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Previous GURPS >>77371503

Buried under shitposts edition

GURPS is a modular, adaptable system, capable of running a wide range of characters, settings, and play styles with level of detail varying from lightweight to completely autistic.
Optional rules allow you to emulate different genres with a single system, even switching genres within a single game.

Maybe one day it will even have the dreamt of Domain Management book.

Directions to the trove are in this post. Yes they are, look in the attached file.

Thread Question:
Which GURPS books did you find excellent as general game advice?

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Mysteries has done more to help me run a noir game than specialized games.

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>Which GURPS books did you find excellent as general game advice?
Horror emphasises that monsters should mean something, not just be dangerous things. I think that's good advice in general, but especially for the horror genre.

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Which way to the blog with D&D conversions (and is it any good, or does it pick boring things and keep them boring?)

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A giant bat. it's worth -50cp let's say.
How to calculate it as an ally when it's literally less than 1% from the player character?

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>Which GURPS books did you find excellent as general game advice?

Furries got me my degree in mathematics. I wrote my thesis on the square root of cat.

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Social Engineering p.42 has costs for Allies under 25% point totals. Though at that much negative value, I'd say you should talk with your GM in setting a monetary price for the pet.

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GURPS Zombies has an extended costs table for Allies for very-low-power buddies on p. 27. I think its the same as the one in Social Engineering, but more importantly it says the 0.2 point base cost covers any ally worth up to 5% of your point value, including Allies worth 0 points or even worth negative points.

However, if the PC is very low power as well (say a 25-point witch's apprentice), then even a negative-points Ally can be a huge help. For that, flip over to p. 107 of Zombies, where it discusses pricing Allies based on the difference in point values rather than a ratio a.k.a. (PC's point value)-50 instead of 50% of the PC's point value. A 25-point PC with a -50-point giant bat would pay 1 point for the base cost since there's only a 75-point difference between the two.

Alternatively, you could just pad out the giant bat's statline to get it to a positive value. DF Allies manages to pad a regular-sized bat up to 37 points, mostly by increasing its IQ to human levels. For a giant bat that's still just a wild animal, drop IQ to 4 [-125] (very smart for an animal, but par for course for a PCs cinematic special animal buddy), buy Per back up to 12 [30], and apply most of the recommended traits for Dire Animals (Pyramid #3/76, "Dire and Terrible Monsters") for a total of [135]; we now have a Ally-suitable giant bat worth 77 points.

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Then make a group and run a game.

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Dungeon Fantasy sucks.

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I'm trying...

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It's the nigger of GURPS, trying to appeal to D&D players instead of appealing to GURPS players.

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what's the intended usage of the thrust attacks on things like clubs and staffs?

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Gee, I wonder.
I don't see you advertising a game.
Are you really trying?

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i-i'm still mapping out my dungeon

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What is your opinion about Wildcard Skills?

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They're fine but should never be freely mixed with normal skills. Either use Wildcards exclusively or limit each PC (probably though mandatory templates) to a single core Wildcard like Monster Hunters does.

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They're great and should be freely mixed with normal skills. There's no reason to make a PC pay more.

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I think I asked last thread about where to go to follow what's happening for GURPS product updates. Via the news archives, I found their google groups mailing list and rss feeds.

> GURPS News Archives
> Mailing List (Google Groups)
> RSS Feed

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It's a good call. Try to tell some kind of story with every monster and fight, even if it's very simple. Anything you do to elevate it past 'just another creature' is great.

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How do I model everyone being able to just google shit?

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Typing speed and computer knowledge.

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I know All In a Night's Work is 3rd Edition, but is it still a decent place to get started before diving into 4th?

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widespread defaults, disallowing fewer default rolls than a lower TL, bonuses to rolls to find info(comparable to a library for relevant skills)

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dago #9852 I'll join your game whenever

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Various rules either require thrusts or give them an advantage. Flying lunge, stop thrust, a matter of inches, all-out attack (long), and substituting slam damage for thrust with a move and attack.

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Trapped in the Living Tomb (Pyramid 104) is for the DFRPG rather than full GURPS 4th edition, but probably does a better job of introducing the modern system than a third edition adventure. Not that the differences between third and fourth edition are large enough to make AIaNW worthless. If you enjoy 3rd edition solo adventures, there are a few for GURPS Conan too.

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High-Tech p. 21: The Internet (including search engines and most free databases) counts as basic equipment for a roll vs. Research/TL8. Better databases count as good equipment or fine equipment, but usually cost money.
Back to School p. 16: Roll vs. Research to find suitable materials for self-study of a different skill. You can use Computer Operation as a complementary skill, giving a bonus to Research.
Back to School p. 30 gives more detailed rules for searching databases.

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Dungeon Fantasy
A low-tech grounded fantasy setting

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They both seem short and sweet. Might do both of them.

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> somewhere out there is a build of Fallout that still uses GURPS


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Either can be fun. Low tech seems like a given for a fantasy setting that isn't Final, but I can imagine that.

I'm a big fan of very subtitle, low magic games in historical settings though. It's always fun when you can't tell a real witch of great evil and power from girls playing in the woods.

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I might as well ask here, but in the post that details how to use GULLIVER for gurps 4e, t-bone says to replace 'Load ST' with 'BL/2' but this seems to give really low results, making creatures move much slower than it seems. I haven't found any other posts where he's clarified if this is a mistake or if there's a fix for this, any ideas?

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I have not seen video resolutions that low since... I used to play fallout on a Dell Turbo PC

Oh god the nostalgia is real

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When do the modifiers for Combat at Different Levels (p. B402) kick in? Basic Set says a mounted knight would enjoy the bonuses, and Martial Arts even implies that it can used for fights between creatures of grossly different SMs, but beyond that I'm a bit confused. Do the defense penalties for certain postures factor in the effective height difference, or should they stack i.e. if someone standing does a golf swing at a prone target, does the prone guy defend at -6 (-3 from posture plus the -3 for up to six feet of vertical difference) or just -3 (meaning the penalty for being prone is basically just the height difference penalty)?

Neither the GURPS wiki nor my search on the forums clarified this.

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Would it be implausible for Abydos to conquer Megalos Traveller Interstellar Wars style?

>> No.77464740

>Traveller Interstellar Wars style
Nani? Could you give us a quick rundown of how that played out for the uninitiated?

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Link the post?

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Any suggestions for what "spells as powers" my Martial Artist Witch can gadget into her tonfa-wands.

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under the section that says 'GULLIVER 3e to 4e quickie “conversion notes”'

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I've never played GURPS before. I'm forever GM, and I have potential players who are firearms autists and want to play a realistic modern tactical shooting type of game. They will probably want high levels of detail in terms of equipment and ballistics, injuries, so on and so forth. I have GURPS 4E, the pdf of GURPS Lite, GURPS Tactical Shooting. I have figured out how to make a character, and I understand the rolling system.

Does anyone have experience with a realistic gun focused campaign? I feel like we are the forefront of autism because I can't even find a single playthrough of this type of thing online. Honestly I can only find a few of any GURPS campaign. I guess my questions are:

1.) Does there exist a cheat sheet for the sequence of combat for GURPS Tactical Shooting?

2.) How to I generate realistic maps of the modern world with a hex grid?

3.) Is there any example of GURPS Tactical Shooting being played online?

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Go through the solo edition in the back of 3E revised (don't worry about editions you're just learning). It'll get you up to speed with the mechanics of gurps and then you're literally just swapping out equipment and abilities.

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Innate Attack (Jet) gives you a bit more reach without giving you actual ranged options. Crushing Attack with Double Knockback is always fun; it doesn't have a huge multiplier but it's cheap and dbkb turns it into a damage+utility spell for knocking foes into things, off of ledges, or towards ally's killzones.

The baseline Affliction that stuns is phenomenal in combat and super cheap. Between Melee C, Magic, your Gadget limitations, and maybe Limited Use (Reload) or Takes Extra Time, you can get it down to as cheap as 2 points/level, meaning buying multiple levels for a HT penalty is actually viable! Ten points for the ability to bop someone with HT-5 vs Stun is great.

DR (Requires Concentrate, -15%; Front Only, -20%; Force Field, +20%) lets you throw up a "force shield" so you can slowly advance under fire. Not a great deal *unless* it's a low-tech game (so you don't really need to worry about high-damage ranged attacks) or your GM is using one of Cole's rescaled pricing schemes for DR (so you can buy enough to resist gunfire without blowing your entire budget on one spell).

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Basically, in Traveller Interstellar Wars, the earthling conquered an empire of thousands of worlds. It took them a few centuries, with the first century being particularly rough, but they gradually wore down and destabilized the empire to the point where it couldn't offer any meaningful resistance.

Standard GURPS necromancy offers a lot advantages for a small state like Abydos in my view. They can have massive armies without worrying about feeding them and most battles, if not fought carefully, will make them stronger. Their leaders, who are functionally if not actually immortal, are pretty skilled. They also have allies in the form of Thulin's Folk and the Nomad Lands.

