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Half-Orc edition

>UA: Gothic Lineages

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


Previous thread: >>77371784

What media did you draw inspiration from in creating your homebrew? What elements did you ""borrow""?

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>shaved pits

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She doesn't shave them, she just can't grow body hair any more after the fight with the dragon.

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>What media did you draw inspiration from in creating your homebrew?
mostly might & magic, but without the silly alien/sci fi stuff

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Kreegans are kino, please delete this

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i borrow from whatever games/shows i'm consuming atm

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>no thick musky bush
fake and gay

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I can't keep myself from constantly bringing references from the ogre battle / tactics series into my stuff

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The elves fear the samurai!!!

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If you mean homebrew world, history and Dom 5

If you mean homebrew races/classes, rope

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The elves ARE the samurai.

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Tad early this thread is

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>ywn be an azure dragon
why even live

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I steal every worldbuilding idea from dominions

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What does the Deafened Condition actually do to a character mechanically? What checks actually rely on hearing?

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>early thread
>waifu mental illness poster
>fetish bait
>Terrible TQ
This is not the thread. Shan't be posting.

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Does your character have a romantic partner?

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Summoner on the PS2 and Eternal Legends

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What do you think of this giant zombie who spits out rat swarms and gives disease with an infected slam?

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Perception checks, you now HAVE to see enemies stealthing around or you won't notice them
Most social checks, can't hold a discussion if you're deaf
I would also slightly raise the DC of some tasks where hearing plays a small part

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Enchantment spells like Suggestion require the target to be able to hear you and creatures like banshees, harpies, and satyrs have sound based abilities.

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>Enter old temple
>Approach treasure room
>Illusory warden warns us that if we proceed the guardian will attack us
>Go through door
>Hear rattling sounds coming from the ceiling
>A construct drops down in front of us and unfolds itself to reveal the supposed guardian
>Everyone is asked to roll initiative
>DM says everyone is susprised

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Ah shit now you make me wanna play an obnoxious weeb dwarf

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You proceeded didn't you

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>Dwarven steel, folded a thousand times
>Cut through any elf greatsword you find
>Strongest swords there are
It fits.

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Do it.

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Theoretically it should mean that all enemies automatically hide from you if they qualify, but nothing says that.

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That's retarded, yes

why don't DMs understand stealth and surprise in the slightest bit?

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So aside from Paladin since I really have no interest in playing a paladin, what are some classes that can make for some good mounted characters

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They want the mechanical advantage to put pressure on the party but don't understand how to relay that with their descriptions. In reality it would just drop down and attack while doing so after a distraction or something of the like.

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>What media did you draw inspiration from in creating your homebrew? What elements did you ""borrow""?
One player in another game made a PC that was part of a bandit family of elves that lived innawoods and raided villages from time to time. I liked it so I made all my elves raiders, also I liked the concept of the bosmer green pact from the elder scroll that made it so the wood elves there can only eat meat-based products so I made my elves obligate carnivores. Now I am have man eater elf raiders in my setting who everyone hates, this didn't stop my players from making half-elves twice and then being shocked at the racism.

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Cavalier fighter can be good but the appeal of paladin is access to find steed, so you no longer have to worry about a fireball wiping out your mount. You can also roll artificer who is a small race and uses his steel defender as a mount.

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>this didn't stop my players from making half-elves twice and then being shocked at the racism.
Fuck players.

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Typical knife ear behavior.
-Post made by the dwarf gang.

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Anyone with proficiency with Lances and a spare feat for Mounted Combatant. So Fighters, Paladins, Barbarians, and Rangers.

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>"No. I'm not."
its that simple anon

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There's no way you would get a surprise if the party expects combat. If, for example, the party noticed a rat that rolled badly on its stealth and engaged combat with it, then a dragon joined into the combat, the party wouldn't be surprised. Because the party were already fighting.
Same with enemies. If even one player is noticed by an enemy, the enemy is ready for combat even though it's just one player they notice.

It would be better to play it as some sort of a trap. No initiative is rolled, an attack is made from the ceiling and then initiative is rolled and it drops down from the ceiling on its turn. Functionally similar to just doing surprise, but it's closer to how it's supposed to work.

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Minmaxing and annoying the DM. Ideally being able to circumvent the handwavy bullshit he just fucking comes up with to screw us over

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Ancients Paladin is objectively the best mounted combatant between Find Steed and your half magic damage aura protecting your mount

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Sorlock, sorcerer warlock multiclass. Get enough eldritch invocations to get agonizing blast and sorcerer metamagic to quicken it. You now have access to quickened eldritch blast for 1dfuckloads of damage at a range and it can be customized further to go incredibly far or push dudes away regardless of size. Recommend Archfey patron for access to fey presence so you can just charm every npc you come across. That's not including things like the darkness/devils eyes (or alternatively shadow sorcerer) infinite advantage cheese, or your actual spells.

Whispers bard is also good if you just want to use words of terror to screw with npcs. Or roll bear barbarian with great weapon master to say to hell with it with tactics and just smack everything to death while being resistant to everything and having constant advantage.

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Rolled 17, 20, 9, 16, 19, 19 = 100 (6d20)

Fuck this gay ass thread.

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You beautiful brittle bastard.

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What Sorc subclass? Divine soul?

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Checked and based

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He can spend all of his ASIs on con and the toughness feat he'll be fine

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>that image

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Depends on what you usually need. Divine soul is great for getting people up after they go down. Clockwork is great if shit's constantly getting advantage on you. Draconic's good for ac, shadow's good if you go down a lot, wild's good if you hate yourself and everyone around you, and aberrant mind is good if you want to tentacle grape everything you come across - I mean communicate with your party.

