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Obscure Dragon Rider Edition

Here is a thread to discuss trading card games other than the big three.
>Force of Will
>Final Fantasy TCG
>Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R)
>Flesh and Blood
>Gate Ruler
>The other DBZ game

Post about card games you've played and help other anons get to know your games!

>Wixoss Pastebin

>Force of Will Pastebin

>Dragonball GT Shadow Dragon saga rulebook

Coordinate in thread to get some games in!


>Thread Question
How often do you end up resleeving cards? Do you hate it?

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First for custom digimon cards

>> No.77402011

Heres the best one ive seen
It gets a made me check the official twitter / 10

>> No.77402021

exty is a seriously talented artist
that one genuinely duped me at first, I didn't even realise it was a fake card

>> No.77402084

>This card can be used as a Diaboromon token
>Token cannot go into your deck
>Token cannot be evolved from or be an evolution source
>If the token would to be removed from the battle area, it is removed from play
>If 5 tokens are in the battle area, you do not automatically win

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Hey guys, sorry to let you down. :(
I couldn't finish my tcg bodybuilder meme in time.
I'm taking some time off, to get more reps in and showcase new good ass games, which deserve to be shilled.

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will you shill my game after I release it bro?

>> No.77402466

That one does look great. I’ll be a little surprised if a site or app doesn’t come out for making custom cards given how simple and uniform the Digimon frame is.

>> No.77402519

it's a shame legions died so quickly. I could have done with more than just loli-bait artwork but the gameplay ideas with the timeline was really interesting.

>> No.77402785

Embrace the degeneracy, anon

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So I started playing Wixoss and its pretty fun.

>> No.77403018

Too often and of course I hate it

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*laugh track*

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My game group wants to get into Digimon. I always loved the anime and video games, so I'm hyped. Any general deck building tips?

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no, fuck off.

>> No.77403297

What’d you play? Game’s really well made and I’m excited that the threads pull in new players.

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The starters are unironically well put together. I try to stick close to their ratios when deck building. 14/11/8/6/2/6/3 is my go to for decks (child/adult/perfect/ultimate/super ultimate/option/tamer). If I don't have super ultimates then I add in whatever I think will help cover weaknesses. I try to keep a good way of drawing cards and nuking an opponent available. Also don't underestimate on play effects. Some are really good.

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You will play Digimon with us and you will like it

>> No.77403562

I really want to give Legions a try, but trying to find product is a nightmare. The decks on amazon are either out of stock or stupidly expensive (or they say there is stock but when you order it suddenly they say they don't have any and have no idea when they'll get more in).

Awesome, Wixoss is great. And I mean that fully ignoring the art (although the art is great, too).

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Conveniently, that picture is also how I feel when I try piloting one of the 500 yen all-star precon decks.

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I just try not to change decks much if I stick cards in my "nice" sleeves,maybe once a year if that. So for example a legacy deck would be sitting in my big titty anime sleeves where standard decks got the cheap sleeves and resleeved as needed after visible wear began showing.
That said I like the act of resleeving a deck, feels a bit akin to non-messy weapon maintenance in that you kinda zone out and fiddle with something.

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Threadly reminder:
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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can you even preorder the next printing of 1.0 or are those gone as well? Shit is sold out on literally every website i've seen.

>> No.77403795

From what I've seen, most stores haven't taken v1.0 pre-orders yet, but there have been a few who figured Bandai would do one anyways even though they, at the time, didn't announce re-prints were coming by the end of the month.

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Preorders don't mean shit.
Everyone who actually took preorders had their orders cut multiple times.

Good game stores do not take preorders.

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Rate my deck digibros
Im picking up some more of the good metalgarurumon and good gomamon but thats it

>> No.77404044

The set to 3 memory Tamers are really good mid-late game when you need that 3 memory flexibility to actually make substantial plays. Otherwise you are going to be stuck in 1 memory hell against a lot of people once they get drawing and can force their plays in a way to keep you there.
It is also really helpful with ST1 metalgarurumon since he only cost 3, allowing you to swing the turn you evolve and get value right off the bat.

>> No.77404056

Alright ill look into picking up some of those

>> No.77404058

I mean BT1, not the starter deck metalgarurumon

>> No.77404175

So green and yellow are about to be insanely busted soon right?

>> No.77404215

From an English version perspective? April.

>> No.77404403

Green goes nuts with nidhogg BT4
Yellow goes nuts with shinegreymon BT3
Green gets powerful with HPD/Ceresmon BT3

>> No.77404600

Just thought I'd finally show you guys what Uber Rares look like in Gate Ruler.
All three star and four star cards have these as an alternate rarity that's one per box

>> No.77404823

How the fuck did nidhogg get printed?
Is there literally any counter play to it?

>> No.77404904

Armageddemon :^)

>> No.77404981

>1-of card
>four abilities
>uncommon words on it
>also life burst
The decks are fun but yeah. Even when I ran an almost entirely singleton deck most the abilities on the cards were super simple so it wasn’t too tough.

>> No.77405007

He only stifles level 7s.

>> No.77405067

what the fuck bandai
make Diaboromon meta

>> No.77405090

Bro just don't attack. He can't tuck all your shit if nothing over 5k DP is untapped.

>> No.77405420

so i heard you like cthulus

>> No.77405437

eye spy literally said fuck additions/regalias

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And it's not even like you can just do your best to play what you draw as well as you can - the decks have so much tutoring and card draw that you really need to know what your options are. Even if I could fluently read the cards, I feel like these would be hard decks to master, and like you said, the number of rare kanji and sheer volume of abilities to peruse makes that even more difficult.
Maybe it would be better if I could find someone to play with, instead of having to pilot two decks at once.

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i get they're trying to bring mtg players in with the whole partner thing but simian spirit guide too? yes Wolfgang is so inherently bad compared to the rest that he needs something like this but ftks are going to be so goddamn annoying in NF, what does /acg/ think about the current state of FoW?

>> No.77405520

>attack once
>get flower cannon security checked

Say goodbye to your board kiddo

>> No.77405580

Not i I'm playing Black Blockers you fool. You absolute imbecile.

>> No.77405740

You lost before the game even began then lmao

>> No.77405752

As an acg anon, thulu shit is cool and is dragging me in. I at least want that sick ass mat

>> No.77405998

that card is fucking insane, free mana and can cast it later. holy shit

>> No.77406165

mat is for prerelease so I'd talk to any shop carrying FoW (if there are still any) for your best shot
yeah the cthulhu cards are really really powerful and yes you can ftk/otk but if they somehow get your yog (after 4 awakened shub) you literally just lose (and yes 1 will removal in the opener will be far more common after fieth+X)

>> No.77406431

There is one(1) in SA texas. Im going to hang my head in shame, but the mat is sick af, and I am dead set of collecting the set of these guys.