Megalos, meanwhile, is decadent and divided. The emperor is a demon and most of powerful religious factions distrust each other. Further, all it's neighbors despise it and it's one remaining subject kingdom, Araterre, is itching to rebel. If Araterre did rebel, there'd be almost nothing Megalos could do because their navy sucks and they no longer have the advantage of being the only side to possess magic. Al-Wazif, meanwhile, has plenty of factions eager for another tussle with Megalos. Caithness too might poise a threat, particularly if King Connal VI comes out of the current civil war stronger after purging all the rebel nobility. Finally, there's the Blackwood which by all accounts houses an expanding eldritch god that will soon have the ability to dominate human minds.

Having said all that, I guess it's probably very likely that Abydos would expand if and when Megalos started collapsing. The main question then is whether the other nations would accept a version of Christianity that advocates necromancy.

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>They're fine but should never be freely mixed with normal skills. Either use Wildcards exclusively

Has anybody already done up a good list of Wildcards for everything with reasonable point costs and stuff?

>> No.77466812

Steal WoD skills

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I'm about 80% of the way through my list, which is based on pic related's recommended categories. So far I haven't had to do any egregious padding or trimming to get them to fit into the guidelines set up in Power-Ups: Wildcards; IIRC the only oddity is Animal Handling covering weapons used while mounted, and I still feel that's more or less in the skills' wheelhouse.

Combat skills and how to divide them up is more or less down to personal taste. Usually it falls into two broad categories like Blade! and Blunt! or One-Handed! and Two-Handed, but I'm a big fan of style wildcards either instead of or in addition to general categories. Bow is a sticky issue since it's not easy to fold into others; I guess you could do Low-Tech Ranged! that covers Bow, Crossbow, Blowpipe, Throwing, Thrown Weapon (Any), Zen Archery, and assorted support skills, but that's messy and I feel a better solution must exist.

There was also that Anon's blog from the last thread (or maybe the one before that) that had an interesting redesign of skills. They weren't quite Wildcards but they were more broad than basic skills. Anyone remember that/have a link?

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You might find some use of this blog:
Some of the entries are "this scene through the lens of Tactical Shooting"

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Start small.
Unless you're ready for the grueling task of running a "West Marches" game in your megadungeon, start small.
Get some players.
Get a village, with a remote town and some vague overarching world.
Get a small dungeon complex nearby and some wilderness encounters.
Get players, start playing. Develop things in whatever direction your players take it.

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This. Only create as much material as you need to run the game. Improvise background heavily. Steal from other settings. Unless you're writing a book in your free time, setting up a game is hard enough without worrying about whether you've "got everything."
A headache when you mix them talents because they don't. I heavily suggest letting your players who want to switch to Wild-Card skills respec their talents into said skills.

On the other hand, they're desperately needed when you have really high-powered games. When your skill list is more than one page of text.... yeah break out the Wildcard skills.
Banestorm has a lot of potential for a dungeon fantasy-esque setting. There's plenty of dark corners and the world has enough history to justify a plethora of dungeons. Nevertheless, the campaign book is definitely geared towards low-low fantasy.

One interesting thing I read while purveying some old GURPS books was a Madlands connection to Yrth. Imagine a bunch of Megalan explorers arriving in the Madlands. Now that would make an awesome campaign.

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Anyone ever do GURPS Autoduel?

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He just mechanistically converts 3e monsters, so yes, I would say it's boring stuff - educational if you're starting with GURPS but useless if you want cool monsters that make the players engage with the mechanics.

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Eggplant, I actually enjoyed the focus on conversation and the brief character relations you had in your solo sci-fi write up. Combat is almost always at the forefront, so it was nice to see something different.

>> No.77471018

One of my players came to me with an interesting character concept, A man who can sense the future, Catching vague glimpses and a very basic outline of what might happen. The downside is that it causes random debilitating migraines and hallucinations, And he must truly believe the future he sees, Even if it's a false one. We agreed that i would give him an outline of events for the session, and i wouldn't tell him if they were bullshit or not, and his character would act as if they were completely true.
It sounds like some sort of fucked up disadvantage precognition. How the hell would you build this?

>> No.77471092

Danger sense
Combat reflexes
Weirdness magnet

>> No.77471503

Precognition with Uncontrollable Only. For side-effects add Temporary Disadvantage with whatever seems to fit. Or even take full disadvantage and just rule that it triggers Precognition whenever it goes off, which is appropriate for Uncontrollable Only.

>> No.77472825

Can kicks be done at default? The writeup for the technique says that it has to be based off of Brawling or Karate, but the Equipment section in Basic for kicks says it can be done with Brawling-2, Karate-2, or DX-2.

Should I assume the table is mistaken or that the writeup is mistaken? On one hand, the writeup is reproduced in Martial Arts, and it'd be weird if they made the same mistake twice across two books; on the other hand, kicking is so basic it makes no sense to lock it behind a skill since someone with no training should still be able to *try* to kick someone.

>> No.77472882

Wow I fucked that up. First sentence should be "Can kicks be done untrained at DX-2?"

>> No.77473027

Yes, there's nothing that says you can't use a technique from a skill at default (and Kromm confirmed it somewhere on the forums.) The thing you can't do is put points into it if you don't have training in the main skill.

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>crit fail on Computer check
>half of my pdf collection is gone for sure
>the other half may or may not have random corrupted files
But hey, all the gurps memes were on the other disk, so they are safe.

>> No.77474535

It warms my heart to see my frog meme posted all these years later.

>> No.77474641

>he doesn't have multiple RAIDZ2 NASes

>> No.77474867

So I have a 150 pt character who's crrently 107. I can take a disad down by 15 (costing) and give the disad to others (giving; +10 to each)
I can also afford to take Extra Fatigue. (Considering the character is ST7, it's worth it due to her profession.)

Which sounds the better use of 43 pts?

>> No.77474958

If I had a spare drive I wouldn't even have to do the stupid thing I did in the first place.
And I would get that spare drive if every single screw in my old laptop didn't seize up completely, preventing me from extracting its hdd.
But I still might be able to unscrew them if I had a better screwdriver, but my dad as usual put it god knows where.
Imagine you GM pulling shit like this just because you wanted to spend extra time to optimize your workspace. Reality sucks.

>> No.77475010

Here's the link to the blog, I think it's the one you are talking about.

>> No.77475088

Is it necessarily wrong to just use the Lite version of the rules then bolt on other stuff from the main rulebooks and the supplements?

>> No.77475195

is gridless on roll20 a good idea?

>> No.77475457

Nah, GURPS is meant to be fully configurable. There is no DEFAULT GURPS Experience.

>> No.77475493

Is it okay to remove crit fails?

>> No.77475501

I don't know. Can you repeat the question?

>> No.77475641

I'm just mad that it was actually well done and wasn't filled with as much... horror as I thought it would be.

>> No.77475692

Funny thing is I had spent months collecting GURPS PDFs from where I could find them for free online, painstakingly building my prized collection. Then I found out about 4chan, /tg/ and this general, and imagine how much time I felt I had wasted when I discovered the archive

>> No.77475734

I wish they'd update this to 4th, along with the newer Car Wars

>> No.77476040

I actually meticulously downloaded a ton of 4e material, sorted them, and then found this general. Always check if there's a 4chan general first.

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>> No.77476179

Reject tactical combat
Embrace theater of the mind

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is there ANY reason i can't use square hexes and just run facing like this

>> No.77476445

Is the combined basic set in the mega the same as the combined one that they used to sell (4e)?

>> No.77476504

>square hexes

>> No.77476506

I'm the last person to ask, I don't use grids at all.

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my point still stands ok

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I almost wish the GURPS rulebooks were numbered like those Rolemaster books
>Hey, how would you do [x]?
>"Refer to section 14.22: Applying the Prime Requisite Bonus to the Spell Gain Roll"
pic related

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Embrace the hex.

>> No.77476883

I would definitely prefer if all those boxes with optional/extra stuff were put where they belong mechanics-wise instead of being spruced randomly through the chapter. Seriously, it's a rulebook, not a tabloid.

>> No.77477000

gridless > ToTM > squares >>> h*xes

>> No.77477014

holy digits

dubs, dubs and trips confirm

>> No.77477362

Those are the gets of a liar.
Gridless > Hexes >>>> Squares = TotM

>> No.77477961

Hexes are the best because you can roll 1d to determine direction.

>> No.77478338

Martial Arts (pp.98-99) says that posture penalties imply a duel of two fighters of equal SM. In this situation, I don't see how the prone fighter would defend differently regardless of size difference, since the attack comes from straight ahead. For a realistic modifier, the standing man usually has to swoop down (-2) to hit a prone target. But a golf swing using Sports would suffer no penalty at GM fiat (which the Sports skill is built around.) If you don't have it and you're doing it mid combat for a laugh, I would settle for a telegraphic attack (p.113) which also ignores the penalty.