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Oh and storm's good if your DM actually remembers you get disadvantage on things like eldritch blast with an enemy within 5 feet beside you.

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Rolled 2 (1d14)

Rolling for class now.

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Hmmmm alright then.....

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Wait what?

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I included the Artificer and Blood Hunter. Only one Ranger though.

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>Warrior poet as graceful and wise as the earth itself
>And just like the earth has a glass fucking jaw

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Rolled 15 (1d20)

Time for level

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How do you make your fighters feel special?

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You have to go back

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What rules do you feel need clarification, or are left too much to the DM to figure out? Do you like rules that are open to interpretation or do you prefer rules that are concrete and try to cover exceptions?

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By doing the retarded glaive + spell sniper + polearm master + war caster + booming blade combo

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Give them gigantic tits, use them as improvised weapons with the tavern brawler feat.

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The cracks between the rules are where good DMs are separated from bad DMs.

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Rolled 1 (1d8)


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Agreed, but does 5e need more of these type of rules, or less?

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I'd say fewer rules like that but still more of a comprehensive clarity on the parts that get blurred the most.

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Ancestral Guardian. I'm actually a little surprised that the Barbarian doesn't have any outstanding UA.

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They need to drop this "natural language" shit since there's so much shit that should be straightforward like what exactly constitutes a "weapon attack" that trips up new players all the time

>> No.77387705

Such as? What gets "blurred the most" or needs more clear language?

>> No.77387718

Languages should be tied to your backgrounds rather than your race

>> No.77387735

I literally gave an example the fuck are you talking about

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I know, I meant I'd like to hear more.

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This is correct

>> No.77387776

Most backgrounds give languages, though.

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I'm getting kind of tired of Orc women being portrayed as muscled supermodels with a craving for Human dick, it feels like one of those limp-wristed prog efforts to continue drawing heterosexual art but it's "woke" because the girl's "the one in charge." The only people that draw feminine women anymore are Weebs.

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>What gets "blurred the most" or needs more clear language?
See the post above: the delineation and distinction between unarmed strikes, natural weapons, melee weapon attacks, melee attacks WITH A WEAPON, etc. is just ridiculous.
Other things would be
In general I would just like a much more robust basic concept that could be leveraged around. As is, you have the d20 roll which can be split as an attack, save, or check. I'd like a similar mechanic that covered places where more niche interactions could occur, or perhaps a means of showing what is possible with what.
PF2 allegedly has tags for their spells that specify their types of interactions, which I think could be useful for DnD. Just the whole Dragon's breath/Goodberry Life Cleric arguments prove that this should be easier to determine when things are meant to interact.

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Ignore the aborted sentence there, I'm tired.

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Half-white girls go for white men 100% of the time. It's the same logic

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>another player asks about multiclassing and spell slots
>I answer that you can use spell slots interchangeably for your spells
>retard fat dm chuckles and says "uh that's not how it works I have the book right here"
>point in the book describing spell slots showing that I am in fact right and that he is in fact wrong
>he gets angry
I have everyone

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How scifi do you let your games get?

How advanced can magitech get become before it's too much?

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>“Fighters get outdamaged by…”

Fucking nothing, who's telling these lies

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>It's the same logic
Yeah, and? Just show me some busty Human babes or slender Elvish waifs who aren't raging lesbians. God dammit.

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See? This is what I'm talking about, and the guy the Orc goes after is always the Whitest Guy You Know. I don't think I've ever seen a "hey this Orc is sexy and into Humans" pic where the Human is brown or black. They're always white dudes.

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I'm implying that there was an an ancient magitech empire that collapsed when the magic that supported them stopped working.

In the "Modern" time, the tech is 15th century, with cannon and gunpowder. Standard historical late fantasy, because I'm horny for sailing ships with cannon.

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All of my games are sci-fi, the players just haven't figured it out yet.

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Because brown or black dudes are already too "orcy"

Anyone wanting to contrast humans with what is effectively a more palatable beast race isnt going to get a contrast with two beasts

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The artist is Japanese.

>> No.77387983

Some Hexblade with PAM, Hexblade's Curse, and Spirit Shroud probably does.

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> the /b and /gif are literally saturated with nigger porn
> niggers in music, niggers in films, niggers in commercials, niggers fucking everywhere
Begone, jew!

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Anon, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying it's strange how everything else is saturated with niggers, from Elves to Campaigns, but the moment we start talking about Orc/Human relationships every Human is lily white. Why is that?

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I'm glad you have everyone Anon, you deserve it.

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So echo knight is super strong yah?

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Well the anon got it right >>77387959
The pairing is obviously about contrast

>> No.77388071

>White people are soft, weak and emotional
>So it looks good when they're paired with hard, strong and stoic Orcs

>> No.77388075

Because brothers know cat ladies are where it's at.

>> No.77388079

yass quean

>> No.77388098

If a reputable artist drew an orc with a black man, people would cry racism

>> No.77388117

More like clean, soft and civilized vs dirty, hardcore chaotic savages. But you see it how you want.

>> No.77388130

>you see it how you want.
You certainly do.

>> No.77388131

Nah, the black men get with Tieflings or Elves.

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>Missing in Action: The interracial tag

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>black men get elves

This, its basically humans and orcs but reversed

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Only if there aren't any cat ladies.