>> No.77406523

no shame, it's a sick mat and cthulhus are still good and a lot of people will run them
honestly this set is going to bust tier 0 wide open in NF but I wonder what it's going to do for Wanderer

>> No.77406616

You may be able to find it on ebay in the future.

>> No.77406640

On the subject of spoilers, anyone following spoilers coming in of the new Wixoss set? This card in particular caught my eye:

Code Ancients Phalaris
LEVEL 3 / POWER 12000
[Harmony] 2 LRIGs (Whenever this SIGNI enters the field, down it unless you down 2 of your uped LRIGs.)
[Auto]: Whenever this SIGNI banishes an opponent's SIGNI in battle, put the top 10 cards of your opponent's deck into the trash.

Not only is Harmony a new mechanic, but dumping 10 in the graveyard is a lot. Not only does it force early refreshes for damage, but I'd imagine it's a huge pain in the ass for decks that use their trash - you set up with just the right amount of cards you need to enable your deck, then Phalaris crashes in and forces a refresh, leaving you with no trash left.

>> No.77406655

Also, this is just cute.

>> No.77406704

Just played my first couple of FaB games (blitz), thoughts:
-The game is very fun and thoughtful, each turn is deciding who is on the beatdown and setting up for future turns
-I don't really care for how most equipment currently functions (destroy this card, do X)
-Runechant tokens need some clarification (does playing an attack action that makes them also detonate the one(s) that attack makes?)
-Dash seems like the best budget blitz hero (I only played with ARC cards), boosting all day is fun and the attacks are powerful
I'm pretty satisfied overall, I'll probably build a Ninja blitz deck next, the other WTR classes don't look that interesting.

>> No.77406904

Hype, though I'm guessing this is the first card effect that interacts with the assist LRIGs? Wonder how downing them works with abilities and growing.

>> No.77406921

On equipment: Yeah the non legendary are all kinda like that, but they are impactful, and let you take an edge from, or over the enemy(which is important) I prefer using them to push a good turn into a great turn, as opposed to the static effects that would just make every turn good. Not sure how they would do it otherwise, and have it be fair and balanced.
Runechant: Tokens fire on declaring an attack action. Always. So an attack that creates them, would technically create them after the attack has finished(combat chain closed, and the attack leaves the stack).
Budget Dash: very fun for sure, but no hero I think really falls behind without majestics, except data doll, but data doll. Couldn't say who is the best however. Which feels nice.

>> No.77407006

Downing shouldn't interact with grow at all - theoretically. You can still grow if your opponent froze your LRIG and it's still down during the grow phase. But yeah, there's another SIGNI whose Harmony interacts specifically with red LRIGs, so it could make a sort of limiting condition, as well as the obvious use of limiting the number of Harmony cards you can play in one turn.

>> No.77407335

>Family - MA
>[LV1] [LV2] (When Summoned)
>You may reveal 3 cards from the top of your deck. Among them, add 1 "Family: CB" blue card, and 1 card with "Throne"/"Trinity" in its name to your hand. Discard the rest.
>[LV1] [LV2] Zero Rebirth: Zero Counters (Only one Rebirth can be used at a time)
>When your opponent's life decreases, you may flip this Spirit.

>> No.77407348

>Gundam Throne Drei
>Family - MS
>When you flip into this side, this card remains on the field, and you gain no counters.
>[LV1][LV2](When Reborn/Attacks)
>Destroy 1 opposing Spirit that has a lower cost than this Spirit, and 1 "Family: Mothership/Crew" opposing Nexus.
>[LV2] (Your Attack Step)
>When the opponent's life decreases due to an attack by a Spirit you control with "Throne" in its name, for every 2 cards in your trash that has "Throne"/"Trinity" in its name, send 1 of your opponent's Life Cores to their reserve.

>> No.77407541

I should actually get to play this game before I make dumb stuff with it

>> No.77407573

>Pre-order boxes at below MSRP
>Receive boxes the day after release without issue

>> No.77407576

I use the simulator its a very addictive card game its such a shame only Fagioh and Shitguard are popular in the West.

>> No.77407625

Shouldn't that card have a trigger for that ability? Or should [Your Turn] be [Main]?

>> No.77407664

I'm mostly copying off what cards were saying on the cardlist, but typing it because they don't have that option. The trigger for it is anytime during your turn.

>> No.77407675

That's not how triggers work, anon.

>> No.77407695

Look, I have barely gotten to try these and get the rules. I'm still waiting for them in the mail. I'm mostly just dicking around as I don't know good abilities for the game yet

Feel free to correct it, Please

>> No.77407702

If it's an ability you can choose to activate during your turn, it should be [Main]

>> No.77407707


>> No.77407805

Fuck, now that I've learned the rules for Digimon I'm going nuts waiting for cards to become available. Also staring at the card lists like "wtf do I even build"

>> No.77408062

Man, if these Digimon cards don't hit shelves here in Burgerland on the 12th it's going to be quite frustrating.

>> No.77408079

Jamming is only on blue as far as I know

>> No.77408091

Ogremon [Green] does it as well

>> No.77408101

as does shisamon in yellow.

>> No.77408188

Neat, although I wonder if the text wouldn't be hard to read in person.

>> No.77408223

And Tyrannomon.

>> No.77408708

>> No.77408713

>> No.77409111


>> No.77409144


>> No.77409158

Catastrophe Cannon

Main: De-Digivolve 2 on one of your opponent's Digimon. Then, if you control Diaboromon, make a Diaboromon token.

Security: do Main

>> No.77409174

Seems a little winmore, but it's neat.

>> No.77409178


>> No.77409212

Actually, the token creation would trigger if you only control a token, so it has value as a comeback card.

>> No.77409781

Im not american.
Is there anywhere online I can get my hands on digi cards?

>> No.77409923

In English or moon?

>> No.77409990

Australia, I've opened 50 boosters and 2 of each deck in the last fortnight.

>> No.77410034

I already have moon, need english now. Cant find it anywhere

>> No.77410618

>> No.77410750

Going from deck to deck, you can make mistakes super easy.

Hurray more cute angels. I’m super suspicious of whether the angels, valors, lvl1, labyrinth, etc theme’s from Glowing will be expanded.

New toy for Diagram? Ancient Weapon!? Yes please. The old Alfou 2-stop deck looked cool specifically because it was aggro milling, and if that’s really Diagram’s black-focused mechanic I am so on board for that.