For Move you can get a ruler and move inch by inch, but I don't think that's where you're coming from. Just make sure to use Action's Abstract range or else you'll be making up range attack penalties often and it'll tire you down. If you don't use penalties range characters will dominate your game.
You're asking people who like GURPS, and I'm not going to lie that looks like it fucking sucks. and that's also how I started playing so good luck and have fun

>> No.77478503

I got confused and I thought you were theater of mind anon, my bad. There shouldn't be any game breaking effects. Though be careful because getting a runaround attack is possible at Range 1 with only Move 5 (instead of 6), since Facing still costs 1 point.

He can still roll 1d4.

>> No.77478541

No, the combined one SJG sold was just two different files you could buy for one price. The one in the mega is one I made by merging the two files (which is why the page numbers don't actually line up properly, since there are 'pages' which are actually covers.
Or just use a fucking D8 with squares.

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Unpermitted polyhedrons detected at the table. Deploying 80 points in guns killbot.

>> No.77479534

Ahh okay. I'll probably set gcs to use the separated volumes then.

>> No.77479594

GURPS only uses six-sided dice.

>> No.77479697

Based dice patrol keeping our thread clean of heresy

>> No.77479751

1d4 = (6 × 1d6 + 1d6 − 6) / 9, rounded up
1d8 = (36 × 1d6 + 6 × 1d6 + 1d6 − 42) / 27, rounded up

>> No.77479791
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technically functional
but still verboten

>> No.77479824

Kill yourself.

>> No.77480008

Spoken like a true nogames faggot.
Threadly reminder there is not a single totm fag that has ever manage to descrive even a simple room in sufficient detail.

>> No.77480031

It's not wrong. But if you bolt things on top of Lite, why not just use Basic?

>> No.77480085

If you're going to bolt on more gurps supplements, you might as well start with basic. You'd be surprised how much is already there from basic alone.

>> No.77480260

RAID is not a backup
RAID is not a backup
RAID is not a backup

>> No.77480430

Have a 150 pt character who's currently only using 107 pts. So 43 pts remaining. She is ST 7, DX 16, IQ 16 and HT 13

First: Would taking extra fatigue x 13 (39pts) be good or only 6x Extra Fatigue (18pts) and 6x Fearlessness (12)?

Second, should I reduce a disad for her by 15pts so others can take a 5pt disad? (EIght companions of hers.)

>> No.77480478

Using a d100 for mythic feels dirty.

>> No.77480558


RAID isn't a backup, but RAIDZ2 is equivalent of RAID 6, so it's tolerant of two disk failures simultaneously, and the note of multiple NAS could allow them to be physically separated and used to backup vital data.

If you've got two RAIDZ2 NAS as backup, mirrored with one in your house and one in your office you'd need 4 of 8 (minimum) simultaneous hard drive failures to lose data.

>> No.77480575
File: 490 KB, 449x401, Girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Um so you're telling me that you aren't using pure d6? Sorry sweetie but that's not real GURPS. Come up with a polynomial so you can get the same range of output with pure d6 and then you'll be playing the real game.

>> No.77480623

>ST 7
What are her offensive and defensive options? Is this a character meant to be in combat?
I'm not about to criticize the decision, I'm just curious

>> No.77480624

I'll just roll 100d6 and divide by 100.

>> No.77480671

IQ 16 and extra fatigue is suggesting a mage to me, so should be fine as long as they don't get hit

>> No.77480675

>MULTIPLE NASes: master and two intermittent backups

>> No.77480685

Thanks. I'm glad that you've liked it.

>> No.77481175

This doesn't sound like a valid character.
Post sheet and context.

>> No.77481362

Realistically FP can only be 30% above or below HT. If it's a mage you should look at Energy Reserve (GURPS Powers p.119) to power your attacks. This way chokes, starvation, heat, and cold are still threats to you.
Disadvantage points shouldn't be shared, it breaks a lot of party cohesion. Even if you're doing solo (I assume you are), you'd turn someone into Yamcha who hardly can contribute.
I feel like your post is straight out of a translator. If you are using GCS (you should, it's great) please post your sheet so we can help you get where you're trying to get.

>> No.77481479

No problem. Keep it up, man.

>> No.77481539


>DX 16
120 points
>IQ 16
120 points
>HT 13
30 points
>ST 7
-30 points

By my math you are at 240 points, not 107. Unless you've got 166 points of disads something is off.

Let's see her whole sheet? My first off the cuff advice is that stats that high are rarely worth it, and reduced ST is a really hard disadvantage. ST 9 or 8 for an adult human isn't too bad, but 7 is getting into the territory where you aren't going to be able to handle basic task for yourself and will be encumbered carrying a purse.

With IQ, and apparently Will, at 16 you really don't need Fearless x 6 for Will 22 vs Fear.

>> No.77481992


This is for Solo-play, and I basicly gave her tons of the skills in Sex & Pregnancy. So I marked certain things *S&P*. (Basicly loads of erotic skills at 16.)
Mariana 150~ points; very uncommon street whore; Age 33, 5'6 125lbs; pale skin, curly blond hair dyed red, blue eyes. ST 8 [-15], DX 16 [80], IQ 16 [80], HT 13 [30]
Advantages; Beautiful (+4 reaction rolls) [15], Charisma +3 [15]
Disadvantages; Poverty: Struggling $7,500 [-10]; Cyber Rejection [-25]; Secret: *S&P* (Possible Death) [-30], Secret: True Identity (Possible Death) [-30]; *S&P* [-15]; Compulsive Behavior: Sex (More than six hours a day.) [-15]; Reputation (Prostitute -3) [-15]; Thalassophobia (Ocean) [-10]; Heliosphobia (Sun) [-10]; Albinism (-10); Nightmares (-5)
Acting (M/A; 16 [2]), Area Knowledge (M/E; 16 [1]) (Rich and Famous, Red Light District), Carousing (P[HT]/A +3; 16[8]), Diplomacy (M/H; 16 [4]), Merchant (Self, M/A; 16 [2]), Performance (M/A; 16 [2]), Savoir-Faire (M/E; 16 [1]), Teaching (M/A; 16 [2]), Sex Appeal (M[HT]/A +3; 16[8]), Disguise (M/A; 16 [2]), Escape (P/H; 16 [4]), Stealth (P/A; 16 [2]), Streetwise (M/A; 16 [2]), Fast-Talk (M/A; 16 [2]),
Body language (M/H; 16 [4]),
Erotic Art (P/H; 16 [4]), Foreplay (M/A; 16 [2]), Love Making (M/A; 16 [2]), Prostitute (M/A; 16 [2]), Sexual Appeal (M/A[HT]): 16 [14]), Seduction (M/H; 16 [4]), Sex Games (M/H; 16 [4]), Stripping (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/E; 16 [1]), *S&P* (M/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/H; 16 [4]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [4]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/H; 16 [8]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/H; 16 [8]), *S&P* (F; P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/A; 16 [2]), *S&P* (P/H; 16 [8])
Total: 107

>> No.77482015

I forgot to mention, this is 3rd edition.

>> No.77482179
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Compulsive Behavior: Sex (More than six hours a day.)

>> No.77482254

I see you need a convoluted narrative to get off
well you do you

>> No.77482350
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I see, this is a pointlessly convoluted troll to keep the thread bumped...
Is what I would say if I didn't have unfortunate experience with other unfortunate individuals like you.
Here's some helpful advice:
1)Find others to play with.
2)Switch to 4e.

>> No.77482852


What's one major advantage of 3e?

And I'd have to give up the Alpha Centauri setting book. (Or translate everything.)

>> No.77482870
File: 442 KB, 1700x2200, Emma C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since characters are being posted, here's the finalized version of that phantom thief premade PC I've asked for advice on a few days ago.

>> No.77482907

dude ...

>> No.77482934

is this supposed to lead into fun at some point? holy shit

>> No.77482976

I bet she does ass to mouth.

>> No.77483092

Everyone does, if you outroll them

>> No.77483117
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I'm a complete idiot, how does GCS work? I can't seem to add or remove anything easily, am I just retarded? If so, can someone un-retard me?

>> No.77483125

>finalized version
Uh, you need disadvantages if you want to use the points. Right now you're playing a 600 waifu.
You're not utilizing GURPS' strong features. I don't see her place in the world in this sheet. No social stigma (criminal records), secret, status, wealth, ranks, allies, contacts, or enemies (though I don't like this one much). Wildcards are fine for a quick character, but characterization gets lost in the process. How does she deal with people? Does she like bribing guards, or to threaten their families so she gets her way? Is she good at dealing with the nobles, or are thugs her kind of people?

If you mean "over" 3e, there's a bunch. Rules are more unified, you don't need to compile your campaign out of seven books. The skill write-up is much more pleasant to look at. There's tools like GCS for character creation (the anon above posted a sheet), it has all the 4e traits, skills, and a good number of items in there. Pyramid articles expand the game on nicher ways that books can't spec into. I don't know much of 3e, but I know what it doesn't have. From what little I did read, 4e rules are much better explained than in 3e. And character conversion is really simple, sometimes changes are negligible.