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In my pirate themed setting, vampires live on the ocean floor. They wait for an anchor to drop, then climb the cable and feed on the crew.

I'm going to have a sailor in a tavern tell a tall tale about this and get disbelieved by the other patrons, then have it happen to the players.

Sound fun?

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Next release is going to be lit!

>> No.77388205

Sounds contrived and gay. What anime did you take this beat from?

>> No.77388212

Any races inside?

>> No.77388218

Sure. Make sure they'll all full-strength vampires too, not wimpy vampire spawn.

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>Brothers get with the stately Elvish princess or the buxom Tiefling sorceress
>White guys gotta settle with the muscled green girl
I don't care how much DUDE ABS LMAO are memed. I don't fucking care about that. Gimme the breast-meat.

>> No.77388225

Only Gay Trans and BIPOC inside. Wheelchairs too.

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Its a cute idea but you have to really space the events far apart, the story should be something you describe as they enter a tavern or overhear in the marketplace to add flavor to your description and then in a month you spring the vampire on them

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>> No.77388260

Ratgirls. You need to use the x-ray glasses included with preorders to read the statblock, though. It has ability score adjustments and everything.

>> No.77388263

Wheellocks, flintlocks, muskets, arqeubus, and blunderbusses only.

>> No.77388287

This is what i was thinking. We're still early in the campaign, I'll have it happen in a few months

>> No.77388293

Yes but you need to personally homebrew them

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>This kills the crittranny

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I wish I could be as focused on something as these anons are with their pissing and shitting and crying about a twitch stream that doesn't affect them.

>> No.77388374

> fighters with tits
> tradition

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I'm sorry anon, I just like big, strong green women.

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Found the critter

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>that doesn't affect them.
>Had a Wizard's sanctioned setting book that was published.
>Doesn't affect them.
This is your brain on tranny chems.

>> No.77388394

Dragonlance has always sucked and people who liked dragonlance in 3.5 were always the worst kind of people.

>> No.77388410

Nay. Maybe as a special one-off weapon but probably not.

>> No.77388422

Grow the fuck up, autist.
Oh no, they wrote a book! Those BASTARDS!

>> No.77388423

Fucking hell these fags exist in video games too

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>It's another, "Half-Orc? Oh yeah, my DAD was the non-Orc. He was soooo badass getting that SNU-SNU."
It's all so tiresome.

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>being a fag enabler

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File: 1.11 MB, 1500x1900, Paladins Lian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 138 KB, 535x664, Shitical Role + Feast of Legends Wendys Lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shitical Role dictated the direction of 5e. Do not be disingenuous.

>> No.77388471 [DELETED] 

>being a fag disabler

>> No.77388476

It's either that or "my mother was raped and my dad fucked off to raid more villages."

>> No.77388478

>pissing and shitting and crying about a twitch stream that doesn't affect them.
Except it does, in the same way Trump becoming president changed the media.

>> No.77388482 [DELETED] 

Kys you'll never be a women

>> No.77388485

>Embracing Raistlin
I'd sooner embrace a fucking gully dwarf. William Sweetwater's a better hero than that dipweed could ever hope to be.

>> No.77388492

Why can't the woman be extremely thirsty for green cock?

>> No.77388496

Honestly I would rather have that at this point, or better yet... Here's a wild concept,
>My mother was a Human woman that got her insides rearranged by a BIG ORC COCK, and she MARRIED that Orc!
Why is that so rare in modern tumblr art? Why are supposedly progressive artists so afraid of showing Human Woman / Orc Man relationships?

>> No.77388505

This is what I brewed up for the primitive guns in my setting

>Ranged Weapon, martial
>Range 100 feet
>75 gp, 24 lbs. --- 2d8 bludgeoning - ammunition, heavy, loading, two-handed
>Black Powder: Takes 10 full actions to reload, cannot be fired if at all wet.

>Ranged weapon, martial
>Range 25 feet
>50 gp, 30 lbs --- 2d10 bludgeoning - ammunition, heavy, loading, two-handed
>Black Powder: Takes 10 full actions to reload, cannot be fired if at all wet.
>Scatter: Creatures within 5 feet of the target square and not in any sort of cover must pass a reflex save or take half damage.

Pretty simple. The 10 full actions to reload basically means that they get shot once and then dropped in favor of a sword, which is accurate to how they were used in small fights in the era I'm taking inspiration from

>> No.77388508

>Being hurt
What happen? Did they say nigger on stream?

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File: 81 KB, 800x800, fem orc AV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Direct me to this stuff, anon? I've actually barely come across Fem Orc on Male Human stuff where the guy was actually into it. They're usually always getting violated against their will.

>> No.77388525

And then held a gun to your head and made you afraid for your life? Forced you to play 5e? Forced you to play with that book? God, you should tell the police. Otherwise, grow the fuck up.

>> No.77388537

I think that was when the tiefling ended up killing himself because he didn't pay attention to the self-damage caused by using his shitty class features.

>> No.77388538

What is the context here?

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>Why is that so rare in modern tumblr art? Why are supposedly progressive artists so afraid of showing Human Woman / Orc Man relationships?
because human women can't love "ugly men"anon, only human men can love "ugly women".
Also the japanese have you covered on that front anyway.

>> No.77388553

>queer manchild telling others to growup

>> No.77388557

someone freaking out over events in a show you don't watch

Doesn't matter

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File: 1.37 MB, 807x1397, Shitical Role - Pronouns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Said the gamer word on stream
Worse. They played the Wendy's meme RPG as a joke and tranny tumblr got offended.