Harmony is also interesting. Good way to use the Assists to balance out some more powerful SIGNI. Fuck though, I bet they hesitate to print white spells that up SIGNI now though. A field of these and old white upping spells would be so much fun.

>> No.77410824

Two more reveals for Gate Ruler set 2:
Anubis Look-alike
(Warrior, Earth, Wizard)
■ "Judgment of the Underworld" When destroyed, look at your opponent's hand. Choose 1 card among them and discard it.

>> No.77410833

ATLAS Air Force Major, Vilma
■ "Oppositional Operation" During the main phase of your opponent's turn, when your opponent uses [TD] or [OD], you may normal summon this card from your hand without spending Summon Cap. If you do, erase that ability. (You still pay this card's cost.)

>> No.77410841

Bonus Uber Rare Vilma

>> No.77410939

I assume that translation comes from somewhere else, because it's not actually correct. Unlike some other name-based effects, it doesn't say "A card including [Palmon] in its name," it just says "a Palmon." Which theoretically means it would actually exclude her X antibody.

>> No.77411198

Is everything at that rarity a black/grey version of the standard faction frame?

>> No.77411228

Yep, that and the monochrome background are the universal elements for that rarity

>> No.77411933

>> No.77411966

Will combo trigger if it’s the first attack you make?

>> No.77412057

>princess looks like a man
And people wonder why I quit playing it.

>> No.77412651

Is this the first "counter-spell" of the game?

>> No.77412676

pretty much only americans are having trouble getting cards lmao
where exactly are you? europe or latam?

>> No.77412688

Lewd armpits.

>> No.77412747

Surprisingly it isn't because pic related exists

>> No.77412763

Oh ok.
Volnar cards all kinda blend together for me

I don't like their aesthetics

>> No.77412795

Yeah Volnar's probably the weakest faction as far as aesthetics go.
It's the most generic of the five by far

>> No.77412814

I just don't really care for Isekailand I guess.

>> No.77412886

You wouldn't... Right?

>> No.77412921

When is the English release again, April? Wouldn't mind having a few decks but I haven't seen the JP version for sale anywhere.

>> No.77412944

It's really hard for Isekailand to compete with:
>Urban fantasy/sci-fi Japan
>Science fiction pulpy space fun
>Cosmic horror

April 30th yeah

>> No.77413152

>Keiichi Sumi
Jesus fuck I used to love this guy's art so much.

>> No.77413206

to all FABfags, do you have difficulty reading the attack and defense numbers, or the cost? are they easily identifiable without focusing? they seem to be in such a small font
especially the cost number which is even smaller
I've never held a card in my hand so I'm curious

>> No.77413415

Nah the font size is actually decent, reading values is pretty easy too especially since they're color coded. My own issue is forgetting which value is pitch and which is cost only because they behave somewhat the same and look really similar

>> No.77413541

nah im canadian and no online store has them. Target doesnt exist here and toysrus is dead. We have nowhere to go.

>> No.77413558

Absolutely would eat that ass like it was my last meal

>> No.77413609

Attack and defense are fine, but the cost number is slightly annoying to read, especially in poor lighting.

>> No.77413675

>frequent my lgs who's operated by one guy
>Make small talk every now and then, I'm alittle indecisive so I take a couple minutes deciding what I want even though I decided before I arrived
>Also I figure it keeps him company since I never see people in store other than events
>One day, show up while event is happening
>Overhear him talk about some indecisive idiot who takes ages to decide what he wants
>Since then, he completely ignores my presence even if I want to buy something
I know I know, not your personal blog, but I trust you guys and needed to vent. Just confused what his fucking problem is

>> No.77413764

sounds like his problem is you anon

>> No.77413781

I compared it to the mtg stats and they were a lot smaller, so I imagined they'd be hard to read, so good to know
they're still bigger than ygo ATK DEF stats though and you can still read those
I figured as much, black text on flat red is hard to read, especially if it's not a gradient or no stroke/shadow on the text
thematically the cost orb doesn't even fit most card frames either, it's weird they went with it

>> No.77413999

But I've done literally nothing wrong lol. I come in, peruse his stock, make small talk, buy and leave. Like a normal customer. He's also very touchy about some of his stock, like to the point where you'd wonder why he doesn't just keep it himself. I don't even touch that shit so what he has against me is unknown.

>> No.77414271

>Also I figure it keeps him company
Here's where you started off wrong, if people wanted company they'd look for it. Shopkeepers particularly have to handle multiple types of people a day, so they'd be less interested in conversation unless they initiate it. Should've maintained your distance and did a pump and dump instead.

>> No.77414363

You need to develop a Chad aura and mog him.

>> No.77414488


>> No.77414499

If solitude is what he wants, why did he ever become a shopkeeper? I personally work in hospitality at a food establishment so I deal with far more people than he does, yet I still find time to chat with customers. If he can hardly handle 1 guy, his customer service skills are clearly lacking. Also I'm not there for like 10 minutes trying to force a conversation, at max I'd be there 1-2 minutes.
Been thinking about that lol. I don't like being mean though.

>> No.77414665

if you have other options to shop don't go there anymore, you're cucking yourself by paying the bills of someone who hates you

>> No.77414758

Way ahead of you bro. Last I visited was a week ago and last I brought something was like 2 weeks ago. Been trying out this other shop that's off route alittle but holy shit they're so much better. Honestly, fuck that other guy.

>> No.77414855

Look at it this way then, a guy comes to your food place and every time he can't decide what drink he wants even though he always order the same thing, and instead of ordering he keeps making small talk. Sure it might seem fine the first time, but what if you had a particularly bad customer before him and you just want to head back and rest? Or you made a mistake and got scolded, or you had a situation at home which is making you anxious etc. etc. Eventually you'll associate him with negative feelings despite him not offending you directly.

I'm not saying he's innocent of course, since he went out of his way to complain about you to other people, but sometimes there's just no need to make friends with everyone, no need to insert your presence into their life if they're not looking for it. Go, stay quiet, buy, then leave. Just not there, of course.

>> No.77415579

You got some good advice and I see where you're coming at. Personally, I'm built different, I fix mistakes and never project onto customers no matter what shit happened to me past, present or future. I've gone from getting screamed at by my boss to chatting with an old lady about her 1970's trip to south africa in the span of literal seconds. It's just basic customer service skills. Actually, it's basic human being skills. Associating negativity with a specific person, even if that person is horrible, is destructive thinking and a waste of time and energy. After this thread/vent, I'll have forgotten he ever even existed simply because I wouldn't care anymore, however it's clear I'm living rent free in his subconscious. As for the lad who wouldn't know what to get despite knowing, I'd offer suggestions or even just say "the usual?". Makes them feel more welcome.

