for her sun gold hair

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I've no clue about the system but a Sword and Sorcery campaign sounds pretty comfy. I'm tired of retards shitting themselves about realism while pointing at shows like Vikings as a masterpiece.
I'll rather just take the chainmail bikinis and barbarian muscularity instead

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The women were spiders though.

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What system is best for chainmail bikinis and loincloth fantasy?

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Then why do so many people get mad at the idea of S&S actually letting players have magic or magic be useful if there's a precedent for it in the original literature that isn't Conan?

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God I wish that were me

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Barbarians of Lemuria (mythic edition)

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Not sure. D&D style magic has no place though

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Busty Barbarian Bimbos

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You sound like an anon who knows a thing or two please elaborate.

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She'd still be Red Sonja, it's not for the colour of her hair she got the name.

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You realise that the stuff used for pube waxing is just cloth and beeswax, right? It's stone-age technology.

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>You realise that the stuff used for pube waxing is just cloth and beeswax
No actually I assumed the 'wax' part wasn't meant to be taken quite so literally.

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It's like the three seashells?

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Brainlets, mostly.

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I'm about to play in a Greyhawk campaign, and remembered seeing the 5e DMG call it a sword & sorcery setting. Do you guys agree?

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It's ok anon, they're caged : )

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imagine the smelle

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you are wrong. People in ancient times did not understand the importance of trans-kin and feminism, therefore they were obviously very stupid and could not possibly have accomplished any technological feats such removing body hair.

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Is it because she's always bleeding?

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>Sonja! How many times do I have to tell you you're not a catgirl! Stop leaving me murderpresents!
>I'm not even your master, this a fucking tavern!

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No, no no, you anons just don't get it.
You need to look at art in context and understand that sometimes artists take liberties to please the censors.
When you look at artistic depictions of the Adam and Eve from the Bible, do you start talking about whether wearing figleafs on your dick is proper and smart?

Same thing here. Red Sonja walks around in the nude. Sometimes she dons a cloak, but mostly she just doesn't care for clothing beyond boots.
Chainmail bikinis are just the 'figleaf' of fantasy art - the viewer is meant to extrapolate the lack of garments. It would be pretty fucking ridiculous otherwise.

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To be fair, it was pretty common in certain parts of the world in the distant past to be naked or almost naked all the time and even fight like that.
A famous example is the archaic greeks.
So for a time set before even the bronze age, Sonja isn't massively underarmored. Hell, a shield is probably all she really needs. Maybe a helmet on occasion.

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Razor sharp obsidian & sea shells too ive heard.

Fun fact, Julius Caesar was known to shave his whole body

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This is less and less believed. The greeks, I mean. Oplites were probably not fighting with their junk out like idiots.

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What are some good SS adventure ideas?

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By actually caring about her body and not being a lazy cunt.

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Is that chain mail or scale mail?

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Finally some actual bigbrain posts.

BoLs a good game so you're probably in for a treat, and as for your question that sounds like something you need to discuss with your GM.

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Technically scale. Its basically metal coins

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>Red Sonja walks around in the nude. Sometimes she dons a cloak, but mostly she just doesn't care for clothing beyond boots.
>Chainmail bikinis are just the 'figleaf' of fantasy art - the viewer is meant to extrapolate the lack of garments. It would be pretty fucking ridiculous otherwise.
Sorry to disperse your coombrain imaging but the chain mail bikini Red sonja wears is not in any way 'figurative' there is actually a reason for why she wears it which you would know if you'd bother to read her stories rather than attempting to hoodwink others in to believing your pontificating is insightful.

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Since you're so fucking enlightened how about you explain it to the dilettante heterosexuals then

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Long answer: Read the comics.
Dead brief answer: First city Sonja arrived in after being gifted from Scáthach she fell in with a thieves guild, one thing led to another and she developed feelings for another young thief. They had to sneak in to a pasha's palace or some such to get revenge for something that happened, Sonja used the chain mail bikini disguise the other thief died.

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What do you guys think of this as a look for my Sky Pilot? I figured viking helm but with inuit sunshade style visor to protect his eyes at altitude

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Forgot pic

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because fuck you its hot
stop stepping on my boner

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Shut up faggot you know you like it

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Why is it called sword and sorcery when its mostly just sword with very little sorcery?

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only if you have drill hair and go "oh ho ho" at me

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The sorcery happens at the other end of the sword.

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Have you ever watched Sorceress? Its got Swords & Sorcery (& twin empath masturbation)
Have you seen Conan which is literally about a guy with a sword versus a guy with sorcery?
Have you seen Deathstalker 2 which is about a woman with seer powers & a guy with a sword take down two different sorcerers & an evil doppelganger

What sorcery is missing?

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Not him but it's called threading. A vague bow shape is created between held out fingers and string/thread, and by closing the bow with your fingers, hair is caught and twisted by the string and pulled out as it winds.

Difficult to explain but it's quite simple and quite an old custom, and actually very efficient and fast. Thing is, it's meant for short hairs, like women would use it on their arms or face. Once the hair gets too long it doesn't work well. So with a big ol bush, you'd need to trim it down first before it can be threaded well.


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>Would she still be Red Sonja if she was Blonde
No. She's called Red Sonja because she's a redhead, obviously. Same goes for her original version, Red Sonya of Rogatino.

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Not really, Greyhawk is kind of sui generis.

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Most systems implement player-used magic very poorly and definitely not in a way that fits the aesthetic.