>> No.77483144

open a library
drag and drop to add to the sheet

double clicking an element opens it for editing

>> No.77483262

>Uh, you need disadvantages if you want to use the points. Right now you're playing a 600 waifu.
I'm the GM. I have disadvantages in mind, but I'd rather weave them into campaign planning rather than record them in a concrete way on the GCS sheet.

>social stigma (criminal records), secret, status, wealth, ranks, allies, contacts, or enemies
I consciously avoided most of those because they're highly irrelevant for how I'm planning on running the game. It's supposed to be a pseudo-sandboxish one-off, and characterization is mostly up to how the player chooses to play the character.

>> No.77483267


Okay. Thank you for those who actually wanted to help me.

I'll use the 43 pts in Extra Fatigue (+3 for 9pts) and up her ST to 9. (Since upping her ST is only 10 points.) Still a suprisingly low Fatigue score for what job she' supposed to have; suprisingly sex requires stamina. I mostly wanted a mountain of stamina *and* the low ST.

There is a reason I did not want high ST: her backstory. (No, not sharing. She's supposed to be a very morally dark figure without being a traditional villain.)

>> No.77483333
File: 76 KB, 379x365, WHEEEEEEEEE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kept double-clicking instead of doing that, thank you anon you're a real help

>> No.77483497

How do I keep a hostile NPC spellcaster alive long enough in a fight against PCs with guns to keep it interesting?

>> No.77483533

missile shield, duh

>> No.77483547

>There's tools like GCS for character creation (the anon above posted a sheet),
I dunno if you can claim that as an advantage when GURPS 3 has GCB and Character GURU and shit, having a chargen program isn't unique to 4e.

>> No.77483562

Cover, armor, stealth, reasonable tactics, indirect fire spells, defensive spells
that took me about 10 seconds to think of, mostly just have them act like an actual human rather than someone standing around in the open.

>> No.77483579

I only used "golf swing" to illustrate a swinging attack aimed very low and made with a long weapon, not an actual golf club swing, sorry for the confusion.

Brawling and Karate don't have defaults though. You can roll against straight DX to punch, but Brawling doesn't default to DX-0 or anything like that. An untrained swordsman can try a Whirlwind attack at DX-10 (-5 from Broadsword default with a further -5 from Whirlwind Attack's default), but RAW I don't think an untrained brawler can kick at any penalty.

>> No.77483640
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What is the procedure for distracting someone in GURPS? The only mention of it is under Will Rolls and it says that the person being distracted has to make a will roll or gets distracted but I want to know how to cause a distraction and there doesn't seem to be any rules about what skills you can use to do this or what constitutes as a good distraction.

>> No.77483786

I've let a PC pull off a simple distraction without a roll; you don't need panache or guile to knock over something fragile and go "OOPS :)" to distract someone. In that case, the guy they were trying to distract gets a Will roll, sometimes modified by how distracting the distraction is. If they want to get *fancy*, though, it's a quick contest of IQ or the best IQ-based skill they can argue is relevant vs the target's Will.

>> No.77483952

Adding to this, you can use standard windows shortkeys. you can alt click to drag and drop several, and shift click a selection to select the whole band.

>> No.77484110

So, money vs abstract wealth. I'm guessing it's like this:
>resource management, gig work or survival
-> money
>non-monetary focus or stable income
-> abstract
Is this a good way to look at it?

>> No.77484132

*those being campaign themes

>> No.77484152

what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.77484266

huh Brawling doesn't default to DX, but everything Brawling does it can be done with DX (punches, kicks, slams, use of strikers.) But take a look at B271. I'm definitely sure Kromm said you can use DX for parries.

GURPS Social Engineering p.36 Distractions. Action uses distractions (social skill rolls) as complementary rolls to burglary stuff. So pick your poison.

>> No.77484388
File: 179 KB, 1305x267, dx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot to add image

>> No.77484399

More or less. There are some exceptions though. Abstract Wealth would also work for complex networks of favors and payments in kind; I've wanted to run an Infinity game in GURPS for a while now, and Abstract Wealth would be a perfect fit for Bakunin's Social Energy "currency."

>> No.77484557

entirely depends on the distraction, as distractions can vary from a few well placed social comments to an explosion away from the target
generally I'd do it as an opposed roll against an appropriate skill, with penalties and bonuses as appropriate, but that is the simplest method and there are other systems out there

>> No.77484748

Yeah, but that page is AFAIK the only one that gives Kick a DX-2 default; the technique writeups in Basic, Martial Arts, Furious Fists etc. fail to mention DX-based kicks. So AFAIK either those writeups are wrong or the weapons table is wrong.

>> No.77485466

Party werewolf want ability to cosmetically change his wolf form into variable dog breeds of same size. How he can pull this?

>> No.77485796

The template he changes into when going wolf mode has Morph (Cosmetic, -50%; Retains Shape, -20%) [30]. Seeing as how this is similar in concept but broader than Elastic Skin [20], a 30-point price tag seems fair.

>> No.77486036
File: 28 KB, 797x83, Screenshot_922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel retarted, but what does the "+" mean in the shots column?
Like, I know what the parenthesis mean, and I've re-read the bit about shots and reloading several times, but it says nothing about the +

What the fuck does this mean

>> No.77486154

Magazine capacity + 1 left in the chamber (if you're not reloading from empty)

>> No.77486185

Ah that makes sense, thanks

>> No.77486279

Some guns let you chamber one extra round. Normally, that rifle holds six shots (since you never want to store a firearm or carry it around in general with a round in the chamber), but it can technically hold up to 7 if you're expecting action.

The +1 is a lot more relevant for guns that don't load rounds individually; if you spend three seconds loading any round, spending 3 more for that 7th shot is a no-brainer, but doubling a 9mm pistol's 3-second reload time to go from 8 shots to 9 is more niche.

>> No.77487158


You also get the "+1" when you reload before you've totally expended a magazine with most weapons fed from detachable box magazines. If you fire Colt 1911A1's 7 round magazine and reload because there might be trouble in the next room your weapon is still charged. You don't have to work the action and and it's now holding 8 rounds rather then 7 with a full magazine and a round chambered.

>> No.77487393

Hello, I am new to GURPS but have already read a lot of rules. I looked at the list of supplements and I donno where to start. I want to run a campaign in a neolithic setting complete with dumb monkeys and cavemen PCs. Anyone willing to share advice?

>> No.77487561

look at GURPS- Lands Out Of Time for something close to that. Ice Age from third edition has some other relevant stuff. Low-tech and the various supplements have other helpful stuff for a low tech campaign

>> No.77487841

Any ideas on how to do Cyberpunk 2077-style smart guns in GURPS? For those unfamiliar, CP2077 smart guns come in a variety of types: pistol, SMG, shotgun, and rifle. When you have the right cyberware equipped, you can aim the weapon and, when you fire, your shots will curve and bend in the air toward the target, even hitting them around cover. Smart weapons are somewhat rare/expensive and are said to use "gyrojet" technology to fire "micro-projectiles."

Gyrocs seem like the closest fit at TL9, but are also kind of the opposite to CP2077's presentation. Gyrocs have high damage, low RoF, and low Shots, while smart guns tend to have lower DPS, high RoF, and high Shots. Smart guns also don't have lower damage at close range and, when fired from the hip, it sees like they should use their relevant Guns specialization, not Guns (Gyroc).

Maybe the answer is to use homing bullets from TL9 conventional guns? Unfortunately, Infrared homing isn't available for 10mm bullets until TL10 and 7.5mm until TL 11, which would make the latter cost about $8.64/round, which seems too expensive to spray around.

Also, how smart are homing attacks? Are they capable of only minor course corrections, or can they make 90 degree turns? Can they be set to always attack a specific part of the body, i.e., "always try to attack the head?"

>> No.77488118


I'd treat them as shitty homing bullets, though IIRC in CP 2077 they are guided by a link to your cyberwear and gun, not by the projectile itself.

I'd say on their own they aren't smart enough, even close, to do image recognition, identify a part of a target and attack it intentionally. That also helps them having command guidance: the smart link and cyberoptics can a lot more easily identify a 'head' then a micro-IR seeker.

To organize thoughts: Maybe command guided smart rounds get a -60% price mod and -1 TL on IR seekers

>> No.77488229

I think that's because you can't improve kicking from DX-2. If you want to learn kicking *technique* you have to have an appropriate skill.

>> No.77488383

Lite + Low Tech (some of the addon booklets have rules for hunter-gatherers and stone and bone crafting).

>> No.77488616

Smart ammunition is handled using the Seeking or Homing rules.

>> No.77489645

That seems pretty much exactly like elastic skin though. A wolf-sized dog will have a skeleton and muscle structure very like a wolf. Changing your fur and details like muzzle shape should be covered by Elastic Skin if it is capable of making a human look like a specific different human or a 'very similar race' (e.g. a Neanderthal or Elf).

>> No.77489986

The Prehistory issue of Pyramid (#3/56) is all about cavemen and cavemen-related things.