>> No.77415667

Pic related is the superior choice

>> No.77415697

Why not? She's amazing.

>> No.77415744

>Overhear him talk about some indecisive idiot who takes ages to decide what he wants
Have you considered it might not even be you and you're just projecting your own insecurities?

>> No.77415786

That's a funny way to make money, catching feelings. If you own were to own a business and you are bothered that badly by a customer just boot them for loitering if we want the real solution.

>> No.77415947

>Stay tuned for a massive announcement!
>Digimon tamers will want to keep an eye on the official Facebook page today, with further details on how to enter the global sweepstakes for these amazing cards to follow!
These promos will be available with a gorgeous foil treatment for collectors as part of this campaign. Which one would you most like to receive?
>Thankfully you don't have to choose, because if you win, you'll receive a folder with all six inside! Make sure you enter the sweepstakes, and keep an eye on our page for the global registration details!

>> No.77415964

Basically that US-exclusive promo sweepstake from last year is now being done for the rest of the world.

>> No.77416088

bretty good

>> No.77416440

Can you imagine gaslighting yourself this hard?

>> No.77416549

> It's just basic customer service skills. Actually, it's basic human being skills.
As someone who's worked in customer service, never underestimate how much these skills that seem like common sense are outright alien to some people.

>Maybe he was just venting publicly about some other customer, that's much better.
There are always shitty customers worth venting about - that doesn't mean you do it in the middle of the store on a busy day.

>> No.77416650

He isn't necessarily wrong.
If LGSs sold below what people are flipping it on ebay, then all they are doing is losing money and basically giving it to someone else.

>> No.77416722

>There are always shitty customers worth venting about - that doesn't mean you do it in the middle of the store on a busy day.
That has nothing to do with what I said.

>> No.77416851

this is all on the fab company, fuck them for not printing enough and fuck players for buying it at retarded prices

>> No.77416913

Yeah, but there is a core difference here, as a player, I don't want to flip, so to play the game that some asshole is dropping, I have to pay a massive premium? My scene is offering Monarch at the 90-100 range, and are limited 1 box per person, but are refusing to sell to anyone with an address outside of nearby area, and if someone within that area flips for a quick buck, then the entire player base of the area shouldn't be punished. That isn't even my main point, my point is excusing, and normalizing it does no one any favors.

>> No.77416938

> I'll have forgotten he ever even existed simply because I wouldn't care anymore
idk how much you didn't care about it, you also went out of your way and complain to us.

>> No.77416955

>the hunt for Digimon
LGS #1 isn't carrying
LGS #2 isn't carrying
LGS #3 intended on carrying, but their workers caught covid, the store is shut down for at least two weeks, and they canceled all deliveries, including Digimon, in that timeframe
LGS #4 intends on carrying it, but their distributor has said end of the month at the earliest, and only 2 booster boxes and 2 of each starter at most

Holy fuck, it sure won't be catching on in MY area.

>> No.77416977

CCGs were a mistake, and I refuse to play them in any format except cube draft with all the expensive cards proxied. This nightmare could have been avoided if Richard Garfield just found a different publisher for Roborally.

>> No.77416985

>it's clear I'm living rent free in his subconscious
LMAO he probably has no idea who you are, meanwhile you're assmad as fuck.

>> No.77416987

how about fuck it as a whole and don't play, even if it would be cheap

>> No.77417011

but that's exactly what I do, not before I flip it to retards though

>> No.77417066

I am a little late to the party here, but I'll do my best you neurotic mess you. Guy was a cunt, most people who work at an LGS are already a little socially weird, and if not, they are fairly against outsiders(read as "not regulars who go to tournaments/pay piggies"). Does that mean we know your behavior was top notch? No, most of the time when I'm not sure, I'll fuck off until I am, but I can't say whats right, or wrong. I'd say to call him a faggot, feel better, and keep on going on.
What game were you buying? Just as a question.

>> No.77417068

good boy, maybe all investors are just the biggest haters. They just want to kill hype and make the least amount of players waste their time with garbo. bless em

>> No.77417152

Sorry to hear that. My store hasn’t been open and I haven’t even seen signs of product.

Maybe around the release of the second or third starter decks your shops might start a scene.

>> No.77417206

Yeah, yeah, I get it, I'll stop talking about FaBucks, so stop shitposting. Saturday was a real heart warming moment after getting some more games in, and I just get angry at the normalization of it all, when I know things could be better.

>> No.77417276

>Check my LGS
>They have a post about digimon
>The good news is I was sent our allocation this morning. The bad news is it’s nowhere near what I had requested. For release day, we will have Zero starter decks and only a few booster boxes (my distributor rep is currently trying to get us more). Because of this shortage, we will be selling individual boosters only, with a limit of 6 per household per day, until we are sold out. Additionally, these will be available in-store only. We will not be accepting online or phone orders, and we won’t be able to hold product.

>ZERO starter decks

>> No.77417311

That's fucking ridiculous.

>> No.77417313

>tfw got two blue starter decks

>> No.77417459

isnt this the launch of the game in the west? Why did they barely print any?

>> No.77417519

Rather than printing Bandai said the issue was distribution, because of Covid-chan.

>> No.77417667

I have all three starter decks like a true chad

>> No.77417735

So they had an initial supply for pre-release and launch
They burned through a ton/all of their launch batch do cover the rest of the prerelease
Also Target had to get their massive share of the boosters and decks so that stuff also isn't going to LGSes

>> No.77417769

Probably a combo of underestimating how much it would sell and Covid reducing how much could be produced.

>> No.77417773

Zero starter decks? Waifu alert!

>> No.77418190

>you will never have friends to play DCG with
>you will never have sex either
Anybody knows this feel?

>> No.77418220

>play DCG with my only friend
>have sex with her too

>> No.77418576


>> No.77418762

This hurts my feelings. I just want wolf.deck
Literally willing to shill for playsets of his promos the moment I get two of the starter.

>> No.77419099

A blue Garurumon deck that eschews Omnimon for AncientGarurumon does strike me as having potential.

>> No.77419209

Holy fuck I didn't even know about that card. Hype level increased.

>> No.77419280

Waitwaitwait, can AncientGarurumon unsuspend himself with that effect?

>> No.77419370


>> No.77419468

Anyone have a translation?

>> No.77419493

When attacking once per turn, unsuspend up to 2 digimon that are either hybrid type or have garurumon in their name
When deleted, play a level 4 or lower blue hybrid type from your hand without paying it's cost.