>More strawmen
Maybe you should take your own advice and grow the fuck up.

>> No.77388566

>Direct me to this stuff, anon?
Besides the one you posted, the one where the Half-Orc Barbarian Teenager comes home to his loving, doting parents (and the father is a bearded Human guy) comes to mind.

>> No.77388569

r8 my half orc story
>mother raped by orc during a raid
>hid her pregnancy and birth from her town
>hid me for a few years after birth before our house was finally raided
>i was banished and dumped in the woods
>wandered the woods until i came across an orc raiding party
>they take me in and we camp for a few days
>one morning they enter my village and tear it up
>realise orcs are n-words
>run away and become a hermit
>try the rest of my life to fit in with humans by overcompensating with orc racism, like a black person working for fox news

>> No.77388582

nice bait

>> No.77388583

Can a mage hand snuff out a candle/put out a torch?

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>because human women can't love "ugly men"anon, only human men can love "ugly women".

>mfw Hypergamy exists even in tabletop
Please, end it. This civilization is tainted.

>> No.77388595

> pronouns
You can't make this shit up.
I'm still looking for shows like CR but without all this jewish agenda about fags and niggers and shieeet. The last time people suggested:
Sneak attack
The Adventure Zone
Any more?

>> No.77388597

What's wrong with Wendy's?

>> No.77388608

>without all this jewish agenda about fags and niggers and shieeet
Man you seem upset, have you ever considered maybe you're not fit outside your safe space at /pol/?

>> No.77388612

I would say it can pinch the candle like a normal hand, but it couldn't smother a torch effectively. Could dunk one in water though.

>> No.77388613

Yes. Unless you're an Arcane Trickster, though, it'll be quite obvious you're doing it.

>> No.77388615

>The last time people suggested:
Rude Tales of Magic is a weekly listen for me, it's very fun.

>> No.77388629

>takes 10 full actions to reload
Look not even WFRP makes you dedicate 10 rounds to loading a blackpowder weapon. One whole round of reloading is already huge. Considering crossbows don't even need a loading action I think that's being really unfair to guns.

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Mentally ill retards seething over real world events.


First half was based. Second half was cringe. Only way to redeem yourself is to go full on Uncle Ruckus caricature mode.

Nu-D&D media is always pozzed.

Nothing. Tranny "activists" got upset about outsourcing tomatoes.

>> No.77388644

You seem like a nigger faggot, have you ever considered to go back?

>> No.77388647

>Picrew profile pic
like fucking clockwork.

>> No.77388648

>party has no humans
>party has more than one furry or scaly race
360 out the door

>> No.77388649

>player asks "what dice do crits double?"
>dm replies "only weapon dice"
should I leave?

>> No.77388655

Historically, guns in the era I'm taking inspiration from took a full minute to reload

>> No.77388660

where's the problem with what he said?

>> No.77388668

How about you raid a village a couple years after the exile and in a rage accidentally rape your own mother and conceive an incest rape baby?

>> No.77388671


Read book to the retard but also leave.


>> No.77388678

because he's wrong, an attack roll doubles the dice of ALL damage associated with the attack, if you pop a smite it will crit, saying "only the weapon" means a smite would not crit

>> No.77388693

if this kind of stuff bothers you, you're not going to enjoy Adventure Zone

it goes full woke in the 2nd half

>> No.77388704

Ok anon, did you ask him what he meant or did you just assume what he meant?

>> No.77388712
File: 1.13 MB, 1024x759, 1388528185455.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed, there needs to be one human to marry the rest of the party.

>> No.77388726
File: 30 KB, 1324x205, Marisha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opinion discarded.
Rope acquired.

>> No.77388732

it's ok I just showed him the book and everyone else bullied him into accepting it so we're good now
crisis averted

>> No.77388744

Why is the Human man getting with an Elf or another Human only happening in Weeb stories anymore?

>> No.77388747

I wish autism like yours were terminal.

>> No.77388754

what fucking fantasy novels are you reading man

>> No.77388761

Don't pull a David Carradine on us, anon.

>> No.77388790
File: 813 KB, 1300x650, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consume better media.

>> No.77388793

Thanks for the warning

>> No.77388798

>playing the game correctly is autism
I don't see how

>> No.77388808

>Consume better media
>Posts Dragon Prince

>> No.77388809

Leave so they can actually enjoy the game without a shitter like you around.

>> No.77388818

so how do rogues survive combats past level 5 with 16~17 AC

some higher tier monsters have like +12 to hit

>> No.77388828

It has the human getting with the elf girl exactly like you asked for.

>> No.77388836

Yes, autism is a condition which prevents you from seeing social norms, that's understandable that you don't get it.
>someone not playing correctly means you can berate and bully them

>> No.77388843

Stand behind the fighter.

>> No.77388844

they get lucky or they don't

in my experience the rogue is always the first to die

>> No.77388849

Yeah and that's why it's remembered despite being a mediocre series. Because the pairing is so exceptional and unusual in today's culture.

>> No.77388852

>full on Uncle Ruckus caricature mode
That's the plan

>> No.77388856

>Outpace the enemy with enhanced mobility
>Reduce damage via Uncanny Dodge

>> No.77388864

>David Carradine
Had to google but that was kek. Nah I need rope to hang the furshitters.

>> No.77388866
File: 30 KB, 346x574, glue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crossbows take a long time to reload too
They're 1 round with the Loading quality because nobody wants to do nothing behind a rock for 10 rounds in an encounter to deal a couple d8s in one shot
Applying historical realism to these weapons is short sighted madness

>> No.77388873

How many fantasy stories have you seen or read lately? I'm curious what you're basing this on

>> No.77388884

>I'm curious what you're basing this on
Memes and /tg/ and porn.