For wilderness survival, there's Low-Tech Companion 3, but I feel that After the End with the Survival at the End article (from issue #3/90) is more gameable. There's also DF16: Wilderness Adventures for more cinematic rules for the great outdoors.

>> No.77490030

Pyramid volume 3, issue 56 has some good prehistoric stuff, including templates for cavemen and some plot suggestions.
For some reason, Ultra-Tech doesn't include any guided weapons, only homing ones. The description you give seems a lot more like radio guidance than homing. You'd have to come up with some rules for that, probably significantly cheaper and available earlier than equivalent size homing rounds.
Note that cyberpunk is often TL 10 or better in computer technology while stuck at TL 9 for other stuff. Jamming guidance systems into tiny packages is probably part of that advanced technology.
90 degree turns seem plausible to me, but targetting specific parts of a human with the tiny homing systems in UT seems unlikely.
Furries has a race which has kicking raised from DX as a racial technique.

>> No.77490112

Thing is that Elastic Skin seems to be limited to minor features and wouldn't affect something like limb length; a wolf could Elastic Skin its way into looking like a husky but would need the limited Morph to become something like a Pit Bull (which is still roughly the same size but is a very different breed). At least that's how I'm reading it.

>> No.77490879

I've been checking around the "Dodge This" article on Pyramid and there's a question on my mind.
To detect a projectile on the "Incoming!" section do you have the +10 for it being in plain sight or not?

>> No.77491519

Yeah, wolf to pit-bull is probably equivalent to human to dwarf. The mass might be similar (although a pit-bull the weight of a wolf would be a pretty big one) but that aren't really the 'same size' because one is significantly taller than the other. Although presumably Elastic Skin actually includes at least some ability to shift bone structure, since otherwise it would be pretty bad at imitating other people.

>> No.77491595

I like the suggestion, but I think there's still a few problems with using guided attacks. In CP2077, you aren't required to stand around pointing your weapon at your intended target once you fire, even at long ranges. Second, the lore indicates that smart guns allow even mediocre users to shoot like marksmen. That, to me, implies homing rounds (which replace user skill) instead of guided rounds.

I checked those rules (p.412), but it doesn't answer my questions about homing attacks being able to dodge intervening obstacles by making sharp turns or target specific sections of a target.

>> No.77492187

Yeah, sorry for not being able to write a proper response back then.
First off, you have to decide whether to follow CP2077 or decided that it's a case of unreliable narrator / in-universe hype.
Reasonably, the bullets should be Guided, using "hands-free" guidance from the gun or the user's implanted link.

What CP2077 describes is a classic case for Homing projectiles (they are "fire and forget" use their own skill rather than that of the user).

As for whether they can make called shots - yes they can, at the usual penalties.
They also travel up to it's 1/2D range per turn (per second). On the first turn it will behave like a normal shot - if it reaches the target, it attacks.
On subsequent turns, use the normal movement and turning rules counting the missile as having Move equal to its 1/2D and Enhanced Move up to its Max range.
This means that you can additionally add Handling to the missile if you want to make one brand be more able to maneuver around than another.
Dodging obstacles is handled the same way - the Homing projectile is just speeding along towards the target and when it reaches them it "attacks".

>> No.77492237

To clarify - these are interpretations of the rules suggested by the writers and following logically from the rules in Basic - they are not outlined in any specific book to my knowledge.

>> No.77493878

What's the best way to model the Venom symbiote?

>> No.77496159



>> No.77496176

careful waving around a source that says an average person is a max of 50 points, people get so butthurt about it and try to say an average person is more like 200 points

>> No.77496199

Isn't the average supposed to be 100?

>> No.77496401

>As gear
TL12 Nanosuit with the Morphwear option and a full-blown but low-IQ and animalistic Volitional AI on a Small Computer (p. UT 185, 189, 28, and 22 respectively) and converted into a biogadget (p. BT95) with either the Bioconverter or Body-Powered options. Additional abilities granted by the symbiote are handled as built-in gadgets also run through the biogadget converter. Cash costs would be inappropriate, so only use them as a guideline for buying with points; for a TL8 game, it would take about 40 points to get the cash to buy it, and 40 points seems alright if a little on the cheap side (maybe pad out the cost with Unusual Background).

>As an ability
A very scary Alternate Form with lots of ST, DR, HP, and a wide assortment of abilities. Remember that costs can be reduced by giving the template disadvantages (low Appearance, Social Stigma: Monster, etc.) to balance out all the points you're spending on its traits. The user would also have some (growing) mental disadvantages to represent the symbiote's influence, plus maybe Phantom Voices.

>As an independent character
This one's tricky, but the best take I can find is cribbing from Transhuman Space: Shell-Tech's wearable gear, the Reporter's Vest. It has Compartmentalized Mind (Dedicated Controls) and a Perk "Provides wearer with own DR as torso armor," which together grant the wearer access to DR, radio, extended senses, and even vision protection. We can do something similar with the symbiote, also adding ST and other traits to the list. Since the symbiote is weak without a host, extra ST should probably be bought with a -40% limitation to have it only activate with a wearer. Bonding with a host means each buying Special Rapport and optionally Ally.

>> No.77496513
File: 94 KB, 339x428, points table.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not according to the table in Lite

>> No.77496552

100 is "normal but competent enough to do adventurer stuff"

>> No.77496599

Thanks, anon. I appreciate your thoroughness. You've given me quite a bit to think about.

>> No.77497390

Yeah most people imagine themselves as being better under pressure than they actually are. IE people might rate their driving at 13 but really they're borderline untrained / 1pt and will flip out and crash as soon as they encounter ice. I think the idea of "average" sometimes gets conflated with "average adventurer" or "average merc".

>> No.77497454
File: 482 KB, 1920x2880, dmitry-skolzki-stretch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys handle stats for things in fiction that have absurdly superhuman abilities? Do you lower their CP to fit the game better or do you try to make it as "realistic" as possible?

>> No.77497556
File: 130 KB, 600x337, 600px-Ancestor_House_of_Ruin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem are all the people that don't get what "average" means and want you to play 50CP characters then get surprised when you repeatedly fail to do anything.
This of course is if you even buy the idea of the 50CP cop, considering that most other 4e sources are pretty adamant that anyone with job skills below 12 can only qualify for low-skill labor (e.g. architects have SL14 while poor construction workers have SL10 according to Low-Tech).

The specific linked source is bad in for multiple reason, among them:
>misses the important "starting adventurers have 150CP" note
>fails to properly explain disadvantages and encourages the wrong idea that high-CP characters should get more disadvantages
>very strange list of advantages and disadvantages neither exhaustive nor curated for a specific genre
>house-ruled skills again based on some bizarre criteria
At least it honestly warns you about not being an introduction to GURPS, but this is honestly the kind of source that produces disgruntled ex-players with some very grim views of GURPS.

>> No.77497600
File: 83 KB, 735x537, 5l4lfxh3xjt31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to stat up some Lovecraftian monstrosities? I just give the creature whatever I feel is appropriate without paying attention to any point totals or whatever, unless the characters are supposed to be able to defeat the thing, then yeah I pay a bit more attention so I don't accidentally cause a TPK

>> No.77498304

Not everything needs a stat block or point total anon

Sometimes you just gotta play it out

>> No.77498407

I really like how well written and structured gurps books are.

>> No.77499326

Counterpoint: >>77476883

>> No.77499411

Counterpoint counterpoint:
>all other rpg books currently on the market
We can both wish things to be better and admire how good they already are.

>> No.77499658

Found an Easter egg in 3rd edition revised. If you right click Robyn's character sheet you can copy the image. If you paste it into something else like paint, it's completely different art.

>> No.77499690

Also, people seem to underestimate how much variability there is in 'real-world point totals'. A couple of levels of attributes and a handful of advantages or disadvantages might be perfectly reasonable differences between 'normal' people, but can be worth over a hundred points.
Someone with ST 9, DX 10, IQ 10, HT 10, Bad Sight, Struggling Wealth, Pacifism (Reluctant Killer), Overweight, Unattractive appearance, some minor mental health issues and a dozen points in skills wouldn't be at all unusual, certainly not a complete basket case, but has a points total of around -30. Likewise, 11 in all stats, no disadvantages apart from quirks, Comfortable Wealth, Attractive Appearance, a second language, couple of dozen points in skills is nobody special but is close to a hundred points.
I don't generally count CP for anything except PCs, Allies and Patrons. It is what it is. If the source material suggests ST 100, or 1,000, that's what it has.

>> No.77500497

Anyone have any decent rules for crafting guns and shit? A player of mine just expressed interest in it as I was running ideas for the start of my campaign by them. I read that 3E had some rules for that in Low Tech, but I'm planning out 4E and I just dropped nearly $200 on books (including High Tech) and I'm not eager to do it again.

>> No.77500553

Use the rules for inventing things from the basic set. Don’t forget the large bonus you get for “inventing” something that already exists and you already have a copy of.