>> No.77419518

>[When Attacking][Once Per Turn] You may unsuspend up to 2 of your Digimon with [Garurumon] in their names or [Hybrid] in their forms.
>[On Deletion] You may play 1 blue level 4 or below Digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form from your hand without paying its memory cost.

>> No.77419545

thanks fren
Unironically may be better than omnimon in garurumon decks. Can unsuspend metal garururmon to use his effect AGAIN and get a third attack.
Also, does the monster played from metalgarurumons effect have summoning sickness?

>> No.77419601

Monsters have summoning sickness when they are played, so yes.
But also, On play effects would trigger.

>> No.77419669

Protip: https://en.digimoncard.com lists all the JP releases but has English translations if you click on the card.

>> No.77419713

Not him, but when does Summoning sickness fall off in DCG? Same timing as mtg? Like, if he got deleted on my opponent's turn and I played a mon, can it attack during my next turn?

>> No.77419790

I believe until end of turn for whatever turn it was summoned.
So if it was summoned on your opponnents turn, it would no longer have summoning sickness on your turn.

>> No.77420005

Ah, so you cant detach and then attack with them. That makes it significantly worse but still very good for setting up a rush the next turn. I’ll probably run it as a budget omnimon

>> No.77420059

Do i really need piedmon and lilithmon in purple decks right now? All the lists frim BT4 and 5 have cut them and i dont want to invest 100$ in cards that wont see play soon

>> No.77420436

If you want dogo rush, purple Anubimon deck is the way to go

>> No.77420483

Are those really the prices? Fuck fat greedy hoarding americans, holy shit. When do they get nuked?

>> No.77420539

Lilithmon no, but Piedmon is yes.

>i dont want to invest 100$ in cards that wont see play soon
BT4 is still a ways out, but purple is on the more expensive side in general, so if you want to play something cheaper, you might want to look at another color for now.

>> No.77420561

Piedmon and Lilithmon are both ~$20 per copy.

>> No.77420618

Was the game officially released at all yet, or is it pre-sale prices still?
Was it released outside the USA? Do we expect prices to go down? Will it get restocked?

>> No.77420711

The price for piedmon used to be mid 30s and is now 20, lilithmon has fluctuated between 16 to 30, and now settled on 20 dollars since the prerelease

>> No.77420737

Lilithmon suffers from the tiddy tax.

>> No.77420771

>retarded pepe
Oh great, more shitposters.

>> No.77420780

I think her normal SR is in a good price range, her alt art definitely suffers from the titty tax.

>> No.77420798

US official release is 2/12/21
Prices will almost certainly go down, but by how much will vary depending on the card.

>> No.77420818

he's just asking newcomer stuff. what's up with the hivemind calling everything shitpost, that isn't a screenshot of a spoilered card?

>> No.77420837

Oh, I see. They kept postponing it so I couldn't keep up. I already have a bunch of japanese cards, but I at least want to build a couple of decks in english, though I'm not a dubfag, fuck dubfags

>> No.77420933

What does dubbing have to do with anything?

>> No.77421044

digi dubbed names, digi dubbed terms, everything redundantly digi has "digi" tacked on thanks to haim saban and fat americans. At least Lilithmon has been saved from the dub name for some reason, which I might need for my deck, I just hope they dont suddenly decide to name Plutomon as Black Mega Dogmon or something.

>> No.77421076

Stop being such an insecure faggot.

>> No.77421096

It's a guy that apparently didn't notice the sub vs dub debate last thread was a collosal waste of everyone's time and /acg/ is not the place for it. And I say this as someone that always liked the sub better than the dub.

>> No.77421156

Ive already got a blue deck but purple seems so much fun

>> No.77421158

Stop shitting up the thread faggot

>> No.77421199

I just assume anyone acting like a retard is doing it in purpose. Maybe you're right and he's just mentally handicapped though.

>> No.77421205

Are any tcgplayer vendors shipping stuff early or no?

>> No.77421317

go digifuck xirself

>> No.77421500

>> No.77421655

Were the prices this bad in Japan or is just the market being fucked and price memory dooming us? I’m not taking this shit to tournaments, so I may just import some cards if the prices end up being better. I don’t need English Gaia Force.

>> No.77422071

So, Flamon and Strabimon seem to be made to better search for support towards what will be a gimmick of Elemental Spirits requiring a Tamer and Hybrid digimon. But what would be done for those that lacked that 'Tamer'?

>> No.77422132

yiff in hell

>> No.77422292

Obviously prices are different in Japan due to supply and rarity drop rates, as well as box prices.
But that didn't really change the fact that prices are also reflective of the meta and rarity.

>> No.77422311

Go To the Top is easily the most expensive Piece, which makes sense given ener burn is great. Definitely grabbing one when I can. Remarkably, the second most expensive Piece is the one that draws you a card and ener charges 1, which I think just goes to show that any Piece that costs more than 0 ener better be doing a lot of work for you.

>> No.77422350

Doesn't answer my question, but I won't post the furry ones then.

>> No.77422437

the tiddies in the middle look like a 10th grader stuffing grapefruits in his moms top on gender bender themeday

>> No.77422542

Since they made it just search through level type, instead of name, i think theyll just print other hybrids with the same colors as tamer'd frontier mons?
The problem is mostly that the other tamer kids dont have child forms

>> No.77422558

Gonna sell some yugioh stuff i dont need that spiked in price to buy some more digimon stuff. Will probably pick up another milleniumon and two more beelzemon

>> No.77422672

Fair, My guess was also that the Digi-Spirits would be ranked as 'Tamers' to get past that for Ranamon, Mercurymon and such

>> No.77422699

And oh shit, Lovit’s abilities are great. Ener burn, an on-play banish, and an Arc Destruct effect that isn’t random or terrible.

Also, Lion’s STANDUP Assist is a multi-attack for a level 1, and DISRESPECT is a Defense Arts that can hit 1-3 SIGNI. 99% what I wanted.

>> No.77422708

Alternavely, since youre making custom cards anyway, you can use the old "dropped plotpoint" theory that Tomokis bullies were originally going to be Cherubimons four warriors

>> No.77422765

yeah man trade your Vhs for Betamax

>> No.77422770

Maybe, but I think that is the only art of them that exists and I don't know if they even have names.

>> No.77422841

They have names (Mostly because Tomoki talks to them/about them). Only first names tho
They do also have official artwork, but its uncolored line art

>> No.77422974

Its all stuff i dont need or thats gonna get banned anyway
Im taking my money and running

>> No.77423103

So what are the rules for using option cards? Can you only use them if you have a digimon of the same color in play or what?