>> No.77388891

By not being there when the enemy wants to attack you. Dash as a bonus action is a hell of a thing.

>> No.77388893

The intent is that they'll be shot once and then dropped/shouldered in favor of a sword or the like. I showed enemies doing this in the fight my players got their hands on the guns in.

It's a pirate game, and I want gunfire to be an opening volley before a swordfight rather than the main content of fights.

>> No.77388902
File: 28 KB, 600x600, 614c8505-f323-4f2f-a073-a9a907c75a71APR035DZ_Clown Nose_Model_R2016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make a character that's boring
>it's boring
>make a character that's interesting
>it's mary sue


>> No.77388908

Paper Cartridges gave existed for a long time though.
Also, what's realistically gonna happen is your players are gonna carry 2 or 3 guns, so they fire one, drop it, and fire another. Which is also historically accurate.
A crossbow never took 1 minute to reload though.

>> No.77388909

play the game properly

>> No.77388918
File: 205 KB, 590x443, sid_meiers_pirates_profilelarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, the Sid Meier approach. What's to stop them from having a coat full of pistols, though?

>> No.77388919
File: 222 KB, 1440x1789, Limit Race Options to PHB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try limiting your choices to the PHB next time.

>> No.77388938

Absolutely nothing because that's a top tier aesthetic AND historically accurate to pirates who would carry six or more pistols

>> No.77388947

Stop being a cunt.

>> No.77388955
File: 201 KB, 486x328, 1456197877999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets say that i can hypothetically polymorph into a giant ape for the entire adventuring day, What are some fun shenanigans i can do with this? We have access to a combat capable ship and i was considering carrying around a cannon from it but the damage on it is barely better than throwing rocks naturally and obviously harder to aim

>> No.77388965

fuck off faggot, if you're gonna not follow the rules and make the game objectively worse because of it then kill yourself

>> No.77388976
File: 266 KB, 1401x1049, DerringerMeryl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cost and availability, probably.

>> No.77388981

>Assuming other people don't find the PHB options interesting
>Believing yourself to be a rare and wonderful individual who alone can divine the possibilities present in the core book
Get off your high horse.

>> No.77388983

Seek medication for your autism before you ruin your relationships.

>> No.77389000
File: 318 KB, 1200x1600, Muscle women are for me only.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Because brown or black dudes are already too "orcy"

>Begone, jew!

>More like clean, soft and civilized vs dirty, hardcore chaotic savages. But you see it how you want.

>> No.77389028

Fill it with case shot or lagrange so you can cut a wide swathe in hordes of enemies.

Use a spare spar as a club?

>> No.77389031

I have a beast master in my party. On 7th level, their beasts gain magical weapons. I feel like that's fairly underwhelming.

Any creative solutions?

>> No.77389078

Give me -
>My mom was a human who sacked an orc village then raped my father
for once.

>> No.77389105

>Being this upset at a meme
I suppose you truly aren't interesting to begin with.

>> No.77389107

Let them pick from a list of beast traits they can add to the animal.

>> No.77389108

all rangers are underwhelming after level 5

are you at least letting the beast attack as a bonus action?

>> No.77389149

>Assuming a meme makes you interesting

>> No.77389179

Friends I play with all rave about Critical Roll so I decided to watch a few episodes. Why is that show popular and how do I convince them its shit? It felt so soulless watching the misadventures of Matthew and the homebrew crew

>> No.77389184
File: 48 KB, 720x500, Burning a 9th Level Spell to Wish You Weren't so Awkward Bud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never said my memes make me interesting big girl.
Sad that you assume makes you.

>> No.77389194

What season? I started with second one and it seemed great until all the faggotry.

>> No.77389206

> counterspell at 9th level

>> No.77389209

>Can't even be fucked to finish a coherent sentence
My apologies, didn't realize I was talking to a lobotomy patient. I suppose there were warning signs.

>> No.77389221

Now you see why Normie is a bad word. They consume soulless garbage and go back for thirds.

>> No.77389224

The second one blows because the party spends ages trying to dodge every fucking hook Mercer throws their way. It ends up just being a load of aimless dicking about.

>> No.77389237

Reminder that polymorph also mentally turns you into a giant ape while preserving your alignment and personality so don't get too fancy with your tactics

>> No.77389249

The first one blows because it doesn't start with a fucking beginning

>> No.77389256
File: 90 KB, 292x257, Make a Man Kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>level is less than or equal to the level of the spell slot you used.
Still fucking awkward bud.

Still mad. Still sad. Still pathetic.
You're forgiven cretin.

>> No.77389267

seek a pair of glasses so you can READ THE RULES

>> No.77389289
File: 42 KB, 314x341, 1477943704401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>7 int

Not much different from the party fighter, huh?

>> No.77389290

Still incapable of communicating except through memes. What a waste of skin.

>> No.77389306

Throw rock, chase down thing as big as me. Ooh ooh aah ahh.
>That time I turned the party barbarian into a frog, so he jumped into poison water because it was the only water around
>Still made all his con saves, implying the poison water was, like, mostly clean

>> No.77389316

season 1 is mostly fine, you can deal with a lot of their mistakes and what not because they we're originally playing pathfinder and the stream is 5e, so they're having to adapt to a lot of rule changes, approach it as just watching a bunch of people having fun playing the game, it really picks up in the briarwood arc, post-Orion.