Or are you talking about designing new types of guns whole-cloth, from the ground up?

>> No.77501610
File: 413 KB, 1282x744, improv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HT doesnt go into all that much detail, but at least it's something

>> No.77502642

The growing mental disads can be represented with the corruption modifier on the disad; this increases the value of teh disad by 20% and when they succumb to it, they gain corruption, which can make the disad worse. Check out GURPS Horror for more details.

>> No.77503602

Does degree of technological superiority matter for skill checks?

>> No.77503809


>> No.77503873

I wrote a rule where one culture (normally modern/futuristic) counts as being 20th century when interacting with some scientific fields of another one, due to divergences in their advancement.

>> No.77503911

but what does it have to do with skill checks

>> No.77504021

I'd take that table with a grain of salt. Social advantages alone can cause characters to balloon in point levels. Further, high TL characters, particularly robots and transhumans, are going to have much higher point levels despite being "normal" for their setting. Really, that table is only accurate for realistic settings with real humans of typical social standing.

>> No.77504065

I stat up it. I only bother counting points if the character is supposed to be played. Never do more work than you need to.

>> No.77504283

what are some abilities you'd add to a robotic panther, with ai?

>> No.77504984

Tail-mounted laser weapon.
Payload to carry the hero's vibrokatana.
Sharp grasping claws to justify Clinging.

>> No.77506350
File: 78 KB, 713x448, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone actually use BAD from Action? Is it really good?

>> No.77506483

Tech level modifiers, Basic Set p 168

>> No.77506488

Are there proper rules for the mordhau somewhere? I want to run a game about grimdark knights.

>> No.77506494
File: 62 KB, 600x800, soy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are there proper rules for the mordhau somewhere? I want to run a game about grimdark knights.

>> No.77506500


>> No.77506520

How do you guys handle carry weight? It seems extremely important for the balance, But some players dislike having to deal with all the inventory management

>> No.77506525

The GURPS General used to be better than this.

>> No.77506533

Have the characters total their starting weight, and just leave it at the static number unless there's a major weight change (new armor, picking up a fallen comrade, etc).

>> No.77506589

Martial Arts mentions it - use Axe/Mace or Two-Handed Axe/Mace, and you can use Hook technique with it.
However, it doesn't say what stats to use for that. I'd probably use round mace (sw+2 cr if one-handed, sw+3 cr if two-handed) so it's actually useful to boost base damage without being too good.

>> No.77507096

All BAD does is streamline what you should already be doing for most challenges in the way of the players. It's moderately good at its job as long as you use it correctly.
Use GCS and automate that inventory management.
Basic has very rudimentary crafting rules and somewhat more expansive invention/engineering rules.
High-Tech has rudimentary gunsmithing and handloading rules.
After The End has decent rules for scrounging materials and spare parts.
Pyramid 3/46 has several systems for inventing and crafting things. Daughter of Necessity in particular handles the crafting, retrofitting and upgrading of weapons very well if you don't mind all materials being abstracted to money. You can combine some of these to take things to the level of detail you want.

>> No.77507158

As per a very old discussion, one of the simples ways is to handle it as a Perk, since it is a close equivalent of Technique Adaptation.
It would look something like this:
Murder-Strike Training - when using a sword as an improvised weapon with the mace/axe skill, you can use it with your sword skill at no penalty.

>> No.77507629

I'd probably treat a reversed broadsword or longsword as a pick or small mace (typically in a defensive grip), a bastard sword or greatsword as a mace or warhammer.
Use bullets, beans, and batteries from Action for consumables, lump general equipment into tool kits whenever possible, precalculate encumbrance for full load and after dropping packs, etc. don't bother recalculating from minor pick-ups, have a generic 'treasure' item weighing 20 lbs. or whatever which covers everything they loot regardless of details.
If you need to work out stats, you can crib the weapon design rules from 3rd edition Vehicles (the stats are almost identical for 4th edition but accuracy is halved, recoil turns into a positive number and is increased by 1, snap shot is no longer a thing, damage type changes as detailed in High Tech, and you will have to estimate bulk), but you can usually just extrapolate from existing ones. You can also use Guns, Guns, Guns from BTRC, which provides conversion formulas for GURPS 3rd edition.
A slightly simplified formula for calculating damage from a real-world round if you know its size and kinetic energy:
(E^(1/2)) / (C^(1/3)) * 0.23 = D
Where E is kinetic energy in Joules, C is bullet diameter in millimetres, and D is the dice of damage.

>> No.77508716

How accurate overall is the process of creating things in 3e and converting to 4e?
Are there ready to use formulas for 4e instead? E.g. if I know the muzzle velocity and round mass, is there a semi-reliable formula to calculate it's damage for 4e?

>> No.77508822

>Some attacks used an inverted sword: the fighter held his weapon by the blade and either bashed his opponent with the hilt as if it were a mace or used the Hook technique with the crosspiece.
>as if it were a mace
Sounds like pretty cut and dry evidence for sw+3 cr. Also I don't know if mordhaus were ever done one-handed.

KE = 0.5*(m*v^2), where m = mass of the round and v is the muzzle velocity. Plug that into the equation from >>77507629 and you're good to go, at least for damage. You'd be on your own for range, accuracy, and bulk though, which are arguably as important as damage output.

>> No.77508903

For damage and DR it is 100% accurate, since the same numbers were used for both.
I believe range is also the same.
Accuracy seems to be fairly close to half, although which way odd numbers round seems to vary.
For ST and HP however, the two systems are completely incompatible.

>> No.77508935

Doesn't the 3e-to-4e conversion PDF handle changing ST scores? Wouldn't you just use that for updating the ST requirements for 3e firearms?

>> No.77509012

Use KYOS and calculate ST/HP from mass

>> No.77509030

What the fuck are you on about? We're talking about firearm design.

>> No.77509294

> been reading gurps the past few days
> only on page 30
Jesus christ this thing is dense.

>> No.77509911
File: 134 KB, 800x1132, 652069f37b853eff534681f4946a2b1d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shattered world: Masquerade today!

Political repercussions episode, certainly

>> No.77510146

How's the guy in the power armor doing?

>> No.77510493

Just skim the Advantages and Disadvantages so you can get an idea of what they're about and only bother reading properly if one of them is relevant to a character you're creating.
Takes hours just doing an A-Z slog of those chapters.

>> No.77512392


>> No.77512936


>> No.77513393

>reading an RPG book like it's a textbook
Do you usually do that?
Wouldn't it be better to grab GCS (gurpscharactersheet) and start making some bog-standard 150CP characters following some archetypes you find fun?
And just read whatever is relevant, or outright ask questions here.

>> No.77513926

Nah, I was planning to skim the advantages and disadvantages, the first 30 pages is just setup.

>> No.77516452

Based and .pilled

>> No.77516719

Has anyone run an Infinite Worlds campaign? What was the premise? How did it go?

I'm contemplating running one at some point, now that I've figured out an alternative to Homeline.

>> No.77517242

Infinite Worlds seems like a good way to spinoff a campaign once you want a bit of variety. Might do it with my post apocalypse campaign at some point. Turn it into some TimeSplitters esque shenanigans.

>> No.77517634

>I checked those rules (p.412), but it doesn't answer my questions about homing attacks being able to dodge intervening obstacles by making sharp turns or target specific sections of a target.
The Javelin in High-Tech is capable of top attacks, and those are treated as a feature of the weapon with no specific rules.

>> No.77517889

Top attacks are just a form of using the Overhead modifier from Basic.

>> No.77518096

That would be Shattered World: Dungeon Delve. And if you mean Doctor Victor Basileus Junior, he's good. His crew have settled into their SBI base nicely and are resolving many of their outstanding prisoner issues. Now they just need to deal with their newfound Precursor-built armor suits and the two mad Eternals taking care of them

>> No.77518655

Honestly, anything less than 100 points is basically canon fodder suitable only for horror and comedy games. 100 points makes for good investigators and peasant "heroes." But really it's very easy to be good at something in GURPS. The trick is being good at things while not being terribly weak in everything else. Proper party design can help alleviate a character's weaknesses but you still gotta pay attention to stuff like HT and Per.

>> No.77518832

Thank you, I was designing the supplement with GURPS Lite in mind. I'll note the modifiers accordingly.

>> No.77519318

I do that for fun

>> No.77519403

This. It's fun to read through.

>> No.77520809

How to build a magic system where all magic is the work of "power items" and all that wizards know how to do is use them especially well?

>> No.77520947

>Require all levels of the magery advantage to come with a gadget/object limitation.
Bam done. Pretty much every magic user in my current campaign has done this anyway to squeeze more into the somewhat limited point total.

>> No.77521268

How does the Discworld Magic System, the Dungeon Fantasy Incantation System, Ritual Path Magic, Path/Book Magic from Thaumatology, and the core book's Ritual Magic variant (IE "Each college is its own skill based on the Ritual Magic skill, each spell defaults off it with a penalty of -(1 + Prereq Count)") compare to one another? Is there any of those listed that you like a lot? Is there an alternative magic system you prefer, like Sorcery or Baseline Magic?