>> No.77423140

Digimon or tamer of the same color

>> No.77423149

digimon or tamer of the same color on your side of the field.
Even baby digimon count as being on the field.
There was a purple deck that splashed in hammer spark by running the 2 memory Matt tamer

>> No.77423398

Haven't really kept up with the Digimon meta game, how does Mastemon or Ceresmon turn out? They have the coolest alt arts by far and both the colours are my favourite from what I've played of set 1-2

>> No.77423444

Heres a snapshot of what the BT3 meta was in Japan.
Mastemon is in a Tier 3 deck, Ceresmon is in a Tier 1 deck

>> No.77423597

What's the difference from Tier 2 to 3 in this game? The definitions are pretty different for every game

>> No.77423625

Whats the tier two blue deck?

>> No.77423665

rookie rush, taking advantage of jamming

>> No.77423679


>> No.77423713

how does this game work?

>> No.77423837

I have no idea but I believe it's part board game.

>> No.77423854

Her design is already mediocre at best, and when the artist draws three pairs of tits and then begrudgingly draws meh poses and some ribbons around those tits the card isn’t going to look great.

>> No.77424202

why do you think kaguya was reincarnated?

>> No.77424256

dragon that can go infinite with itself nbd

>> No.77424294

cthulu otk killer #7 :(

>> No.77424337

Almerius/Zero+X decks will be annoying with this kind of shit, I wonder if maindeck dark alice's smile will be a thing

>> No.77424357

i hope the rest of the cycle will be better

>> No.77424592

>studio encount
FoW anime??????

>> No.77424607

I will, too.

>> No.77424644

Betamax is unironically superior to VHS

>> No.77424812

Check out my pull from the starter deck.

>> No.77424835

She's not quite Arc Destruct. The action she gains from the once-per-game ability doesn't have any special timing, and so is main phase only - it mostly enables her ener-destruction effect.

Also, MC Lion is the best. I love her design so much. STANDUP is neat - it feels more red than white, strangely. Or maybe green, but it's odd for white. Still not sure if it's better than the basic 'bounce a L2 or less SIGNI' we've seen on other white L1 assists. DISRESPECT is great, though. Being able to hit anywhere from 1-3 signi depending on how much resources you put in is really nice - especially being able to hit 2 SIGNI for only 2 ener.

>> No.77425010

Played against Wizard with my Runeblade on this week's online league. Game 1 was a turn 3 OTK by me, turn 1 and 2 I just used mordred tide and read the runes (red) Giving me 8 runechants. Turn 3 I just used a yellow oath of the arknight and then swing with Ninth Blade for 11 physical and 9 arcane damage, he tried to burn me to death on my turn with his instant shenanigans but I managed to live at 2 health.

Game 2 was a turn 2 OTK. Turn 1 I just played a red oath of the arknight and swing with reaping blade for 6, he got down to 9 health and I arsenal a red sloggism. Turn 2 I used the sloggism on amplify the arknight for 11 physical and had 3 runechant tokens up making it a free cost card. Again he tried to burn me to death but I managed to stay healthy at 9 health.


>> No.77425246

identical to digimon

>> No.77425273

Just sold one of those today.

>> No.77425415

>She's not quite Arc Destruct.
Oh yeah, it’s Action and not an automatic. A shame, but still nice. Burning away 3 ener two turns in a row with Go To the Top will be absolutely devastating if you’re not too aggressive, early on, or if your opponent isn’t hyper-ramping. If nothing else it shuts down the costlier Assist effects and I like the aggressive style she brings without a generic +/- power constant. Eager to see what aggro support she gets.

The up-effect on Lion is definitely a color-shift from green, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just make another Wolf Assist and stick it on her. I guess since Lion’s ability is like a multi-hit she can gift that to an early aggressor? It’s definitely a little more situational than the bounce since you’ve gotta have the right SIGNI, field makeup, and turn order, but a damage against a full field or two damage from one SIGNI seems great for an aggressive deck able to rip ener away regularly.
>DISRESPECT is great, though.
I would have loved a Baroque effect but yeah this is amazing. If there’s a strategy that works outside a Team makeup, Lion’s definitely a top pic for Assists I think. A shame they were so restrictive on Muzica’s effects, or else she’d play really well with Lion’s backup.

>looks over other spoilers
>Are you playing hyper freeze yet?

>> No.77425435

That's usually how blitz with Wizard goes. Live fast, die hard. Glad to hear you're enjoying Rune! My buddy and I are going to get our reps in with CC Warrior and Ninja to get ready for the Skirmish events. Hopefully we'll be able to snag some of those promos.

>> No.77425522

No. Here last is supposed to be read like "most recent previous". I can see how it could be ambiguous.
If you were feeling cheeky you could also ask
>Which Flood of Force gets +3{p} and Go Again?

>> No.77425615

Yeah I'm enjoying the class a lot. The adult art for Viserai got me into the game desu. Even bought 2 boxes just to get the promo CF Nebula Blade. Good luck to you and your mate!

>> No.77425737

He can... right?

>> No.77425792

Is it possible that people are buying into the "I can get into a card game from the very beginning and hold onto these products for 20 years and see it rise to the thousands?"
People are probably going to rush and get all their shit graded.

>> No.77425815

>This makes my arknight the big ARKNIGHT
I'm still fucking around trying to build him for Classic and I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I know I want fat stacks of runechant and Arknight Ascendancy but I don't know what to do on turns I'm not going off. Can't pressure with the weapon because it breaks the runechants.

>> No.77425862

Possibly, but I'd expect more are just chasing the fast flips. Of those people who think they're going to hoard for 20 years, I bet most of them will sell out before 20 months. That sort of patience is fucking rare.

>> No.77425951

I have always had a soft spot for freeze. Snomu's definitely quite powerful for a level 1, too.

>> No.77425971

You have a few options:
-Play potions and Read the Runes
-Stuff your deck with big strong generic attacks that don't trigger runes to keep pressure off of you. Command and Conquer, etc.
-Stuff your deck with good defensive cards and just turtle it out, preferrably coupled with one of the first two options

>> No.77425972

I know it's because they want to support draft with a single box, but it feels bad that you barely get the chance to see cards like these unless you buy multiple boxes.

>> No.77426026

Unfortunately all attack actions cause runechant to pop, not just runeblade attack actions. Definitely aiming for the turtle route, but an opponent with 4 card hands makes me nervous. Maybe it's just a matter of getting games in.

>> No.77426092


>> No.77426184

I’ve always wanted to play with it, but mostly playing black and white I never really got an opportunity. Blue-white might love Snomu.