Season 2 is where weaknesses really start to show, it becomes obvious the cast clearly dont care about the game and it basically just becomes a weekly 4 hour improv session, not to mention some seriously retarded plot points, like how Keyleth's mum was alive all this time, how a powerful celestial, probably solar shows up out of nowhere specifically because someone was talking shit about their god, thats literally it, not to kill some ancient evil, not to save a city from disaster, becuase somebody talked shit like they wouldnt find out, and they end up leaving having done nothing.

>> No.77389321

Maybe he was one of those frogs that can handle toxicity like a Cane Toad

>> No.77389336

>Hastily constructed strawman
>Still sad
>Still pathetic
I'm almost sad for you big girl.

>> No.77389341

Would Orcs take in a half orc?

>> No.77389345

The numbers are just an abstraction. It can be assumed that your behavior is that of a typical ape, but upsized.

You could follow your troupe of apes around (e.g. your party) and be hostile to rival troupes. Any behavior more sophisticated than that is not likely.

>> No.77389382

According to the PHB, yes. Half-Orcs are most commonly found among Orcs.

>> No.77389383
File: 62 KB, 976x850, 1606890384976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>player does literally anything
>dm says literally anything
>dm proceeds to chuckle ominously
>impossible to tell if something bad is actually going to happen or if he's just fucking with us or if he's just chuckling at the meme channel

>> No.77389386
File: 246 KB, 400x800, 1467258989900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like youre severely underestimating primates, you describe a pack animal like a wolf, apes are tool users and can be taught language. If that anon wants to carry around his coconut gun i dont see why not. He could probably even still communicate with the party by scribbling in the dirt

>> No.77389393

I feel called out

>> No.77389398

My DM accepts a decent amount of homebrew and I was considering playing a wheelchair-bound character but I'm not sure how I should treat it.
I'm thinking of considering the wheelchair a land vehicle and becoming paralyzed when not seated in it. Any suggestions?

>> No.77389399
File: 26 KB, 384x259, 1506636729666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM chuckles ominously about consequences
>its a completely trivial combat encounter

>> No.77389418

I am not underestimating shit. Show me an ape that has figured out how to use a gun.

>> No.77389428

>DM says there's gonna be big plot
>he did one single thing outside of the exact written module, and it was bad

>> No.77389430

Just play a centaur who lost his back side. Same energy.

>> No.77389439
File: 133 KB, 1024x860, monkey_with_gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77389441
File: 56 KB, 720x696, y66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dm says this is gonna be a story heavy session
>4 hours of shopping

>> No.77389442
File: 147 KB, 1908x1146, article-2016793-0D15BCC800000578-132_308x185[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, chimp, but still.

>> No.77389456

Shopping is the worst goddamn part of the game.

>> No.77389464

It's fine if you know what you want and the dm doesn't fuck around with looking shit up for 20 minutes. Or at least has a list of prepared shit.

>> No.77389465

Also keep in mind that even the fact that apes have social intelligence enough to stick with their troupe and work together is already a feat of exceptional intelligence for the animal kingdom. It is thanks to that that the ape would not just treat the party as food the first time it is even a little peckish

>> No.77389473

our group started doing shopping outside of the session, it just has too much potential to waste time that is better spent on other stuff.

>> No.77389475
File: 21 KB, 141x411, 1493327364702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dm says were going to have a story heavy session
>its actually just a slice of life filler episode
>it was the most fun and memorable session of the campaign

>> No.77389483

I run shopping offscreen between sessions. "If you want to buy anything, just say so in the discord and track your gold."

>> No.77389484

>dm looks up the price for individual items through all 5 book editions for 30 minutes instead of just making up a price and moving on

>> No.77389496

This picture without context means absolutely nothing to me.

>> No.77389504

I wish my dm just did this.

>> No.77389505

How it should be. Instead people insist on spending time in-game playing Mother-may-I and trying to haggle it down.

>> No.77389519

>Bunch of morons give a monkey a gun.
>Monkey fires gun.

>> No.77389523

Does it, though? I don't see it doing anything but holding it.

>> No.77389529

I actually dont mind shopping, though my DM actually knows the prices items. Its fun to chit chat wiith merchants.

>> No.77389535

It's a famous video Anon. Literally just google chimp with an ak.

>> No.77389539

>a fake promotional video for the planet of the apes used as evidence
Fucking kek

>> No.77389548

I made up a table of every item the players could ever buy. Then I marked up the costs of everything by 500%. And I make them have to convert treasure coins into modern currency.

>> No.77389550

Bro suicide mouse is super real, it's walt disney's forbidden secret. Don't google it tho just believe me.

>> No.77389559

>vampires on the sea floor

did you get that idea from NGNL

>> No.77389570

Huh I've only seen the gif never knew it was some guerilla marketing thing. Anyway I don't give a fuck about your retards argument about whatever the fuck. Don't imagine it's hard to pull a trigger though.

>> No.77389583

>I make them have to convert treasure coins into modern currency
Do you have inflation? How did recent GME meme affect your prices?

>> No.77389586

Do not know what that is. My chain of logic was

>My campaign is pirate themed
>The vampire pirates from Warhammer Fantasy were cool
>But it doesn't make sense that the vampires would be out and about when sunlight is so constant on the ocean
>Maybe they only hunt at night and stay belowdecks during the day
>Wait a minute, they don't need to breathe, why do they need ships?

>> No.77389589

Tatalia forever

>> No.77389595

The dark side of the moon has a ton of vampires too Anon.