>> No.77521341

I love Sorcery!
There's a video on magic system comparison (excluding Discworld though) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_klNZS4bp1g
Transcript can be found here, in the likely case that you cannot tolerate the accent or do not want to read subtitles - https://onlythepartsyouneed.blogspot.com/2019/03/only-parts-you-need-episode-one-st.html

>> No.77521564

How’s the GURPS pvp scene? I imagine there’s not much of a set meta. I’ve been looking for a tournament to join, but I’ve had no luck.

>> No.77521606

Ask your GM to run a tournament.

>> No.77521670

>no 4chan cup esque gurps tournaments controlled by anons from here
lets get it started

>> No.77521816

what are the rules? 200 points anything goes?

>> No.77522025


>> No.77522326

It'd be cool to set up an ATE gladiator game with some Freakishness going on. I feel like ATE is the best one for balancing gear and points, but I've never tried it.

>> No.77523706

Reading for fun, and reading for inspiration are different than just trying to read through as if it was a textbook.
I enjoy reading the genre/tech books, but I wouldn't recommend it as a way of learning the system.

>> No.77523876

50 points, no exotic or supernatural advantages, no cinematic, no allies, no employees, TL 3.

>> No.77523994

What is this, Man To Man?

>> No.77524073
File: 1.61 MB, 832x1261, 1436628694249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Favorite Styles from Martial Arts or your own creations?

>> No.77524082

Axe and shield mains rise up
Do we get disadvantages

>> No.77524892
File: 1020 KB, 756x530, askelad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>50 points
Ah yes, the special gladiatorial fights.
Where we pick purpose-bred autists that have 42CP in Staff.

>> No.77524912

A fight-academy thing would be nice.
I've lost count of the times I've encountered GMs who have no idea how fights work and make encounters that swing wildly behind trivial and impossible, but mostly end up tedious.
A gladiatorial arena on the other hand would be bad because CP is decent at handling parity but terrible at measuring comparative combat ability. You'd need to establish some very strict rules about how characters are made, which in turn is going make things very bland very fast.

>> No.77525348

I find that reading through a book cover-to-cover as the authors obviously intended is generally the best way to absorb information and this applies to roleplaying games as much as anything else.
The first three are essentially variants of each other. RPM is the most flavourful, but also the one I think has most issues. I haven't really played around with them, but they seem to generally have the usual strengths and weaknesses of flexible magic systems.
Ritual Magic is something of a kludge and one I don't like simply because it means keeping track of even more spells and adding even more balance issues to the already poorly balanced basic magic system.
Path and Book is by far my favourite magic system, with my preferred mix of magicians having significant limitations (i.e. prep time), flavourful rules, and a limited spell list which doesn't take up much space on a character sheet.

>> No.77525426

> as the authors obviously intended
What if they didn't?
What if the book is intended as a game manual, not as a textbook or a novel? What if the layout and organization of the text is designed for this purpose?

>> No.77525610

>a game manual, not as a textbook
These work the same way. You read the book through, then revise specific sections as required.

>> No.77526808

>The first three are essentially variants of each other.
IMO Discworld magic is leagues closer to Path/Book than RPM, unless you consider "has rules for pricing effects" the main thing that makes a magic system RPM-esque. It lacks RPM's intricate piece-by-piece energy pricing for spells in favor of a much looser "ehh it sounds complex, -4 to skill" style of guidelines.

I like Divine Favor, which has a similar format to Sorcery except its core advantage is Patron instead of Modular Abilities. This means that powerful "improvised" abilities are available right out the gate, and the difference between a starting favored soul and an advanced one is a question of reliability rather than direct strength. Learned spells, in contrast, trade power for reliability. The rules assume the Patron is a YHWH-like entity, but I've had luck tweaking it to less omnipotent gods and Nature in general for druids.

If you're looking for something like Sorcery but a bit different, Divine Favor is a great way to add mystical flavor to magic and the power vs reliability question can lead to interesting mechanical choices.

>> No.77527213

I've liked the trinity of Hsing I Chuan, Pa Kua Chuan, and T'ai Chi Chuan, for their flavor if nothing else. I haven't made too many styles, but my favorite is the spear/main-gauche dual-wielding style.

>> No.77527765

>If you mean "over" 3e, there's a bunch. Rules are more unified, you don't need to compile your campaign out of seven books.

Looks at the DF line, looks at this response, looks back at the DF line....

>> No.77527982

It's a great book for just making monsters feel cool and interesting, based on the advice it gives.

I was gonna say Horror, but I was beaten to it.

>> No.77528283

Nito Ryu, because dual-wielding edgelords are my jam.
French(?) Fencing because of cool scientific flavor, although in practice I prefer the Italian one.

>> No.77528891

How I can make Magic from Mage The Awakeniong/Anscention?
RPM is fine?

>> No.77528998

There was an entire World of Darkness conversion series for 3E, including Mage: The Ascension. That being said, 1994 is pretty old for both WoD and GURPS, so it might not be the best solution

>> No.77529046

The information is interesting, so I read it.

>> No.77529238

What are some cool synergies between weeb and European fencing styles?

>> No.77529331

Next session of my campaign, the players are gonna roll up on a major smuggling route or drug operation in Florida, hoping to take it over for themselves.

Suggestions? Alchemy is in play, as are monsters. Give me ideas for a gonzo criminal ring that has elixirs and pet horrors. Bonus points for gross and weird stuff.

>> No.77529607

RPM is fine, but for Mage you might want something even more freeform.

>> No.77529608

Aren't DF 1, 3-15 (except eight), 18, and denizens all for making your character? The only ones you'd build the rules for your campaigns are 2, most times 16, maybe 17, and rarely 21?

>> No.77529698

Muay Thai due to its 2 skills prerequisite, uppercut, high utility kicks, Clinch, Neck Control AND Roll with the Blow. If it also had Focused Fury I'd say it'd be the best one no doubt.

>> No.77529886

Is GURPS Aliens written with a "universe" in mind?

>> No.77529997

I think it's meant to be 'generic space opera' in much the same way that DF is 'generic modern fantasy', kind of a compromise of Star Trek, Star Wars, Farscape, Babylon 5, etc. There's obviously a lot of setting assumptions like psionics and certain standard technology 'baked in'. I assume that the space atlas and space bestiary for 3rd edition were also meant to be in the same vaguely-defined setting.

>> No.77530641

Florida's a key smuggling point due to its proximity to Cuba, the Bahamas, etc., so I'd start with that. Maybe voodoo things smuggled from Haiti? Even if out-and-out spell casting and spirit-communion voodoo magic isn't a thing, you could treat voodoo zombie powder as an alchemical product. Haiti also has its own flavor of werewolves called je-rouges ("red eyes") if they aren't using the French loup garou/Creole lougarou, which are either sorcerers wearing animal skins or people possessed and warped by evil spirits; you could include them as muscle if not the smugglers themselves. If you're okay going less camp and more outright dark, je-rouges have a propensity for stealing children above all else.

There's also some Florida cryptids to throw at the players. There's the Skunk Ape (Bigfoot with BO; maybe alchemically modified to be smarter or at least easier to control) and the Moss Man (just what it sounds like)

>> No.77532212

I'm playing 3rd edition.

Average Adult at 75pts, minor NPC (story relevant) 100, Major NPC 125, and Major PC at 125. DMPC is 'points don't matter since they are only available to help the PC's rarely'.)

Did I do good?

>> No.77532290

No. You haven't actually told us anything.

>> No.77532747
File: 130 KB, 607x445, 1613338920014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have that excel sheet for converting real weapons to GURPS? I have a mighty need to make stats for things like the Liberator.

>> No.77532939
File: 1.65 MB, 1948x1096, 47069724 COMITIA110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today on Iron Age GURPS!

Our standoff with the dragon continued. It was big, its claws sharp, its breath hot, and it could speak, so we decided that the best strategy was to engage it in conversation. We were humble and answered his questions honestly.

The dragon, Aiden, had been slumbering in the vault for a very long time, and was upset we passed our fright checks and disheartened to hear that his civilisation had long since fallen. Murals on the walls of the vault silently related his origins: they depicted a ritual by which a man, aided by priests and much sacrifice, descended into the earth and re-emerged as a dragon.
Consulting ancestral spirits in a blood offering of ours, Aiden confirmed that what we said was true, and that we were indeed distant descendants of his people. We explained our agreement with the Underfolk to him. He was wary of them, but pleased to hear that we'd been crafty in our contract with them. Finding us—distant kinsmen, honest and witty, however primitive and degenerate—sympathetic, he allowed us to take the Eye of Ice to Kagernac so long as we didn't mention him, and to grab some treasure to not arouse the dwarf's suspicion.

He was quite hungry after the long rest, and suggested we better hurry up before he gets TOO hungry. “What do you eat” was more of a rhetorical question at that point. We thus recommended him to (please) feed north-east of here, where our enemies live and (more importantly) our families and allies do not. He understood, and we scampered.