>> No.77426263

;-; why would you sell your digipal

>> No.77426307

Whoops, forgot about that. Then yeah, your best bet is to turtle around. I think the big thing is that you want to include cards that will let you cycle through your deck as fast as possible so you can get to your action on your off turns. I run Whispers of the Oracle, Sink Below, and Fate Foreseen to help out with that, alongside the potions. It definitely struggles against decks that have lots of action, but you shouldn't be spending more than 3 turns off between attacks anyway.

>> No.77426467

First deck I made in Webxoss was Piruluk, and I branched out into Remember soon after. Sashe ended up as my favourite, but I've always liked blue - especially the discard and freeze parts (unfortunately the parts that tend to be weakest - spells were more powerful up to the time Webxoss stopped and I stopped following the meta as closely).

>> No.77426566

>Gundam Gusion Rebake
>Family - MS, Tekkadan
>Burst : When a Spirit you control is depleted/destroyed by the opponent
>Summon this Spirit ignoring all costs. During this turn, attacks from opposing Spirits with 2 or less cores on them will not decrease your life. Furthermore, if there is a Brave card in either player's trash, send cores from 1 opposing Spirit to their reserve until it only has 1 core left.
>[LV1] [LV2] [LV3] (When Summoned)
>Send 2 cores from your opponent's field to their reserve.
>[LV2] [LV3] (When Attacks/Blocks)
>You may destroy 1 opposing exhausted Spirit.

Burst cards are set face down on the field and you can choose to trigger them when conditions are met. Fun fact, you must reveal your face down Burst card at the end of a game, and if it isn't actually a Burst card then you lose the game.

>> No.77426633

I'm sure I'm in a minority, but I honestly don't mind the chase. Gradually hunting down the rare cards for the classes I'm interested in playing makes me feel more invested. It provides a limited scope collection goal.
I see how it would be frustrating when you're interested in everything, or are just chasing what's strongest right now to c o m p e t e.

>> No.77426744

Yeah back in the day freeze was niche and bad. Glad they finally got around to making it playable, and while I don’t feel like building Remember I’ll enjoy exploring it on Diva. I remember when I was playing I wanted to play ACRO but went for cheaper options. Sashe and Myu were good right out of their ¥1000 box, and also really fun. By the time Piruluk got more affordable I wasn’t in a position to play, and spells were on the rise so her discard cards weren’t really as good.

Also forever mad that this art for her level 1 never got a foil card. I really want to find a proxier that can do foils so I can have a shiny version of this card.

>> No.77426749

Fair, this is a TCG after all, chasing the rare stuff is part of the allure. Just slightly disappointed that out of 300+ cards you only get 10~ cards that really help your hero shine. Granted, I don't have the starter decks so I might be missing key cards from those, plus I haven't dabbled into TCGs for that long and might just be spoiled from lucky pulls in other games.

>> No.77426841

>missed my chance to order new Wixoss boxes directly from amazon again
Damn. Guess I get to wait an extra week or two for forwarders like last time.

>> No.77427023

Because I'm building blue wolf and don't needs.
And Gatomon is my digipal

>> No.77427208

Dang. They do usually restock, but that can be months later (still waiting on Interlude Diva box, it's still a month out). In the meantime, can amazon interest you in this patriotic offering?

>> No.77427381

>> No.77427402

what in the unfresh hell is this abomination?

>> No.77427414

A cat in a dress

>> No.77427533

Hahaha it’s not that bad, and the price will be about the same. Mostly the knock-on effect of waiting. Wanted to order missing Piece and LC singles from Glowing and Changing together, so now I’ll have to wait longer to do that.

>Lincoln Nation
>no tophat accessory girl
Now I want this. Diva, give me dress-up accessories please. Better yet, All-Star/Key support please that to me.

>> No.77427542

A 'Norwegian Forest Cat-Sith'
Possibly also an owl? This game is weird.

>> No.77427590

OWL stands for the Old World League
It's basically an umbrella attribute for all the western myths and fantasy creatures in the game.
Jack the Ripper is also an OWL in the game

>> No.77427668

this is why I never got into early FoW because it was all shit/weird fairy tale ripoffs
glad to know the creator has still not learned his lesson after the split

>> No.77427671

Cats are owls.

>> No.77427709

I mean the Old World League only makes up a very small portion of cards in the game

>> No.77427810


>> No.77427817

This Yomajin card from Set 4 doesn't feel like a Yomajin card desu

>> No.77428238

>> No.77428344

>Dank COOFS and lung damage will come to you, but only if you respond with "Please step on me, Nanashi!"

>> No.77429162

>complete with toy sword
Kek. Wonder what franchises they will have official crossovers with in the future.

>> No.77429430 [DELETED] 

Digimon Facebook has the sweepstakes posted. So much for worlwide. Once again, if you're in Asia and not from Japan, you're excluded from the good shit. And even when they expand, SEA will probably stay ignored.

>> No.77429564


When attacking, if you have 3 or more Diigmon, 1 opponent's Digimon gets -1000 DP

>> No.77429716

I was waiting to see whether they'd make this or Pokomon the yellow tama. Thought maybe they'd take the opportunity to round out the Tamer babies (with Gummymon for Assitant). Guess we wait.
Probably will still do Gummymon for green, though, I'm guessing. There's so few babies left little else would make any sense.
I'd like to see the Monitamon line in this set, with Monimon as the black baby, but I don't know if there's enough space left for that (especially since I assume Troopmon and whatever comes with it will be black) so it's probably just going to be Tsumemon.
No idea what they could do for purple. Maybe another Gigimon.

>> No.77429916

How many abilities is too many on a card? Do competitive decks tend to have more complex cards? I'm thinking of giving EVERY card in my game 2 to 4 abilities, with most being fairly straightforward.

>> No.77429966

>How many abilities is too many on a card?
Most of the time 4.
>I'm thinking of giving EVERY card in my game 2 to 4 abilities, with most being fairly straightforward
I think 0-3 is better.

>> No.77430293

this kills the investor faggots/trannies on discord. They are seething because they cant make 3x the money simply by buying a box but have to pay marketvalue.

>> No.77430300

dangerously based. i am also considering building a mtg cube out of proxies because im tired of wotc.

>> No.77430486

I can't wait to see them cry once Finances and Bolt inevitably dies

>> No.77430634

I like to keep it simple.

>> No.77430669

Max 3 should be still reasonable, and even then they should be relatively short effect text. Any more on either and you can end up with this monstrosity.

>> No.77430729

Anyone else think that vanillas or cards with very few lines of texts should always have much smaller text boxes to allow for for art on the card?