>> No.77389606

They'd have to walk an average of 9 miles per hour

>> No.77389613

Nah, they built cities on the backs of giant moon rabbits.

>> No.77389616

They drive their ship inside a billowing dark fog cloud that they are capable of seeing/sensing through. They stalk ships from a distance until nightfall, after which the fog envelops the victim ship and they pillage and plunder it all.

>> No.77389619

I didn't want to wholesale rip off the vampirates, is that what they do?

>> No.77389620

Isn't the moon in a perfect orbit so the same side is always dark? Been a bit since basic astrology.

>> No.77389631

The same side faces the earth more or less (there is a small amount of wobble).

But that means, relative to the sun, it does make a rotation once per revolution around the earth.

>> No.77389636

The moon's tidally locked so that one side always faces the earth, not the sun. It has a "day" that's about a month long(the phases of the moon are what inspired the concept of months)

>> No.77389652


All right lets go with the rabbits deal then. And the rabbits are also vampires. Which I mean, they already red eyes, fangs, they don't really notice a difference.

Also the rabbits go by Khajit rules so the different phases have different kinds of rabbits. Normal rabbits, giant rabbits, rabbit people. Brb I'm off to write my vampire rabbit homebrew.

>> No.77389656

>Thread Question
I've been on a Greek Mythology kick lately, so I took inspiration from that in designing my gods, with the gods being characters who cause problems and get into trouble a bunch(in world mythology, not in the campaign.)

I initially took inspiration from ancient greece for the political structure too, with city states being the basic unit of culture, but when I talked to my players they wanted there to be cannons and gunpowder in a pirate campaign, so I changed things around and made it more 16th century or so in technology. That ended up leading to the city states behaving more like those of late medieval/renaissance Italy than Ancient Greece.

For the pirate and nautical elements, I'm hugely into naval fiction and such. Horatio Hornblower, the Aubrey/Maturin series, the Alexander Clay books, and the Carlisle & Holbrooke series(those last two are more recent, authors are still alive) and I reread Treasure Island when I started planning the campaign.

>> No.77389657

There isn't much "official" lore of how the vampirates work outside of really old shit and some stuff from Total war vidya, Kinda hard to rip off something that may or may not exist, all of which is probably non-canon anyways since warhammer fantasy got the axe

>> No.77389666

This actually plays in with the Japanese myth - instead of a "man on the moon" they see the shape in the moon as a rabbit hopping up and down, making mochi.

>> No.77389668

Its arguably the strongest fighter in terms of mechanics yes. Its not broken though, its just good.

>> No.77389687


>> No.77389688

Could you, would you love a kobold?

>> No.77389698

What kind of Kobold we talking? Pretty close to a goblin kind, or cute fat assed anime kind?

>> No.77389700

Neat, I might make a vampire who can summon a cloud to protect from sunlight a recurring villain.

The players mutinied against their captain, so a villain I'm introducing next session is a "Paladin of The Sea's Justice" (Oath of Vengeance) who's charged to punish mutineers

>> No.77389720

I like them just enough goblin like that its still cute.

>> No.77389736

No Game No Life. It was an isekai anime/LN about a world where fighting is impossible so all disputes are solved through gambling and magically binding contracts. Also, fanservice

In it, the vampires are their own race who live at the bottom of the ocean in the same cities as the mermaids because of their sunlight weakness. however because fighting was made impossible after these races came into existence, vampires need permission to drink your blood and mermaids need permission to lure men to their deaths as part of their reproductive cycle. As a result, the merfolk keep the vampires as sex slaves

>> No.77389744
File: 311 KB, 2048x1024, Naut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name him nautilus, if they cant pay their tithe to their captain then they bettter pay their tithe to the sea

>> No.77389776

I might have him use a nautilus shell motif.

Their captain called on the goddess of the sea and secrets(Tempest and Knowledge domains) to curse them for mutiny before they drowned him, so the Paladin coming after them is the manifestation of that.

>> No.77389802

Yeah, pretty much all there is about them that stands out is
>The zombies have guns, the vampires have guns, they are pirates, they all have guns in the setting where one of the main things about the undead armies is that they don't have ranged weaponry
>they have some zombie sea creatures too, crabs n shit
>There is a giant whirlpool in the ocean that sucks ships in, one of the two major vampirates lives here, the other lives on the east coastline of the lizard continent
And that pretty much covers the extent of the vampire coast. There is some DEEP heh lore about the two main vampirates, Luthor Harkon and Count Noctilus, but there really isn't much
I like the idea of having a cursed artifact that keeps the skies around their ship in a constantly stormy state, make it so the vamps leave no credible survivors and boom, fun conspiracy and mystery rolled into one because obviously it's just freak storms that sunk those ships. Vampire pirates is ridiculous, tales told by drunken sailors with too much coin to spend on booze and not enough dignity to not spread outlandish tales

>> No.77389820

>tfw you want 6e already to fix everything wrong with 5e's rules but you know deep down that the next edition is going to be even less crunchy

>> No.77389837

And if it's anything like 5e's launch have absolutely nothing of flavor. We're only just getting actual online tools on par with what 4e had and they're still shit.

>> No.77389838
File: 13 KB, 347x384, 1602285315433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cursed artifact that keeps the skies around their ship in a constantly stormy state

Do it, in my campaign we set sail to sink a longship of frost giant raiders and they had something similar because the stormy waves didnt impact their huge ship much at all. He also had frost giant boarders hop off the boat and sprint across the open ocean, freezing the water beneath their feet. I imagine you could do similar with vampires

>> No.77389840

I'm definitely working that cursed artifact into the vampirate villain I'm now making. He'll be the one vampire who can actually make a living as a pirate on a ship specifically because of that artifact.