The Eye of Ice was returned to Kagernac, who thanked us and sank back into the earth without further ado. Our bags loaded with gold, we headed back towards our village… plumes of smoke ominously rising from the northern sky on our way home. We managed to weasel out of some curious Wildlings' questions about the dragon along the way, but next session we need to explain the story—and ourselves—to our elders.

>> No.77534101

How the fuck is an average adult 75 points? Average person has average stats (i.e. 10 in everything for men, 8-9 in ST, 10 in everything else for women), no advantages (average appearance, average status, average wealth, no notable abilities), probably no disadvantages, and likely a couple of dozen points in skills, meaning their points total is... a couple of dozen.
75 points is certainly in the range of fairly average people, but so is -25 points.
Also, players very rarely like being 'helped' by DMPCs, especially ones which are arbitrarily powerful.

>> No.77534228

An average skilled profesionall will have 14 in 1-2 skills, 12 in 2-5 other skills, some everyman skills at 1-2 CP, a couple of advantages because they're an average person, not an ideal abstract average.
No. Problems are:
>bothering with specific CP of NPCs instead of giving them realistic or gameplay-relevant stats

>> No.77535568

average includes all the idiots and ugly people getting their point totals brought down

>> No.77535862

>An average skilled profesionall will have 14 in 1-2 skills
I doubt many will have more than their main professional skill at 14 or higher, which is typically a mental/average skill costing just 10 CP for IQ+4 in 3rd ed. Remember than high levels in mental skills used to be cheaper. Even with two skills at this level, that's only 20 points.
>12 in 2-5 other skills
Anywhere from 8 to 30 points depending on whether they are easy or average and how many. Let's say 20 more points on average.
>some everyman skills at 1-2 CP
In third edition, those would often be 1/2 CP skills.
>a couple of advantages because they're an average person, not an ideal abstract average.
They are more likely to have disadvantages than advantages. What advantages is a 3rd edition 'average' person likely to have? Almost every available option is something quite rare and unsuitable for most characters. Meanwhile disadvantages like social stigma (more than half the population before the twentieth century), bad sight, overweight or skinny (depending on the era), minor addictions, combat paralysis, phobias, and sense of duty (companions, family, friends, etc.) are extremely common and easily give significant negative points.
Overall, I'm struggling to see how an average average man is going to get above 40-50 points (and an average average woman is going to be ~25 points below that, with social stigma and ST penalty).
That doesn't mean every single 'normal guy' has to be in the 40-50 point range, but there will be as many below it as above it. It's easy to get below zero points with only common weaknesses.

>> No.77536153

When the rules specify an hour real time or play time I'm assuming they're talking about in the real world and not time taken in ahem correct?

>> No.77536182

Correct. Though it's probably safe to adjust this some if your games run 'abnormally' fast or slow.

>> No.77536617
File: 279 KB, 1280x720, MDR_6.5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bump pls help

>> No.77536659


>> No.77536680

Just use 3G3. There's probably 3e stats in one of the WW2 books as well that could be converted.

>> No.77537125

Does 3G3 work well in GURPS 4E?

>> No.77537148

you build the weapon generically and then use the conversion notes at the back to convert the stats to GURPS, it should work fine

>> No.77537392

It works well enough. Like >>77507629 says, you'll need to update it from the 3e stats meaning you'll halve Acc, change the injury type to the appropriate piercing size as per High-Tech, etc. However, 3G3 does include a Holdout modifier that in 4e is synonymous with Bulk, so that's one bit of guesswork you don't have to do. It may not work for exceptionally small assassins/super-spy guns (so just treat anything higher than 0 as 0), but it seems to work alright for anything approaching a standard firearm.

>> No.77537416

Do you guys have the spreadsheet? I just downloaded it from DriveThruRPG and it didn't come with one :(

>> No.77537459

The spreadsheet that some anons have been talking about is unofficial content for GURPS Fourth Edition (not for 3G3). Download it here: >>77536659

>> No.77537462

It works as well as it does for any other system that doesn't have a prebuilt conversion process.

>> No.77537861

What the hell is the point of pi++ damage?

pi: x1
pi+: x1.5
pi++: x2
imp: x2

I understand impaling, because it's the best term to use for something like a spear. But why not just have a .50 BMG do impaling damage if they both have the same wounding modifier?

>> No.77537917

Damage Resistance, mostly; something that's bulletproof but wouldn't stop a shaft of iron applied with enough pressure would fall under that.

>> No.77537938

Are there any examples of this in the book? Like I get your example, but is there any support for it in the rules, or is it just an artifact from earlier editions?

>> No.77537943

It works.
Still, to get something credible you need to compare and tweak your G3G gun with HT guns with similar type, caliber and barrel length

>> No.77538057
File: 230 KB, 760x554, Screen-Shot-2019-03-01-at-10.31.41-AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought about running a brutal legend esque heavy metal fantasy setting. It's pretty much just fantasy with cars and basic tech to make electric guitars and amps work.

>> No.77538109

Because some armors (and exotic defensive traits) work against piercing (even large piercing) but not against impaling. Cops IRL have both "bulletproof" kevlar vests and anti-stab vests, and this is reflected in GURPS with, for example, Assault Vests giving full DR only vs pi/cut (since they're built to handle bullets and fragmentation) and Anti-Stab Vests being the only viable source of anti-imp DR at TL8 (p. HT66).

The physics of bullets and knives are very different. The former is only concerned with kinetic energy (mass*velocity), so armor focuses is on safely absorbing/redirecting/dispersing the KE. The latter, however, also has to deal with continued acceleration (dispersing energy is harder when there's an person applying additional, continuous force to the blade) and incredibly small contact area (the tip of a razor-sharp knife will be smaller than that of a bullet by an order of magnitude) meaning that continuous force can now apply so much more pressure.

>> No.77538143

Lmao I remember when I played my first GURPS game.
We were all in college. This fella says, "Guys I spent the entire summer crafting this epic campaign. I'm so proud of it. It's called Head Of Snakes."

Cool. We're down to play it. We make our characters, start our first session in a town. Our characters get into a big fight, get chased outta town by the law. Once we're outside the town, the DM shows us a map and asks where we want to go.

Nothing on the map means anything to us. It's all unfamiliar names, unfamiliar marks, we have no idea what anything is. He created this world from whole cloth and gave us no background on it. It's like we were all born yesterday. So we just choose a big, flashy, important-looking star-marker near the middle of the map. No idea what it is, but the map makes it look like something cool is there. We start hiking thattaway.

We have to fight off a pack of beasties on the way, no big deal. We get to the spot. The DM describes the place as all grim and dark and gray and rainy and barren, and there's a stonehenge-like structure. We go closer to check that out. The DM tells us that through one of the archways we see a sunny, grassy hillside, a clear sky with fluffy clouds, and naked maidens cavorting around.

We say we want to go through it. He asks us if we're all in agreement that that's what we wanna do. Hell yeah we do, this place sucks! It's rainy and barren and shitty, and the other side of this gate thing has naked chicks in verdant fields! "OK," he says, and we step through.

"You've ruined my campaign!" yells the DM, throwing all his papers up in the air in frustration. We're all flummoxed. He tells us the gate sent us to hell, our characters are doomed, and the game is over. We try to talk him down but he won't budge. We all get up from the table, leave the lounge room, go back to our dorms, and as far as I know Head Of Snakes was never run again.

What the fuck was that all about...?!?

>> No.77538656

shoulda torrented the head of snakes sourcebook tbqh

>> No.77541085

GURPS morning!

>> No.77543384
File: 50 KB, 1443x185, Phoenix Program.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not long now before we can enjoy rules for rape with snakes in the Phoenix Program.

>> No.77545199
File: 31 KB, 338x195, snek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there are already rules for this

>> No.77545294


>> No.77546018
File: 183 KB, 788x837, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new "In This Issue" sections are rather large.

>> No.77546739

Fuckin hell lad, gonna share it with us or let us suffer

>> No.77546925

In the Mega now.

>> No.77547346

Oh, nice; healing magics in RPM are a big hole that was missing there short of some kludgy workarounds.

>> No.77547387


>> No.77548158

Goddamn "Putting Science in your Fiction" is exactly what I was waiting for. Glad I don't have to work on my really shitty homebrew using BAD anymore. I might end up running GURPS House MD after all.
The Mind over Matter article is eggplant's right? It was a good one too.
Thanks anon.

>> No.77548615

Is there a good catalog of the articles of pyramid, so I can search for the stuff I might find useful instead without having to go through every single one?

>> No.77548977

In These Issues (fan-made HTML file)

>> No.77549125

Neat, anything for the other volumes?

>> No.77549323

A version for volume 4 is nearly complete. (Of course, it's pretty quick to make, since that volume comprises only three issues (so far).)
I haven't yet looked at volume 1, and it's my impression that volume 2 isn't available for purchase.

>> No.77550585

Thank you!

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