>> No.77430758

Depends on consistency. Some of the recent duel masters cards look super dense and over done but it's usually keywords or just slightly tweaked standard abilities so it's not that difficult to use in practice.

>> No.77431206

Three more Gate Ruler set 2 reveals:
A7 Terminator Jabberwock
(A7, Dragon, Beast)
■ If you don't have another A7 or Alice on your field, destroy this card at the end of your turn.
■ Cannot be put to defensive zone.

>> No.77431220

[Forced Standby] (Cannot enter the field other than from Set Zone. Set and use this unit like an event.)
■ When your unit is attacked, you may Normal Summon this card from Set Zone to a defensive zone.

>> No.77431226

Wetland Mermaid, Shizukuhime
(Apparition, Beast)
[CNT] Use this card's [OD].
[OD] Choose up to 2 cards from your opponent's graveyard, and remove them from the game.

>> No.77431245

I would.

>> No.77431381

I like her art a lot.

>> No.77431437

do you guys think Gate Ruler will be a success? I mean like being able to play it on locals and not only have acg tiddy collectors.

>> No.77431470

What website do you guys use to refer for FAB prices?

>> No.77431535


>> No.77431568

Every card should have 3+ abilities, and be guaranteed value when you play it. Needing to take risks, or use other cards in combination for a payoff is unfun! Cards with downsides that limit them is unfun! Your opponent being able to disrupt your gameplan is unfun!

>> No.77431591

It's going to be an uphill battle, but the gameplay and deckbuilding is good enough to sell the game on its own
>acg tiddy collectors
There's not enough tiddy to actually collect

>> No.77431606

maro pls

>> No.77431840

It'll probably be exciting for the weebs that can appreciate the flavor of each faction, but who knows if it'll enough to get them to commit into the game.

>> No.77432061

When are these coming out in the west?

>> No.77432104

What's with those marks in your arm? Does your pimp burn cigarettes on you or something?

>> No.77432130

Not them but thanks.

>> No.77432137

I checked and they're the same. It's probably just a visual effect.

>> No.77432165

Going to a FaB constructed event tomorrow. Tried building an agro Rhinar deck, obviously trying to force intimidation as much as possible while dishing out massive amounts of "fuck off" damage. Wish me good luck bros

>> No.77432216

I feel like FIRE is something that's probably not maro's fault - if anything he's the type to want to oversimplify, like Ixalan.

>> No.77432321

fuck you

>> No.77432331

As long as it’s actually marketed and supported at least. If no one tells people about the deckbuilding and gameplay, and shops don’t stock it, it’ll be a losing battle.

>There's not enough tiddy to actually collect
Just makes it easier. Instead of 100 new cute girls per set, grabbing 5-10 is a much more obtainable goal.

>> No.77432346

For all his problems, he seems to be a relatively conservative force within wotc. I've been predicting for a while more bleeding of the (mechanical) color pie as his influence wanes toward retirement. The current state of design feels like a vindication. Post maro mtg will fully embrace "all colors do all things but slightly different". I don't think that's a good thing but ymmv.

>> No.77432410

Jealous hands typed this post

>> No.77432415

Set 2 in English should be late June or July

>> No.77432490

What factions are in the starters and set 1?

>> No.77432608

All 5 factions are in the set.
Starter Deck 1 is Yomajin and Wonderverse(Red/Pink)
Starter Deck 2 is Volnar and Atlas(Yellow/Blue)

>> No.77432630

I just hate the game, why would I want to play more garbage

>> No.77432687

Good luck, anon. May your dick be hard and the bussy, tight.

>> No.77432772

Guessing Exvader will need to be built with a different faction to work then? Will see how it's priced in SEA I guess, I'm interested but not "buy a box" interested quite yet.

>> No.77432898

this is good art

>> No.77433588

>tcgplayer and ebay have been out of stock for months
>someone wanted to trade me but stopped responding
it hurts bros

>> No.77433608

Those Gate Ruler people are going to end up with at least a little of my money so long as they continue to use lack.

>> No.77433936

Tcgplayer has listings for the uber rare but those are ~$90 for not-a-Bootycat. Depends on how much you like Pisuke as an artist and it's still cheaper than a cold foil.

>> No.77434031

there's plenty of uber rares floating around and I have a regular one already but I admittedly don't like the look of ubers, normal full art is the sweet spot also
>FaBoy doesn't understand the fundamental part of card collecting and just sees muh currency numbers
you tried tho

>> No.77434070

>Went to several different Targets yesterday on the hunt for Digimon. >Last store, something on the bottom shelf catches my eye
>step back
>reach into the back of the shelf
>all the boxes are empty
>empty blister pack cardboard
>it's all been stolen and stuffed in the back of the bottom shelf

>> No.77434092


>> No.77434111


>> No.77434227


>> No.77434379

I can see why someone would stop responding to you.

>> No.77434544

I wanna present to you my conspiracy theory, please leave if you can't handle the truth.
Imagine being a long time TCG player, understanding a lot of social media dynamics, knowing community figures and average consumer habits at your LGS.
How would you go about selling your selfmade game?
Buy viewbots, twitter shills & let a blank envelope slide under Rudy's and Channelfireball's door.
Cuz who's more trustworthy and honest about the vacuum than the person trying to sell it to you?
Then produce a ridiculously small amount, deliver them poorly and make people assume it's the hottest and most valuable shit. Through a combination of artifical sparsity and online presence of shills.
Cause nobody is able to get their hands on and playtest thoroughly, an inferior and shallow gameplay is more likely to go unnoticed until it's already too late. How are they going to complain after they sold their car for stocks? Quitely swallowing their grudge. Allowing one to reinvest into ads, instead of game development.
Anime aesthetics hold nothing but downsides. Calling some chinese corporation to let their qualified artistic child slaves design a f2p game is cheaper and itches a kink in permanently upset but wealthy magic players.
South Park was right. Everything is an ad. This is the most intrigued corp strat ever made.

>> No.77434552

bless this man

>> No.77434642

why can't I hold all these (you)s??

>> No.77434725

leaf bro if you're here: please, you have 4 and I'm already offering 50% more than TCGplayer mid + paying shipping from mapleland

>> No.77434846

is that my boy houndourmon?

>> No.77434863


>> No.77434925

>muh tcgplayer price says it's X

>> No.77435082

then decline or counteroffer

>> No.77435121

Is wal-mart gonna get digimon ever? There's no target up in leafland and there are no card shops within 300 km of me

>> No.77435137

If any wal-mart around you ever carried dragon ball cards, they will probably have digimon cards

>> No.77435144



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