I don't want to do zombies for the crew because we've already got "scurvy ghouls" who are actually just people with scurvy whove been turned into mindless cannibals by the God of Hunger breaking their minds. So I think I'll make the crew normal people who've decided to serve the Vampirate Captain because they like riches more than they care about other people.

>> No.77389844

all non-class proficiencies should be tied to backgrounds

>> No.77389854

>Captain pays me for my blood, says it tastes the best
>(The secret is syphilis)

>> No.77389856

I just want an alchemist who uses potions instead of spells refluffed as potions

>> No.77389863

Is pathfinder 1e fun?

>> No.77389869

All weapon proficiencies should be tied to "training" backgrounds.

>> No.77389871


>> No.77389874
File: 215 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_2021-02-07-14-25-07-95~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did my owlbear turn out? Just waiting for some grass and rocks in the mail to add to the base. First mini I've ever painted.

>> No.77389882

Looks good for now, did you use a wash? A coat of agrax earthshade would really make it pop

>> No.77389888

They also have one of the best sea shanties ever to bless existence

>> No.77389897

looks pretty good to me

>> No.77389900

I did use a wash, but I think I overdid some highlights, controlling the paint on small details is much harder than I expected. I did base, wash, base drybush, then highlights

>> No.77389911

Love it.

So I'm going to give him an item I'm naming the "Totem Of The Sleeping Sun" which just causes there to be a total solar eclipse around his ship at all times, as if the moon were blocking it.

>> No.77389913
File: 2.37 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20210207145509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

amiibo buttzelda for size comparison

>> No.77389923

At tabletop distance it'll look great, anon.

>> No.77389940

Thank you. I'm currently buying minis for Phandelver, gonna DM and I want to just take things easy and have fun with painting. Trying to come back to the game after five years with a new perspective.

>> No.77389953

Looks much better here

>> No.77389956

Sounds fun.

I play Age of Sigmar, so if I ever run an in-person game again, my players will be fighting a lot of ghosts, crow cultists, barbarians with bone weapons, etc.

>> No.77389988

Yeah, distance makes minis look better

>> No.77390003
File: 68 KB, 600x600, 1608805990153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>session ends and everyone saying they had fun and laughing about all the stuff they did
>next day
>start feeling really insecure
>did they REALLY have fun
>what did he mean by this comment
>maybe they all actually hate this campaign

>> No.77390006

Obviously they meant that they actually did have fun, good job anon.

>> No.77390009

It's true. You've figured it out. All your players are conspiring against you.

>> No.77390018

You gotta focus on YOUR fun as DM.
If DM is having fun, PCs are too.

>> No.77390019

Anon I wouldn't waste my time showing up to your game if I wasn't having fun. Also I know it's you... Steve. Mark? Bob. You sound like a Bob. Eh screw it.

>> No.77390024
File: 135 KB, 556x243, 1585719980057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can do 3 accents

Fuck guys, what do i do for my fourth character?

>> No.77390036

Using accents is fucking cringe.

>> No.77390038

Use your normal voice but call everyone love or something.

>> No.77390044

Obvious mute is obvious

>> No.77390046
File: 63 KB, 301x367, 1465573478717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77390057
File: 155 KB, 1000x1587, batman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got through vampire bat people and I'm finally introducing aliens to me prehistoric settings and I couldn't be happier.

God I've been sitting on this shit for like 5 months this has been a therapeutic lore dump

>> No.77390064

As DM I often do interesting voices if I can pull it off. People tell me I could be a voice actor. I never ever do accents though. If you really are good at it, good for you. But voices>accents sempai.

>> No.77390086

It's alright. It fixes some of the worst excesses of 3rd/3.5, but it still has a lot of the same problems.

>> No.77390090
File: 389 KB, 1772x1512, 16013810426652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're like goblins, but better!

>> No.77390101

My christian eyes!

>> No.77390103


>> No.77390112

The forbidden line...

>> No.77390114


>> No.77390120

need to take a break from 5e might as well try something else

>> No.77390143

I played it for a long time, and had a lot of fun with it, but I know the system too well to miss it all that much.

>> No.77390170

Is kobolds' pack tactics op? I mean as long as you have a fighter in your group you personally get advantage all the time.

>> No.77390181

They pay for it with sunlight sensitivity, so paying disadvantage in many situations for advantage in may situations seems fine to me

>> No.77390184

>What media did you draw inspiration from in creating your homebrew? What elements did you ""borrow""?

Gay anime shit
I usually borrow the gay elements

>> No.77390187

Kobold beastmasters are pretty whacky

>> No.77390188


>> No.77390194

Maybe someday. Right now they're just close friends who like to touch each other and fight a lot.

>> No.77390210


>> No.77390213

Because orcs are mad gross, homie

>> No.77390214
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I was thinking of ripping off Attack on Titan for my jewish mythology setting, reinterpreting nephilim as titan shifters with holy fluff

>> No.77390270


It probably gets a little bit better as your group gets better at roleplaying.

>> No.77392260

That's a fucking furry. Normal people would not have added a happy trail.

>> No.77392584

Embrace anything other than cow firbolgs.

>> No.77392668

I'm not sure what your point is. If there's a general consensus that you have plenty of possibilities in the PHB, why is it wrong to limit people to the PHB?

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