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Any s&s recs for stories focusing on more roguish heroes, such as Grey Mouser? Muscle barbarians are cool and all, but variety is the spice of life.

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Does Vance's Dying Earth count as sword & sorcery? If so, The Eyes of the Overworld and Cugel's Saga .

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Why not just wear a regular bikini instead of a chainmail one?

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>Once the hair gets too long it doesn't work well. So with a big ol bush, you'd need to trim it down first before it can be threaded well.
Sounds like something where you'd have to devote a few hours to.
Cut long hairs with knife or scissors. Start threading short hairs.

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Thanks for that anon I've learnt something new today.

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Metal is better as a sign of wealth & status as well as protection

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>Sonja used the chain mail bikini disguise
disguise as what exactly?
what page are you referring to?

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She disguised as a dancing girl.
>what page are you referring to?
Under the Dynamite origin story, not Gail Simone and not the Lady Sonja of Dorn incarnation. I don't the reference to hand right now but it was just after Ozzyus.

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create lebensraum from the Slavic territories

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SoL of managing slave camps.

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Seems dumb, you don't see people of nobility in a chainmail dick and ball pouch, and the shape alone of it makes it being used for protection very unlikely.

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I think it looks nice

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But you do see them wear plate armor cups, or have a dick and balls shaped knife poking right up at their crotch.
See also: codpieces and bollock daggers.

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>A barbarian needing anything more than their naked body to keep themselves warm
How pitiful

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It's Mail. There is no chain mail.

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I meant Sword & Sorcery adventures

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Whats the difference between Standard Medieval fantasy and Sword & Sorcery?

I never quite understood it.

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Sword and Sorcery focuses on the adventures of a hero protagonist and tends to only build the setting as much needed for the story. Conan The Barbarian is the most notable S&S.

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>Standard Medieval fantasy
>Sword & Sorcery

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Parties are fine, Conan had a "party" in the movies and loose allies in the early stories. Other examples like Beastmaster did the same. In S&S I would NOT allow half the party to be casters. Either let one be a wizard/mage/whatever, or preferably none. Also mages should mostly be evil or insane.
You can do this with 5e but WHFRP, The Riddle of Steel, or Barbs of Lemuria are better for it since 66% of the builds don't have magic baked in.

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>what is the point of the chainmail bikini?
Chainmail to signal that she's a warrior, bikini to signal that she's a hot chick in a bikini.

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So the difference is a setting thing?

Hyperborea vs middle ages?

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Sword and Sorcery as a sub-genre is characterized in its most simple form as stories which replicate the qualities of the sword and sandal genre while adding otherworldly elements. The Sword and Sandal genre is that genre of historical and biblical epics such as Taras Bulba, Spartacus, Samson and Delilah

Unlike epic fantasy, sword and sorcery does not concern itself with world-endangering events; the stakes, rather, are far more personal. The danger to the hero is usually immediate rather than long term. Sword & Sorcery has a strong preference for fast-paced action tales rather than sweeping story arcs. That means there is (usually) no band of heroes facing off against dark lords that seek to destroy the world, but rather a lone hero on a personal quest of some sort.

Fafhrd and Grey Mouser, and of course Conan, are the most commonly thought of S&S protags.

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anyone who says sword and sorcery is EXCELUSIVELY barbarians in loincloths is retarded
a lot of generic medieval fantasy due to basically due to LOTR focuses on a band of adventurers saving the world from an evil bad guy or a dark lord or whatever
Sword and sorcery characters are usually more amoral and self interested (although not always) and stories are always low scale. A thief looting a building, a warrior fleeing from bounty hunters, a guy raiding a tomb. At most you'll have a story that focuses on the fate of a few nations. they focus on one or two characters, four at most really, you'll not have sword and sorcery tales with a band of seven characters.
sword and sorcery stories are basically classic swashbuckling adventure tales told in a more primitive or medieval setting, whereas high fantasy is more akin to a historical saga or epic

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no its a tone thing
standard fantasy is a tale involving a great world ending evil being defeated by a band of adventurers
sword and sorcery is one or a few guys looting a tomb, fighting with the thieves guild and encountering the skeleton of a long dead king

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Sword and Sorcery often (but not always) has a more Bronze Age or ancient setting. City states over kingdoms, more diverse landscapes than just NotEurope. Monsters tend to be prehistoric shit or giant vermin. There are less nonhuman races. There is less of a classic good vs evil outlook like high fantasy and heroes mostly do shit for money for revenge. Wizards tend to be batshit maniacs, often magic itself makes you do horrible things or saps your sanity just to use it, if it's ever explained, and heroes use swords or other melee weapons against them (shields and guns aren't common), hence sword and sorcery. In fact wizards are often not really human at all but will have a monstrous "true form". Also there's lots of tits.
Nobody reads much now but if you want, you can see Howard's Conan stories on Gutenberg. They're short and surprisingly well written.

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That makes sense.

I was wondering about that, since, usually D&D adventures sound more like an small scale Sword and Sorcery tales, but the thing still feels like Grand fantasy somehow.

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Yeah, Conan stories were all over the place in terms of history. You had people inspired by Bronze Age Egypt/Mesopotamia alongside Classic Greco-Romans, alongside Middle Age knights. There were even a few pirate stories minus the gunpowder. All to a backdrop of stone age savages and advanced pre-human civilizations.

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early D&D was basically 100% sword and sorcery. gygax loved fafhrd and the gray mouser and the conan tales

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